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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Vaccinated Americans Count Their Blessings Despite Getting COVID

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On Aug. 2, 2021, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina became the first fully vaccinated (for COVID-19) U.S. Senator to disclose he had tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Sen. Graham said he had begun to experience “flu-like symptoms” two days earlier and eventually decided go to the doctor and get tested.1

Despite becoming another of the growing number of the so-called COVID ‘breakthrough cases” (fully vaccinated people who contract coronavirus) in the United States, Sen. Graham gave credit to the COVID vaccine. He said:

I feel like I have a sinus infection, and at present time, I have mild symptoms. I am very glad I was vaccinated because without vaccination, I am certain I would not feel as well as I do now. My symptoms would be far worse.1

Vaccinated Members of Congress Infected With Coronavirus Credit Vaccines

On Aug. 19, three more fully vaccinated U.S. Senators revealed they too had tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. These included Sen. John Hickenlooper of Colorado, Sen. Angus King of Maine and Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi. Despite his infection, Sen. Hickenlooper also gave credit to the vaccine. “I’m grateful for the vaccine (and the scientists behind it) for limiting my symptoms,” Sen. Hickenlooper said.2 3

Sens. King and Wicker praised the vaccine as well. “While I am not feeling great, I’m definitely feeling much better than I would have without the vaccine.” Sen. Wicker said, “Being fully vaccinated greatly reduced my risk of developing severe complications from the virus.”2 4

There have been many other breakthrough COVID cases in the U.S. Congress—nearly a dozen cases in the House of Representatives since July alone, including Rep. Vern Buchanan of Florida, Rep. Joseph Morelle of New York and Rep. Darren Soto of Florida. “I think for me [the vaccine] made a huge difference,” Rep. Buchanan said. “Thankfully, I’m fully vaccinated so my symptoms remain mild,” Rep. Morelle said. “I recently tested positive for COVID-19, and am grateful to only have mild symptoms, which I credit to the vaccine,” Rep. Soto said.5 6 7

And it’s not just vaccinated members of Congress who are giving kudos to the COVID vaccines for sparing them from severe illness and possibly death. Many Americans who discovered that getting vaccinated did not prevent them from contracting SARS-CoV-2 are convinced that the vaccine they got spared them from something worse.

Breakthrough case William Lorenzo of New Orleans said, “I thank God everyday, I got this vaccine.” Breakthrough case Alexandra Vasquez Reyna of North Texas said, “I do attribute the vaccine for helping protect me from [severe illness].” Breakthrough case Patricia Mendygral-Kibble of Stephenson County, Illinois said, “The vaccine saved my life. I mean I still went into the hospital but I wasn’t put on a ventilator.”8 9 10

Breakthrough case Billie Garrett of Florida said:

I am convinced that I would have died if I had not gotten it because I was so severely ill with the vaccine. I shudder to think where I would be if I didn’t get it. I absolutely do not think I would be alive today without it.11

Official Line is COVID Vaccines Prevent Serious Illness and Death

It has now been established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the COVID vaccines cannot prevent people from becoming infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and spreading it to others.12 13 14 But the CDC does believe that the vaccines can help prevent people from developing serious symptoms of COVID and dying from the disease.15 The director of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, MD, has stated publicly:

Our vaccines are working exceptionally well. They continue to work well with delta with regard to severe illness and death, but what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.16

President Biden’s chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci, MD, who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has on many occasions confirmed that the vaccines are highly effective at preventing serious COVID illness, hospitalization and death.17

The former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Scott Gottlieb, MD, who currently sits on the Board of Directors of Pfizer, Inc., has stated:

We still see that these vaccines are doing a very good job preventing symptomatic disease, preventing hospitalization and death.18

In his speech on Sept. 9 outlining a series of new COVID vaccine mandates, President Biden said:

I want to emphasize that the vaccines provide very strong protection from severe illness from COVID-19.  I know there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation.  But the world’s leading scientists confirm that if you are fully vaccinated, your risk of severe illness from COVID-19 is very low.19

Many People Believe Vaccines Minimize COVID Symptoms

This belief in the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines in protecting people from becoming seriously ill (or worse) with COVID has become ingrained in the American psyche. For all practical purposes, it has been accepted by the mainstream medical and public health communities as a scientific fact and is being promulgated on a daily basis by the corporate media.

It is understandable why so many leaders within the U.S. government and average citizens around the country are so confident that, even though the vaccines they took failed to prevent them from getting SARS-CoV-2, they were at least protected from becoming very sick and being hospitalized or dying. It is precisely the same mindset that many people who get the annual flu shot have when they see that they still managed to catch the flu. I’ve heard the phrase, “It would’ve been worse had I not gotten the shot” more times than I can recall.

The phrase always leaves me with the question: “How do they know?”

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89 Responses

  1. Fully vaccinated U.S senators may not be as sick as those without vaccine, however, I have learned there are other fully vaccinated people who got very sick when they got exposed to covid by their children or by others. I agree with the writer “how do they know?” It doesn’t make any sense to me either. It’s very puzzling for reasons:

    1) COVID Vaccine didn’t last long, they still wear masks.

    2)It’s an experimental one.

    3) Why is there a 3rd booster shot? Can they guarantee it would be a lifetime?

    4) what are the long term effects? The answer is they don’t know

    5) it takes at least 10-15 years to make vaccines. They’re never 100% safe and effective.

    6) everybody is unique.

    In conclusion, I don’t count the blessings. Annual covid shot would be much like annual flu shot in the long run. I would be surprised if covid vaccine would not be needed annually.

    1. How do they know the vaccine helped them? DUH. They aren’t in the hospital. Just ask any doctor working in a hospital. They will tell you that 90-100% of the hospitalized covid patients are unvaccinated. In many places hospitals are beyond capacity with unvaccinated covid patients. In Idaho hospitals are rationing care because of the surge. Vaccines do not prevent exposure to the virus, they help your body fight it so you don’t get terribly sick. 180 million Americans are vaccinated, the other half of the country is in the hospital, or will be eventually.

      1. That is why hospital staff – including doctors and nurses- are leaving in droves. Inner city hospitals can bring in replacements from overseas , rural. hospitals are now accepting natural immunity in order to avoid shutting down .

