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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Autism Rate Now 1 in 30 Among American Children

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A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that the number of children and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States has risen to 1 in 30. The study, which was conducted by public health researchers at Guandong Pharmaceutical University in China, looked at data from the annual National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It estimated there was a 52 percent increase in ASD diagnoses among children and adolescents in the U.S. during 2017-2020.1 2 3 4

Using data from the NHIS, 2.46 percent of children and adolescents in the U.S. were diagnosed with ASD. By 2016, this had increased to 2.76 percent, then it declined to 2.29 percent in 2017. As of 2020, the number was up noticeably to 3.49 percent.1 2 4

The 1 in 30 figure also represents a marked increase when compared to last year’s CDC estimate of 1 in 44 American children with ASD. However, that analysis published by the CDC in November 2021, was limited to data in 2018 from about a dozen states in the U.S. and only focused on eight-year-old children, so the study published in JAMA Pediatrics would appear to be more comprehensive, more current and, consequently, more accurate.5 6

1 in 10 Children With Autism by End of Decade?

In a recent article in The Vaccine Reaction that cited the CDC’s more conservative 1 in 44 figure, I noted that if autism rates continued to increase at the pace in which they have for many years “it is possible that the rate may hit 1 in 30 or 1 in 20 within the next few years.” Based on the JAMA Pediatrics study, we are now there.5

I also wrote that if nothing were done to slow or reverse whatever is fueling this growth trend in ASD, it would be reasonable to assume that the rate of children diagnosed with this disorder by the end of this decade would reach somewhere between 1 in 10 children in the U.S. and that that would be consistent with Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s prediction that 1 in 2 children in the U.S. could be diagnosed with ASD by 2032.5

Is the Autism Epidemic More Social or Biological in Nature?

The study in JAMA Pediatrics did not comment on what may be causing the continuing rise in ASD diagnoses, but there has been much speculation that the trend may largely be attributed to greater public awareness of the disorder and also changes in diagnostic criteria. In other words, that there is no autism epidemic but rather a diagnosis epidemic—that the rise in ASD diagnoses is a social phenomenon, not a biological one.1 2 3 4 5 6

Genetics has also occasionally been brought up as a possible contributing factor.

There is another belief, though, that the autism epidemic is real and that it may indeed be biological and tied to environmental exposure factors. In a recent article, Dr. Joe Mercola wrote:

[I]mproved diagnosis alone cannot explain this trend. One in 30 children and adolescents were not autistic in the 1980s, with or without diagnosis. No, something is going on. One or more environmental factors are clearly having a devastating impact on our children.3

He added:

Glyphosate appears to be a leading contributor to autism. Other contributing factors include maternal antibodies associated with autoimmune diseases, maternal immune system overactivation and mitochondrial dysfunction (typically involving electron transport chain overactivity). Mitochondrial abnormalities are suspected of being involved in as many as 80% of cases.3

But again, the study in JAMA Pediatrics does not address the issue of causality as it relates to ASD, it focuses on prevalence of the disorder and breaking it down by factors such as gender and family income. The study, for example, identified significant differences in ASD prevalence between males and females.1 2 4

According to the study, in 2020 4.64 percent of the cases diagnosed with ASD were boys while only 1.56 percent were girls. Children who came from families with lower financial incomes were also more likely to be diagnosed with ASD.1 2 4

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44 Responses

  1. What about the role of the childhood vaccine schedule on risk of autism?
    What is known about autism rates in other countries?

    1. From what I remember reading, Ireland is at a staggering 1 in 16 boys. If this is not addressed and soon, we will have a population that cannot operate the current system. And this rate is only the autism it does not speak on the other disabilities that are ravaging our children.

      1. And since autism has no cure, who will take care of these children when they become adults after their parents die?

        1. They are to be the slaves of the Great Reset or will be eliminated with the graphene oxide clot shots & 5G.

  2. Sure glyphosate is a big issue and many people aren’t able to afford organic foods. This wasn’t mentioned in the article but I believe that vaccines are another big issue causing high rates of autism.

  3. “According to the study, in 2020 4.64 percent of the cases diagnosed with ASD were boys while only 1.56 percent were girls.”

    This doesn’t seem right. One expects every person with ASD to be either a boy or a girl, so the percentages should add up to 100%.

    Is it actually that 4.64% of boys and 1.56% of girls have ASD?

    1. Yes. “boys in the U.S. are more likely to be diagnosed with ASD than girls, with about 4.64% of boys being diagnosed and 1.56% of girls receiving the same diagnosis.”

  4. It is imperative for people to start talking about ULTRASOUND during pregnancy and the harm that is happening to the children as a result of exposure to ultrasonic radiation and radiation from wireless devices. We are causing harm to the children with all of this radiation. It needs to end now. Please see my book (now banned by Amazon) – The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound – only available right now in PDF form thanks to the Amazon ban:

    1. Hello Jeanice
      Yes glyphosate/vaccines/ ultrasound radiation. I have worked with children and adolescents since 1986 and wow have I observed the evolution of the decline of our children’s physical mental and emotional health
      I now work as a speech-language pathologist and homeopathic practitioner so I have some hope that as the powers to be continue to poison, we can educate and treat. This is my hope

    2. Agreed. Not to mention it causes the parents so much stress if anything looks like it MIGHT be out of order when it probably is not. Great way to run up the bill though.

  5. Of course it is!!! Thought it was this a few years ago. They won’t do a comparison from an unvaccinated to a vaccinated! And it goes higher each year!

    1. Did you knot read about the retired pediatrician who had 40 years of data with half of his patients not vaccinated and published that the vaccinated had many many more health problems; but the rest were robustly healthy. He was crucified in the media and I think the state took his license but he was already retired. Unfortunately not enough people saw this report as it has been censored.

