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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Professor Says Parents Have No Right to Refuse Vaccines for Their Children

thoughtful mother holding baby

In a recent video commentary published in Medscape, New York University professor Arthur L. Caplan, PhD offered his views on the question of whether children have “vaccination rights.”1

Dr. Caplan thinks that what he defines as the “vaccination rights” of minor children supersede the legal right of their parents to exercise informed consent to vaccination on their children’s behalf if a parent elects to decline one or more government recommended vaccines for whatever reason. He claims that vaccinating children represents a higher moral imperative than respecting the informed consent rights of parents.

“I want to point out a moral stance that I don’t think has gotten enough attention, which is that every child has the right to be vaccinated,” said Caplan. “We keep talking about parents’ right to say yes or no, to avoid mandates or requirements, or to do what they choose to do. Someone has to speak up and say, ‘Well, what about the kids? Don’t they have any rights?'”1

Caplan believes that if parents refuse to vaccinate their kids the government has the right to override the legal right of parents to make medical care decisions for their children. Caplan argues that the government has the duty to vaccinate the children without the consent of the parents and by force, if need be. “If the parents won’t do it, I think it’s the responsibility of the state or the government to do it,” said Caplan. “The presumption should be not listening to what parents who don’t want to vaccinate are saying, but starting out with a presumption that kids have a right to fight off deadly diseases, that kids who can’t be vaccinated have a right to protection. How do we move public policy forward from there?”1

Attempts to answer Caplan’s question about how to “move public policy forward” on the issue of parental rights regarding vaccination of their children are already well underway in the United States. Legislation has been introduced in states like California that would seek to give government the right to make health care decisions for children, even against the wishes of their parents, if the state deems the decisions to be in the best interests of the children.2 3

Such legislation would also allow government authorities to take legal physical custody of children in cases where parents refuse to comply with mandates forcing or coercing them to vaccinate their children.2 3

The thrust of Caplan’s thought process is that, at least when it comes to vaccination of children, parents should be stripped of their informed consent rights. Apparently, Caplan takes the view that the informed health care decisions that parents make for their children are just not relevant if those decisions conflict with government policy.

But it is precisely this “long held legal right to make informed, voluntary decisions about pharmaceutical products and medical procedures that carry risks for their children,” says Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), that is “all that stands between parents and exploitation of their children by those in positions of power in society with a personal or professional vested interest in forcing every child to use pharmaceutical products that are not safe or effective for every child.”4


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    1. Don’t be a moron. Look at the science before you spread dangerous fabrications. Have a look at the photos of factory-like floors crowded with iron lungs where children were permanently entombed from the effects of polio. I know that Trump has made ignorance fashionable, but seriously.

      1. Are you serious? Pictures of iron lungs? Do you have any slight idea what these pictures are? Have you ever read anything about it? This pictures doesn’t belong to normal polio cases. It is the “Cutter Incident” where polio vaccine by Cutter Laboratories, had caused 40 000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10. How confident and you are when you know nothing! Use google at least to learn what Cutter Incident is!

      2. Hi Doritos – go get thee some vaccines – do you in – really good…all that inflammation keep you nice & warm…’re welcome to be pathetic but leave sane people alone…

      3. You have no idea about what you are saying . Do you have any idea of how many children died from polio? Then or in the last year? How many diseases were included in diagnosing polio back in the iron lung days? Have you ever read a single scientific study?

      4. Exactly “don’t be a MORON and look at THE SCIENCE” which is what you ARENT doing. You are ASSUMING you know something cause the Dr says “yes it safe”. That’s called blind Faith, aka religion. You have put your faith in the “science” you haven’t even researched for yourself. Hypocrite.

        1. Dupes are so easily led. They don’t tell you that the whole polio bugaboo was due to exposure to DDT via cows and spraying (kids PLAYED in the spray for crying out loud!). Dr. Susan Humphries beautifully and meticulously cited all the facts in her book, “Dissolving Illusions”.
          Too much money to be made from sick people.

  1. not to mention where is the government when a child is injured and has to be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

    1. If I may add a little to your tremendous post.: “due to the vaccines reactions which sometimes lead to death.”

    2. Why are all doctors immune to being sued when it comes to vaccine injury? Because they know it causes disease and death of innocent children that can’t speak for themselves! Yes, children have RIGHTS, let them become adults AT LEAST so they can make their own decisions about their health. Only a coward vaccinates an innocent baby because they are defenseless and can only cry with the needle poking into them.

      1. Next time you are told to vaccinate or have your child vaccinate, perhaps you should present the doc, nurse or pharmacist with your signature “under duress,” and see what they have to say about it.

  2. My question is:”Who did God gives custody of HIS Children to?” Their parents or BIG PHARM and CORRUPT IMMORAL-GOVT?

    I am currently taking Microbiology and It’s evident that VACCINES adjuvants like ALUMINUM and MULTIPLE DOSED COMBO have HIGH probability of causing serious reactions!!

    I need NOT be a Scientist to make the conclusion but based on my OWN GOD given LOGIC, COMMON SENSE, in addition to my interests in Philosophy, Statistics and and Mother of 3 and Healthcare trained professional, I have the AUDACITY to state my Case!!

    1. Don’t bother presenting reason to the pro vaccine person … it’s a waste of time. From my experience, over the years, many of these people are nothing but paid trolls by big pharma.

    2. I’m an RN Merlene and I agree with you completely. I provide informed consent to my patients and I deserve the same. We all do.

  3. What a sorry state we have evolved into….to think that the government could have such power with minimal or inconclusive evidence to mandate such a potential harmful process for my children is ludicrous.

  4. Professor: Our children have the right to be free from forced injections of mercury, aluminum, human and other DNA, substances tested only on robust adult males and your agenda.

    1. I believe that this professor is on the take from big pharma, by the way he is defending their drugs. If he so much cares for our children, why does he not donate some of his money to pay for medical issues that arises from these deadly vaccines?.

  5. This guy is not a professor. Who is he to say the government has any right over my child? I do not think so. Go to Russia or somewhere where you have no rights. You are not American.

  6. First of all it is none of his business how i raise our children. Second tie him down abd give him all the vaccines that a 1-5 year old gets at one time and hopefully he wont react. Does ge have children and are tgey all up to date on every single vaccine and he has gotten all his boosters.

    Does he have anyone in families that are reactions abd if not tell him once again stay out of personal business of others. My son was healthy, 6 weeks later my son did recieve vaccines, i lost my son mentally, now 34 years old. He died 3 times and I personal performwd CPR from grand mal seizures. So dont he ever tell me its not vaccines. Dont threaten me with custody of my child. I have full Guardianship of my 24/7 care child. Dont attack parents supporting your big pharma pockets.

  7. Professor needs to review the US Constitution… or maybe he should live and work in a country that best fits his political views of Dictatorship…

  8. This professor has no idea about vaccination.
    Vaccines are not effektive aren´t preventing illnesses and they are olso harmfull.
    I do live in Switzerland, here is a real democracy. Parents can decide: vaccination yes or no, fully or partly. Children are NOT belonging to the State, for their wellbeeing und prosperity are the parents responsibel.
    Dr. Caplan should go to Barbara Loe fFscher in the scool.
    Best regards: Jenoe Ebert. M.D.

  9. Perhaps the good professor should review the US Constitution.. and/or consider living and working in a country that best fits his political views… of dictatorship

    1. Perhaps you should read the Supreme Court’s decision in Jacobson v Massachusetts from 1905, where they found that requiring people to get smallpox vaccines DID NOT violate the Constitution.

      1. They also rued that there are no safe vaccines and in Jacobsen he was given the option to pay a $5 fine instead.

  10. Well professor Caplan, obviously far left socialist liberal, parents have every right to decide what is best for THEIR children. Contrary to your socialist beliefs, the government does NOT own the children, even though you are trying hard to change that.
    I had 3 immunizations when a was a child in the 50’s and I am more healthy today, than most children, because your government mandated shots are making them sick. Each is filled with mercury. I know why autism is 1 and 5 in this generation, it is because the government says children have to have 72 shots before K. The body is the best creator of its own immunizations if you let it be and stop poisoning it.

  11. Why do they have a right to be vaccinated and not have a right to be born! Also, if your family has a history of allergies such as to iodine, mercury, thimerasol etc., why shouldn’t parents be allowed to refuse them?

