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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Explosion of Cancer and Latent Disease After COVID Vaccination

A normal vaccine stays in the arm, pretty much… 99.9 percent. A lipid nanoparticle needs a door crack to get out. A large majority of the lipid nanoparticle does not stay in the arm. In fact, we now know that a large part of it goes into the lymph node right underneath here and still making spike protein 60 days later. … That should’ve been looked at well before this product (mRNA COVID-19 shots) was out. They never told people that, hey, we’re going to stick it in your arm… it’s going to show up in your lymph node, it’s going to show up in your brain, it’s going to show up in your ovaries, your bone marrow, your adrenal glands, your liver, your spleen, which is then going to track up through the vagus nerve and go to your basal ganglia.

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  1. By coincidence, I read a think tank world population growth/decline study back in 2018. It stated incredible declines in world population. I remember thinking to myself what was the reasoning behind publishing those huge decreases in population.

  2. I would like to present this
    Interview the next time I hear NPR radio talk to guests who only suggest
    How safe and effective the Covid vaccine is and therefore cannot understand why there is still vaccine hesitancy

    1. I appreciate his science of lipidnanoparticle but that begs the question, why didn’t EVERYONE that was vaccinated acquire some dreaded reaction? Or, is he suggesting that eventually they all will? What’s the explanation for people having no adverse reaction? Is there a way that their body is tolerating or squelching the mRNA vaccine?

      1. Craig, not every Vax had the same content, some were found to be pure saline for instance. Your question seems to me like someone balking at the data connecting smoking to lung cancer because George Burns lived to be 100.

        If VAERS represents maybe 1% of those adversely affected by a particular vax and even many who never associate their newfound “tiredness” or heart disease or cancer to the vax, the actual numbers, if it were possible to quantify them, may satisfy… even the most skeptical.

      2. The answer to your pertinent question, Graig is called batches. Not all batches are the same. A regular process to bring a SAFE vaccine to a wide audience requires 10 to 15 years of careful studies. Vials usually contains different dosages of certain ingredients and are administered to a large number of volunteer patients or lab rats. Recordings are made and, year after year, lessons are learned in order to bring out the safest and most useful remedy to a wide variety of patients. What we are currently living right now is a live EXPERIMENT. Some of us have been injected with such and such batch that is recorded and lessons are being learned. Obviously, we were not FORCED to accept this “vaccine” and the label “emergency” is still applied. Vaccine makers cannot be made responsible. Anyone going for these injections is thus self-responsible for whatever consequences they will have on their health. And yes, it will take perhaps years before we see a side effect in some of us. The real question is why didn’t we seriously question these products before we put them inside our body? Why on earth would we do this without being 100% that it is safe and it will help? As we both know, answers to these two questions are undoubtedly unacceptable.

        1. I agree to some extent that everyone who accepted a Covid injection is responsible for the consequences. I have been disillusioned in the average human being who has willingly and even happily run to the nearest injection site to receive a Covid-19 injection. However, at the same time, I know that people have been deceived by being told that these are safe and effective “vaccines,” although they are not even vaccines. There has not been informed consent, as defined by the Nuremberg Code, because the public has not been told of the risks of death or adverse reactions. I recently received a flyer from the California Department of Health, in both English and Spanish, assuring me that the Covid injections are “safe and effective” and have been “rigorously tested”–a blatant lie.

          1. If there is no legal responsibility for the drug’s effect, they can say anything about it in glowing terms. Knowing they are protected from any lie they may tell about it.

        2. Almost all of my family did question, research, and decide against getting the experimental shot. As more data became available, we knew we made the right decision. Some of us have had Covid multiple times and it was no picnic, but it was treatable.Smaller hospitals seem to have effective protocols for treatment and larger, teaching hospitals in my area seem to do the Remdesivir route and many of those patients die. We know first hand from friends’ tragedies.

      3. These are clinical trials and the vax was only rolled out under emergency use. Clinical trials always have placebos as well. I talked to an employee at Finlandia Pharmacy yesterday and was asking about detoxed for those that are vaxxed. She told me that many of the vaxcines have heavy metals in them. I had heard this before but was surprised to hear it from an employee in a pharmacy. As well she said myocarditis is not just in our age group ,I am 63, but the young people have been coming in by and her quote is “by the hundreds if not the thousands”. Just wait until they activate 5G and the intact lipid nano sac burst ….tragedy

      4. I had two major reactions. The first involved my heart. That started two days after receiving the J&J vaccine. The second was throwing a clot to my gallbladder because of my cardiac issues. But if this doctor is correct it would explain my sudden and rapidly growing cancerous kidney tumor. Last year was pretty rough.

