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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


COVID Vaccines Not Proven to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection or Transmission

the virus and the vaccine

After analyzing data from a July 2021 Provincetown, Massachusetts COVID-19 outbreak where 74 percent of those infected and diagnosed were fully vaccinated,1 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced last month that vaccinated individuals can become infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and transmit it to others.2 Expressing “alarm” at this new information, the government agency in charge of protecting the public health doubled down on imperatives for a return to masking, including for the vaccinated, and more vaccination.3

Had the CDC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) been more transparent with the public from the beginning about exactly what was meant by “efficacy” in the Pfizer and Moderna experimental COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, the majority of the public would not have believed that getting vaccinated meant protection from being infected with and transmitting the virus to others. Most people who have been getting vaccinated have not been aware that to be granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA to distribute the experimental vaccines, all the vaccine manufacturers had to do was prove 50 percent efficacy in preventing serious COVID-19 symptoms and reducing the likelihood of serious complications, hospitalization and death – not prove that the vaccines actually prevent infection and transmission,4 5 6

When scientists and consumer protection watchdog groups pointed this out as these pharmaceutical companies published their clinical trial results in late 2020 and early 2021, they were censored for promoting “misinformation.” When scientists and pharmaceutical insiders, including a Nobel laureate, further warned that putting pressure on the virus with the vaccines might lead to mutations,7 they were dismissed as anti-vaxxers.8

When citizens expressed concern that human rights, civil liberties and informed consent would be trampled with mandates, tracking, and door-to-door visits they were laughed off as conspiracy theorists. When academics and researchers from venerable institutions expressed concern that PCR tests with cycle thresholds set so high that over 75 percent of the positives were in healthy people who were neither sick nor infectious,9 10 repeating the concerns got you booted off social media.

But increasingly, reality is clashing with “consensus science” thinking and the assumption that we can wage a war against a virus and win with a few red dots on the floor of the grocery line and by conducting a liability-free pharmaceutical experiment on our population that has no long-term safety or effectiveness track record. As Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said, “SARS-CoV-2 is not going away,” and we’ll have to live with it “forever”.11

The genie has been unleashed and will never go back in the bottle. We can look back and decide if funding bioweapon research is such a good idea (lab leak was another conspiracy theory faux fact checked and flagged as misinformation until it was found to have some merit)12 but, meanwhile, why not mount a counteroffensive?

Why is a public conversation about the metabolic disorders that make up the largest risk factor after age and which afflict a majority of our citizenry so off limits?13 14 15 It’s not that there’s no place in the arsenal for a vaccine that offers some protection from severe COVID-19 complications for those who take it, but any military strategist will tell you that putting all your eggs in one basket is not a wise practice.

Did you know that some physicians have successfully treated COVID patients in the community with already licensed drugs and holistic health therapies that help prevent hospitalizations and deaths from the disease? Do you find it curious that public health officials are not informing the public about those successes or sharing information about treatments that work? Do you find it odd that when physicians talk about how to help people clear the SARS-CoV-2 infection and heal without suffering complications, they are hounded and smeared?

It would seem that in the midst of a global pandemic that’s killed a lot of people and toppled economies, all contributions would be welcomed. If ever there was a head-scratcher, that’s it.

And why is the durable natural immunity gained from recovering from the infection such a bad thing? Are we really at a point in our evolution where we have no faith in the beautiful complexity of the human immune system that has continually adapted and responded to infectious microbes so well that the human race has survived for millennia?

If, based on the CDC’s newest revelation, you think the crumbling of the “effective” part of “safe and effective” is scary, just wait until “safe” comes under unbiased scrutiny. We haven’t begun to scientifically investigate the potential negative effects of the new genetically engineered COVID-19 vaccines on the human body.

Yesterday’s monster was Alpha. Today’s monster is Delta. Tomorrow it will be Gamma and Lambda and on and on until the pharmaceutical overlords completely consume their prey.

The outliers—the scientists, doctors, historians, human rights activists and informed consumers, who are exercising freedom of thought outside of the blinding groupthink of orthodoxy, continue to be voices that can point us to truth. What will it take for more people to listen?

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Note: This commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers.  The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.

