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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


CDC: 1 in 45 Children Diagnosed With Autism

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A total of 2.24% of U.S. children (1 in 45 children) aged 3 to 17 years have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to new statistics released by the 2014 National Health Interview Survey. The new figure is up from 1.25% reported from 2011 to 2013. The prevalence of developmental delay fell to 3.57% from 4.84%, while the rate of intellectual disability remained virtually unchanged at 1.1%.1 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) attributes the significant jump in autism rates on the new format of the survey, which asked parents about autism before asking them if their child had an “other developmental delay.”1 In other words, the change in the order of the questions in the survey may have influenced parents to more likely report autism.

Regardless of the revised question ordering, the rates of autism have continued to increase dramatically during the past three decades:1 

  • 1980’s: Two studies (1987 & 1989) found 1 in 2500-3000 U.S. children had autism2 3 
  • 2000: American Academy of Neurology and Child Neurology Society estimate 1 in 500 US children had autism.4
  • 2003-2004: Study (2006) revealed 1 in 188 U.S. children had autism5
  • 2007: CDC states 1 in 150 U.S. children had autism6
  • 2009: CDC states 1 in 110 U.S. children had autism7
  • 2012: CDC states 1 in 88 U.S. children had autism8
  • 2014: CDC states 1 in 68 U.S. children aged eight had autism9

Even though in 2014, the CDC “officially” admitted that 1 in 68 US children eight years old were found to have autism, in 2013 a CDC national health survey found that 1 in 50 children between the ages of 6 and 17 were diagnosed with ASD in 2011-2012.10 The authors of that 2013 federal health survey stated that:

The reported prevalence of ASD has increased in recent decades. For example, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) revealed a nearly fourfold increase in parent-reported ASD between the 1997–1999 and 2006–2008 surveillance periods, and CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network revealed a 78% increase in ASD prevalence between 2002 and 2008.

In a comment to The Washington Post on the latest CDC admission that 1 in 45 children in America suffer with autism, Jill Escher of the Autism Society of San Francisco said:

It’s not the year to year numbers that concern us. It’s the decade to decade. The fact that we have 1 in 45 children with a very serious neurological condition is a catastrophe by any measure.11 


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  1. What studies are being done on non vaccinated children? Less incidence of Autism and other developmental issues?

    1. May be they are afraid to do the studies on nonvaccinated individuals because the public might find out that the participants are the children and grandchildren of the big pharma executives and “upper echelon” who must remain “Genome Disruption Syndrome free” in order to sustain life on Earth.

    2. Russin and Pan in California have stated it impossible to do studies on unvaccinated children that are double blind. In otherwords, it can’t be done, so we should just get vaccines.

      1. It doesn’t need to be double blind studies. Either they have it or they don’t. Dah! This is just more spin and excuses to keep from doing the study because they already know the answer. Gah people are so stupid.

    3. The studies comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated HAVE been done. They ALL show the SAME thing, no autism in unvaccinated kids. Problem: Big pharma controls what does, and does not get published and “peer reviewed” in the medical journals, because the journals receive over 95% of their revenues directly from big pharma. The studies are out there. Amish communities have no autism. In one study I read, out of thousands of Amish, there were only two kids with autism, and BOTH of those kids had been vaccinated before then having been adopted by Amish families. This one made the point very well to me, and the only thing that would have cause to to distrust it, is if big pharma had anything to do with it. In fact, if it HAD been published in one of their journals, I would have had less faith in it’s honesty.

  2. I do not think that most people on the spectrum suffer from aut-ism. In many cases we are able to live and learn to create a fairly happy and pleasant life for ourselves.

    What can make our life miserable, is “normal”-ism. Normal people and professionals, who think that we have to be like them, normal, to be useful citizens in their world.

    Yes we are different, but not less. We are not defective normal people, that has to be cured or discarded, as useless.

    Also remember, that all the children on the spectrum will and are grown-ups and autism does not disappear at the age of 18.

