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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Anthrax Vaccine and Gulf War Illness

Story Highlights
  • In anticipation of biological warfare, military personnel were given the anthrax vaccine during the 1990s Gulf War.
  • After their service, Gulf War veterans suffered a wide range of debilitating symptoms that became known as the Gulf War illness or “Gulf War Syndrome.”
  • There were numerous concerns regarding the safety of the anthrax vaccine, which is considered by many to have been a major cause of Gulf War illness.

In the early nineties, the United States speculated that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had the capability of using biological weapons against military coalition forces in the Gulf War.1 In response to this potential threat, military personnel from the U.S. and other countries were given several  non-traditional vaccines, including anthrax vaccine, in addition to yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis B, pertussis and other vaccinations routinely given to soldiers.2

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) officials considered anthrax to be a likely organism that could be weaponized and a licensed anthrax vaccine had been stockpiled for emergency use since 1987.3 Military personnel from the United Kingdom also were given vaccines for anthrax, the plague and pertussis and Canadian military personnel received similar combinations.

U.S forces received experimental drugs, such as pyridostigmine bromide, and a different battery of vaccines, including anthrax vaccine and botulinum toxoid vaccine.1 No previous deployment in U.S. history had involved vaccination of large numbers of soldiers against biological agents.1

Gulf War Illness

Shortly after their service in the Gulf War in 1990-1991, returning American soldiers and civilian workers reported that they were suffering from debilitating symptoms such as severe fatigue, joint and nerve pain, headaches, memory loss, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia and respiratory and neurological disorders.4 This cluster of acute and chronic multi-symptom illness affecting veterans of the Gulf War became known as the Gulf War illness or “Gulf War Syndrome.”4

A 2014 report by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs concluded that Gulf War illness has been consistently reported in all studies of the health of Gulf War veterans. The syndrome has been documented to affect about 25-30 percent of Gulf War veterans, which is approximately 175,000 to 250,000 of the 700,000 U.S. troops deployed in the war.5 According to the report:

Studies published since 2008 continue to document poorer general health status and greater disability among Gulf War veterans than in contemporary veterans who did not deploy to the Gulf. Despite the extensive number of studies conducted with Gulf War veterans in the 23 years since Desert Storm, medical surveillance in this population remains seriously inadequate.5

The initial argument by government health officials seeking to explain the pattern of symptoms associated with Gulf War illness was that the symptoms were a result of stress psychological trauma suffered by the troops. However, more convincing evidence pointed to a combination of pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental exposures5 and the safety of the anthrax vaccine was prominently questioned because of continuing reports of a high number of serious reactions among those given the six dose series of anthrax shots. A GAO report in 2002 found that 85 percent of the troops given the mandatory anthrax shot reported reactions and that 16 percent had either left the military or changed their status in part because of the mandatory anthrax vaccination program.6

Off-Label Use of Anthrax Vaccine by U.S. Soldiers

Anthrax is a serious bacterial infection but is not contagious. It is usually contracted through direct exposure to an infected animal or animal waste products in contaminated soil when the bacteria enter the bloodstream of a person through a skin wound or by swallowing or inhaling anthrax spores. If left untreated with antibiotics, lethal toxins from the anthrax bacteria multiply in the body and can kill up to 20 percent of those infected.7

At the time of the Gulf War, BioPort Corporation, now Emergent Biosolutions, was the exclusive manufacturer of anthrax vaccine (BioThrax) supplied to soldiers8 and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had licensed BioThrax vaccine as effective based on evidence against cutaneous anthrax (acquired through the skin).9 However, there was no evidence for effectiveness against aerosol (inhaled) exposure, which is the weaponized form of anthrax that military personnel would be exposed to in a bioterrorism attack, and so the FDA had not licensed BioThrax as effective against inhalation anthrax.3

Therefore, when the DoD ordered that anthrax vaccine be given to soldiers heading to the Gulf War, as well as other military personnel during the 1990’s and early 2000s, it was an “off-label” (experimental) use of the vaccine.10 It violated the licensed use authorized by the FDA and published in the approved vaccine manufacturer’s package insert.3

This licensing issue was specifically highlighted in 1995 in a letter written to the vaccine’s first manufacturer, the Michigan Department of Health,11 from the director of the army’s Medical Chemical and Biological Defense Research Program stating that…

This vaccine is not licensed for aerosol exposure expected in a biological warfare environment.”3 Moreover, another report released by the Department of Defense’s anthrax project manager noted that, “protecting service members from aerosol exposure to anthrax can only legally be done if the FDA licenses the vaccine for that specific schedule and indication.3

Although individual physicians may legally use licensed vaccines for off-label uses in some circumstances, the physician is responsible for assessing presumed “off-label” benefits against potential risks for each individual given the vaccine.3 However, with mandatory vaccination programs, the risk-benefit decisions that should typically be made by the physician is eliminated. Therefore, under U.S. law mandatory vaccination programs  are not supposed to use experimental (investigational) vaccines but only those vaccines that have been licensed by the FDA for approved indications.3 

Questions About Squalene in the Anthrax Vaccine

There were several reports in the 1990s that some experimental anthrax vaccines given to American soldiers during the Gulf War contained squalene—an oil based adjuvant that hyper-stimulates an immune response.  Squalene adjuvants were not licensed for use in the U.S. at that time, and there was evidence that  squalene-containing vaccines used in other parts of the world had been linked to severe brain and immune system dysfunction.12 Although the FDA states that aluminum hydroxide was the adjuvant used in the anthrax vaccine and not squalene, the FDA has confirmed that lab tests may reveal the presence of squalene.13

Interestingly, a study published in Experimental and Molecular Pathology in 2002 demonstrated that that the production of anti-squalene antibodies in patients with Gulf War illness is linked to the presence of squalene in certain lots of anthrax vaccine.14

A document on the FDA’s website notes:

Because of the difficulty of removing squalene-containing fingerprint oils from laboratory glassware, it is hard to know whether the squalene is truly present in some lots of the vaccine or is introduced by the testing process itself. DOD, FDA, and several civilian advisory committees agree that squalene at such low levels has no adverse health consequences.12

The National Vaccine Information Center  (NVIC) has argued that squalene adjuvants have not been tested in comparison to placebos in large trials published in scientific journals. Moreover, there are no studies specifically evaluating cellular, molecular and DNA changes in the body after squalene-adjuvant vaccines have been administered.12

The inclusion of squalene adjuvants in some lots of anthrax vaccine may have been authorized under section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which allows the FDA Commissioner to approve unapproved medical products or unapproved uses of approved medical products to be used in “an emergency” to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions caused by chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threat agents when there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.15

DoD Mandated Anthrax Vaccine for All Military Personnel Despite Safety and Effectiveness Questions

Questions about the safety of BioThrax vaccine, as well as its effectiveness against weaponized inhalation anthrax, were growing long before the DoD decided to not only continue giving anthrax vaccine to soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also to expand the vaccination program to all U.S. military personnel and DoD civilian contractors. In 1996, in anticipation of mandating the widespread use of the anthrax vaccine in the military, BioPort Corporation submitted an investigational new drug application (IND) to the FDA to expand the approved indications for the vaccine to include (1) aerosol exposure to the insert; (2) switching to intramuscular injection and  (3) reducing the number of doses.3

On Dec. 15 1997, the Clinton administration decided to initiate the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP), which made the anthrax vaccine mandatory for all 2.5 million active duty U.S. service personnel.3 A few weeks prior to the launch of the AVIP, Secretary of Defense William Cohen held up a five-pound bag of sugar on national television warning the public that if the bag did indeed contain anthrax, it could kill half of the population of Washington, DC.3

In March 1998, Secretary Cohen was publicly given the anthrax vaccine after which mandatory anthrax vaccinations began for all military personnel and DoD civilian contractors.3

This decision for mass vaccination was made despite the fact that the FDA had not yet approved any changes to the vaccine manufacturer’s package insert.3 In a report published in the American Journal for Public Health, the author Meryl Nass MD wrote:

Six months after the IND was filed, but before any supporting data to amend the original license was submitted to the FDA, the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, Dr. Stephen Joseph, asked the acting deputy commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Michael Friedman, for a go-ahead to use the vaccine, thus skirting the FDA’s normal regulatory procedures for amending a vaccine license. Less than 2 weeks into his new position, Friedman wrote back, “While there is a paucity of data regarding the effectiveness of Anthrax Vaccine for prevention of inhalation anthrax, the current package insert does not preclude this use.” However, Friedman’s words merely expressed his personal opinion and did not comply with the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations for amending the vaccine’s label; therefore, they provided no legally acceptable justification for the vaccine’s off-label use.3

In June 2001, there was an announcement made that there would be a “slow down” of the AVIP. Interestingly, the FDA had not released any more anthrax vaccine supplies in over a year. DoD announced that the only groups scheduled to receive the anthrax vaccine were the same two groups originally receiving the vaccine before DoD broadened the program in 1998: research laboratory personnel at high risk for anthrax exposure and active Special Forces troops.3

After Sept. 11, 2001 and Anthrax Letter Bombs: Calls for Expanded Military and Civilian Anthrax Vaccinations

When the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, they were almost immediately followed by the release of anthrax-contaminated mail in the U.S. postal system, and there were calls for expanded use of anthrax vaccine not only in the military but also some suggested the vaccine also should be given to the civilian population.16

NVIC was among the groups and individuals that questioned the use of the reactive anthrax vaccine by large numbers of American civilians, pointing out there were logistical problems for anyone attempting to launch a successful bioterrorism attack using weaponized anthrax (or smallpox) on the U.S. population, which would require the failure of both extra internal and external homeland security measures put in place after 9-11.17

Judge Issues Temporary Ban on Mandatory Anthrax Vaccination of U.S. Troops

In March 2003, a lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC on behalf of U.S. military personnel and DoD civilian contractors forced to get BioThrax vaccinations, asking the Court to declare the vaccine “experimental.”18 In October 2004, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled that it was “illegal” for the federal government to mandate anthrax vaccinations, which by then had been given to more than 1.2 million troops since 1998.19 

Judge Sullivan issued an injunction banning the Pentagon from forcing military personnel serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea and parts of Asia and Africa from being required to get anthrax shots without their informed consent until the FDA adequately reviewed and licensed the vaccine.

Congress has prohibited the administration of investigational drugs to service members without their consent,” Sullivan said. “This Court will not permit the government to circumvent this requirement.” Sullivan wrote, “The men and women of our armed forces deserve the assurance that the vaccines our government compels them to take into their bodies have been tested by the greatest scrutiny of all—public scrutiny. This is the process the FDA in its expert judgment has outlined, and this is the course this court shall compel FDA to follow.19 

In 2006, the Pentagon resumed mandatory anthrax vaccinations of troops after the FDA pronounced BioThrax vaccine as “safe and effective,” including against inhalation anthrax.20

Proposed Pediatric Anthrax Vaccine Trial

In March 2013, BioThrax manufacturer, Emergent Biosolutions, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed to conduct clinical trials of anthrax vaccine on American infants and children. According to an article in Nature, “Interest in a vaccination campaign was spurred by a 2011 modelling exercise, ‘Dark Zephyr’, which found that a release of anthrax spores in a city the size of San Francisco, California, would compel officials to vaccinate 7.6 million people—including 1.7 million individuals under age 18.”

The Alliance for Human Protection, along with NVIC and other health safety groups, opposed the trials, citing the vaccine’s poor safety record, including many documented cases of brain and immune system damage suffering by military personnel in the Gulf War.21 

Within a week, bioethicists with the US President’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, also advised against proceeding with the proposed pediatric clinical trials, stating that until a bioterror attack occurs, tests of anthrax vaccine or other anti-bioterrorism “countermeasures” should not pose risks greater than those that a child might encounter in daily life or during a routine pediatric checkup.


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281 Responses

    1. I have seen Vaccine Syndrome by Scott Miller and read BioHazard by Colonel Ken Alibek: something incoherent is going on between the promise of health and security of the vaccine and reality.

      The Russian team that found the most virulent anthrax and Genetically Modified it to be resistant to any vaccine as well as most antibiotics: must be feeling that they do not need to go to war with us; we do a much better job of destroying our own forces — ourselves. That is how effective the system of the Vaccine Goldmine is in delivering payment for 5 shots for every new service person + 1 booster a year for everybody.

      I am Canadian and am working on getting this to the attention of the Vaxxed movement. The magic word ‘Vaccine’ keeps us asleep while the Anthrax attack advances to the toxic stage; when it is too late to take anti-biotics. Much too great an invitiation to deranged people.

      1. My brother served desert storm and is very very ill Drs do not give him a definattice diagnosis he cannot walk sit talk he is really very bad off I think he should be given the best treatment available

  1. I am a victim of the mandatory Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program. I was forced to retire after ten years of active duty service. I received multiple anthrax inoculations, some of which I have the lot numbers for and others I don’t even have record of. I am suffering from Gulf War Illness without ever stepping foot in the Gulf. It has become increasenly more difficult to get proper care and even a diagnosis. I put together a non-profit called Operation Truth – Gulf War Suffering Unite to bring awareness of GWI, while raising funds to hire the lawyers we need to gain the benefits we deserve. Thank you so much for this amazing piece of literature. With your permission I would like to place this info on Operation Truth’s website. We are in the early stages of development and we are compiling as much evidence as we can. Any advice for my new endeavor would be much accepted. Thank you again for your support and have a great week.

    Thank you,


    1. Hello Sara Boyd

      I am a gulf war veteran who also had to take the anthrax vaccine. I got 4 of the 6 shots after returning from Iraq I ETSed five months later. But right after returning I was diagnosed with asthma/ bronchitis as well hair loss now called scarring alopecia. After 14 years later I still having unexplained troubles with my body/health all because of the anthrax and the burn pits exposure. I would love to help you in anyway to get this info out to the public and get evidence for attorneys to help us all get the benefits we truly deserve. I would love to talk with you about this matter further about this please email me or call 931-301-1729. The wider we spread this thing the better. Thanks Sincerely Candy Donald

      1. I was also told I had asthma and was around the burn pits. I was post seedd at the one at camp bucca. Did you ever get assistants with any thing?


        1. I apologize for just now getting back to you…Operation Truth is gaining speed and meeting our goals. There are a few Veterans who have proven Anthrax Vaccine injured and are service connected as a result. If you know of anyone that has worked in politics and might be aware of writing and publishing a bill to Congress, we need the assistance. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] for further information and always remember Fellow Warrior…You Are Never Alone!!

