Tuesday, July 23, 2024


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Canadian Truckers Create Massive ‘Freedom Convoy’ to Protest Vaccine Mandates

Thousands of truckers assembled in Vancouver this weekend to protest. They formed a “Freedom Convoy.” Their destination? The Canadian capital of Ottawa. We want two things. We want to get rid of the vaccine mandates and the passports. Right now, there’s 50,000 truckers and about 1.4 million people headed to the Parliament in Ottawa, and they’re going to just stay there until [Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau resigns or they give us back all of our freedoms and rights.

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13 Responses

  1. Manchild Trudeau, step aside!



    Praise Almighty God From Whom All Good Things Flow!

  2. Good on the truckers!! I wish to God
    the prime minister would stand down!
    He is on the “fringe” of loosing this
    battle. He knows nothing of what it’s
    like to actualy work for a living!!

  3. I live in NS Canada. This story is well behind the times. The truckers have been in Ottawa for about two weeks now. There has already been recent action by politicians and police to raid the compound and steal their diesel fuel meant to keep the trucks warm for the drivers and families sleeping in those trucks in the cold winter.
    There was a so-called “emergency debate” at Parliament house. Justin Trudeau actually did show up after being in hiding the whole time. But only to insult and spread false news about the peaceful protest.
    As of this morning there has been social media blackout and cell-service blackout.
    It was stated in an SOS interview, by the protest organizers, last night while the so-called emergency debate was going on, that should this blackout happen it is likely because the police are beginning to make a move to round everybody up, arrest them and process them. There has been a processing centre set up outside of the city for detainees.
    So as of now, Feb 8th, it is difficult to know the situation of the truckers and the organizers.

  4. 100% support for the truckers and all the freedom loving canadians!! It’s time “we the people” stand our ground and fight for our freedoms! We are sovereign people and NO ONE owns us! Period

  5. I’m a Canadian living in the US with my husband. We’re so proud of all the truckers, for taking a wise stand for freedom which comes from God not government. Also, I challenge PM Justin Trudeau & everyone to learn about all the information – not just the mainstream info. There’s good science and bad science and what’s being pushed on the masses without data to prove the position is what the truckers and many of us, are standing against. There are doctors like Carrie Madej, that help give a whole perspective about the negative health risks of covid vaccine ingredients. Getting these vaccines does not make for healthier people. The general health information coming out of Scotland now shows clearly that vaccinated people are being infected at higher rates than unvaccinated (Del Bigtree podcast credit).

  6. I’m so proud of these truckers and all the people standing with them! People are becoming awake with the knowledge that vaccinated people are being infected higher than those unvaccinated. There is much knowledge by many of the help from nutritional supplements, homeoprophylaxis and finding ways to release and avoid electro-magnetic radiation from WiFi, etc. Blessings to these truckers and those standing up for them! Warmly, Mary

  7. I am a Canadian living in Texas, born and bread in Ottawa. Thank you to all the truckers and Canadians that know the truth and are fighting for our freedoms.
    Trudeau knows exactly what is going on with this Plandemic and is being praised by the head of The World Economic Forum, Klause Schwab, for being such a “Good Student” and not standing down to the people of Canada. Unfortunately, we have a long fight ahead of us. As do we all around the world. This whole shame is all about the Great Reset. By 2030 “We shall own nothing and be happy.”

  8. God Bless and protect the heroic truckers of the Freedom Convoy 2022 and ALL others all over the world who fight for freedom. May we soon ALL be free!

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