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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


The Zika-Microcephaly Theory’s Got Big Problems

Until a couple of months ago, most people in the United States had never heard of the Zika virus which has caused so much concern around the world due to the sudden “epidemic” of microcephaly cases in Brazil since around April 2015. Most had never heard of microcephaly or could tell you what it was.

Now, thanks to the media’s constant reporting about the “epidemic” and the urgent need to develop a vaccine to combat Zika, along with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent declaration of an international public health emergency due to Zika,1 most Americans can probably at least tell you that Zika is that disease causing all those babies in Brazil to be born with shrunken heads.

During 2015, there was a total of 3,530 “suspected” cases of microcephaly reported in Brazil.2 That was a huge increase from 2014, when only 147 cases were reported. The numbers were roughly about the same during the previous four years—153 in 2010, 139 in 2011, 175 in 2012, and 167 in 2013.2 

It was that dramatic rise in microcephaly cases in 2015, particularly during the second half of that year, that raised concerns among Brazil health authorities and, ultimately, drew so much international attention. From October 2015 through the end of January 2016 alone, the number of cases totaled 4,180.3 4

Interestingly, it is becoming clear that a large portion of those suspected cases of microcephaly in Brazil over the past year have been misdiagnosed and are, in fact, not microcephaly after all.

After experts scrutinized 732 of the cases they found that more than half either weren’t microcephaly, or weren’t related to Zika.

Just 270 were confirmed as microcephaly that appears to be linked to Zika or other infectious diseases, according to the latest ministry bulletin.

It’s not yet clear whether the same pattern will emerge from the rest of the 3,448 cases that Brazil has to examine.3

So, think about it. An international crisis has been declared due to an epidemic in Brazil that may not turn out to be an epidemic. Less than one-fifth of the suspected cases have been investigated, and of those more than half were either not microcephaly or were not related to the Zika virus. In fact, no causal relationship has been proven between Zika and microcephaly to begin with. There is only speculation and correlation.

According to a report by the Latin American Collaborative Study of Congenital Malformations (ECLAMC):

In summary, when we ask ourselves if there is a microcephaly epidemic in Brazil, or if there is a causal relationship between maternal infection with the [Zika virus] and children born with microcephaly, we face problems in all epidemiological steps to clarify the Rumor.5

A recent article in Nature notes that the authors of the report, Jorge Lopez-Camelo and Ieda Maria Orioli, contend that the supposed spread in the Zika virus in the Western Hemisphere “might largely be attributed to the intense search for cases of the birth defect, and misdiagnoses, because of heightened awareness in the wake of the possible link with Zika.”6

They say that from the epidemiological data available, it is impossible to establish the true size of the surge in microcephaly, and whether there is any link with the Zika virus.6

A relatively few women who have given birth to babies with microcephaly have also been shown to have the Zika virus. That is all the evidence the Brazilian Ministry of Health has to demonstrate a causal connection between Zika and microcephaly. That’s all the WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have to work with right now. And yet, governments and international agencies are going to Defcon 1, as if Earth is in eminent danger of being hit by a meteor. Note the headline in U.S. News & World Report, “CDC Goes to Highest Alert Over Zika Outbreak”7 and the opening paragraph of the article…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday that the agency’s command center is going to its highest level of alert, a measure reflecting growing concern about the prospect of Zika virus gaining a foothold in the mainland U.S.7

Remember, the alert has to do with Zika, but it is based on the assumption that Zika is suddenly behind all those dubious cases of microcephaly. The Zika virus itself has been around for more than half a century, and the CDC has never considered it much of threat until now. According to the CDC, only about one out of every five people infected with the virus becomes ill, and the illness is usually “mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week.”8 The most common symptoms of the virus are “fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis (red eyes).”8

What the CDC (and  other organizations) really appears to be worried about is the specter of thousands of babies in the United States being born with shrunken heads and severe brain damage. How would it look to have so many pregnant American mothers experience the same kind of fear and uncertainty as that being experienced by their counterparts in Brazil? After all, the U.S. is not a Third World country.

That is why the CDC is in a heightened state of alert, and that’s why the U.S. government has proposed spending $1.8 billion to fight Zika.9 You have to pull out all the stops to prevent such a horrendous epidemic from striking the U.S.