          1. I am service connected disability.. and I have lot numbers too. ALL BAD BATCH. I am fighting every day

    2. I assure you that the anthrax vaccine will cause rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative joint disease and the VA knows it. I am 100% disabled veteran due to anthrax vaccine residuals that caused or worsened my RA. Moreover, autoimmune diseases develop with some people whose immune system is predisposed or vulnerable to autoimmune disease after receiving the anthrax vaccine. I did not go to gulf but did receive 3 anthrax shots. I almost died from blood infections and urinary tract infections. It took 12 years to win my case with the VA.I am still angry and I know many other veterans are out there who do not know the right words to say and/or give up trying to get the VA to acknowledge the anthrax vaccine makes some people sick.

      1. I received 3 of 6 vaccines while in theater in ’99 and am now dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is still a lump on my arm from my second shot.

        1. I was given at least two probably 3 between 1999 and 2000 and NEVER deployed. I’m now diagnosed with RA as well and autoimmune probs do not run in my family.

      2. Mr. bones and all others affected. First I thank you all for your service my fellow Veterans. I’d like to add that though not diagnosed with the dessert storm syndrome. As I was not aware of all this. I have for years been saying that this is hat have caused all my health conditions symptoms and issues. I as most all young folks had ignored most issues and never really seemed medical care I received 4-5 of the shots in 1998 I believe. Shortly there after I started suffering from intense headaches and Migraines then started having carpal tunnel symptoms neck pack pain spasms nerve jolts gastrointestinal issues but ignored it got tested for carpal tunnelnafter I got out and was told I didn’t have it but I had some kind of issues cause the pain was there. As years passed I started getting other and worsening issues excessive fatigue memory loss etc. I never went to the VA for care or to seek info or help of any kind as I felt that I was not entitled to services due to that I never served in combat and I felt guilty of taking the space of a deserving Vet. It took me almost 15 yrs after getting out to finally seek the VA after much convincing from Vet. coworkers. Once there I was diagnosed with a pituitary glad tumor of which another fellow Marine and coworker was also diagnosed with after my findings as we compared symptoms he was tested and had the same thing. I had two brain surgeries for it, I continue to suffer from chronic migraines nerve pains chronic fatigue sleep apnea and many other neurological symptoms which doctors seem to put off and or are stunned as to not finding links. Also another fellow Marine Sister and friend was diagnosed with MS and medically retired after 10yrs in service. Knew of an airman that also suffered from neurological issues as his legs would just give out without warning he was diagnosed and linked to anthrax. I know this has to be the culprit I would like to ask any and all who are working on any of this for any help in what I can do and seek to try to get some help from the VA. I again thank you all, Semper-FI!!!

        1. Thank you for speaking out on this. I suffer from migraines, seizures(controlled by medicine) and joint pain. I have had four neurological surgeries first being placement of a shunt. I was active duty in a transportation unit 96-99.Most of my activities were base operations including rapid deployment of special ops units. I to this day struggle with migraines, memory and stomach problems. I am at 10% for seizures but the spinal stenosis and stomach problems have been denied as hereditary. My doctors awesome but I cannot get any of them to make a statement for me (probably since they are VA). I am open to any help anyone may have.

      3. Mr. Bones, I was diagnosed with RA in my 40s! My RA factors are sky high. I hurt every day…my feet, knees, hands. It’s all making sense to me now. I haven’t slept good in years! I had a cataract, also in my 40s, that was so bad they had to replace my lens. Not sure if that has anything to do with the Anthrax I got or not. But I am way too young for ANY of these medical problems!

        1. I have RA, osteo, and degenerate dx. Igot all shots plus a booster. I hurt everyday and somedays I cannot use my hands as they wont bend at the joints. I am 43, but had this problem for last 10 years. I know 5 others who deployed with me who have RA. I hope we can all come together and fight this.

          1. I thought it was just me but I received all 5 vaccines and served 1 year in Iraq in 2003-2004. I am 48 and have been suffering from constant joint pain in my fingers and severe carpal tunnel in my wrists. I recently was awarded 100% unemployability because during flare ups I lose total function of both hands. I was told that it is possible that I will lose function permanently as I get older. I would like to know if the anthrax vaccine is the reason that I am permanently disabled at 48! I don’t know of anything that you can do in life without your hands!!!

      4. Retired Marine SSgt here and I’ve received all 6 with 2 boosters. I left for a one year tour in Iraq in 2008 and returned from Iraq in 2009 with lots of health issues. I speculated that the anthrax vaccines had something to do with it and no one would believe me. I was able to retire in 2012 with disability but it was tough. When I went to my first rheumatologist appoint in 2014, he diagnosed me with Lupus. I have no family history of lupus. I’m only 90% VA rated but most of this percentage is due to mental health which also declined after initially getting the anthrax vaccine. How can I get them to say I’m vaccine injured.

        1. My daughter who is 33 is now exhibiting all the symptoms described by everyone. She served in the Navy from 03-07. She has had severe pain issues for quite a few years now but is in the middle of a horrible attack right now affecting her whole body. They are thinking it might be multiple sclerosis. A few of her shipmates have died from ms and it’s being said it is linked to the vaccines given. Where do we start the process of trying to get help for her? This is going to be financially draining to her and her family.

      5. Hello. I had many dosis of Antrax shots while active duty. I have joint issues and want to know how to file. Thanks

      6. Good afternoon Mr. Bones. I hope this gets to you; I was in the Gulf War and have degenerative disks in my neck and back. Do you recall, or may I get your source for this that you mentioned?

    3. I also have gulf war syndrome, lung damage and actually can point my asthma directly to the anthrax shot. I was forced by my CO to get it and he even lied to the doctor when i told them i could not take it because of having a viral infection. Even with coughing up green snot, being on meds for bronchitis and sinus infection, i was still forced to take 3 shots. We were also housed in condemned barracks. I was denied by VA for gulf war syndrome as well since i never deployed. I have sweats, fevers, lung damage, nerve issues in my leg and now foot nerve issues and a few other symptoms directly associated with that. I will look up your site..

    4. I had 3 of the 6 anthrax shots my arm still sore and my joints hurt in my hands. I filed with VA but they denied me because I had no record while serving I had issues. I did not connect the dots that it was anthrax and was told this vaccination been approved and been used for years.

    5. Hello Sarah,
      I was diagnosed with gulf war syndrome when a year after I came home I was diagnosed with seizures, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, asma, joint issues, and was at the stage of attempting suicide do to going out of my mind it felt like. I got out of the service due to draw down in the Clinton years. Battle with VA an felt like a lab rat as no one knew what was wrong. Then was a part of the gulf war syndrome study and then got disability for it after all the reports came out about gulf war syndrome. I joined back up in the national guard after 911 went to camp bucca and was a part of the troops that went around and collected old uniforms and military equipment that we burned instead of bringing home. So spent a lot of time around burn pits and then went to Afghanistan where was exposed to more of the burn pits as well while serving in desert storm burning or human feces from the toilets as we had a 1sg from Vietnam that said that’s what we had to do as they did in Vietnam. So after my last tour to Afghanistan I came home with having to have a fusion done in my neck from injury I received there. The VA increased my disability rating to 90% but I notice they removed my gulf war illness. I complained and they said there is no gulf war syndrome and changed to say just the the symptoms,I am receiving treatment for. I use to get letters from the research studies for gulf war syndrome but that stoped a cpl years after I was a part of the research program.
      I am still serving and have my twenty in but I feel something needs to be done but scared as I am sure everyone did and signed a form saying the anthrax series of shots is an experiment drug but we can’t sue for any complication from it before we got the shots and pills going to the gulf. I completed the shots and pills as I was instructed to do. So between that and burn pits exposer I struggle through life with a lot things people of my age don’t see till 70s, or at all. I excersise regularly to keep in shape plus to stay healthy to battle a lot of issues I’m feeling and as well as it helps with the server PTSD I receive disability for. I want to be a part of this push to help get this taken care of. I think it will be the next agent orange of our era and as the Vietnam brothers and sisters are dieing from the things they was exposed to defending our country. I love serving my country so others don’t, as I feel my body has been exposed to things so I rather be doing this then some healthy young person joining the battle of combat both where ever duty calls and coming home to battle the things our country ask us to do.
      God bless our troops and the government we serve proudly to help us soldiers out who defended our country. We have sacerficed so much all we ask is take care of us as we are slowly dieing from invisible wounds of no one wants to admit too.

    6. Sara, look into someone who can do Qest diagnostics (my chiropractor does it, painless and it found left over vaccines in my body from childhood!) I had to have a tdap booster for medic school this fall and became very ill. It did a number on brain health as well. Look to a natural or homeopathic doctor. They are worth it, but make sure legit. My boyfriend had anthrax vaccine while serving and gets certain signs and symptoms. He’s starting to see my chiro as well now.

    7. I too received 6 shots between 1997-1999 and I developed severe migraine headaches within 24 hours of my 1st shot. By the time I had my last shot in 1999 I had developed cerebral atrophy, degenerative joints, a full body rash that I still have to this day, cognitive issues and memory loss. I am now 80% disabled with the VA but with Individual Unemployability. I am also 100% with Social Security. I get 2-3 Migraines a week and undergo Botox injections to help stave them off every 3 months on top of 13 other meds I take daily. I am also Diabetic now and have hardly any energy to do anything.

      1. Hello Mr. Chuck did ypu manage to get 100% from social security. I too get all the symptoms. I am 90% from VA, still argueing the migraines and chronic fatigue with them but social security has denied my claim. Thank you

    8. Sara, the lot numbers are located in your medical record. You can access it thru Mail a letter or Standard Form (SF) 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records to: National Personnel Records Center. 1 Archives Drive. St. Louis, MO 63138.

    9. Same here. I had three anthrax shots and developed a huge golf-ball sized cyst at the injection site of my 3rd shot. Of course since it didn’t happen immediately, the Army said there is no evidence that it was due to the injection. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, and sleep disturbances (basically I can’t freaking sleep). Of course since I never deployed, I feel as if my symptoms are not being taken seriously as a result of the anthrax vaccine. I really wish some research would be done on that. Currently my whole body is inflamed and I can’t get any relief!!

  2. Absolutely Disgusting! Once again members of the Military were made Guinea Pigs by our Government for an untested and unproven pharmaceutical product of questionable effectiveness. Given that past US Military Doctrine was to go Nuclear in the event of a foreign Chemical or Biological attack…what was the benefit of such an odious policy? Importantly the Taxpayers will be on the financial hook for an ever growing number of sick and dying Veterans along with survivor benefits paid to their surviving spouses?

    Where is the Accountability on the part of our US Military Medical Corp Officers? I think we are to have ethical policies on the part of our Military we must start holding the Officers authorizing these practices accountable. Perhaps we might want to have Investigations Conducted of these Officers for violations of the UCMJ for crimes such as “Conduct Unbecoming” along with “Cruelty and Maltreatment” of our Troops. If this happens no matter what Administration they serve under, if they engage in Malfeasance and Investigated and Prosecuted it will send a Message that this type of unethical behavior will not be tolerated any longer. These so called Medical Officers aka the “Leadership” engaged in conduct very risky to our Troops, but also forgot about their obligation to the Taxpayers.

  3. Mandatory vaccinations are why I did not join the armed services, otherwise I would have felt very proud to participate. It does not make sense that the bravest people should have the least medical liberty.

  4. I was serving in UK Armed forces during the Gulf and was told that I had to have a Plague vaccine.. I along with hundreds of my unit 16/5 Lancers took it as standard, well it complete wiped me out for 4 days ( fever vomiting high temp) a few days later I asked a nurse friend about this vacine and was told that it had not been passed by the WHO , so when I went to get the further course I asked the question and was told I could refuse it ( now in the Brit Army I had never been told that before) so I was not given the further courses
    I don’t think I have any illness relating to Gulf War Syndrome but many people I have served with do have various symptoms I’m so glad I never fully participated in the remaining inoculations

  5. took the whole regimen; December 1990; right after Christmas day and stayed in a hospital bed for 3 to 5 days; it was over a month before I felt like ‘duty’. Several others were with me and several told me ‘for awhile we thought you were a gone -er’ GF

  6. I am a retired SFC/ E-7 retired Combat Wounded Veteran.
    My men and I received half of the Anthrax Vaccine for the proportion of our deployment.
    We had to sign a form to take it, because of the controversy of the drug. That we would receive an Article 15 of we refused.
    I was involved in an IED explosion buried in a culvert 6 ft. beneath us. I love with acid from my stomach coming job they my esophagus. My digestive system doesn’t work properly and my eye’s all the sudden dry out and become very sticky all the time. I go days without a bowel movement. They say my red blood cells are smaller than usual. They’ve done several tests, yet tell me nothing.

    1. Mr. Lopez and anyone else damaged by the Anthrax.
      First thank you for your service.
      Please seek out a functional medicine provider: Cleveland Clinic or others around the country will be able to slowly detox you, heal you.
      My heart breaks that you were forced to get this vaccine.

  7. Ok , so what do the want to do now . that it’s to late for us, or is there something that can reverse the symptoms

  8. I also took the vaccine and did not appear to suffer any issues from it. I think I am lucky in that my flight surgeon was a very good friend of mine and counseled me. He said the vaccine itself was most likely o.k. but that the regimen was not. The military was dictating the 6 shot regimen be given at 2 week intervals which he felt kind of overloaded the system. On his advise, I took it but made myself unavailable for repeated inoculations on the tight schedule that he felt overloaded the immune system. I had my shot regimen two months apart and had no adverse effects.

    1. I deployed in 2002, my Anthrax shots where also spread out over a period of a few months. I cannot complain of any effects I could attribute from the shots…

    2. I was only given one Anthrax shot while in the Army and I am suffering from neurological symptoms as well as severe brain fog. My husband had all 6 while he was in and now has IBS and epilepsy.

      1. Heidi, my husband has the same issues as your hubby! So sad to see his career taken from him from something that they made him take!

  9. Just a nit-picking style note. The term “soldier” refers to personnel serving with the Army. It is not a term for military personnel serving in other branches, who should be referred to in the generic as military personnel or as troops, per AP guidelines.

    It’s a common mistake, but one that wrongly presumes that sailors, marines, airmen, and coast guardsmen are soldiers, when they are not. Given that plenty of military personnel other than and including soldiers have suffered the effects of Gulf War Syndrome, it would be a sign of respect to edit the article to reflect this fact.

