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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


FDA Nominee Scott Gottlieb Rejects Links Between Vaccination and Autism

In a confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Energy, Labor, and Pensions on April 5, 2017, the nominee to be the next commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Scott Gottlieb, MD, stated  categorically that there “is no causal link between vaccination and autism.”1

Dr. Gottlieb serves on the board of directors of pharmaceutical companies Tolero Pharmaceuticals and Daiichi Sankyo and is on the investment board of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). He reportedly received $413,000 during 2013-2015 in consulting and speaking fees from these firms.2

Dr. Gottlieb has previously publicly expressed strong opinions about vaccination. He not only rejects a causal link between autism and vaccines, he does not believe there is any need for more scientific research into vaccination and the development of autism in children. In an interview with CNBC in 2015, he said:

Clearly, these vaccines are important. The science around a purported link between these vaccines and autism was thoroughly debunked years ago. As early as 2002, there was a study in Denmark that looked at 540,000 children and found no correlation. There’s been many subsequent studies of equal magnitude. I think for too long a lot of people’s public statements allowed these myths to propagate because they’ve said things like, ‘Well, we don’t think there’s any correlation, but we need more research.’ We don’t need more research. At some point, enough is enough. It’s fine to continue to collect data, but at some point you have to take no for an answer. We have thoroughly debunked any association between autism and these vaccines.3

Dr. Gottlieb’s views on vaccines would seem to be in sharp contrast with concerns that President Donald Trump has expressed in the past and recent media reports suggesting Trump may be proposing to form “a commission to look into the safety of vaccines and their possible connection to autism.”4 The reported proposal would reflect President Trump’s repeated questioning of whether the significant increase in rates of autism in the United States is tied to the growing number of vaccinations being given to children.5 

In 2012, Trump wrote: “Massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism.”6 He added: “‘A study says @autism is out of control—a 78 percent increase in 10 years. Stop giving monstrous combined vaccinations.’ These views, to say the least, are not the scientific consensus.”7

Dr. Gottlieb does not appear to support the idea of a federal mandate to require vaccinations.  “A federal mandate I think would make more people concerned around the intrusion to decision making,” he stated in 2015. But Gottlieb has expressed support for strict enforcement of state mandatory vaccination laws, recommending that state vaccine exemptions, which allow people to opt out of federally recommended vaccines, should be reviewed and tightened. He also has expressed the opinion that adults may need to be required to get booster doses of MMR vaccine to prevent measles outbreaks.3

If confirmed, Dr. Gottlieb, 44, would replace Robert M. Califf, MD, who stepped down as FDA commissioner in January. During the past three months, Dr. Stephen Ostroff, MD has been serving as interim commissioner for the agency.8


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52 Responses

  1. Well Dr. Gottlieb, I suggest you come up with a reason autism is out of control. Many parents have seen their children just fine one day, let their child get a vaccination and then see their child become autistic. Explain and educate us Dr. Gottlieb.

  2. Dr. Gottlieb is a definite conflict of interest., He should not be considered for this important position!! And we the people have a right to decide what is injected into our bodies and our children. Too many vaccines are being put into our babies and
    they suffer from it., May not be just autism, allergies, cancer.
    Our FDA as far as this tax pay citizen is concerned does not do their job protecting we the people. Gardasil vaccine needs to be taken OFF the market!!!

    1. Joan, you don’t get to run the FDA unless you have a conflict of interest or more to the point, an agreement of interests (with big pharma). It’s always been so. It’s why the FDA demanded that a walnut supplier remove any health claims from their nut packages while allowing them for corn chips. The FDA is looking out for industry profits, not for human health.

  3. Get rid of this bum and the FDA—-follow the $–bribes should be against the law and Trump needs to get rid of the corruption

  4. But DO remember, my dear friends :

    IF you should Ask “How many scientific studies [published in the Peer-Reviewed Medical Literature] have been undertaken & completed which CLEARLY indicate that Vaccines are both SAFE & EFFECTIVE” … the answer is ZERO. There have been NO scientific studies undertaken, completed, and Published in the last 80 years whose CONCLUSIONS state that Vaccines are both Safe and Effective.”

    So WHY NOT? I will let you, the reader, answer that query.

  5. how ethical is it to have a commissioner of the FDA involved with the dug companies . Are we ever going to get a true picture of non altered science

  6. Just speak to any parent whose child was absolutely fine before the shots. The child’s behavior dramatically changes after the shots and the child is never the same again.