    1. It’s not that you are expected to be normal. The part I don’t understand is how society just accepts these illnesses as the “NORM”. When I was a kid, I don’t recall one single child in my school with Autism or ASD or any of that psych labeled, over medicated disorders. Now it’s so damn prevalent that society just accepts that their children are chronically ill or have learning disorders or neurological disorders and that’s just the way life goes. Oh, all of a sudden the human species is just spewing physically disabled, developmentally disabled, chronically ill offspring! I don’t think so. Wake up! Realize that children’s conditions today are attributed to a source cause!!!! PHARMACEUTICALS!
      I’m sorry, but this is absolutely not normal. We are the highest vaccinated country and the children in America have the most disease, chronic illness and disabilities. Maybe if parents would wake up and say “wait a minute, something just doesn’t add up” and actually start paying attention we could nip this crap. But it’s statements like yours that are passive of the real problem. Our children’s bodies are being polluted and parents actually believe they are doing their child’s health a favor by vaccinating. I don’t care what anybody says, I’ve research long enough, I have read enough testimonials and I have known enough parents of vaccine injured children that nobody will ever convince me that vaccines are safe or they do children any good.

      1. You are one of the lucky ones on the spectrum, but you cannot speak for all the children on the spectrum, some of whom are suffering quite horribly with little or no relief their entire lives. Yes, there are the Temple Grandins who are gifted and autistic, but there are many children who are nonverbal, unable to connect with peers or even family, who have seizures, cannot feed themselves and there are some who are in diapers their whole lives, who pound their heads into floors and walls while their parents try to hold them back. There is pain and suffering going on here, and for you or any of us to ignore this because we are worried about a “label” instead of trying to get to the bottom of this grim epidemic that is decimating many families, is irresponsible and selfish in the extreme. So, happy for you that you are glad to be who you are, but really except for a minority of people on the spectrum who are like you, you can speak only for yourself.

        1. ” …. and there are some who are in diapers their whole lives, who pound their heads into floors and walls while their parents try to hold them back.”

          Thank you for expressing this so perfectly, this is the life we are living!

          Whenever I read something describing autism as just a quirky personality trait to be embraced, sure, I’m happy for the people who appreciate the milder versions of it, but I also get angry that our experience of it has been minimized. Our lives are deadly hell at times and to trivialize that is truly disrespectful.

    2. Words from someone who has never suffered a chronic condition.

      The point is they aren’t born with this. It’s created by the agencies allowing vaccine companies to poison our babies. BABIES! Seek the photos showing how many needles are used to inject children. IMO the is the most egregious child abuse ever.

      And states are moving to mandate vaccination.

      Look, if someone wants to play russian roulette with their childs health and well being thats their choice. But forced vaccination can’t happen. Period.

      Autism like autoimmune is AT EPIDEMIC levels. But you haven’t been told that. Yet if a case of nonlife threatening measles breaks out it’s all over the news. We MUST change that.

      Additionally every vaccine commercial MUST carry the risks as the RX commercials do. Interestingly, now they are calling to ban those commercials altogether. Why? Because they don’t want you to know.

      People need to stop trusting these agencies that were put in place to protect us. Clearly they don’t. and those that suffer it not only pay the price suffering the condition, they have to pay out of pocket to treat it. Pray one day that isn’t you and your child.

      So, you up for another game of russian roulette with your childs life?

  3. This is in correlation with the government insisting on more and more vaccines for children. I was born in the early 50’s and probably had only 4-5 vaccines at the most. I have never had a yearly flu shot and am healthier than those that get them. Let your body build it’s own immunity and you will be much better off.

  4. On Nov. 16, the Myers-Rosa Foundation Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism published a commentary ( http://www.thinkingautismguide.com/2015/11/why-cdcs-new-1-in-45-autism-numbers.html ) by Shannon Des Roches Rosa which stated that “[t]he role of changing diagnostic criteria in rising autism rates is particularly relevant right now, given that theme’s prominence in Steve Silberman’s award-winning, current bestseller NeuroTribes. Silberman devotes a sizable section of the book to describing how British researcher Lorna Wing helped revamp autism diagnostic criteria in the 1980s. When Dr. Wing widened those criteria to include the full spectrum of autistic experiences, she fully expected autism prevalence to rise dramatically as a result.”