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  1. Thank you for this and everything you do. I don’t want myself or my children to receive the vaccine but every day it gets tougher to stand our ground. I feel helpless and would love to be able to do something to help. I don’t understand why people who promote things like Ivermectin and Hydroychloroquine are demonized.

  2. Excellent article. I have only one (slight) disagreement. People who, like myself, have been seriously injured by any of the covid vaccines know right now (and have known ever since we began to experience extremely serious and disabling symptoms) that the covid vaccines are anything but safe!

    I’m certain that there will be a tremendous amount of longer-term damage done by these toxic vaccines, which we will only become cognizant of in the future. But there has been a tremendous amount of damage done to so many of us by these vaccines already, in both outright deaths and long-term, serious, crippling disabilities. The problem is that the mainstream media outright refuse to report on this. Our voices are entirely “canceled.” We are like the “disappeared” in fascist countries, which this country, the United States, resembles more and more by the day.

    1. Sadly, Annette, the entire autism/ASD world has been similarly “disappeared” for the past 25 years – and the more that they have spoken out the more muffled their voices have become. Covid vaccines may finally wake enough people up to the fallacies and dangers of ALL vaccines – but sadly, too late for so many.

      Money talks, and right now, Big Pharma owns the world, with Fauci as its public mouthpiece. But the real people who have been injured are marginalized and demonized.

      I pray for this to be the end of the vaccine mafia, as their house of cards is crumbling – quite publicly except for CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/Fox/MSNBC and the like. I truly want to crawl thru the TV when I hear the words “safe and effective” because that is a complete lie. My prayers for you and all who have been injured by this dastardly disaster of a not-a-vaccine.

  3. The City of Seattle is now mandating the vaccine as a condition of employment so I will be losing my job. They lied. Said they would not do that. 82.5 of Seattle already vaccinated and no one dying of Covid. So why do they require the shot? It is all political. It is against Nuremberg law. They are breaking the law.

  4. This is an “opinion” piece (like propaganda) that leaves out crucial facts in order to mislead readers. Most people in Cape Cod are vaccinated, hence the 74% of infections in vaccinated people. But only 1.1%, a total of 4 vaccinated people, got sick and none died. Vaccines help your body attack a virus that invades your body, it can’t stop you from being exposed to a virus. The headline here would be like saying:
    Seat Belts Not Proven to Prevent Accidents
    So why bother wearing a seat belt if it won’t prevent an accident?

    1. Even with seatbelts and airbags hundreds of thousands of people die each year in car accidents…many more than Covid has killed. Yet, we all strap in and drive every single day. Covid is here to stay. Our days are numbered and no one is making out of this alive. God Bless you and quit living in fear. Live your life. This is not a vaccine. This is an MRNA treatment that isn’t working.

    2. Jim that is a ridiculous argument because seat belts were never intended to prevent accidents, they are intended to prevent serious injuries caused by an accident. The seat belt law was passed because so many uninsured folks were seriously injured while not buckled up and the insured ended up paying their medical bills.
      The vaccine not only does not prevent you from getting Covid nor from giving it to others but it has caused way too many injuries and deaths. With the news that the testing for Covid is fatally flawed, it may soon be proven that more deaths and severe injuries are caused by these experimental jabs than by Covid, which, by the way, has never been isolated or proven to exist!
      We cannot even be sure who had Covid when they died! They may have just had the Flu, folks die by the thousands of Flu every year. Please don’t stick your head in the sand Jim, we have been lied to over and over again.

      Please people, do not take this “Vaccine” Obviously it is not a Vaccine AT ALL!

