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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Millennials Are Sick and Getting Sicker, Increasing Health Care Costs

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A recent report by Moody’s Analytics found that Americans born between 1981 and 1996—”Millennials”—are suffering from poorer physical and mental health than the previous generation known as “Gen-Xers,” born between the early-to-mid 1960s to the early 1980s.1 2 3 4

The 32-page report, titled “The Economic Consequences of Millennial Health” and prepared for Blue Cross Blue Shield using the health insurer’s data, estimates that, by the year 2027, young adults in the United States may face health-related expenses that are 33 percent higher than they were for Gen-Xers at a comparable age.1 2 3

Millennials are “seeing their health decline faster than the previous generation as they age,” states the report. This decline is for both physical health conditions, such as hypertension and elevated cholesterol, and “behavioral health, such as several depression and hyperactivity.1

According to the report, “Without intervention, millennials could feasibly see mortality rates climb up by more than 40 percent compared to Gen-Xers at the same age.”1

This significant and continuing downturn in the health of this major segment of the U.S. population, which remains largely unexplained, holds potentially ominous consequences for the U.S. economy over the next decade. Moody’s Analytics writes:

Poorer health among millennials will keep them from contributing as much to the economy as they otherwise would, manifesting itself through higher unemployment and slower income growth. Under the most adverse set of projections, lower levels of health alone could cost millennials more than $4,500 per year in real per capita income compared to similarly aged Gen-Xers.1

Moody’s adds: “Such impacts would be most likely concentrated in areas already struggling economically, potentially exacerbating instances of income inequality and contributing to a vicious cycle of even greater prevalence of behavioral and physical health conditions.”1

This phenomenon of an increasingly sick America defined by chronic illness and disability among children and young adults, has been pointed out since 1997 by NVIC co-founder Barbara Loe Fisher and many other journalists and researchers over the past two decades.5 6 It has been covered in numerous newspaper and magazine articles during the past decade, including several articles in The Vaccine Reaction.7 8 9 10

A 2016 article The Vaccine Reaction titled “A Sick and Unproductive America: The New Norm” noted that, as the post-war “Baby Boomer” generation soon comes to the end of its economically productive period, the younger generations (Gen-Xers and millennials) “must be prepared to fill the void left by the boomers and be able to fuel future economic growth cycles.”7

Because both the Gen-Xers and millennials in America are proving to be sicker than any other generations in U.S. history it does not appear likely that void will be adequately filled, leading to eventual steady downturns in U.S. productivity.


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11 Responses

  1. My ancestors survived Britain’s occupation of Ireland and the Draconian laws that forced the Irish to grow food for the Crown and subsist on potatoes. The Irish perished or fled when a blight destroyed the potatoes. This genocidal period in history has been whitewashed under the names The Great Hunger and The Potato Famine. The starving Irish were labeled as unwelcome immigrants in late 1800’s USA.
    We must not only succeed in stopping the genocidal vaccine program now, but make sure that the injured and killed are remembered with historical facts, not the pharma controlled lies and propaganda that is force fed to the general public. We need not debate whether the damage to our children is intentional or just a nuisance to Big Pharma’s largest source of profit; the vaccine industry. Our children are dying quickly or slowly from vaccine injury. That is fact.

  2. Vaccines are the cause of Millennials health being so poor. When I look back on my parents, ages 79 and 83 now, they are healthy compared to me, now 60 and my 4 kids, age 27,30, 32, 37. Both my parents are in good health while I have been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my neck and spine along with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. My kids have a combination of allergies, asthma, severe migraines, and possibly other autoimmune disorders which have yet to be diagnosed properly. The only difference is that my parents didn’t have the number of vaccines that I or my kids did. I believe I was given too many vaccines at once, 7 of them and that damaged my immune system and caused my mast cells to go into a hyperactive state due to adjuvants put in the vaccines. In other words it caused my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I believe my kids are sick with the beginning stages of this, too only they don’t realize it. As kids and adults continue to receive vaccines during periods of high inflammation or to those with an autoimmune disorder, their mast cells will become hyperactive causing their immune system to over react at first to chemicals, followed by what appears to be foods. The reactions progress over a period of 40 years, perhaps faster depending on the number of vaccines received. When the reactions turn into episodes of Anaphylaxis, then you have a severely damaged immune system called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

  3. The increase in the number of vaccines surely is a contributing factor to poor health. However, another big problem is the amount of sugar, processed foods, and toxic oils being consumed by this generation. A lot of them started life on toxic baby formulas and continued a low fat, carbohydrate-heavy, convenience food diet. I have seen a lot of healing myself from switching to a more whole food, low carbohydrate diet.