      5. The reason everyone isn’t getting these problems is because NOT everyone got the shots. Some got saline. I read an article about the batch numbers (that is what they refer to it in the UK), we call them (lot numbers) were not all the same because some received saline without knowing it. This entire dog and pony show has been an experiment and a lie from the beginning.

      6. Why is it that everyone who gets a lot of sun not get skin cancer. Why is it that every smoker doesn’t die of lung cancer. Every persons genetics is different and everyone will react differently. What will happen in the long term? No one knows because the phase three trials didn’t go more than 6 months.

  3. Amen to exactly what Joan Kulchinsky said!!! It’s why I rarely listen to NPR (my once upon a time my go-to station for good dialogue…. no more.) They ALL, all mainstream and NPR get big $$$ from Pfizer, et al.. and have become brainwashed, followers, touters of the narrative of past 2-1/2 yrs.. Now, realizing much of they’ve ever said, even in past many years, has not been based in fact. I WAS more of the Left. Now, only about the individual (speaking politically, re upcoming Primaries) who will speak truth and not be controlled by the puppeteers.

  4. It is still so hard for me to understand why people are still taking/promoting the vaccines for a ‘virus’ that is, basically, non-lethal, while the vaccines have been shown to be like a revolver used in Russian Roulette. It makes absolutely no sense.

    1. People are still taking/promoting the shots because they are panicked due to the fear mongering of our government and big pharma. This is part of the world reset that Gates, Fauci and others have been working on for years. This didn’t just start in 2019. It has been in the works for sometime. This little experiment was orchestrated to see how many people would be sheeple and they found out. So sad our country has become a herd of sheeple.

  5. We have several people we know who are having terrible health issues after receiving the vaccines?. I’m so thankful the majority of our family members did not take the shots because we had the Covid virus and recovered without even going to a doctor. We learned years ago how to live healthy, eat healthy and only take natural remedies… No Pharma Drugs!!! The human body was created to heal itself if you take care of it.

    1. I know of,like 4 people who took vax,,so far they are fine,,I’m confused by this.cause so MANY have had reactions/death from vax.just “waiting to see what happens to them”.this was all a set up.

      1. Dear Tina, what many do not know is that there is a proper way to give a shot. The needle must be asperated before pushing the plunger down. Even the packaging and the CDC state the shots must be asperated first. Asperation is checking to see if a vein was hit. The shot is not meant to go into the bloodstream, just the muscle tissue. The plunger is first pulled up, and if no blood fills the vial, then and only then is it okay to push the plunger all the way into the arm. If blood is seen, the needle is to be pulled out and thrown away and a new needle/shot is prepared. You can only know if you hit a vein by aspiration. Just sticking it in your arm without aspiration is playing roulette.

  6. Thank you so much for this information. I have had cold sores my entire life but since having one Pfizer injection, I have had sores in and around my mouth. These started within one week of getting the injection. I received the injection in April 2021. After begging my physician for help, he gave me Valacyclovir 1 gm BID in October and every time I try to cut back or stop the medication all the symptoms return. Will you please share with me your treatment for herpes? I am a 76-year-old woman who worked as an Operating Room R.N. for over 40 years. I retired at 71 with perfect health except for controlled hypertension, and now I don’t have the energy to run the vacuum. I have been searching for help and watched your video in the Vaccine Reaction from The National Vaccine Information Center

    1. can treat you. Log on to the website and book an appointment. You will need to detox from the vaccine. They have a detox protocol. Their prices are reasonable. Hope you get better soon.

      1. You can’t “detox” altered DNA.
        Don’t waste your money on that snake oil “natural detox remedies” they’re all BS.
        If you’re so concerned about what this jab may do to you THEN DON’T GET IT.
        For those who have .. well…. we all warned you.

    2. Take 1000 mg of Lysine 2x a day . Also since herpes is viral infection of opportunity [ comes during physical or emotional stress] there is probably underlying problem with immune system; possibly fungal,bacterial or parasites. Ivermectin & hydroxycloroquine & or Quercitin with zinc can help also vitamin D levels should be checked [directlabs dot com is cheapest & fastest way as medicare often won’t pay] Optimum is 60-90 -anything around 40 or lower is NOT adequate. I take 4-6000 iu of D per day – 3 drops in my morning coffee. Many vaccinated are also full of graphine oxide from the jab and drinking pine needle tea is supposed to help as well. Lots of vitamin C ,B and Nattokinase [prevents blood clots]. Good luck.

    3. Dear Patricia, look up Dr Zelenko online. He and many other health professionals offer advice on how to counteract some of the adverse reactions caused by the shots. God be with you.

    4. Order Hulda Clark’s “Zapper” online. Follow instructions. Uses a 9 volt battery. 1st 7 min. round kills larger parasites, 2nd 7 min. round kills bacteria, 3rd 7 min. round kills viruses. My family and I have used this for years – to clear colds, flu, COVID. Success in a few days every time.

