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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


CDC May Bring Back Oral Polio Vaccine in U.S.

giving polio vaccine orally to baby

In response to the first confirmed case of polio in the United States since 2013 this past September and the subsequent detection of the polio virus in New York City wastewater, officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are now considering recommending a return to use of the live attenuated oral polio vaccine (OPV), specifically a version known as nOPV2 (novel oral polio vaccine type 2) in the U.S.1 2

The single case of polio, involving a young adult in Rockland County, New York, was detected in July. The individual developed vaccine strain polio paralysis, was temporarily hospitalized, and released.3 4

The U.S. stopped using the OPV in 2000 because it was found that the weakened virus in the vaccine had mutated and was capable of causing what is referred to as “vaccine-derived polio.” In other words, on rare occasions, OPV itself can cause polio in the person vaccinated or in a person who comes in contact with the vaccinated person’s body fluids. It was precisely because of this that in mid-1990s the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) called on CDC to discontinue use of the OPV in  and replace it with the Salk inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) that cannot cause vaccine strain polio.5 6

More Cases of Polio from OPV Than from Wild Polio

In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report confirming nine new cases of polio caused by the OPV in Angola, the Central African Republic, the Congo and Nigeria. The report noted that a total of 16 countries had experienced polio outbreaks caused by the OPV that year, and that more people were contracting polio through continuing use of “live” polio vaccines than from the wild poliovirus itself.7 8

Despite the cases of vaccine-derived polio, on Nov. 13, 2020 the WHO granted an Emergency Use Listing (EUL) to the nOPV2, allowing the vaccine to be distributed for “limited initial use” in countries affected by outbreaks of vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2).9

According to the WHO, this EUL process, previously known as Emergency Use Assessment and Listing (EUAL), was created to “assess and list new and yet-to-be licensed vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics to enable their early, targeted use in response to a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).”9

With regard to recommending use of nOPV2 in the U.S., the CDC’s Janell Routh, MD said:

We are in discussions with our New York State and New York City colleagues about the use of nOPV. It will be a process. It’s not something that we can pull the trigger on and have it appear overnight. There will be lots of thought and discussion about the reintroduction of an oral polio vaccine into the United States.1

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19 Responses

    1. The article reference is most fitting, conveniently, as a response to this first post.

      This is a very informative article which puts a different spin on the topics of; how did we get here, who’s running this show, and why our own leaders appear so ignorant and aloof, so irrationally supporting lockdowns and other asinine measures. Why when we followed advice of WHO, CDC, and other agencies, we were really doing the bidding of our enemies, co opted from within. Spoiler alert, it’s the CCP’s fault. Reasons why from this point forward, trust absolutely nothing the who or cdc has to say. A different iteration of a failed policy and failed medical approach is not going to change anything, so stop wasting your time on this.

      A must read article which leads the readers through several turns and new revelations. This story starts in one place, ending in another. Trust me this is worth your time to read all the way through, don’t skip any of the written portions. We can thank the hardline communists and their submissive wealth sycophants in other nations whom trade with them, for the past few years of liberty destruction and pain.

      And it’s only going to continue as long as we listen to these people. Which is why for one, I support isolationism and find the concept of globalism as well as collectivism to be utterly failed societal constructs which are antithetical to everything good and just in this world. Shut the doors. Stop the trading. Expel all of this foreign influence with haste.

      What’s going on here is people are lost in this illusion, that anything these people from certain government agencies promulgate is credible in the first place. Also this explains a pressing question and concern which nobody ever seems able to answer for me; When does the period of ‘proving it’ end, and holding people accountable begin? It’s been two solid years of proofing efforts and not an ounce of accountability so far. As history repeats.

      We don’t need to expend energy breaking down the details of this covid event and failed covid policies anymore. There is no solution other than to comprehend all the activity surrounding this was immoral and improper to begin with. There is no new medicine or new approach to delivery which will matter or change anything. We can simply understand that these are Chinese Communist Party influences, and subsequently reject the entire approach as unethical, misguided, and egregious to our liberties and freedoms.

      The WHO group and all the other CCP co opted agencies and persons can keep their recommendations to themselves. But we don’t mind hearing them, as because we now know these are CCP influenced party positions, we’ll simply do the opposite of what they suggest. Problem solved. They’re still to this day actively convincing people why to and how to voluntarily relinquish their own liberties and birth rights. Will you continue to play along? Read this article front to back. You’ll never think of anything ‘covid’ or health organization based the same way again. This has to be one of the best most informative and illuminating articles I’ve read in years. Thank you.

