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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Judge Revokes Mother’s Child Visitation Rights for Refusing COVID Vaccine

Rebecca Firlit and her son

A judge in Cook County, Illinois took away a mother’s parental visitation rights to see her 11-year-old son when he learned that she did not get the COVID-19 vaccine. The mother, Rebecca Firlit said that the judge, James Shapiro told her she could not see her son until she received the COVID-19 vaccine.1

Firlit and her ex-husband have been divorced for seven years and have always shared custody parenting time with their son.1 Annette Fernholz, JD, Firlit’s lawyer, said that Firlit’s ex-husband did not raise her unvaccinated status as a problem.2

Mother Has a History of Adverse Reactions to Vaccines

Firlit appeared in court virtually for a child support hearing regarding her son during which the judge asked her if she had received the COVID-19 vaccine. She responded to the judge explaining that she had not got the COVID- 19 vaccine since she has a history of adverse reactions to vaccines.3 “I’ve had adverse reactions to vaccines in the past and was advised not to get vaccinated by my doctor. It poses a risk,”2 Firlit said. She added:

I was confused because (the hearing) was just supposed to be about expenses and child support. I asked him what it had to do with the hearing, and he said, ‘I am the judge, and I make the decisions for your case.’2

Judge Shapiro subsequently ordered that all Firlit’s parental visitation rights would be halted until she decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine.3 Firlit said she believes the judge was placing his personal views and opinions of the COVID-19 vaccination on her. Her lawyer said:

The trial court clearly exceeded its authority in sua sponte (by its own accord) suspending the mother’s parenting time when the issue before the court was child support. The father did not bring this issue before the court.2

Judge Reverses Ruling After Mother Files Appeal

After the judge’s ruling, Firlit was only allowed to speak to her son over the phone. She filed an appeal against the ruling and, a few weeks after he blocked Firlit’s visitation rights, Judge Shapiro decided to reverse the ruling and allow her to see her son in person.4

“I feel like this will resonate with people because this is how things will go if we don’t speak up,” Firlit said. “Dividing families, taking children from their parents, we have to speak out to make sure this is not the new thing. Unfortunately, I had to be the first person that this happened to, but parents aren’t going to stand for that.”5

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14 Responses

  1. Judge James Shaprio.
    8 th subcircuit judge of Cook county IL.
    Term 2018 – 2024.

    I hope advacity portal rememberes: Next time James Shaprio is on a ballot.

  2. If you get sick, use these resources. If you have not yet gotten sick, use these resources.

    If you are needing to write a religious exemption, use this NVIC resource.

    The notion that there is no natural immunity, and only a vaccine can save you, a logical fallacy. A feverish zealotry is sweeping this country, people in many professions are all too eager and willing to cast aside inalienable rights, in their personal fears of illness and disease. In times of crisis, our rights become more important, not less.

    People need to work together better. There really is no good justification for allowing the state to be involved in your private affairs. People end up under the thumb of the state because of their egotism, their inability to work equitably with each other. Love and marriage should not be so easily cast aside because the consequences are much further reaching than the emotional experience a person feels in the moment, and the responsibilities and costs of care. They could have also fought back with nullification, by just getting back together or perhaps sharing a room rent landlord situation, and what would the judge have done then, took the child away from both parents? Jurisdiction may change but the moral basis which forms the law should be inflexible. We the people…

  3. Judge SHAPIRO

    It is sickening that, after Joseph Mengele’s experimentation on Jewish children and the Nurenberg trials which guaranteed a person’s right of refusal of medical treatment
    That a JEWISH judge would separate a mother from her children for refusing to SUBMIT to experimental medical procedures.

    1. DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline is a great book on that subject. Any judge no matter their ethnicity or race that would do that to a family is just plain evil.

  4. This needs to be disseminated widely. Post this on MeWe by looking at groups and selecting one amenable to this topic. Do the same on [f]Facebook. Tell your friends and relatives. The only people not prone to spreading the virus are those with intact innate (naturally acquired) immunity. Their bodies kill the viruses dead. Vaccines, with all of their accolades, do not kill viruses. Period. Look it up for yourself, please.

  5. How stupid this judge is!! What does a child support hearing has to do with this mother been vaccinated or not, this is absolutely wrong!!

    1. I’m stunned, too. Judge Shapiro has crossed the boundary inappropriately. Vaccination status has nothing to do with child visitation rights. Very odd but very wrong.

  6. Illinois fell off the Left Cliff, long ago, as nearly the whole State’s population is in Chitcago. There are only a few other Democrat Counties.

    But the bigger problem is the vast formerly-unimaginable arrogance of court judges. Just as you cannot likely find a lawyer who will take a drug test, judge’s incompetence is only exceeded by their arrogance. An early problem was they were too lazy & in a hurry, to do their duty to consider all cases against the U.S. Constitution (and their State’s). CASE LAW became a worthless shortcut, and they promoted it. THEN, they promoted the fantasy they have immunity from everything, when at best they only might have certain immunities from their work. But since judges judge other judges in courts—even if you can get to court, they cover each other’s lazy, arrogant, incompetent backs. SO YOU HOPE TO RAISE A PUBLIC RUCKUS, shaming them, UNTIL THEY EAT THEIR OWN.
    _ While the Founders tried to work on the concept it’s better to let a guilty man go free than imprison an innocent man; today’s judges mostly just look towards when’s pay day, getting to the golf course, and other modern wreckreation that has wrecked the nation–AS SEEN ON TV.


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