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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Birth of the Zika Industry

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Some industries are created when you invent a new product that people feel they need. Think of the iPhone, or smartphones in general. Other industries are created when you invent a need for which people feel they must have a product to fulfill it.

It doesn’t take much to create a new industry. Basically, all you need to do is create fear. Create a threat, an enemy, and then offer a solution to eliminating that threat and vanquishing the enemy, and… voilà, you have the beginnings of an industry. It doesn’t matter if any of it is true. You have the essentials of what is required to give birth to an industry and, eventually, a market.

Some industries are created when you invent a new product that people feel they need. Think of the iPhone, or smartphones in general. Other industries are created when you invent a need for which people feel they must have a product to fulfill it. Think of President Kennedy’s challenge to put a man on the Moon by the end of a decade (the 1960s).

Now, think of Zika. Before this year, very few people had ever even heard of the Zika virus. Now, practically everyone in the world knows about Zika and believes that the primary cause of babies being born with shrunken heads (microcephaly) and brain damage in Brazil is that their mothers were bitten by the Zika-carrying mosquito while they were pregnant.

Why does everyone believe that? Because public health officials at the U.S. Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) say so.1 Forget that these federal health agencies have provided no solid scientific evidence of a causal relationship. That’s beside the point. It’s the CDC and NIH.

We are being asked to overlook the fact that the theory that Zika causes microcephaly has all sorts of gaping holes in it and2 that there are at least three reports or studies by organizations in Latin America, which have raised serious questions about the Zika-microcephaly link. These independent sources either have proposed another cause of the microcephaly cases in Brazil or have failed to determine a causal link between Zika and brain disorders.3 4 5

Because the CDC and NIH have proclaimed it so, the Zika virus has been accepted to be one of the greatest threats to humanity in a long time. Last year, Zika was an obscure and relatively harmless virus known to produce no symptoms in the vast majority of those who contracted it or only very mild symptoms in a minority of those infected. CDC officials said so.

Most people infected with Zika virus won’t even know they have the disease because they won’t have symptoms. The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis (red eyes). Other common symptoms include muscle pain and headache.2

The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week. People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and they very rarely die of Zika. For this reason, many people might not realize they have been infected.6

In a few short months, however, Zika has suddenly been transformed into a cause  célèbre—the source of tremendous fear and angst for the public. So, naturally, Zika has now become an industry, and it will later become a market. The key product in this nascent industry will be vaccines.

But first come the players—the companies that will develop, produce, market and sell the vaccines. Then, come the financiers—that, in addition to pharmaceutical companies themselves, include governments, private investors and international organizations that will front the money for the development work in the hope of either earning spectacular profits or a miraculous solution to a perceived a health crisis.

There are no shortage of players. Why? Because Zika is a new industry, and new industries represent commercial opportunities. Money. The U.S. government has offered to jumpstart the industry by proposing $1.9 billion for Zika research.7

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set up a UN Zika Response Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) to ” finance critical unfunded priorities in the response to the Zika outbreak.”8 The WHO announced on February 17, 2016 that it would seek $56 million from its member countries to help combat Zika. Included in those funds would be money to “fast-track” the development of vaccines.9 

Even wealthy philanthropists like Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen are doing their part to spur on this new industry. On February 19, 2016, Mr. Allen announced two grants worth more than $2 million, aimed at fighting Zika. Of the total, $1.5 million will go to the American Red Cross in support of efforts to “control the mosquitoes that transmit the virus and educate the public in Brazil and other Latin American countries.” The remaining $550,000 will go to Chembio Diagnostics Systems, Inc. of Medford, NY to “develop a suite of rapid tests to quickly diagnose Zika and differentiate it from diseases with similar symptoms.”10 

It is a given that wherever there is plenty of money up for grabs, the politicians will get involved to try and funnel some of it to their constituencies. For example, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer of New York has been pushing hard for Congress to approve the $1.9 billion request for Zika research. Sen. Schumer is hoping some of those funds will go to SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY.

Referring to the $1.9 billion request, Sen. Schumer said:

We need to get this done as soon as possible so that institutions like SUNY Upstate can use their expertise to help stem the spread of Zika. … If you care about this country, if you care about the safety of pregnant mothers, if you care about stemming this horrible disease, pass this emergency bill that will let institutions like SUNY Upstate help us understand, treat and prevent Zika.11 

The race is on to develop vaccines against Zika. It seems that almost daily the media is highlighting a new company or institution that is entering the race. Thus far, there are at least 18 competitors around the world.12 For example, there is Brazil’s own renowned Butantan Institute in São Paulo and NIH in Bethesda, MD.12 There is  Bharat Biotech International Pvt. Ltd. of Hyderabad, India; Sanofi SA of Paris, France; Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of Plymouth Meeting, PA; NewLink Genetics Corp. of Ames, IA; and Scripps Research Institute of  La Jolla, CA.13

There is Johnson & Johnson, Inc. of New Brunswick, NJ; Merck & Co. of Kenilworth, NJ; Pfizer, Inc. of New York City, NY; and possibly Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. of Osaka, Japan.14 There’s Protein Sciences Corp.15 of Meriden, CT and GeneOne Life Science, Inc. of Seoul, South Korea and possibly GlaxoSmithKline plc of London, UK.16 And just last month, Immunovaccine Inc. of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and defense engineering firm Leidos, Inc. of Reston, VA announced a collaborative agreement on Zika vaccine research.17 There are others, and there will likely be many more in the years to come.