    3. and you’re leaving out a big part of your of the Cape Cod revelation also. Of the 468 or so people 74% of the infected were completely vaccinated. Of the 468 or so infected, 5 people were hospitalized. 1 UNVAX w/underlying conditions and 4 COMPLETELY VAXED-2 of the vaccinated hospitalized 4 had underlying conditions and 2 did not. Let’s ponder that for a second. Let’s also ponder your silly analogy using seatbelts not proven to prevent accidents so why bother to where them if it won’t prevent an accident. Let’s put it this way, a hypothetical, because that’s what your analogy was, a hypothetical, suppose while getting in an accident, drivers and passengers couldn’t get out of vehicles because of the defective, not safety tested seatbelts would not unlatch in 74% of the accidents, some got minor burns, but only 4 went to the hospital. People knew the seatbelts were defective but the politicians got a boat load of money from the seatbelt makers and which were made in China, and mandated that government employees had to wear them or be fired. People needed their jobs to feed their families and they couldn’t afford getting pulled over and getting ticketed, especially if you were black. So, they test out the seatbelts on us and make a boat load of money. But what the hey hey? some people have to die. Oh wait, but our MSM only plays video of talking heads saying oh-the one’s dying are the ones not wearing the seatbelts, as we start to see our population walking around with burn scars on their faces and bodies. It’s the new norm says the MSM-you know, the new cool tattoo. yeah…I love your analogy.

    4. “Vaccines help your body attack a virus that invades your body, it can’t stop you from being exposed to a virus.”

      Vaccines, while attacking a virus also creates new variants or mutations which keeps the virus circulating trying to survive.

      French Nobel Prize Winning Virologist Professor: The COVID-19 Shots are Creating “Variants”:
      The prominent virologist explained that “there are antibodies, created by the vaccine,” forcing the virus to “find another solution” or die. This is where the variants are created. It is the variants that “are a production and result from the vaccination.”

      Prof. Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).
      (video at link)

      Also: Do the Vaccinated Become a Breeding Ground for COVID Mutations? Viruses mutate all the time. If you have a vaccine that doesn’t block infection — which is the case with COVID vaccines — the virus will mutate to evade the immune response within that person.-

      From article: “Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, vaccines can incite changes that enable diseases to escape their control.”
      Here’s another example: NPR as recently as Feb. 9, reported that “vaccines can contribute to virus mutations.” NPR science correspondent Richard Harris noted:
      “You may have heard that bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics and, in a worst-case scenario, render the drugs useless. Something similar can also happen with vaccines, though, with less serious consequences.

      “This worry has arisen mostly in the debate over whether to delay a second vaccine shot so more people can get the first shot quickly. Paul Bieniasz, a Howard Hughes investigator at the Rockefeller University, says that gap would leave people with only partial immunity for longer than necessary.”
      According to Bieniasz, partially vaccinated individuals “might serve as sort of a breeding ground for the virus to acquire new mutations.” This is the exact claim now being attributed to unvaccinated people by those who don’t understand natural selection.

      It’s important to realize that viruses mutate all the time, and if you have a vaccine that doesn’t block infection completely, then the virus will mutate to evade the immune response within that person. That is one of the distinct features of the COVID shots — they’re not designed to block infection. They allow infection to occur and at best lessen the symptoms of that infection.

      You want an example of what happens when a vax attacks a virus over and over and over?

      Mutations are called different things. I think it’s just to confuse the public. If you hear the word mutations (scary) variants (terrifying), genotypes & clads, take your pick. It means a virus has mutated. The first measles vax was developed in the 1960’s is based on Genotype A. In the 1960’s a mutation was created and the illness from it was called A Typical Measles Syndrome. A more aggressive and harder to treat form of Measles. The CDC said it would die out in a couple of generations, but it was still showing up in the 1990’s. Children who become really sick from the measles probably have this form, but they don’t test for it.
      There is only 1 measles vaccine and it’s based on Genotype A. These are Genotypes that have been created by the Measles vax since the first vax:

      The following 19 genotypes have been detected since 1990:
      A*, B2, B3, C1, C2, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, G2, G3, H1, H2
      *All vaccine strains (e.g. Moraten, Edmonston-Zagreb) are genotype A.
      During 2018, four genotypes were identified by global surveillance:
      B3, D4, D8, H1.

      The measles outbreaks that have been occurring for over a decade that has been blamed on the unvaxxed are Genotype B3 & D8. Mutations from A, a vax created strain. Dr. Stanley Plotkin in 2019 published a paper admitting 2 things:

      1. vaccines give the person vaxxed an attenuated infection, meaning the person is infected and thus contagious. So, the vax sheds. It has to for mutations to occur. Something that’s always been denied.

      2. The Genotype A vax is not neutralizing Genotypes B3 & D8 effectively. A very effective way of not admitting the vax doesn’t work but also saying it’s not working, which is what Dr. Gregory Poland of the Mayo Clinic said in 1994.

