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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Trump Sets Off Media Firestorm With Proposed Vaccine Safety Review Panel

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A vast majority of the articles written are so blatantly slanted and unbalanced, it is hard to understand why self-respecting professional journalists would ever want their names associated with them.

Only nine days away from his swearing-in as president, Donald Trump held his first press conference since the election and announced that the pharmaceutical industry was “getting away with murder” and that during his presidency he would do something about high drug prices with more competitive bidding for federal contracts. His remarks sent drug stocks into a sudden nosedive.1

As noted by Brad Loncar, manager of Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF: “When somebody that high-profile says something that negative, people do not want to invest in it.” According to Reuters:2

Trump’s campaign platform included allowing the Medicare healthcare program to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, which the law currently prohibits.
He has also discussed making it easier to import drugs at cheaper prices. ‘We are going to start bidding. We are going to save billions of dollars over time,’ Trump said.

Trump’s comments came only one day after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told reporters that Trump had asked him to “chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity.”

Although the Trump transition team quickly denied that any decision had been made on such a commission, shockwaves reverberated throughout the drug industry in speculation as to what impact this commission, if formed, might have on vaccine uptake and sales.3

Robert Kennedy and Media Coverage of a Possible New Vaccine Safety Commission

Although Trump himself has not made a public statement, if you had any doubts whatsoever that conventional media is following an industry-created script, look no further than the incredibly biased coverage of Kennedy’s reported appointment.

A vast majority of the articles written are so blatantly slanted and unbalanced, it is hard to understand why self-respecting professional journalists would ever want their names associated with them. Repeatedly, such articles claim the science on vaccines is settled and vaccines are safe.4 Period.

The New York Times—which recently promised to rededicate itself “to the fundamental mission of Times journalism… to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor, striving always to understand and reflect all political perspectives”5—wrote a remarkably biased article about Kennedy’s appointment, saying:6

Mr. Trump … asked a prominent anti-vaccine crusader to lead a new government commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity, ushering debunked conspiracy theories about the dangers of immunization into the White House…
Among his many political pursuits, Mr. Trump picked up the anti-vaccine cause a few years back. In 2012, he tweeted … ‘A study says @autism is out of control—a 78 percent increase in 10 years. Stop giving monstrous combined vaccinations.’ These views, to say the least, are not the scientific consensus …

So, The New York Times, supposedly newly rededicated to impartial reflection on all sides of the issue, simply decides there’s a consensus among all scientists and makes no attempt to address a single argument made by those who provide substantial evidence that there are big gaps in vaccine safety science.

That’s hardly upholding journalistic integrity. Yet, this is what we’re seeing everywhere in news reporting by conventional media dominated by corporate interests these days.

Is Vaccine Safety as Established a Fact as Gravity?

There are no long-term studies comparing differences in health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

The pharmaceutical and medical trade industries claim a vaccine’s benefits always outweigh the potential harms, but no solid scientific evidence is provided to back up such claims. It’s really little more than opinion.

The government and pharmaceutical industries say it would be unethical to study vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, as the unvaccinated children would be put at risk. Yet more and more parents are having first-hand experience with adverse reactions, and choosing to opt-out of the government vaccine schedule.

Ask a parent of a child who died or suffered permanent brain damage after vaccination and I’m sure you’ll get a very different response. Curiously, anyone who dares to question the quality and quantity of vaccine studies is immediately branded anti-science and a medical heretic.

In response to Kennedy’s announcement that Trump had asked him to head up a commission on vaccine safety, Dr. David Kimberlin, co-director of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), said:7

We don’t have to keep asking if gravity is real. We don’t have to keep asking if clean water is a good thing. Yes it is. Vaccines are good things. They save lives.

According to Kimberlin, “The science proving the safety of vaccination is settled and does not need to be investigated again.” But if it’s settled, where are the studies?

Where’s the research showing that 50 doses of 14 vaccines administered to children in combination and repeatedly in the first six years of life equals long-term health and results in few, if any, problems? What are the multi-generational effects to the immune system with so many vaccine doses?