It seems everybody wants in on the action. It is exciting to be one of the early pioneers in a brand new industry with lots of growth potential, particularly when it has such strong government support and when the prospects for mandated use of the vaccines are so promising… for the industry, that is. There is already talk about Zika being with us forever and becoming one of those things against which we will routinely vaccinate.

Once Zika virus arrives in the United States, it will be here to stay. Leading experts now predict that the mosquito-borne disease will become a constant low-level threat that Americans will need to be vaccinated against routinely—as we do now for rubella, a virus that, like Zika, causes birth defects.18

What is important to understand is that once you create a profitable industry, there is seldom any turning back. It’s here to stay, until it is no longer profitable.


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48 Responses

  1. I think Zika has been in the US a long time but because people who have been bitten are asymptomatic or have a mild upper respiratory infection-never know they have it. Why? There was no reason to look for it. Now there are several:

    1. Ebola didn’t generate the fear level that the WHO and those behind the hype had wanted. Despite their best efforts, their videos of poor African people supposeably infected being turned away by clinics and the over the top publicity of workers returning from Ebola saturated Africa-the American people didn’t bite. Well, a few did because they arent’ smart enough to see a pattern over the years of made up epidemics.

    Also, has anyone but me noticed that these “monster epidemic” always happen in other countries and never in the wealthy population or areas of a country? Hmm, selected infecting. That I believe.

    2. Money for research, develop and creation of test, studies, pills or vaccine for Zika.

    3. Vaccination uptake is way down, especially the flu shot which has the vaccine makers and their minion agencies really uptight. Flu shot revenue was something that could always be counted on but people are looking at it and saying finally you know this crap doesn’t work.

    4. Pharmaceutical companies blockbuster drugs are hitting their patent cliffs and there are no new drugs coming out. Generics are being made of all the big money makers so the market is becoming saturated with knockoffs. However, Vaccines cannot be made into a generic so that’s money in the hand for pharma and Zika would put another dollar in the pot. Ebola isn’t working out so well because the people who took it keep getting sick. Bad PR.

    5.Dr. William Thompson admission that the CDC committed fraud. The CDC thought if they ignored it and had their media whores and online trolls trash talk it–the story would just go away, just like Simpsonsonwood but the internet being as it is, people devoted their lives to keeping this in the forefront. Now Doctors are doing what they should have done all along-research.

    7.No one is paying attention to the fear mongering flag waving every time there is an outbreak of a childhood illness that the CDC & MSM blames on the unvaccinated. Especially people now are making a point of finding out if these outbreaks are happening in vaccinated people. Example Harvard-Mumps-all vaccinated. People are starting to say–what the—–?

    8.VAXXED: The CDC and all the people associated with them and big pharma thought once they shut down the film at Tribeca that would be the end of it but what they didn’t count on was the outrage of the American people in regards to censorship. Many people may not agree with what the films contents reveal but they will defend the right for it to be shown.

    The tide is turning and the CDC/medical industrial complex are using the same tactics they have used successfully in the past with Ebola, H1N1, HIV, AIDS, SARS, ASIAN FLU, BIRD FLU, MERS, SMALLPOX, POLIO, WEST NILE and now ZIKA. Only this time people are skeptical. The skepticism will affect any market because you need customers to make a profit. Unless a Zika vaccine will be made mandatory. Like Ebola, it will never go into mass productions because bottom line–that’s not the goal. Safety of the human population has never been and will never be the agenda of TPTB. Bottom line, this is about getting all the money that is being made available by different countries. That’s all it is.

    1. All the words I would have liked to have written but far better. Even on some of my the health sites I read, the fear of Zika is being spread. I shake my head each time I read it or hear of another mass epidemic to be fearful of. I have heard that the Zika virus has been around for about 75 years….but is now suddenly of massive concern? Hmmmm.

      1. Actually, Zika may have been around for as long as any virus has. It was only first identified in 1947 in the Zika Forest in Africa. As early as the ’50s and ’60s its antibodies were found in the majority of subjects of serological studies looking for it in SE Asia and India.