    On Nov. 19, the Simons Foundation Spectrum news service published a commentary ( https://www.spectrumnews.org/news/autisms-rise-tracks-with-drop-in-other-childhood-disorders ) by Nicholette Zeliadt which stated that the recent “rise in autism is partly the result of a drop in the number of children with other disorders.” In detail, it showed evidence that “[t]o better align these estimates [of one in 45 children have autism], CDC scientists modified the wording and format of their survey in a way they thought might capture more children with autism. Instead of including the condition in a checklist, they inserted a question about autism right after the one about intellectual disability.”

    I am a 54-year-old autistic man whose characteristics and co-morbids existed decades before autism was a household word. While I agree that there is no reason that adverse-drug reactions (including those from vaccinations) wouldn’t induce or mimic autistic characteristics at a rate consistent with other ADRs, I understand that the diagnostic and statistical evidence suggests that the increase of autism diagnoses is more likely the result of the change in diagnostic criteria of the 1980s, and that the recent diagnostic rate is more likely the result of re-wording its polling questions to show some statistical contrast with certain other co-morbids.

    1. From one in 10,000 to 1 in 45? Due to the reasons you mentioned? I don’t think so. And there have been studies showing that is not the case. Perhaps better diagnosis has raised it slightly at best. I believe for some it is more than just vaccines (environmental toxins, glyphosate, perhaps fluoride, etc.), and perhaps several vaccines push people over the tipping point. But as long as they (CDC, vaccine makers, etc) keep denying all the possible causes, they’ll never find a solution.

      1. NO, no, no! This statistical rise in autism data is not from a change in diagnostic criteria of the 80’s! The data is clear! And I have lived long enough to have seen the jump in autism over 6 decades of my own life. Many toxic chemicals are at fault, vaccines are insuring genetic disrupting sicknesses too…

      2. Tony – “You don’t think so” ??. You are dismissing a very applicable argument because you don’t have the education, experience and/or willingness to understand. There are very good reasons for the increase. It certainly can’t be because of the vaccines.

        First of all, Asperger’s Syndrome didn’t become standardized as a diagnosis until 1990’s. Then later, sometime after 2000, it was no longer considered a separate diagnosis, and is now included in the Autism diagnosis. This fact alone would have increased the occurrence to greater than 1 in 100.

        As for changing the survey by changing the selection of Autism from a list of many items, to a separate question to be considered by itself in isolation from the noise of other issues, then I would, as a gut feel, expect a large increase in results – the increase would depend on the nature of respondents, whether professionals, or your average Joe. (I’ve developed interfaces for many computer systems, and know the design makes a significant difference to the data captured. Furthermore I have migrated data between computer systems, and get to see the effect of layout of forms and screens on quality of data.)

        People on the Asperger’s spectrum have been around for a long time. I have a number of friends who either identify as being on the spectrum or they have children diagnosed. I can look back at their parents or grand parents and see very likely candidates for the same diagnosis. I’m talking people born in the 1930’s here, but of course there was no awareness back then. From bits I have see about Albert Einstein, I think he is a likely candidate, as would be Sir Isaac Newton.

        This website makes a very good point: “To see that big of a change in prevalence over a four-year period — from 1 in 80, to 1 in 45 — researchers would also need to be seeing a dramatic change in risk factors for autism in the population”
        No one can seriously think the risk factors have actually shot up several hundreds of times over the last couple of decades.

        The really good thing about the latest results is that the there is now better than ever an understanding of how widespread the condition is, and now better support for the those and thoer familes should be provided.

        1. “It certainly can’t be because of the vaccines.” Really? You sound like another one of those pharma paid operatives for opposition control of people who question the safety of vaccines.

