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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


COVID Vaccines No Longer Able to “Prevent Transmission” of SARS-CoV-2

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In an interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN on Aug. 5, 2021, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, MD, said that, while she believed the COVID vaccines “work well” with the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus “with regard to severe illness and death,” they are no longer able to “prevent transmission” of the virus.1 2

This inability of the vaccines to prevent people from getting infected with the virus and spreading it to other was one of the main reasons the CDC issued a new masking guidance for fully vaccinated people on July 27, recommending that they wear masks in “public indoor settings” with “substantial or high transmission.”3

Referring to the new discovery by scientists that the Delta variant can be transmitted as actively by those who have been vaccinated as those who have not, Dr. Walensky said on July 28, “In recent days I have seen new scientific data from recent outbreak investigations showing that the Delta variant behaves uniquely differently from past strains of the virus that cause COVID-19.”4 She added:

[W]ith the Delta variant we now see in our outbreak investigations that have been occurring over the last couple of weeks, in those outbreak investigations we have been seeing that if you happen to have one of those breakthrough infections that you can actually now pass it to somebody else.4

This “new scientific data from recent outbreak investigations” cited by Dr. Walensky had to do with the coronavirus outbreak that occurred in Provincetown, Massachusetts in July. In that outbreak, 469 people became infected with the virus and 74 percent of them were fully vaccinated individuals. An article published in The Vaccine Reaction on Aug. 9 noted this caused “alarm” within the CDC and led it to “double down on imperatives for a return to masking, including for the vaccinated, and more vaccination.”5 6

Dr. Walensky’s admission that the COVID vaccines are unable to prevent transmission was in response to the following question by Blitzer:

But what about all the fully vaccinated people who get that breakthrough infection? Can they pass it on? Could they pass it on to their children? Could they pass the virus on to older people, especially more vulnerable people with underlying health conditions?1 2

Dr. Walensky responded:

And that’s exactly the point that we made in our guidance. So yes, they can with the Delta variant. And that was the reason that we changed our guidance last Tuesday. Our vaccines are working exceptionally well. They continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death, they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.1 2

Seemingly wanting to make sure that he understood Dr. Walensky correctly, Blitzer asked:

If there is a breakthrough case, you get COVID, you’re fully vaccinated but you are totally asymptomatic, you could still pass on the virus to someone else, is that right?1 2

“That exactly right,” Dr. Walensky said.1 2

Both Vaccinated and Unvaccinated People are Potential Spreaders of SARS-CoV-2 Virus

Given this new information about the ineffectiveness of the COVID vaccines in preventing transmission, why is there a growing public perception that unvaccinated people pose a threat when it comes to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and vaccinated people do not? Why are unvaccinated people being scapegoated and threatened with all sorts of restrictions and penalties by government and corporations, while vaccinated people are heralded as good and responsible citizens who have done their duty for the sake of the “greater good”?

Why do those who have freely made the choice to get vaccinated engage in so much vitriol and “virtue signaling” toward their unvaccinated brethren and deny them the same freedom to choose?

Gov. DeSantis Says COVID Vaccination is a Personal Health Choice

After all, if what the director of the CDC is true, there is no rational reason for the existence of two-tiered system in the United States in which vaccinated people are fully accepted by society and unvaccinated people are treated as second-class citizens. This is a point that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida stressed during a press conference on Sept. 3:

I also don’t want two classes of citizens. We have some people in our communities who just made the decision that [getting a COVID vaccine] is not something they’re going to do. So what, you’re going to write them out of society? They’re not going to be able to show their face?7

Gov. DeSantis’ reasoning was based on precisely the science to which Dr. Walensky has alluded during the past two months—the fact that, while the COVID vaccines are believed to help protect against serious COVID illness and minimize the risk of hospitalization and death from the disease, the vaccines do not prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Gov. DeSantis said:

As much as I am happy to see vaccinated people get good protection against hospitalization and death, and it has been good, the fact is [the SARS-CoV-2 virus] is spreading regardless of vaccination. That’s just the reality. The theory behind the vaccine passport is, okay, if you force everyone to have it in order to live in society, then you’ll be able to basically just nuke COVID. Well, we know that that’s not the case. You know, [with] very very high vaccination rates, you still have big waves. So it just doesn’t make any sense.7

At the end of the day, the vaccines have helped people ward off severe illness. And we obviously work very hard to distribute it. At the end of the day, though, it’s about your health and whether you want that protection or not. It really doesn’t impact me or anyone else, cause we’ve seen the data on this.7

Gov. DeSantis was taking Dr. Walensky’s comments about the limitations of COVID vaccines to their logical conclusion, which is that vaccinated people can spread coronavirus, just like unvaccinated people. So why make a distinction between the two groups?