    2. Redpill, your comments are excellent and well-organized. I agree with all of them as factors in the evolving Zika “epidemic”. With the current anti-parent environment in America where government and doctors are being allowed to subvert a parent’s right to make health choices for his children, I find all of this very disturbing. I have eleven kids. I’ve worked hard to rear them without fast food, without municipal drinking water, without vaccinations, without running to the doctor over every sniffle, etc. I’ve given them a healthy start and it angers me that government is moving closer and closer to over-ruling such choices as the ones my family has made.
      The recent case where the teen-aged daughter was court-ordered to have chemotherapy against her will and the will of her parents is a frightening example of the kinds of over-reach we can expect in the future. Her initial cancer, by the way, has morphed into a secondary–even worse–cancer. I think the judge should be liable.
      It is imperative that Americans educate themselves about the Parental Rights Amendment and support it. If we fail to get it passed, we can expect forced vaccinations and more horror stories of court-ordered treatments in the future. Can anyone say Teri Schiavo?

    3. REDPILL1: The tide is turning and the CDC/medical industrial complex are using the same tactics they have used successfully in the past with Ebola, H1N1, HIV, AIDS, SARS, ASIAN FLU, BIRD FLU, MERS, SMALLPOX, POLIO, WEST NILE and now ZIKA.

      You should remove AIDS and smallpox from this list of yours. They are horrific infections and, unlike the bird flu or H1N1, have caused the true pandemics and immeasurable suffering.

      Marc Brody: …these characterizations smack of paranoid conspiracy theories that tend to foster the incorrect notion that organizations such as NVIC and people who question vaccination in general are fringe kind of people who have gone a bit off the rails.

      I have posted a few comments like that on this site. I am very concerned with how the anti-vaccination activists and non-vaccinating parents are perceived outside of “the choir.” Unfortunately, a lot of people here ARE conspiracy theorists and anti-government loonies who imagine, in the very American style of twisted & provincial thinking which is disconnected from the historical reality of the wider world, that they are the true “libertarian.” The Right Wing is taking like bees to syrup to movements like these and the Left, unfortunately, will not touch it. Cuz it reeks of the Tea party paranoia. These “activists” post inflammatory, rude, uninformed, troll-like comments that truly undermine the fight against the pharmaceutical establishment. Is it that hard to imagine that the fear of pandemic is genuine on the part of the government officials and doctors? Pandemics don’t just kill citizens, they may destroy a government itself, or even a country (educate yourself about what happened to Europe in 13-14th centuries or the pre-columbian civilizations here). How difficult is it to believe that health officials truly do want to prevent large scale human suffering? Who are those people who possess such views? Who can possibly believe that everyone is corrupt? In homeopathy we have remedies for them, to correct the pathological worldview.

  2. This article is more of what the entire world needs…Easy to understand information on the corruption that surrounds the drug/vaccine/medical industry…It is clear that the medical system is designed to sell, sell, sell…I am very grateful for this type of comprehensive information so that I can share it with my friends and colleagues around the globe…Keep up the wonderful insights on the truth of what we are dealing with when it comes to our own health and wellness!!!
    And I will keep sharing important articles like this!!!

  3. Total & utter conspiracy theory rubbish, there is now excellent evidence that neonates born with micro-encephalopathy were infected with Zika virus in utero.

    > Zika-specific IgM was detected in 30 (97%) of 31 CSF samples and in 28 (90%) of 31 serum samples. One CSF sample tested negative. Monotypic response to Zika virus in the CSF was confirmed by plaque reduction neutralisation test. Since IgM does not cross either the placenta barrier or the blood–brain barrier, the presence of IgM in the CSF indicates that the neonate had the infection in the CNS.
    The finding of Zika-specific IgM in the CSF of those 30 of 31 neonates with brain abnormalities indicates that they had a congenital infection with Zika virus. We believe that this is very strong evidence that the microcephaly was a consequence of Zika virus infection

    1. Honest questions here, I’m not trying to troll you, Sir: What about all the microcephaly cases from the same region and time frame that didn’t show antibodies or live zika virus? The next question I’d like to ask you is whether or not the most recent research- showing inhibited CNS development of baby rats in which the virus directly injected into their brain ventricles- should be take too seriously, as I’ve also heard that any virus directly injected across the blood-brain barrier is likely cause the same CNS development inhibition. Considering that, shouldn’t we be more worried about the agent causing the viral infiltration of the blood brain barrier itself?

    2. Additionally, I’d like to hear an honest thought about why the viral strain of Zika infecting the Western Hemisphere, which is known to be more than 87% identical in it’s genome to other known ubiquitous strains from SE Asia, Africa and India, can suddenly show such a drastic departure in pathology from it’s siblings. I’d think that the strain infecting the limited range of Brazilian microcephalic babies would have to be different if not identical to the virus observed to have been spread across the rest of the Aedes band of South/Central America at the same time. Once again, not questioning that some of the microcephaly births show signs of Zika infection. That’s stipulated.