  12. ‘Well, what about the kids? Don’t they have any rights?’”1 yeah, they have the right to LOVING PARENTS PROTECTING THEM FROM GREED-DRIVEN FRANKENSTEINS LIKE THE AMA/FDA/CDC AND THEIR MINIONS.

  13. This professor should be forced to be vaccinated with every vaccine available. Undoubtedly he would refuse and base it on exactly the rights he wants overridden.
    There are lots of vaccines to offer and most with inadequate safety testing

  14. The government does not know best! My son had all his vaccinations when he was a baby and now he has mercury poisoning thanks to the government’s recommendations. If the government was against vaccination would that make vaccines illegal?? Forced vaccination does not belong in a democracy.

  15. Just in time for halloween, another medical industry horror story. Can you imagine having your child kidnapped by the state or being personally incarcerated because you refused to purchase a pharmaceutical product? What are they going to force us to buy next? In a free market the product is successful because people want it and will pay for it. If you have to force someone to purchase a product, it’s no longer a free market. One way to resist this is to object to compulsory insurance. Raise your hand if you’d actually pay a few thousand a year for the full range of vaccinations out of pocket cash. This is only painted as a priority by those whom seek to profit from a no exception everyone must purchase policy. We deserve a tax refund for not having vaccinated, and having really healthy kids whom only rarely need medical industry services.

    1. This has already been done to many home schooling parents . Children having cancer that was responding to natural or alternative treatments were kidnapped from parents and forced to have chemo when they did not want it even though it was making them sicker and they were teenagers who said no.

  16. When Caplan says: “Every child has the right to be vaccinated… Well, what about the kids? Don’t they have any rights?..” Yet he wants the gov’t to force vacs upon immature, uninformed, impressionable young minds, what does he really mean? Will children also be renamed by the gov’t because they have a “right” to it like THX 1138?

  17. Under that same logic don’t the rights of the unborn children supersede the desire of their parents to abort the baby?
    The professor’s argument would only be true if it can be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that vaccines do not cause harm and are necessary to prevent disease. However, the Supreme Court has ruled that “All vaccines are unavoidably unsafe”. If vaccines are unavoidably unsafe parents MUST reserve the right to decide what is best for their child.

  18. If they want the ability to FORCE vaccinate a child, then they should be FORCED to pay for their lifetime long term care if they become a vegetable, AND they should be charged with murder if the child dies, at a minimum. This is total insanity.

  19. Someone ought to remind him that he has the luxury of living in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave; and it didn’t get that way by everyone just letting the government tell them what they can and cannot do with what is theirs… be that their money, their personal choices and ESPECIALLY their own children.

  20. Dr Caplan should mind his own damn business!
    if he doesn’t like it he could always move to a country that supports his fascist veiws
    children belong to their parents not the state
    The state should not have the right to tell a parent what to do

  21. Are you sure that wasn’t Dr Mengele? Although, to be fair I doubt even Dr Mengele would support forced vaccination on ALL children…

  22. the biggest point that doesn’t get said is…. are the vaccines safe! there has been much said that additives in the vaccines injure more than they help. the written documentation on most vaccines includes extreme side effects and even death. if government wants to do something it should start with making things safe not forcing use of products that have been proven not safe.

    1. Actually, it has been said over and over, because scores of independent studies have found modern vaccines to be safe and effective. The information is all publicly available on the CDC and WHO websites.

      1. Repeat a lie often enough and you can convince a lot of people. Besides the Covid clot shot is NOT a VACCINE. It is experimental gene therapy and Pfizer [serial convicted felons for lying about safety , bribing doctors, stealing from Medicare and killing/harming people over many other products they make] KNEW ahead of time that the mRNA would not stay in the arm and would travel everywhere in the body causing harm and nearly ALL of the participants in the 2 month study [ should have been years] had side effects & many were covered up. One young teen is now brain damaged, seizures, and on a feeding tube for life and they put her down as “stomach ache”!
        To date just VAERS[not including CMS or Military data] shows 1,237,645 adverse events,151,584 hospitalizations,50,700 Permanently disabled, 4,538 miscarriages [Pfizer never tested for pregnancy] and 27,349 DEATHS.
        It was MANDATED that ALL administrators of this shot report ANY side effects to VAERS in the product package insert in order to get “Emergency Use Authorization” and most doctors & hospitals refused or claimed no knowledge of VAERS. Currently there are more deaths and disabled from this shot alone than ALL other shots COMBINED over last 30 years. Plus 10 years ago Harvard study of VAERS showed that only 1-10% of events were ever reported so the numbers are probably way higher.
        Caplan should move to China and parents need to stand up for their rights .

  23. First of all it is none of his business how i raise our children. Second tie him down abd give him all the vaccines that a 1-5 year old gets at one time and hopefully he wont react. Does ge have children and are tgey all up to date on every single vaccine Andrew he has gotten all his boosters.

    Does he have anyone in families that are reactions abd if not tell him once again stay out of personal business of others. My son was healthy, 6 weeks later my son did recieve vaccines, i lost my son mentally, now 34 years old. He died 3 times and I personal performwd CPR from grand mal seizures. So dont he ever tell me its not vaccines. Dont threaten me with custody of my child. I have full Guardianship of my 24/7 care child. Dont attack parents supporting your big pharma pockets.

  24. That’s a pretty ignorant statement by someone presumably intelligent. A child who doesn’t have the understanding of the ramifications of the dark side of vaccines can’t make an intelligent decision. Apparently many doctors can’t either. They don’t even know why their tummy hurts or their poopy is hard. They trust their parents, who want to continue to see them grow up big and healthy and intelligent, to make decisions for them. Not a stranger. Not a Dr. Not a professor. Their parent. I’m guessing if you downgraded the information to a truthful level they could understand, they would choose to not want vaccines. I mean really, most all kids would go to bed with candy in their mouth if a parent didn’t make the call that they would regret it in the future. This person, like Pharma, takes no responsibility what so ever, when things go wrong and a child sickens or dies because of a vaccine. If you want to push them, put your money where your mouth is and guarantee you’ll cover cost, for life, any side affects.

  25. Has Caplan taken into account the Vaccine Death & Injury Court? The many children who have been seriously injured by vaccines? This is very real. There ARE many scientific documents theat verify vaccine damage. We parents love our children more than the government & their warped sense of reality, we are not a third world country.

    Taking away a parents rights over thier child because they deem we are not as intelligent as them & they know better, WRONG!! My son’s life was forever changed the day of his one yr immunizations. Maybe Mr. Caplan needs to go through something like we did! Mandates would mean even my already vaccine damaged child would have to take these vaccines that could potentially do more damage. We need protection from these people that think like Mr. Caplan. Lastly, I wouldn’t wish this hardship of an adverse reaction to vaccines on anyone.

  26. The professor shows the lack of logic in his education. Hopefully he is never is a position to influence his opinion on children. When it is acceptable to destroy the unborn this belief is easy to accept.
    True science evaluates all research. This profit driven belief would ignore all of the negative outcomes and the lack of proof that it would be beneficial. One must think he has a conflict of interest with big pharma or sufferes from cognitive dissonance.

  27. Caplan is grossly misinformed and assumes that every child would choose to be vaccinated. So many built in assumptions reveal his profound lack of understanding. A PhD is not assurance of anything these days.

    Injecting formaldehyde, aluminum (toxic adjuvant), mercury (preservative), and foreign proteins into infants in the hopes of protecting against infectious disease is at best fraught with uncertainty and at worst disabling. Shilling for Big Pharma under the banner of higher education is disgusting.

    Anyone who thinks that its wise to suggest gov. enforcement of mandates like this understands nothing about freedom of choice, much less the issue at hand.

    Pandering and fear mongering is ill advised bordering on stupidity…

  28. In other words, under the pretext of protecting children, the state has the right and duty to poison them. Prof. Caplan is either a shill or a fool. Either way, his ideas are an expression of pure evil.

  29. It is a sad affair that parents have no right to their children. Children are the property of the state and what ever those in Authority decide right or wrong is over ruling the parents rights or wishes.This is an ugly affair and can have terrible consequences and one cannot even blame the Authority, if for what ever goes wrong including death. That vaccines are such dangers, let alone unnecessary is completely ignored. Sometime in far future people will ponder about our era – “What did they think are doing?”

