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Three Children in Pakistan Die After Getting Measles Vaccine

Pakistani children
Pakistani children
The parents of the three dead children have reportedly said that a female health worker visited their homes in the Saeedabad area of Nawabshah on March 3 and administered the measles vaccines against their will.

Three children in Pakistan became critically ill and died a day after they were vaccinated with the measles vaccine in the city of Nawabshah. One the children died at home and the other two children died at the People’s University Medical Hospital (PUMH) in Nawabshah. At least seven other Pakistani children who received the same vaccinations were reported to be in critical condition.1 2 

Husnain Brohi, 5, Hania Noor, 6, and nine-month old Qamar Din died on March 4, 2018. News reports have confirmed the names of three of other seven children as Zubair, 5, Jannat, 4, and Tania, 3.2 

The parents of the three dead children have reportedly said that a female health worker visited their homes in the Saeedabad area of Nawabshah on March 3 and administered the measles vaccines against their will.2 According to one of the parents:

Their [children’s] condition started deteriorating shortly afterward and we rushed them to the hospital.3

The children were taken to PUMH where they eventually died.3

The health worker is alleged to have failed to act in accordance with protocol by using expired vaccines and storing it in her purse. Police stated that she fled the scene; however, she is now in police custody for further investigation. Police have further stated that the case is not registered as yet but will be when medical records are issued.1 

Health officials in Nawabshah have collected blood samples from the bodies of the dead children for testing to try to determine the cause of death.2 The government health minister for the province of Sindh, Dr. Sikandar Mandhro, has ordered in inquiry into the deaths.4

In January, a baby in Kenya died after receiving the measles vaccine and four other babies became critically ill.5 In August 2017, two young girls in India died after they received the measles and rubella vaccine.6 In May 2017, 15 children in South Sudan died after being vaccinated with the measles vaccine.7 

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12 Responses

    1. There should be a law that requires the following.

      1. Discussion of vaccine safety and known adverse effects before administration.

      2. Formal written permission with a video recording showing the signer actually signed it. Parents and guardians must sign for children.

      3. Formal declaration for the 100% equal inherent inalienable right of bodily intake and exclusion. Note: I oppose smoking, alcohol, illicit drugs, but because of this right cannot deny others.

  1. Notice the distraction in the report. the health worker is to blame. She used the wrong protocol and used an out of date vaccines!
    There was nothing wrong with the vaccines!!!
    How many children did she vaccinate ? How many died? How did she
    come to have out of date vaccines? How long has she been
    vaccinating children under who’s authority?

  2. Inexcusably, there have been many examples over many years where the Big Pharma manufacturers of vaccines have shipped expired vaccines to the Third World to minimize their financial losses. Apparently there as some populations that can be made sacrificial lambs, with impunity, when the finances of Mega Corporations manoeuvre to protect their bottom line.

  3. Aren’t there any tests for sensitivity or susceptibility to adverse effects of these vaccines?

  4. I recently saw an article in National Geographic. It had a picture of an armed escort/soldier escorting two clinic workers who were going door to door giving vaccines. If I remember correctly it was in Pakistan! The average person does not trust the vaccination program offered to them by the more developed world. So the governments in these countries have to force the vaccines at gun point! Literally!! God help us and God help these families.

    1. “Measles isn’t life-threatening” – tell that to the parents of the 300,000 children who died from the disease last year. Measles is the biggest killer of under 5s in he developing world. Since 1980, the death toll has fallen from 4.2m deaths annually worldwide, to around 460,000 – why…? BECAUSE VACCINATION WORKS!

      But of course you, a (wilfully) ignorant American, who has access to healthcare, clean water and sanitation would think that.

      I’ve often wondered why antivaxxers are so determined to end worldwide vaccination programmes, and I can only conclude that it has nothing to do with the safety of vaccines, and everything to do with the fact that you’re terrified the world is being overrun with people whose skin isn’t white.

      The antivax movement is simply about white supremacy. I note this because I’ve yet to come across a vehement antivaxxer who wasn’t white.

  5. Vaccines cause reactions, illnesses, disorders, disabilities and deaths regardless of whether they are used in accordance with protocol or not. Vaccination needs to be abolished as a matter of urgency to put an end to this medical fraud, child abuse and crime against humankind.

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