    Everybody in the medical community and the government will deny the link but these parents know…

    All this will stop only when the law shielding the vaccine makers is repealed.

    Please read about this 1986 law and sign the petition at

    Please share with everyone you know.

  7. If this Doctor has not been approved how can we help so that he isn’t confirmed. There is no question in my mind that vaccinations DO have a negative effect often.

    This isn’t fair for our children and there is NO WAY these shots should be mandatory.

    1. PLEASE everyone! Get out your main weapons and use them!
      Cell phones are important! Call, call, call these senators and clearly, concisely express your concerns. We can’t let the government make our medical decisions for us. Mr. Gottlieb appears to be biased (through his pharma connections) and we must make our senators bring up those issues during his hearing. Our senators need to hear that Americans are no longer trusting the government or doctors to make their medical decisions. Our children are being damaged and that is a very real reason to go above and beyond to make sure this ugly swamp is drained. There are no bigger alligators in the swamp than pharmaceutical companies and it should be OBVIOUS that no one who sits on the boards of these companies can be objective!!

  8. Of course he denied a correlation. Bit only will it be the largest class action lawsuit in the history of America. It will be realised as crimes against humanity. The fda, CD and the federal and state governments.

    It will eventually come out. The evidence / truth always emerges no matter how much they try and suppress it.

  9. Please don’t confirm this YOYO. He doesn’t know what he is talking about when he says there is no causal link between vaccinations and Autism. Or he is flat out lying. Thimerisol (mercury) and Aluminum adjuvants are causing many health issues for our children and adults.

  10. “Dr. Gottlieb serves on the board of directors of pharmaceutical companies Tolero Pharmaceuticals and Daiichi Sankyo and is on the investment board of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). He reportedly received $413,000 during 2013-2015 in consulting and speaking fees from these firms.”

    He’s their boy alright. This explains why he doesn’t (can’t) see the link between vaccines and autism. He wants the pig pharma money to keep flowing in.

    It would be a travesty if he were to be confirmed.

  11. It who receives large fees for his is quite apparent that Dr. Gottlieb is a biased spokesman for the pharmaceutical industry from whom he receives large fees for his services. My experience with neurological complications from vaccinations dates back to the 1950’s when the Emperor Hirohito placed very reasonable restrictions and guidelines for the administration of vaccinations in 1950. Within one year, the incidence of severe post-vaccination neurological disorders, including autism, dropped significantly. My subsequent main experience included infants of 2-3 months of age suffering from severe neurological conditions that usually led to death within 4 months.

  12. If Gottlieb isn’t listening to the scientists proving links between vaccines and autism with documented evidence and reproduceable studies, then he’s listening to the industry. Such a corporate globalist does NOT belong in this administration.

    1. It doesn’t matter if he listens to scientists or not. He’s corrupted by his conflict of interest in drug companies. Follow the money.

  13. So much for draining the swamp. Most people in Washington, DC are miserable pieces of filth that pretend to be human.

    1. The culture of corporations buying politicians and diluting the enforcement effect of representative governance has been ongoing for generations. If you give up at this point, call yourself both a defeatist and go ahead and admit defeat. If you thought this would get better because of one man on top, and you were not personally responsible to participate and help, you’re wrong. Stop being a defeatist and start being a leader. Recognize this is just the first in several rounds of attack. Wait until we really keep growing the vaccine danger awareness movement, and watch these medical tyrants really show their true colors. People will die. People will be imprisoned. The major corporations will see to that in order to defend their positions of power. We will not forget. We will not forgive. Vote with your wallet, that vote continues to matter.

  14. This is very troubling. I believe vaccinations should be voluntary in all cases. I would hope there is some way to stop the nomination or Dr. Gottlieb.

    1. 100% AGREE!! nobody had the right to force anything on anyone,to me this is no different what Nazi did to the people. Demand clean vaccine. But will never happen. But you know they would never get those shots, or their off springs!!!

      1. In your objection letters, never forget to mention the rights argument. In the course of law and litigation, it all comes down to rights. “The government does not have this right, and the government can not claim this right. My body, my choice.” Repeat to infinity.

    2. Yes, Elaine, but I spoke to Vaccine Reactions and they said they stopped doing petitions because they had a hard time getting enough people to sign them.
      This appointment spells WAR! Trump is an Industry promoter thinking that it’s going to rebuild the country. But at what expense I say.
      Also, this reCAPTCHA thing to post comments here is a real PIA.
      We have to keep fighting. Join everything you can and let your voice be heard!