  7. Patricia A Brady—you can look into Lysine supplements as they help with all kinds of cold sores/ herpes infections. B vitamin complex help boost energy levels. Elderberry and Echinacea for immune boosting. Hope this helps.

  8. Buy this Century’s Medical Medium Anthony William ‘s first book and get the revised and updated version. All his books (6) are outstanding and life saving. I am testament to that.

  9. 2 kinds of people in the world, those who believe the propaganda and want to be controlled and those who do not and want freedom.

  10. In product information for vaccines it is normally stated that tests for carcinogenicity have not been carried out. One may well wonder why.

    In 2012 several expressed concern regarding the potential increased risk of cancer after Gardasil injection which was claimed to prevent cervical cancer:

    In 2019, as feared: “French Cancer Surgeon: Statistics Show HPV Gardasil Vaccine Linked to Increased Cervical Cancer Rates After Years of Decline Due to Pap Smears”


    It is a tragic stroke of fate that these vaccines, which are often, albeit incorrectly, termed “cancer vaccines”, are shown to be instrumental in causing increased risk of cervical cancer.

  11. Your government and your medical fraud industry is out to make your chronically ill (for profit) or just outright kill you. If your still thinking any of these despots have any concern for you ,or your children’s, well being you are a fool. We are at war with the globalist agenda.

    1. Amen @Stephen !!!! Sad that MOST did not believe that the war is against them…NOT a virus which ALL off us carry naturally since birth.

    2. I agree. When will the public realize it? In regard to childhood vaccines, my younger brother came down with a bad case of whooping cough as a baby after getting his third DTP shot.

      When there was a bill in California that was going to require all schoolchildren to be vaccinated in order to attend school (Senate Bill 277, introduced by Sen Pan; this was before the Covid “pandemic”), and removing the personal belief exemption, hundreds of parents showed up in Sacramento to object to the bill, many testifying that their child had been injured by a vaccine. However, the legislators ignored the will of the people and passed the bill. In fact at least one legislator was downright rude to the public. In my opinion, this is evidence that our legislators are following a prescribed agenda rather than representing their constituents.

      1. You know,,,I’ve been thinking,,,and our childhood boosters are junk as well.I don’t think anyone inherits anything,,all those “inherited diseases” come from vaccines!!! If you by chance have facebook,,,look up Shawn vidiella,,she’s also been on Livewire,she’s vaxd,,and doing fair,.but had to quit her job she’s how I learned of the truth about vax!!

  12. I know of someone who got one of the first vaccines early on and shortly after she was paralyzed from the waist down. Amazingly, the doctors don’t blame the vaccine. She still can’t walk, two years later. Because of her reaction, she told her college-age son not to get the vaccine.

    1. My mother had the same reaction years ago after getting the swine flu vaccine. She was in a wheelchair for almost a year but was able to walk again, albeit not a normal gait. It was diagnosed as Guillain-Barre syndrome which is one of the reactions to the COVID “vaccine.” That, and other reasons was why I wouldn’t get the “jab.”

    2. Dr’s have been forced to do that.luckily,some are being honest.possibly losing their license.this speaks volumes!

  13. The NCAA and other governing bodies should immediately cease mandating the shot for athletes. This very well could result in massive cause of actions for negligence in wrongful deaths and other ailments.

  14. This”vaccine” has opened my eyes to vaccines,period.I will never take anything again.not flu,not shingles,,not even tetanus.NO

    1. I haven’t had a vaccine since I was 17, working in the veterinary and medical field many years has exposed me to how dangerous to living creatures these jabs can be. Nope, none for me.

  15. This”vaccine” has opened my eyes to vaccines,period.I will never take anything again.not flu,not shingles,,not even tetanus.NO
    And these masks are absolute garbage!!!!!

  16. This is an optometrist who advised people in 2020 to take hydroxychloroquine?
    Does anyone have the links to the studies he is quoting?
    I really look to you guys for the truth and I don’t feel like this is factual.

    1. Dr. Richard Urso is a scientist, sole inventor of an FDA-approved wound healing drug, and the Former Director of Orbital Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center. NOT an optometrist???

  17. remember the rules?? 2 year double blind studies? well they just went and ”ignored” that little thing.

  18. In response to Craig Mueller, I agree with your comment, but would suggest that the “beauty” of these vaccines and of the virus itself is that it can cause all kinds of different, seemingly unrelated health problems so that no one will ever put 2 and 2 together and come to the conclusion that it’s the virus and or the vaccine that are the real health

  19. By coincidence, I read a think tank world population growth/decline study back in 2018. It stated incredible declines in world population. I remember thinking to myself what was the reasoning behind publishing those huge decreases in population.

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