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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


White, College-Educated, ‘Whole Foods Moms’ Deemed the Enemy

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Opinion | If you are someone who has questions about the safety of vaccines or the wisdom of giving so many vaccines at one time and over the course of a lifetime, or if you question the ethics of forced vaccination laws that deny the right to informed consent to vaccine risk taking, or if you just simply want to exercise the human right to bodily autonomy for yourself and your children when it comes to medical interventions in general, the chances are you’re a “college-educated white woman making decent money.”1

This is what reporter Alfred Lubrano suggested in a recent article in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to Lubrano, “The rebel forces in America’s latest culture war—the so-called anti-vaxxers—are often described as middle- and upper-class women who breast-feed their children, shop at Whole Foods, endlessly scour the web for vaccine-related conversation, and believe that their thinking supersedes that of doctors. Typically their families earn more than $75,000 a year.”1

This characterization of the very broad and derogatory label “anti-vaxxers” is based on “various studies,” wrote Lubrano, including the National Immunization Surveys by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.1

In a 2017 referenced public commentary titled “Class and Race Profiling in the Vaccine Culture War,”Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) cited one of these studies published by the CDC in the Journal of Pediatrics.2 The authors of the 2004 CDC study wrote:

Unvaccinated children tended to be white, to have a mother who was married and had a college degree, to live in a household with an annual income exceeding $75,000 and to have parents who expressed concerns regarding the safety of vaccines and indicated that medical doctors have little influence over vaccination decisions for their children.3

These women, then, are intelligent, caring mothers who spend time doing their own research when it comes to health care issues, shop for healthy and nutritious food and come from families that are relatively stable and financially secure. The only negative trait Lubrano was able to discern about these women is that they are so confident in their research skills and ability to make rational decisions about risk taking that they prefer to think for themselves and not always take the word of doctors at face value, notably as it pertains to weighing the benefits and risks of using pharmaceutical products like vaccines.

It is worth noting that this is not an unreasonable preference, given the limited amount of training and education about vaccination that doctors receive in medical school and the fact that, after getting a license to practice medicine, doctors get much of their information from the Internet like everyone else.4 5 6 7

Lubrano quoted pediatrician Paul Offit, MD who pushed back on the idea that well-educated mothers (and fathers) have the required intellect to make informed health care decisions for their families. “Frankly, these Caucasian, suburban, educated parents believe they can Google the word vaccine and get as much information as anybody,” said Dr. Offit.1

Epidemiologist Neal Goldstein, PhD agreed with Offit that “affluent” college educated parents are incapable of making rational decisions about vaccination. Goldstein stated:

The affluent classes tend to be more hesitant about vaccinating. [But that’s based] on wrong information that leads them down a rabbit hole of falsehoods. I can spot credible data online, but the general public doesn’t have my training.1

Lubrano also cited professor of sociology Jennifer Reich, PhD, who said, “Vaccine resistance has become a ‘form of privilege’ and that educated mothers develop a “sense of entitlement” that helps them decide which vaccines are unnecessary, and that their efforts to promote healthy practices at home enables them to think they know more than doctors “who don’t know their children.”1

The implication is that higher education leads to a “sense of entitlement” that gives college educated mothers the mistaken impression they should be allowed to engage in independent thought. The suggestion is that education and economic stability can lead to misguided and perhaps even dangerous thinking about health and medical care, and that the better way is for parents to trust doctors and do what they tell them to do.

Lubrano quoted professor of nursing Alison Buttenheim, PhD, who unfavorably compared educated independent thinking middle- and upper-class mothers to “minority mothers who ‘never hesitate’ to get shots for their kids.”1

“They (minority mothers) say, ‘A good mom does what the doctor tells me to do,’” said Dr. Buttenheim.1

That appears to be the crux of the message Lubrano intended to convey in his article. It is the same message many mainstream media sources and medical trade publications are marketing—Moms, don’t think and don’t ask any questions, just shut up and obey.


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  1. So the message here is:
    Bad Moms are affluent, White, breast-feed their children, are educated and shop at Whole Foods and don’t vaccinate their kids. They are the epitome of White Privilege.

    Good Moms are low income minorities, not highly educated, are docile, compliant, never question authority figures,‘never hesitate’ to get shots for their kids and does what the doctor tells them to do.