          If you would do more thorough research, you would discover that the US Government already admits that vaccines cause autism: “How the US Government admits vaccines cause autism.” (Jon Rappoport/NoMoreFakeNews):


          From the report: (conditions under which the Fed Govt will pay-out compensation to parents whose children have been damaged by vaccines): The US Govt will compensate cases in children exhibiting an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by an array of symptoms including AUTISTIC behavior, AUTISM, or seizures.
          Let’s just call it what it is: Vaccine-induced neurological damage…caused by vaccine aluminum and immune activation.

          I lost a family member to complications from a vaccine-induced autoimmune disease. Her doctors admitted that a vaccine (Hep-B) was the impetus of her disease. The doctors know. Sadly, many are just silent witnesses to the destruction these substances cause. These vaccines cause chronic illnesses that provide a lucrative market for big pharma to profit from the drugs used to treat many of these illnesses. What a business model of bait & switch!

          Vaccines = chemical warfare on the human race!

        2. Don, You don’t really believe that do you? lol Asperger’s only makes up 10% of the spectrum and you say it wold account for the 10000% increase? hahahaha not even close. Besides even scientists will say change in diagnoses does not account for this extreme increase. I didn’t have a single child in my elementary school with autism my sons elementary school has 1-4 per class and I am not talking Asperger’s syndrome, I’m talking hand flapping lack of communication seizures and much more. My son is vaccine injured he was allergic to some of the ingredients and was then diagnosed with autism and seizure disorder he is the most severe case in his school, in diapers, on a pureed diet, major food allergies, absolutely no communication not even pointing or waiving, super human strength, high tolerance to pain, no concept of danger, no play skills and is on 2 seizure meds. I could go on but I think you get the point. He has 4 EA’s at school because they burn out easily and he will be lucky if he ever potty trains or ever has communication of any sort. So I feel your ignorance on the subject and your quick thick response to be extremely frustrating and even insulting. You seem like you are more intelligent than that.

    Between chemo and vaccines people are dying and becoming disabled. This is what the underworld government control wants! They want you dead! And Never re=vaccinate when the immune system is mature and does not need vaccinated. This will cause auto immune disorders, seizures’ and more. Just like the rabies shot in our pets. A dog does not need to be revaccinated after the first year. A dogs immune system is mature at 5 months! They never need revaccinated for rabies after the booster. So too is the government doing this to people to depopulate the world. Wake up!

  6. My 30 year old son has autism along with learning disabilities. His original diagnoses when he was 4 was Educably Mentally Handicapped. He was diagnosed with autism when he was in his 20s. If I had known then what I know now about vaccines, he would not have been vaccinated. I strongly believe, after doing years of research, that the amount of vaccines given as to an infant greatly increases if not out right guarantees an adverse effect on the development of the child. I believe that the increase in the number of vaccines and the frequency and the chemical make up of the vaccines has changed over the years and we have used our most innocent of innocent as guinea pigs. We are now realizing that a whole generation has been effected by that experiment. Finally, parents and society as a whole are beginning to question the motive behind the vaccines…which is Big Pharma’s wallet getting bigger… and fighting back.

    Some are losing their lives as they speak out. There have been a number of doctors who have been very vocal about vaccines that have ended up dead. I don’t think there is a coincidence. We have a local doctor who ran for Senate who has been very vocal in educating the citizens of North Carolina…Greg Brannon. We need more men and women to stand up and speak out against this money making killing machine known as Big Pharma and their vaccines!

    1. I couldn’t agree more!
      If they aren’t killing your child, they are ensuring they injure your child so they become a life-long profit.

