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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Vaccine Side Effects ‘Downplayed’ to Boost Vaccine ‘Uptake’?

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Contrary to popular belief, there are many board-certified doctors who are concerned about the safety of vaccines, and I have quoted many of them in past articles written for The Vaccine Reaction.1 2 3 4 Most of these physicians either administer vaccinations or used to administer them as part of their practices. Last month, I highlighted comments made by Mark Green, MD of Tennessee, who is now a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and publicly expressed his concern about the rise in autism5 6 potentially linked to certain vaccine ingredients.7

Although Green believes that parents should vaccinate their children, he also thinks that more research “definitely” needs to be done with regard to vaccine safety. He has concluded that some of the data that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cites to assure the public that vaccines are safe may have been “fraudulently managed.”8

Recently, another prominent pro-vaccine doctor stated that the safety of vaccines is not as clear-cut as is commonly assumed. According to Richard Halvorsen, MD, “The side effects of vaccines have, unfortunately, been downplayed by the establishment in order to encourage and promote uptake.” Dr. Halvorsen, who founded and runs a vaccination clinic in London, England called BabyJabs,9 10 added:

The truth is that vaccines offer benefit, but some vaccines offer more benefit than others. We’ve pooled them all together. And if you go to your doctor, you’ll be told, well you must have all these vaccines… these are essential for your child, otherwise you’re putting your child at risk. That’s not quite true.8

This is a key point that is often ignored by public health officials and medical trade associations—the fact that all vaccines are not the same in terms of safety and effectiveness. As Halvorsen noted:

It depends on the vaccine. Some vaccines, the benefits outweigh the risks. Some vaccines, in my view, the risks clearly outweigh the benefits. Now, all vaccines have side effects. … And, occasionally that risk is severe. Severe side effects can happen. Governments wouldn’t have vaccine damage injury compensation programs if they didn’t acknowledge that there was a real risk of serious side effects, albeit rare.8

It should be noted that Halvorsen’s remarks about the rarity of serious side effects remains open to question. Why? Because vaccine side effects are rarely acknowledged. So it is unclear just how rare they are. This is a point that Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center has often addressed. “[I]f you or your child get vaccinated, suffer brain inflammation and never recover your health, you can be sure that it will either be dismissed as ‘just a coincidence,’ or you will be labeled genetically defective with the claim you would have become brain damaged even if no vaccines had been given,” says Fisher.11

In other words, the system is stacked against anyone who claims to have experienced a vaccine side effect, serious or otherwise.

Interestingly, Halvorsen himself suggests that any assertion about the rarity of vaccine side effects may be bogus, because not all side effects are immediately noticeable. Some, if not many, vaccine side effects may emerge over time and never be associated with vaccines. Halvorsen warns…

We are very unsettled about the long-term effects of vaccines. They have a profound effect on the immune system and we’re adding more and more and more to the schedule. And we know that vaccines can cause autoimmune diseases. We know that vaccines can cause allergies. We don’t know what sort of problems they may be building up for the future.8

We don’t know what sort of problems vaccines may be building up for the future? That doesn’t sound reassuring. On the contrary, it sounds like a good reason to be very cautious about vaccines, particularly as the growth in the numbers of people suffering with autoimmune diseases, allergies and other chronic health conditions continues to mysteriously climb with no answers coming from government health officials pressing for strict observance of “no exceptions” vaccine policies.

It sounds like a good reason to be extremely wary of laws that seek to force individuals to surrender their informed consent rights and submit themselves and their children to every single vaccine developed and recommended by the medical establishment.


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  1. All vaccines contain neurotoxic and toxic poisons. All vaccines have side effects and everyone who gets vaccinated will suffer from them regardless. They all cause inflammation in the body, including the brain and spinal cord. Some reactions may be short lived while others may be permanent. Some reactions happen immediately while others can take weeks or months to develop. No vaccine has ever been proven to be safe and effective. Almost all research presented by the CDC to the public is fraudulent. William Thompson Ph.D testified to congress that his research proving a link between the MMR vaccine and autism was criminally redacted by the CDC and he himself actually participated in the activity.

