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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Illinois Teen Dies of ADEM Three Weeks After HPV Vaccination

Christopher Bunch

Christopher Bunch, 14 years old, died on Aug. 14, 2018 of complications from a rare neurological disease called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). The teenager from Moline, Il began experiencing symptoms, including headaches, nausea and vomiting, on Aug. 6. He spent much of the next two days sleeping.1 2

On Aug. 8, Christopher’s parents became concerned that their son’s health had seriously deteriorated. “His progression went from zero to one hundred in a matter of four hours,” said Elijah Mendoza Bunch, Christopher’s father.1 2

Christopher was taken to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City for treatment. Soon after being admitted to the hospital, the boy began to lose the ability to breathe on his own and suffered complete paralysis on the left side of his body. He was put on anti-seizure medication. On Aug. 11, Christopher underwent surgery to relieve swelling in his brain, but he remained in critical condition and was placed on life support until he passed away two days later.1 2 3

Physicians diagnosed Christopher with ADEM—a disease that causes inflammation of the central nervous system. ADEM “typically affects children and may be preceded by a viral or bacterial infection.” It can also “occur after a vaccination, with symptoms ranging from confusion, drowsiness or coma, unsteadiness, vision issues, trouble swallowing or weakness of the arms and legs.”1 2 3

Christopher had reportedly received the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine Gardasil three weeks prior to his death. ADEM is a reported side effect of Gardasil. It is listed in the Gardasil package insert.4 5 6 7

(photo source: Facebook)

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  1. Most vaccines I truly believe are safe except this one. There are just too many children dying after getting this vaccine. I’ve read up on it myself plus talked to a trusted pediatrician. I asked her her true feelings on the vaccine. I ask her mother to mother would she and is she gonna vaccinate her son. And she, a doctor, felt the same as I did, that the side effects aren’t worth chancing it.

    1. If she is not warning the other parents, though…the ones that do not ask like you did…about the dangers, she has blood on her hands.

      1. Are you kidding me! Is a parent asked for a vaccine, because the vaccine companies are shoving this information and instilling fear in parents, the blood is not on the hands of the doctors, the blood is on the hands of the vaccine companies that do not willing share the dangers!

      2. You are nasty! She buried her child! Leave her alone! Leave them alone! Respect this young man’s life! Your horrible statements are not needed in their life! Shut up!

        1. Kathie, I believe Tonya was replying to Jane’s comment about the doctor not giving her own child this specific vaccine because the risk of side effects are too great. As in, the doctor has blood on her hands if she doesn’t share her concerns with other parents when they ask to get their children vaccinated.

          She showed no disrespect to the child who is the subject of this article or his family.

      1. No “vaccine” has ever been proven to be “safe”. Not a single one. And, this covid shot is not a vaccine, it’s a mRNA gene “therapy” that changes your genetic makeup. It’s more accurate to call it an inoculation.

        Now after the release of the shots, hospitals ARE full to the max, people are keeling over everywhere, but don’t expect the news to cover it. They call some of it adult sudden death syndrome now, or something like that.

        Has anyone ever read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? The most banned book in the world, yet it’s been coming true. And it wasn’t a forgery, no matter what the naysayers utter. People need to start thinking for themselves and stop believing the plethora of LIES.

        1. It doesn’t matter. Vaccine or not, no good will come from it. Look, the same people who pushed Covid on us are saying “another pandemic” is on the way. They’ve been wrong about everything so far, so how do they know “another pandemic” is on its way unless they are the ones cooking it up? Oh yeah, they say the new pandemic will be much worse than Covid was. That’s a surprise. They’re full of hops. Don’t get any vaccines, or “inoculations”. Live instead.

    2. Jane, you say you ‘truly believe most vaccines are safe, except this one.’
      However, your beliefs are not based in the FACTS. Please get more information.
      This site is a good place to start!

    3. With all due respect, what you believe and what is buried in the medical literature are two different things. Having researched vaccines and collecting over 1,800 clinical studies on the subject for 37 years, the overwhelming evidence is that:
      1) vaccines do not really work at “protecting” against the supposed virus
      2) vaccines have both “silent” and deadly side-effects
      3) vaccines “create” disease conditions many years later (multiple sclerosis)
      4) are responsible for creating “new” diseases – the side-effects have been labeled with new terminology meant to fool the public into believing in a new disease
      5) there is ample proof of the relationship between autism and MMR and other vaccines. The ONLY reason it is not admitted publicly is because of the massive law suits it would create, driving drug companies and doctors into bankruptcy.
      The mere FACT cowardly, traitorous politicians passed immunity for vaccine manufacturers speaks volumes. What other “product” has such immunity? NONE!
      When your car fails due to a manufacturer’s error, causing death, you are allowed to sue. The same in every other business. Try suing a vaccine manufacturer for the death of a loved one. It’s even worse in Michigan. No one can sue a drug company for wrongful death if the product was approved by the FDA. Where on earth does that happen – protection by the government even if the product caused death.
      Your belief is based on faulty information.

      1. Mark, you my friend are 200% correct! Our gov no longer protects our children & pediatricians are trained to believe & sell the products. Big Pharma has been allowed to mame & kill even. Look at Dr. Offit’s latest paper on Mississippi being the most vaccinated state & the sickest. That pretty much says it all:(

      2. Hello Mark,

        Do you happen to have a website where you summarize results of your your 37 year research? It would be great to hear/read some more about it.
        Thank you

        1. You can go to Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies. It describes 400 scientific papers each page explaining a study with all the information needed.

      3. You don’t understand the science Mark. The fact that you still believe there is positive correlation between MMR and autism clearly demonstrates that. Over one million children were studied and no association could be demonstrated. Wakefield is a fraud, and so are you.

        1. Here is one testament for you regarding MMR: “I also find, with a high degree of medical certainty, that the set of immunizations administered to Yates at age 11 months while he was ill was the immediate cause of his autistic regression because of the effect of these immunizations to further impair the ability of his weakened mitochondria to supply adequate amounts of energy for the brain, the highest-energy consuming tissue in the body.”

          —Dr. Richard Kelley, Professor of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University (Kennedy Krieger Institute)

        2. Hi everyone
          The pdf for the side effect insert is available on line for any vaccine , so look it up yourself instead of asking a stranger to provide the information for you.
          Autism is clearly recognized as a possible side effect of more than one vaccine according to the Manufacturers Own Literature!
          I’ve taken the time to read and find this information myself.
          You should too.
          Don’t shut up about the danger that is acknowledged by the manufacturer.
          Shout it from the rooftops and help shake people up about what he’ll awaits there own loved ones.
          No fraud here, just a logical and caring person that knows how to read.

        3. Tim – Have you actually read Dr. Wakefield’s study?? His partner, John Walker-Smith, has been exonerated and scientists & doctors all over the WORLD are sharing his findings. Dr. Wakefield NEVER said that vaccines cause autism…he said that vaccines cause the underlying issues and conditions that lead to a diagnosis of autism and this correlation NEEDS to be studied. Read his publication in the Lancet, because you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

        4. Forget Wakefield. The CDC’s own literature found that African American babies were 700% more likely to be vaccine injured. They buried this evidence. We only know it because a whistleblower saved the only remaining copy of the study (who worked on the team at the CDC).

          So, you are 100% wrong.

        5. Tim. What science is that? Pay “scientists” enough, and they will come up with any conclusion your criminal agenda may require? Pro pharmaceutical and pro human caused climate change science has been proven to be fraud time and time again.

        6. Wakefield is a fraud, is he? No, Wakefield was a good and honest doctor who began to take seriously parental concerns over the MMR, and he got together a top-notch team to study some children at the Royal Free Hospital, including John Walker-Smith, one of the world’s leading pediatric gastroenterologists. When Wakefield mentioned in a press conference that there were questions about the MMR, he recommended the single measles vaccine which was then available and which was NOT the transfer factor that Wakefield had been involved in, which would never come to market. Although Wakefield is constantly accused of doing everything for money, in this case it’s important to note that he was recommending someone else’s vaccine– most likely, one made by Merck or GSK.