    Can the racism in this article be more blatant? Which is what I posted on the article comment board- Anti-vaccine parents are often white, college-educated, ‘Whole Foods moms’. The Philadelphia Inquirer Apr. 10, 2019.

  2. Well, as insulting as it is to minority mothers to say they are docile and obedient, that isn’t even the issue. Doctors will also have to do as they’re told. Some jumped-up state board of health official, high on his latest pharma money injection, will do as Merck, Sanofi, GSK, Novartis and Pfizer and their puppets at the FDA and CDC tell them to do. It’s possible that educated women still remember that that is not how this country is supposed to work.

  3. If I knew in the mid 70s what I know today my children would not have been vaccinated. I had measles, mumps and german measles and chicken pox . Everyone I grew up with did. We ALL lived. More than 900 elementary school children where I lived if you include kindergarten.I was vaccinated for smallpox and DPT and polio. I do not shop at Whole Foods because they’re organic is too expensive. I have a yard with an organic garden. We only eat grass fed beef organic chicken wild caught seafood an I don’t even have a high school diploma. I retired from my job in 2004 at a salary of 58,000 a year. College degrees don’t mean squat.

  4. So if you’re not white – minority here! – and you shop at whole foods and choose to not vaccinate are you still a bad mom? Good mom? Or 50-50? Dr.Offit is also white. So does that make him 50% bad too? Or is that only a label he gives to women?

  5. Isn’t it time to go on the offensive? Keep bringing up all the FDA approved drugs and treatments pushed by Big Pharma via doctors (opioids, anyone?) – let alone all the known or suspected carcinogens poisoning our water, air and soil with the blessing of “our” watchdog agencies, like EPA and FDA, USDA? In the age of Monsanto uber alles, only those too poor and kept hopping from one job to the next would fail to do their own research and prefer their carefully thought-through conclusions to those of doctors who have proven untrustworthy. When professionals – and professions – abandon their ethical and professional standards and decide to shill for industries that have none, they forfeit their right to deference to their authority.

  6. Wow, I’m dumbfounded, hurt, and outraged. Thank you for posting these articles. I just can’t believe it. I always just think of those old black and white film clips of those farmers spraying the mothers and babies with DDT. And the mothers trusting that it was a great thing to do. Putting themselves and their babies in their hands. And of course, it wasn’t intentionally harmful. But of course it ends up being dangerous and toxic and not meant to be used that way. But it’s too late then. And so, we learn from history. We do need to trust doctors a lot of the time. Sometimes we just have to trust. But if there is conflicting information that you are aware of, you should have the right to question it. Can you imagine a nation of people who never questioned anything going on around them? There are nations like that today where people do question inside their own private thoughts but actually don’t have the right to act on that question in their country. Why are people here getting criticized for exercising that blessed right? Isn’t this a free country? In my mind, there are too many unexplained people injured including my own daughter, to just trust without weighing that in on the discussion. I can’t ignore all these parents’ testimonies and lives. Some kids and people can handle the ingredients in vaccines perfectly fine. But guess what… some don’t. Not in the slightest. That is where we are right now. Even if millions do handle them well, still some do not. Those are healthy kids and adults that didn’t have to be harmed. We are not a society that believes in using a few lives in scientific research to better the rest of the population. We don’t do that sort of thing, right? That is not ok. So that is what people need to understand. That the people who did trust, and ended up being one of the few that couldn’t handle those ingredients… were injured. And they had to pay the cost. Is that fair to them? We are now talking about sacrificing some kids’ health and quality of life for the safety of the rest. Wow. No mother should be asked to do that. It should be safe. Period. For everyone. …if everyone is expected to cooperate. But it hasn’t been safe for everyone. Therefore people are questioning it.

  7. Well I am all of those things and an RN with a background in nutrition science. Not only do I fit the demographic but I have the tools to back myself and everyone around me up.
    Gone (rightfully) are the days when people would blindly take the advice of any MD or “authority figure.”This fight is about controlling an autonomous population. And is it any surprise that Gen Xers are the main culprits of the vaccine refusal movement? We’re not easily fooled; it’s just our nature. Perhaps we blame a few other generations but I’d like to think they’re wizening up too. And we’re not backing down any time soon.
    Is it also any wonder that the left is pushing vaccine mandates? They’re pro-choice when it comes to killing unborn babies but NOT pro-choice when it comes to medical autonomy. As usual the message is complete illogical hypocrisy and not what this country was founded on.
    Please understand that this fight IS POLITICAL. Medicare for All would come with the caveat that you receive all vaccinations for care. Don’t believe me? I’ve been watching and predicting changes for years and I’m right on the front lines.
    Forced vaccination is rape with a needle.