The sad fact is the often repeated mantra that vaccines are absolutely safe and that there is nothing to worry about is a case of thinking that if a falsehood is repeated over and over again, and long enough, people will believe it’s true.

Why are vaccine proponents so terrified of an honest vaccine safety review? This in and of itself raises serious questions.

Another fact that should give everyone pause is the witch hunt unleashed on anyone who dares to question the never-proven-hypothesis that vaccines are so unequivocally safe and beneficial for everyone that everyone should be forced, by law, to get vaccinated with every government-recommended vaccine.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published on Dr. Mercola’s website at


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  1. Folks:

    I do not know if Trump and Kennedy are really going to shake up the CDC and the FDA and really study vaccine safety. Let’s hope they do.

    However, please remember that Kennedy is pro vaccine. What if he says that we have removed mercury from all vaccines and they are now safe for everyone and Trump may push for even more mandates egged on by Big Pharma.

    If you really want to see safe and effective vaccines, there is only one way. Repeal the 1986 law that protects and emboldens Big Pharma to do as they please.

    Please sign the petition on
    and demand safer vaccines.

    Please sign and share with all you know.

  2. Perhaps the administration will go a step further and remove the litigation immunity from the vaccine manufacturers. The exposure is getting better; it’s about time!

  3. I am uneasy about the absence of confirmation by the Trump administration that the commission Mr. Kennedy announced he would head will happen. It would not be the first time Trump has gone back on his word or denied something he said. This commission is needed. If Donald Trump does one good thing during the time he is in office,let it be an exposure of the sordid world of vaccine misinformation, deception, and harm. I fear the drug companies will get to him before the truth gets out. Trump may be easily bought off.

  4. This is the only thing Trump is doing that is positive, and building a more healthy and just world. The rest is all based on hate and ignorance. I am grateful someone is stopping the medical industry from their outrageous profit motivated everything.

    1. Really, Laura, if you think this is the only thing he is doing that’s good you are blind. He doesn’t hate anybody. The ignorance is on your part for misunderstanding and listening to media and the “fake news”. He is trying to protect your country from terrorists and Sharia Law, and if you don’t know how bad the situation is then you have your head in the sand. Many terrorists who grew up in Canada and the U.S. came in as child refugees and that is what Trump is trying to prevent. But don’t worry about the refugees. Our prime minister has gallantly offered to take them all in so Canada will be overtaken before you. We only have 25 million people to start with. If you don’t think that can happen, consider the average birth rate. Ours is 1.5 and theirs is 8 children per family. Eventually, they will have more voters than we have and can win every political position peacefully. And then they can institute Sharia Law which is barbaric and anti-woman, and they can kill the infidels(us)which would be legal under Sharia Law.

      1. “The ignorance is on your part for misunderstanding and listening to media and the “fake news”.”

        Sounds like projection. Where ever you’re getting your “news,” they have succeeded in fear-mongering you beyond all reason.

  5. Until the pharmaceutical companies can offer a guarantee that all vaccines are SAFE, they should not be injected into the muscle tissue of babies and children. Period. Effectiveness should never be considered before safety. Until or unless vaccines come with a guarantee of safety, the government has no business allowing their use – or, worse, mandating it.

  6. I’m happy to hear this. This was one thing I have been waiting to see whether Trump fulfilled this promise as it does matter. The science shows vaccines have conceptual problems, being discordant with the minimal immune systems of babies and aggravating immunity of older individuals.

    Trying to explain this to anyone who has grown up on vaccine speak is like trying to persuade someone to betray his or her religion–logic and science fail completely in these cases.

    I heard that a new federal rule allows indefinite quarantine and administration of vaccines . . . what an authoritarian dangerous rule. I wonder if Trump will be able to change that rule. Hope so.