    2. I witnessed the side affects of vaccines with my oldest grandson and my father. My grandson was a few months old. He rec’d the MMR and became very sick; high fever, quit nursing, lethargic, and within 2 weeks, developed a bad ear infection, numerous antibiotics because the doctor couldn’t find the bacteria causing the infection, and on and on. It all started with the vaccines. When we called the doctor, all we kept hearing was all of the above was pretty normal. Really? I knew something was wrong. At that point, my daughter quit the vaccine schedule. She started researching, as did I, and we were appalled when we started reading the same stories that other people were describing with their babies, over and over again. Does anyone care or listen? This is not normal. It was a living nightmare. This baby was perfect up until he had the so called “cocktail” they give these babies before their immune system is developed. I find it criminal. But, the pharmaceuticals are huge on Wall Street and I learned they answer to their stockholders, not these babies or their parents. To top all of this off, we have Governor Brown (who I wish I hadn’t voted for) in California and Senator Pan from Sacramento, who never did their homework on any of this. They couldn’t have! Between the 2 of them, they have taken the parents rights away from them and we now have forced vaccination in California. This is unconscionable. In a free country no one should be able to take a parents’ right away from doing what they think is the right thing for their child. We are not free in California. But, the pharmaceuticals gave close to a million dollars to Senator Pan’s campaign. It was pay back time for Senator Pan. Our politicians have deep pockets and no longer represent us. I rec’d 5 vaccines as a child; still living, my children 7. A fully vaccinated child now receives 46 injections. No one will ever convince me that is safe, especially when the aluminum alone, in each injection, is known to cause neurological problems. Lastly, when my father was 88 years old (2010) he went in for his annual check up. He was in very good condition at the time. He was driving, playing golf, fishing excursions, going to all of his grandchildren’s games and functions, etc. He was not on any medication at all. His doctor suggested he get a pneumonia and shingles vaccine. My father said fine, even though my sister, a nurse, had told him she thought, at his age, he should no longer get any vaccines. He forgot she told him that. After receiving the vaccines, within 2 weeks he blew up like a balloon, fluid was seeping out of his legs, the emergency room in the hospital was extracting fluid from his lungs and could not find the reason he became so ill. It was my nurse sister who told the doctors it had to have been the vaccines. They completely disagreed with her and would not talk with her about it. She wanted them to report it to the CDC but they, to date, never have. Within the next week, my father, who now had pneumonia (vaccine?), broke out in chicken pox (vaccine?). It WAS the vaccines. The doctors now believed it, because my father had chicken pox as a child and was exposed to them 3 separate times when my 10 siblings and I had them at various times. He died the next month. A wonderful man who raised 11 children, was happily married to my mother for 60+ years, fought in WWII, worked for the government and lived an exemplary life. I know he could have died from something else at his age, but this should not have happened. In the end, they all forget about you. They aren’t interested. But, after this happened to my father, the huge HMO changed their vaccine prodigal and no longer give the shingles vaccine to anyone over the age of 80. My father might have saved a few other elderly people from dying from the shingles vaccine. I truly wish people would do their homework and stop listening to the constant adds and commercials we are inundated with from the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. They are not truthful at all. It is all about money and greed.

      1. Thank you Karen for sharing your stories! I am amazed about all of that, and truly sorry about what happen, in the end to your father.
        yes, I wish many people would read it and understand that freedom is being taking away from us, step by step.

        here in Oregon we are fighting to get Single Payer passed which is hard because Pharmaceuticals and Insurance Companies – too much profit, and no concern about Humanity.

        we must say NO to Pharmaceuticals and Insurance Co power!
        It requires a collective work!

      2. Sorry to hear of your family’s experiences. It makes me very angry that they market these drugs to the vulnerable. Parents pushed into it in fear, older people pushed into it in fear of declining health. Disgusting. I am so sorry your dad had to go through that. Surprising they actually changed their guidelines.

    3. When a child is given a combination vaccine when they are a baby or only months, the vaccines plays hectic on the immune system. Same with animals. The immune system is not yet strong enough to fight off all the toxic effects from the vaccines, Also you need to know when they do get a vaccine if it is a core vaccine or non-core vaccine. Core vaccine will last a life time. Not so for non-core vaccine. If your child develops seizures or Autism you can almost be certain it is from the vaccines. For years I have told people this and they just want to believe authoritive reports. Don’t trust the government or even medical doctors. Doctors only know what they are led to believe. I am telling you the Government will kill us, Why do you think they are always pushing for the elderly to get vaccinated? They want to get rid of the elderly. Many have died before their time with no explanation. Have you ever seen so many children with Cancer? NO, because the government, hospitals, drug companies and doctors make tons of money from the expense of your child with cancer and other diseases. God gave us an immune system for a reason. I am seventy years old. Never in 55 years go to a doctor unless for some small reason. Never take medications of any sort. And, I am still kicking. Never let your doctor fill you with toxic medications. You will shorten the quality of your life and the years your life.