  8. The point is – Whites have become the race of choice for the media to attack on all fronts, in case you haven’t noticed. Whites are no longer hard working, industrious and noble altruists, but the butt of jokes and racist slurs meant to shut down free speech under the guise of political correctness -so that we dare not speak the truth of what is happening in factual reality – which is genocide via vaccines. By poisoning and dirtying people’s sacred blood we are all being weakened and damaged in one way or another. We had ALL better get educated and aware of the myriad lies and scams and not shut up about it. Silence equals consent in the dark ones estimation.

  9. Doctors are not Gods. They do not know everything and do make mistakes. My son who was diagnosed by a doctor as having an ear infection actually had leukemia. I knew he had more than an ear infection and took him to another office where he was diagnosed with leukemia by a nurse practitioner. At one point while he was hospitalized during his treatment, he was given a breathing treatment of albuterol for a secondary infection and had an allergic reaction. Doctors and nurses were in and out of his hospital room and did not notice his allergic reaction until I asked why his cheeks were flushed. I believed my daughter had a hernia. I took her to a doctor. He examined her, patted my arm and said, “I think mom is just being paranoid.” I took her to another doctor. She was then scheduled for surgery because she had a hernia. It is very frustrating to be told to blindly trust doctors when they are human, are not all-knowing, and do make mistakes. In each case of the cases I mentioned regarding my children, a doctor was wrong.

  10. So Goldstein is trained to spot credible data. What credible data is he spotting? The only data he is spotting is the data put out by the self-regulating pharmaceutical industry who lies, cheats and steals to fatten their pockets. Unfortunately, less affluent mothers may not have the means or the time to research, but they’re not stupid. His training taught him to recognize symptoms (hopefully), administer vaccines and prescribe drugs. There are plenty of affluent doctors, but some of them are still stupid!

  11. How dare those mothers read up on something that effects their child when the negative effects won’t effect the manufacturers! How dare those moms question the crap that’s been shoveled their way! How dare moms start connecting the dots between vaccines and sick kiddos! Shut up moms and do what we say because no doctors have ever pushed something harmful and then found out they shouldn’t have! (Clearly all sarcastic)

  12. Wow. Minority and low income mothers get the slam as ‘nonthinkers’ rather than exploited& without choices: good mothers blindly obey the doctor….my foot. I’ve seen the tears & heard the ‘why’s from these mothers when it’s too late, but who will listen to them? They live in fear & ‘know their place’ like in the days of serfdom returning…praying to get themselves & their children through unscathed by the perverts and tyrants. It’s the same with the sex trade, and the sodomite recruiters, but ‘white privilege’ and ‘entitlement’ didn’t do Nancy Schaeffer any good when she tried to stand up for the same little people. Those who claim to be standing up for ‘the little guy’ are nothing but paid shills & sell-outs, and anyone fooled by their rhetoric with their high dollar make-up, nails, and high dollar suits deserves what they get (the rest of us just shouldn’t have to go for the ride with them: white….really pink, tan, yellow, brown or whatever). That’s where they put all the abortion clinics, too…in those neighborhoods. Just like Sanger & the real white supremacists wanted it. And it wasn’t minorities who dreamed up socialism fascist or communist: it was a Jesuit trained apostate Jew financed by privileged white money! & a bunch of those ‘privileged’ and ‘entitled’ folk who know in a monopolized, tyrannical world who gets the ‘contracts’. Disgusting, lying sophistry. ‘Entitlement’. ‘White privilege.’ Makes me want to spit. I know hard-working, honest minority AND white folks who see through that bologna & the free-loaders who promote it in a New York minute….but it’s not like they get a voice. ……………….. I’m just thankful that God sees, and He is not manipulated or mocked. Judgment will come. Better for those who cause his little ones to suffer to have a millstone tied around their necks & be cast into the depths of the sea than to face what’s coming to them. One lasts a few minutes, the other for eternity, & beyond what any mere man can do.

