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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Are Hospitals Really Being Overwhelmed With Unvaccinated COVID Patients?

lined up hospital beds

Opinion | In an article published in The Vaccine Reaction on Aug. 29, 2021 titled “Is it Really a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated?” I wrote about the claim by U.S. health officials that 97 percent of people in the United States who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated,1 specifically noting that the director of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, MD, helped popularize this claim when she said during a White House press briefing on July 16:

[O]ver 97 percent of people who are entering the hospital right now are unvaccinated.1 2

This claim gave the impression that vaccinated people represented only three percent of those being hospitalized with COVID, suggesting that the COVID vaccines were working spectacularly well. In fact, U.S. government leaders, health officials and most health care professionals held this up as proof that the vaccines were effective in keeping people from getting seriously ill from COVID and requiring medical care.

This, in turn, led to the rise and coining of the phrase, “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” by President Biden and Dr. Walensky. That catch phrase fueled public perception that the blame for the continuation of the pandemic lies squarely and solely on the shoulders of unvaccinated people.3 4 5 6

CDC Creates Deceptive Narrative About Unvaccinated People and the Pandemic

This blame game has been elevated to new heights by the corporate media, with headlines like “It’s OK to blame the unvaccinated—they are robbing the rest of us of our freedoms” and “Vaccinated America Has Had Enough In the United States, this pandemic could be almost over by now. The reasons it’s still going are pretty clear.” and “Alabama governor says ‘it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’ as pandemic worsens.”7 8 9

Of course, the problem is that Dr. Walensky neglected to tell the American people that the 97 percent figure she cited was based on extremely misleading information. For all practical purposes, she admitted this at a White House press briefing on Aug. 5 when she confirmed that the data used to come up with the 97 percent figure were “data that were from analyses in several states from January through June and didn’t reflect the data that we have now from the Delta variant.”1 10

This revelation by the CDC director put a big wrench in her deceptive “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative because the reality was that the vast portion of Americans were unvaccinated during the six-month period she cited. As I pointed out in my article:

As of Jan. 1, 2021, only 0.5 percent of the U.S. population had been fully vaccinated. By Feb. 1, the figure had risen to 1.8 percent of the population. By Mar. 1, it 7.6 percent. By Apr. 1, it was 16.8 percent. By May 1, it was 30.9 percent. On June 1, 40.6 percent of the U.S. population had been fully vaccinated. By the end of June, it was 46.3 percent.1

The reason there were so many more people hospitalized for COVID during January-June had little or nothing to do with whether or not they received a COVID shot. There were simply many more unvaccinated people than vaccinated, so naturally you would expect to see many more of them hospitalized than vaccinated people. That’s just common sense.

On Jan. 1, 2021, there were 125,047 people hospitalized for COVID in the U.S. Almost all of those people were likely unvaccinated. Why? Because only 0.5 percent of the population had been vaccinated. On Feb. 1, there were 93,536 people hospitalized for COVID. Why? Because at that point only 1.8 percent of the population had been vaccinated. Through at least April 2021, relatively few people in the U.S. had been vaccinated. Even by the end of June, less than half of the population had been vaccinated.1

In short, it was not possible to make any rational, fair assessment of the effect of the COVID vaccines during the first half of the year—notably that the vaccines were responsible for keeping people out of the hospital. Yet, that is precisely what the CDC and the Biden administration deliberately led the public to believe.

When one explains to people that this exercise in smoke and mirrors that has succeeded in obscuring the truth, the typical reaction has been a look of perplexion. It is difficult for many people to accept such a degree of manipulation by public health officials. Politicians? Yes. But not scientists and doctors. So the tendency of those who are faced with the facts has been to say, “Well, okay… but look at all the hospitals reporting that they’re overwhelmed with unvaccinated COVID patients. How do you explain that?”

Hospitals Report High Percentages of Unvaccinated COVID Patients

It’s true. There are many reports from hospitals around the country saying that 85 to 95 percent of patients currently being admitted are unvaccinated. During the first week of September, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Sumner Regional Medical Center, Maury Regional Medical Center and Cookeville Regional Medical Center in Tennessee reported that 90, 93, 95 and 95 percent respectively of their COVID cases were among unvaccinated people.11

In North Carolina, UNC Health reported that, among its network of hospitals, 90 percent of its COVID patients were unvaccinated.12 In Utah, Park City Hospital reported two weeks ago that more than 90 percent of its COVID patients were unvaccinated.13 St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, reported that about 85 percent of its patients were unvaccinated.14

Hospitals in Comal County, Texas reported in August that 98 percent of its COVID patients were unvaccinated.15

In Oregon, hospitals affiliated with Kaiser Permanente, Oregon Health & Science University and Providence Health & Services reported in August that 90 percent of their COVID patients on life support in their intensive care units (ICUs) were unvaccinated. Legacy Health hospitals reported 97 percent of its COVID patients in ICUs were unvaccinated.16

This is the story that has been observed at many hospitals in the past two months with more than half of the U.S. population having been vaccinated. As of Sept. 22, 54.8 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated.17

Now it is much harder to argue against the role of vaccines in dramatically reducing the incidence of hospitalizations. When more than 85-90 percent of the people being admitted to hospitals with COVID symptoms have not been vaccinated, the judgment seems clear enough.