      So, a vax may minimize symptoms, which is what the COVID jabs are said to do, but, at the same time the virus is working to survive and that’s where the mutations/variants happen. Considering the number of breakthrough cases and the severity of some of the symptoms people are experiencing can it even be said the this is happening. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA tech said these are not vaccines these are genetic based treatments aka gene therapy because the jab doesn’t immunize, prevent infections nor do they stop transmission. Those are the characteristics of a vaccine. He also says from what he is hearing from the inside there are indications that some people who have gotten the jab are showing signs of ADE and that’s not good.

        1. Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) is basically the immune system attacking the body rather than helping it when exposed to a virus. It happens after a person is vaccinated and then when exposed to the same virus, the immune system goes into overdrive drive attacking the body. Instead of attacking the virus, it helps the virus attack the body.

          Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination ?

          Also: Breaking News, URGENT: We Have a Literal Catastrophe – Antibody Dependent Enhancement DETECTED with COVID-19

          A bit over the top but you et the jest.

  5. Ivermectin saved my brother’s life last week. He was not vaccinated. My step-dad was hospitalized week before last with Covid. He was fully vaccinated with Pfizer (doses in Feb and Mar). He lost the use of his legs and also was incontinent. Not from the vaccine. From the post-vaccine virus. The “you won’t get as sick if you’re vaccinated” narrative is propaganda, and completely untrue.

    My husband and I were NOT vaccinated and caught Covid the last week of May. We think it was Delta because the incubation period was 4 days. We survived with no lasting problems. I listed the vitamins we took (when, and the doses), here:

    1. There is no Delta. That’s more CDC propaganda. There isn’t even a test for Delta.


      COVID variants are more similar than you think:
      Now, the fearmongering over variants is just that: fearmongering. So far, while some SARS-CoV-2 variants appear to spread more easily, they are also less dangerous. The Delta variant, for example, is associated with more conventional flu-like symptoms like runny nose and sore throat than the hallmark COVID-19 symptoms involving shortness of breath and loss of smell.

      In an interview for the documentary “Planet Lockdown,” Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a life science researcher and former vice-president and chief scientist at Pfizer, pointed out the fraud being perpetrated with regard to variants. He actually refers to them as “simians,” because they’re near-identical to the original. And, as such, they pose no greater threat than the original.

      “It’s quite normal for RNA viruses like SARS-CoV-2, when it replicates, to make typographical errors,” Yeadon explains. “It’s got a very good error detection, error correction system so it doesn’t make too many typos, but it does make some, and those are called ‘variants.’

      “It’s really important to know that if you find the variant that’s most different from the sequence identified in Wuhan, that variance … is only 0.3% different from the original sequence.

      “I’ll say it another way. If you find the most different variance, it’s 99.7% identical to the original one, and I can assure you … that amount of difference is absolutely NOT possibly able to represent itself to you as a different virus.”

      Your immune system is a multifaceted system that allows your body to mount defenses against all sorts of threats. Parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses are the main threat categories. Each of these invades and threatens you in completely different ways, and your immune system has ways of dealing with all of them, using a variety of mechanisms.

      Whether you’re going to be susceptible to variants has very little to do with whether or not you have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, because antibodies are not your primary defense against viruses, T cells are. What this means then, is that getting booster shots for different variants is not going to help, because these shots do not strengthen your T cell immunity.

  6. The PCR testing methods are a complete fake out, so how do you get down to real cases? The CDC has no known particle of covid to compare anything to. If you run the numbers from the first 2 phases of injection trials, you get an ARR, absolute risk reduction factor of about 1 for both mRNA injections. Meaning maybe one person in 100-200 might be spared severe covid toxicity.

    It’s no surprise that the injections do not protect anyone from anything and they never will. That is why big pharma wants to sell endless injections (2-3/year) to billions of people always claiming that you will need another (new) mRNA concoction every year to protect against endless mutations. It is all a scam, hoax and a crime against humanity.

    Meanwhile, all those multi-trillions of nano-particle spike protein packages are going too turn you into a mortified zombie, just as doctors gates and fauci have demanded. You are essentially not welcome in the new world.