  30. Barbara Loe Fisher is totally correct. I love and appreciate all of the hard work and research she has done to help protect our children and parent’s rights. The government or big pharma have NO right to dictate vaccines for OUR children. Healthy immune systems keep kids healthy, not compromised immune systems caused by vaccines.

  31. Dr, Arthur L. Caplan may consider himself all the professional has wants to be, but he still is a shill to big pharmaceuticals and greedy corporate insurances whom fall under the same that controls them, the big medical Ivy league science universities, that are under money hungry bankers: which in turn, in the grand scheme of things, want to control over population of humanity. Parents do have an innate right to their children not the state! Enough said!

  32. Isn’t it the more children need to be snatched the more money the state agency receives that does the snatching? They want to qualify as many children as possible for grabbing so they can make more money from taxpayers. The very soul of government corruption is greed, false assumptions and haste to abuse power. .

  33. Parents are more apt than the gov’t to know familial histories of problems arising from vaccinations, and seek to protect their children, since such problems tend to be familial in nature, meaning their child is more prone to have similar problems. This is NOT the gov’ts duty; and they need to keep their mitts OFF!

  34. When they try to guilt you for not vaccinating please remember that it is the risk deniers who have taken the low road. What we are doing on the vaccine risk aware side (VRA) is definitely the moral high road. As per James Lyons Weilers’s article link below:

    “Vaccine mandate proponents and those who would take away the rights to exemptions fail on moral grounds because (a) they must deny that vaccine injury and deaths occur to minimize their immorality of compulsory vaccine injury for some, (b) in doing so, they stymie the ability of society to celebrate those whose children were injured as a result of the parents’ attempts to “do the right thing” and vaccinate their children in the first place, (c) they have prevented research on curative treatments of common childhood infections, (d) they have thrwarted the correct perception that vaccines must be made safer, and the means of identifying those most susceptible to injury as mandated n the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, (e) they have prevented the development of means of detecting ongoing vaccine injury, and (f) they have prevented the development of emergency medical care to minimize the neurological and immunlogical effects of vaccine injury, which can be debilitating”.

  35. No Caplan, the vaccine industry has no right to mandate their crappy products. It’s a consumer product. Buyer beware.

    He’s friends with Offit and the other Mengele wannabes. They’re all doing the pro-vaccine circuit to drum up vaccine sales.

  36. This is so scary! As far as I can tell, the government cares more about profits than the health of individuals, and doesn’t recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to vaccines or drugs. In my mind, mandating the recommended vaccines for all children is cruel and inhumane, especially when there is so little regulation, safety testing. Sadly, the fox continues to guard the henhouse in American health practices.

  37. Who OWNS you?
    Who OWNS your children?
    The government thinks it does. Maybe it should remember:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against
    unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated”

    used to be a founding principle of this country and a LAW. “Their persons” does not mean governments persons.

  38. Dr Caplan sounds like Nazi Germany in the 40’s. I hope as a country we outgrew taking rights away from people or parents. As a Nurse Practitioner, I have seen six patients severely altered for the rest of their lives by one vaccine. All vaccines have a neurotoxins. In the movie vaxxed, Dr David Brownstein pointed out the whistleblower who found a correlation between Autism and MMR vaccine. That information was withheld from the public. Still no action by our government has been taken to protect or educate the public. Educate yourself, their is a great book out there by Dr Suzanne Humphries that shows you the delusions behind vaccines. We need a government for the people not special interest or corporat greed. Help Save America and please vote on Nov 6th .

  39. So who, besides the child, suffers the consequences of a severe reaction? The child’s immediate family, that’s who. And when it happens to your child, help to cope with the results is almost nonexistent from any governmental agency.

    One severe reaction can be a life altering event. In a way, it is similar to a bomb exploding in the middle of your living room. Your child is ground zero, but everyone in the house is affected. Some need to run away and others refuse to leave the wounded behind, but every aspect (career, finances, marriage, etc.) of your lives is changed forever from that one event.

    Can we really expect parents to accept this risk with no say in the matter, Art?

    Hurt kids and wounded families – over time they grow into their new altered lives. Yet there is always this quiet sound in the background, a thought that becomes louder and louder over time. … What is going to happen to this kid when I croak?

    Behind the scenes, insurance driven incremental changes to our laws, funded by big money and aided by bioethicists like Art Caplan, have been preparing the way for the influx of those vulnerable, expensive ones, the ones whose lives are thought to not be in their own “best interest.” After all, they are expensive and how can society be expected to foot that bill?

    So, parents should have no say in the matter, try to live with the disaster and when they can no longer defend or care for their children, turn them over to the death dealing, treatment withholders.

    Have I got that right Dr. Caplan?

  40. What kind of back woods thinking is this? Or just how far does big Pharma have their hand up this guys backside? When did we become the police state, that the government knows better than parent’s.

  41. He is a shill for Big Pharma. His employer has been working with Merck on one vaccine while getting paid and working with Bristol Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, and others doing clinical trials plus he proposed a panel with the CEO of the biopharmaceutical firm Chimerix to decide terminally ill patient requests to have drugs not yet approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Then later Johnson and Johnson brought him aboard to do just that.

  42. Arthur Caplan PHD has clearly stated that childhood vaccinations should be given by physical force over parental informed consent if necessary, largely based upon the premise all vaccinations are “safe and effective.” Herein lies an ethical and moral question that has been violated too many times by governments trying to justify experimentation. Whenever “all”or “never” are used in a true and false question the answer is invariably false.
    If Dr. Caplan chooses to ignore the fact vaccine makers admit their products have been associated with more than 150 serious adverse events including death “all” is false immoral and unethical based upon existing scientific evidence. Therefore Dr. Caplan suggests admittedly dangerous consequences are moral, ethical and acceptable.
    In fact Caplan implicitly states in his erroneous opinion mercury and aluminum, known neurotoxins, should be injected over parental objections. Perhaps Arthur Caplan should enlighten the Amish they have no religious rights. What he would be saying is that the Amish children serve one or more of the known serious adverse consequences.
    If I might suggest there is already enough evidence on aluminum harm for Caplan to take time to review the Precautionary Principle

    1. “Given by physical force” is assault and would require a doctor’s order with REASONING. I am not allowed to do this as a nurse and a doc isn’t allowed to order this except when mandated by law (as with psychiatric treatment). Is this going to get bloody?

  43. How does such an evil man carry such power when minimally he should be behind bars in solitary confinement for even thinking of promoting barbaric vaccines? Simply because not enough of us are standing up to this corruption. Caplan should be arrested and prosecuted as should every vaccine pusher and it’s up to sane parents to at the very least PRAY that this happen. Vaccines maim, vaccines murder, vaccines have destroyed the generations.

    DEAR DEAR PEOPLE: own your power and let’s not take this garbage any longer! Any creative lawyers out there who can help us get these filthy creeps out of the public domain – please tell us what we can do!

  44. Dr.Caplan asumes a great many things, one that vaccine industry is not lying for money. Caplan was also involved a few years ago when studies came out proving that chemo CAUSED cancer, and he had NO answers to what people shoould do with cancer concerns .There are studies showing harm from vaccines, while others show that getting measles protects from getting cancer leter in life.What is the truth ? In thalidomide we found that it was sold to mothers and data was with held and great harm resulted. Does the vaccine industry with hold evidence? Many parents go thru VAERS and are compensated ONLY if theysign non disclosure agreements.There are many more vaccine damaged children than the industry wants to admit.Can the industry and academics like Dr.Caplan lie ? YES.I have a letter of apology from the US Surgeon General ,DR.Jocelyn Elders when I reported NIH fraud at the University oi Waterloo .Even after MANY FOI requests teh Government of Canada refuese to release OFFICIAL Ministry of Health documents which state that the research at the University of Waterloo was so BAD that they called it SHIT on official government documents. And it was all covered up and suppressed and I was black listed ( see for the Surgeon General letter and other details ). AND there is the Dr.Thompson material which states the government of theUS knew MMR had bad effects on Afro American boys but the data was ordered shredded . Dr.Caplan i sWRONG based on the evidence that government and industry LIES to parents and the public,Parents have th eright to protect their children, and if there is documented evidence of misconduct and vaccines may not be safe , then parent smust have the right to decline and dangerous product, including vaccines tosafe guard their children .Thank you .E.A.Greenhalgh MSc HBSC

    1. “Dr.Caplan asumes a great many things, one that vaccine industry is not lying for money.”