How Accurate is the Hospital Data on Unvaccinated COVID Patients?

Of course, this assumes that the data on vaccination status being compiled and reported by hospitals is accurate. How exactly does a hospital determine the vaccination status of a person who has been admitted for COVID?

According to physician assistant Deborah Conrad, PA-C, MSHS at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo in New York:

On admission [to the hospital], there is no requirement to ask about the vaccine. Our system is set up so that if you’re fully vaccinated in our health system somewhere… one of our clinics, or somebody has put it in in one of our outpatient clinics, it’ll automatically be put into the electronic health record. But if you’re vaccinated at a CVS pharmacy or something outside of the system, that’s not going to be put in that system unless you ask… So it’ll list you as unvaccinated in the system. Again, it’s not a question on admission that is asked.

If this is true and hospitals are relying on the medical records they have in their systems to determine the vaccination status of someone who has been admitted for COVID, then it is easy to see how some, if not many, patients who were vaccinated outside a particular hospital’s network would be listed as unvaccinated, even though they were fully vaccinated.

There is no guarantee that people who were vaccinated at a pharmacy, a doctor’s office, a nursing home, a school or the parking lot of a stadium would be listed as vaccinated in the medical records of a hospital they go to for treatment of COVID symptoms unless they ask someone at the hospital to check and make sure their vaccination status is correct. Some people might do this, while others (particularly emergency cases) would not.

Could this skew the data being reported by hospitals? Could the sizeable discrepancy in the number of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people being hospitalized for COVID be the result of poor record-keeping caused by a disjointed system of tracking vaccinations?

It is worth asking if this could be another case of smoke and mirrors.

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Note: This commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers.  The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.

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  1. Really? The untainted are filling up hospitals? Well on my planet (Earth), the ones who got the jab are the ones who are getting sick and going to the hospital, with some dying (usually when put on respirators). I can count at least a dozen people I know of who got the stick and ended up in the hospital. Quite a few funerals too. But, at least they died knowing they were “fully ‘vaccinated'”.

    1. **sighs**

      It’s amazing the psychotic bologna that conspiracy nutballs conjure. I believe you meant to say “Flat Earth”, as I’m sure you believe the globe-model Earth is a lie – I lump all the crazy all into one: Anti-vaxers, Flat Earthers, Moon landing deniers, the 9-11 “inside job” conspiracy theorists…and Scientologists. People who don’t like art or music should be lumped in there too,

      1. ..and then there are those who find it more comfy to wear blinders and call everything a conspiracy in lieu of taking time to thoroughly research matters prior to making their debuts online. That’s ok of course! (free speech), but empty statements without any supporting evidence are suspicious to a healthy mind. Are you ‘really’ a doctor sir (or part of a conspiracy? lol…)

    2. People are counted as unvaxxed 3 weeks after first jab and 2 weeks after second jab ! This is very strange couse they are vaccinated but not registred like it ! Now anyway there are more vaccinated than not in the hospitals . The vaccinated get and spred Covid as well as unvaccinated . So just hope all this lies soon come in to light ! Dr Reiner Feullmich has started a trial on Crime against Humanity . Let’s hope he succed !

  2. They can easily say anyone is unvaxxed now anyway. They have changed the rules, right now you can be double jabbed and think you are ‘fully vaxxed’ but as soon as a booster is available you are all of a sudden ‘unvaxxed’ until you get the booster and even when you do get the booster you will still be named ‘unvaxxed’ until a couple of weeks afterwards they say……so they are basically cooking the numbers so that all the people that are going to the hospital with bad illnesses etc from the shot can be labelled easily as unvaxxed so of course the dangers of the vaxx are not noticed and they have a scapegoat for when people are going to inevitably get sick from the shots……..these people are evil and the damn well know what they doing, but stuff like this always will come out but the problem is this time it might be too late when it does.

  3. ?. What a big screw up. But I didn’t buy it when the hospitalization rates got very overwhelmed by unvaccinated patients because I knew they have had manipulated the data.