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46 Responses

  1. The experimental vaccines NEVER stopped the spread. In the press article from all 4 products, the only thing promised, was make the disease LESS spreading, less harsh, and less deadly. The products have been leaky from the start. That is one of the reasons I did not take them, apart from being allergic to one of the ingredients.

    1. Why? In order to get as many of them as possible to resign or be fired, thereby exacerbating the ongoing healthcare crisis and killing off as many Americans as possible, especially the chronically ill who, through Medicare and Medicaid, are costing the governments a lot of money.

      1. The system may be inept, but think about what you just wrote. You actually believe there is a group of people scheming to kill off their fellow Americans. Like… you think they sit in a room and plan this massive, extremely complex, extravagant scheme… and there wouldn’t be even one whistle blower with facts to prove it… just stop and think about how implausible this is. Then compare it to the possibility that… they just think what they are doing is the best thing, but later it turns out it’s not. No sexy conspiracy where you’re the inside truth-knower… it’s just old fashioned disagreement and corruption for profits.

          1. Very much so agreed. It’s very frustrating that they don’t realize how ineffective experimental covid vaccines are. They need to stop scapegoating “unvaccinated” folks.

  2. “At the end of the day, the vaccines have helped people ward off severe illness. And we obviously work very hard to distribute it. At the end of the day, though, it’s about your health and whether you want that protection or not. It really doesn’t impact me or anyone else, cause we’ve seen the data on this.” –

    This is simply not true. In fact, it is the unvaccinated people who fill up the ICUs to overflowing, exhaust hospital workers, and cause routine surgeries (such as knee replacements) to be postponed for months and months.

    1. It is actually the vaccinated that are spreading the delta variant. The scientists just stated that. Politics says it is the unvaccinated that are in the hospitals. Unvaccinated can mean only one of two vaccines recommended has been taken. So the vaccine is causing the issue. There are more people in hospital now this year than last year…what is the difference? The vaccine.

    2. Do the research. For those who got the experimental vaccine, they still get sick. Building up the immune system is the answer. Vaccines wane over the time, so why do they need a booster shot? Think about it. Natural immunity is more effective than vaccines as far as my concern goes.

  3. On the contrary, the experimental cocktail product injected into the arms of the willing and now not-so-willing actually are INCREASING the spread of the virus. That is the scientific FACT that is lost on most, and which will be our undoing as a civilization. Ah the irony, science destroys science. The snake eats its own tail …

  4. Finally! The Director from the CDC admitting that COVID can be transmitted by vax as well as non vax people. If you boost your immune system, follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, and exercise, you will avoid potential complications from this. WAKE UP AMERICA!! FREEDOM OF CHOICE MUST PREVAIL!!

  5. Can someone draw up a modern discrimination acceptability chart for 2021? With so much discrimination pointed directly at us, we wonder what other forms of discrimination are or are not acceptable now. Some people are going to lose everything. Because no means no, and it does not mean anything else. Penalties for not taking vaccines is absolutely a discriminatory act. They have been building a discriminatory framework directed at childrens access to school, based on vaccines, and now this is applied to adults and their jobs.

    People supporting vaccine mandates should be careful what they wish for, because they could turn around tomorrow and find new mandates for other issues, which they may not so readily agree with. If you open the door for acceptable discrimination, there is no end to it and there will be no limits. We’re not on a slippery slope, we just fell off the cliff. At this point, expect a rapid increase in the pace and scope of discriminatory practices. Now that people have adopted familiarity with lies and deception, constantly changing ‘truths’, integrated tragedy as commonplace in their everyday lives, unavoidable. Anti discrimination laws now exist only on paper because in the real world, the act of discrimination is actively sanctioned and promoted by the government. The past is already forgotten.