  15. I can’t believe 121 people like this page. This type of appointment with the revolving door between Government and Industry is SEVERE and DAMAGING for the future of the HEALTH of EVERYONE in this country. The Medical Profession is the third leading cause of death in this country, and there isn’t enough room on this page to list all the sins of the horrid company he’s got deep ties to. No longer any conflict of interest. Shame on you Trump for continuing to fill the Swamp with corruption. You are no different than Obama in that regard when it comes to this appointment.

  16. Or, I’m sorry, I may be mistaken in the fact that so many people like the page because it is exposing this corruption. Find out how to Voice your disapproval!

  17. The blatant conflict of interest with Dr. Gottlieb as a nominee is laughable.

    Also, would like to know who actually nominates the “next head of the FDA”. Since this is a government agency, who is really in charge here?

    AND if President Trump truly feels the way he states about the vaccine situation, why is he permitting an agency of his government to nominate this guy?

    1. With all due respect Mr. Hutchinson I think the Guillotine
      is far too swift a punishment for the soulless Dr. Gottlieb compared to the lifetime of agony suffered by the Autistic child whose intellect is imprisoned in their own body. I’m thinking a real slow burn as the S.O.B.’s body slowly turns by a Barbecue motor. That to me seems about right, for justice.

  18. FACT: The one specific study that Mr. Gottlieb cites as the basis for his belief that there is no correlation between vaccines and autism was done in DENMARK using DENMARK vaccines and schedules and the results were only for DENMARK. These are not the same vaccines or ingredients as used in the US so any comparison is like comparing apples to oranges
    Also, if you look at the link for the Danish study, you will note the authors’ names of Kreesten Madsen and Poul Thorsen. Poul Thorsen stole between $1-2million of CDC grant money for vaccine research from 2004 to 2010. He is indicted and on the Most Wanted List, but will probably never come to trial because emails have surfaced between CDC and Kreesten Madsen showing they were in cahoots to cherry-pick “facts” which would “prove” vaccine safety.

    The research that shows vaccines do NOT cause autism are all done by scientists who have manipulated the data because they have colluded with CDC and Pharma to hoodwink the American people who love their children and want to do the best for them.

  19. This is a terrible travesty. This man is clearly a spokesperson for the pharma industry. He ignores the science at the CDC conducted by William Thompson Ph.D who proved the link between the MMR vaccine and autism among African American boys who got their shots under age 3. He observed a 340% INCREASE in AUSD among these children. The CDC criminally withheld this evidence from the study and Dr. Thompson’s testimony is available at Rep. Bill Posey’s office for all to see. These people are EVIL to the nth degree, they are destroying the brains of our children before they ever get to school!

    1. The lack of ethic is beyond obvious. The Cornicopia institute is a group I encourage all NVIC members to look into, it’s a multi national food ethic and food safety group. They published a survey of interest and pattern of voting for decision makers on various panels. Not surprisingly the only people consistently pro, for all these wreckless profit based decisions were; you guessed it; people who had financial stake in the products. We may say why bother with such a study in vaccines and medicine, the link is no longer casual or causal, but obvious beyond reproach. Still though, it’s important for ethical people to understand it’s all song and dance, smoke and mirrors. These people do and say anything for the money. Their track record and associations prove it. “follow the money.” Bunch of vaccine bozos out there, they don’t even know how corrupt they are because they live in a irredeemable culture of corruption.

      1. I recognize I’m a few months late but I completely agree with everything Colorado has said, and I also strongly support the Cornucopia institute. They consist of a fine group of people who are looking out as watchdogs for all of us who genuinely care about what is in our food. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  20. Depressing! Ugh! One of the most important things, our health and our freedom to choose and Trump is not being responsible enough! I don’t think Trump is necessarily skirting his responsibilities. One man can’t possibly do it all (an nor was our country set up for the president to do so. A lot needs to be rectified after the Bush/Clinton/Obama clan destroyed our country. Consequently, now a doctor who has pharmaceutical strings attached gets to a dangerous position of power because some cockroach endorsed him. I pray to God we don’t keep going down the path we are on. It is so incomprehensible and frightening.