  4. I can certainly see the consequences of declining health on the millennial generation as this is the generation of my daughter, although we will never find or be told of the root causes, it is not difficult to think what those could be, from changes in agricultural practices (pesticides, genetic modification, hormones, high fructose corn syrup, and so on), as well as pharmaceuticals including and most likely predominantly vaccines. I tried my best as a young mother of my daughter born in 1989 to feed her healthy diets (most of her food was prepared by me from vegetables and fruits bought at local farms), we did not have sodas or candies at home and very rarely went to any fast food places. But unfortunately I did not know about issues with vaccines then and was drawn into thinking they were necessary. Although the vaccine schedule was not as drastic as it is now, she still received a fair dose of MMR, DPT, etc. she never had s trong reaction to those but was prone to ear infections and hence put on antibiotic possibly too often as a young child (+ she was allergic to penicillin). At 30 now she is and has been struggling with her weight and digestion issues. Fortunately she is a very resilient person and has chosen a path through alternative medicine. She has been seeing a chiropractor, homeopath and an acupuncturist. She has changed her diet to vegetarian (almost vegan, but still eating eggs), shop only for organic products, is very strict at reading labels, has changed all products for cleaning the house and her hygiene, and of course has chosen not to vaccinate her son (my grandchild) who is a very healthy toddler. she is doing very well now and is on a path to educate other young women. However I can see some of her friends struggling and unfortunately passing on those habits to their children, because they do not believe the dangers around us. I see the employees of the company I work for and of that generation being sicker or at least unhealthy. It is very concerning and would welcome any suggestions you have to pass on the messages to that generation.

  5. Vaccines are the Trojan horse manipulating immune systems, gut bacteria, DNA and injecting foreign material into children; all for big pharma and the for profit health care system. Trigger an auto immune disease with a vaccine and you have a patient for life. Bribing people to get flu vaccines should clue even the most unaware there is something wrong with it. Legislating compliance with childhood vaccines and denying education to the non complying should make anyone capable of critical thinking question the motives. In pre WWII Germany the Nazis employed similar tactics to deny human rights with their “Law to Remove Stress from the People and State.” Now we have vaccine laws to “supposedly” remove disease from the people and state. All lies and scare tactics to control and manipulate people into submitting to something that is not in their own best interest. No explanation for poorer health in millenials? It couldn’t be more obvious that the one common thread is vaccination.

  6. I’m a baby boomer. I’m 65. I have been affected for 20 years with severe brain fog and declining health. Many, if not most, of the boomers I know have some manifestation of chronic health problems. From rheumatoid arthritis to disintegrating spinal discs to inability to sleep to a multitude of cancers, there is no quick decline; but rather a long, drawn out denouement. Bowel problems exist in nearly everyone; even if they follow “good” diets and take a bunch of supplements.

    Boomers are the first generation which was vaccinated en masse. I had the standard childhood vaccines of the 1950s and 60s, but have not fallen prey to the marketed fear of flu or shingles, and therefore have not submitted myself to more vaccines. I still had my first outbreak of shingles at age 36, which showed that my immune system was dysfunctional.

    If the Boomers are chronically sick, the Millennials are screwed. The current medical model is “chronic disease management,” NOT curing anyone of these diseases. Hopefully, the repressed information about “alternative” cures will continue to come to light, and to be developed and used successfully.

  7. I have to add to my previous post that aside the lies or deceptive information on agricultural and food preparation changes (for the worse), as well as disputable safety of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, along with as mentioned on a previous post that no one is interested in prevention (despite the claims), but only on management (very poorly to say the least) of chronic diseases, we are also faced with very little choices when it comes to care. Indeed I relayed that my daughter (and myself) is seeing several practitioners of alternative medicine but it is all at our own cost. I have an insurance through my employer and even a HSA account and and cannot use either for acupuncture sessions! that needs to change. If this report was sent to Blue Cross/Blue Shield which my insurer, I will certainly start with following up with that and ask why I cannot choose who will take care of my health (which wold be way cheaper than if I was to do nothing or worse if I was to see main stream medicine and be put on medications and what not). There also need to be serious reform in medical school curriculum.

  8. Nathalie – if you are open I strongly recommend reading any book by the Medical Medium. His protocols are helping thousands (even millions) of millennials (and others), as you can see by their testimonies on his Instagram and FB accounts. Your daughter can heal herself, we all can. And we now finally have the way how, along with the reasons for why we are sicker than ever. I am one of the fortunate ones who is also healing – my experience is his information is uplifting and 100% the truth. I wish you and yours the vibrant health you deserve.

  9. To Cathy -Re: Nazis Law to Remove Stress. With the off handed comment –
    You take a very superficial and misinformed position. Do you know who (((was informed))) about vaccines at that early date and was against them?
    Adolf Hitler
    Please do your homework

  10. My daughter is a high school teacher so I have seen over the years how the number of sick kids have increased. My daughters school keeps on hand anti-seizure meds, insulin, asthma inhalers and epi pens because kids are always having issues. These are teens. I dread how their health will fare as they get older.

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