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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

When Believing the Health Authorities Requires Denying Obvious Realities

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[Earlier this month],  The Daily Sceptic published two articles reviewing some studies purported to show COVID-19 vaccines are useful for countering so-called long-COVID, lingering symptoms after COVID infection. The conclusion of the author, who is an ex-senior scientist with the U.K. government, is that the vaccinations do not in fact prevent those symptoms.

In addition, one of the studies he quotes shows a great increase in health-related problems resulting from vaccination, which the authors seem to have tried to bury.

The interesting thing here is how we have, over the course of 18 months, moved from eagerly awaiting vaccines that would eradicate COVID-19 by providing herd immunity, towards failed attempts at showing that at least those vaccines prevent long-term health issues among those who catch the disease and fall ill with it, the disease they wouldn’t have caught, let alone fallen ill with, had the vaccines worked as promised.

At the same time, more and more data from all over the world show how the vaccine rollout is in fact correlated with a large spike in excess mortality. The only hope seems to be the adenovirus vaccines, the use of which was discontinued in most countries in favor of the mRNA vaccines. That may have been a premature decision, as contrary to the mRNA vaccines, they seem to lower excess mortality.

To sum it up, no protection against infection, the vaccinated seem to fall ill just as easily as the unvaccinated, even more easily, and despite some short-lived protection against death, the net effect is an increase, not a decrease in excess mortality. The last straw is trying to show that at least the vaccines prevent the rather dubious long-COVID. Even this attempt fails according to The Daily Sceptic. Still, I expect we will see a wealth of studies purportedly showing some minor positive effects on all sorts of unrelated conditions; once a believer, there is always one more last straw to cling on to.

This brings us back to the other goalposts, the three-week flattening of the curve, how lockdowns were supposed to stop the virus in its tracks, how masks were supposed to do the same, and how those goalposts have moved and how there is always another excuse. If the three-week flattening of the curve didn’t work it was because the lockdowns weren’t strict enough or not put in place at the correct point in time.

If the masks didn’t work in a real-life setting this was of no consequence; the excuse was they weren’t used correctly.

If a study showed mask wearing, combined with personal hygiene measures reduced transmission by a mere 10 percent at best, this was a huge feat and justified blanket mandates.

If the lockdowns plunged hundreds of millions into acute poverty it wasn’t because of the lockdowns; in some mysterious way the virus itself had forbidden those people to work.

Moving goalposts and after-the-fact justifications are not a new problem. We see this everywhere. Every project manager has experience of targets being changed, of weak excuses, unrealistic plans and budgets. And of course there is always the tendency to try to cover up what happened. But even so, the stakeholders not directly responsible for the execution usually realize failure when it happens.

But this is not happening now. We, the public, are the most important stakeholder and it is not us who make the decisions or are responsible for the execution. What is new is how we unquestioningly accept every new goal, every justification, how ready we are to forget today what we were convinced of yesterday, how willingly we go for the next booster believing, truly believing the reason the last one failed to protect us was just bad luck.

We have collectively accepted a parallel world, a parallel set of truths, and however far it is from actual reality does not matter in the least. Our goal is not to eradicate the disease, not to live with it and minimize the harm it causes, our goal is to sustain our belief in the cult leaders, no matter how often they mislead us; with every lie, every shifted target, every excuse, our faith only grows stronger.

With every excuse we accept, with every denial we echo, every misguided action we support, we entangle ourselves more and more deeply; by each step, we take a higher stake in the narrative, and the higher it gets, the more fiercely we defend our parallel set of truths; the harder it becomes to break away and accept reality.

This article was reprinted with permission. It was originally published by the Brownstone Institute. Thorsteinn Siglaugsson is an Icelandic consultant, entrepreneur and writer and contributes regularly to The Daily Sceptic as well as various Icelandic publications. He holds a BA degree in philosophy and an MBA from INSEAD. Thorsteinn is a certified expert in the Theory of Constraints and author of From Symptoms to Causes—Applying the Logical Thinking Process to an Everyday Problem.