  7. I am a an alternative health care provider who supports the cause of NVIC. HOWEVER, it lowers your respect in the eyes of the citizens of this country (the majority of whom did not vote for the misogynist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic man who has sadly come to lead this country) to be touting about Trump supporting the cause. He has lied about everything he has told the American people. Why would you possibly believe he is telling the truth about what he will do about vaccines or pharmaceuticals? The suffering he and his cronies are creating for our children, our elderly, our disabled, our refugees, all of us…will far outweigh any drop in the bucket of help he might provide on the anti-vax front. Anyone who voted for him solely on these grounds, is going to be very disappointed. He is not here to help people or be compassionate in any way. It’s all about him, his power and his interests. I won’t donate to NVIC as long as I keep seeing you posting information on the great things Trump is proposing. A prior advocate.

    1. Absolutely! I am so with you. Trump is involved more personally in this, because his child is autistic and it was harmed by vaccines, so he *might* do more on this one. But he is far from being good for anything, including an important and sensitive cause such as this one. I am afraid that, in the end, he will do more harm than good. We need to take the $ out of science, and he is the worst candidate to take $ out of anything.

    2. You support liberty or you don’t. Quit being a tool on about one person all the time. It’s a news story referencing factual current figures, it was an election, grow up and get over it. We’ll find a way to cover your donations, obviously you think the money would be better spent on politics and propaganda, so go on with your over developed sense of sensibility and throw the money into politics instead. Surely that will materialize into better results than NVIC currently materializes… Red Blue! Red Blue! Parrot says what? Current days without winning; 0

    3. Don’t slander Mr. Trump. He is none of those things. He is certainly not a racist. His wife is an immigrant. Because he wants to keep terrorists out of your country you call him a racist? Because he wants to stop people from entering the country illegally, you think he’s racist? You are lucky you have a president who is trying to make a difference. I would like to trade our pretty boy, surfing instructor and drama teacher prime minister Trudeau for Trump any day. You think he’s against women’s rights because he’s for unborn babies’ rights? His campaign manager was a woman, his daughter is his aide, all his daughters were well educated and he is proud of them. I just pray that God will protect him from people like you who would probably like to shoot him. He’s the only one with the courage to stand up to the vaccine pushers and Big Pharma who owns the media.

    4. You will eat your words and choke on them. He did win the majority of states fair and square. The map was red with a few splotches of blue. It was only because the corrupt immoral Californians love Hilary and gave her a landslide victory that she won the popular vote. (I apologize to the moral Californians who didn’t vote for her). What do actors like Meryl Streep and Matt Damon know about politics? If you voted for Hilary, then you voted to murder unborn babies which is against human rights. Hilary is the biggest liar ever. Most people know nothing about her associations but if you investigate Podesta you might get the picture. It’s not pretty.

    5. “The suffering he and his cronies are creating for our children, our elderly, our disabled, our refugees, all of us…will far outweigh any drop in the bucket of help he might provide on the anti-vax front.”

      Irrelevant. The article is about where Trump stands on THIS issue, only. And regardless of whatever else he does, we need to support him on THIS issue. Period.

    6. Here it is in a nut shell. For the first time in MANY years, we have a President that is doing exactly what he said he would do BEFORE he was elected. That seems to scare everyone. Foolish. He is the only one that is actually UPHOLDING our Constitution and Rights, he is putting our Country back in working order, he is building our protection back up. He is upholding and putting back the laws of security for our Land that have been broken down and destroyed. He is repairing and restoring the United States of America back to her glory days. The fear people have of Trump, is that he never lied, he is not a liar, he is doing exactly what he said he would do and that alone scares people. Now, with that said, if he is truly looking into a subject that we all agree is hurting our children verses helping them, and it is a common concern and fear we all share, then why can we not unite with him under this very REAL harm to our children and ourselves for MANY of us too have been vaccinated as children, and see where this goes and pray that instead of being forced, we are all given a law that gives us freedom of choice to REALLY make informed decisions for our children. And why threaten NVIC with pulling funding for reporting truth you won’t see elsewhere and good news about the very real concern we all support NVIC for in the first place? This subject is NOT about politics, this subject is completely about the HEALTH and SAFETY of our children and the danger they are in that is real. Lets keep it real and not detour from the subject at hand. If we can get back our rights as parents to say yes or no without penalties for our children, then that to me is the start of a truly NEW DAY for us all.