    (1984 cliffnotes) Again the theme of the importance of objective truth returns. Here, Winston takes the position that memory and objective truth must win out over falsehood because the Party cannot destroy memory. O’Brien is set on proving Winston wrong in this case. O’Brien tells Winston that the Party is far superior to Nazi Germany or the Russian Communists because, unlike those other regimes whose enemies were eventually turned into martyrs, the Party refuses to let a stray thought get through. Controlling all thought is the Party’s power, a power that will remain timeless.

  6. Stop the “Jab” now. It’s not working and its causing tremendous damage. By Jan. 22, 2021 186 deaths with only 27 million Americans vaccinated had been reported after the jab. Today13,000 deaths have been reported per VAERS and that is estimated to be only 10% of the actual number, not to mention all the side effects people are having. This jab is killing MORE people than the disease! It’s intentional and must be stopped. Why is the government not allowing proven treatments to be used that would stop Covid from spreading. They don;t care about any of us. FIRE FAUCI, IMPEACH BIDEN!

    1. I agree fully with you. Although Firing and Impeaching are far to lenient. Should be put in jail for crimes against humanity.

  7. To jsaf:
    …..On the contrary, the experimental cocktail product injected into the arms of the willing and now not-so-willing actually are INCREASING the spread of the virus……
    And where that word “experimental” comes from? Pfizer has FULL FDA approval.

  8. Does anyone have a good link to information on whether the delta variant is less deadly? This would make sense from a viral evolutionary standpoint.

  9. The flu vaccine only protects about 50%, but if you do contract the flu and have been vaccinated, you will not be as ill. This is the same premise the Covid vaccine will prevent serious, deadly outcomes. I know a young woman who contracted Covid before we were informed, and she now has a problem with her heartbeat, and she is only 35. I think we all forgot that this is a new virus, and science is trying to keep up. Read about how other vaccines were discovered. I think this is a similar issue.

  10. People need not go to hospital if early intervention practiced (still not CDC procedure causing so many unnecessary deaths). And Cleveland Clinic paper says natural immunity is better than the vaccine. And this is true for any other virus, lasting a lifetime. So when the variant comes that the vaccine does not protect from, you will be in big trouble unless you treat early. Fauci and Biden are vaccine industry shills not to mention Gates et al population culling goals. Then there is the safety issue, esp for kids. Best to get the illness for kids, everyone for that matter. There are the theraputics- Regeneron, HCQ + zinc, Ivermectin, Vit D (5000-10000/day) Vit C, and more. I hear about people that just take HCQ. You need more than this. And I’ve read anecdotal data showing just zinc 150 mg spread out is very helpful if you get the virus. Normally only 15-30 mg /day is enough. Do some research- there are protocols out there from Frontline Doctors for example. Anyway hospitals are not filling up from what I’ve seen.