  4. The cat is out of the bag.
    Vaccines are a scam perpetrated by an ignorant group of health providers and a ruthless industry.just see Vaxxed and your stomach will turn. Or
    The two previous posts show how very alert we have become.
    Trust no one! Do your research.

    1. Concerned citizen: Not only GBS but ADEM (acute disseminated encephomyelitis). The Harvard School of Public Health (which those of us interested in nutrition already know to be skeptical of) recently sent out a press release claiming both. VAERS shows 180 ADEM reports since 1990, meaning between 1,800 and 18,000 actual cases, and of course GBS from the flu shot is now the number one compensated injury clogging the vaccine court. They never mention that the rate of microcephaly in the U.S. is six times the rate in Brazil. Nor do they mention DTap.

      1. ANYTHING coming our of the universities, especially “ivy league” holes, is corrupted by the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex, which are linked to the big NGOs, which are part of the (inter-generational) bureaucracies, which are linked to the U.N. agendas. When you say Harvard, you may as well say Pentagon/NSA.

    2. Concerned Citizen, I heard that on NPR too and I was, like…whoa, wait a minute, GB? did you get your flu shot? Look at the insert. The vaccine is a KNOWN trigger. Where is the story about how the flu shots had an 80% FAILURE rate last year and many other years…yet getting it means you’re rolling the dice with KNOWN risks of adverse reactions.
      The real fear should be of the link to dementia and the annual flu shot. What happened to that study of the 70s-80s? Why was it discontinued?

      1. Susan, the flu shot is really a method of hastening death for the elderly. Either the patient dies quickly of flu vaccine side-effects or slowly of dementia caused by the flu vaccine. In both cases, the patient dies sooner than they would have if they’d never taken flu shots.

    3. GBS is a stipulated side effect of several kinds viral infections. Just another symptom of something that’s at best co-incident with Zika infection.

  5. The one vaccine that will never be developed that immunizes the masses against IGNORANCE.An awakened populous is the worst nightmare of lullaby singers.

    Much appreciation for this great article.

  6. RedPill1… I totally agree with and digest your comment/s. Thanks for sharing, but; I have a question with an acronym that I don’t understand.

    What is the TPTB? The Powers That Be?

    Either way, it’s always about “money” with these large horizontal industries… who are slowly vertically integrating into larger powerhouses.

    Anytime a small research firm discovers something of value… their work product is coveted by either the people who provided their grant money, or; a larger entity who’s more than willing to pay of the grant with interest/vig.

  7. People have been complaining to Congress for years to do something about the corruption in the FDA, CDC, etc. The problem is the corruption starts with Congress passing laws to protect the vaccine makers, water fluoridation municipalities and Monsanto’s of the world. The revolution will need to start with patients via social media, then patients educating their physicians and school systems, etc. Doctors need to start doing their own research of the literature and not rely on Big Pharma propaganda.

    1. Drs need to start doing their own research? Ahahahahaha. When hell freezes over. For WHOM do you think doctors are really working? You have a couple of guesses, but ‘patients’ isn’t one of them.

    2. Well said!! My dad and I are the only ones in my family whose eyes have been opened to the truth. The rest of our family either doesn’t care or completely opposes our opinions (a.k.a. FACTS). Unfortunately, I have yet to have children and I already fear for their future…will I have avoid hospitals altogether to avoid vaccination and will I have to home school my children? Those questions, and many others, are constantly nagging at me. The best we can do is spread the word to those who are willing to listen. Arguing only makes people defend their beliefs and ideas MORE. We must lay out the resources for them to discover the truth on their own. Like I said, most of my family is still ignorant and the more I press the issue, the harder they fight against me.

  8. NPR – a station I have listened to for years, has once again started their morning news with “information” about the dangers of Zika in an interview with a CDC person – a Dr. Friedman. Go figure. this guy is even suggesting that Zika can be transferred sexually and condoms should be used. Such idiocy. What are they trying to not mention in the “news”? I turned the radio off.

    1. Zika is a win for vaccine proponents and population control advocates. We have the burgeoning Zika vaccine industry as described in the article. Then we have pregnant women who test positive for Zika being advised to abort. Women are being told that Zika can be sexually transmitted now. Women are told to avoid getting pregnant for at least 2 years while Zika is being sorted out. How about that? Will the birth rate go down for 2 years in the Zika zones? Probably. But not enough. So prepare for the next big thing in 18 months or so…..

  9. I’d like to know more about what can be done. I just moved to CA for a career opportunity and found the law changed to no longer allow parents the right to file a personal beliefs exemption. My 14 year-old daughter is faced with forced immunizations I previously protected her from in order to attend public school. As broken and ineffective as the public school system is, we don’t have a lot of money and she wanted to take college classes across the street from the high school after school to work on her associate degree while in high school. It’s heartbreaking that they could force this choice on us.