    1. You vote is in your wallet, always has been. Did you get the vaxxed dvd via your donation to nvic yet? People whom appeal to government are helpless individuals in the first place. The government exists to affirm our god granted rights, the government does not affirm such rights. We The People. We are taking control of this government back, one dollar at a time. If you’re still drinking pepsi, buying kraft and GM, not buying organic, eating fast food, you are part of the problem not the solution. The shift of ethic in society at large requires all of our participation. Don’t worry so much though, the parrots will continue to parrot, the marionettes will continue to follow. Are you a leader or someone who waits to be told?

  21. I completely agree that this is no way to drain the swamp. Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Why in the world would he choose someone like this to be in charge of our health and well being if this guy is such a blind, and uninformed person. He apparently hasn’t read anything. He will no doubt just automatically go along with confirming Merck’s continued franchise of the MMR even after they have committed fraud. This is beyond troubling.

  22. my son is vaccine injured. While he does not have autism he was severely mentally damaged as an infant and still cannot read or do math; he has speech impediments, coordination issues and gut issues, and his pediatrician blamed his speech delay on the fact that he was a third child and his siblings did the talking for him so he didn’t need to. This theory was debunked when he was pronounced mentally retarded at age 2 after his evaluation by the state. You can tell me there’s no link between brain injury and vaccines until you are blue in the face, but I have proof; my son. People like Gottlieb are so ignorant it makes me sick.

    1. I don’t think Gottlieb is ignorant.

      ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’ – Upton Sinclair

    1. Go to hell. We are creating a huge burden on society, millions of kids with autism, that will be a burden the rest of their lives. For what, billions in profit per year?

      Congress must revoke the immunity to drug companies to pay for the damage they have caused. THEN REAL RESEARCH WILL BE DONE.

      It is difficult to find statistical studies correlating the number of immunizations done per capita with the rate of autism, but they have been done. And the results could not be clearer.

  23. I don’t know why anyone is surprised or shocked by this. Would you expect the FDA commissioner to be anything but in lock-step with big pharma, the people that help fund them? Trump is an empty vessel that will be in agreement with whoever he last speaks with so don’t expect him to take any control over the choice of FDA commissioner.

  24. He is obviously a “yes” man. That is how he has made a living for the drug companies. If he had said “no” he would not have been able to make a living with the drug companies. The drug companies are a monopoly and guard there territory like a hawk.

  25. One of the maxims of jurisprudence is “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” Gottlieb should contemplate this, and so should everybody who believes that the vaccine-autism link has been “debunked. It’s easy to design a study that doesn’t show what you don’t want it to show…or to manipulate the data, cook the numbers, etc. to hide things.

    Given the evidence that ALL the human fetal cell line vaccines, not just MMR-II, are a cause of regressive autism, any study that compares MMR-vaxxed kids to non-MMR-vaxxed kids without controlling for exposure to other human fetal cell line vaccines is a cover-up, or incompetence in action.

  26. It is inconceivable to have any arguments when you can find the concession to the link in the fine print of the vaccine circular printed by the actual vaccine maker. They have for a long time listed encephalopathy, code speak for autism, but on the other side of the last circular I looked at they went so far as to use the actual “A” word itself (autism).

  27. Just called my Senator, who is a member of the confirmation committee, to say “No”. What ever happened to drain the swamp?

  28. No matter whom is confirmed or what the FDA says, I personally won’t care or respond. My body, my choice. Come hell or high water, don’t tread on me. The FDA destroyed their own credibility a long time ago. Herbs are medicine, the FDA is just a for sale rubber stamp.

  29. This entire article was visible earlier today but now it is scrambled. I’ve tried refreshing, but not luck.

  30. The FDA serves the corporate economy, nobody else. The sooner citizens realize that they dont serve the populus, the further we’ll be along in this game.
    How many times do you have to watch this revolving door of collusion between the corporate realm and the governments regulating agencies before you realize this?
    Federal means by agreement and as long as you subscribe to The Constitution and the various departments of the US Govt – your SSN, your mortgage, your IRA, etc.- you are in agreement.
    You cant expect a corporation to recognize human rights and thats exactly what The United States is.

  31. This new Autism study from the very respectable Duke University states “The view that vaccines and ethyl mercury in particular, a component of the preservative thimerosal used in some vaccines, can induce the development of autism is widespread
    among non-scientists”. I have read the views of well respected scientist who would agree with the non scientists and am disappointed that this opportunity was missed to tell the truth. An otherwise informative and revealing study.

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