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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


There is No Autism Epidemic?


The prevalence of autism among children in the United States in the 1960s was estimated at 1 in 10,000. By the 1980s, prevalence of the neurological condition had increased to about 2 in 10,000 children. By the 1990s, the rate under the broader classification of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was estimated at 1 in 2,500 to 1 in 1,000 children. By 2000, the rate was up to 1 in 150 children, rising to 1 in 110 in 2006 and 1 in 88 in 2012. The rate hit 1 in 68 in 2016 and 1 in 54 in 2020. The most current rate, published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last year, is 1 in 44.1 2 3 4 5 6

On Pace to Hit 1 in 2 Children With Autism

Assuming the prevalence of autism continues on the path that it has been on, it is possible that the rate may hit 1 in 30 or 1 in 20 within the next few years. If that happens, and nothing is done in the interim to slow or reverse whatever is fueling this long-term and consistent trend, it is reasonable to project that, by the end of the decade, somewhere between 1 in 10 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with ASD. That projection would come awfully close to Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s prediction that half of the children in the U.S. could be diagnosed with ASD by 2032.7 8 9

As the U.S. inches perilously closer to Seneff’s grim scenario, it is fascinating to observe efforts to not only downplay the autism epidemic but actually deny that one exists at all. Rather than be extremely concerned by the specter of a country in which half of its children become autistic, some people prefer to reject there is even much of a problem. Perhaps the most audacious example of this is a quote from pediatrician Paul Offit, MD, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. According to Dr. Offit:

I don’t think there’s an epidemic of autism. I think that if we went into a time machine, and went back 30 or 40 years, and use the same diagnostic criteria that we currently use to diagnose autism, and introduce it into the communities so that everybody is aware as they are now, and also make it very clear in that community now 30 years in the past that you will qualify for services if you have this diagnosis, I think you would find that the incidence of autism would be the same 30 years ago as it is now.10 11

An Epidemic of Diagnosis

We’ve gone from 1 in 10,000 autistic kids in the U.S. to at least 1 in 44 during the past six decades, but there is no autism epidemic? If there is an epidemic, the Dr. Offits of the world are desperately trying to convince anyone willing to listen that it is one of autism diagnosis, not prevalence.

“The increase in the autism rate recently reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention represent an autism diagnosis epidemic,” wrote first-year medical student Rachel Burr Gerrard in a recent article in STAT News. “I believe that the rise in the autism rate is largely social, not biological. It’s not that more children are developing symptoms of autism, but multifaceted sociological and political factors are increasing the diagnoses and documentation of this condition over other developmental diagnoses.”12

In another article in Vox, Ari Ne’eman, chief executive officer of, an online platform helping people with disabilities and seniors connect to workers, confidently stated, “There is no autism epidemic.” He explained:

The numbers are likely changing due to improved diagnosis and services, more inclusive diagnostic criteria and reduced stigma rather than a change in the actual number of autistic people. They should absolutely not be used to give credence to discredited theories that, for instance, vaccines cause autism. These findings are consistent with what previous research has told us—that autism likely exists in 1 to 3 percent of the general population.13

Some Believe the Idea of an Autism Epidemic is Aimed at Blaming Vaccines

Pediatrician Vincent Iannelli, MD believes the autism epidemic is a myth that has been pushed by the anti-vaccine movement. “After all, if there is no autism epidemic, then they can’t blame vaccines for causing an autism epidemic,” Dr. Iannelli says.14

Founder and executive editor of Science-Based Medicine Steven Novella, MD seems to share Dr. Iannelli’s desire to disassociate vaccines from autism at all cost—to the extent of being willing to outright dismiss any suggestion of an autism epidemic. The idea of a possible link between vaccines and an autism epidemic is so unacceptable to Dr. Novella and others that they appear to have settled on pushing the argument such a link is impossible because there simply is no autism epidemic. And that’s that, case closed. Dr. Novella notes:

If there is no autism epidemic, if there is a “stable incidence” of autism over recent decades, then this alone is powerful evidence against the vaccine hypothesis—and in fact removes the primary piece of evidence for a vaccine-autism connection.14

In an odd twist of logic, pediatrician James Coplan, MD says that he wishes there was an autism epidemic. I think it would be a “wonderful thing,” if it were true. Huh? Dr. Coplan’s thought process goes like this…

 If we were in the midst of an epidemic of autism, then something, or someone, would be to blame, and with a bit of sleuthing we could eliminate the problem, and prevent even more children from suffering. And, if the epidemic were man-made, we could punish the guilty.15

The theory that there is no autism epidemic is not new. It has been circulating for at least 20 years. There have been several studies published focusing on the broadened diagnostic criteria for ASD as the reason for the boom in cases of autistic children in our society. But while there is some truth to the diagnosis explanation, it does not account for the entire problem. Will better diagnosis continue to be the theory when we reach 1 in 2? How about when autistic children outnumber non-autistic children?16 17 18

In an interview on ABC’s 20/20 program on Feb. 23, 2007, Dr. Offit explained that the growth in autism was due to the fact that “people that we once called quirky or geeky or nerdy are now called autistic.”19


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33 Responses

  1. Great article Mr.Marco Cáceres!


    Congressman Dan Burton Questions FDA About Vaccines, Autism, Mercury, and Thimerosal (Government Reform Committee December 2002 U.S. House of Representatives)

    12/03/21 1 in 44 American Children Has Autism, CDC Reports

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its latest prevalence estimates for autism, finding 1 in 44 or 2.27% of American 8-year-olds have an autism spectrum disorder.