  13. Funny. These doctors still wish to be regarded as gods, yet look at the prescription drug mess we are in with doctor-prescribed opioids and benzos. They are the kind of nightmare “health” provider that everyone should run from. Too bad the pharmaceutical industry got so greedy with vaccines. They lost all of their credibility.

  14. If you ever feel completely safe about medical advice and drug safety, research THALIDOMIDE in (around 1960-1962) and see what is written in research. If you have ever seen a person born with thalidomide birth defects, you will never forget what bad medical advice and drugs can do.

    Do real research on natural health care sites who provide references to primary research. Be a real informed person and make your own decisions.

  15. It looks like Dr Goldstein can spot the data put out by the self-regulating pharmaceutical industry which he mistakenly calls credible data. The lack of logic in some official statements is remarkable.

  16. Hey – I want all those perks that go with my opinions… Is this moron willing to pay me $75K and find me a husband? (Somehow I think the cash would be alright but I wouldn’t like his choice in men any more than my previous ones…..)

  17. I came from poor. I saw I watched and I learned. I got an education that I clean a lot of toilets to get. I am a hard worker and consider it a privilege to do so. My education didn’t end with a degree. I do research constantly on many things and continue to learn something everyday. I am retired but still learning new things daily. But because I am older I have experience in many areas. Like the flu shot was never meant for babies or pregnant mothers to dangerous for obvious reasons. Baby was too small to underdeveloped vaccines to dangerous for the young. I don’t think human babies have changed so what changed? Oh that rights pharmaceuticals companies no longer had liability nor do the medical staff for vaccines. A perfect medical money making plan. A very poor choice for the humans especially the young ones. And in the beginning there where no boosters nesasary because one shot was suppose to give lifetime immunity. So now we know they don’t give lifetime immunity and we don’t know how long they do give immunity. We don’t know if it safe to have so many vaccines at once. Because they don’t do research on multiple vaccines ever and never will. Why because then one doesn’t know which one is the problem? Also how many vaccines in a lifetime is too many? Don’t know that either. But logic tells me we all have a limit but for each of us it’s most likely different. Because everyone of us is Uniquely made.

  18. God help us. The insults just become more and more ridiculous. The entire vaccine “debate” requires just a smidge of common sense – read the ingredients, read the possible “side effects”, talk to some parents, think about vaccine injury court and say NO.

  19. Laurie Raymond, excellent point. I think that is exactly the point that needs to be made. If the medical and pharmaceutical industries want to be treated with deference, they need to prove they are above reproach. Until they can do that, we will approach every recommendation they make with extreme caution, as is only logical.

  20. Denise Porter, I agree. These “obedient mothers” are in actuality mothers who are lied to, being told that they will lose government support payments or that their Medicaid won’t pay the hospital bill if their kids are not vaccinated. A nursing student in Michigan was kicked out of nursing school when she pushed back on the suggestion by her professors that she should lie to get vaccine compliance.

  21. I look medical information up on the internet alot. I am intelligent enough to separate the wheat from the chape. This highly insulting to women and men. I refuse taking their flu, pnemonia, shingles and other poisons into my body. It is my decision, not theirs.

  22. Wow, so no matter what women are stupid, should know their place, should shut up and do as they are told. Do they really think they are going to win this fight with that attitude?

