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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Kenyan Baby Dies After Receiving Measles Vaccine

Kenyan baby carried by mother

A baby in Bomet county in Kenya died earlier this week shortly after receiving the measles vaccine at a government health center in the town of Mogogosiek. Four other babies—all under one year of age—were also given the measles vaccine at the health center and became swollen and critically ill. They were rushed to the intensive care and high dependency units at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Bomet.1 2

Simon Kirui, the father of the deceased baby noted his child was healthy prior to the vaccination. According to Mr. Kirui:

We sought a routine vaccination from a government facility and it resulted in the loss of our beloved child. We now hold the government liable since the facility is run by the county. They claim the vaccines were supplied by KEMSA.1

KEMSA is the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority. It is a state corporation under the Kenyan government’s Ministry of Health. It is responsible for buying, storing and distributing drugs and medical supplies for public health programs in Kenya.3

“It is sad that I have lost my child when I was in an attempt to have him vaccinated,” said Kirui.4

Steve Burgert, MD, who serves as the medical superintendent at Tenwek Mission Hospital, said “The swelling was obviously from a reaction to the measles vaccine administered at the facility.”1 2

The deputy governor of Bomet, Hillary Barchok, confirmed that local authorities are investigating the situation and that the incidents have been reported to the Ministry of Health in Nairobi. In the meantime, all vaccinations in the county have been suspended.1 2 “We are concerned about the incident as a county. We would like to know why the vaccines that were yet to expire caused such a reaction in the children,” said Barchok.5


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  1. This is especially tragic since the child was apparently health prior to the vaccine. The Kenyan authorities are doing the right things: 1. Suspending the vaccine program 2. Allowing the story to be shared and 3. LISTENING to the FATHER of the child!

  2. It’s very too bad that they dont do that here. They just bury, stall, lie…kenya is far more advanced than this shithole country

  3. This is a very tragic story. My son was also harmed by the MMR vaccine but here in America they allow and actually teach the doctors to tell parents that fevers are normal and having a seizure the next day is a coincidence. I applaud tye Kenyan authorities!

    Our system for vaccine injured children is ridiculous to say the least.

  4. This is a very sad story. I agree, though, that Kenyan authorities are doing the right thing by listening to the parents. And, they are suspending all measles vaccines. I would hope that a story such as this would cause all to consider the route of vaccine choice, and look for alternatives within our health care system which do not involve unknown risks. Certainly, in our postmodern society, we can come up with alternatives.

    1. JC Lincoln, stop the lies. Margaret Sanger never advocated for anything like this. Hate groups have villified her unfairly.

  5. President Trump during campaign was the only candidate to site the concern of toxins and resultant Autism for childhood vaccinations. So fa,r he has kept all promises, and is willing to take on Drug companies and FDA on other issues of corruption. I believe the vaccine farce will be exposed during one of his terms. His HHS secretary is a key!Folks prayer is raising up heroes and exposing these tragedies. I am so sorry for the parents and families.I know what it is like to have a young child leave earth at age ( to soon) because of Healthcare blunders. Justice be done Lord Jesus….

    1. Before you pray too hard I’d think about his appointees to the CDC and FDA. He’ll never follow through on the vaccine promises….too powerful of forces behind it.

      “Under these epidemic conditions, the CDC has been hit by a scandal forcing the head of the agency to resign and the Trump administration is proposing drastic cutbacks to the programs that fight epidemics both domestically and internationally.

      Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, a former OB-GYN doctor and Georgia health commissioner, who was tapped by President Trump last summer to head the CDC, stepped down from the post Wednesday after a report in Politico that she traded in tobacco and health care stocks. These included Japan Tobacco, a multinational that sells Winston and Camel cigarettes around the globe, pharmaceutical giants Merck & Co. and Bayer, and health insurer Humana.

      In other words, the top official at the helm of the government agency charged with preventing and fighting disease has been trading in stocks that promote tobacco use, a known carcinogen, and private drug companies and health care insurers that are reaping billions in profits at the expense of the well-being of ordinary Americans.

      Due to these egregious conflicts of interest, Fitzgerald was forced to cancel her first scheduled appearance before Congress last fall to discuss the opioid epidemic that is ravaging the nation. Dr. Peter Lurie, president of Center for Science in the Public Interest, was quoted by Reuters: “It takes a certain kind of cluelessness for a director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to purchase stock in a tobacco company a month after assuming the job as the nation’s top public health official.”

      The choice of Fitzgerald to head the CDC was no less calculated than Trump’s selection of Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Price, a vehement opponent of women’s reproductive rights and the Medicare and Medicaid programs, was forced to resign in September following revelations that he had used more than $1 million in HHS funds for his own travel on private charter jets and military aircraft.”

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