  11. Are the unvaccinated a threat to others?
    By Michel Accad on Sep 12, 2021 11:13 pm

    A disputed question argued in the Scholastic style.
    Objection 1. The unvaccinated are indeed a threat to others because the pandemic will only be overcome through herd immunity, and herd immunity can only be achieved safely and promptly through widespread vaccination. The unvaccinated are thus postponing the time until herd immunity is achieved and therefore are responsible for the heavy morbidity and mortality caused by this avoidable delay.
    Objection 2. Asymptomatic infections with SARS-CoV-2 are known to occur and an unvaccinated person can transmit the virus to innocent bystanders. Therefore the unvaccinated are a threat to others.
    Objection 3. The unvaccinated have an irrational fear of vaccines that is not supported by science. They have conspiratorial attitudes that are spreading through campaigns of disinformation, undermining public health institutions, and damaging social cohesion. Therefore the unvaccinated are a threat to others.
    Objection 4. By minimizing the danger of the virus, the unvaccinated also dismiss the value of non-pharmacological interventions (NPIs) such as social distancing and masking. Their overall reckless behavior further contributes to the spread of the virus and to much morbidity and mortality. Therefore the unvaccinated are a threat to others.
    Objection 5. The unvaccinated are much more likely to be hospitalized with COVID and to suffer severe complications that are costly to society than the vaccinated. Therefore the unvaccinated are a threat to others and should bear the cost of their healthcare if they persist in their refusal to be vaccinated.
    Sed Contra, as it is said, “The healthy have no need of a physician, but the sick do.” Therefore, being healthy, the unvaccinated have no need to be vaccinated and cannot be a threat for failing to do something they have no need to do.
    Response: It is not the unvaccinated person who can harm, but the infected one. For an unvaccinated person cannot spread disease by virtue of being unvaccinated but only by virtue of being infected, and being infected does not figure in the definition of being unvaccinated for the unvaccinated are healthy.
    An unvaccinated person is only potentially, not actually, infected, and only what is actual can properly be a threat. For the legal definition of a threat is “the real and serious communication of an intent to inflict harm,” but the unvaccinated could only inflict harm by being infected, not by being unvaccinated.
    Reply to Objection 1. Herd immunity is a modeling concept in epidemiology that cannot serve as a target of public health policy, as when Mongolia was believed to have reached herd immunity for measles through wide vaccination rates yet nevertheless suffered a large and widespread outbreak of measles in 2015. The inability to achieve herd immunity, therefore, cannot be imputed to any person or group of persons.
    Reply to Objection 2. Asymptomatic infections can affect the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated. Furthermore, the inability to detect an asymptomatic infection is a shortcoming of technology. Traffic deaths are much more likely to occur under poor lighting conditions yet we don’t consider nighttime drivers to be a public threat.
    Reply to Objection 3. A society that claims to be pluralistic cannot be threatened by a plurality of attitudes. The distrust of public institutions cannot be considered a threat if coming from the unvaccinated, but a virtue (or at least an acceptable social stance) if coming from other groups such as, for example, the Black Lives Matter movement.
    Reply to Objection 4. The correlation between vaccination status and compliance with NPIs has not been established in a manner that excludes confounding variables. Furthermore, while NPIs are widely accepted public health interventions, their actual effectiveness is difficult to prove empirically. The unvaccinated cannot therefore be deemed to be a threat based on this tenuous association to demonstrable harm.
    Reply to Objection 5. A large number of diseases and injuries may be caused or aggravated by the behavior of their victims. The unvaccinated are not more of a financial threat to society than those who smoke, those who drink excessively, those who incur leisure sports injuries, those who drive absent-mindedly, those who eat more than they should, those who unduly expose themselves to sexually-transmitted infections, etcetera.
    Image: Laurentius de Voltolina. 14th c. image of a university lecture (Public Domain).
    The post Are the unvaccinated a threat to others? appeared first on Alert & Oriented.

  12. If you read the info given to the CDC and FDA by pfizer and moderna, they both say their products were only tested as a means to lessen the severity of a covid case, at best. The trials were not nearly long enough to determine if any disease could be stopped from being transferred or if deaths could be prevented.

    How exactly are they testing for the delta and mu variants? The PCR test has been shown to be fake and was never tested to find out if it could even detect any specific covid virus. Most PCR tests used any number of cycles the labs wanted with no set standards…pure non-science and highly subject to misuse and questionable results.

    Besides, there are no germs in the air transmitting anything. The flu like virus you experience is created by imbalances, deficiencies and disrupted bodily functions within each person. Those with many medical problems, or comorbidities are most susceptible to having an event where the body tries to repair the damage. That could result in a flu, cold, or other sickness.

    There is no disease, only conditions that cause disease. Your body knows how to be healthy if you help it along and don’t interfere with it’s functions. This is the terrain theory of disease, which makes more sense to me than germ theory.