  7. Really? You don’t understand??! Because of GREED! Those wonderful, safe, and effective treatments cannot make the Greedy richer. They don’t care about you or your aging parents or your kids they care about $$$$$$$. What I don’t understand is how you and so many others cannot see the writing on the wall. We need people to stop trusting these nasty corrupt people and stand up for your rights.
    No matter how “tough” it gets If you let your children get the shot, you are the one to blame for not protecting them.

  8. On with the COVID CHARADE. For those who did not know that the COVID inoculations did not prevent contracting the illness, well . . . All I can say is that the CDC was up front with that fact from the very beginning. If people didn’t do their due diligence or understand what they were reading then the problem lies with them an no one else. There are plenty of us who knew from the very beginning that any conferring of immunity was not there and also all of the inoculations were EUA, which is enough for any rational being to think twice about receiving a jab. Also the small amount of testing that took place on the level of phase 1 and 2 testing were in a group of people under the age of 60 and yet when these nightmare shots were released the first ones inoculated were those people 65 and older. So, automatic phase 3 experimental testing worldwide on seniors and when the booster is made available in September of 2021, it will be seniors all over again. The killing fields are ripe.

  9. Even IF “effective,” what MUST be hammered into people’s heads is this: “EFFECTIVE DOES NOT MEAN SAFE!” Thalidomide, DES, Vioxx…heck…DPT, Round-up…and many more things were “EFFECTIVE,”…right?????

  10. LOCAL governments could end the COVID “pandemic” simply and easily within a couple of months if they wanted to.

    Example: Here in Arizona (USA) people can get dangerously dehydrated, especially during the hot summers. The authorities here recommend “drinking plenty of water” to obviate this condition. PLEASE NOTE: water is NOT an FDA approved drug. Legally, it cannot “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent” a serious condition like dehydration. All it can do is bring the person back to a normalized state. But it is STILL recommended by the authorities.

    Likewise, the recommended (and censored) nutritional supplements cannot (legally) “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent” COVID19 according to the FDA rules. These do not qualify as “MEDICAL standard of care” protocols. They are NOT drugs. All they can do is restore people to “normal health” during an illness. LOCAL government officials could recommend them, just like they do water for dehydration, and the “pandemic” would stop.

    If your car ran out of gas, would you take the engine apart to find out what was wrong? Or would you give your car what it needed? A depleted immune system needs the same type of care.

    The public needs to stop listening to FDA word games! Stop believing the Federal propaganda that “vaccines” are the only game in town to prevent COVID. Stop the useless complaining. Neither do the vaccines prevent people (vaccinated or not) from spreading or getting sick with COVID19. And the pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization BEFORE vaccines even came on the scene. The healthy but “selfish unvaccinated” are NOT spreading death, destruction, and mayhem. People are leery about the “vaccines” because the technology is quite different and they are not like the old ones. The claim that “vaccines are safe” might not apply to the new stuff. They are not licensed, are still experimental, and cannot be sold. People who take them are classified as “research participants”. The vaccine makers have no liability whatsoever for serious side effects. And long term effects have not been investigated.

    In contrast, the non-medical nutritional approach has been known for decades, and has an excellent safety and efficacy record. People can use vitamins C, D3, K2, A, the minerals zinc and magnesium along with quercetin to defeat this virus. Additionally, they can also seek medical treatment if needed (including vaccines).

    If people DELIBERATELY AND PROACTIVELY DECIDED to stay in normal health, there would be no pandemic. People need this know-how but this is very hard to get in a heavily censored environment. Perhaps LOCAL governments could help.

  11. “What will it take for more people to listen?” Answer: we have to take back control of the controlled media, especially the BBC propaganda machine

  12. I feel that there is a much more sinister MO to what is happening to the world. Now, our military is being mandated to take an experimental jab which is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Laws. I cannot understand why they are falling for it. Who will stand up to these monsters and say, “Stop!” It is obvious that it is being led by a much higher force than we know about. I suspect money has a lot to do with it and also the NWO who wants to depopulate the earth. I am glad my parents are not here to see what has happened to our world. Thank God, we have a cloud of witnesses to pray for us as the madness continues.