    1. Also, look up NVIC (National Vaccination Information Center, I think) on FB or website & contact them for resources re exemption-they are up to date on CA law?? I think you need a medical exemption now…

  10. Stephen King couldn’t have written this horror/fiction: “The Saga of the Previously Unknown Zika Virus and How It Grew into a Worldwide Terror Machine Overnight.” any better.

    Where are these wealthy philanthropists and billions of government dollars when it comes to funding research for the “elephant in the room” Autism?

    You would think that BigPharma would jump at the chance to develop an Autism Vaccine!!! Oh, sorry, I forgot, vaccines are already part of the problem.

    Well I guess the big secret here is that you just need to have a better PR firm to get something so obscure, so much attention, so quickly.

  11. Well Dr Brandon and the writers of these articles, please link me to your personally developed ready made hand out flyer which I can give and you have already distributed to these clueless medical employees. So many supposed experts in the field paying lip service to the natural immunity argument. Still don’t have a comprehensive material set which I can distribute to the doctors. Like nvic’s reform policy guide, but much much better, which does not cost a fortune to acquire a whole stack of them, and more focused towards people whom do not vaccinate. NVIC is too focused on injured kids, that they have not given sufficient resources to assist parents whom chose not to vaccinate. I double dare anyone to provide me with a list of friendly private schools, private day cares, and medical locations or persons whom will support our families decision to not vaccinate. We vote with our wallet, but unfortunately such effort comes with a steep price. We have been denied civil services in our efforts to not vaccinate. Our 3 and 5 year old girls, although healthy and not vaccinated, have never; gone to day care, participated in social activities, do not have access to even part time day care or part time schooling, cannot go to day camps, cannot participate in sports, and the list goes on. With big pharma drug pimps rolling into public schools with on the go vaccination centers, and their minions in the state offices pushing offensive anti-liberty pro pharma legislation, public school persons cannot be trusted to respect our decisions. Show me the web link where all you supposedly committed activists turn to regarding civil services for parents of non vaccinated children? We’re not all doctors and cannot all afford to home school and hire personal private educators to come to our own homes. Where are the medical ethics committees which should be yanking licenses? Who’s funding class action lawsuits to stop this or roll back the no liability legislation? How much money has been spent towards that effort and who’s keeping track of that? Name the bills put forward to strike such undeserved protection. Whom is the family lawyer we should turn to? What are the names of these people and organizations? So for all this big talk, it’s all hot air without resources to back up the decision to actually engage in autonomous medical decision making. I think enough people are convinced by now with the argument pertaining to medical autonomy. Unfortunately from that point forward for a regular parent, there is nothing ahead but a dead end street. Go back to your nice homes way up on the hill paid for with the the money from big pharma, and pray there but for the grace of god, go I.

    1. You can’t get angry at people who ARE advocating and posting information because it hasn’t been enough.

      Where is your responsibility to make a difference in your state? I’m sure there are PLENTY of other people around that have he same issue. Find them, find out what you can do and go to war with your state until you get what you need.

      This is a battle against the largest and most powerful people who run our world. They’re tightening the grip everywhere. get angry. And go do something with that rage.

    2. Trust me, we’re all right there with you!! I am only 24 and, if I live to be an average age of 81, I have 57 years left to deal with the idiocy of this world’s governments/industries/etc. And when I have children, THEY have to deal with this stupid world and its stupid governments for their entire lifespan. Don’t you think I want to do whatever I can to make the world a better place for them?? But, alas, we are up against a powerful enemy; one that won’t be easily beat. But I agree with the response above…we must do what we can in our communities to spread the word and get involved with groups whose interests align with ours. We must do what we can to protect ourselves, our elderly, and our children from the lies and dangers of the Zika industry (and others just like it). Even if all we can do is talk to our loved ones and help THEM understand. Anyway, stay strong everyone and spread the word!!

  12. Marcia Angell, MD was the first woman to serve as editor-in-chief of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine

    Several years ago, she wrote the eye-opening book: “The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It.” Random. 2004. ISBN 9780375508462.

    As far as I know, she is still a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Medical School, in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine

    You can listen to one of her lectures here:

    The Truth About the Drug Companies Lecture Dr Marcia Angell on – YouTube
    ▶ 1:17:37

  13. It was reported that the mothers at risk are from the lower socio-economic strata where factory foods are the staples. Low in nutrient content and high in trace toxins which now include glyphosates. Rather than determine how to boost the nutritional intake with a good prenatal vitamin and good healthy toxin free foods during pregnancy, we would rather develop a vaccine. The medical world is upside down. Bottom line. A whole immune system does wonders..better than any vaccine.