  13. In my gut I know these shots are not what they say they are , safe or effective.
    They are rushed with no clinical trials completed just pushed through with an EUA.
    I used to work in research and every participant had to sign an informed consent. So many people have taken the shot under the EUA with no informed consent. Why has this been allowed ? this doesn’t happen with medicines they are scrutinized heavily for years and have liabilities attached.
    I refuse to subject my body , personal health and freedom to an experimental jab at best, a dangerous poison laden immune dysfunction causing injection at worst.
    You can tell it’s bad when people are willing to forgo their jobs in order not to take it especially those working in medicine.
    We see the evidence on the frontlines daily.
    Vaccines were never meant to stop transmission just to protect the injected from death and disease. They are supposed to create immunity so if you are exposed you should either not get sick or have minimal symptoms.
    Not so with this injection the cure is rapidly becoming the curse.People don’t realize their bodies are replicating the S protein over and over and the protein has affinity for muscle and other tissues. This S protein is what makes CV so dangerous.
    I believe it is not clearing the body as it is a man made protein with alterations on it to make it more virulent and increase reproduction in human cells.
    Read about the condon protein site replacements done on the spike for this man made shot. I don’t think anyone knows what this will do to mankind … hence this is the experiment.

  14. I am not vaxxed. Nor will I be. It is NOT because I do not want additional protection. I do not want the side effects from the jab! I have just gotten over Covid and did not go to hospital, I am fine. I am an elder as well. I eat as clean as I can, exercise – all that we need to do to stay healthy.
    The main thing I see that has not been addressed is this: When one is ill, STAY HOME! The vaxxed who are infected and don’t know it do not stay home. Think about that.

  15. Why anyone is surprised by this is beyond me. The CDC was very explicit, from the very beginning, that these inoculations would not prevent illness. In fact, they have created illness in those who have received the jab and also those unvaxxed, that the jabbed come in contact with. I have been shaking my head at the nonsense for the past 18 months.
    People are such fools to put their trust in untrustworthy organizations.

  16. I agree with “Colorado.” We’re no longer on a slippery slope. We’ve fallen off the cliff. We’re living in a completely alien, dystopian reality, whether or not we want to acknowledge this fact. I feel as though I’m in the midst of a nightmare.

    I have an idea I want to share with other like-minded people, and I don’t know how to get it out there except to offer it on websites like this.

    Mask mandates are total, ubiquitous, in force everywhere now, in the area I live in, which is the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve tried to go against the mandate by refusing to mask up, but I find it’s a losing battle, with little to no effect even when I succeed. I’ve come to the conclusion that those of us against the mask mandates (and against the mandatory poison injections) should use the mask mandates to our own purposes, as a way to 1) express our resistance, and 2) as a way to find other people who feel as we do, so that we can organize in person with them. I feel that if we only communicate with others online we’ll be unable to effect any changes in the real world.

    My idea is to wear a face mask (but only where required to do so) which has a protest message of some sort written, or embroidered, on it. Some ideas I’ve thought of are RESIST, TYRANNY, 1984, GATES OF HELL, MASS HYPNOSIS, BIOWEAPON, MSM LIES, FRAUDCI, PHARMA OWNS FDA, CORPORATE MEDIA LIES.

    I have no doubt there are plenty of other relevant messages which we can think up. Suggestions are welcome!

    I did a search on the internet a couple of days ago for “resistance face masks,” hoping to find some along these lines, but I found none whatsoever among the endless varieties of masks available online.

    Are there any entrepreneurs among us who could create a business venture using this idea? You could spread the word on sites like this once you’ve created these masks, and I’ve no doubt you’d have millions of customers! Personally, I’d pay more for masks which are made from organic cotton (soft knit cotton, to make it easier to breathe through than heavier, coarser cotton). I hope many creative, entrepreneurial people in our community think about this idea, and act on it. Please share this idea with others.

  17. So allow for people to claim an exemption to opt out. And don’t force the weekly or daily testing for just “unvaccinated.” Since it has been proven that the “vaccinated” can get it and spread it even when asymptomatic, then why are they discriminating against the asymptomatic “unvaccinated?” Either they teat ALL asymptomatic employees no matter the “vaccinated” status, or they don’t test any asymptomatic employees. The powers have already stated they will make it as difficult as possible for the “unvaccinated” and this additional unneeded testing is just part of it – there must be a push back on these attacks.

  18. This is not a party issue it’s human rights. I concur with everyone being right in making their own decisions. I’m concerned about the future of my children AND this country. They are eliminating all opt outs…even for those who have medical issues, i.e blood clotting problems. My daughter could have died from birth control due to blood clots…a drug that is safely taken by millions, but not her…where will this madness lead us? When will it end?