        Get your jab every three months and do what your keepers tell you weak little piffling coward . Maybe in the new world order you can get goodies from the government by turning in the noncompliant !

      2. Duh, because they’re not in the hospital??? Most people who got infected with COVID never even knew they were sick. And a bunch more barely knew it. Going into the hospital specifically because you are sick with COVID is the rare exception, not the rule.

        1. True that most people who catch covid don’t end up in the hospital and only 1% will die, but 1% of our population is 3.3 million people (so we’ll have 1,000 times the covid deaths as we saw die on 9/11). Also, hospitals in many States are surging with patients so a huge number of people who will recover will still suffer horribly. Vaccinated people are not going in hospitals in any significant number. You can gamble with those odds but also consider that the Delta variant is getting much worse. Many of those who think they got over covid easily are finding out later they have “Long Covid”, a new autoimmune disease. Listen to these doctors on youtube share their recent personal experience with the Delta variant which is causing 20 times as much serious covid in young people. Most don’t die but they may be sick for the rest of their lives.

          1. So, you go from “180 million Americans are vaccinated, the other half of the country is in the hospital, or will be eventually”, to “True that most people who catch covid don’t end up in the hospital” in the space of two posts?

            Further, “the Delta variant is getting much worse”? Do you mean that the Delta variant has changed somehow? Because if it has mutated, then it would be considered a new (named) variant and would be usefully touted by the scaremongers as the “5th (6th, 7th) wave”- i.e. the latest strain to fear.

            What does so-called “Long Covid” have to do with vax status? Do you know of any research that links vax vs. non-vax and “Long Covid”? No, because it does not exist.

          2. The Sept 12, 2021 article in The Atlantic you posted starts with this sentence: “At least 12,000 Americans have already died from COVID-19 this month”. Since when is 12,000 deaths, (1,000 per day) not a serious event?

          3. 90-100% of Covid deaths in hospitals are unvaccinated?

            True,1% of the population is 3.3 million people, all of whom are unvaccinated and will die?

            Vaccinated people are flooding hospital emergency rooms, but unless it’s 2 weeks after their 2nd shot, they are counted as unvaccinated

            It’s a very convenient method of skewing the statistics and you buy into it. Good for you.

          4. As covid becomes an endemic disease spreading continuously like the common cold virus, there is little chance everyone won’t come in contact with it eventually. Maybe only 1% will die but how many will suffer thru hospitalization or develop Long Covid autoimmune disease? Another 20 or 30%? Will a new variant spread that is worse than the current Delta variant? Probably. A worse one has already been detected but is not widespread. A lot of new evidence that the Delta is FAR WORSE than you seem to believe is shown here if you care to educate yourself. My local paper in a small college town had a headline last week that read: “REMORSE”. The local hospital is overwhelmed with unvaccinated covid patients who didn’t believe covid could affect them.

      3. Every single person who did not get a vaccine will end up in the hospital? LOL, Jim! Now THAT’S SOLID SCIENCE!

        Nobody in any hospital is saying 90-100% of patients are the unvaccinated. Stop making things up.

        1. Many experts say covid will become endemic. That means it’s not going to go away but spread again and again every year just like the common cold, but far more deadly than the common cold. Everyone will eventually catch it. We know it only kills 1%, currently that is 1,000 per day in the U.S., and is also making tens of thousands sick every month. Delta variant is causing a significant rise in “Long Covid” among people never hospitalized because their symptoms were mild. Long covid has recently been labeled an autoimmune disease. It may weaken people for the rest of their lives. Twenty times as many young people are being hospitalized by the delta variant compared with 2020. Even worse variants are likely to present in the coming months and years. Comparison of brain MRI’s in England are finding many who survived covid now have parts of their brain atrophied. Despite 180 million Americans injected with the vaccine we do not see any hospitals filling up with vaccine induced sickness, but hospitals are still over flowing with unvaccinated covid patients.

      4. Jim, did you know that you’re considered unvaccinated by the CDC if you’re withink 14 days of your first dose, and also after 3 months after 2nd dose. So, if you get vaccinated and within 14 days you die or go to the hospital, you’re considered unvaccinated. That is a very obvious deception. In my world if you took a shot and it’s in your body you are vaccinated. In CDC world you’re not vaccinated. How do you know how many people in the hospital are vaccinated if the official policy is to lie about it. Just take your poison like a good TV-watcher.

        1. So Bob, you want to make up your own science because you don’t understand the biology of vaccination? Vaccines teach your immune system to recognize and attack a specific virus. Yes, the vaccine does not do this overnight, some time is needed before your body can develop the defenses triggered by the vaccine.

        1. The family of this young woman, like hundreds of thousands of others who died of covid, do not think it’s “skwak propaganda”. They say she died because she bought into the misinformation and fake stories that she wasn’t really at risk. The Governor of Idaho, a deeply red State, does not think it’s propaganda either as he approves his State’s emergency response to over-crowded hospitals full of unvaccinated patients. These are facts.

          1. I thought we weren’t supposed to be listening to “quack” doctors on YouTube. We’re only allowed to listen to Tony Fauci. I guess they are not considered “quacks” if they promote the accepted narrative.

      5. You have obviously done no research whatsoever, just drank your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid! The fat lady didn’t even sing yet!

      6. Then TELL me WHY is The most vaccinated countries in the world are having the most reinfections???? And WHY won’t they tell you WHAT IS IN THE ” NOT SO GOOD VACCINE” as they seem to call it, and WHY would the CDC CHANGE the definition of what a vaccine is?????? This along with the FRAUD in the elections and how HARD they are working to do “SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE” say’s it ALL!!!!!! They NEVER do good for the PEOPLE, ONLY THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is all you need to know to make an educational guess that there is MUCH, MUCH MORE to these Jabs…. Do your OWN RESEARCH to find out the TRUTH, Don’t believe the FAKE NEW’S.