    1. Coming from a 20 year Navy Veteran, thank you. I served to tours in the middle of the Gulf and was in the Red Sea for the start of Desert Storm. I, along with my shipmates received those vaccinations as well. It is confusing to me when the term “Troops” is often used because many people believe it’s just the Army, when in fact, as you mentioned the other services as well. So when I look for military discounts, benefits or etc… I don’t consider myself a “Troop,” but rather a Sailor.


    This is an excerpt from the Snowshoe Documentary film: Mycoplasma – Dr. Garth Nicolson-microbiologist, (Approx 11 min) This film is available in it’s entirety at the You Tube link below:
    Biological Warfare – Experiments on the American People
    https: //…
    More information on this subject in further in-depth detail is available and at:
    See also: This is much longer – approx. 1 hour, but much more in depth.
    “Cancer, AIDS, Weaponized Mycoplasmas & Gulf War Illness.

    Prof. Garth Nicolson’s hypothesis is straightforward: “The emergence of new illnesses and an increase in the incidence rate of previously described signs & symptoms are due to our toxic environment & the purposeful development & testing of Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Dr. Nicolson heads the Institute for Molecular Medicine. He spoke at the 9th Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Conference, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on Aug. 29-31, 2008.”

    The following is a very sad and troubling account about the connection between Myco and Gulf War Syndrome: “In 1997, After extensive study of Gulf veterans’ ailments, Dr. Garth Nicolson, a specialist in cell biology and biochemistry and a professor of internal medicine and pathology at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, estimated that 100,000 Americans had become sick from Gulf War syndrome. This number included both soldiers and members of their immediate families. He pointed out that although Gulf War syndrome is not a universal disease, there are entire units which have become sick. This suggests that the illness is associated with exact locations within the region, suggesting a vaccine and/or chemical weapon components to the illness.

    Nicolson stressed that in addition to affecting Americans, Gulf War syndrome had taken its toll on others who participated in the coalition forces. As of 1997, 27 of the 28 coalition nations had claimed that they have numerous sick veterans, as well as sick members of veterans’ families. This is especially true in England, where at that time, between 1200 and over 3500 Gulf War vets were afflicted with the syndrome, referred to as desert fever in that country. Many Gulf vet families in Britain sued their government after having had deformed children, and it was reported that at least one ex-soldier has requested a vasectomy because he was terrified of having any more children with problems. France did not report Gulf War illnesses as of 1997, possibly because they did not immunize their troops with experimental vaccines, or because they treated them with the antibiotic doxycycline prior to active service.”

    This same site states: “An article in 2003 in a French laboratory points out the cause of a specific illness called macrophagic myofascitis noted by ‘diffuse myalgias and chronic fatigue syndrome’. It is noted that an aluminum adjuvant in vaccines is known to cause this condition. One third of these patients develop autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis. ‘Multiple vaccinations performed over a short period of time in the Persian Gulf area have been recognized as the main risk factor for Gulf War syndrome. Moreover, the war vaccine against anthrax, which is administered in a 6-shot regimen and seems to be crucially involved, is adjuvanted by aluminum hydroxide and, possibly, squalene, another Th-2 adjuvant.’”

    Written by the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice and substantiating this further: “One factor common to all the troops is that they were given experimental and potentially dangerous drugs and vaccines employed to protect them against Iraqi chemical and biowarfare agents. As early as December 1990, there were warnings about using our servicemen as medical guinea pigs. In an unprecedented legal decision, the FDA allowed the Pentagon to give unapproved drugs and vaccines without requiring consent of the soldiers. Claiming security reasons, the Pentagon also refused to identify the types or the number of drugs and injections they forced the troops to take.

    An angry serviceman stationed in Saudi Arabia maintained his civil rights were violated, and sued the government in January 1991. Ever since the post World War II Nuremberg trials, which convicted many top-ranking Nazis for crimes against human nature, it has been unethical and unlawful to use people as guinea pigs in experiments without their informed consent. This legal requirement was waived when the lawsuit was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Stanley S. Harris, who cited the necessity of the military to protect the health of its troops.

    Soldiers who rejected the injections were given them forcibly. Physicians who refused to cooperate with the military’s experimental vaccine program were treated harshly. Army reservist Dr. Yolanda Huet-Vaughn protested it was her duty under the Nuremberg Code of Justice not to vaccinate personnel with experimental vaccines without their consent. At Huet-Vaughn’s court-martial trial, a military judge ignored these considerations of international law and medical ethics, and sentenced the mother of three children to 30 months in prison. Under pressure from activist groups, the doctor was released from military prison after serving eight months.

    Nicholson obviously had tremendous pressure put on him and his lab was threatened with being shut down frequently. All of this is explained in the book Project Day Lily.
    The pdf goes through all the symptoms of Mycoplasma, but they are remarkably similar to Lyme. The troubling issue is they lack a cell wall which makes many types of antibiotics ineffective. There are over 100 known species of which approximately 6 are known to be troublesome to humans. They prefer a low oxygen environment and live inside cells which evade the immune system. They are obtained by fluid exchange and are easily spread via air.

    90% of evaluated ALS patients had Mycoplasma. 100% of ALS patients with Gulf War Syndrome had Mycoplasma and nearly all of those were specifically the weaponized M. fermentans incognitus.

    *One of the hallmark symptoms of Mycoplasma is fatigue*

  11. I’ve never had any joint or breathing issues. All my joint issues now seemed to have suddenly developed over a small period of time starting shortly after 2007, the first time I was deployed to SWA. Only got 3 shots. Worked flight line as a crew chief, but traveled through smoke every now and then as well. Everything is bi-lateral. Both feet, hips (one total replacement at 43 yrs old), both shoulders, back, etc..Been retired now for a couple of years, and pain gets progressively worse. VA doc is at a loss. Says I’m too young for all this joint pain/degeneration. And the fact that it’s all bi-lateral has her stumped.

    1. I have never been officially diagnosed with the Gulf War Syndrome. I received the entire series of the six vaccinations of the vaccine. I experienced several reactions after certain the 2nd and fourth vaccine in the series such as severe joint pain. When i was 44 yrs old I was told that I needed both of my hip replaced but they would not do it until I turned at least 50 Y/O, also that I would not make to be 55 Y/O with out being in a wheelchair if I did not have the surgery done I ha my left hip replaced in 2013 and my right hip replaced in 2014. Now the are looking at having to do both knees. I also suffer from a majority of the systems such as excessive tiredness and insomnia etc. It seems that there may be some connection with the vaccine destroying cartilage tissue as well. Now I am having too have shoulder surgery because the cartilage has deteriorated so badly.

    2. Hi PJ. I too suffered bone/joint pain; mine started around 2008 (I’d been active duty for 22 years at that point) in hips, followed by other joints. Doctors were baffled for two years until one non-military doc diagnosed a severe vitamin D deficiency and osteoarthritis. Vitamin D treatment took a year or so and helped, but what really made a difference was when, after I retired and unrelated to the pain, I tried a wheat-free diet for a couple weeks. HUGE decrease in pain. I went back on the wheat and the pain returned. So, I’m back off wheat now and living with a lot less pain these days.

    3. I am also retired now and have my left shoulder operated on twice now, and now the rt one is going to get done also. Has this been looked at because of the Anthrax Vaccine? Cause the Ry shoulder just came about out of the blue and pain like crazy…..

  12. Has anyone filed a law suit on this? I’m curious as to what is being done about those who have suffered from this vaccine.

    1. There is a group of Desert Storm Vets that have started a class action suit against the Government.

    2. Yes, there has been a lawsuit, class action, attonery pitts law firm in Texas, I Called them,they stated it was just for Texas Veterans? I was told by them that this case is still pending in NEW york?

      1. Good morning John, hoping that you can point me to the correct law firm you mentioned. I’m a veteran with the GWS as many on here and still fighting the VA for benefits

  13. I was sent to SA in ’94 and shortly after returning I experienced nerve issues in my upper back that paralyzed the muscles that hold the scapula in place. There was no trauma or unjust of any type but the military docs, even after being sent to Elgin AFB to see a specialist, I was limited to lifting 5 lbs because anything more would cause my scapula to stick straight out. Nerves were found to be unresponsive and no reason could be determined through extensive testing. Then, a year or so later, it instantly went away and normal function to the muscles returned. It was the craziest thing but I always attributed it to either the shots or exposure to some sort of nerve agent while in Saudi. This whole anthrax vaccine very well could be the culprit!

  14. I served in the Marines and went overseas in 99-2000. I was given the anthrax shots but only three and just had a knot on my arm for about a month. Now I suffer for fatigue and joint pain. I was diagnosed with degenerative disk and had spinal fusion last year. I was unaware that this was a symptom until now. Thanks for the info.

  15. I was issued all 6 anthrax doses over a period of months in 2003, and just his year I was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis which there is no known cure for and is tied to the gastrointestinal system and abnormal amount of white blood cells/ eosinophils. I deployed to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar, and spent some time in Pakistan between 2003 and 2012.

  16. I deployed to Iraq in 2006 and they forced us to take the shots. They tried while in the states but couldn’t do to laws. However when we arrive in country they said since we were not in the us anymore the laws didn’t protect us and we had to take the shots or face ucmj actions.

    1. That is the stupidest comment I have ever heard from someone. Combat or non combat. We all received these damn shots and some of us are very sick from them.

    2. You should be ashamed. I imagine that you never served a day in your life. Sure there are some people that fraud the government, but I assure you that in my case I could care less about getting my “cheddar”. I would give everything I have to get my health back pre-Gulf War. There isn’t a day or practically a minute I don’t feel like a pile of shite and it affects everything I do and my family. So next time take a moment before you spout off about people you know nothing about.

    3. I am a non combat veteran who proved to the VA that the anthrax vaccine caused or worsened my rheumatoid arthritis. My civilian doctor read the medical literature and wrote a letter for me to submit to VA to get service connected. I do not feel bad at all. Mr. Denver is obviously a dipshit. The only way to beat the VA is to get your own doctor to write a letter that says it is as likely as not that the anthrax vaccine caused or worsened the conditions you contend were caused or worsened by the anthrax vaccine. Otherwise, the VA will not acknowledge your claim.

  17. I got 4 extra dosages of the anthrax vaccine because my medical files were a couple of days behind after I was sent to Germany for getting injured.They refused medical attention until I allowed to get the anthrax vaccine. When I volunteered to return to Iraq, again my file was sent late; so again with the painful vaccine in Fort Hood and once more in Kuwait.

  18. When preparing for deployment to Iraq, in 2003 we were given a sequence of these Anthrax shots. I remember having severe bad reactions to each one with hard painful lumps at the injection sites that would last a couple of weeks to a month and feeling sick after each one. What made it all worse is the processing unit that was in charge of gathering all of our documents for deployment lost all of our shot records. So my entire unit was forced to go through all the shots all over again. So not only did we get the Anthrax shots we got them 2x over. I think we were on shot number 4, came back the next week and they made us start from shot 1 again. It was literally the worst pain from a shot I’ve ever felt in my life.

  19. I served in Desert Storm from 90-91 and received the whole series of shots for the anthrax vaccine. I am currently receiving a pension from the usar. But the last years of my service and presently, from fatigue joint pains I have had respitory problems and diabetic, and back pain. could all of these problems be from receiving the vaccine ?

  20. I did some research on this about 6 years ago because of the medical issues I was having. These issues included joint pains along with blood clots and pulmonary embolisms. I found at one point, I believe through the FDA website that gave the lot numbers of the anthrax vaccines that were tainted. I had these which were documented in my service record. So I have been waiting years to see what the government is going to do about the people who were given the vaccine which included squalene. Take care everyone and God Bless

  21. As with all illnesses from military veteran the Government will Deny,Deny,Deny for 30 plus years and wait untill most service members are dead and gone then admit the truth. Saves money on disability claims.

  22. I served 20 years in the military, have had tons of shots and many before deploying to Saudi Arabia. I am currently suffering from constant sore muscles, aches, painful joints, sleep apnea, still waking up in the morning and feeling like a dump truck ran me over 100 time every evening. Feel like I never get any sleep andI have felt like this the past 10 years and I am 43 years old. My VA doctor cannot figure out what’s wrong with me and put me on a regiment of Gabapentin and told me to take it until I feel better and pain stops. Currently I am taking 800mg and next week I will be maxed out on it at 900mg. Still feel like crap and still no diagnosis. He said I need to see mental health to see if its depression. I told him that it will most likely be depression as a secondary because I never feel good and anyone with this pain would feel depressed. He needs to get off the pot and figure what is wrong with me. I told some Veteran Service Officers about my symptoms and they told me that the symptoms are the exact symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But noooooo, my doctor can’t figure it out. He just wants me to keep taking drugs that are not working and if I stop taking it, I will then have siezures. What am I supposed to do??

  23. I served in the golf war from November 1998 April 1991. I was with Charlie Company, 2nd Med Battalion, 2nd FSSG, 2nd MEF. I put in my claim for Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) back in the early 1990s and was denied my claim. I suffer from all of the GWS signs and symptoms and problems. I am just now going through my disability ratings 25 years later. They are making it a nightmare for someone like me to try and get my claim processed and evaluate it correctly. My symptoms are getting worse every year and even today I was in the emergency room for over six hours with severe headaches nausea and fatigue and lightheadedness that I have had for more than 25 years now. I can only pray that I will be rated correctly this time after 25 years of suffering .

  24. My wife an I both served in the Gulf for almost a year and received the shots along with pills that were mandatory. She has IBS and receiving a partial disability from the VA and I have Harry Cell Leukemia which the VA is said to be unfounded. This leukemia is found in older (60’s)+ farmers who have been around chemicals and pesticides usually associated with farming. I was 30 and one of the youngest ever diagnosed with it. It’s crazy to me that the VA and DOD can’t recognize the significance of the things I had to take along with the bug juice we took, the pesticide sprayed by a mosquito truck in Daharan in front of our PT runs, the fires, diesel fuel etc. IM LOST AT WHAT TO DO!!

    1. Mefloquine (Lariam) likely were the pills you took. They are an anti malarial. Google mefloquine toxicity.

  25. I wish the vaccine companies had to pay out and not the tax payers for damages done by vaccines.

  26. I am a veteran who took all 8 doses of the anthrax. Upon returning from Iraq in 2004 I developed breathing issues. 13 years later and 2 surgeries, I am now forced into early retirement with chronic COPD and no fix in sight. I NEED HELP

  27. I was in the Gulf War and was given these ANTHRAX VACCINE. But I have no medical records showing i was given this vaccine. And when i did submit a claim, the VA wants medical records. How do i comply with this?