    7. Sorry for your closed mind concerning Trump. If I were you, I would wait a while longer to bad-mouth him, in case you’re making a fool of yourself. As far as donating to NVIC, would you cut off your nose to spite your face? You don’t seem very commited to the vaccine dilemma, considering the excellent work NVIC has been doing all these years.

  8. I am in my 50’s so I’ve been around long enough to know how the world operates. As a child, I developed asthmatic symptoms every time I was vaccinated … my brother developed tics that would last weeks after inoculation … my sister went into convulsions every time she was jabbed. And we received next to nothing compared to the overload the kids of today are getting. We made the connection back then … thousands upon thousands of parents today are making that same connection re: their vaccine-injured children. Rather than provide some REAL science, they raise their voices and point fingers at us as if we are conspiracy theorists or whack-jobs. Gives credence to the adage:

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you’re not proving him a liar … you’re only telling the world you fear what he might say.”

    They can keep trying to quell our voices but they will not succeed. I urge everyone to do their own research and get involved.

  9. Thank you for that stunning tidbit of notice that there actually exists an INVESTMENT VEHICLE that focuses on ALTERNATIVE ONCOLOGY… wow… gotta go look…

    I had a while ago encountered the planned existence of a health insurance company, to be headquartered in HI (iirc) that favored insuring only those who had science-based health practices and favored first choice to integrative medical treatments… something ‘Green’ in their name but no media attention materialized…

    We want more.. we want to see that market materializing !

  10. Forced vaccines for school children started over 100 years ago when medical science was in its infancy. For the first 50 years of this policy based on wishes and good intentions but very little evidence of efficacy, few vaccines were forced on children and most children were healthy most of the time. Now we have high levels of chronic disease and brain problems in children. Children are being sacrificed on the alter of medical establishment greed and lies. The autism epidemic is not caused by defective genes as most doctors seem to believe. It is caused by new environmental factors. The most dangerous of which is the dozens of unsafe and unproven vaccinations forced on these children. This evil practice must stop.

    1. Did you know there were riots against Edward Jenner’s smallpox vaccination at it’s inception? His whole premise for it’s efficacy was based on anecdotal “evidence” that girls who worked at dairy farms where infected cows were located had fewer cases of smallpox. The first year they had mandatory vaccinations for the village the cases of smallpox went from less than a hundred to over 20.000. People rioted against the “vaccine” knowing that it had caused the disease not “cured” it.

  11. This is an extremely complicated matter, and, as much as I am grateful that someone with this much power gives signs to address the issue, the problem is that this someone’s credibility is literally zero, because he is a blatant liar and he surrounded himself with extremely questionable people. So this vaccination matter got buried in all that crap. Bad news for the cause.

    I don’t believe NYT is sold to corporations, but I do believe CDC and the cherrypicked science fed into propaganda for drug companies is. Actually, the media such as NYT and Rolling Stone is the only hope to bring the truth about vaccines to the public. I truly believe that most people who are pro vaccine (including journalists) are genuinely believing the “science” and have no bad intentions. Like they (the mainstream media) eventually went for the Catholic Church, (another PR machine that hid their priests’ abuses to preserve their image) and they did dig the truth, they will go after the drug companies. Many people out there are already questioning Pharma’s greed, including Bernie. You need to be smart and throw them the bone in an intelligent manner. They will get it. You only need one good journalist to get it. They can turn it around.

    I give money to NVIC and hope that you use it wisely. If you hope that Kellyanne Conway, who lies like a 5 year old, will do it for you, you will do more damage to the cause. Pick your battles wisely. You will win. Truth always does, in the end.

  12. My 7 year old has been a victim of vaccines. Her immune system is suppressed and has every allergy under the sun. No doctor has ever seen it. Nobody can help. I’ve been to over 20 doctors. So if it’s not vaccines, what is it? I would love to have the vaccine people stay up every night for 7 years to hear her cry and suffer.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Theresa. As a parent, my heart goes out to you. While it may very well be the vaccines, have you considered other causes? I’ve heard that environmental factors and processed foods can be culprits, as well.

      I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in the doctors. They’re not about to risk their licenses by going against BigVaccine, especially after what they did to Dr. Sears and the few others who dared to speak out. It’s a sad day when we can’t even trust doctors anymore.

