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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Syrian Children Get Polio from Oral Polio Vaccine

Syrian children
Syrian authorities conducted polio vaccination campaigns in Deir-Ez-Zor in March and April 2017 using “bivalent oral polio vaccine.”

Three children in the Deir-Ez-Zor eastern region of Syria have contracted polio during the past three months. The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed on June 8, 2017 that a polio virus strain designated as vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) was found in a healthy Syrian child and two other children diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP)—an acute form of paralysis. The children with AFP experienced the onset of paralysis on March 5 and May 6.1 2

The cVDPV2 strain is a “mutated version of the [polio]virus in some vaccines rather than a wild polio strain.” This vaccine-derived poliovirus is caused by the oral polio vaccine (OPV), which uses an attenuated (weakened but still alive) form of the poliovirus.2 

AFP, also known as Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) or non-polio AFP (NPAFP), has been reported by the media since 2014 as a “mysterious polio-like illness”3 and some researchers believe it is caused by enterovirus-68 (EV68)3 4 A recent animal study found that the EV-D68 strain associated with a nationwide outbreak of enterovirus respiratory disease in 2014 can cause paralysis in mice.5 

In a paper published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics in 2012, Neetu Vashisht, MD and Jacob Puliya, MD wrote: “Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio [vaccine] received.”4 6 

Syrian authorities conducted polio vaccination campaigns in Deir-Ez-Zor in March and April 2017 using “bivalent oral polio vaccine.”1 The polio eradication program in Syria has received reports of 58 children who have been diagnosed with AFP in Deir-Ez-Zor. Tests conducted on the children thus far have determined that vaccine-derived polio viruses were not responsible for the onset of the disease in 11 of the cases. Further testing is planned for the remainder of the children.7 

The WHO confirmed two cases of vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1 (cVDPV1) in Ukraine in 2015.8 


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4 Responses

  1. “Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio [vaccine] received.” You can change a name but not its effects.

    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, only in this case a vaccine by any other name will still cause paralysis. The tricks used by the-powers-that-be, such as calling polio something else is criminal. It is out-and-out murder, or in this case, child abuse. Where are all the so-called “green” activists and organizations on this; brain-washed like the rest of the population.

  2. EV-D68 is 80% homologous to the Mahoney Type 1 strain of poliovirus…that is the strain used in Salk IPV. It is a combination of three different polio samples collected by Thomas Francis during a polio outbreak in Cincinnati in around 1941 —long before anyone knew there were three strains of polio viruses…but at a time when other other enteroviruses would have been included in the sample.

    Mahoney Type-1 strain also carries Type-2 strain polioviruses – a secret phenomenon referred to as “interdigitation” inside NIH. Sabin used a variation of MAHONEY TYPE-1 for the live vaccine – courtesy of course of the Rockefeller Institute – (no comment on interests in Syria)… Sabin live vaccines uses less of Type-2 strain in each dose – because it outgrows apparently because Type-1 seed puts out both Type-1 and Type-2 polioviruses.

    Wild Type 2 polioviruses rarely (essentially never) caused paralytic polio – most paralysis was caused by Type-1.polio and less than 10% by Type-3.

    Bottom line – the links between Polio like paralysis following Salk immunization and the excretion of EV_D68 is consistent with the epidemiological presentation of AFM in US and Norwegian school children in 2014.. EV-D68 indicates that Mahoney -Type 1 carries more than just Type-2 polioviruses. Certainly the 80% homology is consistent with the presentation of Mahoney Type 1 – especially after trypsinization in vaccine production. (Trypsin – used in vaccine production to enable polio viruses to access monkey kidney cells – also note use in proteomics)

    The discovery of Type-2 polio viruses in Styrian girls is likewise consistent with the initial infection by a Mahoney Type-1 polio virus carrying a Type-2 variant.

    Of course the “epidemiology” of the situation is rarely consistent with the underlying science.

  3. Its all stated in the vaccine inserts, the circulars that can be found inside the box carrying the vaccine. You need a couple of magnifying glasses in tandem to readi them, but its all in there. One flu insert mentioned there was risk of encephalopathy, code speak for autism, and on the other side it mentioned the autism word itself!
    Begs the question…….How can there actually be a raging public debate on whether there is a vaccine/autism connection when the manufacturer themseleves have already admitted as much in lprint?

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