    1. Bruce, you will need “Buddy letters” a couple of statements from the men/women who served with you and can state they witnessed you getting these shots and or pills. These letters need to be notarized and signed.

  28. I have Type 1 diabetes. Got it at 33 years old. Was also, in the Air Force. Got the Anthrax shot at 22/23yo. Diabetes does not run in the family. DID THIS SHITE THE REASON I GOT DIABETES???? OF F’N COURSE!!!

    1. Erin, I read your comment. I served in the Air Force too and got this vaccine in 1990 or 91. I came down with type 1 diabetes too seven years later at 35 years old. It doesn’t run in my family either. I am concerned to hear of this happening to someone else too.

      1. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 35 in 1998. I also got breast cancer in 2015. I suffered sever joint pain after chemo, so bad that I had to have an operation on the joints in my hands.

  29. I am a wounded Iraqi war veteran who was forced, under threat of field grade article 15, to get the entire regimen of Anthrax vaccines in 1998-99. I received a booster every year until my injuries in 2003. Along with all the issues with my right arm crush injury and obvious PTSD, I suffer from chronic fatigue, extreme joint pain, nerve problems, headaches, and back issues. I had a severe reaction to my second shot in Nov. 1998. My right arm went completely numb for 48 hours. I was told the vaccines do not cause that reaction when I went to the William Beaumont Army Medical Centre in El Paso, TX. I need to do more research into this before I go to the VA with it. I am now medically retired with a 100 percent rating from both the Army and the VA. I only got the vaccines because I was forced.

  30. I was deployed to Saudi Arabia in 2001 and received 3 vaccinations of the anthrax. While in Saudi, I came down with strange and unexplained rashes, temporary blindness. Once I returned to the states, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, bronchitis, asthma and degenerative arthritis. When I questioned doctors that was treating me, whether my condition was from the anthrax shots, they refused to answer the question. I have attempted to make claims through the VA, but have been unsuccessful at this point. I would be greatful to receive any information that would be helpful.

    1. I joined the Marine Corps in the summer of 2001 and arrived at MCRD Parris Island December 12th (Plt. 3022 Kilo Company). At some point, I don’t remember in what phase, we were made to “volunteer” for what they called an experimental pneumonia vaccine. Now during Infantry School I was injured and ended up getting discharged after almost a year in but within two years of being discharged out of the blue my lower legs had so much edema within 24hr I couldn’t even put on pants so I went to the hospital. After days of tests I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. I had to have shit cut off my lungs and have had heart problems ever since. And the steroids I was put on made me gain so much weight so fast I could feel my skin tearing. I put on over 100 pounds (65 of which was in a couple of month). I have since lost over 80 pounds (in the last 10 months), quit taking all meds (they just made everything worse), and went on a whole food plant based diet but my heart is still wonky and my body is fucking ruined…like the last 16 years of my life.

      And one other thing…sometimes when I breath it feels like ice crystal are forming in my lungs. That was one of the very first things that happened after taking whatever vaccine they gave us.

  31. I had six anthrax vaccines and I have almost every symptom described on this thread. No diagnosis.

  32. I have seizures, major gerd, vomiting, tinnitus, ptsd from being a combat medic. I get 10% for anxiety. Had all the vaccines, tablets, and burn pit symptoms, was there for the whole thing, its all on my DD214. I see people working still and getting disability and i cant prove anything? I cant drive after a seizure for 90 days. VA is so unfair…

  33. What about the affects of off spring? Is th this why the rate of autism is higher in the military???

  34. I received all of the anthrax vaccines. I developed asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Both of my kids have asthma. No family history of asthma.

  35. I had the vaccines Prior to gong to Korea and several other times throughout my career and I have a large portion of the symptoms that were described in this article . I have been told by doctors I have fibromyalgia but I am wondering if there is a direct connect of the two due to the vaccinations.

  36. In 98, Clinton said everyone gets the vaccine regardless of their station and I have experienced symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and NOW I have 5 auto immune diseases. I would love a Dr. M. Naess to reach out to me because I would love to talk to her. She is an expert.
    I know numerous of people who have MS (like myself) brain tumors and other neuro issues. Why did this have to be mandatory. A question I will never have the answer to.

    1. Angie Rinker-Lugo

      Just want to point out that Dr. Meyrl Nass maintains a Blog at
      Also that she provided all her contact information and the news that she is now returning to practice to help Veterans.

      The title of the Blog article is “I am opening a private internal medicine practice September 1 in Ellsworth, Maine” and is located at:

  37. I am an Army veteran who received the Anthrax vaccine prior to and during my tours in Korea. I did not want to get it but was told I would be discharged if I refused as it was a requirement at the time for Korea tours (1996-1997, 1999-2000). Today, I’m 47 and have also had almost all of the cluster symptoms described…some onset relatively recently in past six months to a year or so…nerve issues, fatigue and joint pain in particular. Any studies show time to onset ranges for other than Gulf vets? Curious.

  38. I am an Army veteran who received the Anthrax vaccine prior to and during my tours in Korea. I did not want to get it but was told I would be discharged if I refused as it was a requirement at the time for Korea tours (1996-1997, 1999-2000). Today, I’m 47 and have also had almost all of the cluster symptoms described…some onset relatively recently in past six months to a year or so…nerve issues, fatigue and joint pain in particular. Any studies show time to onset ranges for other than Gulf vets? Curious. Thanks

  39. I use cannabinoid oils. Seeking veterans to help bring awareness to DoD and VA to authorize our Hemp products for ailments such as what we experience.

  40. I am a 39 year old Navy veteran who received the Anthrax vaccine in 1998 prior and during our Westpac Persian gulf deployment . I did not want to get it but was also told I would be discharged if I refused. I got out of the navy in 2000 and since have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis “autoimmune” asthma, joint pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel in both hands. I have high liver enzymes, protein in my urine, kidney stones and low testosterone. its very hard for me to prove any service connection through the VA since most of my problems came after my discharge. I hope one day they will be able link our problems to the vaccine.

  41. First, thank you all for your service. It’s horrible what happened to you. In a way, I’m not surprised, given how the U.S. government has used soldiers (and civilians) as guinea pigs and then denied any harmful effects. Look at what the “atomic veterans” went through during World War II. Those who remain are still trying to get the government to pay up for illnesses they suffered after being exposed to radioactive fallout and other contamination. It’s shameful and horrifying. Nothing has changed in over 70 years. My grandfather was in the Navy in WWII and Korea and I’m wondering if the colon cancer he died of was related to anything he was exposed to. No way to prove it, I guess.

    1. The only way to get service connected is to get your doctors to write a letter saying it is as likely as not that the anthrax vaccine caused or worsened the medical conditions you are claiming the anthrax vaccine caused. The VA is not on your team nor your friend. No one can sue a vaccine manufacturer. Military cannot sue through the vaccine court either. The only way is the VA or social security for compensation.

  42. I have formal proof that the gulf war syndrome is caused by the use of squalene in vaccines. We, Europeans were vaccinated with a vaccine containing squalene in H1N1 flu vaccines in winter 2009: Pandemrix, Focetria, Arepanrix. some of us developed the GWS with all known symptoms, same abnormalities on missing deep sleep phases N3 and N4, anti squalene autoantibodies very present,subcortical atrophy on MRI , same chronological process. Check that we have not ME / CFS or other diseases. the US government used this squalene experimentally and sickened about 250,000 of its soldiers and other countries. The WHO also destroyed the lives of thousands of civilians with these H1N1 flu vaccines formulated on the same SQUALENE base. this is a mass genocide. SQUALENE has recently been approved in the USA by FDA and around the world for one reason only, it makes possible to manufacture more vaccines with less antigen and therefore more profitable. 1991 GULF WAR soldiers were the first to suffer from this squalene adjuvant but will not be the last, many will still die and the WHO and the FDA are responsible, I am a French civilian squalene vaccine victim with the GWS, we are many in the world, you can contact me for proofs on FB groups of gulf war veterans. yvon cauchois

  43. Hello, I received my fifth anthrax in 2009. I became so ill that I went into the hospital. I had blisters, cysts on my eyeball, horrible nerve pain and Thani developed these nodules under my skin. It’s hard for me to walk. And if I do it’s just a short distance.

    Air Force concurred that it was from the anthrax vaccine and I received a line of duty saying this. I’m a 100% disabled through VA due to adverse reaction to anthrax.

    If you look up VAERS military you will be surprised of how many have been sick. We are all just a number in that system from Portsmouth Naval Center.

  44. I’ve had all 6 Anthrax shots, 4 or 5 boosters been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan twice and regardless of my symptoms, I still work. Do I have issues? Yes but wtf is anyone gonna do for me? Not a Dam thing so like all Americans, I work for a living and pay taxes and suck it up. Yes our Government if F’d up but they seem to do what they want and “We the People” don’t mean a dam thing. So you can blame the Anthrax all day long and it won’t get you no where. And now with GeoEngineering I feel they are trying to kill off everyone. So eat right, exercise and see your dr. I prefer not to know what I might have and work through my pain and when my time comes, I hope God forgives me and gives me Eternal Life!

  45. I was pulled into a hangar at King Fahd Airport in Saudi Arabia by our unit flight surgeon who stated, ” There is no more anthrax vaccine for anyone else, but we managed to save some for you guys because you will be cutting the border into Iraq soon. It was at this point we drew up the dosage and injected anthrax into Combat Controllers, Pararescuemen, and some flight medicine members assigned to the unit. This was just prior to the air war campaign kicking off. There was no talk if this was tested by the FDA, proper dosages, side effects, and etc. We were also handed a full bottle of Cipro antibiotic in the event we were exposed to anthrax, we could start taking this antibiotic to combat anthrax.

  46. I rub an extensive information resource for all that are ill or need information regarding this matter.

    Please contact me there and join the page to read all the well sourced and easily readable files on the subject as well as being able to contact other ill veterans in the UK, Australia, Canada and other places.

    We must make our voices heard and pass on what we know to be the truth.

    #British Gulf War Illness Group – #Pituitary Testing Info Dissemination

    1. Julian,
      I was curious if your Facebook group was opened only to those who were deployed Iraqi or Afghanistan that had taken the anthrax series and become ill. I had received 6 shots from 98-02 and became seriously ill with numerous health issues within 6 months of receiving the first injection. I would like to have more information if you have any because I have had any service connection for it in the U.S.

      Thank You,
      Brenda Delgado

  47. This is so crazy! I took all my shots and the yearly boosters from 99 to around 2003. In 2006 at the age of 27, the doctor told me my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high, and I was on the verge of a heart attack at any moment, and on top of that both of my kidneys were failing. The doctor said it happens to most black men your age. No one in my family has had kidney failure. I have always said it was because of those shots. I was med board at 100% disability in 2007. We need to get a handle of this and help everyone get the due process they deserve. I am still having a lot of issues that I deal with now.

  48. I was in the Army from 2007-2015, they gave us the Anthrax vaccine in 6 different stages, so we got the first one then 2 weeks later the second, then a month the third one, then 3 months the fourth one and so on… we had no option to decline it, we had to get it if we were going overseas and I was stationed overseas the whole time, was in Iraq in 2009-2010, all my problems started to appear after I received the first shot, stomach problems,joint pain,nerve problems,circulation, but everything is checking out fine….So it’s not just the Gulf War.

    1. unfortunately we are not able to sue as our contracts list us as Property of the US Government and as property we are not able to sue. This is standard in the military.

      1. Kevin M Jankoski, I can feel your pain after having anthrax vaccine and consequently became very ill. I want to give you a word of hope: I too was a very healthy and happy husband, father. I served in Operation Desert Strom and was exposed. I became so sick that it took me over 17 year to self heal. However, I did receive great help for the VA and the Walter Reed AMC. I encourage you to stay strong in you faith and keep a positive mind. Healing is difficult and painstaking. I learned nature ways. I communed with nature. Now I can walk around with my wife, two daughters, one son, and my three grandchildren. If you like to know how I worked my way back to a health to live a half normal life, contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]. I have way. I live in hell, and now I feel great.

  49. I am one of the service members who received all the aforementioned shots and vaccines in November of 1990. Our entire Brigade was called up for Desert shield/storm. I was with the 48th (Mech) Inf. BDE from Georgia. Our entire Brigade (some 5000 troops) did everything the active duty troops did in preparation for deployment. We spent quite a bit of time at the NTC getting “combat qualified” for deployment as the roundout Brigade for the 24th Infantry Div. About 3 days after we were deemed “combat ready” we were waiting for orders to load up from the NTC. Well, as we all know, the ground war lasted 100 hours and as a result, we were not actually deployed. Needless to say, it sucks that we were subjected to all those shots and vaccines for nothing. I still have my shot records to prove it. We all got 6 shots/vaccines (3 in each arm) and a Gamagobulin in the ass. As usual, the government will not acknowledge that it is the source of the Gulf war illness. Look how long it took them to acknowledge Agent Orange.

    1. that’s great you have your shot records; there s not many that do; They may be as rear as the 1909 Honus Wagner American Tobbaco base ball card

    2. Klaus, I was recalled from the IRR and initially assigned to the 24th however by the time I reached Ft. Stewart the 24th had shipped and I was sent to NTC with the 48th BDE. I too was given the full compliment of the Vaccines. I have been sick now for 18 years and have endured 15 spinal surgeries in 18 years. I am terminally ill now all due to the injections. I was sent from NTC to link up with the original unit in the 24th that I was recalled for ten days before the start of the ground war. However because I was recalled from the IRR after the end of the war President HW Bush mandated all IRR troops be sent home asap with guard and reserve troops to follow.I have the honor of serving with the 24th and the 48thBDE simultaneously! [email protected] if you wish to contact……many, many of the guys I served with have passed away. I suspect from complications to their health from all this garbage.You don’t mention if you have become ill or not? I am very lucky that I have a neurologist at the VA as my primary care doctor, He has recognized all of this as Gulf War Syndrome. At least George HW Bush signed a presidential executive Order giving all of us called up full military benefits, including VA care. Many troops not deployed as I was that still received these vaccines are fighting a silent fight with private care doctors who know nothing about these vaccines.

    3. Of those you know, who didn’t go over but were inoculated, ratio of healthy to ill? Thanks. I got ill on the return, amphibious landing party, LCACs, day one of the ground war. I decided not to father any kids because of what I felt.

