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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Many Doctors Vaccinate Out of Fear

I feel sorry for many doctors. I really do. It must be a terrible thing to live and work in fear. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the fear of making a mistake and harming your patient, as in the following observation by Danielle Ofri, MD:

Every doctor can tell you of times when she or he was terrified; most can list more episodes than you might wish to hear. This fear of making a mistake and causing harm never goes away, even with decades of experience. … It may be sublimated at times, it may wax and wane, but the fear of harming your patients never departs; it is inextricably linked to the practice of medicine.1

I can understand that version of fear. That’s a good, normal kind of fear, because it demonstrates that you’re concerned about the welfare of your patients and want to make sure you do everything right for them. It’s a noble fear that guides you to be ever careful and thoughtful.

No, the fear I’m talking about is the fear that many doctors have about speaking their mind when it comes to controversial issues such as vaccination. Retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD often mentions in his lectures how he encounters doctors who either do not agree with the recommended schedule of vaccines or have some serious problems with mainstream vaccine science. He notes how hesitant the doctors are to make their views known in public for fear of being labeled quacks by their peers or their employers and risk endangering their reputations and careers.

Janet Levatin, MD seconds Dr. Blaylock’s experience and summarizes the fear factor nicely. She writes:

Even if they are not fans of vaccines, many doctors give vaccines out of fear. They do not want to question authority or challenge professional organizations and licensing bodies, such as state medical boards, the very organizations that develop and enforce vaccines mandates. From the very beginning of medical education, bright, aspiring medical students, interns and residents are taught to do as they are told, follow orders and not confront the status quo. Doctors-in-training who challenge the system or dare to think independently are often punished with more work or publicly humiliated in front of their peers. Early on, they get the message they better tow the Party Line if they want to survive. Later, when in their individual practices, doctors who buck the system and don’t vaccinate, or vaccinate less aggressively, often suffer penalties such as losing hospital privileges, being dropped from insurance company rosters or being ostracized by their peers.2

There exists a tendency within medical trade associations and the corporate media to look with suspicion at any doctor who is not fully and enthusiastically onboard with today’s mainstream vaccine orthodoxy. This includes pro-vaccine pediatricians Bob Sears, MD and Jay Gordon, MD, who prefer to work with parents when it comes to how and when to vaccinate children. These doctors are more willing to listen to parents and engage in shared decision making when it comes to protecting the health of individual children, and that kind of flexibility is something that is generally frowned upon by the medical trade associations and the media.

Doctors such as Sears and Gordon are not considered to be “hardcore” enough when it comes to strictly implementing federal vaccine policy because they adhere to the well established medical ethic of respecting the informed consent rights of parents making difficult medical risk decisions on behalf of minor children. Just because Drs. Sears and Gordon respect parents’ informed consent rights when it comes vaccine risk taking, they are slapped with the derogatory “anti-vaxxer” label by some of their peers and the media—a label that can carry harsh repercussions, including editorial calls for them to have their medical licenses revoked or at least suspended.3

State medical boards are notoriously toothless but doctors speaking out against vaccination in the midst of an ongoing outbreak should be investigated, warned, and censured. They should have their licenses suspended until undergoing 150 hours of continuing medical education on public health and infectious diseases.3

Drs. Sears and Gordon are among the relatively few physicians who have publicly displayed a considerable degree of fearlessness when it comes to being honest and outspoken about their views on vaccine safety issues and defending the right to informed consent to vaccination, regardless of the consequences. But they’re only human, and it can’t be easy to suffer discrimination and harassment for defending an ethical principle that should be an inviolable part of standard of care provided by all doctors to all patients making medical decisions, including parents making vaccine decisions for their children.

Then, of course, there are the doctors who readily and openly admit their fear of taking on the powers that be when it comes to vaccines. Perhaps the best example of this is John Abramson, MD of Harvard Medical School and author of the book Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine.4

At a recent lecture he was giving, Dr. Abramson was asked the following question by a member of the audience:

I’d like you to share your opinion on the current push toward compulsory vaccination, in absence of clinical trials, and in violation of the Nuremberg Code?5

Here was Dr. Abramson’s very candid response:

I would have to take the coward’s way out. I can’t talk on that issue. The pharmaceutical industry watches everything I do, and if I take a stand that I can’t defend… But the bottom line is that I think, what the science is, is incomplete. There is no question about it. And the politics of it, as the way it’s done, as a legal matter, and the inability of people who are injured by vaccines to sue for compensation, preventing plaintiffs’ lawyers from getting to the scientific data, it’s big problems. And, uh, that’s really call I can say. Because again, everything I say in public, uh, is well read. So I apologize.5

Pretty much says it all.