  14. Everyone should read the Congressional and Senatorial reports on their respective investigations of the CDC. Congress and the Senate have been well aware of the fraud and corruption within the CDC for years, and do nothing about it. Also, look up Noam Chomsky’s article in the magazine “The Clinton Vision, where he admits that Brazil has been under the control of the US since 1945, that they have become the testing ground for agricultural products and procedures, and that though it has made the Brazilian government rich, it has left their people poor, and caused a new race of small people there called pygmies. (See why else the Brazilian govt and US agencies would rather blame a virus than their experiments done on the Brazilian people?)

    Congress has the 100,000 pages of documents from Thompson proving that the CDC committed fraud, and have had them for over a year, and they do nothing.

    I hope when these congressmen and senators are up for election again, everyone will take the time to look at their histories, connections, and voting record before voting. I think voting for non-politicians is the only way to break up the corrupt establishment that our government has become.
    I also think that as soon as the elections are over in November, you will see a huge push to make vaccination mandatory for all. They may do it step by step, but that IS the goal. They’ll probably start by saying Zika is increasing, and by making false links to serious health issues, and then say it’s a state of emergency and try zika as the first mandatory vaccine to test the waters.
    People need to wake up, and get involved or we will have no medical, or other, freedom any more.

  15. I don’t need a book, or a listening link. I need a school trust worthy to never push vaccines on my precious little girls. We need informed doctors whom don’t quote the pro vaccine script. We need advisement for which vaccines are actually necessary, and verification they’re coming clean without adjuvents and heavy metals. Whom will test the vaccines individually prior to administering them? Whom can test our antibodies to detail what we do need additional vaccines for and what we do not? Cost is not the concern, safety is the concern. The CDC schedule is obviously irrelevant and is biased in favor of profits not people. We need higher education to get RN licensing without having to take vaccines. We need access to civil services like simple day camps and such, without having to purchase pharmaceutical products to get there. Reading or listening to yet another argument regarding the safety or lack there of regarding vaccines will not help us. Hundreds of anti vaxxers out there, and they do not communicate effectively amongst each other. Failure of this movement is imminent due to lack of cohesive organization. I don’t want to stay in this anti vax position. I want informed limited vaccinations. But where to get them and whom to trust? There are no solutions currently in place for average persons.

  16. Odd how the CDC and NIH were so quick to pinpoint the cause in this case, but won’t even look in the direction of SV40 and what all it can do, isn’t it? I’m not buying it, they can stika their zika!

  17. Colorado I am with you. I don’t know what to do either. For now I would say move to a friendlier state or homeschool. I would say vote for those who are not bought off and keep sharing the truth. Especially share the Vaxxed movie info. There is a senior scientist whistleblower from the CDC and they committed fraud on the MMR study. Pray that God saves us from all of this. Sorry I don’t have more to share.

  18. There is no profit for the drug companies but a huge benefit for the general public. The cure for all viruses is sodium ascorbate and liposomal vitamin C. You can find the research to back it up in several books written by Dr Thomas Levy or Dr Suzanne Humphries. I would also look at the success of the late Dr Frederick Klenner. WE need to reverse this ignorance and pseudo-fears that are controlling our country. There are some great doctors out there not getting the attention they deserve that are reversing major problems in our society today. Access to the success and treatment plan shared by Dr Klenner should be posted on this site and in every medical provider’s office. First do no harm!

  19. Zika virus is a benign virus. It was discovered in Uganda in 1947, in the rhesus monkey. It is now patented and owned by the Rockefeller Foundation, and available for purchase over the internet.
    Zika virus causes only very mild symptoms in healthy persons, and no symptoms 80% of the time. In almost 70 years it has never been known to cause any birth defects, including microcephaly. Nor has it been associated with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is an autoimmune reaction known to follow flu and other vaccines, in prone individuals (ie: of Jewish decent).
    So why are so many people in Brazil suddenly testing positive for Zika virus? Brazil force vaccinated its people with polio vaccine in 2015. The DTaP vaccine was pushed on women in their third trimesters, when the fetus is particularly susceptible to developmental birth defects. The polio vaccine was made from cell cultures of the rhesus monkey, which is the primary carrier of the virus. People that received this vaccine will have the DNA from the virus in their blood that will now trigger a positive reaction for the test. Simple and clear!
    So why the sudden surge in microcephaly?
    Toxic substances in vaccines are a known cause of microcephaly.
    Also in Brazil, they are so afraid of insect transmitted diseases (Dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria, Chaga’s disease, Chickunguya, and now zika virus) that they are fumigating their homes, and even painting the houses with a deadly pesticide, chlorpyrifos, to keep the insects out. They are literally turning their homes into gas chambers with neurotoxic poisons that are banned in many other countries because of their known dangers to humans.
    That is the perfect weapon of mass destruction delivered right into their homes for continuous exposure. They also have soldiers putting BT toxin and a chemical larvicide [pesticide] that produces malformations in mosquitoes was introduced into the drinking water supply in 2014. This poison, Pyriproxyfen, is used in a State-controlled programme aimed at eradicating disease-carrying mosquitoes. directly into their rain barrels and drinking water. It is an endocrine disruptor and is teratogenic (causes birth defects).