      I hope you can figure out the problem and get it corrected for your daughter’s (and your) sake. All the best.

    2. Theresa,

      Please, please, please look into CEASE therapy for vaccine damage. We have used homeopathy to reverse the damage vaccines have done to my children. I have one child that had more then 43 food allergies at one point. Today, he is a normal, healthy child. If you need the name of a practitioner that can help you with this, I can give you the name of a CEASE certified practitioner.

      Wishing you health for your child.

  13. Even if people discount the vaccine link,someone please tell me what the benefit is of injecting mercury,aluminum, msg and formaldehyde, to name just a few into the living human body.Vaccines= profits for BigPharma and their enablers and sickness and death forbthe rest of us.

  14. The stock market drives every aspect of our lives, which is just plain wrong. Health does not matter, as long as the stock market is soaring. It doesn’t matter that pHARMaceutical companies destroy our immune systems and health, they alter the brain function of our children, starting when they are only minutes old, they rob the government coffers by charging such high prices because the governments pays such a big chunk of money for prescription drugs and vaccines. The heck with overall health and healthy brains; the heck with ethics, as long as that stock market is soaring. No other President has had the guts to take on the stock market. God bless President Trump, and I pray that Robert Kennedy Jr. will be put into a position to make our children more than pawns for the stock market.

  15. Well, I will be very surprised if anything REALLY happens. Somehow I doubt much will come of this as the pharmaceutical/vaccine industry has a noose around America and most people are ignorant of the truth. Congress protects the vaccine manufacturers and until that law is repealed nothing can happen. Michigan citizens have a double-whammy as a recent law says no one can sue a drug company that manufactured an FDA approved drug. Our hands are double-tied.

  16. Thank you President Trump for listening to Robert Kennedy Jr. He has investigated and knows all the lies of Big Pharma and how they are killing and injuring us and our children.

  17. If the vaccines are safe, then they have nothing to worry about. If they base their work on science, then they should welcome this.

  18. Good article! However, it made me laugh when I read, “Is Vaccine Safety as Established a Fact as Gravity?” This is quite funny, since the theory of gravity is NOT a fact, it has never been proven, and the theory is so full of inconsistencies and unanswered questions, it’s ridiculous to call the theory of gravity a fact.

  19. Thank You, President Trump!!! We’ve been deceived and maimed and killed long enough, while the vaccine industry profits are in the billions! It’s time for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    It’s not just childhood vaccines that are unnecessary and toxic. 10,000 young men in the U.S. military are injected every month with Anthrax vaccine (and others). Gulf War Syndrome is actually (Anthrax) Vaccine Syndrome. Military personnel that were vaccinated and that served in areas nowhere near the gulf have been damaged.

    A healthy immune system results from ample access to our innate human rights to clean air, water, food, shelter, and sanitation.

    The War on Drugs is finally being redirected where it belongs!

  20. Dr. Mercola – You Rock!!! from a mom and a grandmother who has become a vocal anti vaxer and I make no bones about it esp. after reading Dissolving Illusions and going further down the road and into a bigger light of truth.

    Thank you.

  21. If vaccines were so safe for people then why are there vaccine injured and/or killed people? Why does the list of recommended childhood vaccines getting bigger all the time and,why did the government make it to where vaccine manufacturers can not be held liable for any disability and or death caused by them? Where are the stacks of research to back up their safety? There is NONE! They have never been proven to be safe nor to be effective! Vaccines break bodies down and cause a multitude of health problems. Many of which are not evident for many years and are then UN-linked due to the long range of time spanned between the deadly/disabling dose and the very real effects of the very damaging/murdering injections. How can Scientists and Doctors believe that injecting any amount of Mercury or aluminum or any other metal into ones body be non-harmful to a human body? They can’t!. Vaccines are nothing more than a population control and a means of making Medication manufactures wealthier. It is about time that the vaccine manufacturers be held accountable and not force innocent Ammericana

    1. “why did the government make it to where vaccine manufacturers can not be held liable for any disability and or death caused by them?”