    4. Klaus Marshall,
      It’s a small world man. I was just reading some of these comments and when I read yours I realized that you and I was at NTC the very same time. My unit was the support for you guys, we were 1120th maintenance, 45th Inf. Out of Oklahoma. It did suck to spend all that time there and not get to go but oh well right. Sorry to hear about all the problems. I received all those shots as well and then again in 2004 when I was deployed to Iraq. Been having alot of issues with tendons, arthritis and breathing issues myself. hope all goes well for ya.

  50. This is a pretty comprehensive article about Gulf War Illness, but it isn’t quite complete. Squalene (MF-59 first by Chiron Biocine and later by Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) was likely used as an adjuvant in more than just anthrax vaccinations. Hmmm, what ever could the Tri-services Vaccine Taskforce have meant by “Manhattan Project”? What was MicroGeneSys’ connection to Gulf War vaccines?

  51. I served in the Air Force from 2000-2005. I was told the same thing that others have said. “You have the right to refuse the vaccine, but you will be discharged!” SMH I knew this vaccine would cause problems. During the time period, that I am now finding out, it was banned. We were told they ran out, it was just a shortage and would have more soon.

  52. DSDS Navy Vet, got letters from the VA in 95 asking if I had ant of the symptoms. Went in told it was not connected. 22 years latter the gastric issues are still present. Have had migrants in the past, not for 10 years thank God. Joint pain has been with me for years and gettin worse. After the initial exam and been told tough luck I went to a civilian Dr. To get the gastric issues solved. The required test later and in 97’ told we dont see anything and don’t know why you have issues. Sorry. Don’t really think the VA and Governmt give a damn about veterans.

  53. I too had to take all the shots. I also suffer from many of the symptoms. My doctors can’t find any thing wrong but the military gives me a disability even though they can’t find anything. They evetn increased it after I complained about my issues. I to was forced to go get the shots or get out. I too would like to get the Government to pay up now.

  54. NATO forces who were given the anthrax vaccine also reported symptoms related to Gulf War Illness. English, Dutch, Australian, and Canadian soldiers reported outbreaks of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Severe Chronic Depression, Schizophrenia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multipke Sclerosis, Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis, Vasculitis resulting in Stroke or Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Sjolgren’s syndrome, Irritable Bowel Disorder, and cancers as varied as Melanoma, Pancreatic Cancer, and Brain Glioblastomas.
    Also, afflicted, were over 1,500 Israeli Defense Forces “volunteers” in the 1998 joint test with USAMRIID of the vaccine who were forced to sue Israel for medical damages as a result of the experiment directed by Dr. Bruce Ivins, the leading suspect in the Anthrax Letters Case, and insane schizophrenic lead developer of the anthrax vaccine at USAMRIID.
    The English recognize Gulf War Illness as Myelitic Encephalopathy an auto-immune disorder resulting from antibodies that prevent maintenance of nerve fibers, blood vessels, smooth muscle tissue and joints, and impairs the secreting membrane tissues of the digestive system, sex organs, and skin.
    England and Canada have developed a treatment protocol which is based on a total reset of the human immune system used to treat lymphoma cancer patients. The thymus gland’s B-memory cells are killed off using Rituximab, and a bone marrow stem cell transfusion is given to create a blank population of anti-body creating B-memory cells. Post treatment requires patient quarantine until new B-memory cells begin producing effective antibodies again.
    This leaves Perripheral T-cells which can be triggered to duplicate auto-immune antibodies, but until they die from senescence, these can be down-regulated for a period of time by using either Novartis Siponimod or Cell-gene Ozanimod – both drugs designed to control chronic recurring Multiple Sclerosis.

    1. Bob Lee would you be kind enough to advise me where the paper is that you refer to on England or diagnosis you refer to.


      Shaun Rusling

    2. I am a Canadian that was in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. We were in Doha, Qatar. I developed severe Crohn’s and a degenerative liver disease from what happened there. The Canadian government still denies the existence of Gulf War Illness, and fights soldiers over there medical problems from it. I have never once heard of this treatment for it. Can you give me some sources for it? All they did was remove my colon and I now have an ileostomy (meaning I excrete waste into a bag).

    3. Thank you Bob Lee for the information. I received the Anthrax vaccines in 2003-04 Iraq War. I returned home with a plethora of muscle and joint pains to include neurological issues. Today I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus overlap including Sjrogens Syndrome. Furthermore, I had my two children after my return from the war zone and both were born with lifelong medical conditions like bilateral hearing loss and type 1 diabetes.

    1. Gloria, I was recalled for desert storm from the IRR due to a high demand military Occupation. I was given the Anthrax Vaccine as well as many Vaccines I had already had at least once before. I was fine for a while, I discharged from service honorably in May of ’92 but by ’98 I was in big trouble. My autoimmune system was fried. I had Ankylosing Spondylitis of the spine and Psoriatic Arthritis of all of my joints. The A.S. in my spine has caused lung problems and now at 50 I am having strokes. Most of the arteries in my brain are plugged with not plaque like normal but with Calcium. All of this is tied to the Anthrax Vaccine. The Doctors at the VA have the ability to label your husband as Catastrophically Disabled or category 4. This would eliminate the need for copayments and for means testing ever again. Demand his doctors do this…..its his right and he earned this right. I have endured 15 spinal cord surgeries in 17 years on my spine. I have memory problems so bad they thought I had Altzhiemers. It is the Calcium in my brain in the arteries causing the Arteries to swell and creating pressure to the area that controls breathing it has given me severe centralized sleep apnea where my brain does not send the signal to my lungs to breath even during the day……there are a lot of us around going through this. [email protected] if you want to compare notes or if your husband wants to reach out. your not alone, God Bless.


      1. During the the gulf war I was a U.S. Army dual status tech (E-6/GS 07 Unit Administrator assigned to the 365th Engineer Battalion, a reserve unit in PA. My unit mobilized to Fort Indiantown Gap but did not deploy. We were given vaccines after which I became ill. After we demobilized I went to the VA clinic in my area which “lost” my shot record. Civilian doctors were unable to diagnose the cause of my symptoms despite my having told them about the vaccinations. As time wore on my health became worse and I grew desperate for answers. Eventually I was diagnosed with major depression having had no history of mental illness. It was presumed that my physical symptoms were all in my head. My health issues have grown worse over the years and I am now disabled.

      2. I only spent a short time in the Gulf in 2000. Received 3 Anthrax vaccine shots, got food poisoning while there and developed AS symptoms shortly thereafter. Several associated issues (sleep apnea, uveitis, etc.) but no VA claim.

      3. Kevin, my husband has been told he has symptoms of Parkinson’s and other related illnesses. He has severe sleep apnea, and whole body pain. I believe he has had seizures, as my family witnessed one of the episodes a few years ago when they were helping replace the siding on the backside of our house. Of course, the VA doesn’t recognize any of this, even to the point where they have actually told him that this is “all in his head” or that it’s “psychosomatic”. For four years, our local VA Hospitals & Clinics kept transferring him back and forth from the Neurology Department to ENT, neither of which would diagnose anything. He hasn’t had any appointments at the VA in over 4 years now. It’s like they’ve totally dropped him! At one appointment, we were escorted out of the hospital by armed policemen because my husband said the word “shitty” to one of the male doctors, who claimed he felt threatened by my husband’s words. Oh, the stories we could tell…
        If you would like to keep in touch, my email address is: [email protected]

  55. My husband was stationed in Saudi with the Marine Corps during Desert Storm. He got several vaccines. For the past few years he has gotten progressively worse with COPD, circulation problems, and a neurological problem that was treated with a brain shunt. They haven’t found any explanation for any of his problems even after him being hospitalized several times for many tests including Ochsner NICU for 12 days. He also has spells of severe lightheaded ness with severe weakness and partial loss of muscle control. He has fallen to the floor several times during these spells which last only a few minutes but scare the “bleep” out of me. Our daughter was diagnosed with autism. He has a strong family history of auto immune disorders with a sister who died with MS and mother who suffers from fibromyalgia. None of his doctors have any experience with Gulf War Syndrome and I’ve only gotten shrugs when I’ve brought up the possible connection. They don’t have any idea what’s going on. We are searching for a doctor in the New Orleans area with Gulf War Syndrome experience.

    1. Your husband seems to be experiencing similar issues as mine! Does he also have IBS and gastrointestinal issues? The memory and neurological, as well as pain in his joints and muscles. He also has “blacked out” and fallen on several occasions. My husband has said that when he feels this coming on, his vision is affected first….sometimes to the point of “everything going black”. If you would like to keep in touch, my email is: [email protected]

  56. I deployed in 2004-2005 we were given the anthrax shot 2 of 3 then we were told we could come get the 3rd shot after being home and I don’t know that any of us did. Is this the same anthrax shot giving in the 90s? Feel Free to reply directly to me bronco279@yahoo

    1. I’m pretty sure it is. I was given a series of anthrax shots on my 2004 deployment. We were over in the Mediterranean area. I’m prior Navy by the way. But I questioned our medical department when they started lining us all up on the mess decks like cattle to take these shots. Of course I didn’t take them at first and went back to work. At some point later in the deployment, I was called down to medical because they knew I hadn’t taken them. I told them I refused because it’s anthrax and this stuff was killing people back at home from them opening up an envelope. I didn’t know what this stuff would do to me. Long story short, I was told that if u didn’t take it, that I would be processed out. I was never given an option. I now have a 9 year old son that was born autistic and has ADHD. I also carried a child for 5 months and miscarried. I just had an operation on my breast to remove a tumor my surgeon thought could have been cancer. Turns out it wasn’t but I’m walking around with 3 inflamed cysts in my left breast that VA said they wouldn’t remove them unless they give me any issues. My family has no history of cancer scares on my mom’s side or my dad’s side of the family. I sometimes have memory loss and I’ve always felt it was because of the Anthrax they made me take!

    2. Hey I was deployed the same time from the fall of 2004 to fall of 2005 in Iraq. We had the same thing where they gave us all but the last one. We had multiple people sick for days from those treatments. I am glad I still have my records that show all the shots including how many Antrax vaccination treatments. They declared that the were stopping it less than 2 weeks to boots on ground in Kuwait. I was with the 340th Quartermaster Company out of San Antonio, TX. One of our battles has had a series of strokes in the last year for unknown reasons. He made national news in July of last year and his name is Lee Hernandez. If your interested check out the group support page for him on Facebook.

  57. I was a marine in lejuene wh9 came from security forces. Many units where departed already. Including the one I was assigned 2/2 i got the shots prior to arrival on arrival. Switched to swat G a training group given the shots, then a casualty replacement company swiched between these hasty units and confusuion i was given the shot regiment 3 or 4 more times as my medical records where behind my arrival and the vaccine program so aggr3ssive i litteraly checked in and went and got my shots again. Including the ass one gamavgobulin which is painful I started getting phobic about receiving it again and it helps me remember how often this took plac3. I was told dont worry im extra safe. My kids and i have energy issues anxie5y jo8nt pain. My sec9nd daughter bl8nding head ackes my older daughter sysysts. All have memory issues including and especially me. Can this batterey of shots no less than six times and deffinatly first dose service people an experimental. We where told experimental but no choice. Any marines like me with simular issues maybe with me in rear party swat g and the crc groups. Contact Dave [email protected]

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  59. Husband received these. Returned from gulf war with joint pain and severe diarrhea. Had widow Maker heart attack age 39. Has internal defibrillator with only 20% heart function remaining. Has severe PTSD. Even though the VA admits my husband is 100% disabled and unemployable. They deny total responsibility. Have given him 80% but continue to try to take that away. I suppose I should be greatful that he has that but he deserves the 100% rating. The continual fight to keep his 80% is very trying on his health. Physically and mentally.

    1. My husband continues to wait upon the VA for a claim we submitted in 2010 for issues we believe are indeed related to the experimental shots he received while in Service. He served two enlistments: one from 1980-1984; and again from 1989-1993. During the second enlistment, he received the “cocktail of shots” while stationed at Peden Barracks in Germany. He has severe joint and muscle pain, IBS, gastrointestinal issues, neuropathy, severe balance issues, memory issues,and hasn’t been seen by our local VA in over 4 years. We feel like they have given up on us; however, we continue to wait on a claim we filed in 2010 for Service Connection, and return the appeals when we get denied. He currently has a 20% Disability rating for a right ankle injury; but, they will not recognize or diagnose his symptoms pertaining to the Gulf War. He was part of the HHD 87th, and also an attachment unit. He’s trying to find others in his Unit; but to no avail since his Unit was disbanded. He recalls details about what happened; but his records don’t match his accounts. Praying for all the Soldiers and Vets in the same predicament. It sounds like there are many!

  60. I too received the anthrax vaccine. Doesn’t anyone wonder why the guy who made the experimental vaccine commuted suicide after testify before Congress.

  61. I was with the 45th Station Hospital out of Ft. Vancouver Washington. My unit was deployed for Desert Storm/Shield. We were given the full series of “classified” vaccines over the course of two weeks. When my unit was deployed I was sent to Germany for a medical treatment. I became sick within days of arriving. I was treated as though I was making stuff up. Headaches, rashes, vomiting etc that lasted long after my return. The VA did not accept me at the time so no treatments. In 2011 I finally began to get health care from the VA and have been diagnosed with the full range of GWI. I have been consistently denied service connection by the VA due to my deployment location. My latest appeal has been sitting in DC since 2014 waiting to be assigned for a final medical review. I have been told by VFW representative to not expect any decision until some time after 2020. That makes 30 years of fighting over this one issue. My health is deteriorating rapidly. For the last ten years by body has bones have become brittle, my kidneys are now starting to have major issues. I am in horrendous pain all the time from the fibromyalgia, bone and joint pain, and migraines. I find it deplorable that gets like me are having to fight so hard for help.
    I would like to join any group that has a lawyer to sue the VA into properly recognizes this population of vets. If any one knows of a group or perhaps want to connect with me to try to strategize please contact me at [email protected].

  62. I served in the Air Force 1978-1998. 2 August 1990 I was deployed with 12 hours notice to an unknown destination…which we now know as Desert Sheild. In those short stressful 12 hours, we received lots of briefings, our gear and many vaccines one of which was the Anthrax Vaccine because they felt strongly we would be facing biological warfare. By the time we traveled to our destination (King Faud Airport, Saudi Arabia) carrying all of our gear many of us collapsed from dehydration in the 120 degrees.