    This explains the sudden appearance of microcephaly and makes the Zika virus a scapegoat for the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industries. As Rahm Emmanuel said “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

    So what are these global health agencies going to offer as the cure? Why, more of the very same substances that have caused this outbreak of birth defects……More Vaccines and Pesticides!

    1. That Congress subpoena Dr. William Thompson and investigate the CDC fraud.
    2. That Congress repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and hold manufacturers liable for injury caused by their vaccines.
    3. That the single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine be made available immediately.
    4. That all vaccines be classified as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.


    There is not an iota of evidence in the scientific and medical literature of a causal relationship between the Zika virus and microcephaly, contrary to the deceitful and fraudulent claims made by both Tom Frieden/CDC and Margaret Chan/WHO.

    Furthermore, out of the 404 diagnosed cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the virus has purportedly been found in the tissues of less than 15 babies (0.034%), which does not even prove correlation let alone causality.

    According to the medical literature, microcephaly is caused by:

    – Craniosynostosis: The premature fusing of the joints (sutures) between the bony plates that form an infant’s skull keeps the brain from growing.
    – Chromosomal abnormalities. Down syndrome and other conditions may result in microcephaly.
    – Decreased oxygen to the fetal brain (cerebral anoxia). Certain complications of pregnancy or delivery can impair oxygen delivery to the fetal brain.
    – Infections of the fetus during pregnancy. These include toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, German measles (rubella) and chickenpox (varicella).
    – Exposure to drugs, alcohol or certain toxic chemicals in the womb. Any of these put your baby at risk of brain abnormalities.
    – Severe malnutrition. Not getting adequate nutrition during pregnancy can affect your baby’s development.
    – Uncontrolled phenylketonuria, also known as PKU, in the mother. PKU is a birth defect that hampers the body’s ability to break down the amino acid phenylalanine.

    In fact, in the US there are on average 25,000 diagnosed cases of microcephaly every year (in the absence of the Zika virus). Moreover, although the virus has been widely diagnosed in neighboring Colombia and in both French polynesia and Micronesia, there has been no diagnosed cases of microcephaly in those countries. This further proves that microcephaly is not caused by the Zika virus.

    Many independent researchers have linked the “spike” of microcephaly in Brazil (from 147 diagnosed cases in 2014 to 404 in 2015) to a number of plausible factors such as the GM mosquitoes released in the region, the Tdap vaccine administered to pregnant women in late 2014, larvicides (pyriproxyfen) added to the public drinking water supply, and birth-causing pesticides such as glyphosate/Roundup, atrazine, 2,4-D, etc. copiously sprayed in GM soy/crop plantations in Brazil (note: Brazil is the largest consumer of pesticides in the world).

    Although it is highly plausible that a synergistic combination of the above factors could be responsible for the “spike” of microcephaly in Brazil, there is to my knowledge no evidence in the scientific and medical literature of any causal relationship between the GM mosquitoes, the Tdap vaccines, the larvicide pyriproxyfen and microcephaly. Further epidemiological studies and research is clearly needed to confirm the causal relationship between the above plausible factors and microcephaly.

    Pesticides, birth-defects and microcephaly

    On the other hand, there is ample documented evidence in the scientific and medical literature of a causal relationship between pesticides such as glyphosate/Roundup, atrazine, 2,4-D, etc. and various birth defects, including microcephaly:…/pesticide-i…/birth-defects

    In fact, birth defects and microcephaly are ubiquitous in regions and villages surrounding GM soy plantations in both Brazil and Argentina. In 2010, Dr. Andre Carrasco from Argentina published an alarming paper on the causal relationship between glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) and birth defects.

    Dr Carrasco alarmingly found and wrote: “The direct effect of glyphosate [on the embryos]… opens concerns about the clinical findings from human offspring in populations exposed to GBH [glyphosate-based herbicides] in agricultural fields. There is growing evidence raising concerns about the effects of GBH on people living in areas where herbicides are intensely used. Women exposed during pregnancy to herbicides delivered offspring with congenital malformations, including microcephaly, anencephaly [missing major parts of brain and skull in embryos], and cranial malformations.”
    Link to the paper:…/pdf/Carrasco_research_paper.pdf

    Unsurprisingly, however, neither the WHO/Margaret Chan, the CDC/Tom Frieden nor the Brazilian and global public health authorities ever mention the causal relationship between GBH and microcephaly. It is blatantly obvious that the WHO/CDC deceitful and fraudulent Zika-microcephaly propaganda is manufactured for the sole purpose of promoting and selling the soon-coming concocted (toxic) Zika vaccine and to further mass poison both the Brazilian and the global population with the ongoing massive spraying of poisonous insecticides/pesticides under the guise and pretext of eradicating the WHO/CDC/industry invented Zika-carrying and microcephaly-causing mosquitoes while enriching Big Pharma, the biotech/pesticide industry and their minions.