  23. I am proud of my children for taking on their own research on vaccines. Both grew up with significant allergies and adverse reactions to things put into their bodies (vaccines included, and as well as certain foods). Their reactions were from severe, life threatening and mild. The reactions at first seemed unpredictable, then patterns developed. I did my own research to try to get to the bottom of what was going on. One pediatric doctor told us that it would be a miracle if our daughter lived to age 11. She went into shock after her 1st DpT shot, and stopped breathing several times. After her 3rd Dpt shot she had seizures almost non-stop of almost 8 hours. After that her doctor said no more DpT shots. Also she developed ear infections after each of these shots with terrible whooping like cough for 6 weeks, vomiting mucous, choking on it and was unable to keep food down, thus loosing significant amount of weight. After the MMR shot she got a light case of the measle about 8-9 days after the shot. Then she developed Raynouds Syndrome, her hands, feet, arms and legs with get so purple and cold, and the pain was terrible. Constant attention was needed to keep her warm or she would be in terrible pain. THERE WERE STRONG HINTS THAT HER IMMUNE SYSTEM WAS NOT the average one from beginning at age 6 weeks when we gave her formula when I returned to work and she developed projectile vomiting, swollen lips & eyes with in an hour after formula feeds. We were told to switch the formula. No change in symptoms, then it was suggested we give her rice cereal only mixed w/ water. It was then my husband made the discovery that the rice cereal also had some soy in it after the severe vomiting hit ingesting this. He declared it must be soy intolerance or allergy. We returned to full breast feeding, no more of these Gi and swelling face issues. When we presented the feeding records and LL THE REACTIONS recorded the doctor screamed at us that no baby is ever allergic to soy, soy is what babies are given who do not tolerate other formulas. With in 5 years this same doctor had done his own studies, and found that soy was often not well tolerated by babies! After starting allergy shots at age 4 our daughter began to tolerated life better. she ahd low IgG, lo IgA and abnormal compliment tests. It was concluded that she had a slow to develop immune system, as well lacked the enzymes to tolerate a number of foods as well was genuinely allergic to a broad range of foods and environmental items. When she attended college in England the doctor there called to tell us with her immune system situation he would not give her the menighitis vaccine, and that at the 1st sign of sore throat with a fever she should report to medical for immediate evaluation, that with this illness if treated early with antibiotics the outcome is usually very good. Also she shold not share container drinks or drink out of drinking fountains, do good hand washing technique. I being a nurse felt storngly that vaccines were extremely important. SO when our 2nd daughter came along I wanted her to be vaccinated. After all how would one have such bad luck to have 2 immune dysfunctioning children???The doctor said we should wait until our baby was older to have vaccines as I was breastfeeding and since I had all the childhood illnesses when young would also have passed immunities for these for the baby for at least 6 months or more via the placenta. BUt no I wanted her to have all the advantages of the vaccines. She got the 1st DpT shot on time and went into severe shock worse than her sister had…..her life after this vaccine then the MMR shot was a nightmare. Seizures, severe auto immune disease developed with years of compromised health. After a work up at the NIH the conclusion after complete health history, extensive blood work and testing that her severe reactions to immunizations likely resulted in her severe health issue under investigation at that time. Her last immunzation a DT shot resulted in an Arthus type reaction with a serum illness reaction of her body becoming severe red, hot and fever. IT took weeks for her to recover from the immediate severe reaction and years to ease the long term side affects. IT was then I decided I had to self educate about immunizations, to develop full understanding. What I learned was shocking and well documented by those that advocate pro choice for vaccines. I am not opposed to vaccines, however now realize many should not receive vaccines at the predetermined times recommended as there are individual immune system differences that if over challenged too soon that baby, child will be harmed. We have the science to determine which individuals these are. Also well documented family history needs to be taken into account to have revised vaccine schedules, as well as opting out for medical reasons not to have ‘certain’ vaccines. Natural immunity developed from actually having measles, mumps, chicken pox is likely far superior to the immunity from a vaccine, as well one does not need to pay money for a life time of repeated vaccines and introduce into their body foreign substances included foreign DNA< RNA etc. The vaccines can and do cause significant morbidity. Prochoice is needed and knowing that today with the increase of significant auto-immune disease which includes asthma, diabetes, many types of cancers and more (which how many of these are triggered by immunizations???? Where is the research???? short term and long term on immunizations???? Practice of excellent hygiene is essential to wellness!!! Lets clean up our water, and our earth!!! Non-GMO foods!!!!! Get good rest and exercise. And if there is a choice, practice good choice and have vaccines on time schedules if you and your doctor determine vaccines are best for your personal health. IF you get a communicable illness, put yourself in isolation to protect others as much as possible (remember vaccines are not full proof and there are person for whom getting a childhood illness wold make for severe illnes)s. Make informed educated decisions.

  24. Maybe some women woke up after horrible birth experiences and definitely didn’t trust doctors after that. Or after they got awful breastfeeding advice (there is a lot of that). Makes you start to wonder what they really know after that ?