          The medical authorities could not abide serious inquiries and public criticism of vaccines, so a show-trail was conducted that convicted three of the Lancet doctors of abusing children by performing improper and unauthorized tests on the children. But the only way the General Medical Council could make this stick was by insisting that the Lancet study was a research project, project 172-96, instead of clinical study with full ethics approval. There was no basis for concluding that the Lancet study was a research project: as Justice Miting observed in overturning all charges against Walker-Smith in his appeal, project 172-96 was never undertaken, not one of the doctors thought they were “really” doing a research project, the proper ethics approval for the clinical study was in place, and in any case the children didn’t qualify for research project 172-96 because that project was NOT about the MMR.

          The Wakefield affair demonstrates the lengths the authorities will go to in order to silence criticism, and the power pharma has to make everyone fall in line and say “yep, that’s the way it was.


      4. Mark, you are so right. Everyone in the WORLD needs to see the Documentary on “The Truth about Vaccines” There are over 100 experts interviewed from M.D.’s, scientists, researchers, nurses, etc. that give their findings concerning vaccines in general – not just this one. ALL vaccines, in my opinion, have always been a concern and now that I’ve watched this documentary – I would NEVER get any again and I preach to everyone I know not to get them and to not give them to their newborn infants and little ones growing up. So glad you put your opinion in on it concerning all the research for 37 YEARS. People need to wake up!

      5. So agree with you Mark. No vaccine is safe, all bs just $$$$$$$$$$ making a few very wealthy and making alot sick or dead

      6. My condolences.
        Hello Mark, It sounds like you have immense amounts of research and information, do you have a link or other channels for the public to access this info? Gardisil 9 has been administered two different ways with either multiple shots (3) or single injection. Which do you have the info on?
        Thanks, Jenny ??

      7. I agree with you Mark, if you google vaccines and autism, the algorithm will first shove a bunch of articles in your face saying there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism, which is a camouflaged lie. Not all vaccines cause autism but there is a direct relation between the combined vaccine MMR and children under the age of 2, especially males and black males. So they just use word play to manipulate the herd, then call critical thinkers crazy, conspiracy theorists or label them as anti vaxxers.

    4. NO VACCINES ARE SAFE, ANYONE WHO SAYS SO HAS NOT DONE THE RESEARCH AND YOUR OPINION IS NOT VALID. Most are not effective either, NOR NECESSARY, and the RISKS certainly DO NOT outweigh the benefits!

    5. I to believe most help more than they hurt. This one almost killed my 16y son. He had his third dose of the HPV vaccination in September. By November he started getting a little red dots all over him and bruising really easy. It was by chance that he was at work one day and a girl had noticed a really large bruise on the back of his calf he had no idea what it was and he kind of was scared so I took him to the lab immediately. The lab ended up calling the pediatrician before 6 o’clock in the morning to get us to the emergency room. Come to find out he had less than 2000 platelets in his body . Normal body supposed to have 150,000 to 300,000. His blood had nowhere to go because it wasn’t clotting so it was coming to the surface and he was at risk for cranial hemorrhage. He had football practice that afternoon but instead of going to practice I took him to the lab instead. If he would went to practice instead of the lab he wouldn’t be with us today . He was hospitalized for a week in the critical unit. He had two Plasma infusions but they weren’t helping. The only thing that seemed to help with steroids for many months which was also hard on the body. He is better today 4 years later. But his platelets are never really high anymore now he has a chronic blood disease that he has to live with and always have checked out before he has any procedures done even a cleaning on his teeth. The blood disorder is called ITP which use to be very very rare. But now after this HPV vaccines more and more people have it .

      1. My son had ITP from the MMR vaccine when he was young. ITP is actually listed as one of the possible side effects on the brochure. The doctor never recognized that it was from the vaccine. Most vaccine injuries are not reported to VAERS. His doctor wanted to give him steroids and remove his spleen. I asked him if I could have a little time, to look at other options, and he gave me a week. I personally grew up in France, and was raised with a natural and holistic approach. To make a long story short, my mom was friend with a famous retired homeopath doctor, and she sent me some homeopathic medicine. I reversed his condition within a week with homeopathy. The doctor was really impressed and speechless. Maybe it is not too late for your son to consult a homeopath and see if that can help him.

    6. No I’ve had reactions several times. After being extremely tired after getting the H1N1 vaccine in about 2011, I went to my DR who was of no help at all. Then I searched the net and found that Chronic Fatigue is a symptom of the H1N1 shot and they stopped giving it in the HK because of it years ago. Now all the articles are gone but they are STILL giving the shot in 2018 despite the H1N1 being gone in 2010 according to the CDC. And about 6 years later, I’m still extremely tired but I was always hyper, even at 40 years old. 1 day after the show and ever since and I’m extremely tired. I told my Mom, and she told me I got sick almost EVERY time I had a vaccine and the doctors told her it was normal for me to have an OVER 105F fever from the shot and my arm swell up to DOUBLE the normal size. I think some people are probably more likely to react to them but they are giving them even when not needed like the H1N1 and even knowing it causes problems ! Giving the show now 8 years after the virus is gone for PROFIT who care if it makes people sick. And I got a test with a contrast material and it has also made me very weak and joints extremely painful. After a bunch of tests the Arthritis DR, admitted it was probably the injection but can’t admit it for LEGAL REASONS ! So I found EDTA that helps some, thanks to a class action suit against Gadolinium. I to Sestium, a similar material in Dec 2016 now and in Dec 2018 I have to take EDTA about 8 times a day and not eat or the pain is unbearable. Fasting helps for some reason for others that had this happen. And EDTA is about $20 on Ebay, no prescription needed. The WHO evven lists it as a top 100 best medicines. Don’t get ANY shot unless something is life threatening. And I was told both the vaccines and the contast had NO SIDE EFFECTS depite the contrast injection listing Technicium (sestambi) having DEATH as a side effect !

    7. No Jane, the flu vaccine almost killed my son at age 22. I also know of many deaths from flu vaccine. I know of many other vaccine injuries from other vaccines. When you have a child nearly die you research day and night and that’s when you discover the history of vaccines.

    8. This is terrible… within 2 months of the third gardisil vaccines I all the sudden and cervical cancer :-/ coincidence ha I think not’nnnn

      1. The same thing happened to me Alisha..smh I got the vaccine and then all of a sudden had an abnormal pap and found lesions or abnormal cells that probably are gonna turn into cervical cancer one day.. I feel so betrayed..we can’t even trust our doctors anymore..they are either misinformed or just as greedy as big pharma. Human greed is killing people. Its so sad..and what can we do about it? You cant even sue them for their murders..

    1. Actually the HPV is meant for both sex. For the female end, it protects them from getting cervical cancer and also from contracting the HPV disease. For the male end it protects them from getting it from someone who might have already contracted the virus. Regardless, he still lost his life and his parents I’m sure are blaming themselves for his death. You can’t really condemn a parent who is trying to protect their child.
      The more you know ?

      1. There is no evidence whatsoever that this or any other vaccine is safe or reasonably effective. Prove your claim, because the pharmaceutical industry certainly can’t.

        And please don’t condemn parents for doing what they believe is in the best interests of their child. No one ever knowingly takes their children out to be injured by a medical professional. Every parent is on a steep learning curve from beginning to end.

        1. The supreme court declared vaccines “unavoidably unsafe” in 2011. The Gardasil vaccine was not tested against a true placebo it was tested against a shot of aluminum. I work with Young women who got that shot and are now dealing with amenorrhea, PCOS, and infertility and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when their health began to deteriorate. We’re destroying generations of kids!

          1. I’ve never had this vaccine and I have pcos. I don’t think you accurately blame this vaccine for that.

          2. Hi Lori,
            There is a rash of PCOS videos with quite a few coming out of Australia and I wondered what the connection might have been. I never made the connection until I saw your post.

        2. https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/merck-accused-of-fraud-deceit-and-negligence-in-us-gardasil-case/

          According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) VigiAccess database, as of April 09, 2018, a total of 85,329 reports of adverse reactions have been filed regarding the HPV vaccination. These reports include 37,699 reports of nervous system disorders; 2450 cardiac disorders, (including 38 cardiac arrests) 533 reports of Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS); over 3200 reports of seizures or epilepsy, 8453 syncope and 389 deaths.