      Except the safety of vaccines has been studied by a great many organizations which are independent of “big pharma,” including CDC, WHO, and independent universities.

    Caplan really gets around. I wonder how he has enough hours in the day to “advise” all the groups he claims to advise. When does he find time to sleep?

    This is part of his bio:

    “He has served on a number of national and international committees including as the chair of the National Cancer Institute Biobanking Ethics Working Group, chair of the Advisory Committee to the United Nations on Human Cloning; chair of the Advisory Committee to the Department of Health and Human Services on Blood Safety and Availability. He has also served on the Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Illnesses, the special advisory committee to the International Olympic Committee on genetics and gene therapy, the Special Advisory Panel to the National Institutes of Mental Health on Human Experimentation on Vulnerable Subjects, the Wellcome Trust Advisory Panel on Research in Humanitarian Crises, and the co-director of the Joint Council of Europe/United Nations Study on Trafficking in Organs and Body Parts.
    He is currently the ethics advisor to the U.S. Department of Defenses’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on synthetic biology, a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s External Advisory Committee for its Orphan Disease Center, a member of the Ethics and Ebola Working Group of the World Health Organization and an advisor to the National Institutes of Health on organ transplantation. Dr. Caplan also serves as the chairperson of the Compassionate Use Advisory Committee (CompAC), an independent group of internationally recognized medical experts, bioethicists and patient representatives which advises Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals about requests for compassionate use of some of its investigational medicines.”


    Here is his contact info:

  46. This is a very dangerous viewpoint and obviously Dr. Caplan should speak with a civil rights attorney to appreciate the full impact of his statements regarding vaccinations. I am sure that concentration camp physicians had similar viewpoints regarding medical procedures and I read what they did in a book called “The Nazi Doctors”. Parents are obligated to protect their children from harm (and greed) and that’s why parents choose not to vaccinate (once they have received proper information). When I inject you with Arsenic – what happens? What if I inject a newborn with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc. -what happens? Poison does not automatically and magically transform into a disease protecting potion!
    Dr. Caplan – I highly recommend you keep your mouth closed and do what you do best namely write prescriptions!

    1. The civil rights attorney would almost certainly reference Jacobson v Massachusetts, the Supreme Court case from 1905 which found requiring smallpox vaccination was perfectly legal and NOT a violation of constitutional rights.

      1. that 1905 case should be overturned today if big pharma did not have the goods on the US SUPREME COURT. remember justice roberts carrying the swing vote and the rediculous argument justifying the tax penalty for obamacare which trump overruled. please study title 242 FELONY DEPRIVATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. i am beyond an anti vaccine since i was VACCINE INJURED in 1954 sir. I am a vaccine abolitionist. all vaccines are suspect. if you truly studied the history of vaccines, the AMA, dr morris fishbein, the cdc (a nazi war doctor club creaded by operation paperclip after ww2) you might just learn the real truth.

  47. When one learns that the FDA admits that vaccines are widely contaminated with viral and DNA genetic code fragments, proteins (including prions), and numerous unknow particles, one realizes that a child’s health is not the government’s main concern. Vaccine manufacturers won’t invest the time & money and take the risk in producing vaccines unless vaccines are mandatory (in order to get their investments back), and they are sheltered from liability. Whoever forces vaccination should be held liable for any adverse events. I totally disagree with Dr. Caplan. The policy he advocates is an example of medical fascism.

  48. Has Caplan not heard of the Vaccination Injury Compensation Program? And that the Supreme Court stated that, “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe?” Is he willing to stand with and help the parents of those children who will be injured based on his beliefs in mandating vaccination? The government can make all the “recommendations” they want, but in the end it is our right as parents to make choices for our children. As always, in the end, we are the ones who must live out those decisions, not the government or other “experts”! Perhaps those who are so absolute in their ideas of knowing what’s best for the rest of us should spend some time helping to care for children who have been damaged. It could open their minds!

  49. Sounds to me like he has control issues. If he wants to dominate someone’s children, let him do it with his own. If a person gets vaccinated, he shouldn’t have to worry about any disease. That’s what the vaccine is for. He needs to stop worrying about the people who decide not to get vaccinated. We do still live in the land of the FREE don’t we? Let’s keep it that way. Too many people are trying their best to make everyone think the same way they do. Never gonna happen! There are children out here who are weak and vulnerable to many things, including vaccines. It is not his decision, it is not a doctors decision, it is the parents decision and it should remain that way.

    1. Or maybe he just doesn’t want children to die from preventable diseases because of their parents’ willful ignorance.

      1. Has anybody died from that measles epidemic lately? Who’s dying? If you’re so worried you can have mine.

  50. Professor would be right only if we define humanity by the view of Marx, where Individual is formed by Masses rather then Masses formed by the consent of Individuals.
    And this guy is a teacher?

  51. He is programmed to the lies If he says this… His opinion is not relevant to me or my vaccine injured family members. I would like to see his personal suffrage experiences before anything… His sensitivity is non existing. Phds and ignorance seem to go hand in hand… Enough tunnel vision and compartmentalizing.. WAKE UP!

  52. I believe that parents are still legally and financially responsible for their children at least until they reach the age of 18 years. Unless that has changed and the government would like to take those responsibilities on, then they should keep quite. That also goes for this uninformed, opinionated PhD.

    1. Yes, parents are still legally RESPONSIBLE for their children, and when the parents fail to meet those responsibilities, like not providing their children adequate medical care, the government does intervene to protect children from their parents’ neglect.

      1. Vaccinated children are STATISTICALLY healthier than unvaccinated children. The same is true of adults. Neglect is allowing yourself not to read the package insert before you shoot your patient up with vaccine, telling them “it’s perfectly safe.”
        Can I sell you some investment property?

  53. Every professor has a right to intelligence, what happened to you Professor Caplan? Were you hiding behind the door when the brains were passed out? You know full well that vaccinations don’t work. Do your research before getting “moral.” Do whatever you wat with your offspring but leave others alone with your dictatorial mindset. Prof,, just get lost.

    1. Yes, it is friggin outrageous and disgusting that in this day and age some parents refuse to protect their children from easily preventable childhood diseases.

  54. Prof, you know vavvinations don’t work except to make children sick, paralytic or even die. Stop your fake statements about morality.In other words get lost…

    1. Oh yeah, vaccinations “don’t work” – that’s why we still have a polio epidemic in this country. Oh, wait….

  55. He should have his rights taken away to speak at all….
    and he should be vaccinated with every vaccine he promotes….

    1. He probably already has been vaccinated with every vaccine he promotes, because he’s not an idiot, doesn’t want to die from an easily preventable disease.

  56. We have a very big problem in the nation. Caplan is not the exception to the rule, and his mindset spans many different issues.
    There are people out there that believe they know best about everything and those who disagree should be dealt with by the heavy hand of the State.
    The Founders understood people like Caplan, and that is why they institutionalized the authority “to execute the Laws of the Union” in the hands of the People as opposed to the State.

  57. There are pros and cons re vaccinations, depending on whose research one reads, who sponsors the research. How pharmaceutical corps really are honest in their studies results. I think the pharm folks are often more interested in profits than anything else.Have been an RN and don ‘t have young children anymore, but I do have great-granddaughters and that is up to their parents. Although I will share my opinions. I know for a fact that many elderly are over medicated.

    I agree with Barbara Loe Fisher.

  58. This so called doctor deserves nothing less than to suffer every one of the maladies suffered by each and every child who was injured by vaccines…and I hope soon.

    1. Wow, you’re a terrible person, Alan. I won’t stoop to your level and say that you deserve to suffer from every one of the diseases that vaccines prevent. Instead, I hope you and your family continue to enjoy the health you have been provided by the responsible parents who vaccinate their children and thus protect you from the diseases you don’t believe in vaccinating against, through herd immunity. Unfortunately, though, there are enough of you ignorant people out there now to be a critical mass of disease transmission, that it’s only a matter of time before you or one of your children comes down with polio, typhoid fever, diphtheria…

  59. arthur l caplan is demonstrating total ignorance when he talks about childrenps rights! The Child’s International Natural (Superior) and Human Rights dictate that full information is required; and thus, that is possible only when reaching the adult age of reason. AND FURTHER, experimentation on a child is considered a crime against humanity; in the same way, it si so for adults.
    Phd? In Nazism?