  25. The “new world order” as talked about by George Bush and which includes all of the richest, in the terms of financial well-being, people in the world are the people who own the pharmaceutical companies and who are promoting universal vaccination. They have a document, a stated objective of reducing the population of the world to, according to the Georgia Guide Stones, a number between 500,000,000 and one billion people worldwide. This means that between six and seven billion people would have to be eliminated to reach that goal. Vaccinations, medical sterilization, social, political and financial sterilization by making it impractical for people to have babies, abortion to prevent births once babies are conceived, financial incentives to not have babies, social stigma pushed against those who do have babies, having children in numbers that are less than the numbers needed to maintain a stable population size, all of this is being pushed by the “father of lies” which is Satan. The devil wants to defeat God by dumbing down the population, read some of what has been written in years gone by and how articulate those people were. Then read the lyrics to the songs that “musicians” of today put out, notice the difference between “educated” people and the crap that is spewed from the faces of many of the people who have become mouth pieces for society today.
    I am appalled at the filth that some “musicians” put out and then cite “free speech” as why they are allowed to shovel that crap out, while at the same time, people who see through this filth are side lined and browbeaten to try to keep the truth from being heard.
    We all, the entire population of this once beautiful planet, need to turn to God, confess our sins, ask God for forgiveness and to turn from the god of this world and toward Creator God, it is our only chance to make things right, turn to God creator of all things, confess our sins, each of us individually and all of us collectively and then turn away from the way of get and turn toward the way of give. Give love in all situations, do not take offense but give grace to those who you might otherwise hate. Forgive affronts, consider the other person’s perspective and more than anything, live a life of loving kindness.
    May God Bless everyone throughout the world, past, present and future.

  26. Wow! The judgments just keep coming. One thing I know, having lived into my 70’s, is that if an individual doesn’t have a credible case, they start with personal attacks. White, college-educated, buying or growing whole foods. Are you kidding me? Everything I hoped for my daughter and all that she is today. Vaccine hesitancy. Is this the new term (made Up) to label those of us that are concerned and are using discretion and are trying to get to the truth. If vaccines are so safe why don’t we hear about the hard data proving it, instead of all the spin and distraction? Is it because it’s not there or has been so skewed that anyone checking it out could see the falsity of it (Brian Hooker)?

  27. Read the insert with the Doctor, then review each ingredient and ask for the Doctors PERSONAL financial guarantee as the Doctor is liable. Congress said that vaccines are inherently unsafe, so the necessity of the Vaccine Trust Fund!!!

  28. Allow me to blow that theory right out of the water. While I am a white mother who nursed (at least her biological child. Adopted foster child unfortunately wasn’t open to the idea):

    1. I posses a mere high school education
    2. I currently receive public assistance
    3. I’m anything but complacent
    4. I consider myself relatively intelligent
    5. I’ve never earned anywhere near $75,000 a year
    6. I’ve raised my children independently for the past 22 years
    7. I cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods
    8. I’ve been researching vaccines and fighting for exemptions and against mandates for 26 years (long before Dr. Google or Jenny McCarthy).

    There are many of us who do not in any way fit the stereotype. We just have something called common sense… 😉

  29. I’m a female, white, college graduate (who, by the way worked my way through college, too capable of working to get aid and too poor to survive without working), with no children or husband…and my degrees are in Biochemistry and Medical Laboartory Science.. I do shop at Whole Foods because the quality is good, unlike other alternatives near my urban residence.

    So what percentage of my opinion is credible?

    Here’s an opinion for you: Good science can afford to be questioned. Bad science NEEDS to be questioned.

    With all the stink that comes up when anyone questions vaccine science it seems to imply that pro-vaxxers have an issue with anyone questioning vaccine science. Attacking anyone who questions vaccine science, rather than responding to questions and being willing to re-examine vaccine science is red flag that vaccine science really does need to be questioned. Like, what’s so wrong with vaccine science that you can’t have other people asking stuff about it? Hmmm?

    Think of the income from governent mandated activities (like forcing vaccination on large populations – like a whole state full of people, like maybe California!). Somebody will make lots of easy money on those mandates. We, the educated and uneducated alike, are supposed to believe vaccination is all about public health? Follow the money on that one. Pharma and its accomplices have the best…”science”…that money can buy.

