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The Vaccine Reaction, or TVRis a free online subscription journal published by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a 501(c)(3)H nonprofit organization. We do not accept advertising. Our website is hosted by Mercola.com. Become an e-mail subscriber to the publication here.

NVIC is funded by individual donations and philanthropic foundations. We do not receive funding from government health agencies, drug companies selling vaccines or medical trade associations and other non-governmental organizations receiving funding from vaccine manufacturers and government health agencies. NVIC Newsletter subscribers, donor supporters and registered users of the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal automatically receive a subscription to TVR.

Guiding Vision

There is a growing awareness and deep concern among people in the U.S. and around the world that human health, the earth’s environment and our freedom to make informed, voluntary decisions about how we stay well is being compromised. The global search for better ways to protect the environment is mirrored by the personal search of individuals, young and old, to find more effective ways to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

In America, profound questions are being asked about the role of corporations, medical trade associations, government health agencies and lawmakers in creating public policies and laws that affect the ability of individuals and communities to choose how they will maintain optimal health and long term well being. This historic challenge to the status quo is prompting a public conversation about whether some public health policies and laws are causing harm by failing to acknowledge and respect the importance of biodiversity, the precautionary principle and the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking.

TVR provides a forum for readers to engage in critical thinking and participate in an enlightened conversation about reaction to one of the most important public conversations of our time: the relationship between vaccination, health and autonomy. This online weekly journal offers an opportunity to analyze the broader contemporary and historical issues that affect public perception, understanding and opinion about how public health policies and laws affect individual and community health, freedom of thought and speech and other civil liberties.

Editorial Content

TVR publishes original analyses, news summaries and opinions, as well as highlights articles, analyses and opinions appearing in professional and mainstream media publications to provide a mechanism for public discussion about a range of scientific, medical, ethical, political, cultural, social, legal and public policy issues that intersect with the topics of health, vaccination and autonomy. A special focus is the impact of vaccine research, development, regulation, policy-making, promotion and mandates on:

* human and animal health
* ecology and the environment
* autonomy and privacy
* freedom of thought and conscience
* practice of medicine and public health
* media and public opinion
* business and finance
* politics and government
* U.S. and international law
* other trending topics

Anchoring News and Opinion with References

TVR features a selection of news articles, analyses, opinions, videos, books and other information highlighted, analyzed or critiqued by editorial staff. In order to ensure accuracy, transparency and accountability for information contained in analyses, summaries and opinions written by TVR staff and guest writers, all articles will contain references and/or links to original reference sources.

TVR Content Corrections Policy

A correction to a referenced article published in TVR will be made and noted in the article’s Comment Section or at the end of an article if an article contains an error that affects the accuracy or clarity of the article’s content. Minor errors, such as typographical errors, will generally not be corrected unless they substantively change the intended meaning of a word or sentence.

History of The Vaccine Reaction

In 1995, NVIC published the first The Vaccine Reaction newsletter, edited by NVIC co-founder Barbara Loe Fisher. The newsletter was printed and mailed to NVIC supporters until 2006, when NVIC began producing the online NVIC Vaccine E-Newsletter.

More About NVIC
A non-profit (501c3H) charity founded in 1982, NVIC is dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education.  NVIC serves as a clearinghouse for information on diseases and vaccination and advocates for the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking and respect for the Precautionary Principle in public policy-making. We are a consumer-led educational organization and does not give medical advice about whether or not individuals should or should not use vaccines or other pharmaceutical products. We encourage everyone to become educated about health and vaccination, including the risks and complications of diseases and vaccines, and consult one or more trusted health care professionals before making vaccination and other health decisions.

NVIC’s website at NVIC.org is the largest and oldest consumer-operated website featuring information on diseases, vaccination and health on the Internet. NVICAdvocacy.org was established in 2010 to advocate for inclusion of informed consent protections in state public health laws. Become a Fan on our Facebook page here.

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