  60. The gold standard when it comes to the ethics of vaccination is the Nuremberg Code, a set of guidelines that are offshoots of the Nuremberg war crimes trials post World War 2. These are results of the medical experiments conducted on prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. The guidelines are applicable because the entire vaccination regime is one big medical experiment performed on people (children in this case) without their consent. Children are by definition unable to legally give consent, which is why we have statutory rape laws.

    Here are the ten points of the Nuremberg Code, to which the United States of America is a signatory.
    1. Required is the voluntary, well-informed, understanding consent of the human subject in a full legal capacity.
    2. The experiment should aim at positive results for society that cannot be procured in some other way.
    3. It should be based on previous knowledge (e.g., an expectation derived from animal experiments) that justifies the experiment.
    4. The experiment should be set up in a way that avoids unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injuries, except, in experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
    5. It should not be conducted when there is any reason to believe that it implies a risk of death or disabling injury.
    6. The risks of the experiment should be in proportion to (that is, not exceed) the expected humanitarian benefits.
    7. Preparations and facilities must be provided that adequately protect the subjects against the experiment’s risks.
    8. The staff who conduct or take part in the experiment must be fully trained and scientifically qualified.
    9. The human subjects must be free to immediately quit the experiment at any point when they feel physically or mentally unable to go on.
    10. Likewise, the medical staff must stop the experiment at any point when they observe that continuation would be dangerous.

    The fact is that an insufficient number (zero, actually) of tests have been done to prove that the various vaccines are both safe and effective. That would require that double blind, placebo controlled studies are done to test for safety and efficacy. The Nuremberg Code isn’t just relevant in the case of children. It is also relevant in the cases of adults being fired from jobs or deprived of legal benefits for refusing vaccinations.

    Informed consent prior to any medical intervention is a basic human right. By definition, informed consent gives you the right to analyze the risks and benefits of the proposed medical intervention then refuse (opt out) of having the procedure performed if the risks outweigh the benefits for you as an individual. The problem is many people seem to have forgotten vaccines are a medical intervention.

    Patients or legal guardians thereof have a moral right to freedom of choice when it comes to medical procedures. We do recognize the right of the state to enforce life saving procedures for minor children and mentally incapacitated individuals where the proof of necessity is overwhelming. The state must, in turn, recognize the right of individuals or their legal guardians to choose various options where the basis of choice is between reasonably equal alternatives. It can be proven that the argument as to whether or not the risks of injury or death from vaccines is as weighty as the possible benefit from receiving the vaccines.

    I covered this discussion and other relevant points in my monograph on vaccines at my non-profit website here:

    1. “The fact is that an insufficient number (zero, actually) of tests have been done to prove that the various vaccines are both safe and effective. That would require that double blind, placebo controlled studies are done to test for safety and efficacy. ”

      That’s a lie. Scores of independent tests have been done on the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and you’ve demonstrated you know nothing about research because even though double-blind clinical trials HAVE been done on vaccine safety and efficacy, they are NOT the only way to measure it. In addition to experimental studies, epidemiological observational studies are also valid ways to determine safety and efficacy. They can actually be MORE accurate than experimental studies because of the much larger n value.

      Parents and legal guardians have a moral AND LEGAL responsibility to provide adequate medical care for their children, including preventative care, that trumps the parents’ “right to freedom (that’s redundant, by the way) of choice.”

      1. No Martin..they have NOT. Providing adequate prevention and medical care involves understanding that my child with autoimmune disease is at risk when vaccinated but since NO provider will sign a medical exemption, I take another. I am putting my child at RISK by injecting him with substances that have not been available or studied long term.

  61. This man is a clear and present danger to society. He is obviously a shill for pharma companies profiting from vaccinations and if not he is grossly uninformed about the dangers of vaccines. The government has NO RIGHT whatsoever to inject you with poison… PERIOD! Vaccines are full of toxins and can have serious and even deadly side effects. NEVER let anyone inject you or your children against your will.

  62. Look at: (website)
    Children’s Health Defense
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (now you might be listening)

    Vaccine Safety studies – check out the science!

    This Professor needs to read more on vaccination safety!

    Professors think they know all.

  63. I wonder how much he has been paid to say that. The general public only sees “NYU professor/PhD” and most likely automatically assumes that the man is capable of higher/better/more cogent rationale than they are. Big Pharma and the government are aware of these perceptions, hence why they pay seemingly “credible sources” like this man to propagate their messages. The saddest part to me are the unsuspecting parents out there who are naive enough to pay credence to what he says and end up harming their children because of it. Another point that needs to be made is how blatantly unconstitutional the idea that we have no rights to make choices for our children is. That would be the most massive governmental encroachment in recent history, and in my opinion would catalyze some sort of social revolution. If a situation like that ever transpired I will be the first to move out of this country with all of my children in tow.

  64. This professor should be investigated to determine if there is a conflict of interest and if he is tied in any way to the pharmaceutical industry! Does he use their products or has ever been hired or paid by them in any way? If so, he should be exposed to the public. If he is just mis-educated, that is one thing; if his publicity is for selfish gain he should be prosecuted.

    Parents must make the decisions to have a dangerous vaccine injected into their children because it is the parents who have the responsibility when the child’s health is damaged.

    This industry should be investigated and prosecuted for mis-education and for not teaching side effects to the workers and their team of propaganda education professors. Those who are being paid, that is the Doctors, Nurses, drug salesmen and the so-called education establishments, should be mandated to teach health through nutrition, proper diet, clean air and clean water and the basic needs and requirements of the human biological system.

    The Pharma business is strictly a business. It is immoral, illegal, unconstitutional and unethical for our government to force us to do business with them!

    The only way we are going to get a hold on this medical madness is through the judicial system! Thank God for President Trump. He is a man with a clear mind and is able to think rationally and logically. He has proclaimed that he does not do drugs, smoke or drink! We must be in our right mind to make wise decisions for the future of our children.

  65. Evidently, this “expert” has never had to deal with a child with an allergic reaction to a vaccine. There are no tests that can be run to detect this problem before a vaccine is given.

  66. The only question I ask is this: if you are going to force me to do something I don’t want to for my child, then that must mean you’re going to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my child if there’s any type of adverse issue, right?

  67. Hey, Dr. Caplan.

    As the parent of two neurologically vaccination-damaged boys, I have this to say to you. If vaccines were 100% effective, I would say nothing. If vaccines were 100% safe, I would say nothing. But everything I have seen and read on the subject over the last more than 20 years tells me that most vaccines do not even come close to doing what they are claimed to do in the way of preventing illnesses, and as for safety, well, there are untold thousands of people, mostly children, who are permanently damaged – and even killed – by vaccines very year. So, Dr. Caplan, please take your opinion and stick it “where the sun don’t shine.”