    In the next 3 months we remained busy building our hospital, and fortifying the structures we lived and worked in with sand bags day and night. We trained by jworking in our chem suits to try and get used to wearing them in the heat. When the war started and we became Desert Storm we were told to begin taking our Nerve Agent antitode tablets. The troops complained about many reactions. In the start of the war we lived in our chemical suits and at the end jumped into them quickly when sirens alerted attack and bombs hit close by.

    Immediately upon my return I began having medical problems. I was diagnosed wiith Hyperthyroid and had to have my thyroid irradiated. I am not the same person socially after my experience as I was before my deployment..i keep myself isolated. I have had low energy and lots of the gastritus and irratable bowel problems. I just had part of my kidney removed. But I have been lucky in that the VA has taken good care of me and I am very thankful for them.

    1. Reading many of the posts on here, I think that by the frequencies of vaccinations time tables given, many people are confusing the Antrax vaccine with the Hepatitis B vaccine. I do not believe that the Anthrax vaccine was givem for a long length of time. There was however a push to vaccinate everyone against Hepatitis B once the vacine was available.

    2. Many of us have the same issues, in my Case VA will not cover them nor will exact Anthrax Shots as the reason. All the talk gets us nowhere. What can be done to get DOD to except blame and VA to take it Seriously?

  63. USAF. Stationed at Osan AB, Korea from 1997-1998 and was exposed to TB. Upon PCS to follow-on assignment at Davis-Mknthan AFB, AZ, I was put on standard 6 month INH treatment for TB exposure. At month 5, I was advised that I was being deployed and they “lost my shot records”. I was instructed to come in and was given full load of vaccines, to include first anthrax shot. Three weeks later, I developed extreme thirst and began putting out large volumes of urine. Then came extreme fatigue, then rapid weight loss, and vomiting. Went to the ER and was eventually diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (the auto-immune reaction kind that destroys your ability to produce insulin). From anthrax to diagnosis was three months. No one in my family has diabetes. Was given 20% and kicked out in less than a month. VA granted service-connected disability status for diabetes but does not recognize anthrax vaccine as cause.

  64. Hello my name is shaley Bayer my maiden name is shaley weeks. I was born in 1992 and my dad serviced in dessert storm. I was born with hydrofalais meaning to much fluid on the brain. I’m the only one in my family who has this. I don’t know if this was from my dad come back from dessert storm or what but I think it was

      1. All…..I suspect some vaccines had squalene in them. There is a lab test that coculd test for squaline antibodies…Then the alb results could be tied to the shots if enough of us do it

        1. I think that is a really good idea. It sounds like you may have seen the same information I have from Gary Matsumoto’s book?

  65. I served active duty in the Air Force from October 92 through October 96. I was stationed at Langley Air Force Base Virginia and we were part of the mobility standby unit for Desert Shield Desert Storm for mop-up operations from 92 through 95. because of our status as Mobility ready we were given all the shots and pills as well (yellow fever, anthrax, etc). However since I never actually deployed and haven’t seen my shot records since I separated and my medical records don’t list shots given. But I’ve experienced quite a few symptoms mentioned by others. Don’t know what to so since VA won’t help me.

  66. I have been in the USAF since July of 91 and still serving. Have had all my shots as well as the boosters that were required. I have been deployed to several places that have required the Anthrax shot when they were still giving them. I was just diagnosed in November 2017 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). I have been a pretty healthy guy my whole life until now. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen or to anyone they know?

    1. Troy make sure that you have everything including the shots and ALL well documented in your medical records. If they are going to medically retire you file with the VA claim prior to leaving active duty, they have new programs where you can. The ALL was no doubt causes by something while you were on active duty, probably the shots. My understanding is the shots can effect the immune system and cause different forms of cancer. Usually it can stay dormant in a persons system for many years then be triggered by something. We never know. I hope you come thru this okay. I have friends that have survived AML and ALL and are doing reasonably well.

    2. Hello Troy, My Father was in the military and served in gulf war. He did have almost all of the symptoms associated with his time in the gulf war. He was diagnosed will ALL November 2017. He unfortunately passed away a few days after being diagnosed. I hope this helps you.

  67. My father served in Desert Storm/Shield from late 80s until 1994. He has been diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome. On top of that, he has a number of issues such as weak bones that break, RA, bronchitis, spinal discs deteriorating, nerve damage, constant kidney stones and overall weakening of his body. I am scared for his health and wish he could get the help he needs.
    I am his oldest daughter, born in 1989. I came out with all sorts of birth defects; from a crushed in head, hearing issues, seizure disorders, joint deformities in my elbows/shoulders, and a general misalignment of my whole left side of my body leading to joint abnormalities.
    My middle sister, born in 1991, has a constant issue with kidney stones, just like my father.
    We’ve read that soldiers from Desert Storm/Shield have had a number of babies born with birth defects. I wish we had more info and help for our soldiers.

    1. Hey,
      My name is Ashley. My father was in the Army in 1989 and also recieved the experimental vaccines. He had many immediate side effects Grandmol seizures being one. I was conceieved not long after.. I was born April 18, 1991. I have never read/met anyone affected genetically by the vaccines. If you feel comfortable emailing me I have a couple questions for you about your dad, sister, and yourself. I was born premature almost didnt make it. I also have seizures, migraines, apparently slight scoliosis, gastrointestinal problems, I found out about 5 years ago I have lesions on my brain, that I have nerve damage everywhere, and now they think I may have MS, and that my bones could possibly be deteriorating. (I don’t think that would be happening I mean I am only 26 almost 27 in April!). But I know how this just sound being a stranger and all… So I am sorry if this is strange. I am a mother of 4 children and I am just desperate for answers. If you don’t email me that is okay. Either way I wish the best of luck for you and your family. Thank yoir dad for his service!!! I’m so sorry. Hope to hear from you.

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  72. Anyone from the 5th Marines that was in desert Storm dersert shield 1990 to 1991 I’m Ill and been fighting the VA for years would like to compare info I was with 1/5 Bravo Co we breached the mine fields we were track mobile please contact me with any info [email protected]

  73. Reading all of these posts have helped me to realize that my family didn’t give me so many bad physical traits genetically.Serving in the Corps 96-00 with 1/8, I now have 95% of all above mentioned issues with no family history to relate it. I was force vaccinated in 98 and 99 receiving 5 of the 6 series shots of Anthrax . My joint pain started when I was 21 with the VA claiming arthritis is “normal”. I had to quit my occupation as a diesel mechanic considering the pain. Now that I am 40 I can hardly resist seeking Opioids to take the edge off.I haven’t requested them yet and have had only little luck with CBD. Degenerative facet joints in my back, digestive issues, carpal tunnel,severe joint pain, neuroma and nerve issues, sinus issues,muscle pain, fatigue, elevated cholesterol,skin irritations and headaches. WAY TOO YOUNG FOR THIS! I have taken great care of my body my entire life and I feel disabled at 39.

  74. I recieved the shots while on active duty at Ft. Devens prior to,going to South Korea in 80. Than I recieved only the 1St part of the shots prior to,going to Iraq in 2004. But became sick and did not deploy. I was bitten by black widow spiders, but I have had Alott of these issues since the 1St round in 1980, what is the best advice. Should I go to my VA rep and ask to get tested our go thru my family Doc. Thank you SFC. Steven Jennings Retired US Army.

  75. I had the anthrax vaccine @ Osan AB (97-99). Wasn’t long before I developed breathing problems. It may be unrelated, but doubtful. Today, I suffer from joint pain/weakness, fatigue, respiratory problems, brain fog, headaches, muscle-pain, degenerative disk disease in C and T spine, full-body stiffness, congestive heart failure (at 29), sleep apnea and nerve pain. My docs say these are all ‘Age-Related’/’Wear & Tear’, symptoms. They said allot of things but in the end, they had the audacity to tell me the pain was all in my head (-that must be the ‘go-to’ response for undiagnoseable, symptoms they can’t treat). It would sure be nice to figure out wtf is going on with our bodies so we could give ourselves a pain-free, fighting-chance to fix this.

    Thank you, to you all. After reading the article & comments, its nice knowing I’m not alone, in this boat.

  76. In 1991 i was in an Army special operations unit . We were given the Anthrax vacinne and told to put our shot records away this particular shot was Not to be documented.
    If there is anyone out there who was in the Army task force 160th SOAR please contact me [email protected]

  77. I served for 26 years in the Marine Corps, deployed in 2003 with 1st Marine Division for the invasion of Iraq. We all received the mandatory shot of Anthrax before deployment. If we refused, we would get NJP or court-martial. I remember a couple of cases in the media like that. Since I received this shot, my discs in my spine are practically gone. My fatigues, breathing and joints pains are crazy. The same withnerve in my ribs cage area due to pinch discs. Either way, Inhavent been the same since then. Something needs to be done to compensate all veterans in addition to the VA ratings.

    May God bless you all. Que Dios los bendiga y Puerto Rico se levanta!

    Semper Fi and God speed.

  78. I also was inoculated with this shot that nobody knew the outcome for longer lifetime issues. I was given all the shots and was in line to get the booster when it all stopped. Each and every time I received it the reaction was horrible arm swelled up from injection site down to hand, fever joint and muscle pain and so on as stated in previous posts on this site. Ever since this started back in the 90’s I have had similar symptoms as well. I really believe that all the surgeries I’ve had knee, wrists and other issues is somehow related but when i brought it up during injections was told this is only a local reaction huh i had local reactions to shots before but never to the extent of the anthrax vaccine. So hopefully someday all involved in this fight will be awarded service connected rating due to this issue. Wouldn’t fix what’s happened but just might allow people some assistance financially. So again, thank you to all that have, has served this great country and just maybe someone can make it right. Thank you all……

  79. Veteran Desert Storm. Anthrax pills daily. Wart on arm, black spot in eyes and dizziness. Twenty years latter hypotension. lung infection.

    1. I am a Desert Storm Veteran. I was at KKMC and the anthax shot was forced on us enlisted soldiers. We were told if we refused to take the shot we would be court martialed. The anthrax shot, we were told at the time, would not be written on our yellow shot card. After I returned home, an officer in my unit at KKMC told me officers were exempt from taking the anthrax shot at KKMC. Enlisted were regarded as guinea pigs for medical experiments. I took the anthrax shot very reluctantly. I didn’t have a choice. I never suffered any ill effects from taking the shot fortunately. I saw other soldiers popping the white pills in the gas mask case like candy. I never took them.

      1. My husband is a desert storm veteran and his hands shake uncontrollably. I wonder what the government is going to do for these men.

      2. Hi Susan,
        Lived in the dirt outside KKMC a place called Thaj. I was an Army Warrant Officer and a pilot (4/498th Med) with a large helicopter MEDEVAC Bn and we still had to take the shot; nobody escaped. A vet friend told me recently that President Trump had signed an order? stating the DDD and Anthrax immunization are linked. That’s what I’m looking for, that’s how I ended up here. Ron

      3. I never made it to the Gulf, but in 2000 my reserve unit was deployed to ROK for 21 days training. We were given anthrax vaccine because we were told that North Korea was stockpiling anthrax to be used in war. I had a serious reaction to shot #3 in the series that put me in a hospital ER for about 3 hours. Almost passed out on the bus back to our reserve center, could barely walk off the bus to go inside the building. Uniform was soaked with sweat. Since then I have developed the same symptoms as those who served in Desert Storm. On my yellow card shot record the first 2 batch numbers are easy to read; the third batch number entry was scribbled and entirely unreadable (the one that made me sick). Was that a coincidence? (I don’t think so, but the government will not admit it.)
        I believe that the government will treat this the same as they did with Agent Orange. After most of us have passed on, they might finally admit that they made a mistake. Just so they don’t have to pay reparations to the veterans they poisoned.

  80. I served from June 1992 – December 1995. I received the anthrax shot & the gamma globin vaccines, overall I have been healthy my entire life now I am a TYPE 2 diabetic. When going through my medical history it seems my A1C was elevated while in the Army & immediately after my discharge ,the funny thing is I weighed 225 while in ,now I am 205 ,exercise ,eat a lot healthier . The things that happened to us while we serve our country.

  81. I enlisted just before the Gulf War started. On October 9, 1990 I was sent to Fort Dix to begin my BASIC training. While starting training, our company was mandated to be given the anthrax vaccination along with many others in October 1990. Our entire company had our MOS changed to Snipers. We were the last class to graduate at Fort Dix, New Jersey before it closed.

    I am 48 years old and have had chronic degenerative joint pain and disease, developed type 2 diabetes, joint pain, back pain, insomnia, digestive problems, soars on my arms, unexplained low platelet count, headaches, constant fatigue, etc. I have not been able to explain this or find answers.

    Alberto Garcia

  82. I was with the 13th Combat Support Hospital on a site North of Hafar al Batin just off of Tapline Road. Our unit was tasked with the job of sending out are nurses and corpmen to go the units and give them their Anthrax boosters as well as the gamma globulin injections. It was NOT voluntary by any means and soldiers are correct in stating that the vaccination were not recorded on their yellow shot records. They were recorded on a separate “deployment vaccination record” that was white.
    We also received the same injection as well as the pyrostigmean bromide tablets to take during the ‘scud missile attacks’ as an anti-nerve agent.
    I now suffer from “microscopic lymphatic colitis”, I have migraine headaches, degenerative joints in my cervical spin from C3 to C7 has degenerative joint disease, I have had to have surgery on my right arm because of it and now my left arm is getting much worse. Both arms have uncontrollable tremors.
    I suffered 9 miscarriages and then just stopped counting because I just couldn’t stand the disappointment. When I FINALLY gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she had 12 autosomal recessive genetic problems. She was also born with an imperforated Anus, sinewy tissue connecting the eye lids together, extra joints in her thumbs, one leg shorter than the other, a ‘sub-mucosal’ cleft palate, a Fontane that was opened down her forhead to between her eyes, webbed feet, and the cystic fibrosis Gene,(CFTR). I was found to have the gene also but NO ONE else in my family did.
    When I asked the VA Hospital in my home city if they would see her, they refused stating that there was NO correlation between children of Desert Storm Vets and Desert Storm syndrome.
    She ended up being followed by a private genetic center here in town. She has been diagnosed with high functioning Aspergers and a diagnosis of “Rain Man’s Syndrome”
    I have used private insurance clinics for my medical care since Desert Storm, but now after a divorce, I find myself without health insurance and have had to turn to the VA for my care. Articles like this have been enormously eye opening to realize that I am not alone with my conditions and pains. Thank you all for speaking out.