          1. How much panic and resulting marshall law do we think would break out across our nation, if these numbers (from the WHO VigiAccess, April 09, 2018) were released by mass media outlets, as reflecting the symptoms of a major PANDEMIC?

            The number of injuries, disabilities & diseases are far, far worse and more devastating than any trumped up pandemic CDC has attempted on our sadly unsuspecting public thus far, including their stupid Zika virus.

            This is a criminal program needing to be stopped.

          2. AND when you realise that those numbers reported on any database (including VAERS) are only a fraction of those affected? Only a fraction. Very scary. It would not cause any destabilisation of society though if this was in the public domain. We are well trained and will just wring our hands in despair .

          3. And those are just the numbers that have been reported. I never officially” reported that 24hrs after my son received the HPV vaccine he passed out while going up the stairs in our house. Never again for any of my 3 children!!!

          4. It would make you absolutely sick to learn how many er physicians refuse to comply with VAERS reporting and the LAW. Check out Dr. David Davis.

          5. Those are numbers are based upon self-reports. They are not verified scientifically and do not demonstrate causality whatsoever. Show me some statistical significance in well designed, repeatable studies and then I’ll believe you.

          6. Tim says: “Those [VAERS] are numbers are based upon self-reports. They are not verified scientifically and do not demonstrate causality whatsoever. Show me some statistical significance in well designed, repeatable studies and then I’ll believe you.’

            Good, Tim. Show us. Show us the statistics the health authorities have compiled that demonstrate that there are really very few adverse events from vaccines. Show us that robust and transparent database. It doesn’t exist, so when we say that “vaccines are perfectly safe” there’s zero statistical evidence to support that: it is pure assumption and speculation masquerading as the best science in the world. Wonder why the authorities refuse to institute a robust and transparent system of vaccine adverse event reporting, if these are so safe? https://healthit.ahrq.gov/sites/default/files/docs/publication/r18hs017045-lazarus-final-report-2011.pdf

            And no, I don’t buy those “well-designed” epidemiological studies; most of them have been Verstraetenized. https://www.safeminds.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/GenerationZeroNotes.pdf Epidemiological studies are extremely easy to bias; just ask the CDC whistleblower. https://www.amazon.com/Vaccine-Whistleblower-Exposing-Autism-Research/dp/1634509951

      2. Cheistopher’s Aunt….This vaccine was fast tracked, put on market in 6 months after testing on only 1200 children. It protects against only 2 strains of hpv virus that causes cervical cancer(hpv is not only cause of cervical cancer) They have identified approx 15-18 strains of hpv virus that may cause cervical cancer. (There is 130 strains of hpv virus, which our bodies naturally rid itself of) Approx 10 out of every million women get Cervical cancer from hpv virus. Regular Pap smears are more effective and don’t kill and destroy children’s lives. Ask yourself, If it doesn’t prevent cancer, is it worth the risk?

      3. https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/merck-accused-of-fraud-deceit-and-negligence-in-us-gardasil-case/

        “There are approximately 130 strains of the HPV virus, of which only 15 to 18 strains are known to be associated with cervical cancer. The Gardasil vaccine provides protection against only 4 specific strains, namely HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18. Strains 16 and 18 are thought to be casually associated with 70 % of the worldwide HPV related cervical cancers. HPV 6 & 11 are associated with warts.

        As stated, ninety-five (95%) percent of HPV infections are removed from the body by its own immune and related processes without medical or other consequences. Any abnormal cell growth associated with the remaining 5%, approximately 20% (1% of the total), if not identified and removed could be at risk of developing into cancerous cells in approximately 5 years which could progress to irreversible cancer in 15 to 30 years. The incidence of cervical cancer occurring in the United States is estimated to be 1.4 to 2.3 per 100,000. The risk of precancerous cells, due to the presence of the HPV 16 and 18 viruses, progressing to cervical cancer is estimated at 1.5 per 100,000. The actual incidence rate of serious adverse events after HPV vaccination is unknown.”

      4. Brad? Blaming themselves? Harsh! Parents already deal with enough, trying to safeguard their children in every way! People trust their government because they are told to do so. They are bullied and threatened in any way possible. I hope the parents are blaming the government. Fear, is a strange thing, and we expect the “professionals” to know better. I hope these parents are able to heal from the loss of their son, and to take with them newfound knowledge and spread the word about what REALLY happens with vaccines. ❤️

      5. Nobody is condemning the parents, but the doctors and manufacturers are robbing the population of true informed consent. The blood is in their hands, and the profits in their pockets. That vaccine is the most bogus of them all, and their advertising tactics of guilting parents is as low as it gets.

      6. It doesn’t protect against cancer. It’s purported to protect against infection by HPV, of which a few strains may rarely cause cancer. It’s my understanding that HPV is cleared naturally by a healthy immune system in most people. I’m waiting for this travesty of a money grab to be taken off the market. How many more people have to die?

      7. Actually, HPV causes throat cancer in men, so the vaccine is for male and female alike. And it’s on the rise. Read up! My husband has stage IV HPV+ throat cancer. There are hundreds of people on the head and neck cancer board with this.

        1. Cindi says, “Actually, HPV causes throat cancer in men, so the vaccine is for male and female alike.” But your statement does not prove that the vaccine is safe.

          In fact there’s abundant evidence that the HPV vaccines are not safe; the government ignores these. Numerous animal studies have demonstrated harms from vaccine-equivalent doses of aluminum adjuvant; all the CDC and FDA and HHS have to do is studies to refute these, and then they can say: look, we replicated the studies of Shaw, Bondy, Shonfeld, Exley, Petrk, Khan, Inbar, Gherardi, etc., and we can’t confirm their results. But they don’t do this, and for a very simple reason: you can’t magically make aluminum adjuvant work a certain way in the body. So instead the health authorities resort to epidemiological studies which are much, much harder to replicate and much easier to bias, but they won’t do the hard laboratory studies because other scientists can review these and call BS.

          Our health care system is broken, our medical research is broken, and our vaccine program is broken. We’re headed for medical tyranny. Is this why we fought two world wars?


    2. Are you kidding me?! Nobody’s lining their kid up for Slaughter. This is a really important vaccinations and the point is they receive around the three my son received them when he was somewhere in his early teens throughout high school years. HPV causes cancer and men and women dumbass do some research! I hate when people make stupid comments like that.

      1. If you had done YOUR research you would know that this vaccine has NOT been researched extensively enough to warrant its widespread use. I am not an anti-vaxxer but this is one vaccine that my children will NOT subject my children to this vaccine! I personally have friend whose perfectly healthy daughter received the vaccine and within a month was experiencing severe neurological problems and debilitating migraines. No thanks!

      2. You are the ignorant one here. Children are being killed by this vaccine regularly. No consequences to the vaccine provider. My daughter took the first 2 shots, she then lost all surface feeling, along with severe headaches, loss of appetite, extreme tiredness. Had she taken the 3rd shot, it would have killed her. Found a doctor who could detoxify her. Now she is back to normal.

        1. If you would research from reputable resources you would know the disease that took this young mans life was not caused by the HPV vaccine. His parents thought he had a cold and he had a sore throat. ADEM is caused by bacterial infection…this article is false I live in this area. This site used a families loss to push their own agenda to discourage vaccines…

          1. The HPV vaccine is loaded with aluminum adjuvant – aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, an aluminum salt, to be specific. Aluminum salts are known neurotoxins, described for many decades as being poisonous when injected. Indeed, the majority of scheduled childhood vaccines, administered to our infants and toddlers, contain such adjuvants, as well. Parents who willfully ignore such information risk the health, if not the life, of their kids.

          2. Your Wrong – this is Christopher’s Aunt
            The local convenient care thought that, because doctors are not recognizing the side effects of the vaccine! They are either uneducated or ignoring the true data.

          3. This article is not false. Christopher’s mother is my best friend. This article is completely true

        2. Can you please share the name of the Doctor Who was able to detoxify your daughter? What city and state does the Dr. live in and what type of doctor are they?