  68. As I have grown older, I find myself shaking my head in disbelief pretty much daily. I can’t even begin to imagine how terrible the conditions must be in these other countries, for the people to wish to live in this country!
    I am 59 years old and come from a vaccine injured family. My third child has Tourette Syndrome. I watched her spiral out of control after allowing her pediatrician to strong arm me into giving her what was at the time, in 2000 was the new vaccine known at that time as Prevnar.
    Fact: scientist have identified a particular gene that appears to increase the likelihood of vaccine injury. Does anyone care?? Only the families and parents who have raised their child or buried their child die to vaccine injury. Might I add, that we do it with no involvement from our esteemed government or ignorant professors.
    I will not give birth to any other children whom I am solely responsible for in making decisions for in this lifetime. For that I am thankful. However, I am now walking hand in hand with my second child, who has had Metabolic Syndrome (thank you vaccines) since shortly after she started kindergarten, trying to help navigate and figure out the future of her precious daughter, my first granddaughter, who had reactions to her first set of vaccines.
    Needless to say, she didn’t receive a second round. We eventually had to stop going to her pediatrician because we would not risk her by continuing vaccines. We are walking in uncharted territory with her because we are having to raise her without the medical community. We don’t know what the future holds. What we do know is that she will not be able to attend school and that if she were to become I’ll with something that we can not rid her of, it would open us up to another place that is the land of the unknown to us. This is not a life that people intentionally seek. We want her to go to school, to be able to do the things that she sees my other two grandchildren do. She will be four next Saturday. We will be the ones who have to try and explain to this precious brown eyed beauty, why she has to be different. It’s a frightening place to be but after seeing her reactions to her first vaccines, the thought of a second round is even more frightening than living this life of one of the families of vaccine injuries.
    Let me add too, that I am now the sole caregiver for my 52 year old Autistic nephew. Society likes to look down on those who can’t provide a real life for themselves. I can’t even imagine what the future of our society will be. The number of sick or disabled will be astronomical! Does anyone think about how the number of Autistic people is going to affect the big scheme of things? Take a look at how the opioid generation affected things and know that Autism is even bigger. Then on the heels of Autism, there will be the Autoimmune disorders that are now so prevalent.
    Finally, I just want to say that those who choose not to vaccinate do not make this choice out of some need to assert their rights. This has about turned into something resembling the abortion debate but we are not fighting for rights here. We are standing up for our children and grandchildren. It is totally from a place of love. If you are willing to risk you child to vaccines, I suppose that’s your prerogative. But allow others the right to not be willing to risk theirs! If there is already research that shows there is a certain gene more likely to cause reaction to vaccine, why are we still at a “one dose fits all”? That doesn’t even add up in the first place. And furthermore, perhaps we could refrain from injecting a newborn within hours of birth, just because Big Parma didn’t get the results they had hoped for with their Hep B? It take six weeks for a newborn to even develop the bacteria flora in the gut to start the immune process. Yet we are sitting them with a vaccine that should only be given to a child born to a positive Hep B mom.
    I could go on and on but the infirmary is available to everyone who cares to educate themselves.

    1. How awful. I know this may not reach you but the best doctor ive ever met is Dr Ben Edwards out of Veritas and he genuinely may be able to help your family.

  69. Shades of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, the two seriously ill little British boys who were condemned by the courts to “die with dignity”, over their parents’ objections–even though there were doctors willing to treat them. Under British law, courts decide the fates of children when doctors and parents disagree. I’m sure Caplan would be for that, too. Governments the world over think they own the people. They’re drunk on power and promoting the culture of death.
    It’s time to castrate every power structure that is party to these monstrosities. Hard prison time for the guilty.

    1. Actually, there is no parallel between vaccination and the Charlie Gard/Alfie Evans cases. Both children had untreatable progressive diseases which the parents were in denial about, and were willing to put their children through more pain just so they could prolong their suffering for the slim chance of a few more months with them. Vaccines, on the other hand, are an extremely low-risk measure to protect children from diseases that used to kill or permanently disable children with clockwork regularity.

  70. Just look him up….. he has ties to big Pharma and very questionable ethics. People like this are downright dangerous and scary. By the way, I LOVE everyone’s suggestions on here to tie this bully down and force him to be injected with every single dose of childhood and adult vaccination that is available. Then we can talk……

  71. How can the government demand something that hasn’t be tested for safety be forced on a child against the parents’ wishes? 13.1 of the inserts cannot be ignored. Would the government demand vaccinating to the CDC schedule that has never been tested for safety?…Especially when they don’t know the person nor their medical history? If the government does so, are they practicing medicine without a licence? I suppose they want to protect any and all investments in Big Pharma.

    1. They couldn’t, but vaccines HAVE in fact been rigorously tested for safety. And the suggestion that medical protocols would require vaccines of all children, even those whose health contraindicates vaccination, is completely dishonest.

      1. From what I’ve read, the FDA depends on the studies of the manufacturers. Where do you find this proof? My dad is a doctor (Cardiology). He understands my concerns and agrees it’s a difficult decision. I’m not saying he is completely anti-vax. We got the standard ones growing up, but he was never a huge advocate of the flu shot and understands my vacillating. He thinks the propaganda behind the COVID shot is completely about money in the pockets of those pushing it and that it’s criminal to okay if for kids at this point. He has experienced money over patient welfare in his career and finds it concerning. Patient wellbeing is not always the top concern for those in power.

  72. This article just reminded me of why i choose to forego having children. Parents rights are decreasing, yet the responsibility and cost and possible imprisonment from such mandates required by authorities is also the responsibility of the parent not the institution that requires such things nor any responsibility from such institutions who do not allow for natural questioning of vaccines which is not anti vax its anti abuse of vaccines. . No thank you

  73. Some people are dumb and need “government” laws to protect children. As a society we have regulations that do favor children’s rights over parental preferences. For example, we don’t allow parents to elect out of infant car seats. Same concept.

  74. Mike Hammond totally different concept..shut up and sit down! This breaks constitutional rights! This is not negligence.moron

    1. Actually, Missy, it is not a different concept. Car seats are required to protect the physical safety of the child, and vaccines also protect the physical safety of the child. And you’re wrong on this “break[ing] constitutional rights,” the US Supreme Court already weighed in on this in Jacobson vs Massachusetts back in 1905 when it found that requiring people to get smallpox vaccines was constitutionally acceptable. Telling someone to “shut up and sit down” demonstrates that your position is so weak you cannot tolerate hearing a dissenting position, and that you’re an irrational person…which is why you make the irrational decision not to vaccinate your children.

      1. Myself and my husband have made the very rational and intelligent decision to not vaccinate our children. They are not causing any harm to vaccinated children and they will be healthier in the long run. The vaccinated are the ones who spread disease with live virus shedding. And if by any chance my unvaccinated children somehow was able to spread a disease they do not have, wouldn’t your reliable and safe vaccines protect them?! Obviously there is no trust that vaccines will actually protect you. Yes car seats have been PROVEN to be safe and save lives. Vaccines have NOT been proven to be safe while they kill and harm children. So no the government or NY state will not make decisions for my children’s health and we will not comply to their 72 vaccine CDC schedule. The highest authority is God. God says parents are in control of their children and our bodies are pure.

      2. The polarization and vitriol that is lobbied at those who express concern makes me have more misgivings. If those who push vaccines refuse to see the concerns and ignore the problems, I am less likely to trust the people who demand them. The lack of informed consent and bullying is a huge red flag. It means that people are refusing to investigate and they will never look to improve them. Read the article I shared with you in another reply. You will see what I mean. The community refuses to investigate the matter b/c they claim that it’s unethical to leave a child unvaccinated. There are families within practices that have fully vaxxed, partially vaxxed, and unvaxxed kids (like mine), but they still refuse to do it b/c it’s “unethical.” That’s maddening to me.

  75. Well first of all I believe that every child should have a chance to live long happy healthy lives parents that don’t get vaccines are putting them at risk and as well as in danger there should be a stricter law that it has to be done bc if not the child as well as others in the world could get sick or worse and why go through all of that when you could have reduced the problem by getting vaccines parents should really think things through and protect there children that they say they love more than anything or anybody my 5 children all get vaccinated and believe it or not they don’t get sick hardly ever I hope the government and state does make a law bc children deserve the right to be healthy weather then the parent wants it or not and that’s all I have to say

  76. Wow! I cannot believe how ignorant so many of you are. Not only did my parents vaccinate me, but I vaccinated all 6 of my children, and 3 of my children who have children of their own have vaccinated their children. Not a single one of us has had any ill effects from the vaccines. None of us have any mental health issues. Not to mention, none of us have come down with a deadly disease even though we live in an area where idiots like you are refusing to vaccinate your damn children. But, my father-in-law had cancer and was receiving chemo treatments that obviously made his immune system vulnerable. My idiot sister-in-law who is against vaccinations, brought her unvaccinated child around her father and her kid infected him with the measles and now he is dead, and not from the cancer but because he got the damn measles because his idiot daughter refused to get a simple vaccine that would have protected her daughter from getting the disease that she brought to her grandfather. Wake up and smell the roses people. These diseases were eradicated for a reason BECAUSE VACCINATING THE MASSES CREATES HERD IMMUNITY. Now that you idiots are coming out in masses, these diseases are starting to make a comeback and they, NOT THE VACCINES, are killing people.

    1. Nobody should bring a child who is sick around somebody who is using chemotherapy; vaccine-preventable or not. Your FIL died because your SIL exposed your FIL to a sick kid; not because your SIL didn’t vaccinate her daughter.