      1. Do you know the name of that doctor? Did he write a book or the name of anything he published? I would love to see his data! I think all of this is linked to the increasing vaccine schedule for kids!!

  6. Seriously? They’re going to claim low income contributes to ASD? Give me a break and let’s finally admit it’s the ever-expanding vaccine schedule that’s causing this.

    1. It all factors of change. Not breast feeding for one, not eating real foods, you can eat well and organically with well chosen foods. Look in the pantry of most Americans, there are more processed foods and they are not real. And the covid jab is and will cause more issues…and yet, parents line up to let them put that needle in their children.

  7. Families with financial incomes were more likely to be diagnosed with ASD??!!! What kind of joke is that? It seems to be a lame excuse. JAMA pediatrics only cite studies in according to big pharmaceutical.

  8. Recommend “Denial” by Blaxill and Olmsted. They show autism is a disease that began in the 1930s, which coincides with the advent of pesticides and vaccines.

    1. Yeah but it exploded in the 90’s and more (triple) today with more added vaccine schedule for babies and toddlers by 2 yrs. of age. They know this! yet those higher authority would never do that to their own!!

  9. More boys and lower income family children diagnosed. I think part of the problem is lazy teachers thinking childhood is a behavioural problem

  10. From listening to functional medicine practitioners. I’ve come to the conclusion that most if not every modern-day disease epidemic is being caused by toxicity. Environmental toxins, and toxicity in the food, water, air, prescription medications, vaccines, beauty products and other things I may not even know about. Something is seriously out of whack when multitudes of people are living with chronic and autoimmune diseases.

    I’d be willing to bet that there were more healthy people living on planet earth hundreds or thousands of years ago than are alive today. I’ve already suggested to a few people that they should consider starting medical treatment with a functional medical practitioner. I understand that being treated by functional medicine practitioners isn’t free or cheap. However, it’s less expensive to get healed when possible, than to stay sick and diseased with no end in sight. Feel free to visit to find a functional medicine practitioner near you.

  11. I can see how income distribution may play into it, a low-income mother may feel more cowed or intimidated to inquire of her doctor about the schedule and perhaps spacing the shots, whereas a woman higher on the income distribution may not feel that professional intimidation as much.
    Plus, there are the differences in where the mother is accessing services, a clinic? or a doctor’s office?

    1. We have allowed the doctors and their continued chain to the pharmaceutical companies lie to us about what we need for our health. I believe we were healthier just 50 years ago before the doctors sold out to big businesses instead of stand alone practices.

  12. Does anyone else think it’s weird that a Chinese university is looking into this in the United States? And that the students of this university have a more accurate head count of the fall out of Americas youth? ??‍?

  13. The neurological injuries are going to rise astronomically after the introduction of the Covid jab. The injuries will be on a level never seen before.

  14. Jeanice……Sad to hear Amazon banned your book. What happened to freedom of Speech? Look at all the Radical “stuff” is on line / around. Wireless devices & 5 G – don’t get me started…….I studied long ago and experienced….but luckily found the answer and recovered. I would also like to add – Induced Labor. Seen first had what it did to a family member, and friend and to their children. This is dangerous. It’s convenience for the doctor – not the health of a baby. If it gets to that stage/ health then C-Section is the only choice like I had. Autism is certainly due to Vaccines….I have no doubt …studying for 35 yrs. – but there are contributing factors also.

  15. I think the higher rates in low income families have to do with being on medicare. When you are on medicare you have to do EVERYTHING they say (including vaccinating your kids with a million vaccines). If you DON’T do what they say, or argue about it, or want to do something more holistic, they threaten to take your kids away and put them in foster care…it can be as simple as missing a dental or eyeglass check up, and next thing you know, CPS is knocking on your door. Scary.

    1. Gov’t doing what it does best, CONTROLLING.
      People MUST stop seeking gov’t solutions AND turning over authority to gov’t (at all levels).
      Solutions should be found at the very local level, by the citizens of that community.

      October 21, 2014
      Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services
      Health Impact News
      August 8, 2017
      Vaccine Extremist Pediatricians Want Child Protective Services to Remove Children from Parents Who Object to Vaccines
      by Brian Shilhavy
      Editor, Health Impact News
      October 30, 2015
      From Child Protection to State-sponsored Child Kidnapping: How Did we Get Here?
      Legal Kidnapping: Government’s Assault on Parents
      How Did We Get Here? The Slippery Slope of Government “Protection”
      by Monica Mears
      Health Impact News

  16. I was going to post the same thing Sassygirl posted. If a family is on welfare they are forced to take EVERY shot or their children will be taken away from their parents and put in foster care where they receive every single shot. I’ve read posts where the parents tell how they bring the children back to the parents after they received all the shots and the children are sick and disabled due to being given so many toxic chemicals?. It’s so heartbreaking to hear their stories. The government of a free country should not have this kind of control over its citizens!!!! Big Announcement… We are no longer a free nation!!! Population control is their agenda ?

  17. Is there any information regarding pitocin, now given to most all hospital birthing mothers, contributing to this epidemic?

  18. Maybe my point of view is too much off to the side and all of you talking about vaccines are correct, but, adding aspergers to autism totals boosts the count by a huge amount.
    It’s not something I agree with and think it’s being done for the wrong reasons.

  19. It has been shown that cell phone signals can break down the blood brain barrier. I suspect that this could be a contributing factor. Parents should be very careful exposing young children to cell phones. Perhaps combined with vaccines it could allow contamination (heavy metals) to enter the brain.

  20. In the 90s, we were told Autism was found more in the children of parents whom were more highly educated with higher incomes. Today’s stats are a total change to this. And like always, you’ll read that the diagnosis is, in part- if not in total, the mom’s fault. Some things never change.

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