      3. Yeah, me too – I hate when people are stupid – like you! Why would you “assume” this vaccine is important or even effective? Maybe YOU need to do more research and get a more balanced perspective.

      4. I agree about uninformed, ie. stupid comments! My husband and I are both medical providers (MD and PA). We are NOT anti-vaxxers! My daughter received 1 dose of Gardasil. It has devastated her. So yeah, I’ve done the research and you should too. Google “Gardasil vaccine injury”.

      5. https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/merck-accused-of-fraud-deceit-and-negligence-in-us-gardasil-case/
        According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) VigiAccess database, as of April 09, 2018, a total of 85,329 reports of adverse reactions have been filed regarding the HPV vaccination. These reports include 37,699 reports of nervous system disorders; 2450 cardiac disorders, (including 38 cardiac arrests) 533 reports of Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS); over 3200 reports of seizures or epilepsy, 8453 syncope and 389 deaths.

      6. Of course parents don’t put their children in harms way on purpose. The vast majority of parents are simply uninformed because they have never done their own research. They are told that all vaccines are safe and effective and if they express any doubts most are bullied into compliance. The Pharmaceutical companies have little incentives to make these vaccines as safe as possible because they can’t be sued for vaccine injuries. What you have to realize is that the evidence is overwhelming that unvaccinated children are far healthy and less likely to die from a long list of infections and diseases than their fully vaccinated counter-parts. And that is a proven FACT.

      1. So, he is now dead from a deadly vaccine, that ‘May’ have prevented him from getting something else deadly, that is, IF he ever possibly even had the chance of contacting it in the first place? (Which the chances are very slim him coming into contact ‘and’ being susceptible to getting sick from such a thing to begin with???) Especially since this vaccine, if effective at all, which there is absolutely no proof of, only protects from a couple strains of HPV as it Is?? Besides the fact that these vaccines also are constantly contaminated with ingredients that are not even supposed to be in them…..yeah, sounds like a good chance to take on a poisonous product that hasn’t been researched, from a for profit organization that is constantly being sued for liability reasons of you ask me!!!!!

    3. Dear Joe, please consider your comment directed at already grieving parents. They did what they were told to do by so called professionals promising that this vac was a good thing. This is what we all have been told in advertisements and 90% of the health care staff who we again are told knows what’s best for our children. Until now, they, the parents obviously had little reason to question such authority. You are assuming… Quoting you… “I guess he was at risk for cervical cancer”. That’s not always the case. Do you honestly think that the parents of this now deceased child wood have intentionally put their child in danger as you are suggesting? Have you ever suffered the loss of a child? Do you not think that they are most likely blaming themselves at this point? The guilt they must feel now from willingly giving permission for a professional to inject their son with something that caused this kind of reaction must be literally tearing their hearts out! I hope that you reconsider what you have said and realize the damage that has already been done to this family. So many tests and studies and statistics have proven the ingredients that are in these vaccines are very damaging to those injected by it. The preservatives go directly to the brain causing damage and in some cases death occurs. But you already know that part right? Our words are very very powerful. We can cause life or death through what comes out of our mouth. We can build someone up or tear them down through what words we speak. We can bring great harm or we can choose to bring comfort. it’s been my experience that most times people who are critical with their words they themselves have been treated unkindly and even to the point of Cruelty. I’m sorry if that’s been your experience in life, truly I am. My prayer is that your heart would be changed and that you would allow God’s love to fill you up giving you wisdom that heals rather then words that hurt.

    1. Dear “Indulge Yourself “: Dr. Colleen Huber, director of Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic in Tempe, AZ, has been curing cancer for 10 years. She has an overall 93% remission rate success. Much higher if you go directly to her very early. She admittedly has trouble with stage 4’s. She is all over YouTube.

  2. To Christopher’s parents! I am so very sorry for your loss…what a tragic loss, the pain in your hearts, your dreams and wishes for your boy, all taken and left….I send you love, prayers and a healing balm to all your grieving hearts…Peace, Peace and more peace…Om Shanti, Namaste, Reta

  3. Yet the are allowing these pharmaceutical companies too put ads on television with kids, yes! Using kids too guilt trip parents in too having them get these vaccinations! It makes me sick too my stomach every time I see it. It needs too stop! The greed of these pharmaceutical companies is killing people. What other meds are killing us so they can get richer!

    1. Chemo ! I have no doubts in my mind that there is a cure for cancer out there, however if it was released, think of all the $$’s the pharmaceutical companies would lose out on.

      1. How come this isn’t on Yahoo news’s front page? Instead the media thinks it’s in the best interest of their readers to show us the Kardashian’s latest boyfriends. As far as cancer goes, I have a friend who was sent home to die…they could do no more for her. Her husband took it into his own hands and found an alternative nutritionist. This woman came to their house and took ALL of the crap food out of their cupboards and fridge. No sugar at all. After a very clean diet, she is doing fine today. I, for one, would never go to a doctor for gyno exams. Our bodies heal themselves without intervention of toxic drugs. Oil of oregano daily keeps all illnesses away. I’m so sad reading this story…what a tragedy, and the family can’t even sue.

  4. Dr Andrew Moulden in a Vactruth interview explains how vaccine ingredients cause sludging of micro capillaries….ranging from clinically silent to causing death.

  5. Ref. 7 never mentioned ADEM as a side effect. Also, the episode happened 3 weeks after. How this is in correlation with the jab. Please be serious, and stop this pseudoscience campaign!!!

    1. Gabriel,
      I wondered that myself and am skeptical of information on this site. However on a couple (I only checked 2) of independent websites I looked up just ADEM not this case or any correlation to vaccines and it does mention in very rare instances associated with vaccinations up to three months following injection. I’m definitely going to be doing more research on Gardisil. I just hate that there’s so much misinformation and exaggeration on both sides of this subject. The pharmaceutical companies using propaganda and scare tactics to make the risk of these diseases seem maybe not inevitable but certainly out of proportion and also the facts on the antivax side seem skewed out of proportion as well such as a similar report on this site about a Wisconsin girl whose autopsy found cause of death to be a drug overdose from antihistamines. Maybe the vaccine contributed maybe it didn’t but I think citing questionable cases actually weakens the antivax credibility.

    2. “Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity
      It is now known that aluminum adjuvants are not safely eliminated from the body, as assumed by vaccine advocates. Rather, they are taken up by immune system cells (macrophages) and transported around the body, including into the brain. Aluminum adjuvant can cause brain injury and autoimmune diseases.

      “Immune Activation Brain Injury
      Human brain development is controlled by immune-system signals (i.e. “cytokines”). Activation of the immune system during brain development causes disruptions in these signals, resulting in permanent brain injury. The injury manifests as autism, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Adverse vaccine reactions are proven to stimulate a cytokine (interleukin-6) proven to cause autism. There is a large amount of research on this, by many laboratories around the world, but the connection to vaccines is being overlooked.

      “Aluminum and Immune Activation
      Aluminum and immune activation are connected, because aluminum triggers immune activation, and interleukin-6 specifically. Aluminum stimulates IL-6 in the brain. Aluminum also stimulates Th2 activation, a type of immune activation shown to impair brain development in animal studies. So the issues of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and immune activation are connected.”


  6. In 1986, the Pharmaceutical Companies lobbied Congress to make them immune to lawsuits on the vaccines. No one has overide, no safety checks, no follow up on complaints. These shots have not had any safety checks or overide at all for 31 years..Why would the Pharmaceutical Companies bother with safety checks, making them safer, or looking into the many injuries these vacs cause when they cannot be sued. And they continue to make more and vaccines. Pharmaceutical Companies are the most greedy companies on earth. All they care about is lining their own pockets. My heart goes out to these parents. They just didn’t know, Thats why the rest of us keep speaking up

  7. My. adult son contracted an HPV-related cancer a couple of years ago. So I have an opposite reaction to all of you who have commented this far——–which is that I just wish that sexually-active adults were encouraged to get this vaccine. Obviously the great majority of people who do not suffer the tragic side-effect that this young boy did. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t get the “pros and cons” of any vaccine and often have no choice as governments make them all mandatory. There is no guarantee that this vaccine would have helped your son. It supposedly works on just a few strains of the HPV and with the numerous side effects, the cons seem to outweigh the small chance that it will be beneficial. Cancer is a complicated disease that can’t be stopped with one shot. A compromised immune system, toxin exposure from many sources (work, foods, vaccines), genetics…and many more variables all contribute to developing cancer. This particular vaccine is a money grab and adding boys to the mandatory schedule was a quick way to double the profit.