      Because the government is the one mandating them. Therefore, the government has to be the one to be held liable; which they did with the 1986 law.

      But you’re right. Like other companies, the vaccine manufacturers should be held at least partially responsible for the harm their products cause.

      1. Vaccine makers were being sued (successfully) into oblivion in the 1980’s. It was very easy to prove in court that immediately after a vaccine your child got brain damage, convulsions, autism, crippling and even death as a result. The vaccine makers went to the Gov. and said “If we don’t get immunity from liability we will be forced out of business” so it was given. The Gov set up the so called “Vaccine Court” knowing that vaccines were doing damage. A small percentage of actual vaccine damage cases find their way into that “court” as the litmus test is rigged against the patient and most doctors are very afraid to go on record saying a vaccine they gave caused damage; even when it’s as plain as the nose on their face.

  22. THANK YOU SO MUCH PRESIDENT TRUMP. Another reason to love you…all these years and finally someone cares. These vaccines are causing a number of defects in children , allergies, sicknesses & even death. Let’s make them a choice not a requirement!!!!

  23. So frightening to hear that some vaccine components may be coming from CHINA… is that actually possible? Who verifies their safety?

    Didn’t we have problems with dry wall coming in from China?

    Didn’t we have adulterated cat food?

    Are there any American lightbulb factories left or are we using only Chinese lightbulbs?

    Why do we continue to purchase products from a country that doesn’t wish us well? ?

    When we will wake up?

  24. To say this is a complicated issue is the understatement of the year! To put a government commission in charge rather than fighting through to citizen choice & personal and dependent right to physical non-violability; right to objectively proven & verifiable information on safety and efficiency; and the right of litigation ———would be folly solving nothing. It would be just to create another layer of ‘cover’ and confusion, and not only another layer of cronyism & control…..but one which would open U.S. citizens to potential international terroristic germ and pharma warfare on an unprecedented scale.

    Medicare doesn’t need new guidelines of negotiation with big pharma, we need choice and medical sharing insurance or direct provider choices without layers of cronies & bureaucracies parasitically riding on the real work & provision of others. We should be able to choose providers by witness of outcomes or due diligence study of objective scientific studies …..not systems & documents of certification by insiders and layers of back-scratching, politico-financing cronies upon cronies.
    And an insider such as a KENNEDY in charge of it???? My word how morally and politically, as well as scientifically, naïve do the propagandists and dialectitions really think we are??!!

    1. KDD, obviously you are not a health consultant or know the history of vaccines and how they have lead to death, paralysis, and further disease/illnesses. They are not proven to work but a jumbo of supposed meds that will do something but not proven to do so. Lately we have seen the flu vaccine taken on a regular basis can lead to Alzheimer’s. It is about time that Big Pharm was made to start back on really proving the meds they create as quickly as rabbits create more rabbits, and on and on. Obama allowed Big Pharma not to have to “prove” their meds and if you watch TV, constantly need meds, especially for diabetes while I work with diabetics Type II and by changing their diets and the right supplements they do not need the killing drugs (and I started with my mother who was even then injecting insulin and within a short time no more meds! Drugs here are costly while they sell in other countries for far less, so if lab work is causing the high costs, why not do them in other countries for less expenditures. I lived in Mexico and could my mother’s drugs for far less there and when I came to the border would ship them to her. When I came back to the states we got her good health back! Yes, we do need to look into the drugs and their serious side effects, that they have been Random Control Trials on them to prove they work or not, etc. So, thanks to Trump we will save a lot more people from further diseases, save them and us money, and that is a good thing!

    2. Kennedy may be an “insider”, but he’s on the side of those who wish to be exempted from some/all vaccinations. I’ll take what we can get!

  25. I believe I heard that a few days ago the POTUS met with some representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, and actually went back on his promise to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. The “captains of industry” are much more “his people” than are anyone else, so I find it quite doubtful that he’ll do anything that upends their stranglehold on the rest of us, regardless of his campaign promises. He’ll put out some “fantastic” PR, like he did with the Carrier jobs announcement, and then back whatever works for industry.

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