      7. If you read the studies, the CDC manipulated the data to create the illusion that it’s all unvaccinated in the hospital beds. It’s not. Second, the thing they are calling a vaccine does NOT help your body do anything. It instructs your body to manufacture the very substance that they claim is causing the vascular degeneration. The “spike protein”. So that fever or weakness you feel after your shot does NOT indicate your immune system is supercharged. It means it was assaulted and you are now in an inflammatory condition. If you look at the current vaccination rate in Israel, it is around 90% and that now includes the third “booster”. They are still filling hospital beds. They have cognitive dissonance. If two shots didn’t work, add another…and another…. Keep believing in the CNN reports that are handed to them directly from the manufacturers and the CDC. NO ONE has isolated the alleged Covid-19 virus. NO ONE is testing for the alleged Delta variant. The PCR can’t differentiate one corona virus (like the common cold) from another. So there is no way to say that everyone in hospitals has covid-19. You could have a flu, but the PCR tests positive for Covid, so you are now a covid patient. You’re being hood-winked. Even the CDC changed the rules so that you are considered “unvaccinated” until 14 days after the second shot. They did this to hide the high injury and death rate following injection. Now you can drop dead right after the first or second shot and still be considered unvaccinated until you wait two weeks. Nothing to see here folks. Current VAERS reports 14,600 deaths and over 85,000 serious injuries from the shot and since most don’t report to VAERS, it’s suspected that these numbers are only about 1-10% of the actual figures. Wonder why there are labor shortages? They are dropping dead. Duh, indeed.

      8. The definition of unvaccinated does include those who have gotten at least one vax. So, if those folks are counted as unvax’d, then what they are saying about the unvax’d is very misleading. How sneaky is that?

      9. I’m watching those who got covid shot(s). Do the research, keep digging. I don’t agree with you. Natural immunity lasts longer than vaccine.

    2. My auntie wasn’t in bad health and she had 2 of the covid vaccine and when she got her second vaccine she got covid and was hospitalized for 6 weeks and died from it both my parents weren’t vaccine their health isn’t that good they got covid so did all my other family members which weren’t vaccine neither and everyone is fine even my 6 month nephew who also got it. Both my parents have heart problems diabetes high blood pressure and my dad has Parkinson and mom Alzheimer’s disease. I think people are getting now more the corona virus etc because people are getting these vaccines that aren’t protecting no one but are giving secondary effects in the long run.

  2. I trust Mother Nature’s medicine box better. Have been for 40+ years. Only went to the doctor when I had surgery, twice, and may be 4 or 5 times, when the remedies did not work within a few days and I got worse, not knowing what it was. Last time the doc said I had a food allergy, but wanted to prescribe me antibiotics! I don’t trust either medical system nor politicians.

  3. I will be 77 in October and have not had the vaccine and have not had Covid. I have never had a flu shot, either. It is a mystery to me that people believe that vaccines are protecting them from serious disease. My granddaughter, who is 30, had Covid (that is, she had all the symptoms) earlier in the year but never went to the doctor or to a hospital because she says she is allergic to vaccines and medications. She was sick for eight days but treated herself using herbs and vitamins and now she is fine.

    1. Your granddaughter has the tool to take care of herself. Good job.I’m glad she’s doing fine.I never had any flu vaccine either.

    2. I am Grateful for my natural immunity! I would probably have contracted covid anyway and been far worse HAD I received the “vaccine”!
      I tested positive for COV2/SARS after a family dinner on Christmas Eve. 6 out of 8 of us ended up with Covid.
      I didn’t test positive at first nor did I have any symptoms. I retested positive for covid, 6 days later, when I felt chilly and had aching ribs on my right side. No other symptoms to speak of.
      My other family members that tested positive had sore throats, fever and fatigue. And they all survived!
      The 2 guests that did not get covid were my 15 year old son and my 74 year old mother who has breast cancer and is being treated with chemotherapy- and not vaccinated.
      They did NOT get covid.

      It is truly amazing to read that those with average health receive the covid jab and come down with covid anyway, PRAISE the vaccine as if it were the ONLY fathomable way to stay alive or out of the hospital?!
      What about our innate immunity that has been with us all along? Really people? This is just insanity to credit this experiment of a “vaccine” as the sole reason to keeping them alive. We should be thanking the inborn intelligence of the human body that has evolved and survived from exposure to pathogenic viruses. The human genome exists because of exposure and strengthened immunity.

      EL Salvador gives every member of their community a covid care package that includes vitamin C, D, anti inflammatory aspirin, ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine.
      Their government knows that Covid is not a death sentence and as a result, treat their citizens and patients humanly and observe the Hippocratic oath- first do no harm.

      I love my nation, and am proud to be an American.♥️ ?? It’s just hard NOT to see how far off the mark we are when it comes to covid care and prevention, health care in general, censorship of truth and government overreach in regards to mandates.
      Thank you NVIC for all the work you do.
      We need you! ?

      1. Medical doctors aren’t following Hippocratic oath, that has been a problem since Big Pharma took over it. Experimental covid vaccine isn’t the answer. I’m more scared of vaccine than covid itself. Those with health problems can be a challenge.

  4. Just how stupid can someone be and still breathe? The point of a real vaccine is to prevent the person from GETTING the disease and PREVENT them from spreading the disease. I do believe our country has gone psycho.

  5. Sen Graham got the shot believing he would be protected from getting the virus….since that didn’t play out, now, he’s grateful for getting a lighter version of the virus.
    Do we need a better example of a ‘sock puppet’ ??

    1. You don’t understand what a vaccine is. A vaccine cannot prevent you from breathing air containing the virus. The vaccine goes to work only if the virus gets inside you, then it activates your immune response to lessen the degree to which you get sick. 90%-100% of those in the hospital with covid are unvaccinated, this shows us the vaccine is working. About half of Americans are vaccinated so if the vaccine was not working then half the hospitalized covid patients would be vaccinated, instead of the 0%-10% we see. (a recent study reported that 87% of the small number hospitalized vaccinated patients are over 65 with other health problems so the vaccine is really over 99% effective at preventing serious illness). The unvaccinated hospitalized patients are from all age groups.