    2. The vaccine does not protect against all strain of the virus that cause cancer, so chances are your son could still have got cancer. This is not a magic bullet.

  8. I thought the same thing until my 43 yrs old husband was diagnosed with a throat cancer caused by HPV exposure over 20 yrs ago. I had no idea this could happen to guys. My in laws chiropractor was also diagnosed just a few months prior to my husband. The surgeries, the pain, the nerve damage, the radiation effects, the anguish our family has gone through have all given me pause on my initial reaction to not give this vaccine to our 3 sons. And, the truth of the matter is my husband could, some day, have a reoccurrence.

  9. Spread the word about this vaccine so that no one has to have this happen to their child. That info should be given up front…..before the vaccine is administered.

  10. Not that I am in support of the vaccine (I’m not) however, males get HPV as well. It was not designed for people with cervices only.

  11. The ads convince the parents that the risk the child will have intercourse and get HPV and then cervical cancer is so much higher than the risk from the shot, at 14 yrs old, (or 11 yrs old which is the age they try to convince parents to give this to their children) and that there is nothing a parent can do and a parent is dillusional if a parent thinks talking to their child about sex or anything else would get a child to not have sex or use protection. My bet is that like 99.9% of the other child receiving this shot, the child was never told what the shot was for. The child was never told the only way to get the disease was through intercourse. Kids are taught to sneak around behind parents backs and have sex because it is okay and parents are taught to inject their children up with drugs without their children’s knowledge and assume the children will be having sex and not tell them. A lot of deception just to make a profit.

  12. i am sooo sorry for the loss of their son. Yet i continue to see the commercial for this vaccine, making the parents feel guilty for NOT getting their child the vaccine. with the advice from their medical doctor I am positive these parents were doing what they thought was the very best for their son. My only hope is this makes them soooo angry that they fight the big companies and get this senseless vaccine pulled off of the market.

  13. That is exactly why I chose not to have my son vaccinated with this stuff. Where was Gardisil when my Husband and I were pre-teens? No where! It didn’t exist back then. I’m so sorry for their loss. So heartbreaking ??

  14. @ Joe…no, he wasnt at risk for cervical cancer. However, he was at risk for penile cancer, anal cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, and HPV warts.
    So sorry that this happened to him and that his parents are suffering such intense pain and loss…prayers for his parents and family…

  15. This makes me soo sad! I got this shot when i was 23 I was supposed to have it in a series of 3 shots..i got 2! I swear to thid day if i would of had the 3rd! I would be dead! Thr first one made me sick the 2nd one made me sick for a month like not want to move!! This shot is terrible and shouldnt be allowed on thr market!

  16. I Believe this vaccine causes alot more issues for our children. My daughter was so healthy never sick. She recieved this dam vaccine and months later was diagnosed with SAA. Doctors say no but my gut feeling yesvthis was the cause. Also the doctors never new what exactly caused her SAA so many test were done and everything came back negative. Becareful qith this vaccine. I am all for vaccination but this one scares me.

    1. Christine, as with your daughter, my perfectly healthy son was also diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia within 6 weeks of the HPV vaccine. He has been hospitalized 4 times in the last 10 months. How anyone can think this is a better situation than him being diagnosed with HPV throat cancer at age 50 or 60 is beyond me. My heart is breaking for this family and I fear everyday that I am losing my son to this vaccine. Love goes out to all who have experienced first hand what damage this vaccine does to our children.

  17. How dare you go after the boys parents with thoughtless comments. They were only trying to keep their baby safe from something far more likely to hurt someone. You are awful, judgemental people. As if, for one second, they ever had anything less than the best of intentions for their son. You people make me sick!

    1. Before I was married, before I ever had children, I decided it was important to understand vaccines . Armed with my library card, I read everything I could find. The evidence was overwhelming. Vaccines are dangerous!
      Many folks read the labels on the food they buy at the grocery store before they buy it and eat it. Yet, they blindly allow themselves and their children to be injected with synthetic chemicals without reading the vaccine inserts. If they did, they would find that these vaccines contain VERY dangerous ingredients. It is not controversial. Anyone who took the time and effort to read the labels could see for themselves they are toxic.
      Don’t be apathetic, don’t be lazy and don’t be naive. Regardless of what you may tell yourself, your doctor doesn’t work for YOU. Your health is YOUR responsibility! Demand to be informed! The vaccine insert plainly tells you the dangers and the contents. They are also listed at the CDC website. Once you are informed, resist the pressure to comply and demand the right to make your own medical decisions.

  18. Why was a male gdtting an hpv vaccinatation. Further more you cant blame the vaccines because for every 1 person that may die there are millions saved. Ppl including the medicare system need to take a second amd really take a look at the other drugs someone may be on before subjecting someone to a vaccine

    1. When the 1 that dies is your child you would feel completely different. I have always vaccinated my children. ALWAYS. Never again. One killed my son.

      1. Destiny, I am so sorry for your loss! I can’t even begin to understand your pain. My daughter was severely affected by two doses of Gardasil a few years back. I know the pain and agony we went through for 2 years detoxing but it can’t even compare to what you have had to go through. We do what we think protects our children so you are not to blame. This stuff is poison, but all we can do is share to those that listen. Ignore those that don’t, because they will always be out there. I truly believe Christopher is in God’s hands now. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  19. False. The package insert does NOT list this as a side effect of the vaccine. Try going to a reputable website—CDC.gov and it lists the actual side effects. And the HPV vaccine prevents more than just cervical cancer. The reasons they recommend boys get it is #1 to prevent other types of cancers such as oral and anal cancer and #2 to prevent the male from spreading the HPV virus to other females if they were to pick it up from a partner.

    1. For those of you who cannot find the reported association between ADEM and the HPV vaccine, please see Section 6.2 of the Merck insert, which lists voluntary reports of post-marketing reactions. It is identified as “acute disseminated encephalomyelitis” rather than by the acronym ADEM.


      My condolences to this family. Like many, they learn too late that vaccines can have tragic consequences and that the “information” provided in support of the vaccine is not entirely accurate in terms of risks and benefits.

      1. “6.2 Postmarketing Experience
        The following adverse events have been spontaneously reported during post-approval use of
        GARDASIL. Because these events were reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not
        possible to reliably estimate their frequency or to establish a causal relationship to vaccine exposure.”

        True ADEM is there in the section, but that does not support the HPV vaccine as a definite causation of ADEM.

  20. It is not just to prevent cervical cancer. HPV can cause other cancers. I have vulvar cancer from it. It will never go away, all that can be done is lazer removal of it. You want your child to have their gentials burned with a lazer, I know I don’t. I even used a condom, HPV can be spread by skin to skin contact.

  21. As in everything we put into our bodies, there is always a risk. Nothing is 100% guaranteed. Not even life! We do these vaccinations to hopefully prevent anything worse which usually, again I say, usually helps most people. Don’t try to make excuses for not doing vaccinations because someone’s reaction wasn’t good. Vaccinations still in the long run help.

  22. The only way a person geys hpv is from indiscriminate sex with multiple partners. More important to teach kids this and the importance of not treating sex like going bowling.

  23. I remember when my son had the first vaccination for that , he said it stung really bad , I am always Leary about all those vaccinations, I am so sorry to the family for the loss of there son.

  24. This article is misleading . I found 5+ articles about this boys rare illness and death. Not one of them mentioned him getting vaccinated for anything.
    This article is just a mashup of several articles written a month ago except with 1 additional paragraph:
    It can also “occur after a vaccination, with symptoms ranging from confusion, drowsiness or coma, unsteadiness, vision issues, trouble swallowing or weakness of the arms and legs.”1 2 3

    According to to the footnotes that would have come from an page written by Cleveland Clinic that actually reads:

    On occasion, ADEM occurs after a vaccination. This is rare overall, but when it happens, it usually occurs after the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. In these cases, ADEM may occur up to 3 months after the vaccination.