There’s a problem, though. There is already an epidemic of microcephaly in the U.S., and it has been around since long before we ever started hearing about Zika. According to a study published in 2009 in the journal Neurology:

Microcephaly may result from any insult that disturbs early brain growth and can be seen in association with hundreds of genetic syndromes. Annually, approximately 25,000 infants in the United States will be diagnosed with microcephaly (head circumference <-2 SD).10

That is 25,000 per year in a country with a population of just under 323 million.11 Compare that with, at most, 3,500 cases in Brazil—a country of about 209 million people.12 Who has the real crisis on its hands? Then there’s that elephant in the room that must be addressed. Zika is not considered to be endemic to the U.S., but the country has an awful lot of microcephaly. What’s causing it? On the other hand, Colombia has reported that 25,645 people, including 3,177 pregnant women, have been infected with the Zika virus, but there are no reported cases of microcephaly.13 14 Why not?

Could it possibly be that we’ve gotten so worked up about Zika and all those bothersome mosquitoes that we have neglected to look elsewhere for the cause of the microcephaly?


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  1. Yahoo has been running mad & furious, several articles a day on Zika. Also, London’s Daily Mail with multiple articles a day for the last two weeks. The cognitive abilities of the US has tanked. These people cannot remember any of the other “epidemics” that are no longer talked about. Why????

    I wrote a comment on one of the Yahoo articles this morning: Zika Causes Guillain-Barré syndrome.

    The WHO, who created this fake epidemic in the first place and has now walked that lie back but apparently MSM sites are so busy trying to up each other on a non-epidemic that they will post anything: WHO warns against rush to link Zika virus to Guillain-Barré syndrome http://www.theguardian(dot)com/world/2016/feb/09/zika-virus-guillain-barre-world-health-organisation-who.

    Why is it that whenever there is a new boogeyman it’s always a virus in some far off country? Ebola-Africa. Asian Flu-China. H1N1/Swine Flu-Mexico. Bird Flu-Taiwan or China. Zika-South America. Never in Houston, Chicago or New Hampshire.

    -Zika: Who launched the fake-epidemic story in Brazil? by Jon Rappoport
    Out of nowhere, a month ago, we were told there was an outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil: over 4,000 cases of babies born with small heads and brain impairment. The Brazilian researchers then went in and took a closer look at that figure. They walked it back and said there were, at best, only 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly. (Zika update: https://jonrappoport(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2016/02/04/zika-update-from-brazil-towering-non-evidence/.

    *****The United States, with about 4 million births a year, has an estimated 2,500 cases of microcephaly a year, said Margaret Honein, a CDC epidemiologist. (No Zika in the US)

    Going from 4,000 cases to 404 cases was a revelation. It means there is no reason to claim, so far, that there is an epidemic of microcephaly. Then, another stunner. Of the 404 cases, only 17 “had a relationship with the Zika virus.” Therefore, obviously, there was no Zika-causing-microcephaly story, either.

    Even in those 17 cases, the mere presence of the Zika virus was no evidence the virus was causing microcephaly in 17 babies. A virus has to be more than “present.” It has to be there in huge numbers in an individual human. This is why correct use of a PCR test is necessary for accurate diagnosis.
    Read the remainder of the chronology at: https://jonrappoport(dot)wordpress.com/

    So WHO sounded the alarm that Zika was causing microcephaly? Here are some statements that haven’t gotten much media attention:

    -World Health Organization press release, dated January 28, 2016: “WHO to convene an International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on Zika virus and observed increase in neurological disorders and neonatal
    malformations”: http://www.who(dot)int/mediacentre/news/statements/2016/emergency-committee-zika/en/

    “In May 2015, Brazil reported its first case of Zika virus disease. Since then, the disease has spread within Brazil and to 24 other countries in the region.”

    This obviously is not true. This is clearly a deception. The first Zika case in Brazil, for a virus that’s been known about since 1947?
    Here is a study from 1954:
    Zika virus : A report on three cases of human infection during an epidemic of jaundice in Nigeria
    F.N MacNamara, Acting Director* -Virus Research Institute, Yaba, Nigeria
    Oxford Journals Medicine & Health Transactions Royal Soc Tropical Med & Hyg
    Volume 48, Issue 2 Pp. 139-145
    Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg (1954) 48 (2): 139-145.
    doi: 10.1016/0035-9203(54)90006-1.
    There have been other studies dated decades ago. Why is the WHO lying?