      1. Hi there “Jim”! So we meet again! How’s the paid trolling business been working out for you? Are you still making good “bank”? As you know, I’m just a regular person so I don’t get all my fabricated and cherry picked statistics formatted and fed to me so I can conveniently supply them on all the numerous comment sections I visit. I mean, this is not my “job”. So I won’t have the time or inclination to pepper you back with numbers and statistics. ? I’ll just have to be content to sit back an listen to you contrive to manipulate me and tell me how I don’t understand what is REALLY going on and try to convince me that buying your poisonous “product” is some kind of a moral and social obligation and that I have no right to be so “selfish”! Please, I ask for your understanding that, again, I am not being paid to write this message, and I do have employment apart from commenting! I hope things continue to work out well for you “Jim”, in the “trolling for cash” business! ? I still don’t think it’s really fair that I’m not getting paid for my efforts too!? On the other hand, I’m sure you’ve “created” and posted 50 comments in the time it’s taken me to create this one little comment, so I guess maybe it’s not so unfair after all. Oh well, good luck anyway in all your profitable “trolling” endeavors “Jim” and thanks for being so “transparent”. All the best, till we meet again! ?

      2. Jim, already more deaths have been reported on the CDC’s VAERS record from this experimental shot than the TOTAL of deaths reported for ALL vaccines for the 30+ years that the CDC’s VAERS has been recording them. And the CDC themselves have said that the report only reflects 1 to 10% of deaths, since all deaths and side effects are not reported. Please read this THREE times so it sinks in. But this is not even a typical vaccine. So you can’t expect it to even do what your typical vaccine is suppose to do. But unfortunately it does shed nanoparticles like vaccines do which can negatively affect anyone in contact with someone who has gotten it.

      3. Jim, Jim, Jim. I think it is you who does not understand what a vaccine is. ( try Wikipedia for a def). These gene therapy shots do not fall under the “classic” vaccines immune response that is supposed to happen when you are injected with a “vaccine”. These shots cause you to manufacture the Covid spike protein which, in case you were unaware, is the exact same toxin that induces disease when you get natural covid infection! So that makes a lot of sense. Let’s turn our bodies into spike protein manufacturing machines! Btw, these little toxins are not just staying in the deltoid muscle like the pharm companies said they would. They are traveling throughout your body, attaching to ACE receptors located in your brain ( the lipid nanoparticles they are attached too enables it its cross the BBB), your blood vessels, your kidneys and your reproductive organs. What do you think happens when you are exposed to the natural version of cover spike proteins? Massive up regulation of your immune response, leading to tons of autoimmune-type side effects and disease. And who do you think is creating the variants? Can’t prove it but certainly can’t disprove that the vaccinated are causing the virus to re-invent itself. So my friend you should try exploring the ton of information that explores the alternative narrative that these shots may not be as “safe an d effective” which is not being discussed and is even being censored by main stream media. ( who in fact are being controlled by big Pharma).

        Another thing… in order to attempt to make an effective vaccine, you need to know the entire genetic structure of the virus, bacterium, etc. for which you are attempting to make the vaccine against. To my knowledge, the entire structure of the SARS- Covi-19 virus has not been produced. And if it has, I’d love to review that scientific paper.

      4. You are still a believer of the long disproved germ theory of conman Louis Pasteur. Bechamp showed that Pasteur was full of sh*t. “Germs” are everywhere. YOU are more bacteria than human. Viruses reside inside of you all the time. What keeps them from making you ill? YOUR terrain. Your healthy body. When you are unhealthy from eating GMO diets, processed garbage foods, on multiple pharmaceuticals, drinking bad water, breathing toxic air(like in Wuhan), exposed to high levels of EMFs…your body’s terrain is destroyed and bacteria and viruses take charge. Injecting more viruses (and all the toxic additives) into your body only creates a worse terrain. It doesn’t lessen anything except your health. YOU don’t understand what a vaccine is at all. It is an assault to the body. You can’t end disease by injecting disease. You create health by cleaning up the terrain. Your recent study showing vaccinated patients had other health problems means they were already sick. Give them a bogus PCR and now they are suddenly Covid patients, not sick people with heart, blood pressure, toxic bodies. Come into the 21st century and not live in the 19th. As long as the food, water and air are toxic, more people will get the disease of the month/year and no amount of vaccines and boosters can bring back their health. It only adds to the toxic load.

  6. And the second question I have beside the “how do they know” one. How many of those “unvaccinated” individuals with serious, possibly lifetime illness and death were somewhere between their first shot and the 2 weeks past the second jab (still considered unvaccinated) and either suffering from covid OR a bad reaction to the injections itself which mimic the cardiovascular progression of the virus? Questions our captured agencies refuse to ask.

  7. Why don’t these “public servants” that are not well versed on the extraordinary short and likely long term dangers of the experimental largely untested shot talk about the overwhelming number of shot related deaths and serious injuries? Those are ignored by the “watchdog” (ha ha ha) media yet even 100 deaths would normally be a catastrophe for any normal vaccine and would be pulled from use. Now there are 15000 on VAERS with a big backlog, with some deleted or not accepted, even coming from physicians. And why did 6he CDC remove instructions on reporting problems with the shot, making it much harder to report. Our reps have become “useful IDIOTS”. LORD, have mercy and open their blind eyes!

    1. There is a law suit filed in Northern Alabama against the Sec. of Health and Human Services with a statement from a CDC whistle blower saying that when VAERS was around 9,000 deaths(from the jab), she stated that the true number was closer to 45,000. Even that number seems low to me.

  8. My view is that the vaccines are bsed on the original Wuhan variant modified spike protein . This variant has been virtually eliminated by the apparently more infectious (why?,How?) delta variant, othere sto follow!. Thus the vaccines are already obsolete just like most of the annual flu vaccines that miss the boat every year. So the case rates will continue to increase dramatically as the northern hemisphere winter, (predicted to be severely cold) kicks in. The delta variant may be less virulent than earlier versions (I believe this is a known effect with viruses). Most of the really compromised at risk people (care homes mainly)have allready died in first few waves so the net effect is amuch lower butmisleading death rate . This is now used/abused o justify more vacciantions including children who have nothing to gain from vacciantion and alot to lose. Sick children can be protected by known safe drugs and suppelements whichis what should have happened to the elderly early on but corruption and greed left them to die

  9. Lies and more lies to cover up the original lies. Well, we will see what happens to all these fools who willingly lined up to get their death shots, in the next few months.