  25. Christopher Bunch is my grandson. We need to stop Merk from killing our “Children” with the HPV Vaccine. N if these “Children”, arent dying its still leaving many with horrible life health issues. STOP MERK!!! PLEASE SHARE!!!

  26. We Need to start with fresh authorities. Until then thus evilness will go on. They’re killing us with foods, CK their ingredients they get away with. The air we breath is contaminated by chemicals, and we r buying things that are poison to our bodies. They all need to burn in hell.

    Sending PRAYERS

  27. This is all Lead by the FDA. So these big companys pay off the FDA so they can put these drugs out there knwing the side effects are bad. WTH America stop giving yoyr kids this stuff unless you yourself do the research. All drugs have side effects, but most serious side efeects are only posted on the drug insert. Please people do your research before giving to kids. Also write and call your Congressman to stop the big pharmaceutical companys from paying off the FDA… SICKENING….

  28. This article is false. The HPV vaccine is for females first of all. Second of all Christopher Bunch died of ADEM: acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. It’s an autoimmune disease.

    1. WRONG. HPV vaccination (Gardisal) is pushed on boys too. A quick Google would confirm that for you. Plus ADEM is listed as a potential side effect. Did you even read this article?

  29. This article is misleading. It was almost two months after he got the vaccine that he died. There’s no way to prove it was the vaccine as he was also sick with an infection which also causes ADEM.

  30. This is NOT the parents fault! My son was diagnosed with ADEM after getting routine vaccines at age 3, thank god i caught it asap or this could’ve happened to him too! They had him in and out of hospitals for 3 months! He had lesions on the brain and spine, couldnt walk, talk, eat, go to the bathroom, write… Nothing. I don’t think people understand they dont give you the fine print and you cant know that your child will get that side effect. Its a “slim to none chance”.

  31. This shot kills. Teach kids no sex. But I can count with fingers and toes how many this shot has affected and one whole hand how many it’s killed. All with the the same symptoms as ALS. Are you kidding me. You give this to your kids you are serving them a bullet.

  32. To the parents & family, I am terribly sorry for you loss. There is so much controversy over vaccines. The gardasil vaccine only covers a small number of hiv infections. There are over twenty strains of hiv. Furthermore, scientists have not studied for long enough to determine the affects long term. I’ve often questioned people in the medical field, they will say it’s safe and that they have no problem vaccinating their own kids. Well, who has taught the Drs and nurses. It all trickles down from the pharmicuiticle companies. I see them walking into Drs offices, hospitals, telling our Drs how these are the best thing to happen. *BS*. Oh, and, if you are a parent getting vaccines for your babies, if you fall behind, do not let them give your child several shots at one time. There are 3-4 antibodies per injection. “Catching up” all at one visit, is not a good thing. Imagine how many antibodies you’d be giving your child.

  33. I just had this conversation with my 12 year old twins this morning. They asked what was HPV and what causes it. My decision is still up in the air about should they get the vaccination or not. The medical field is a wonderful thing a lot of research goes into vaccinations put out for the public and especially for children. I have been asking health care providers and parents both their decisions and I get both yes and no. No one can predict the outcome each child is different. I am sorry for the loss of their son, as parents they did the right thing by trying to protect their child.

  34. This vaccine was designed to stimulate the immune system for 3 of the 151 strains of HPV…3/151.

  35. The Merck company, makers of Guardasil, is the very same company that made Vioxx, which killed close to 50K people, by withholding information that it caused heart trouble. They knowing withheld info, and 50k people died before they finally got busted. Google it. It’s all over the place and te numbers are public.

    Why is no one alarmed at this and that they are OK with them injecting it into our kids? I feel like I’m the only one who is appalled and how everyone trusts them again.

    1. You are right. Unfortunetely people prefer to believe nonsense. Most doctors dont vaccinate their kids -what does that tell you. Bill Gates kids arent vaccinated. Its a profitable scam by the drug companies (and doctors) who dont give a rats ass if your kids die because they are immune to lawsuits. If they really believed the product was safe and effective, would they need immunity?

  36. Christine, as with your daughter, my perfectly healthy son was also diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia within 6 weeks of the HPV vaccine. He has been hospitalized 4 times in the last 10 months. How anyone can think this is a better situation than him being diagnosed with HPV throat cancer at age 50 or 60 is beyond me. My heart is breaking for this family and I fear everyday that I am losing my son to this vaccine. Love goes out to all who have experienced first hand what damage this vaccine does to our children.

  37. My daughter had all 3 HPV vaccines. She started having many side effects shortly after taking the first one. We didn’t figure it out until she had the 3rd one and her side effects worsened. It has been 10 years now and she is still dealing with helh problems. Her health issues from the Guardisal vaccine has put our entire family through much anguish. At times, it seems unbearable. She actually got cervical cancer FROM the vaccine. Four years later, the cervical cancer cells are back. Merck should be shut down for these travesties!

  38. My daughter started receiving corneal ulcers in her right eye about 2-4 weeks after this shot almost 3 years ago. Every doctor I have taken her to swears that they are not from this vaccine. Now if she can go ulcer free for at least 6 months they will do a cornea transplant to only her her 70% chance of ever gettIng vision back in that eye. That surgery costs over $2000 out of pocket of what the insurance won’t cover. Ugh if someone else has had this same issue please contact me

  39. Males can get HPV but I believe the reason males get the vaccine to prevent then from spreading HPV via sex which can give the female cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one type of cancer that is transmitted through sex from the male carrying the virus.

  40. Oral sex also is the way many men get HPV cancers and transfer it to women. Talking to your doctor is still one of the best way to decide.in addition, request the package insert.
    In societies/ ethnicities where oral sex is not performed, males or females can still catch it. It lies dormant for years. Sometimes tongues, anuses, pudendums have to be removed mutilating people terribly. That is why some decide to have their kids protected.

  41. My heart goes out to the parents and family of this beautiful boy who passed away at the hands of the callus drug cartels who are brain washing the human race with fear that they need their poisonous drugs which at the end of the day is about power and control and delivering shareholder profits. God bless the parents and rest in peace Christopher.

  42. To those making ignorant comments about safety etc.. millions get this fax and other vaccines every day and it helps prevent or lessen horrible diseases.. sometimes bad things happen.. peanut butter us great but can kill some.. and they weren’t born wearing a sign that says I’m the allergic one.. same goes for everything down to tylenol and fish.. fruits latex the list goes on.. RIP and prayers to the family.. but quit using your agenda to try and brainwash others..

    1. Like you are doing to try to push vaccines. It’s a parents choice. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. Maybe if more parents actually researched what’s in them and looked up facts for the actual safety tests done instead of just believing, maybe more parents would be anti vaxxers. Instead of pushing your agenda, do your own research and come in with actual facts to prove those of us that do research wrong.