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  1. How sad and tragic! The billions the Pharma Ind. makes is used to suppress real research and buy more politicians and government agencies. Will it end when every child is sick? When this nation goes bankrupt from corporate greed? I’m looking for the light in the tunnel…

  2. No, of course not Renate. It won’t end because every child sick is more money for Pharma. It will end when the US is bankrupt and can’t keep paying Pharma off.

  3. It is really becoming obvious that medical licensing is the root of all evil when it comes to vaccine tyranny. As long as the medical-pharma cartel can define what is acceptable practice and yank the permission to practice from others who deviate from their dictates, then we will have vaccine tyranny. We need to return to the free market in health care that we had in the U.S. in the 19th century, when we had a variety of practitioners healing as they saw fit and the consumer could choose what type of healer he went to.

    And medical licensing is not just an issue for vaccines, of course. It is what keeps us tied in to the hegemony of the 3 conventional treatments for cancer and many other unwise approaches.

  4. Drs can be blacklisted Globally, if they stand against vaccines.
    Anyone in nursing now, can lose their chance at all jobs if they refuse to vaccinate.
    This is a forced death sentence and no different than natzi germany crimes against humanities.

  5. Doctors are not supposed to recommend any procedure without obtaining informed consent. The CDC and Public Health Service go out of their way to have providers not discuss the vaccine risks. Ask a pharmacist if they get informed consent before giving a flu or shingles vaccine..they will tell you they warn the patients they may feel a little sting–that’s it! Since so many providers are ignorant about the risks of vaccines, they should be the ones doing some research and passing the true risk information on to patients or parents, and tell them to return for the vaccinations if they are convinced the benefits outweigh the risks. Grassroots public is more likely to do research than the providers that simply follow the guidelines promoted by the pharmaceutical industry.

  6. With an EMR, we are given stats monthly. If you don’t hit the target you get dinged, reprimanded, and your employment and/or reappointment to the staff is at risk. Now any vaccine given on a schedule other than that recommended by ACIP is considered a reportable “vaccination error”. If you are one of the few remaining doctors in private practice and your vax rates are low, men in dark suits will visit your office to do a surprise chart audit and you may be threatened with being dropped from the panel. If Insurance Company A’s enrollees make up a significant percentage of your patient base, you might as well close your office. Alternatively, doctors are bypassed. Vaccinations are Nurse driven protocols on the inpatient side. We don’t even see nor need write an order. Outpatient, vaccinations, especially adult vaccinations are increasingly within the pharmacists pervue. In my state, they quietly passed a law that a pharmacist can give your minor child a meningococcal vaccine without your consent. We assume that’s in order to get to all the college freshmen who haven’t yet turned 18…but it could be worse…look at NY.

  7. Try giving an unauthorized shot to any of our young, healthy and happy children, and you will receive an unauthorized “injection” personally from me.

  8. I remember (I was five years old), I may not have understood the implications of what I heard, but I DID hear thesde things: This was a strange greedy time, when my parents would talk to politicians (local Western New York politicians), who said: “This is how we do business now”, I remember his name and if he ever had the guts to contact me, I would tell him the truth of what I think of him! he took money from big pharma to push laws throughy, and as long as he could convince himself it was “for the good of the public”, he could sleep at night. I found it strange that when a doctor didn’t conform to the standard for the “Good of the Public” statement, these doctors would mysteriously lose thier liscence to practice medicine in NY State. I’m sorry for spelling errorss and gamatical errors, but this is a topic that upsets me because I live tyhe reality of my reaction every day! I had seizures in 1998 that after an MRI, I was found to “have delyelination of the nerves” in my brain, and scarring from a “childhood illness” (of which the only thing in recordds is reaction to MMR). I put politicians and the coverring-up scientists all in the same category: greedy SOBs that only care about money.

  9. I’m sorry about your medical condition, especially due to vaccine reactions when you were young. I was not a healthy boy when I was young bride, too. I had developed all sorts of allergies, had weekly those faux allergy shots during the pollen seasons, until I had read about alternative medicine for allergies in a health magazine back in the mid-70’s. I decided to give it a try, Vitamin C, multi-vitamins and minerals, stay away from junk foods and soda pop, cakes and candies. And, for the first time in my life, I was able to sleep at night during a pollen season while sleeping flat on the bed with my head on the pillow. I used to have to sleep sitting upright on the bed because my sinuses were all blocked, if I didn’t do that. It was not a happy childhood for me. After that positive experience, I began to doubt the whole medical profession. It is sad how after educating myself and talking to doctors who supported my views, and who also did not agree with how the medical system was operated with Big Pharma and billions and billions of dollars spent on useless and usually dangerous procedures and medical insanities, we are looked upon as the bad guys. I hate the medical tyranny that is in place, and maiming 10s of thousands every year, and getting away with murder, all in the name of health and safety for the public.