      The China Situation Isn’t As Bad As It Looks. It’s Far Worse.

  1. Polio is of more serious concern, being one of the vaccine schedule items which may actually do harm and not just temporary. So what gives, effective homeopathy treatment, what should we be doing in terms of prevention? Tell me all these decades later that a vaccine is the only solution…

  2. If the authorities do this it would totally irresponsible. There have been more cases of Polio (Polio has been renamed Guillain Barre, transverse myelitis, coxsackie, MS, cerebral palsy) caused by the Polio vaccines and other vaccines.

    1. Don’t forget genital herpes (HSV-2) originated from the Oral Polio Vaccines made in African Green Monkey (AGM) kidney cells. SIMIAN AGENT 8 (SA-8) infected all AGMs and carries identical genetic sequences to both oral (HSV-1) and genital (HSV-2) herpes. I think of them as Human Smian Viruses 1 and 2.

      AGMs went into OPV production in 1963-64 over Albert Sabin’s objection that the AGMs might carry viruses undetectable current technology. In the early 70s CDC recommended an OPV booster for 12 year olds. A few years later a plague of genital herpes broke out. The first uncurable venereal disease.

      But Adolph Tager proposed a treatment for recurrent herpes outbreaks – multiple oral doses of the Oral Polio Vaccine and every American Dermatologist received that recommendation in The Schoch Letter in the late 1970s. The AGM caries the original primate Immunodeficiency Virus and use of this treatment with OPV by MSM (Men who had Sex with Men) probably resulted in the origination of epidemic AIDS.

      Be aware that the OPV is excreted in the stool and the majority of OPV paralysis cases in the mother’s contacting polio viruses while changing diapers….there is automatic compensation for these cases in the vaccine injury table. However dozens of other simian viruses are present in OPV the problem lies in the FDA ban on the use of clinical tests to identify them for diagnosis of the cause of the disease.

      For example, SV-40 (Simian Virus 40) a polyoma virus from the rhesus monkey used to make the original Salk injected polio vaccine and in Sabin OPV until 1964 shows up in malignant melanomas. Overr one hundred million doses of Salk vaccine containing this multiple myeloma virus which speeds in sperm were administered but if your Physician wants to check your cancer for it he is barred from ordering the PCR test to use for diagnosis. Just Google the PCR test for SV40 and you can read the restriction. No lab is allowed to run the test for diagnostic purposes or it will lose its accreditation.

      100% of Sabin OPV were found to be contaminated with Simian Cytomegalovirus which were found in the brain of a child with encephalopathy in North Carolina but the physicians named it The Colburn Strain in fear of upsetting the system. It was actually GR -2757 from the African Green Monkey.

      Sam Katz, then Chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Infectious Disease Committee and Editor of the Redbook dismissed it’s importance in ahne call from the manufacturer of the polio vaccine and did not bother to alert Pediatricians in the Redbook.

      Katz was a golden boy to the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board as well as a Member and his fealty lie with the DOD not your Doctor not your child.

      1. Dang Walter, dropping knowledge on the board.

        As the good Dr Judy M has informed us, when she was asked questions on the matter of vaccinated people shedding covid prions on the rest of us; We’ve all been getting shed on by the vaccinated this entire time. Literally everyone whom ever takes a vaccine is constantly shedding that filth and disease to everyone around them everywhere they go, shedding it in every possible manner. One day, if we can ever reign in the pharmasuetical cartels and their corrupted influences, they’ll look back and recognize that the proliferation of vaccines created or accentuated the majority of health concerns our society faced for a century if not longer.

        And in diapers too? That’s new, but figures accurately and is quite logical. The idea you can inject health, it’s an absurd barbaric concept. The original vaccine was a toothpick, people don’t understand the science behind these mad scientists. Reading an immune response is not the same thing as developing natural immunity. They have been misinterpreting what they’re reviewing on the matter of vaccines since day one.