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8 Responses

  1. I refuse to believe any and all health authorities of any kind. That’s my bottom line. They had a chance to be honest and forthcoming, but instead decided to lie and fill the planet with propaganda and misinformation. My trust in anything medically related has vanished forever.

  2. So called health authorities can’t be trusted these days. Rarely if ever hear anything from them about flooding the body with antioxidants to promote health or to fight diseases. Their fake solution for fighting disease and disease prevention is to bombard the body with disease causing chemicals. Seems to me that’s what conventional medicine usually amounts to. If need be. I would choose a functional medical practitioner over a conventional doctor any day.

    Not saying that all conventional practitioners are evil. From what I can ascertain. Those doctors are locked into a system where only certain medical protocols are allowed or approved. Better healthcare treatments are available elsewhere. Even my own healthcare protocols (learned from honest doctors and researchers) have worked out better for me.

  3. Well, many of us did NOT believe their BS as it was outrageous on it’s face…ie., the vaccine was 95% effective, the EXPERIMENTAL vaccine was SAFE (based on no data) for everyone, including pregnant moms, no matter what their medical state was, that the pandemic numbers of deaths were so horrific that they justified ANYTHING. We knew, they knew these numbers were almost entirely based on PCR testing at 45 cycles, which means the numbers were meaningless and they didn’t care. Our government paid every corruptible news agency to only spout the propaganda and never the truth (which they called ‘misinformation’). I have so much rage at all the hospitals and doctors who denied life saving transplants and treatments because the victim would not submit to a highly dubious EXPERIMENTAL gene therapy.

    I am sickened by a completely corrupt FDA and CDC, who are supposed to protect we the people from slick snake oil salesmen but who are actually the marketing arm of these criminals, they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Allopathic medicine has so lost it’s way and has sold it’s soul to tyrannical power and fiat currency and does huge amounts of harm, even murder. Evil has ripped off it’s mask and it is the face of every vaccine zealot out there that tried to force this poison on everyone, regardless if they needed it or not (natural immunity). Australia, New Zealand and Canada, went over completely to the dark side for disease that was no more dangerous than the cold or flu and that is easily shown by the overall mortality numbers which were unchanged for the last decade UNTIL these sick individuals rolled out their mRNA snake oil jabs. That year mortality was up in crazy numbers with people younger than 45. We can only hope that the people who hung up their critical reasoning and joined the madness that was “the jab + boosters” will wake up, be ashamed and atone for the damage they have wrought and next time fight for the individual and our human rights to not be forced into medical procedures we do not want. In the meantime, we need a Nuremburg 2.0 in the worst possible way.

  4. Very well said. It’s good to know that some people are enlightened.
    I believe a lot more people are waking up as they see the obvious happening but still others are walking around comatosed willingly and unthinkingly giving in to the next shot like The walking dead!

  5. CM

    Please don’t be fooled or lulled into warped thinking! This “pandemic” was a plandemic, and the vaccines are being touted as what’s going to keep people safe…Never mind our God-given immune systems! All of this foolishness is because of greedy men and women who put profits over lives! Let’s not abandon our good old fashioned critical thinking about this whole fiasco!


    Yates Hazlehurst, who developed autism after receiving his childhood vaccines, was the first and only vaccine-injured plaintiff to make it to a jury. The 20-year process revealed major flaws in a system that is supposed to compensate children for vaccine injuries.

  7. For every failure,
    Every broken promise,
    Every move goal,
    Every excuse,
    Every shift target.
    Every lie.

    More people don’t believe the government scientist.

    By Oct 2021 all Congress , governors, media, state legislation, knew the lies.
    Covid vaccine not ‘safe’.
    Covid vaccines were not effective,
    Gags didn’t slow the spread of COVID.
    Effective treatments were surpresed.
    COVID deaths counted people that died from other cause.

    The FDA & CDC knew the COVID vaccine would reduce life, before they approved.

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