      What kind of cancer did he have? Depending on which type of cancer he had; it’s possible your FIL was suffering the “ill effects of a vaccine”. Ninety-eight million Americans were exposed to a cancer causing virus due to a contamination of the Polio vaccine used from 1955-1963. Some of those cancers have a latency period of up to 60 years.

      “None of us suffered ill effects” is broadly anecdotal & as such, will not carry any weight in a discussion about vaccines. “My child experienced (symptom) after receiving the (exact vaccine)” is not broadly anecdotal, although it is still; an anecdote. Anecdotes that become consistent enough to defy the current scientific consensus do carry weight in a discussion of vaccines, as that is how hypotheses are formed.

      1. ““None of us suffered ill effects” is broadly anecdotal & as such, will not carry any weight in a discussion about vaccines. “My child experienced (symptom) after receiving the (exact vaccine)” is not broadly anecdotal, although it is still; an anecdote. Anecdotes that become consistent enough to defy the current scientific consensus do carry weight in a discussion of vaccines, as that is how hypotheses are formed.”

        You’re attempting to draw a distinction between Laura’s anecdote and that of a parent with a child who manifested a symptom after a vaccine, and implying the latter should carry at least slightly more weight, but there is no reason it should. Actually, while the child who exhibited symptoms is an n of 1, at least Laura’s sample size is n=12 (assuming her 3 children who reproduced had two children each).

    2. Laura,
      Each of us have very different immune systems. This is why organ transplants are so specific. Make sense? It is actually VERY COMPLICATED and tends to run in families. It used to be that we recognized autoimmune disease (overactive immuno impaired) as a risk factor for delayed vaccination. No more. Cancer. No more. (YES, I’M A NURSE AND THEY WANT ME TO GIVE VACCINES TO CANCER PATIENTS- YES THEY DO). History of allergy or other vaccine reaction- no more. Now many susceptible children are told they cannot receive exemptions when they may need them. In addition, more and more cases of autoimmune disease in children are being seen (Autism is an autoimmune disease). Vaccine pamphlets actually state that these disease are risks of vaccination!! Yes they do! Read THEM.
      A parent who doesn’t care about the risks to their children and blindly accepts the word of authority IS LUCKY IF THEIR CHILDREN EVEN REACH ADULTHOOD SAFELY SINCE THIS IS NOT PARENTING!! Parenting is about making tough, critical decisions to safely raise a child to adulthood. Childhood is loooooooooonnnnnnnnggggg for humans. Thank god we have enough parents out there who aren’t willing to just toss their kid to the nearest “expert” who tells them “it’s okay- there’s nothing to be afraid of.” This goes against human nature!

    3. Laura, you seem to see this as a very black and white issue, bless your heart. Vaccinating cannot create herd immunity for tetanus, Hep A or Hep B, or any illness targeted by low-efficacy vaccines such as pertussis, mumps, or influenza. Vaccine-induced measles immunity is waning because mothers are no longer passing protective antibodies to their children. Blaming parents is simplistic, reductionist, and reflects your poor understanding of science.

  77. I AM SICKENED BY OUR COUNTRY OUR WORLD AND THE PEOPLE IN IT! I feel so sorry for all the children born and unborn in this world. If its the “childs rights” then why do they not get to decide, why the government!? If children are going ro start deciding everything in their lives themselves, then abortion should be banned, because im sure NO child would choose to be murdered before it can tell someone what its choice is! And on another note, if children make their own decisions, then im sure NONE of them would choose to get shots EVER, or go to school, or brush their teeth, or do chores, or eat veggies, or learn manners…if it was TRULY what the kids wanted thats how it would be…but its NOT its about taking away ALL the rights of the parents and having the government make ALL the decisions in our childrens lives.
    And if the government starts making all the decisions for our kids, they will make all the healthcare choices but make us pay for it, choose what schools they go to and it would ONLY be public school, NO honeschool or christian schools, they will not allow children to be raised in ANY religion, not allow them to be shown any other way of life but being libral, we will not be able to punish our children at all in any way, we will be forced to buy enough food so they get 3 meals a day EXACTLY the way the goverment wants and what food they want no fast food or junk food or treats(not that eating healthy is BAD, but if the goverment decides im sure it would be VERY expensive, and no quick meals like mcdonalds here and there or just a pb&j sandwhich), we wont be able to call our children BOYS or GIRLS, we could only say them, you, it…until they can decide at their choses age what sex they want to be, We also couldnt praise them TOO MUCH, like say they are the most amazing child in the world, their the cutest kid ever, good job for winning the game, etc, cause GOD FORBID we make them feel special cause they all have to be treated equally, they all must win the game, they are all equally beautiful and amazing(which is actually true they are all adorable and great, but its NORMAL for a parent to favor and praise their kids, but all this crap about nobody losing in a game is BULLSHIT…theirs a winner and loser…thats life…how else to you strive to be bte!!!)…i could continue and go on forever…but this TRULY pisses me off…i have a son, and God chose me to be his mother, not some random strangers in the goverment, and as long as i am not mentally or physically abusing him or allowing others to then im doing a damn good job and NOBODY else should have the right to tell me HOW TO RAISE MY CHILD! The government butting in just pisses me off and makes me truly desire God to come back and take us all home!
    Stay out of my family and my life you pathetic pieces of shit!

    1. When you say “And on another note, if children make their own decisions, then im sure NONE of them would choose to get shots EVER, or go to school, or brush their teeth, or do chores, or eat veggies, or learn manners…if it was TRULY what the kids wanted thats how it would be” you defeat your own argument. Whenever I hear a person drone on about “parents’ rights! Parents’ rights” in a situation like this I see a lousy parent, a self-involved person who only sees her child as an extension of herself, not a distinct individual, and sees parenting as an outlet to serve her own personal needs for control. As a parent, I don’t ruminate on my “rights” as a parent, but my responsibilities to raise my child to become a physically and emotionally healthy adult with the skills needed to navigate the adult world competently. That starts at the very basic level with an obligation to adequately feed my child, provide her a safe environment, adequate supervision, and protect her from easily preventable childhood diseases. If I left her at home alone without supervision, the state could charge me with neglect, and take her away. If my home were dangerous, they could take her away. If were an extremist muslim and felt girls should not be educated, the state could take her away. That’s because her well-being trumps my “parental rights.” Denying your children vaccines is neglect, it is reckless endangerment.

  78. First you idiots think the earth is flat, and now you say that vaccines kill people. I fear what society will become when you dolts get in positions of power.

    1. Dear Common Sense,

      You really need to get a clue! Do some of your own research and you will learn the truth about vaccines. And yes thank you I do realize the earth is not flat.

  79. If you want a window into how great the government raises children, ask an adult who grew up while in foster care.
    I see that Mr.”Common Sense” is generalizing all ex-vaxxers into thinking the Earth is flat. You seriously are mistaken. I believe that the Sun, Moon, and all planets in our Milky Way Galaxy are indeed spherical. If it were flat, then I would leave you pro-forcer fools behind by walking off of the edge in search of the underside, far away from the likes of people such as yourself. You folks want government to force inject people without a right to refuse? China is your ideal country. We won’t miss the likes of you and yours when you settle there, you Commie eugenicists pigs.
    If your “science” was so great then why haven’t you and your ilk have yet to colonize the Moon or Mars? That is most certainly one way to get rid of those horrid “Earth germs” you’re so worried about. So, by all means… Hurry and get off of this spherical, dirty, disgusting planet. Live the dream that Stephen Hawking was preaching about before his passing (seriously, he was a good fellow and I was saddened to hear of his death).

  80. Dr Caplan,

    What are you going to say to the creator of this planet when he will ask you why did you allow to destroy the life of so many children?
    Will you experience the trauma and suffering of those innocents children and parents?
    Are you afraid to face your own judgement?
    You can still save the life of the future of this planet!
    We need to protect the innocents from people and organizations like you that created vaccines to hack the immune system not to strength it. The best support system is the organic given by the loving mothers and fathers. Today’s threat to the immune system are the vaccines, emf, gmo’s, fluoride public water, geoengineering and heavy metal toxicity. Wake up call for everybody. At this rate in 60 years will have a health issue in large scale due to the combination of all this hazards. One more thing, you are not educated to understand nutrition, environmental toxicity, nano technology and emotional ( alkalinity/acidity) in the body. You are not GOD. Act like a human with a heart & soul if you have it.