    1. I think that stuff about human fetal DNA being in vaccines and causing mutations in DNA has been disproved; for more info: http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2014/09/09/religious-fundamentalists-try-to-prove-fetal-dna-in-vaccines-causes-autism-and-fail/ . The theory is propaganda being advanced by a Christian fundamentalist group against the use of fetal tissue in scientific research. Personally, I would look at increased use and overuse of a systemic class of pesticides (can’t be washed off), Neonicotinoids, as the cause of autism. Now linked to colony collapse disorder in bees.

  7. Recently I have heard about methylation. A fascinating absolute must know for all of us. There is a theory that those lacking the gene are the ones at risk for reacting to toxins, vaccines, foods etc…in ways that tilt them into adverse heath reactions. Why is it that some humans can tolerate vaccines and other not? This is one of the most fascinating reason that may explain why. Do your own research…
    One link to begin and there are many!!!



  8. Am I the only person not surprised by the timing of the release – the day after the attacks in Paris? The autism report got virtually no media coverage as there were bigger stories to tell. Also, by including children as young as three to six in the study, they watered down the statistics, because the median age for diagnosis is four.

    1. Jean, most Amish actually do vaccinate, and they do suffer from autism as well, albeit at a lesser rate than the general public. Might be due to less exposure to other risk factors. It is time to stop thinking about autism “cause”, and thinking instead about “risk factors”, as we do for cancer and any neurological condition. “Cause” belongs to the scientific method, which is a story that is told about reality. “Risk factors” belong to reality itself.

    2. You’re assuming the Amish don’t vaccinate?

      That has been comprehensively disproven. See:

      The last page includes the following statement which shows there is Autism in the Amish lands:
      “… there’s an entire autism clinic in Amish country, the Clinic for Special Children.”

      In fact the Amish anomaly is further evidence of genetic factors being a significant cause of Autism.

      Unfortunately a lot of the anti-vax claims can be discounted by a quick perusal through Google and Wikipedia. It is critical to remove this noise, as it detracts from the real evidence, which becomes discredited by association.

  9. We now have so many vaccine-induced disorders these days. Not only a dramatic increase in autism (vaccine-induced neurological damage in most cases), but allergies, autoimmune diseases, childhood cancers and so on.

    All the hyper-vax/anti-choice medical professionals talk about anymore is the fearmongering with the vaccine preventable diseases. They neglect to talk about the vaccine-induced diseases! The destruction caused to the victims and their families who suffer the consequences of this chemical warfare is egregious! I recently loss a family member to complications from a vaccine-induced autoimmune disease. A slow, painful death she suffered compliments of a Hep-B vax!

    And how stupid does Big Pharma think we are trying to hide their industry-funded vaccine safety studies that masquerade as the real deal. They even got the medical journals complicit in their cover-ups. Here on a recent pertussis vaccine study (2015), the funding from THREE separate pharma companies wasn’t disclosed by the publishing journal. But they got caught and a little “damage control” is now being done by that particular journal editor (imagine that):


    Chemical warfare on the human race!

    1. There is no evidence of a vaccine caused increase in Autism rates. The increases are due to changes in diagnosis reporting and the inclusion of Asperger’s Syndrome into Autism, combined with different recording, by forcing respondents to answer the Autism question separately, instead of a selection from a list. The Autism rates have significantly increased over the last 20-30 years which can be explained by these factors. But the increase cannot be explained without a massive increase in the risk factors. Even the recently reported increase from 1 in 80 to 1 in 45 children over the last 4 years would require a significant increase in risk factors that has not been present.