  4. This plays into the divisiveness they have created to keep people attacking one another, vaxxed vs anti vaxxed, Trump vs Biden, etc. It’s a ploy to help the global elite in their great reset to divide and conquer. It’s easier to overthrow a divided nation than a united one. So they keep stirring the pot with lies to feed into their agenda. It’s time to wake up and unite.

    1. I agree with you. Who are the Global Elite? I feel there is something going on behind the scenes that I can’t put my finger on.

    2. Amen Lyn! It’s way past time to unite! People don’t even think for themselves any more as they’re scared into believing all the nonsense of the misconstrued numbers and lies!

  5. People got tired of the race wars and we started to heal…so now it’s the vaccine wars. Yes, per Lyn above. Their agenda is to divide and conquer.

  6. You are not “fully vaccinated” until two weeks after your second shot. According the Dr. Stephanie Seneff, you are most vulnerable to Covid in those two weeks, because there hasn’t been time to build up antibodies and your body is under immune system attack. So if you become hospitalized because of that vulnerability or because of a reaction to the vaccine, and test positive under the inaccurate PCR tests, you are called an “unvaccinated” Covid patient. Also, my understanding is unvaccinated Covid patients are placed in ICU even if they only need supplemental oxygen. So no wonder ICU’s are full. Also, because so many health care workers have resigned or been fired, they don’t have as many beds available, so now the ICU’s are full, but only because they don’t have the staff to add any more beds.

  7. Folks are saying “why don’t I just get the Damm vaxxine?”


    Why am I getting blamed for the bad health care in Amerika? I sure hope I don’t have reason to go to hospital

    Why do I have to give up my bodily autonomy to be needle raped?

    If I have the right to an abortion as I should then I also have the right to be free from needle raped

    And why do I have to wear the freegin face diaper? Am I that ugly?

    1. You don’t. I think you definitely should NOT wear a mask…anywhere. Please, go into hospitals and breathe deep.

  8. to answer the title question: It’s a big, fat, bloated, overwhelming NO!


    Biggest Gaslighting of Humanity EVER.

    Don’t go to doctors and hospitals:
    If you’re not sick when you go in,
    you will be when you come out.

  9. I work in a hospital. We are seeing some fully vaccinated hospitalized, the majority are the older patients. But for the most part it is the unvaccinated who are hospitalized. Less than 10% are fully vaccinated and hospitalized. If you are overweight and unvaccinated you probably have a higher chance of being hospitalized from what I’ve seen.

    1. How are those vaccinated vs unvaccinated being determined? Also, if they would treat people when they get the virus instead of waiting until they are bad, most would never end up in the hospital. Treatment is being withheld.

    2. My ex has worked in a hospital 30+ years. She told me it’s 90 percent vaccinated but if your shot was more than two weeks before covid your counted as unvaccinated. Can you verify that claim? Are the vaccinated counted as unvaccinated if they contact covid more than two weeks after the shot? What do you know about that and the testing methods?

  10. I believe that the CDC is a criminal organization, but that it is still worth taking on their claims at the strongest point. Marco stated that “In short, it was not possible to make any rational, fair assessment of the effect of the COVID vaccines during the first half of the year—notably that the vaccines were responsible for keeping people out of the hospital. Yet, that is precisely what the CDC and the Biden administration deliberately led the public to believe.” But this is not true, and the pattern of more frequent hospitalization for the unvaccinated–IF YOU BELIEVE THE CDC COUNT–continues even after June 30, 2021 per the chart on p. 4 of the below url posting. I have noted a great reluctance on our side to admit that the vaccine may have done for a while what it claimed to have done–even though Big Pharma rigged the trials and lied about the results–which is reduce symptomatic disease and reduce infection and transmission. I think it did that despite their venal corruption. Of course it did so at the cost of grave damage to the vaccinated that it suppressed, and at the cost of making a vaccine-immune strain (DELTA+) by facilitating mutation of its spike protein–all of which Big Pharma and Friends lie through their teeth to conceal. With Delta any advantage that the vaccinated had has evaporated in Israel, UK, Iceland and Gibraltar, and is at best pallid in the USA. Flu and bacterial pneumonia have been folded into COVID and the latter (with a false or accurate positive PCR test) often goes untreated in the USA per hospital protocols because SARS-2 is a virus and antibiotics don’t kill viruses. In this manner I suspect that fewer unvaccinated patients that go into hospital manage to emerge alive. The MAYO clinic has several MDs declaring their wish to see the unvaccinated be denied medical care and die. There is a 2-minute video on Bitchute of an Australian nurse of 40 years service describing how Ivermectin is reserved for fully vaccinated hospitalized COVID patients who thereby seem to do much better because they were vaccinated.