  43. My daughter is now 21 years old. I fought with her pediatrician for years about getting this vaccine. I felt like I was bullied every time I had to go to the pediatrician for one of my kids. In the end, I got her the garden so vaccine series of three shots because I was made to feel like a bad mother if I did not get the vaccine. It has forever ruined my daughters life. We went from doctor to doctor never knowing what was wrong with her until finally I took her to the eye doctor because she was having such bad headaches and it was the eye doctor that noticed that she had a very bad papilledema in her eye. She then sent me to a retina specialist who then had my daughter taken by ambulance to University Hospital which is where they found that my daughter had pseudo tumor. After many spinal taps and other testing she was put on medication for the pseudotumor . My daughter was 112 pounds soaking wet and very very skinny. From day one the doctor said she did not fit the profile of someone who has a pseudo tumor. The medication to treat pseudotumor ended up attacking her organs she was then in the hospital for three months and had numerous surgeries on her kidneys , her body stops producing bone marrow and she almost died. During this time I have done extensive research on the HPV vaccine and found out that there were many other girls as well as boys that this also was happening to after they received the HPV vaccine. For three months I begged the doctor is in the hospital to remove my daughters gallbladder but they would not listen in the end they told me my daughter was gravely ill and there was nothing further they could do for her so they said we will take out her gallbladder but there’s nothing wrong with it. The day they took out my daughters gallbladder she made a complete recovery as far as her body started to produce bone marrow again and she was able to eat on her own again. Even the surgeon that removed her gallbladder asked me if he could send her gallbladder out for further testing because in 30 years of his practice he had never taken out a healthy gallbladder from a gravely ill patient that then made a recovery ever before he also said would it be OK if he put her into the medical journal because doctors are scientists and there are many things out there that they themselves still don’t know or understand. Of course I said yes. Along with the diagnosis of pseudotumor and all of the other things that almost killed my daughter comes a slew of neurological disorders. The most recent is she was diagnosed with bipolar. Like I said she is 21 years old now this nightmare all started when she was 16 years old. Her life is forever changed most days she cannot even get out of bed because of the pain in her head. Also it has affected our entire family. I am a single mom with two other children besides her. I suggested those of you who are saying how great this vaccine is because it prevents cancer that you do more research on this subject there are also many support groups on Facebook. If I knew then what I know now my daughter will be graduating college right now instead she had to drop out of high school and have teachers come to the house just so she could graduate high school because she cannot get out of bed most days. My heart is forever broken. I also have a now 14-year-old son and I will never get him this HPV vaccine !!!!! As her mother I feel responsible for ruining her life because I am the one that left the doctors give it to her! Metrics labs back when my daughter was first given this vaccine and got pseudo tumor from it was protected in the states from any law suites but over in Europe they were being sued for wrongful death by hundreds of people !!!!!! This br aka my heart , this beautiful, healthy young man has died because of this vaccine. My heartfelt condolences to his family ???

  44. This is my little brother and I’m am beyond hurt and angry we are supposed to trust our doctors and we did and look what happened. They killed my brother. My pride and joy and they gave him this dumbass shot and killed him. And this vaccine needs to be put to an end RIGHT NOW!!! I will fight for him and fight for other families who have had the same shit and had the same results as my brother did.

  45. Please watch…


    This was another recent death associated with Gardasil. Christina Tarsell was 21 years old. She was given the vaccine and died just days later. Immunologists, apparently, determined that Christina’s death was due to a heart arrhythmia “induced by an autoimmune reaction to the HPV vaccine.”

    Accounts such as this are in the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands. Of course, there may be countless more that are never reported.

    Marco Cáceres
    Manager Editor, The Vaccine Reaction

  46. This vaccine is for boys and girls. Girls because they can get it and boys because they can carry it. Both of my kids have had every vaccine recommended by the CDC because I want them and every other person around them protected too.

  47. I have squamous cell carcinoma thanks to HPV. The vaccine was not available when I was young enough to receive it. It only works up to the age of 26 yrs old. Now I’m 56 and started immunotherapy today and need s radical tonsillectomy next week. I already had chemo, radiation and surgery to remove 37 lymph nodes from the left side of my neck. Cancer coming back caused the need for immunotherapy and my next surgery. I don’t have kids but if I did, I would have them vaccinated for HPV.

    1. I’m sorry you are dealing with your health issues. But, you got to live a decent life for many years longer than this gal or than Colton in Utah got to live after he got his HPV vax.

  48. This article is not factual as the boy died from an infection of the brain and spinal cord stemming from the MMR vaccine. This is not from the HPV/Gardasil shot. All children his age are required to have the MMR. This can also occur from the Meningococcal vaccine, MCV4 and MCSV4. This child lived in my home town area.

  49. For Big Pharma its a game called, “we can top that!” So far over 10,000 girls have been permanently disabled and over 400 dead because of this vaccine and a couple of years ago they started on the boys. In fact, they are even giving it to infants. Watch the mortality and morbidity climb as more and more parents are feared, bullied and chastised into giving their sons (and now infants) this vaccine. My heart goes out to parents dealing with this loss. Parents please read, JB Handley’s book, How to end the Autism Epidemic. His sequel might want to be how to end the death of innocent infants and children due to vaccines..

  50. I have an honest concern and question I guess. I have been trying to find more information on this vaccine. I was a parent that trusted our doctors and medical field w everything. I believed I was helping my children stay healthy by vaccinating and trusted what I was told. When the HPV shot came out I like many parents assumed it had to be safe if they were giving it to our children. I now know much different after all of my research. So my question is this: does anyone on this page know other children that have developed cancer after receiving this vaccine???? My daughter was a perfectly healthy 13 yr old who never even had the flu. She received the HPV vaccine and not even 6 months later delevoped bone cancer. She has now been fighting this for the last theee years. I do not think this is a coincidence, she receives a vaccine to prevent a type of cancer and she gets cancer a few months later??? I guess I want to see if there is anyone else out there with this experience.

  51. I find it frightening that society has become such sheep following to a vaccine slaughter. So many cool aid drinkers that this country is swimming in it. Whatever happened to common sense? At one time I thought that big Pharm wanted us all dead but I have changed my mind. With all of the onset of new and improved vaccines to give the children and old folks today I have come to a conclusion that they don’t want us to die they want us sick! There is no profit in dead but there is in continuously sick. What a hell of a country!!!!!!

  52. My heart beaks for this young man and his family. I would immediately consult a vaccine lawyer. http://www.uscfc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/Updated%20Vaccine%20Attorney%20List%209.7.2018.pdf

    I am angered that doctors, nurses and technicians giving this and all other vaccines, do not give the vaccine insert to the parents to read, do not go over the insert before getting consent. NONE of them tell the parent their state rights, that their state has a medical, religious, philosophical (for some states) exemption and that NO vaccines are required to go to school. These vaccines are pushed down parents throats. There are no laws stating that medical staff have to tell you your rights or give you the box insert-NONE. So you are left blind and at their mercy of what they tell you or push on you. If you refuse vaccines, then the doctor will drop you from their practice or call CPS for child abuse. All absolutely illogical and they should be charged with a crime not the parents for refusal of injecting toxic mixtures of human/anima/inset DNA, heavy metals and deathly substances to include what is not listed in the ingredients such as glyphosate!!!

    I urge everyone to attend a vaccine meeting where they make changes like ACIP or ACCV, I know I’ve forgotten 2 more. Tell them your experience with vaccines. Call, write or show up in person when these meetings are going on!! Read their “meeting books” to see what new vaccines are coming at you- Wherever you see “meeting book” click to read. March 2018 page 21-NEW staph aureus vaccine to be given to spinal fusion patients before surgery and if the trial works well, which it always does, doesn’t it? then given to other orthopedic patients such as knee/hip replacement patients! https://www.hrsa.gov/advisory-committees/vaccines/meetings.html

    Join NVIC.org for the latest new vaccine bills that states want to push down your throat and send messages to those congressmen to say NO to those bills. Push for a parents right bill, push for medical staff to give proper information like box inserts to read to parents and patients before giving the vaccines. Push to stop the nonsense of calling CPS on parents because they don’t want their babies vaccinated at the hospital!

    Look at the quarterly Dept of Justice vaccine injury list (ironically). DOJ puts out a list of vaccine injured children who were injured or died from a vaccine and their parents fought to get compensation for that injury. Click on the blue hyperlinks to see each chart (scroll down after clicking on hyperlinks) https://vaccineimpact.com/vaccine-injuries-and-deaths-compensated-through-vaccine-court/


    God bless and keep safe everyone.

  53. I’v been practicing as a pediatrician for 28 years. The claim of the company that makes this vaccine is that antibodies produced by this vaccine only persist for four and a half years. And there is no human evidence that it can prevent cervical or any other kind of cancer- those cancers are twenty to thirty years down the road and the vaccine has not been around that long. And how much good can possibly be done by allegedly protecting children aged eleven to age sixteen or so from a sexually transmitted disease? Of course some children become sexually active between those ages, but the majority do not. Conversely, the vast majority of them do become sexually active later on, when they don’t have antibodies- according to the manufacturer. Pharmaceutical companies are not here to make you healthy. They don’t make money if you are healthy. They are here to make money. The information is easily available that makes it clear (including their own admissions in court) that these companies have again and again deceived and defrauded the public, causing damage and death. They make billions of dollars from this vaccine alone. And it’s rare that anyone goes to jail, even after pleading guilty. They pay a fine. And they keep working in the industry. Doctors and parents alike are deceived by the propaganda. I tell every single one of my patient families not to get this vaccine.