      The first connection of Autism to vaccines was by Andrew Wakefield in a fraudulent report – that is well documented. This has lead to the whole Autism-Vaccine movement who have not had the maturity to accept they may have been hoodwinked by a trickster.

      Since then there has been research into the link between Autism and Vaccines. Here are a few links that show no causal relationship:

      As for your cover up on the big pharma funding of the report, the author did include the disclosure. It was corrected by the Journal later on, and the problem was software related relating to macros in Adobe products and MS Word, and MS word styles. As someone who has programmed in MS Word, I can tell you that their macros and styles are particularly finicky and prone to errors, so this does appear credible. I think anyone who has worked with very large MS Word documents with changing styles and tables, would understand how tricky they can be.

      While the source of funding declaration is very important, don’t just attribute every error to a conspiracy – it really turns people away. I know the site that you quoted was heavy in blaming the error pn conspiracy, there was no actual sign of it.

      1. You say:”There is ~no~ evidence of a vaccine caused increase in Autism rates.” “The increase are due to changes in diagnosis…” Sounds like the same old montra from vaccine promoters. If that were true then it would imply doctors were so STUPID in 1900, 1930, 1950, etc., that they couldn’t even recognize children with a particular range of symptoms. We would also have to throw out all the data relating to Polio, Measles, Diphtheria, etc., too, and therefore conclude that there is no evidence that vaccines have been of any use!

        On Wakefield: Scientists have been questioning vaccines long before he came along, but I’ll do you one better. Ever heard of Dr. William “I participated in a fraudulent vaccine study” Thompson? There’s your fraud, front and center at the Sacred Temple of the CDC. When are they going to retract that infamous 2004 MMR study? Now there’s allegations pertaining to the destruction of key documents in that study:


        If your mind controlled to believe that vaccines have nothing to do with neurological damage, as well as other diseases, you might want to pay a visit over to “Vaccine Papers.” They have all the data on Aluminum adjunct toxicity, Immune Activation & Autism, Interleukin-6 & Autism, and much more. A lot of their data was researched by the prominent Dr. Carl Patterson of Caltech. I implore you to go to their site: “They invite vaccine defenders to find flaws in their arguments.” You’ll quickly see there is a myriad of scientific literature on vaccine toxicity:


        You also say: “Don’t just attribute error to a conspiracy – it really turns people away.” That’s really stupid. What about terrorism, organized crime, Watergate, Lance Armstrong and his cycling teammates? All these required conspiracies – do YOU deny they exist? (Btw, not conspiracy theory…but conspiracy RESEARCH).

        FWIW, it’s clear to me that your a paid pharma operative for opposition control that targets on-line discussion forums. Sadly, they exist with the prime objective of vaccine promotion and criticizing people who are anti-vax (imagine that).

        Vaccines = Chemical warfare on the human race! ?

  10. I am a retired special education teacher who began my teaching career in 1959 in Raleigh, North Carolina and then taught for 40 years in New York City. There were very few vaccine requirements then and I never saw any autistic children 40 or 50 years ago. Most teachers my age had childhood diseases like measles, chickenpox, and the like that left us with permanent immunity and we did not acquire any diseases from the children we taught who came to school with mumps, or other communicable diseases. Teachers my age did not receive any vaccinations but the smallpox one. I have never had a flu shot and have never had the flu. I eat garlic, fresh fruits and vegetables to improve my immunity and sharply limit sweets whose refined sugars weaken the immune system. When my son was 3 months old and received the first DPT shot and for several hours afterwards engaged in high-pitched screaming. As a child, I had the actual whooping cough as did some of my neighbors and we never screamed like that and we are not autistic.

  11. We could easily make a significant contribution to this cause by funding our own cohort study of non vaccinated children as well as delayed vaccinated children and the rates of autism. Ibv, eczema and other auto immune diseases. I am willing to help. This kind of study would have a tremendous impact on parents choice in vaccination. We need to do something instead of keep talking about this. We already have an excellent control group. If the research isn’t there let’s make it happen.

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