  10. My former boss came down with flu two years in a row after getting her flu shot. After one illness, I overheard her say “I had flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia and had to go to the emergency room, but it would have been so much worse if I hadn’t gotten the shot.” I wondered how much worse it would have to get.
    I did not get the flu shot (never have) and didn’t get the flu that year. And I haven’t had it for the past decade either. I avoid fast food, processed food, junk food,sugar, and alcohol and rarely get sick. When I do get cold symptoms, I load up on sodium ascorbate and cod liver oil and kick it off in less than 12 hours. But when I told her that, she blew me off.

  11. This headline reads like a Babylon Bee post!
    If only it WERE satire!
    Traditionally/scientifically vaccines PREVENTED recipients from CONTRACTING a disease. Now we’ve lowered the bar to, “Well, I’m SURE I would have been MUCH sicker without the vaccine.”

    Good heavens…the morons have taken over.

  12. Typical Liberal Logic…..Under professional advice, you replace your roof to avoid leaks this coming winter but with the first rain the roof leaked……but you are glad you got a new roof because it only leaked in 2 small places.

  13. According to philosopher of science Karl Popper, any claim that is not falsifiable through empirical evidence is not a scientific claim. In this case, if the vaccinated person does not get Covid, he credits the vaccine, and if he gets it, he still credits the vaccine. So any claim about the efficacy of the vaccine is not scientific.

    This is not very different from a religious belief. If you got what you had wished, God was very kind to you because of your prayers. If you didn’t get what you wished, God was still kind to you because things could have been a lot worse. So the benevolence is beyond reproach. The same is true of vaccines.

  14. Know of several before shots available who had Covid. Most had sinus head ache type symptoms that lasted 5 to 10 days. Most I know who’ve had it are healthy, take vit D, Vit C eat well balanced meals, lots fruits, veggies, various nuts, exercise regularly. All that I know who have had covid & got shots after had covid have had terrible reactions to the shots including super heavy periods in younger woman, older post menopausal women with sudden severe periods bleeding lasting several weeks. A fib episodes, chest pain, unexplained GI bleeding. Joints aching for weeks. Seems the symptoms in time pass to some degree, but some continue to progress. Some have had sinus like head aches worse than the sinus head aches they had when they had Covid, lasting much longer. Another who had covid like bad cold after had the covid shots all body lymph nodes suddenly swelled, and was diagnosed w/ an aggressive form of Lymphoma. Is this just bad luck knowing so many with something gone wrong after the shots & already had developed natural immunity? These events happen close to the covid shots? Also know many who have experienced sudden increased severity of chronic illnesses they already had prior to getting Covid shots that the chronic illness goes suddenly out of control. Have acquaintance developed sudden stroke w/ a quickly progressing loss of communication skills. Falling 1st back to her native childhood language, then lost all language, now just spits, cannot speak at all. For example someone w/ mild liver disease suddenly makes turn for the worse.On the other hand have also known many who have had the shots w/out apparent side affects to be noted. ALSO know of an outdoor, in August, Family Reunion that had about 58 attend, all with shots in full. In the 1st week after the event 25 became ill w/ Covid, 3 having hard cases of it, all with symptoms. How can the science be accurately evaluated? Vaccines stop the illness. These shots do not stop spread, and when w/o shots at least 80 % have mild cases how can effectiveness of shots honestly be evaluated. Also now knowing more about the illness it needs to be treated when diagnosed to stop the inflamation in its tracts! Treatment is a priority!!! Repurposed drugs that have been shown to work for large numbers in India need to be available for those who have had the shots AND those who have not yet had the shots every where in the US. TREATMENT IS PARAMOUNT! LIKE HIV this virus looks to mutate too quickly for an effective vaccine that prevents the illness. How many genetic engineered doses can the human body tolerate before it turns on itself?

  15. Two questions; 1) Who said government run healthcare is the keystone for the bridge of communism? and 2) Is Lindsey Graham a member of the Council of Foreign Relations?

  16. Anyone out there who still thinks those in Congress are not suffering from mental disease is still living in la la land. IF these Congress Critters actually GOT the same version of the Trumpzine the hoi polloi are getting, that is. Those in the Big Club (the one you and I are not in) know better than to take the Death Jabs. They are probably getting Adrenochome injections. Since a lot of them are pedophiles, this would make sense, as pedos run off Adrenochrome.

  17. apparently they have not read about stats from Africa where one region is only 6% ‘shot’ and there are at this time, no cases… why is that?

  18. (libertyplanet) “Over the last eight weeks, health officials have seen a 26% increase in cases among fully vaccinated residents, a 21% increase, among the vaccinated, in cases requiring hospitalizations and a 25% increase in deaths among those who have gotten their shots.”

    All of those increases of people who are catching COVID, getting hospitalized for COVID and dying from COVID are among the FULLY vaccinated.Next, the Seattle Times reports that two counties in Oregon have been forced to order refrigeration trucks because the county morgues don’t have room for all the bodies. (This is a scare tactic – these counties actually have pretty small morgues.) In Tillamook County, where 70% of residents have been fully vaccinated and they’re well past herd immunity, they’ve had six deaths in the last week. That compares to the five deaths in the county from coronavirus over the past 18 months.

    With 70% of residents in that county vaccinated, COVID shouldn’t be spreading at all, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci and numerous other epidemiologists. But it’s still spreading, and they’ve had a spike in deaths. What’s the OBVIOUS conclusion from this?

    In Israel, the government has all but announced that the vaccines are a failure after vaccinating a whopping 90% of their population. The government already has a vaccine passport imposed on its people, called the “green pass.” Without a green pass, Israelis can’t go to gyms, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts and cultural events. But the government announced Monday that everyone’s “green pass” will expire six months after they received their second Pfizer or Moderna shot.

    They can renew their green passes if they get a third booster shot. But they’re obviously not hopeful about that working either, since everyone’s green pass is set to expire again… six months after they get that third booster shot. It looks like Israel is planning to force everyone to perpetually get vaccinated for COVID every six months, instead of admitting the obvious: The shots are not working as advertisednother way of looking at it is like this: Even if a person has had two doses of the shots, health officials now consider them unvaccinated. Boy, am I gonna have fun with that at the next Thanksgiving dinner! I can’t wait to tell all of my snooty double-dosed relatives, “Akshually, you’re just as unvaccinated as I am, according to SCIENCE!”