  13. The potential harm from a covid vaccine is extremely small compared to the harm of catching the virus. Both have risk but among 170 million Americans vaccinated we see an infinitesimally small percentage with serious side effects. Every family member, friend and friend of friend I know has been vaccinated and not one has had side effects after the 1st day. Before the vaccines I knew some unvaccinated people who got very sick from covid for a long time. Currently places with lower vaccination rates and refusals to take precautions like Texas and Arkansas are seeing their hospitals at full capacity from covid. People with other needs for hospitalization can’t find an open bed. Doctors and nurses working on the front lines agree with the data that reports: 97% Of People Entering Hospitals For COVID-19 Are Unvaccinated

  14. My favorite part of this article is the mention that there are very effective drugs out there that have been proven to work but are totally ignored! My good friend and MD has had 80 cases of covid come through his office and because isn’t governed by a hospital he can prescribe the meds we have heard about but are not administered by an MD that is governed by a hospital. Ask yourself why is this the way it is. Why would the medical community not look at meds that ONLY need to be given over 10 days max!! The media jumped on the side effects of Hydroxychloriquine like the 10 day cycle was going to rot your insides! Those 80 pts my friend prescribed those meds to got better within days with no residual side effects!! 100 percent success! Does the vaccination provide that kind of success …I think not!! If anyone thinks big pharma isn’t behind this 100% you are either very thick or you watch way to much CNN…or both! I am a health care worker in a nursing home, 11/12 residents that currently have Covid are vaccinated and of those 50% are really sick and the others are mildly sick. So for them to say it reduces the severity of the illness if you are vax’ed they are full of shit! Again, big pharma at work!! People really need to open their eyes here and see what’s right in front of them! My eyes are open and they always follow the money! You can call me a conspiracy theorist all day long, I’m ok with thing I’m not is a blind sheep being led down a crooked path!

  15. There is a lot of evidence that vaccines prevent the serious illness from disease they were designed for.
    What is more important is that the 500000 covid19 Vaccine injured and 5000 dead people have their legal rights restored to enforce accountability. Big Pharma carved out exclusions from all liability for vaccines. The vaccine injured and dead need justice and should be able to go to a normal court of law and choose a judge or jury trial. Today the current laws side with Big Pharma against the patient. If there was accountability, none of these Big Pharma guys would even be peddling these harmful substances called Vaccines. Refer to Bruesewitz Vs Wyeth where Supreme court refers to vaccines as “Unavoidably Unsafe Products”. Everyone profiting from this sinister trade is immune from all liability by law. Such laws need to be repealed and the vaccine injured need to get justice.

  16. From the beginning, we knew that the vaccines would not prevent a person from getting Covid. We were told at the beginning that they would be 95% effective in preventing serious illness and death. I’m not a scientist but I understood that the way the vaccines work was…you get the virus, with the help of the vaccine your body attacks the protein that surrounds and protects the virus and kills the protein therefore causing the virus to die. That means that you will have the virus for a certain amount of time in which you could have symptoms and be contagious. We are now seeing the results in real time. 99% of the people in the hospital and/or dying aren’t vaccinated.
    I’m not a fan of vaccines and it was a tough decision to take this one but at this point, I’m relieved that I have it onboard. It was the lesser of two evils to me. Disagree all you want but Covid is nothing to take lightly. I’ve had several unvaccinated friends get it and 2-3 months or more later, they’re still dealing with awful symptoms. It’s wrecked their health and their lives.

  17. Some like to feed the fear propaganda with the fake stories from globalist controlled sites that say hospitals are full, the unvaccinated are dying, etc. Stop furthering their depopulation agenda. In that video Bill Gates admits new vaccines are one method of lowering the population. All that we presently see is a result of the global elites efforts to implement their great reset. The World Economic Forum has it all laid out. Klaus Schwab is the man behind WEF website. Look at those partnering with WEF, Soros Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WalMart, etc. These globalists have placed their minions throughout Government, Military, Health Care, etc. to force mandates. Klaus Schwab has said ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’. That’s what all this is about, a global takeover, a killing off of millions of people, thinning the herd so it’s more “manageable”. Unless the masses rise up against them and fight back, they will succeed.

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