    1. We have a very large percentage of the population agreeing with normalizing autism. It has almost become a race issue. There are many adults with autism that would fight if they were singled out. The future looks grim. We need another article that is more definitive about what autism actually is but now that we have a giant population of high functioning autistic people you would have a tough time proving it without intense backlash

  2. People won’t question the vaccination schedule until maybe 2 out of 3 children are suffering from autism. There is so much entrenched belief in vaccines. And 90% of it false and unwarranted.

    1. If 1 out of 2 people were autistic it would probably be normalized. Our world would be changed so much. Military would be affected and society would be gone as we know it . I’m looking for a country where vaccines are not used…. this would be the only proof

  3. To me you then look at the other conditions that children who are vaccinated suffer greatly more from than unvaccinated. Both Dr. Hooker and Dr. Thomas have been able to show this comparison study. Asthma, ear infections food allergies all are higher in the vaccinated. Why would that be? Seeing this evidence it is reasonable to believe that autism is increasing as more toxic material is being injected into babies. We are playing with our natural immunity and there are bound to be consequences.

  4. Depopulation is the main objective of the globalists and as more and more people in society down play the sanctity of life (because of abortion) the time is fast approaching when people will readily accept the murder of the elderly and the disabled. So the epidemic of autism eventually affecting 50% of all children will allow them to do away with these burdens on society and thus reducing the population by huge numbers. EVERYTHING they do is geared toward this goal. Poisoning our water, food, air and our bodies with their poison injections that cause more harm than good. Until the indoctrinated, brainwashed, dumbed down people wake up this will not end and the THEY will achieve their goal of murdering 90% of the population. It is all documented for those with half a brain left if willing to do some homework. If not then welcome to your new reality.

    1. Totally agree with you Karen! It’s shocking to me how ignorant the vast majority of people really are to everything going on. If you don’t already, you should listen to Matt Walsh or Michael Knowles at the Daily Wire. They are helping to expose a lot of the globalist corruption and fight against it. Of course, there are many other people fighting the good fight…but listening to them, helps me keep my sanity. God bless.

  5. What a bunch of crap.

    Over the almost 6 decades I’ve been on this planet, I don’t recall seeing children with this condition until about the 1980’s.

  6. It’s also about selling pHARMa’s prescription medicines.
    Follow the $$$$$$$.
    People who get on the legal drug trade are generally customers for life.

  7. great article! my grandson (16) has autism, he seemed ok the first 2 years, but after all the vaccines, he changed unfortunately. he’s beautiful, sweet, healthy, & in good
    spirits – God bless his dad (my son) for raising him with Jesus, prayer, & organic food!:)
    keep up the very needed good work as long as possible ===thank you & God bless
    y’all too-
    marita / TX <.

  8. I’m sorry but among my friends and family the rate of being “on the spectrum” is way, way higher than 1 in 44. Of the 13 children born to my closest friend group 3 are ‘on the spectrum’ and if you count other neurological and immunological disorders I don’t see any that are completely unscathed. Of the 13 children I just mentioned, who are all now adults, except for one, NONE seems headed for the kind of stable work and family situation that is required to produce and raise children. Genocide is in progress. And this was before “COVID” gene therapy injections. I strongly believe this is a literal satanic agenda against God’s people, as every family I mentioned is Christian and tried to do all in their ability to raise godly families, even choosing homeschooling and Christian private school for many years. We need a miracle from God for this to change and that is what I am praying for even though I continue to educate myself, detox and share information as I am able. A lot of people would lose their minds if they truly understood the malevolence of the “vaccine pogrom”. Pray.

  9. So the pilot assures the screaming passengers that all is well and both engines are now working well. Then the jet crashess into a mountain….and the screaming stops. Good thing he got the engines working again.
    Injected vaccines with tiny amounts of aluminum can cross the blood brain barrier. Which vaccines contain or contained mercury or aluminum ? Flu vaccines of past years ?

  10. If parents would only take the time to explore what’s in the vaccines they might have second thoughts about what they are injecting into their children’s bodies. We have made the mistake of giving our absolute trust to doctors who learned to write a prescription or give a vaccine for just about everything. I was injured from a Tdap injection that my doctor encouraged me to get. When I complained the next day and days after that about the ongoing pain and limited use of my arm the doctor denied it couldn’t be from the shot. It’s my body and I know I didn’t have this problem till after the shot. Many doctor’s know that vaccines are causing injury to adults and children but remain silent. God is watching.