  30. I am sorry to hear that anyone was offended by the article by Caceres. I took it as I believe it was intended which was the majority of mothers questioning or refusing vaccines were in a particular category. I do not have a college degree but am most pleased to have my reading and research skills on a par with college educated women who are making a very good living. We do not choose our race or childhood circumstances and therefore some of us travel through life in a more privileged style. I was ever so grateful to get the news that families in this category were making headlines standing against this mass hysteria against normal childhood diseases, (which actually boost the immune system to well nutrition ed children), and against the insane number of vaccines. Let us all stand firmly together and we will need to!

  31. This isn’t about doctors and parents at all… this is a male doctor being butt-hurt that any woman would question his advice/instruction. Boycott his practice and go to a female doctor who also has her own children to find at least a base level of human compassion where a real discussion can occur without dude’s misogyny flaring up.

  32. Doctors were once some of the heaviest smokers. How should that influence OUR opinion about THEIR judgement? Case closed.

  33. I remember when “good mothers” bottle fed their babies, were put under sedation for delivery, didn’t get to see their babies after they were born and had to wait for the hospital staff to bring them in; got infections from bad medical practices; had to be docile if the staff crossed their legs to keep the babies from being born, I could go on and on. I can’t even count how many times the medical profession has bullied women and they reversed themselves. Not once have they ever admitted they were in the wrong for anything. Jack asses!

  34. Wow! I am college educated and make good money. I used to listen to my doctor and vaccinated my kids. Then they started getting sick. One was autistic and another severe asthma and allergies. I found a diet/ way of living that was supposed to help because my doctor said there was nothing I could do but I refused to believe that. So I did it and guess what it worked. Now my child has their autism diagnosis removed. My other child doesn’t have asthma attacks as often. So I have a brain and realize what I did before made them sick and now what I am doing is healing them. Oh, and it includes eating organic. This is just ridiculous. I have a brain and can think so I am a bad mom?

  35. I am a black female. I am from the Deep South and we were the first generation not born into segregation. I understand a LOT about racial topics, but I am not going to consume this entire commentary with all of those details.

    In short, the end result of years of oppression has created all types of undesirable dynamics in the black community. (I cannot speak for other ethnicities and cultures.) Some of these dynamics do include a docile mindset in certain situations. Of course, this doesn’t imply that ALL black people are docile. But, some of us are.

    I was one of those docile black mother’s that just “did what I was told”. However, when my son was diagnosed with autism things changed.

    I am college educated, like my parents before me (who BOTH had PhDs). My father a mathematician and my mother a scientist. So, I looked for answers and discovered the horrible truth.

    I am also married, have a household income of close to $200k a year. And YES, I shop at Whole Foods!!!! I am highly offended that such a bigoted, ignorant, insulting statement would be published! It is highly offensive, yet predictable. These people have an agenda that relies on fear, lies, deception and a mob mentality. So, it doesn’t surprise me that they would publish unsubstantiated “phrases” and present these arbitrary opinions as well founded facts.

    As a black female I will go on record to say that part of the plan for our destruction is to keep all of us separated and fighting among one another. They want blacks fighting against whites. Women fighting against men. Heterosexuals fighting homosexuals. Wealthy fighting the poor. And the list goes on and on.

    We’ve got to stick together and fight the true enemy, not one another. So, the next time the media tries to provoke you to hate ANYONE, you may want to stop and think about what’s REALLY going on.

  36. The US with the highest health costs in the world is ranked down at 37 by the WEF listing of healthiest countries. Arrogance by western medicine dogma (WMD) medical doctors has simply gone too far!

    Expose this lack of respect for the healthy natural immune system and failure to address the damage caused by inappropriate medication and money making treatments.

    Concerned parents understand that real lives matter and no death or disability should be ignored, or dismissed as collateral damage in the quest for profits or covering up of truth. All views matter, but parents who know their own child and deal with realities are speaking from experience and knowledge which beats trumped-up data and proven bias studies every time. The medical profession has been and continues to be wrong too many times. The same profession remains silent when they ought to speak. The same profession against all principles of science vilifies, de-registers and mocks those who present new information or ask intelligent questions. THAT doesn’t earn respect.

    Bring on the debate. Bring it on! Open minded pro-vaxxers may learn that, despite their best intentions, all is not what they think.

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