  83. I was diagnosed of Chronic kidney disease (CKD), and my doctor told me that i have just one year to live. My symptoms progressed quickly and i was having difficulty in breathing, swallowing and even walking short distances. I was devastated and don’t know what to do anymore then i went on a search on the internet if i could get any help on how to cure this disease, on my search i came across a testimony of Someone testifying on how Dr.Isai cured her from cancer of the kidney so quickly i contacted Dr.Isai and explained everything to him within one week he prepared and send to me his herbal medicine three times and during this period of taking this herbal medicine i was expercing some good changes in my body. So after taking the last medicine he sent to me he ask me to go for a checkup which i did, behold when my result came out i was cured from Chronic kidney disease (CKD) even my Doctor that told me i had just 1year to live was so surprised. today i am so healthy and no sign of any disease in my body anymore. All thanks to Dr.Isal for coming to my rescue. You can contact him if you need his medicine on this Email Address: [email protected] or you whatsapp him on +2349034352176. I’m now playing golf again. I am glad to get my life back, Dr.Isai herbal medicine works very fast, DON’T GIVE UP HOPE.

  84. Hello my name is charly i have question may be you can help my wife. She serve to the usa Army from 1998 to 2004 the army gave to her anthrax shots different times and she have a scleroderma and to much head pain and thyroide and infertility this can be linked with the anthrax shots? Please help me with this email me back with info please how can wee deal with this thanks my email is [email protected] some one write me back

  85. W?W

    My heart and Gulf Syndrome are not alone. Live evry day like we’re embarking for the Gulf tommorow.



  86. Hello from South Texas, I was a Reservist during the Gulf War and we had to be deployment ready for our Navy Unit in Harlingen, Texas. I was given the Anthrax vaccination and I have been suffering from allergies for over 27 years. Specifically, I cannot inhale or ingest the food condiment (black pepper) because I get some serious reactions. I have been hospitalized numerous times and I continue to suffer this condition which I did not have prior to this vaccination. The VA does not recognize my condition as a disability. My email is [email protected].

  87. I’m suffering many problems since all this began and can never get straight answers. Who can I trust as no or get answers

  88. I was in the Gulf War (Desert Shield/Storm) and deployed 25 Dec 1990 – 5 May 1991. To be honest I was not ordered to take the “Experimental Anthrax Vaccine” however I was pressured to do so by my unit commander. I also took the Nerve agent pills (2 pam chloride) that we were ORDERED to take. To make things worse we ended up sitting under the burning oil wells in Kuwait after coming back down from Iraq. After I returned to Germany I would from time to time get a 3 to 4 inch round by 1/2 inch Plato that was hard as a rock, red and very hot. on my back or shoulders that after a day or so would get little blisters all over it. Then after about 4 days to a week it would go away. I later found out that if I laid on or had extended contact with Naugahyde (Oil based fake leather) I would break out with these welts and blisters. Also I would get what was like a large pimple that would never fully form that was really a swollen nerve on the back of my neck. Also any contact with motor oil on my hands I would lose strength in my hands and arms and have mussel pain. Over the years it has become less and less that I have these symptoms but they never went away completely. I believe that my immune system has been damaged by these chemicals and the toxins from the smoke of the oil fires we sat under for weeks. I joined the DOD Gulf War Illness research but all I got was we don’t think it had anything to do with the vaccine or pills I took. B.S. I never had these symptoms before.

  89. USMC served from 91 to 04 I received numerous vaccines. We started a series then they ran out of the shots. Then we started another series and I got up to 4 of them. so in total I believe I received about 7 to 8 shots. I have back problems, nerve damage in the right arm, I have congestive heart failure at 43 years and no heart issues in my family. Does anyone else have heart issues from this shot?

  90. I enlisted for 6 years in July of 1990 as a Chaplin’s Assistant (56M), I left for Basic Training on October 9, 1990 and was reassigned to be an Infantry combat sniper because of war time regulations and the Army’s needs. My basic training class was the last class to go through training at Fort Dix, NJ because the base was being reassigned or closing for a temporary period. My training class graduated in December 1990. I enlisted with a preexisting condition known as osgood slaughter’s that was in remission and had been for many years since age 14 or 15. During training, I got a total of 5 stress fractures, 3 in one leg and 2 in the other. I was sent to outpatient doctor that put me on bed rest on two separate occasions, Once at the end of October and again at the end of November 1990. I went back in to full training both times and on the day of graduation, I was pulled from my basic training class to go to the doctor because according to my Drill Instructor, I was never supposed to have been released back to full training. I was young and naive and did not understand what was happening. I should have been sent to a Basic Rehabilitation Training class or to have been offered continued medical treatment for the traumatic stress fractures in my shins. I was re diagnosed with Osgood Schlaughter’s Disease, shin splints and pain in my shins. Prior to beginning Basic Training, my entire class was given the 17 vaccinations often referred to as “the cocktail” of vaccinations for biochemical warfare. We were put in a line and told to take one step forward at a time as injections were administered in both arms, some doses were injected simultaneously with a medical devise that handled two or three vaccines with one person performing the injection. I do not remember, but possibly could have received the second round of Anthrax vaccination during my 4th through 6th week of training at a bivouac in the field. I remember being really soar and achy in my knees and having a terrible time not being the soldier causing our company to slow down during p.t.
    Upon my seperation on 12/21/90, I remember the people doing my processing insisting that I be put on a plane so that I did not accrue one more day of active duty to ensure that I was not eligible for DoD benefits as it was my 89th day. I was never offered any medical treatment for my injuries and thought nothing of it. I went back to civilian life and had years of anxiety, depression, severe joint and shin pain, back problems, sinus problems, headaches, and severe IBS. All of these conditions manifested from the time of my injuries though the next 28 years. I have medical records documenting these conditions. It was not until 2012 that I found out that my leg condition was a service connected benefit that I was entitled to when I had finally had to file for SSD. I was denied SSD at that time. I had reapplied and believe this month that I am finally getting my SSD. I applied for TDIU with the VA and they proposed to reduce my VA compensation to 20% in September 2018. It was then that I began reading about GWI and noticed that every one of my symptoms mimic exactly what other veterans are suffering through. I have sent off my Gulf War Registry Application today and I hope that the VA considers my situation a unique and important medical study to assist in identifying GWI as caused by the vaccinations specifically, as well as other exposures that veterans which were deployed are having. God bless you. Alberto Garcia

  91. My first dose was 2003, since then I have broken many bones and have bad joint pain and problems. The VA has been trying to figure out what is going on, but they want to say it’s hereditary often which it definitely is NOT. I get worn out easy and almost always is pain. I had a fear that the anthrax might have something to do with this as I have always been active and healthy as my family is. I mean my papa walked 1 mile until he was 91 and no one has problems like I. I’m thankful for finding this page, as I thought I was being crazy. The more I read the more I understand. I will try to find someone to talk to about this, but if anyone would like to send me info. [email protected]

  92. I too developed a rare leukemia (CML) after a deployment to Iraq (2010-2011). I am trying to fight a claim with the VA and have not been able to determine a “qualifying event” that they whon’t reject. I too am very healthy, other than the leukemia.

    1. I was a 1st Cav tanker during Desert Shield/Storm. I received the shots and took the pills daily while there. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2000, had 2 stents put in, a heart attack, major muscle Pain for no apparent reason, fibromyalga, carpal tunnel in both wrists, multiple bloods vessel blockages severe shortness of breath doing simple things, if I don’t move for 3 or 4 minutes it hurts in my joints to then move. Hands hurt severly at odd times for no reason, even in warm weather, hips hurt while laying in bed or sitting. I am 55 years old. A friend of mine who became a 1SG recently passes away. He had developed MS. Not sure what he died from, but he was in good shape as far as I know except for the MS.

  93. I served my country proudly until my honorable, medical, seperation in 1999. I was told I would lose my ability to walk by the time I reached 40 years old. I’m 38 now and walk with the assistance of braces and a cane.

    I was diagnosed with a severe respiratory condition and RSD type 2 (CRPS, neurological nerve damage) in my (R) leg. I also have no fluid left in my joints and I’m bone-on-bone, with severe arthritis throughout my body. My doctor recently recommended ketamine infusions. I’m so tired of having addictive meds thrown at me like they’re candy. I was also diagnosed with PTSD, Major depressive disorder with panic attacks, and insomnia.

    I have a friend that I served with that was recently diagnosed with GWS, and we share a lot of the same issues. However, he recently found out that he is also riddled with cancer. He’s several years younger than me.

    Please say a prayer for my brothers, sisters, and myself. They are very much appreciated. God Bless the USA, and the men and women that serve our country.

  94. I served in the military in 1988 -90. I went for a special training exercise in New Brunswick. While on the base some of us where picked to go on a special exercise. We where driven way out into the middle of nowhere. There was absolutely nothing, but red dirt. No birds,no trees, not a blade of grass as far as the eye could see. We breathed the dirt,swallowed the dirt lived in the dirt, crawled in the dirt.. when we returned from the exercise thick black paste came from my nose,I started getting disy, headache , body ache,bled from my bowls. The medical doctor said it was stress,gave me a shot said get back out there.I bled from my bowls for a week huge parts of my skull went swollen and sponge like , eventually I developed Fibromyalgia, anorexia, migraines, lost cognitive skills, depression, memory loss. Strange allergies .Much of what you all have described. Lasted for years. I didn’t get vaccinated for anthrax unless the base doctor lied when he said he gave me a tetanus shot for a leg injury. I however was as near as can be determined poisoned with Agent Orange which had been sprayed on the earth to clear it and simulated dessert conditions. I was to sick to continue and left.
    They have done some pretty aweful shit to all of us. Anyone who reads these comments and suffers from these symptoms I implore you to get the help of an old school Chinese medicine practioner . Saved my life. I will never be 100% but I am better than I was.

  95. I took ZERO shots and ZERO pills. I have attended WRIISC & have neuropathy of the lower extremities, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, tinnitus, deafness, IBS & now something is going on with both shoulders, biceps forearms and hands. My life like others has turned upside down without any relief. I pray for all my brothers and sisters ?

  96. I am not a combat veteran, however, I also had the vaccine for anthrax and glamma globing for a six month tour to Egypt for the MFO Campaign. I was given these vaccines at the of 1996 beginning 1997. Just so happens this falls under the Clinton presidency. Since my time in the Army, I have had found several lumps throughout my body. I have as many as 30 in my right arm along and that doesn’t even come close to the rest of my body. I have had about 15 of them removed and they have done biopsies on them and am told they are benign lipomas. With that being said, doing research this is also a side effect of the anthrax vaccine. I have also been told that I have a great deal of arthritis in my body. Has anyone else noticed any lumps or masses in their body? I had none of these prior to service.

  97. I worked at bioport here in Michigan. I had to receive all shots. There was a nurse on site 24/7. I understand the side effects of this vaccine. I feel that some of my health symptoms are related, but they’ll never admit it. I pray for all of you.

  98. Reading all your comments, Just stirs up so much Anger in me. I had 4 shots in 1999 and 2000. Never was on Gulf War.. went to S. korea. Begged not tobtake it, forced to. Now suffer, Migraines, Neck pain, Joint pain, Nerve pain, Autoimmune Thyroid disease and have had 3 shoulder sugeries due to immune system attack of Frozen Shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis. Lots of issues with IBS and sleep apnea. I am 48 and Not over weight. I have had 2 hip surgeries from labreal tears of unkown cause. My cartilage is literally deteriorating. VA refused to admit it was due to Anthrax vaccine, I had all my shot records with lot numbers.

  99. To the Guy that made the Non Combat Veteran Comment.. You should be ashamed of yourself.. The law does not state that a Veteran needs to be a Combat Veteran and have been injured to receive compensation for their injury. Believe us, when we say.. For the measly amount the Government gives and the crappy care they provide and the death sentence they have assured.. we would much rather not have been given a deadly cocktail.. BTW, what we WANT…..IS FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO STOP DOING THIS to us. I always thought my children would join, But as My health deteriorated, so did my dreams for them joining the Military.

  100. I have all these symptoms and have received the anthrax shot, who or what do I do to contact someone about this,

  101. Hello group, I served during the war and was stationed on board a Navy ship and was required to get the anthrax shots, i received 5 of the 6 series of the anthrax in which 3 of the shots were tainted. i submitted a claim for the batches that were tainted. i have heard anything back as of yet, just waiting to see what they say. i had surgery on my shoulder and still to this day in chronic pain it was called impingement syndrome that was in the right shoulder, now the same is happening in the left shoulder. I have also experienced headaches and joint stiffness, all this to say this might be from the tainted anthrax shots given to me in the late 90’s. i’ve since retired and just found out about the tainted series and immediately filed a claim. All this time and no one ever said anything about the side effects. I had mentioned it to a retired airforce E-7 and he pasted it on to me. If anyone has anymore input please pass it on.

  102. Received my first shot in June-July 1999 while in AIT (Army) and was heading to my first duty station, Korea. Within 24 hours I was sick. The doctors couldn’t explain it. I began get big bumps on my legs and the doctors said it was spider bites etc. I have received 5 of the 6 shots. I suffer from a many issues now. The VA refuses to acknowledge that these were caused by the vaccine, as well as a refusal to document my concerns in my medical files. I still have 5 lumps in the injection sites in my arms. This vaccine must be removed from existence, it is a plague to all Military members.

  103. I got the shots in the Gulf War. Was in Bahrain 1991. At that time, they listed it as “Shot A” in our medical record. We had to sign an agreement not to talk about it or write home about it, nor tell anyone that we got the shots. Then I was again sent to Bahrain in 2002-2003 for the Iraq war. They gave me the shots again.

  104. Hello, I was deployed to Saudi Arabia just outside of Al-Jubahl in December of 1990 and was with NMCB 24. I remember being told one day that we were going to receive the Anthrax shot the next day. I remember guys in my unit calling home to find out about this shot and they were told it was experimental. We were told that we had to have it and it was only one shot not a series of shots. We also got one shot of Gamugoblin and also told to take pills for nerve agents. I do remember upon returning home that my lower legs were inflamed and bright red and itched. I had went to a dermatologist and they had really never seen anything like it. I was given a steroid cream to keep on it and eventually it went away. I do know my immune system is not as strong as it used to be. To me Gulf War Syndrome is the modern day version of Agent Orange. Both groups of Veterans got a raw deal and the U. S. Government doesn’t want to admit any wrong doing.