  54. Dee- not none- I tell the parents of my patients that they need to read some things and consider what the drug companies don’t tell them before they consent to vaccines, and that they can do paperwork with the state that allows them to opt out of immunizations- and I tell them everything that I know, and that I would not vaccinate my own child. I have other colleagues that do the same. Most do not, but most don’t know. We are very successfully influenced not to question these things, and like everybody else, we have to be woken up and shaken free of this influence our modern society and culture and education has over us. There are powerful forces at work here, and lots and lots of money! I’m not trying to criticize you, just want to let you know that there is at least one of us that tell our patients about this stuff.

  55. For those whose kids have survived the gardasil vaccine but are clearly damaged by it, please look into homeopathy to help get rid of the damage. Our son was severely damaged by vaccines and ended up with an autoimmune disease as a result. Homeopathy saved his life, reversed the vaccine damage, and my son is healthy today bc of clearing out the vaccines. Homeopathy won’t get rid of the immunity aspect of vaccines, but it can do a TON for fixing damage from them. For your children’s sake and your families sakes, please investigate homeopathy CEASE clearing.

  56. All my children got that HPV vaccine and they are perfectly healthy.Now me,i didn’t get that vaccine,due to it,my age,51,i ended up with cancer due to the HPV virus,that if i would of had the vaccine,i probably wouldn’t be going through this,cause the cancer i have is a skin style cancer that even if they get it all,it will come back,any where,inside of me or on the outside.so it really depends on your body.i have had a hysterectomy back in 2002,and 2 surgeries this year due to the same cancer.And am looking forward to more,and may end up with a poop bag,cause its settling on my pooperhole now.They have taken all my baby parts,my lymphnoids,a large mass inside me.All due to not having the shot.So like i said depends on your body.

  57. Wtf why did it take the parents that long to take their son to the hospital?! Everyone wants to blame the shot yet the parents did nothing until the symptoms were way beyond. Everyone is instructed to take thier child immediatly to the er if there are any symptoms of a reaction after getting any kind of vaccine. ….these parents were totally neglectful they did not take their child to the er until it was too late!!!!

  58. I regret the loss of anyone to this weapon. The weapons makers run the same scam every time: create Parkinson’s with the flu shot then claim that they need to create a vaccine against Parkinson’s. Human Herpes Virus 18 was shot into nearly EVERYONE via the Polio shot made from Henrietta Lack’s CERVICAL CANCER HHV18. Now they claim that everyone needs a vaccine to counter the horror that was shot into people by a vaccine. This is fraud and murder which have no statue of limitation for prosecution. Trolls beware: supporting this weapons assault is being accessory after the fact.

  59. Can anyone answer:
    If your child had the 1st shot, can you stop from getting the other 3? Will it cause a reaction or illness if they don’t take the other 2?

  60. Nearly 62K’s and nothing on the part of parents that need protection from our very sinister government to allow such continued STUDYS ON GENOCIDE!!!
    Does anyone really see what is going on???
    We need to take back our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AND ADULTS from this continued government practice of GENOCIDE!!!
    Fight! FIGHT! For what is right!!!
    Parents who allow vaccinations of their children for “ deadly” diseases which do not exist!!!, it’s a government scare- threat practice, should take the vaccine s FIRST and see wether they’ll die!!!!( there so afraid of death!!! It’s pathetic)

  61. Inject that professor with ALL THE VACCINES AT ONCE , wether he refuses or not!
    Then see if he dies!! ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
    He Knows NO COMMON SENCE!!!!

  62. I just have one comment. If it isn’t about the money for Big Pharma then why not run commercials with medical information about WHY this safe, WHY your kids need this, HOW it will protect them…
    NOT guilt ridden commercials with teens asking theirs parents Why didn’t my parents get the vaccine and save me from CANCER? I guess they didn’t know.

  63. I just need to say thank you. I appreciate these comments for my professional essay on the mass media’s affect on the spread of misguided information inflaming an already toxic situation regarding vaccinations. Anger does not spread information, only fear. I would be dead without my vaccinations due to a severely weakened immune system from a complication in my mother’s pregnancy and almost miscarriage that almost killed both her and me, and even though I was one of the horror stories with a severe reaction to the MMR vaccination I am so grateful I had it. Please remember guys, that while it may not be in YOUR best interest it is in the best interest for other individuals. Every single human’s body is different, and it is uncalled for to make people who NEEDED these vaccinations which have saved my life multiple times (thank god for the tentanus vaccine, Lockjaw is a horrific way to die) feel dirty and disgusting. Everyone has a different story, and some kiddos WILL be severely affected without added protection.

  64. The reality is that there is no such thing as an effective viral vaccine as there is no disease that is caused by a virus. The particles that virologists call “viruses” are really messenger particles that cells send out when they under toxic stress. They are part of your immune system and are never the cause of any disease. Virologists have to poison cells in order to get them to produce these “viral” particles. I recommend people read the book ‘Fear of The Invisible’ by the investigative reporter Janine Roberts to find out more.

    No cancer is caused by a virus. All cancers are caused by toxins. A tumor is a buffer that your body creates intentionally around a mass of toxins so that they are killing useless, fast-growing cells instead of the important functional cells of an organ. Hence attacking tumors with chemotherapy is a stupid thing to do and increases the chances of these toxins migrating to other parts of the body and causing further cancer. Anyone who is told their cancer was caused by HPV is being conned.

    Also, in the West vaccine efficacy is faked by changing diagnosis rules. Polio was renamed things like non-flaccid paralysis and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Measles is either dismissed as an allergic reaction to something or is diagnosed as bacterial meningitis, at least when a vaccinated person gets it. And the severe measles complications like sepsis, pneumonia and encephalitis are as rife as ever despite vaccination; they are just recorded without reference to measles. Measles incidence is China reveals the true picture: it increased following their government’s achievement of 99% vaccination coverage. Of course the medical establishment’s response is to recommend even more vaccination, i.e. booster shots!

    With viral vaccines there are no positives to be weighed against the negatives. They are completely useless. The only thing they can possibly protect you from is a diagnosis of a particular disease, not the disease itself.

  65. Vaccines are NOT safe and this is one of the worst ones! It is killing and injuring teenagers. I am so sorry for the loss of this young boy. I hope parents will start listening to these stories of others parents and NOT give their children this and all vaccines. We live in NY and our religious freedoms have been taken away. People need to realize that this is government control over the free people. They will start taking picking away at our freedoms one by one until we are not free citizens anymore. Our healthy unvaccinated children are now denied public and private schooling. We will not be told we can not have sincere religious beliefs and/or how we raise our children and what poisons we chose NOT to put into our bodies. There are 215 vaccines in the works. Why do we need so many vaccines??? So Big Pharma can get RICHER & RICHER at the expense of our health. Wake up people they are going to start mandating adult vaccines. Fight for your FREEDOM and stand up to Big Pharma, CDC & FDA.

    HPV is usually fought off naturally by the body in a year or so. The HPV vaccine is leading to more cases or cervical cancer, not preventing it!

    HPV Vaccine
    -On the package insert states it does not prevent cervical cancer.
    Linked to:
    -Severe Headaches
    -Genital Warts
    -Nervous System Damage

    Why would anyone in their right mind inject this into your body?!

  66. my daugter got this shot in January but never had any side effects or symptoms after getting it but i wished i knee knew this before the doctor talked me in to it…im sorry for your lost

  67. Unfortunately most doctors don’t tell you about the side effects of a product that they prescribe or inject into your body. And if you end up surviving these injections what happens afterwards….oh wait you have some side effects that you need medicine to control them and who makes this medicine? The same damn company that made the vaccine. Please investigate medicine and vaccines before you pu it into your body and yes this includes supplements and herbs. I am so sorry for this family’s loss. I can not imagine what they are going through. Peace to you.

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