Monday, September 25, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Massive Study Proves Men Under 40 Have a Higher Risk of Myocarditis Post COVID Vaccination

Well, a new study confirms it… Men under the age of 40 who get the [COVID-19] vaccine have a higher risk of myocarditis than men under the age of 40 who catch COVID-19. We’ve heard this throughout the pandemic, that you’re more likely to have myocarditis from COVID than from the vaccine so you should just get the vaccine, you will be safer. But a new study actually disputes this and says that is not true if you are a man under the age of 40.

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  1. This was recognized by the CDC data as early as 2021. Read the myocarditis section here:
    We need to focus on the next steps of the One World Government plan, especially, about the 2024 WHO International Pandemic Treaty ( ), the Big Crunch (financial crash), the Global Hack… all there to push the Central Bank Digital Currencies after banning cash, tied to a digital health pass, digital ID, digital driver’s license, digital access to transport (e-cars, trains, planes), digital personal carbon quotas, and digitized planetary rights embedded in the “blockchain” spending rules.

    Even if you’d be a millionaire you wouldn’t be able to spend your money because of the personal carbon quota. BTW, your e-persona could be killed with a click.

    There’s also the nano-routers injected with the COVID shots which beam Bluetooth Low Energy codes similar to MAC addresses, tracked to a human digital ID multinational. If you go to a cemetery early in the morning, when there’s no one around, you’ll pick up the signals from the vaxxed dead or go to the supermarket. 5/6G is essential to this Internet of Bodies control network.

    There’s MUCH more:
    (9 min at 2x):
    ( based on 2000 papers: )

    Please, read this, too:

    Everything failed, everything we did failed, but I think there are still 4 solutions:

    1. Unforgeable real money based on real goods like gold, flour, fuel-oil, human hour, distance transported, etc. Watch Ronald Bernard on YouTube: Freemasons forge billions of dollars and Euros and with that, they create inflation (together with Government, making us poorer), buy pupeticians, multinationals, Big Pharma, etc.
    Social currencies are essential to survive the 2030 digi-tatorship. I’m trying to create the Real Money Foundation to promote community currencies (especially those based on human hours and transportation). Otherwise, we’ll be forced to be haccinated to avoid starvation, since without the e-wallet we won’t be able to get money for our work nor the planned “global basic income”. Since there’ll be a personal carbon quota, people in the system won’t like to pay with goods which reduce their quota… not even alms!
    The social currencies could be the base for a community market where people would trade the un-poisoned food they produce or get certified. We’d need $50K (a patent could be useful to block Big Tech from taking over).

    2. Communication: the Big Hack will result in a new internet with complete censorship of those without the digital wallet (which means haccination). I’m exploring : it looks fail-proof. Comments?

    3. Direct Townhall Democracy (DTC), with direct spending of the government budget proportionate to each person. Freemasons infiltrate government and use its billions for their own agenda. If this is not achievable on a county scale, the social market could work as the foundation for self-government initiatives.

    4. Prayer: above all, this is a spiritual battle: what we see rolling out is the physical manifestation of the spiritual world. Freemasons worship Satan for a reason.


    Prof. Federico Nazar
    ( find me at )

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