    Great Britain has another highly vaccinated population. Their health services just released some new numbers. Between February 1 and August 2 of this year, 742 people died from the “Delta” strain of coronavirus. 402 of those people were fully vaccinated, out of 47,008 confirmed cases. 79 of the people who died had received one dose and were “partially vaccinated.” 151,054 people who were unvaccinated caught the Delta strain, and 253 of them died.

    In other words, a fully vaccinated person has a 1 out of 117 chance of dying from coronavirus (Delta), while an unvaccinated person has a 1 out of 597 chance of dying from coronavirus. Don’t get mad at me. This is mathematics. If a vaccinated person catches COVID, they are about 5 times more likely to die from it than an unvaccinated person.

    The Biden regime and Anthony Fauci keep blaming the unvaccinated for all the recent coronavirus deaths. But aren’t vaccines supposed to actually protect people from catching a virus? When’s the last time you met someone who had polio, for example? The people in charge need to stop blaming the unvaccinated every time a vaccinated person catches COVID.

    They also need to ‘fess up and admit the obvious: These shots don’t work. At best, the shots offer a limited window of protection – just a few months’ duration – against a disease that still has a 99.7% survival rate among people under the age of 80. They seem to be a temporary preventive medicine – not a vaccine. But I guess if they stop calling itrom liberty planet a vaccine, they’d have to admit that all of their fussy little mandates are illegal. l

    1. Hi Sam! Can you give the links to your examples. I passed you comment onto a ‘science reporter’ pushing vaccination in NZ and he wants links to verify – wants to be spoonfed as I also gave him lists of links and data from other sources. But is you have please your sources so I can rub them in his face. Thanks

      1. it came from
        you can also go to the pfizer web site, under papers that explain what is in the shots,
        there is an ingredient that they use that says “is not safe to be administered to animals or humans’. i will see if I can find that link again, I may have down loaded it.
        sorry for the delay.

  19. I had Covid 13 months ago and didn’t realize that I had it until I lost my sense of taste and smell. My symptoms were what I thought were rag weed allergies. We were in the middle of a move to another state so I didn’t even skip a beat. I was able to drive hundreds of miles and unpack our belongings upon arrival. I am a healthy 69 year old by the way. I am not an anti vax person but I don’t do the flu shot and othe vaccines that people my age think they will die without. I do keep my weight in normal range, take vitamin and mineral supplements. I also eat organic food as much as possible, exercise, and do grounding. I feel blessed for knowing how to be healthy and happy.

  20. for me the real question is….in the time between first symptoms and diagnosis, were these covid positive ppl wearing masks whenever they were in public / crowded places, or were they just passing at all around to the rest of congress and the public????

    1. Masks don’t work. Plenty of studies have shown this. Masks are like Dumbo’s feather. Wear one and feel safe when really it does nothing. Viruses are everywhere. They reside in your body right now and all the time. What keeps you well? Your healthy body. Not a piece of paper or a rag tied across your face. Masks are instruments of control. Politicians instruct you to wear them and you do so now they have done their job in creating the illusion that they are keeping you safe.

  21. You people are all brainwashed!!! This vaccine goes into every cell of your body. You have NO idea what it will do to you; no one does, not even the manufacturers. Stop blaming unvaccinated people. If your vaccinated what do you care if I am unvaccinated. Its my decision what I put in my body, not the governments and if we dont stand up for ourselves they will keep taking our civil liberties away. There are more vaccine injuries that you know; death and lifelong injuries are not being fully reported. Good luck to all of you

    1. Thank you, Linda.?? I’m tired of the way they scapegoat unvaccinated people. I agree with your comment 10000%!!!

  22. Am I mistaken or are the reports true that the CDC stopped counting ‘breakthrough cases’ because there were too many to keep up with?
    If this is true, it would be very sad indeed as this would be one way to determine whether or not it’s safer to get vaccinated or if the vaccination leads to COVID anyway?
    The only reason they wouldn’t want to keep track would be that there would be a record of the number of vaccinated people getting COVID which would discourage vaccinations.
    If you can shed light on this, please, I would like to know?

  23. Another gubmint moron. I never could stand that guy – – he’s shown himself in the past, many times, to be a traitor to his party and his friends.

    He is ill informed on the way the vaxxzines work, but that’s ok – – if he thinks he’s fine, let him believe it. When he drops dead in 2 months, THEN no one will question anything because it will be “forgotten” by then. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE CDC, FDA, biden believers, etc., are hoping.

    But people are finally waking up. Those morons who go on tv and brag about having the shots will be the first to die, just keep track of them and prove it to yourself.

    Just say no to the jab, do whatever you have to do to avoid the damned thing. What the general public is getting is totally different than what others are getting. It all depends on what “CLASS OF PEOPLE” you belong to, PAY ATTENTION FOLKS.

    For the rest of us, our only hopeful thought at this time is that sometime soon, biden and his cronies who believe in this crap will be pushed so far down into a packed jail cell that they’ll need to have light piped to them.

  24. You know what’s creepier than Covid and vaccines? The shaming and bashing of people with all different perspectives on this. I’m grateful to know that regardless of any of this, we all have our own choice. I haven’t (yet) heard of anyone pinning anyone down to take the shot. I have heard of terrified people trying to rip other people’s masks off… not sure why. Prior to Covid, I was a vaccine questioner. I quickly learned you can’t question, or you’re labeled an “anti-vaxer.” I still consider myself a questioner- just want ingredient labels and a scientific explanation as to how it works. It’s easy for big pharma to polarize people with fear campaigns in all directions. Underneath it all, we’re all people. This life is too short already, and realizing no one gets out of this life alive makes it a relief to not have to figure it out. I’m living right now, and wish good health for everyone, whatever your choices are.

    1. You’re right, we only have so much time the good Lord allows us on this earth.
      More than any previous administration they are constantly trying to divide us up. Blacks vs whites, unvaccinated vs vaccinated, pro abortion vs anti abortion voter fraud pro vs con etc.
      Whether people realize it or not these are Nazi tactics. A country divided cannot stand and they know this.
      Whatever we as a people do, we must stand together as one. We can have differences in opinions without making our opposite an enemy.
      The way the unvaccinated are being villainized is exactly what they did to the Jews through propaganda.
      I am not an anti-vaxxed I am a pro-choice. No government has the right to force a chemical into anyone’s body without consent of that person. We all need to resist the tyranny not the vaccine. Just my 2 cents worth, stay jab free if you wish and stay well my friend.