    1. You’re delusional. There are obviously tiny risks in vaccines, but spreading this pseudoscience BS that vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases they prevent are what’s causing the recurrence of previously eradicated diseases. Anti-vaxxers aren’t intelligent enough to understand any actual science though, so I don’t know why I’m wasting my time. Have fun in your echo chamber.

      1. Anti-vaxxers aren’t intelligent enough to understand any actual science though,

        Yes, insulting people always works in a discussion.

        You say AV believe in pseudo science but you have not demonstrated any knowledge of anything-you just do what people who believe in the standard vaccines are safe propaganda do when that paradigm is challenged – insult and name call. I could say you are anti-science and anti-facts but since you haven’t posted anything of value or demonstrated any knowledge of the subject matter-you’re just in denial. Denial is a cognitive process that is an attempt to alter ones experience of unwanted or unacceptable emotions and the emotion you are projecting is fear. Fear always occurs when the beliefs systems of an individual are challenged-especially when that challenged is supported by facts.

    2. George, everything you state is true. Circa 2001-2004, a friend of mine attended an international symposium of scientists meeting to discuss various health related issues. At the dinner party, one American scientist was chiding a Japanese scientist. the Japanese man had published work showing indications that if people wait until after a child’s second birthday to a survey in order to determine the hypothesis that waiting til the child is older will work better.” The American scientist started scoffing at the remark. “And just where will you get a data base of children injured before age two by vaccines?” The Japanese researcher replied, “From data that the US government has collected.” I believe that survey is complete, and its findings were just as the Japanese scientists suspected – waiting til a child is at least two years old means far fewer adverse effects.

  2. Thank you for this great article. Some serious food for thought and that coming from a pro-vaccine doctor who has a vested interest in vaccines! So thankful he gave his honest opinion.

  3. In response to a comment. We have yet to hear Dr. William Thompson testify before Congress. It has not happened. Congressman Posey begged for Congress to let him testify but it still has not happened.

  4. A great article, indeed. Doctors will tell you, “there is no proof” linking vaccines to autism or other side effects that are not immediately obvious. I think it depends on one’s criteria for proof. Although temporal association does not prove causation, this “association” is getting harder and harder to ignore. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence out there to justify some serious skepticism about this matter even if there is no laboratory “proof”. Just stand back and take a look at what is happening….

  5. And let us not forget the CDC now owns several patents on vaccines themselves. Who in their right mind could ever entrust safety and call for research from omtgis entity now. ):

  6. There is talk now of a measles outbreak – supposedly due to people NOT vaccinating their children. I have two questions:1) How many of these kids that have the measles WERE VACINATED AGAINST MEASLES? 2) Since I have serious reservations about too many vaccines, and I choose NOT to vaccinate my child, why should this be anyone elses right to tell me I have to IF THE VACCINE WORKS for those who are vaccinated?

  7. I read that the outbreak in/near New York accounted for some 125 cases, but only 31 were not vaccinated. Does raise questions of the effectiveness of those vaccines.

  8. See the way they used to react to measles back in the 1970s on the Brady Bunch!

    Measles was a mild illness.

    Note, Peter, if you look at the link in the article, it is actually 31 of 35 cases in the Northwest, were not vaccinated. So 4 of the 35 were vaccinated, 11%.

    Tragically, Merk has cornered the market on their Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine, so it’s not even possible to get the single Measles vaccine. The MMR is a dangerous shot, especially at age 1, which is when it is routinely given. Moreover, you only get immunity for a few years, and then need a booster, whereas getting the measles gives you life long immunity.

    Finally, given the fact that vaccine manufacturers are not held liable for injuries, the manufacturers are not pressured to make sure the vaccines are safe.

    It is safer to get the disease, in my opinion.

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