  22. This article does a tremendous disservice to the cause of NVIC, of which I am a strong supporter, and I can’t condemn it strongly enough. While most of the comments in response to the article are favorable, the article itself is simply “preaching to the choir” and to the extent that the article is viewed by others of more inquiring minds, it tends to discredit the intention of NVIC, which is to promote verifiable information and an open-minded look at the scientific data about vaccination.

    Instead, the author minimizes the role of the data, and fails to examine it more closely
    (“Forget that these federal health agencies have provided no solid scientific evidence of a causal relationship. That’s beside the point.”) It’s most certainly NOT beside the point what the scientific data shows. The recent evidence published in the journals Nature, Cell and Cell Stem Cell strongly suggest a link, while it is debatable whether or not that evidence should be considered “conclusive”. The evidence for organophosphate compounds in the drinking water causing microcephaly is not strong at this point.

    Mr. Cacares has chosen to instead criticize the Zika vaccine and Zika research based on his belief that vaccine makers are profit-hungry, immoral con-artists and that the director of the CDC, Tom Frieden and other health officials are hopelessly corrupt. To me, whatever the truth about these people is, these characterizations smack of paranoid conspiracy theories that tend to foster the incorrect notion that organizations such as NVIC and people who question vaccination in general are fringe kind of people who have gone a bit off the rails.

    I have been a strong proponent of choice with regard to vaccination, because, like all medical interventions, it is not nearly as effective nor as safe as its advocates claim. This falsehood about vaccination is deplorable, and as such the sentiments of people such as Mr. Cacares and his supporters are understandable. However, it does not warrant the kind of tirade against mass corruption and immorality in the vaccination industry that this article largely consists of. It is virtually devoid of any scientific data, which the author claims is “beside the point” anyway.

    I have spoken out publicly agains the HPV vaccination, and will do so again because it is criminal for public health officials and the CDC to be suppressing data that the vaccine is neither safe nor proven effective. However, evidence of this suppression is NOT evidence of conspiracy OR immorality. It is evidence of poor judgment on the part of public health officials and the vaccine industry. Those who point to the limitations and risks of vaccination are in the best position when they use the data about the dangers of aluminum, thimerosal, squalene, and formaldehyde additives and when they stick to the data that is READILY AVAILABLE TO ALL through VAERS. When they start ranting about the evils of the pharmaceutical industry and the admittedly unduly influenced public health officials, they only make themselves out to be hysterics. If one listens carefully to Andrew Wakefield, whose work has advanced our cause to out the evidence about vaccination risk immeasurably, he is very careful to stick to the data and NEVER uses rhetoric of the inflammatory type seen in this article. Still, he has been vilified, which shows how serious the resistance is to vaccination doubters.

    Understanding this resistance requires an understanding of how the medical community works. It is an intrinsically conservative organization that tends to heavily distrust those whom it considers outsiders. Regrettably, the pharmaceutical companies have not been viewed as outsiders, but instead ushered into the inner sanctum of public health decision making. I went to medical school with Tom Frieden and knew him personally, and I can tell you he is extremely serious about protecting the health interests of the public. Unfortunately, Dr. Frieden and many of his cohorts and other public officials have become seriously negligent of the data questioning vaccine safety and efficacy. So strong has the power of group-think become that intelligent people have stopped being curious about whether the data actually supports their conclusions. They have also become blinded to the self-serving role of the vaccine industry, which, while strongly profit-motivated, also hopes to bring forth some helpful products to the health care market, contrary to the evil conspiracy claims of some. Their desire to be helpful has been waylaid to some degree by their interest in profit, which corrupts their ability to view their product dispassionately, which is a serious problem. It is not the same as being evil-doers or conspirators.

    It is indeed possible, although it is not absolutely proven that the Zika virus is a real health
    hazard, and it is possible that a vaccine made safely, without adjuvants and toxic chemicals could save lives or abet human health. We shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss what may be an important public health intervention before we have had a chance to examine the data objectively. I never thought I’d be writing an article admitting to the possibility that a vaccine might be useful (I’ve allowed my own children to receive only the TD and nothing else), but I think this hyperbolic article demands a response. Otherwise I despair that NVIC and all it’s supporters will be seen as whacko’s who don’t even deserve to have a hearing. And the mission of NVIC is too important to allow that to happen.

    Basically whether you are a pharmaceutical company hater, vaccination hater, public health hater or not, and whether these feelings are warranted by evidence of financial transgressions, scientific transgressions or other misdeeds, it does not further your cause to reveal these sentiments. To get people to listen, you need to stick to the data and pound it in again and again without resorting to these ultimately unknowable theories about individuals’ or group’s moral constitutions.

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