    2. You’re right, we only have so much time the good Lord allows us on this earth.
      More than any previous administration they are constantly trying to divide us up. Blacks vs whites, unvaccinated vs vaccinated, pro abortion vs anti abortion voter fraud pro vs con etc.
      Whether people realize it or not these are Nazi tactics. A country divided cannot stand and they know this.
      Whatever we as a people do, we must stand together as one. We can have differences in opinions without making our opposite an enemy.
      The way the unvaccinated are being villainized is exactly what they did to the Jews through propaganda.
      I am not an anti-vaxxed I am a pro-choice. No government has the right to force a chemical into anyone’s body without consent of that person. We all need to resist the tyranny not the vaccine. Just my 2 cents worth, stay jab free if you wish and stay well my friend.

  25. When are we all just going to admit that the shots are bioweapons meant to gradually reduce the population? If that doesn’t make you mad, you’re already dead.

  26. I have covid it felt like influenza for a couple of days. Loss my sense of smell on day 3 then no taste. A small temp 101 comes and goes finely broke out in a sweat at night. Needed to sleep a lot felt great in the AM when I first got up. However headache would come back along with nausea. Diarrhea for 6 days. I am on day 10 doing good. I was on ivermectin once week prior to getting covid. Then when I got sick fast I did every other day for 3 doses. Plus10,000 vit c and 10,000 vit d lots of other supplements. Increased ivermectin to daily for 4 days. I am 70 years old have Chronic Lyme and 4 autoimmune diseases. Have had pneumonia 4 times. Allergic to half of the antibiotics and a lot of different foods. Had 4 kidney shut downs due to allergies of know and unknown things. To take a shot that we don’t know all ingredients would be a death shot for me. So was a little nervous but from the beginning I did not believe the numbers or that it was that bad kept doing research no doctor recommended for me to take the shot not even those who took it themselves. It would be the spike protein and others unknowns in the shot. Doing my research seeing number of deaths and horrible injuries I decided no shot for me. Because I trusted God had my days numbered no matter what I do or don’t do. Getting to that point released the fear. I do believe ivermectin helped as did all the right vitamins. Used fish oil to keep my blood thin. So maybe believing helps and this variant is not as deadly for me. It didn’t go to my lungs it stayed in my throat and nose lost my sense of smell and taste still don’t have it back yet. But making a statement is not the same as proof. There is no way of knowing that the shot helps you not get as sick. That is just a statement period can’t prove it or disprove it. But one thing you can prove is that natural immunity is far better the a shot this has been know for a long time and proven over time. SARS covid 1 those who got it still have immunity from 2003. Immunity includes your T cell and B cell not just your antibodies. Our beautiful wonderfully made immune systems are very good and difficult to clearly understand.for a lay person . Hard even for those well educated in immunity because there is still much we don’t understand and that is a evolving door as we learn. I have been studying vaccines for over 12 trying to prove they are safe and affective. What I have learned is they are neither safe or affective. Yes it appears smallpox maybe but it did not have a animal reservoir covid does. So you can give shots all you want the virus mutates a least 2x a month and a lot of animals get it so might just try catching the wind. By forcing more to get the shot will not stop it and will make alot of really bad injuries including death. The lie needs to stop immediately. I am recovering there are many treatments that work but you need to start right away with the most affective. Stay or get in shape eat healthy to your body is prepared to handle the virus and use affective old fashion drugs that have been around a long time, along with some major supplements. And let go of the fear it not healthy. Blessing and hope for all of us

  27. I am 71 years old and have not had any vax since I was in Marine Corps basic training in 1968. My wife is a long time health care worker who has been exposed to everything over the years including Covid. She likely had the virus having lost her taste and smell for 2 days. So I was likely exposed. Since we first heard of Covid in Jan. 2020 Ive been taking extra vit C, D, and zinc and haven’t had so much as a sniffle. Could I get covid? Sure, but I’ll take my chances with the virus rather than the unknowns of a jab promoted buy known ugenicists like Gates and that quack Fauci.

  28. I cannot believe these comments are real. It saddens me to see how pathetically clueless these morons are. It angers me what the media has done and continues to easily brainwash the sheep ignoring real science and facts especially how early treatment saves lives, NOT THE “V”! Most of them would have recovered anyway!

  29. All they had was the flu. There is no respectable and accurate test for covid. This is just another ploy to fake people into get injected with mRNA gene therapy injections. We’ll see how they feel in a year or two.

  30. Our leaders can continue to play God and be grateful to a vaccine that “saved their lives”, but the saving of their eternal soul is very much in question. Especially those who know better and are behind the making of the vaccines, where aborted fetal tissue was used to develop the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and J&J used aborted fetal cells in the creation of their vaccine! God will have his vengeance in his appointed time!

  31. I believe the knowledge base with intelligent people is turning the tide on Tony and the Covid mongers. Nice to read but even better is to disseminate the info, logically , succinctly and respectfully to those caught in the web of fear spun by our own governmental agencies.
    I look forward to the day when those responsible for the outbreak and construction of this scourge are brought to the table for atonement.

  32. Also for JIM and his ilk. Every one of the established narratives around Covid are falling down, if you take the time to look. Unvaccinated people filling hospitals? Try to watch this and come out not thinking that everything you have believed must be reconsidered.
    Whistleblower! Nurse DESTROYS “Delta” Narrative, VACCINATED Patients Fill Hospital! Stew Peters Show  September 8, 2021

  33. It’s ridiculous reasoning with no science or empirical data to back it up. You can’t unvaccinate a vaccinated person, give them the disease again and see if they get sicker than if they weren’t vaccinated. Every doctor that’s repeated this rhetoric to me I’ve asked to see the case studies that prove this, they stare blankly with no answer. I’ve lost faith in the conventional medical community because no one can answer my questions, they don’t like critical thinkers or patients that advocate for themselves.