    A further quote from the January 28 WHO media release:
    “Arrival of the virus in some countries of the Americas, notably Brazil, has been associated with a steep increase in the birth of babies with abnormally small heads… A causal relationship between Zika virus infection and birth defects and neurological syndromes has not been established, but is strongly suspected.”

    Notice the use of the phrase, “associated with.” This is not true, as we’ve seen, because the Brazilian researchers have found the Zika virus (or indirect evidence of it) in only 17 of the 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly. There is no association. There is disassociation. Remember, in order to begin to say a particular virus is causing a disease, you must find it in almost all, or all, cases of that condition. What WHO is pointing to, re Zika, doesn’t even begin to approach this standard. And as you can see from the above quote, WHO admits they have established no causal connection between Zika and microcephaly.

    WHO has been spearheading the drive to blame Zika and, yes, invent the idea that there is a “spreading epidemic” of Zika. Much of what you’re reading and seeing in the mainstream press about this “epidemic” comes directly out of WHO press releases and director Margaret Chan’s remarks.

    When it comes to viruses be they Measles, Chicken Pox etc-Evidence? Who cares about evidence? The mere announcement of an outbreak of an illness plus a virus and people will cling to it as if it’s a long-lost relative who’s about to die and leave them a billion dollars. (Jon Rapport)

    * As of January 30, 2016, 4,783 suspected cases of microcephaly were reported in Brazil.
    * Of those, 3,670 suspected cases of microcephaly, covering the entire country of Brazil, are being investigated.
    * Of those 3,670, 404 cases have been confirmed as microcephaly or “other alterations in the central nervous system” of babies.
    * Of those 404 cases, 17 “had a relationship with zika virus.”
    * 98% of the 404 microcephaly cases come from the Northeast area of Brazil, and in that area, Pernambuco has the highest number of cases:56. This is the region that has one of the highest concentration of pesticides in the country.

    Also it should be mentioned that two (2) bio-tech companies in India filed a Zika vaccine patent in India 9 months ago:Zika Vaccine Was Patented 9 Months Ago.

    What was to be gain from this False Flag event similar to the Ebola False Falg——-1.8 Billions Dollars of US taxpayers money:
    Obama to seek $1.8bn from Congress to combat Zika virus
    -The White House said the money would be used domestically and internationally to respond to outbreaks, to research vaccines and to prevent the spread of the disease.The remaining fund allocation is at the article. EVERY government agency involved in any health aspect get a PAYDAY. International agencies as well.

    The real kicker is: like the EBOLA so called vaccine-the product never has to make it to market. By the way, what has happened to all the money the Bush administration had allocated to be used by August 2014 for the development of new technologies to fight terrorism? No one knows! Ebola Recovery Funds Impossible to Track, Says New Study: http://www.ipsnews(dot)net/2016/02/ebola-recovery-funds-impossible-to-track-says-new-study/.

    You can purchase the ZIKA virus online.
    The Deadly Zika Virus is Available For Sale Online, Courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation: http://thefreethoughtproject(dot)com/experience-purchase-zika-virus-online/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Traffic+Driver&utm_campaign=Facebook+Stout.

    Here is something else to try and get your head around:
    What does Washington State and Brazil have in common? Babies that have been born with cranial birth defects and also in areas where there is heavy use of pesticides:
    -Surge in babies born without brains in Washington State: http://www.naturalnews(dot)com/044182_birth_defects_anencephaly_Washington_State.html
    -What’s behind cluster of birth defects?
    -Birth defects study in south central WA is inconclusive —no common causes Prevention advice for brain development disorder includes prenatal vitamin with folic acid: http://www.doh.wa(dot)gov/Portals/1/Documents/1500/NewsReleases/2013/13-104-BirthDefectStudySoCentralWA-NewsRelease.PDF

    -Rare Birth Defects Still Spiking in Washington State: http://www.nbcnews(dot)com/health/health-news/rare-birth-defects-still-spiking-washington-state-n86916
    Seven cases of a rare fatal birth defect were reported in a remote region of Washington state in 2013, making it the fourth consecutive year that rates have more than tripled the national average, health officials said Tuesday.