  11. Virtually all vaccines use the cell lines of aborted fetuses in manufacture or in the jab itself. As the mother of a fully vaccinated “non-speaker” , I have asked God to forgive me for using these evil products and grant me the wisdom and strength to undo their damage even though I was ignorant.

    At this point, because the medical system is so profit oriented and a very secret society, we pray before every medical decision to be made by any member of the family and all of us are getting stronger and healthier.

    BTW, we uncovered that the “non speaker” is severly apraxic and not really “autistic” Gee wonder how the nervous system got so fried out?

  12. As a speech-language pathologist who works in early intervention, I see 2-year-olds every single day who already have or will have a diagnosis of autism. These children are more than “a little quirky “, thank you Dr Offit. They are nonverbal, self-injurious, malnourished because of their severely limited diets, have extremely poor sleep, and most have sensory processing problems so severe that they run in circles around the room trying desperately to regulate their nervous systems. This is the norm, not the exception. My heart breaks working with these young parents who cannot grasp that their child has a severe impairment that will affect them for life. They are not going to outgrow it as many of their pediatricians suggest. No epidemic? Come do my job for one day, Dr Offit.

    1. Hi Julie, thank you SO much for speaking the truth about what you see. I am a special ed teacher and I agree with you. Every year more and more children are diagnosed and the school has to hire more personnel to keep up with the demands of children needing one on one support. The lucky ones get to come to our school, but the ones you describe are most likely at home suffering, and their families! The good thing is that there are many functional doctors working non-stop to find alternative solutions to what the regular pediatricians have no answer to.

  13. There is no doubt in my mind the correlation between Vaccines, Autism, etc. I was Holistic Practitioner for 35 yrs. There are very good Homeopathics to help before and after Vaccines……for Humans & Animals. But I think people need to go a step further. This is not the forum to do such…..but I will tell you that Wifi & 5G have a big barring on further problems with children, sleeping habits, etc. There are solutions for that also. Just keep an open mind, and you may contact me for further info. I’m Not here to Sell anything. Just want to be informative and have parents to look further.

  14. God is the only answer.
    Become and stay God-Centered.
    Otherwise, there is only Doom.


  15. Satan is prince of the air. Have we thought about the damage 5-G or less has made on the children? I fear we are all being damaged by the air around us.

  16. Dr Offit is so important to the satanic elite club he serves and participates in. He also has the patent on the Roto-Virus oral drops and they cause some
    Babies stomachs to collapse! How he is still able to be in this debate tells you everything you need to know about the wicked, corrupt, sick psychos that are running the entire planet now. Sick, sick, sick. Parents have to wake up and protect their kids but even when I try to talk to parents of new borns or family members they routinely give me the brush off. They are so mind controlled it’s unbelievable – they even believe just doing their own research and taking that on to be “wrong” as you should not question the science. It’s appalling.

    1. You really need to calm down the rhetoric. Relax. Breathe. Now that you’re calm you need to apologize for your hateful language.

  17. On the side of evil: politicians, government agencies (hhs, fda, cdc, nih, others), media, medical community (aap, pediatricians, etc), scientists, and the extra evil pharma. There are some in the above groups that are on the side of the good fight but not many and none from pharma. How do we win this fight? The fight to save our children!

  18. Have there been studies on how baby formula might contribute to autism? It is full of chemicals and bad stuff, so how can it not be a factor? Plus, it is consumed from plastic bottles. Breast fed vs formula fed would be an amazing study.

  19. I wonder how much the increase in people with disabilities like autism is playing into our current tight labor market. What percentage of the population is now unemployable?

  20. May be all the denier (of the extent of autism or at the very least serious nervous system issues in children and young adults) should learn to be a bit more observant while out on daily chores, like going to a supermarket, then they might change their mind or at the very list do a real count of the prevalence of issues.
    This past week-end I was involved in a fund raising (nothing to do with autism), where all the participants were patients of chiropractors and hence most if not all of the kids present were not vaccinated (or not fully vaccinated). It was like a breath of fresh air. All those kids were healthy, happy, of normal size. In comparison, when I go just food shopping, in those big chain stores and I observe the customers, it seems that what I see most are children walking on tip toes (a dead away sign of some nervous system issues), overweight, and so on….
    so are those pediatricians cited in this article walking with blinders on? how many of them have actually vaccinated their own children?….

  21. So in other words, everyone who grew up 30 or 40 years ago just didn’t notice all the kids in their classrooms who had major social, verbal, behavioral and cognitive difficulties? We just didn’t see all the kids toe-walking, stimming and tantruming from over-stimulation? All the non-verbal kids all over the room? COME ON!!!!!! Who is actually buying this BS? I cannot think of even 1 classmate in all 16 years I attended school who ever displayed a single symptom of autism. Even when my older children, now in their 20’s were in school, autism was seen only occasionally. My youngest, who is 13, has so many autistic classmates that there are not enough teachers and classrooms for special-needs students anymore. There are kids in our district being forced to go to other districts because their needs cannot be accommodated. No epidemic? Right.

  22. These comments are written by a bunch of high functioning autistic adults that were undiagnosed lol. They were the kids eating glue that they claimed didn’t exist.

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