  19. Israeli data shows that as many vaccinated as unvaccinated are hospitalized. What defies logic is if you have been immunized, why are you worried about the unvaccinated? Answer is, you are not immunized beyond 3 to 4 months.

    One other thing that is obvious is that mass vaccination is driving the Delta variant. This was predicted when using a “leaky” vaccine that only has one component of the virus, the spike protein. That is why the most heavily vaccinated countries have seen a spike in cases in the World Data Charts concomitant with vaccination rates.

  20. Anyone wanting to know how the vaccinated are spreading disease, needs to learn a bit of biology. Do a scholarly article google search. Learning is out there for everyone. So much fake news is produced to convince people to make this pharmaceutical richer than ever.

    A virus may mutate in each person uniquely, and sometimes we end up with Typhoid Mary. Being vaccinated more times than necessary in addition to being repeatedly exposed to a virus is sure to overwhelm ones immune system. It’s no surprise many vaccinated people are still getting sick. Very many people believe they had it back in January 2020. It was rough and long, and so far none of those people I know ever caught it a second time, even after being around someone who was recently diagnosed. I had it and suffered ten months of a spiked ANA and dreaded neurological effects. It was so bad that the doctors tested me for Stroke and Seizures. I refuse to get the vaccine because of how my body reacted to an unknown antigen. I do believe we have all been exposed to it by now, except those living under a rock. Natural immunity is being rejected by the government, but thankfully not by the medical field.

  21. According to what I have been reading by qualified physicians, If you’ve had covid you will have antibodies & thus be protected. I’m an elder too and haven’t had it but take the right supplements, eat healthy and am not out in crowds. I wonder if I have antibodies from previous, years ago, illness, possibly cov2? I’d like a test for antibodies but don’t want to go anywhere near testing labs.

  22. Why does no one mention 5G and 6G deployment? The levels of EMR are getting so much worse than even a few months ago. Cell towers are going up every day.

  23. 2 weeks to flatten the curve. a year and a half later vaccine mandates that do not prevent transmission of virus and are killing 70 people a day just from vaccine according to vaers.
    The more that are vaccinated the more this will help spread new variants. Is the govt trying to help you or kill you quicker? I had covid in Feb. Never had a fever, never developed a cough or breathing issues and never had oxygen levels below normal. 97-100 whole time. Blood pressure went up though and fatigue for months. I still have antibodies from having the virus. I was exposed to virus again in July for 3 days in a row by my vaccinated neighbor who had covid and kept saying it was allergies. Today she is still suffering from the after effects of covid and is not able to leave her house to walk farther than her driveway. I did not catch it again from her even though she sat in my car 3 days in a row blowing her nose and talking to me before I figured out she was running a fever as well and took her home. Her fever came and went for 6 weeks and she still suffers stomach issues and vomits bile and is out of breath. But she was vaccinated and wore her mask and thought herself safe to go inside a Walmart to grab a case of waters then ride around with me and others spreading it for 3 days. Until everyone has it at least once it will continue. I am not part of the vaccine experiment for covid but a person who recovered from covid. The Pfizer vaccine is still in trials until 2023 for the original trial people who got it. Now the administration wants access to all your banking information whenever you spend over $600 on anything. This isn’t about your health but just the opposite. Stop fighting each other and start fighting the real enemy

  24. A vaccinated person will be less apt to show symptoms and thus be more apt to spread the disease.
    I had mild symptoms of the disease 1 year ago and they lost my test when I went to be tested.
    I have not been vaccinated and will stay away from others if symptoms occur.
    This virus needs to be respected as much as HIV and we need to quit supporting the quick fix mentality of the pharmaceutical companies and work with homeopathic and naturopathic people for our immune system to be at its maximum.
    Eastern and western medicine doctors need to get together to help us as needed in these most trying times!
    Our children and our grandchildren need us to step up and teach them that the most difficult challenges we must overcome take hard work, persistence, and perseverance.
    Parent/grandparent/teacher/dds/youth minister

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