    There’s still no clear reason for the spike in anencephaly, a severe defect in which babies are born missing parts of the brain or skull, according to Washington state health officials. NBC News investigated the issue in February.

    But it brings to 30 the number of cases reported since 2010 in the area that includes Yakima, Benton and Franklin counties in central Washington state. The anencephaly rate jumped to 8.7 cases per 10,000 births in the region, far exceeding the national rate of 2.1 cases per 10,000 births.

    “We’re really concerned about the fact that the anencephaly rates are still so high,” said Mandy Stahre, an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based in Washington state. “We were sort of hoping that this may have been a statistical anomaly or would go away.”

    As of the end of 2015 the case numbers have risen to 40.

    1. Thanks. Good information. I don’t bother with Yahoo anymore. I’ve learned long ago that if I don’t get censored for speaking the truth, I’m bombarded with shills perpetuating misinformation.

      1. Or useful (to the establishment) idiots who refuse to question anything that contradicts the lies they’ve been programmed to believe.

  2. They have to get American sheeple to panic about the Zika virus so they will not balk at the newest, latest, greatest manditory vaccination.

  3. Yakima and a lot of Central Washington grows fruit. I would look for a relation between the high levels of anencephaly and the chemical sprays being used in the orchards.

  4. ZIKA UPDATE: In 2014, a larvicide called Pyriproxyfen was introduced into water sources in some areas of Brazil, in order to eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes. Physicians believe the larvicide, not the Zika virus, could be the reason babies in those same areas of Brazil are being born with microcephaly, a birth defect that results in babies being born with smaller heads. Learn more: http://orgcns.org/20pRczO

  5. There are some interesting new studies from natural medicine focused doctors, which points to microbacterial and fungal being very influential when it comes to genetic damage, and subsequent malformation and unexpected behavior of human cells and systems. There have been studies which show strong correlative data that when moms have immune compromised systems, excessive chemical intake, etc, those moms have elevated fungal levels in their embryonic fluids. The babies end up born fungus rich, and coupled with other environmental toxins and vaccines, the infants immune system can be crashed before it ever lights up properly. The resulting problems can be widespread and that is why this issue has gone under the radar, overlooked by the straight shot to answers, aka vaccines. The reason it’s tough to track fungal as being a root cause, is that the fungus can randomly effect a variety of human systems, and that cannot be predicted or easily measured in persons already affected. Obviously the regular person whom is not a qualified medical professional, should err on the side of caution, avoid all possible chemical exposure, avoid microbacterial and fungus which are increasingly present in non-organic foods, and avoid injected toxins. Given some of the related health and hygiene stories rising out of Brazil ahead of the olympics, it’s not surprising to learn there is also rampant problems with disease of any sort. The Zika virus going viral so to speak, is an example of a classic scientific principal regarding observation. You’re only aware of something, if you take the time to observe it. It’s probably been there for some time, along with the microcephly, and whatever other long named diseases you could dream up, festering in the polluted bay and cramped cities without proper plumbing and municipal services. There is not enough needles and vaccines in the whole world to protect a human from all the environmental toxins in a place like that. Another interesting example which proves that hygiene like plumbing systems and such in the USA is most likely the cause of disease reduction, and vaccines had relatively minor influence when it came to stopping the spread of diseases. If you were a parent in Brazil which would you choose; a functional toilet and clean water, or a shot in the arm? It’s just too easy to objectify something half way around the world, which is why Brazil made the perfect hail mary endzone pass for the pharmesutical industry. I’m still not buying it, but I’m sure they’ll keep trying to sell it. Like all products and influences in the market, without consumers, the product cannot sell.

  6. Here are links to 2 web pages that are the best researched articles on the zika virus I have read so far. I urge you to please pass them on to everyone you know – educating the rest of “them” may be the only way to ensure our safety and prevent mass inoculations.