  34. This is ridiculous!!! They dont know how they would have reacted to covid! Only 2 people that i know that had covid (and I know may of all ages) went to the hospital! And both had underlying conditions!! Everyone else had flu, sinus or cold like symptoms. Kudos that they feel blessed but they have no idea if they would have had the same reaction or less without the shot. Maybe it has helped but some but t has also harmed and even killed some! Why do you think you cant sue them for a reaction?? DUH!! Wake up! Please stop trying to push this shot. It should always be a choice just like the flu shot! It is a choice and it is illegal to force someone to inject something into their body that they dont want! In fact, what does that sound like to you??? Forcing someone to do something they dont want to?? We all know what that is called!

  35. Well, considering the hospitals are filled with mostly unvaccinated folks, I’d say I’m pretty happy to have gotten the vaccine. The key statement is: they don’t know how they would have reacted to getting Covid. Very true, they don’t know. I’m healthy, eat organic, exercise, take supplements, not overweight yet I don’t trust that Covid wouldn’t make me horribly sick. I have several unvaccinated friends that have gotten Covid. All healthy, organic food eaters, get regular exercise, no underlying health issues…folks you’d assume would have a healthy immune system. They were horribly sick for several weeks and now have long haulers symptoms. Can’t shake the brain fog, the lung congestion and now one of them is losing her hair. Several of them took Ivermectin prescribed by a naturopath too. I’m not willing to take the risk. I’ll work to keep my immune system as strong as I can and wear my mask, stay out of crowds and wash my hands but definitely happy I’ve got the vaccine on board.

  36. it came from
    you can also go to the pfizer web site, under papers that explain what is in the shots,
    there is an ingredient that they use that says “is not safe to be administered to animals or humans’. i will see if I can find that link again, I may have down loaded it.
    sorry for the delay.

  37. NaturalHealth365) Are you curious about the ingredients in the COVID shot? Ever wondered whether these ingredients had been fully evaluated for their potential to cause harm or increase the risk of DNA mutation, cancer, or reproductive toxicity?

    The short answer is no – not all of them, at least. And you might be surprised to learn that one of the key ingredients in the Pfizer injection is not intended for use in humans or animals, according to its Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

    “Not for human or veterinary use” – what is this toxic substance found in the Pfizer COVID shot?
    2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine is one of the key components of the lipid nanoparticles found inside the Pfizer shot. According to the SDS from Cayman Chemical, this ingredient is “not for human or veterinary use.” The substance is an irritant to mucous membranes and the upper respiratory tract. Additionally, a person is advised to seek medical attention if they inhale, ingest, or experience skin or eye exposure to it.

    Another SDS for this ingredient, published by Santa Cruz Biotechnology, states that 2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine is “[f]or research use only. Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.” In addition, “100% of the mixture consists of ingredient(s) of unknown toxicity.”

    Based on this evidence, the claim that the COVID shot is overwhelmingly “safe and effective” is misleading. Safety Data Sheets about the shot’s ingredients indicate that nobody has enough information to make such a claim.

    Even Pfizer CEO admits to nearly 300 “highly specialized raw materials” involved in the production of his company’s COVID shot – but what ARE these materials?
    It’s important to know that 2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholin and the other lipid nanoparticles contained with the new Pfizer COVID shot are all made synthetically in a process that is considered proprietary. This raises an important questions.
    How could someone fully consent to take a medical product if they don’t know what exactly is in it or what was used to make it?

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla added to the mystery surrounding his profitable injection in May 2021 when he admonished the Biden Administration for waiving COVID shot patents.

    In his letter, published on LinkedIn, Bourla writes there is a “scarcity of highly specialized raw materials needed to produce our vaccine.”

    280 raw materials, to be exact.

    Bourla continues: “Right now, virtually every single gram of raw material produced is shipped immediately into our manufacturing facilities and is converted immediately and reliably to vaccines …. The proposed waiver for COVID-19 vaccines threatens to disrupt the flow of raw materials …. Entities with little or no experience in manufacturing vaccines are likely to chase the very raw materials we require to scale our production, putting the safety and security of all at risk.”

    Now, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), only 11 ingredients are found in both the Pfizer COVID shot and the COMIRNATY shot (another glaring reminder, by the way, that the COVID shot which just received FDA approval is different, legally, from the COVID shot currently available under Emergency Use Authorization from Pfizer). These 11 ingredients are:

    4 types of lipid nanoparticles (including 2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine as described above)
    Potassium chloride
    Monobasic potassium phosphate
    Sodium chloride
    Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate
    Only 11 ingredients are listed. Yet Pfizer CEO admits to using nearly 300 materials that are “converted” into his company’s infamous jab.

    What are these materials? Do any of these materials potentially violate a person’s religious beliefs or medical needs? How would we know? How can informed consent be provided when this information is withheld from the public?

    When it comes to our own healthcare decisions, whatever happened to informed consent and freedom to choose?

    Sources for this article include:

    direct from pfizer papers: check it out.

  38. Show me the data.!!
    Are our hospital full of unvaccinated covid pacentes?
    Or reactions from Covid vaccines?

    Many health care workers are busy vaccinating, and don’t have time to take care of the sick.

    Are COVID vaccinated people more likely to die or be hospitalized than unvaccinated?

    I have not found any data showing what ratio of pacantes in the hospital have received at least 1 dose ? of covid vaccine. And compare it to the general population.
    Recently in Illionis :
    16% of ICU beds were COVID,
    78% non COVID,
    16% vacant.

    In Illionis 1119 people died with COVID in the recent 6 weeks. 309 of the Covid death were fully vaccinated. 27.6%.
    With 60% adults fully vaccinated; the vaccines were 75% effective. = Unvaccinated adults were 4 × more likely to die from COVID than vaccinated adults.

  39. September 23, 2021 PHYSICIANS DECLARATION GLOBAL COVID SUMMIT – ROME, ITALY By the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists

    We the physicians of the world, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the profession of medicine as we know it is at a crossroad, are compelled to declare the following;

  40. Sam and Bob, thank you for presenting solid arguments exposing the false information out there that deceives so many successfully.
    Folks that I thought were on the bright side fell for the propaganda.

    Faith over fear, my friends!!!

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