        If collectively the human race could have invested as much into homeopathic and natural medicines as we have pharmaceuticals, we could have actually eliminated substantial ailments and diseases by now. The war on cancer, and all other ailments, will stand as having long since been lost and we’ll never have a chance to win again or further research to actually cure anything, as long as for profit pharmaceuticals are in place. People don’t understand, they may actually be injecting parasites into their body which then mimick the conditions we diagnose as cancer. The faith people place in modern medicine is largely misguided. We appreciate the ability to blast kidney stones away, use xrays, mend bones and repair muscle tissue and the likes, even fix failed eyes and ears or even an organ transplant. But when it comes to the sciences behind pharmaceuticals and vaccines, they’re off the damned page and have absolutely utterly failed to bring helpful health beneficial products to market.

  3. Isn’t OPV the vaccine that caused thousands of children in India to be paralyzed by the Gates Foundation? I’ll have to research it again, but I’m pretty certain it was the oral polio vaccine that did that, and they knew it would, but it was cheaper to make the oral one than the one we currently use here.

  4. No!!!! I contracted Polio in 1993 from my daughter’s Live OPV vaccine. Spreading more polio from the type 2 vaccine is a asinine!

  5. Genocide. These vaccines started here and the whole experiment of lies a deluded witch craft on human s may end where it started as they implement the coup de gras on a stupified public who do nothing to defend themselves.

  6. This makes absolutely no sense. So, since there is an outbreak of vaccine-induced polio, they want emergency authorization to start re-using a vaccine that was proven to cause vaccine-induced polio in order to fight it? Am I understanding this right? Sure, makes perfect sense. If this doesn’t make anyone with half a brain cell start questioning the childhood vaccine schedule, I don’t know what will.

  7. Does anyone know if this Live Virus was used in the 50’s?
    I got mine in early 50’s……..and ended up with problems…..contributed to the Polio Virus. They were going to put me in braces…….but then did not…….I eventually came out of it……..but sure have had problems in low spine & legs all my life.

  8. Wickedness abound in high places. If you people want to go along with crimes against humanity, you only have yourselves to blame. I don’t feel sorry for none of you. Vaccines are not necessary, it never was. If you are a Mother and allow criminals in the medical industry to inject your innocent baby with substances that you know NOTHING about you are wicked wicked parent and don’t deserve to call yourself a mother.

    Your comment is harsh and adds nothing helpful or insightful to this conversation. Before personal computers and the internet became affordable and readily available, there was very little information available to parents regarding vaccine safety and the ingredients in the vaccines. Yes, we did trust our family doctors to give us accurate information about vaccines in the 80s and 90s. I live in a very rural area and dial up internet back in the day was our only option – and if we did try to download a picture or article, it would take hours and hours and hours – no guarantee it would ever download completely. The vaccine schedule my kids received was at least double or triple of what I received but then again, in the 50s and 60s, we all got the measles, mumps, chicken pox etc and that was just part of being a kid – no big deal. We also ate real food, played outside in the sun, dirt, grass and water puddles, had very little TV time and were not exposed to toxic chemicals 24-7 like today. The vaccine schedule for my grand kids is beyond ridiculous and because we do now have access to a “somewhat” faster internet (I still live in the country and have a landline for that access – my kids have faster internet) and can google a variety of topics regarding health and vaccines, we are now able to educate ourselves and NOT rely on our mainstream medically trained doctors – most of whom I have lost all respect for because they can only “treat” by prescription pad. Please don’t label moms who have been lied to by doctors and Big Pharma as wicked and undeserving the title of mother. I did not have access to this site when my kids were little but now that I do, I can spread the word and hopefully protect the next generations from the lies and deceit and adverse effects of vaccines. My goal is to help those with questions to be able to make truly informed medical consent decisions. That should be the goal of any medical test, medicine, treatment, surgery etc – truly informed medical consent.

  10. People should have choices on vaccine inoculations, depending on what the disease is. I have a childhood friend from the 70s who had a full blown polio. It still breaks my heart to think of all the pains and sufferings he had to endure. As a strong advocate and supporter of NVIC, I would like to know why people here are blatantly against any vaccines. Yes, live oral polio vaccine may be a bad idea, but what about the inactivated polio vaccines? Even if it brings potential injuries, shouldn’t one be given a chance to weigh the benefits and the potential harms? What I am saying is, just like the government shouldn’t be forcing one-size-fits-all policy on people on vaccines, no one should be forcing no-vaccines-whatsoever policy either.

  11. One thing they never tell us is what is the demographic of the carrier.
    are they from a third world country where this is proliferating? Wee need to know. They will never tell us diseased people are immigrating here.
    It took a long time for the information in california disney measles cases to come out that they got it from a shedding vaccinated person.

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