  105. I am a Marine Veteran with 22 years active-duty and over 2 years of time inside Iraq, beginning with Desert Storm and ending in 2006. I have had all the anthrax shots and boosters and the reason I left active duty was because I thought I was “burned out”. I just could not seem to do it anymore and had frequent bouts of what I thought were Flu symptoms. Finally in 2009 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (After seeing at least 7 different Doctors) and upon researching the issue I learned that Gulf War Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have EXACTLY the same symptoms. The disease is progressive and I can no longer work. The VA currently considers me to be 80% disabled.

  106. When I was forced to receive the anthrax shot during the 2000-2001 timeframe. I was serving in the Air National Guard stateside in California. My careerfield was Graphic Arts. When I went active-duty AF Nov. 2001. My primary position was 3D Computer Animation and there was no mandate that could cause me to be sent to the Gulf unless I volunteered to do so. I couldn’t even qualify with the M16 and M9 anymore. I couldn’t even touch a weapon During my last 13 years on active duty.

    My point is, I believe the Air National Guard overstepped its authority by mandating the anthrax vaccination to “some” part-time ANG members. I was against the vaccine but was told I can either go through the clinic door or go out the exit door.

    This article does not mention anything about Air Guardsmen being required to receive the vaccine. My situation is an example on how screwed up the mandate was from day one. What fool at the National Guard Bureau level would authorize a mandate that Graphic Artists should require the vaccine. I know some band members were also required to receive the vaccine as well. Come to learn, I was part of the 1.2 mil out of the 2.5 who received the vaccine. How many others received the vaccine who never were deployed???

  107. Esther between 1996 and 2005 where I received several doses of anthrax vaccine check before deployment how do I go about filing

  108. I’m a victim as well I was given the six shots and took the pills as well I suffer from bone joint pain loss of memory been to hospital for treatment

  109. I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003-2004 and I received all the anthrax vaccines before deployment. I am now 48 and I just got awarded 100% unemployability with a 60% rating. It started out with joint pain in my fingers and it escalated over time to my wrists. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel in both wrists and degenerative joint disease. In the last year, I started having the pain shooting up my arms into my neck to the point of total loss of function to my hands. I went to see my doctor while this was happening and she told me that they were flare ups and would only get worse the older I get and I will lose permanent function of both hands eventually. I filed a claim with VA for an increase because I was only at 10%. I went to my Compensation exam and thank God my hands were flared up that day because he tested them and I didn’t have any function in either hand. They never connected my condition with the anthrax vaccine but after reading everyone’s comments I need to have a talk with my doctor because its ridiculous that I am totally disabled at 48 and I’m angry because there is nothing that you can do without your hands!!!! Thanks for posting this!

  110. I served in USAF-Res and was arrived at Al-Jubail Naval Airport Jan 16, 1991. While there, we did get 3 anthrax shots as well as various pills including Cipro (very high daily dose). Shortly after returning home, I had an unusual rash on both forearms. I went to the VA in Marion, IL to have my symptoms “cataloged”. I was told by my unit that because of my reserve status that I would never qualify for VA benefits. 6 Years ago I did find out that my deployment was qualification for benefits.
    For the next few years I had been having difficulty sleeping. Diagnosed with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Got a C-Pap and all was well. 4 years ago I began having severe pain in joints. I couldn’t get the VA to even run tests to find out what was happening. After 6-7 months I found a doctor who ran the tests to discover Rheumatoid Arthritis. With the length of time since getting the shots, is it possible that they are the reason for the RA?

  111. I s the wife of an army M1A1 tanker. I know micronized titanium was used in the way. My question is he sent blankets home to us that I feel were contaminated and has caused sever asthma, psychological and skin issues on his daughter since she used that blanket for years. He just passed away from throat cancer in March 2018. With very little help from the VA Has any other family members thought this same thing. When he came home his gear had to be contaminated gok. Let me know your thoughts. Also we had life insurance since he started in and we divorced a few years back but he purposely kept me as benifitary but the Mitary said since I lived in Michigan and he lived in Tennessee and devkri I was not entitled the insurance after paying in for 26 or do years of paying into this insurance I got nothing. They military insurance said he should of filed a new form started he still wanted me to have it. After 8 years of devorce and he kept paying the monthly fee I’m pretty
    sure he wanted the insurance money to go to me since we had a daughter together. . He even wrote it down on paper , his last wishes 3, days before he passed. I told him to change it but he insisted it go to me. Have allot of questions but not a clue to who I should go to for answers true answers

  112. I’m a retired Vet of the Army in 2003-2004 I received the mandatory 6 shot series. Since I’ve received them I have numerous health issues.

  113. I served in the Navy for 22 years from April 1995 to Dec 2016. I recieved two rounds of Anthrax and a couple boosters. I am now 43. I have been diagnosed with essential thrombocytopenia which has escalated my platelet count resulting in blood clots that have caused multiple heart attacks. This started at age 33. I have no precursors or family history. My hematologist says it was something I was exposed to but the VA gave me a 0% rating service connected. In my research I understand that this can be attributed to the vaccine but the VA continues to deny my claims.

  114. I am one of the fools who in early 1999 after the military ER Doc had suffered scrutiny to change the system that you had to be offered a form to sign to participate in the vaccination research before being given a shot has actually signed it. I didn’t know that I would actually receive a vaccine if I signed this. There was no information concerning the experiment. It was just, hey you wanna help the military out with medical research? So with all this political drama going on right in front of me at the hospital I worked, I just thought they would never do that to me. They would never put something in me as their protected military personnel that didn’t even work on the rats and caused lupus in the rats. The government failed me, being young and naive failed me. Not just me, I walked down there with a dozen others and that was Air Force. There were much more in this experiment that included the Navy. Sucks, I never was in war or combat but got the true experimental. Still alive. Gave me four years. The medications that suppress the immune system keep me going. I was one of the fastest runners, had an immune system from hell that was pristine. My health was amazing till this f—–g vaccine. I was so young. I feel for the 30,000 that died. How dare the government say it was all right for a pharmaceutical company to use me like a f—–g rat when it did not even work on the rats. F—–g disgusting. The people involved in saying this was all right need to be injected with the same vaccine and then hopefully they can find a cure with urgency while living a life of inflammation pain and nausea to restart the immune system that has now been triggered by WTF? I am very lucky to be alive. This happened in Biloxi, MS. If you know of the others that were in this experiment, looking for you and looking for a cure to reverse this shit.

  115. I received my Anthrax vaccine in 1994. I’ve been suffering for 20 years and really had no idea until now that my symptoms match those of the Gulf War Syndrome. Until now I thought all of my symptoms were unrelated. I didn’t go anywhere in the Gulf but received the vaccine because my TDS deploys there. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get any compensation because I haven’t been able to work for a long time. It’s so frustrating because I’m having a hard time making people listen.

  116. I received my third or fourth mandatory shot in order to ETS from Campbell in 2001. About a year after at age 27 I got Shingles. I have now had Shingles twice along with joint pain and dizzyness and memory loss. I thought I was the only one out there who was harmed by this crap. Im kinda glad I am not alone but pissed that we were treated like lab rats! I never tied this crap that happened to me to Anthrax till I started doing research. You don’t think the government would treat us like mice.

  117. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease nearly 4 years ago, at age 51. I had a stooped posture, tremors, muscle stiffness, sleeplessness, and slow movement. I was placed on Sinemet for 7 months and then Sifrol and rotigotine were introduced which replaced the Sinemet but I had to stop due to side effects. I was in denial for a while as there is no history of PD in my family. I also used amantadine, and physical therapy to strengthen muscles all failed. I decided to adopt a more natural approach and started on Parkinson’s Herbal formula from Organic Herbal Clinic, the Parkinson’s natural formula immensely helped my condition, i had a total recovery from PD with this natural herbal formula treatment. Organic Herbal Clinic official web site www . organicherbalclinic . com. I feel alive again!!

  118. I was diagnosed with COPD stage 2, five years ago now. I moved to Wales 3 years ago in the hope my health would improve. I am now 66. I also had a triple heart bypass 10 years ago, which doesn’t help! I often get headaches and migraines and can’t walk upstairs without getting out of breath. Even small exertions sometimes make my breathing bad. I was also going through  cough and start getting really bad aches in my back and chests was directed by a local doctor in Cardiff to use supplement on my condition which cure me perfectly, i went to pulmonologist and I was told that am free from Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.xx

  119. I had 3 anthrax vaccines in 1999 laced with squaleen antibodies lot # FAV041. I suffer with severe joint pain and muscle pain throughout my body, chronic fatigue, memory loss, joint stiffness. According to Autoimmune Technologies release study- certain Lot numbers have caused health problems. In 2012, I discussed my health issues with my doctor and with little to no results to what’s wrong with me. I recently filed a claim with the VA through the DAV for service connected fibromyalgia caused by the anthrax vaccine. I have all the symptoms of fibromyalgia and then some. All I know is I live with constant pain and those I served with that didn’t receive the vaccine don’t have any issues and the ones that received the experimental vaccine do.

  120. I was a NAVY nurse for 8 years, 7 months in Desert shield/Storm right off the Kuwait border Aug 1990- March 1991. 2 yrs after I had 2 collapsed lungs with multiple chest tubes. Finally had surgery after a million studies and removed part of lung along with other stuff. long story short I have pulmonary fibrosis and Moderate COPD and never smoked. Not to mention all the anthrax vaccines and every other experimental drug we took. As you all probably know, thank you NOT for all the support or should I say lack of any…… Pretty sad.

  121. My Mother was diagnosed with ALS in 2018 following a year of doctor visits and tests aimed at finding a cure for her slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, and weakening limbs. By the time she was diagnosed, she had developed pneumonia and was put on a respirator. A family friend visits us and told us about Solution Health Herbal Clinic and their successful ALS TREATMENT, We visited their website and ordered their ALS/MND Formula which they sent through courier service to us, i am happy to report the treatment effectively treated and reversed her Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), most of the symptoms stopped, she is able to walk and able to ride her treadmill again, she is pretty active now and can do everything again, Thanks to [email protected]

  122. I was also going through  cough and start getting really bad aches in my back and chests was directed by a local doctor in Cardiff to use totalcureherbsfoundation com supplement on my condition which cure me perfectly, i went to pulmonologist and I was told that am free from Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.xx

  123. I have had 19 anthrax shots never finished the series and have some bad skin issues, but can’t get anyone (md doctors) to admit the anthrax has anything to do with my skin issues…Maybe it doesn’t.

  124. 197th Infantry Brigade attached as 3rd brigade of 24th Infantry here, part of the right hook around upper Kuwait. I took PB pills, Anthrax, all the other assembly line vaccines, along being in the very close facinaty of the large scale demolitions of multiple chemical Bunkers. I am suffering From many of these problems. Short Term memory is horrible, all my joints through my limbs, spine are horrible, Finger and Toe nails turned thick yellow and brittle, the Duplicating words while typing is unbelievable. Toenails starting turning yellow and brittle. I have No energy even though I’m determinded to drive on. Almost unbelievable I have never missed a days work. In 25 years, I suffer everyday. Has anyone ever tried Carbon 60 99.99% pure in olive or coconut. I’m researching the best brands to get the best smallest molecule. I think I am ordering a bottle in Olive Oil this week and hopefully it will help remove all theses toxins, poisons, fluoride, metals, that stockpiled in my body over the decades. I’m only 52 and feel 70. I can’t go on in this state must longer. I’m still waking up at 4 A.M. like the military set my natural clock but gotta actually forse my self out of bed. I feel like a loser in which I know I’m not. Has anyone tried the ( C60 ) (Carbon 60). Curious minds gonna know. Thanks.

  125. I was sent to Iraq in 2008 on a special mission for Red River Army Depot and every since I got back in 2009 I have had something going on medically. My group was forced to take the dreaded Anthrax vacation. If we refused we were told that we would be sent back home and would lose our job so we were went ahead and took the shots. Are there any law suits filed against this?

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  127. My mom ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) symptoms started out with a “foot drop” on her left foot. From there her left leg lost all muscle tone and all the entire left leg muscles was almost gone. Also her fingers and thumbs “contract” at times. Left arm is losing muscle tone too,she have been suffering from amyotrophic laterals sclerosis (ALS) disease for the last seven years and had constant pain which really get us worried, especially in her knees, the only treatment for this ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is natural organic treatments honestly ,totalcureherbsfoundation .c om has the perfect herbal remedy to all the Motor Neuron Disease including ALS.

  128. I forgot to mention I get a flare up if I drink beer or a wine, eat sweets or a lot of wheat. I believe we could have a fungus (candida?) which would explain why others are not affected. I have used the Fluconazole tablet , 150mgs (for yeast infections) clears things up for the time. I am not sure how much is a safe amount and for how long. You have to be careful you don’t overdo it though as you may affect the flora in your body. I take acidophilus while using it.All the searching I have done on this “thing” seems to point to Lyme disease symptoms, which comes from bite of a black legged tick. It’s becoming a problem here in the Southern Ontario. Contrary to popular belief you don’t always know you’ve been bitten and don’t observe the bite site. It is much later into the disease that tests will show Lyme disease. Doctors haven’t caught up with this yet and people are being diagnosed with lupus and other diseases. I am sure we all could write forever on this devastating situation and the lack of help. It is very isolating as even friends and family give you that quizzical look when you mention it. I don’t talk about it to them anymore.

  129. My son was a Marine durning DesertStorm. His shot had Squalene in it. It caused his cerebellum degeneration. He had a walker,and wheelchair. He was 22 when he became ill. He is now on end of life care.

  130. I am a current Army Reservist who is about through the ARMMC. I deployed to Afghanistan 2010-2011. I received two Anthrax Vaccine inculcation sure. I was diagnosis with Ankylosing Spondylitis 2017. Between 2011 and 2017 I had such a odd journey. The first I noticed was at the end of my deployment 2011 I left country with a stiffness in my neck. Like I slept wrong and was unable to look up. Doctors told me it’s genetic but problem is I do not have this disease in my family and DNA test for genetic marked was negative. I know it was the Anthrax Vaccine that cause this. VA rating 90% working on 100%. Rational for Ankylosing Spondylitis was, Soldier was deployed to Afghanistan 2010-2011. Been in for over 14 years at that point. Just need help finding something showing I am not crazy. I have Lot numbers and manufacture information. [email protected]

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