    Unlike theorists, the author Yoichi Shimatsu, backs every thing up with documents. I did a Google Scholar search on key words and was stunned to find hundreds of clinical studies as evidence the zika virus is NOT the causative factor but is being blamed, and as such, all focus is on “developing” a vaccine against it. The truth is much more frightening.



    It is very frightening the general public does not know this and if presented with the facts will deny them.
    I can only hope someone with guts in a position of power will step up and sound off – false hope though so we’d better learn how to take care of ourselves and in small communities.

    1. Well, it’s obvious to anyone whom cares to look. “Right out of the playbook.” “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” These mega corporations keep on using fear to pander their goods, and we’re still not buying their goods as a result of their approach. It’s unethical to manipulate consumers like this. Medical ethics committees should have yanked the licenses of these so called vaccine expert doctors whom pander this, a long long time ago.

  7. Unfortunately (or maybe not so unfortunately at all) the most logical explanation will not be researched and followed-up on: This so-called “new epedemic” started in Brasil in May 2015. In October 2014 the Brasilian Health Department started vaccinating pregnant women with the Tdap vaccine Boostrix from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a British vaccine producer. Anybody who is not only sucking up the pro vaccine propaganda and just delves into the matter a little more thoroughly knows how dangerous vaccines really are especially to pregannt women and the fetus, but the money for industry, science, doctors and other interested parties is mindblowing and too tempting. Don’t expect anybody – especially not the WHO or Bill Gates Foundation – to follow up on this trail, it is so much more “enriching” to put the blame on a virus and develop a new vaccine.

  8. What a scam to rush through vaccine, without testing it is frightening that WHO is such a puppet to big pharma, treating human beings like lab rats. They know vaccinating pregnant women is causing so many major health issues for these precious little children. But profit is more important than every human on this planet bet they don’t immunise their own wives and children.

  9. It is almost funny that so many people -well educated people – who totally overlook the vaccine connection between deformed brain an scull!
    This “shrunken brain” issue in newborns was just suddenly in Brazil as if someone flipped a switch, and the only way that could really happen is via the sudden arrival of a new brain destroying Tdap vaccine, which arrived in Brazil in early 2015 and became mandatory for all pregnant Brazilian women before week 22 of pregnancy. This sudden occurrence of shrunken brains perfectly matches the arrival of the new vaccine and the malformed births are now happening, with perfect timing.
    Anonymous wrote:
    Re: Zika, the World Health Psychopaths are now sending the conveniently/timely release of a “GMO mosquito” up the flag pole as a source vector, with the “official” explanation that this creature caused a complete mutation of a virus in the wild that caused mild-to-no symptoms to now cause brain-eating symptoms -in less than a year.
    They truly are counting on the apathy if not the rank stupidity of the masses. The ONLY way this “GMO mosquito” could so quickly deliver a brain-eating virus is if that mosquito was programmed from the get/go to do exactly that.
    Evidently they figure the blow back that selling that particular explanation would create is more tenable than having TDaP come under widespread fire, thereby causing ALL vax to be under fire. FYI, just a few years ago, a certain TDaP insert included autism as one of its many significant side effects. That inclusion was curiously removed from the insert with no explanation. TDaP has a very bad pedigree.
    Stay strong, Anon

  10. The U.S. Government knew back in 1991 that the TDAP vaccine causes Microcephaly
    While investigating the procedures directed at pregnant women in the year 2015, shocking facts emerged. Acting as per a WHO decision to inject pregnant women with vaccines despite contraindications the Brazilian Government had allowed its pregnant women to become the equivalent of guinea pigs. Besides the tetanus vaccines (provided as Diptheria Tetanus vaccines), the women had also received the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine in pregnancy. What is worse a DTaP vaccine was mandated for pregnant women in 2014. Citing a shortage of the DTaP vaccine the highly reactive DTP vaccine was also administered. Clearly huge risks had been inflicted on the unsuspecting women. None of these vaccines are known to be safe during pregnancy and the MMR and the DaPT/DPT vaccines are lapses that cannot be condoned. The rubella virus in the MMR vaccine and the pertussis component in the DPT vaccine are known to cause microcephaly. In the USA alone, where the DaPT is administered to pregnant women, 25000 cases of microcephaly are likely to occur every year.
    1991 Government Document Confirms TDAP Vaccine Causes Microcephaly

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