  10. The only way we can turn this awful situation around, and have doctors who truly want good patient outcomes, rather than fat incomes from Big Pharma is to make our voices heard. Write and call your representatives. Speak forcefully to your doctor, and contact the media. Email your friends and relatives, put the information up on Facebook, twitter, and every internet communication portal. Make a big noise. Refuse to be silenced. And support with all your strength the courageous doctors who refuse to be shills for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

  11. It’s truly remarkable how many proponents and die hard supporters there are for vaccines, and even mandatory vaccinations, yet, an overwhelming majority of these people know very little or nothing about the so cold “rigorous safety and efficacy testing” vaccines are put through.
    As the daughter of an M.D physician, and from a long line a medical doctors, I grew up believing that vaccines were safe, effective, and necessary. My father always told me that the flu shot was complete B.S. And refused one for himself and his children every year, but aside from his warnings about the embellished statistics and data on that particular vaccine, I never took the initiative to thoroughly research other vaccines.

    It wasn’t until I became a parent, and my daughter was 21 months old, that I finally began researching vaccines. I had adamantly refused the flu shot for her every year, but follow the recommended schedule up until that appointment. What I learned from reading the studies, articles, parent testimonies and reputable websites and journals, blew my mind. Beginning with the outlandish ethical bias, and conflicts of interest involved in virtually all safety and efficacy studies. Not only do vaccine studies not use a true placebo, or an actual unvaccinated control group for comparison, by the very entities conducting the studies, are the same people who manufacture the vaccines. How can anything they present be taken seriously? How is it acceptable to inject a control group not with a saline solution placebo, but the exact toxins and ingredients in the vaccine, Sans the attenuated viral component? The ” control” group receives the SAMe amounts of aluminum, preservatives, and toxins as the experimental group, therefore, finding a statistically significant occurrence of adverse reactions or effects is virtually impossible between the two groups. Not to mention, the length of these studies post injection is anywhere from days, to weeks, to a few months at best, there is no longitudinal follow up, no latent consequences examined or noted, because researchers don’t care to know what long term detrimental effects and damage their product does. Every single person who receives a vaccine is a guinea pig, and a participant in a massive science experiment on human beings. We have no idea what latent consequences may arise for children who receive all 69 of the CDC rec. vaccines on schedule when they’re 25, 50 or 75 years old. Autism, allergies, diabetes, auto immune disorders, are more prevalent in young children now more than ever, but who knows what else may arise in the distant future.

    The fact that most parents are oblivious to the vaccine injury compensation fund, or how vaccine manufacturers have no liability for the harm their products do, is an abomination. Parents should be told this, told how difficult it is to be awarded money for damages, how long the process takes, and how unsuccessful most are at winning. Parents should be informed about the briefness of vaccine safety studies, the conflicts of interests, the ethical violations and the revolving door of the CDC to big pharmaceutical companies.. The public should know that there’s no independent. Oversight committee to insure that studies are accurate, valid, reliable, and transparent about who is funding them. Parents should be made aware of the risks and harm that vaccines have done, that most ingredients have never been thoroughly studied, that the recommended CDC schedule has never been studied collectively, and that we have zero long term research on vaccines.

    But most parents, ad. People don’t know this. Instead, they simply parrot whatever the media has told them. That vaccines don’t cause autism. That vaccines are safe, and go through more testing and any other medical treatments, or that vaccines are the greatest scientific discovery, that vaccines cured polio, smallpox, Etc. that vaccines don’t shed, and adverse reactions are rare. It’s truly amazing how many people I know that believe this. And refuse to read legitimate studies I send them demonstrating the risks, and supporting contrary views from the media endorsed support.

    I don’t understand how people can be so naive to just believe what they’re told, and defend this opinion vehemently. Vaccines are one of the most heated debate subjects, and proponents of vaccines are so insanely volatile and irate that their opinion is the only right one. These people refuse to even consider opposing opinions, and the science that supports them. And I just don’t get it. Even when I was ignorant about vaccines, I still wast open minded to science, and eager to research the topic more. But I’ve found that most die hard vaccine supporters refuse to do research, refuse to read studies, refuse to educate themselves, inform themselves, or believe for one second, that maybe, just maybe, they’ve been duped. I guess it really is easier to fool a man, than to convince him that he’s been fooled. Until more people are willing to combat their own cognitive dissonance and use their brains to think critically, and for themselves, the strong hold that pharmaceutical companies have over the public will never change.

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