  81. This doctor is why I hate vaccine manufacturers. Vaccine manufacturers themselves should not have a right to decide what to do if antivaccers decide to quarantine them. Because the U.S. government lost the vaccine debate, science abandoned vaccines as a sensible thing to resolve disease problems. Now we rely on other things. The vaccine manufacturing industry is a religion and if you are not in it´s cult, you´re a black sheep. That is whom this doctor represents. And that is why we, the academic scientific community have a moral duty to separate from vaccine makers.

  82. This is the dumbing idea I have heard from a professor. Vaccines are injuring and killing children all the time. Look that stuff up before calling parents out that are just trying to keep their kids safe. I have never been vaccinated in my life and have lived through chicken pox, measles, mumps and rubella. I have traveled the world, went to public school and currently have 2 children whom I will NEVER vaccinate. Even when you look up the history of vaccines, it was inspired by the experiments done on Jews during the holocaust. Big pharma wants to keep the world, sleep, sheepish, sedated and ignorant. There is nothing anyone can say to me to make think otherwise. Even most of these doctors won’t vaccinate their own kids because THEY KNOW! Why don’t people stop doing one-sided research that only validate what the masses want you to think…and start thinking for yourself.

  83. Not one vaccine has been tested for causing cancer. Section 13.1 of every medical grade package insert. What does that say about “Safe and effective?”

  84. The anti-vax movement is the worst combination of arrogance and ignorance. Here in these comments jerry d fair is still arguing an autism-vaccine link even though the paper that claimed the link was thoroughly debunked and shown to be a case of academic fraud, and study after study has found NO LINK between autism and vaccines. Anti-vax parents didn’t experience the horrors of pre-vaccine days, of losing children to diseases like typhoid fever and diphtheria being such common events that nearly everyone knew someone who had a child or sibling who died of one of these diseases. It was a holocaust compared to the very infrequent instances of serious vaccine side effects.From a risk management standpoint, there is no justification NOT to vaccinate a normally healthy child. Anti-vax parents have the luxury of being insulated from such memories through generations of parents doing the responsible thing for their children and getting them vaccinated. Anti-vaxxers don’t acknowledge that they selfishly rely on the herd immunity created by today’s responsible pro-vaccine parents protecting their unvaccinated kids from these terrible diseases.

    Anti-vaxxers talk about the “ethics” or “morals” of mandatory vaccination, but what about the ethics or morals of not vaccinating children. In “Foundation of the Metaphysics of Morals”, Immanuel Kant established the Categorical Imperative, that we have a perfect duty to act only in a way that could be applied as a universal maxim. It’s akin to the Golden Rule, but even more broadly applicable. So what if anti-vaxxers’ decision to not vaccinate were applied universally, and everyone chose not to vaccinate, what would happen is these childhood diseases would reemerge, and we’d be back to children dying from them being commonplace. Choosing not to vaccinate your children is morally indefensible.

    Already we are seeing an epidemic of childhood diseases due to antivaxxers. Just this week there was the story of a child who nearly died from tetanus, had to spend 8 weeks in the hospital, racking up $800,000 in medical bills (which his parents will probably default on, declaring bankruptcy, meaning everyone else pays more because of their irresponsibility), which could have all been prevented by a DPT vaccine, and yet his stupid mother still insists that she won’t vaccinate him. It’s only a matter of time before anti-vaxxers’ children start dying from these diseases, and they will also take people who truly can’t be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons (newborns, compromised immune system, etc) with them. District attorneys need to start aggressively prosecuting the parents of these children for negligent homicide. There is certainly precedent for this, cases like that of Herbert and Catherine Schaible, whose 2 year old son died in 2009 of bacterial pneumonia that could have been treated with antibiotics, but the Schaibles believed only in prayer. They were convicted of child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter and placed on probation, but then in 2013 their 8 month old son died, also of bacterial pneumonia. This time they were charged with 3rd degree murder, sent to jail, and their remaining children taken from them. Too late to save their other two children, though.Not vaccinating your children is denying them crucial preventative care. It is willfull neglect, parents who do so need to be charged with child endangerment, and if they do not comply, have their parental rights terminated.

    1. I assure you that “anti-vaxxers” love their children. Most parents do what they think is best. If we keep seeing the others as enemies, our children will suffer. We need to see all sides of these issues so we can hold companies accountable and demand we make our vaccines as safe as possible. Right now, they have no one watching over them.

      100% of the toxins in vaccines are injected into their blood stream. When you combine them, there can be synergy. Yet those effects remain untested. So many modern autoimmune issues could be partly a result of these vaccines. Yes, there are also environmental issues like glyphosate and plastics. But we inject vaccines into our blood stream and some of those toxins pass the blood brain barrier. It’s very complicated. It keeps me up at night.

    2. MarkinTex, I understand why you feel the way you do, but you may not realize how little research has been done. Please show me a study on vaccine induced herd immunity? I don’t think you will be able to find one.

      I have 4 children. The older are the most vaccinated. The older have many more health issues than the younger. It’s a hard place to be in. Do I choose to harm my child b/c I fear a bigger boogie man is out there or protect them now and hope they won’t catch the disease? I am very torn. My youngest has none of the allergies, asthma, etc. that my older children suffered through. She is robust. I attribute that to her not having as many vaccines as an infant and when in utero. I was 46 when I had her and she should not be my healthiest…yet she is.

      My MD has an alternative vaccine schedule that means fewer jabs over her childhood. I’m not sure what I will do, but I assure you that vaccines aren’t as safe as we’ve been sold. Big Pharma has no liability and no motive to make them safe but their own conscious. 69 jabs before they are 18 is a great way to create patients for life.

      Most “anti-vaxxers” I’ve known have done more research than those who choose to vax. They read many books and don’t take the decision lightly. Many are also more likely to be “ex-vaxxers.” Speaking for myself, I research most things. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I read 2 books on circumcision. I suspect that most women don’t do that.

  85. If an adult is incapable of making their own medical choices, we do not allow them to continue making them, instead, we seek a medical proxy. Children, by nature, are unable to make their own medical choices because they are unable to understand and weigh the benefits and risks, so we leave those choices up to their parents (who serve as their medical proxy.) This idea that it’s acceptable for a doctor to bully a child into any medical procedure and it’s acceptable is disgusting. If children were capable of making serious medical choices, they would be called adults.

  86. AS a sign of gratitude for how my husband was saved from shingles, i decided to reach out to those still suffering from this diseases.
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  87. Perhaps this has already been addressed, but if children have a “right” to accept a vaccines – on their own and without parental involvement – do they also have a right to REFUSE them?

    A key reason for taking parents out of the picture is because minors can be easier to coerce and emotionally manipulate. But what if a child, without her parents in the room, refuses to accept the vaccine? What follows? An argumentative show-down? A forced injection?

    My daughter is a tough cookie and may one day find herself in this situation.

  88. actually my ignorant friend the cdc came out in 2010 with a 1 in 39 adverse reaction not 1 in a million. their words not my

  89. If any of you people have not gotten your adult schedule vaccine then stfu about the importance of giving a child vaccines. Newborns have undeveloped immune systems yet they want to inject them with viruses. ?

  90. MarkinTex, I understand why you feel the way you do, but you may not realize how little research has been done. Please show me a study on vaccine induced herd immunity? I don’t think you will be able to find one.

    I have 4 children. The older are the most vaccinated. The older have many more health issues than the younger. It’s a hard place to be in. Do I choose to harm my child b/c I fear a bigger boogie man is out there or protect them now and hope they won’t catch the disease? I am very torn. My youngest has none of the allergies, asthma, etc. that my older children suffered through. She is robust. I attribute that to her not having as many vaccines as an infant and when in utero. I was 46 when I had her and she should not be my healthiest…yet she is.

    My MD has an alternative vaccine schedule that means fewer jabs over her childhood. I’m not sure what I will do, but I assure you that vaccines aren’t as safe as we’ve been sold. Big Pharma has no liability and no motive to make them safe but their own conscious. 69 jabs before they are 18 is a great way to create patients for life.

  91. why not wait until children are old enough to run, before getting 💉.Then if they run, fowell them and don’t come back?

    I never heard a child ask for more shots.

  92. why not wait until children are old enough to run, before getting 💉.Then if they run, fowell them and don’t come back?

    I never heard a child ask for more shots.

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