    1. Horse dewormer!!! LOL. It’s the molecule that matters. Same thing for animals is used on humans. Bought some online just to be on the safe side. Price is up but whatever, it’s available if you are in a pinch.

      The emerging argument is this; round 1 was a scam, a pandemic of false testing and diagnosis recategorization. First time in history a healthy person was treated as sick. People were gripped in fear and took the frankenshot. 2nd round is real, because all the vaccinated are little biological weapons factories, kicking out ‘variants’ and dangerous proteins because shedding is very very real. One ponders the exisomes argument, because we’ve yet to see a photo of this little germ anywhere except for those computer generated. The same effects of viral infection are mimicked by exposure to high frequency electromagnetic radiation. It could go either way. The ‘vaccine’ is working exactly as intended.

      ADE auto immune dependent enhancement syndrome. Now that you can certifiably measure with bonafide results. Killer T’s are down in everyone whom took it and by the third shot, you have only a tenth of your immune system left to fight everything from tumors to scabies and herpes. There is hope that the rnma resequencing may wain and is not very long lasting, which is also evident in the constantly decreasing ‘effective ratio figures’, which are down from 90% to under 30% now. If this was a product you could return to the manufacturer, people would be in long old lines because it’s a bait and switch product fraud. Great way to assure a long lasting specialty medical services customer base though. Genius really. We opt out on principal until those idiots figure it out. You don’t have to pick a side or get educated or better informed or whatever if you don’t want to. If in doubt, opt out. If you want to feel better immediately, turn off the television and eat a hot pepper, boost your metabolism and your immune system at the same time. The notion that putting synthetic anything into your body, that that leads to better health, it’s an absurd principal and plainly illogic. Several billion nano particles in each and every dose.

      1. I agree 100%. As the County Coroner, I said from the beginning this whole thing was a hoax, and I have seen everything you’ve described in your second paragraph firsthand.

      2. I am concerned about how our future may include food with “vaccines” inside. We may all be “jabbed”
        without our knowledge. It’s turning into a freaking nightmare.

        1. Wait, they’re putting it in food? At this point, nothing would surprise me.

          Maybe I’ll head down for a $20 coffee to Starbucks and ask them to top it with Pfizer (low cal) creamy rNA almond milk.

            Vaccines in your salad? Scientists growing medicine-filled plants to replace injections
            SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
            by Chris Melore

            “Lettuce” Vaccinate You and Other Reasons You Can’t Trust the Food Supply
            September 25, 2021
            by Jeff Thompson

            Grow and eat your own vaccines?
            Grant enables study of plants as mRNA factories
            September 16, 2021

  11. How incredibly deceptive manipulative of that clown president and useless CDC director to use these tactics in trying to turn the public against the “unvaccinated.
    This in turn makes the mindless media push the same narrative to the masses.
    Let’s start calling the unvaccinated what they really are: the smart, intelligent, freedom loving people of the USA.

  12. ” . . . . blame the unvaccinated—they are robbing the rest of us of our freedoms”

    I had to laugh at this statement. Nobody can deprive you of your freedoms other than yourself. If you want to be involved in anti-social distancing, never get together with your friends and family, and wear a diaper on your face that’s entirely up to you. wear the past year has hit an ungodly low. I am 72 years old and the largest age group running out to get jabbed are my own age group; the Boomers and older. I have to say, I am thoroughly ashamed of my generation. We were once upon a time movers and shakers back in the ’60s and ’70s. Now we’re a bunch of pussies.

    1. Right on. I will always be un-vaccinated and even an anti-vaxxer, but so what? I can only believe in what I can believe is true, and vaccinations and mRNA injections are very, very far from the truth. I am your age and willing to fight until my last breath to defeat big pharma and the jackals running the medical mafia.

    2. You said it! I am also 72 and can’t believe all my fellow boomers are falling for this BS. What ever happened to land of the free and home of the BRAVE? Disgusting!

  13. They lied about the hospitals being overwhelmed in 2020, so why wouldn’t they be lying about it in 2021? Many nurses and doctors have stepped forward and said, that not only were hospitals not overwhelmed but they were laying off personnel during those times.

  14. What is a bit surprising is the fact that 1 or 2 months ago, in Israel and the UK most of the hospital admissions were in the vaccinated population. In Singapore and New Caledonia for exemple case have exploded since the beginning of vax campaings…

    The fact that now is the other way around and considering the pre existing natural immunity and the vax effects waning that lead to boosters is frankly odd…

  15. I wonder the author’s perspective on another discrepancy, one I’ve been unable to verify: that the CT (cycle threshold) of the PCR testing is different for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, such as to make it more difficult for the vaccinated to get a positive result. Is there any truth to this? Can anyone provide definitive reference?

    1. The CDC announced the two-tier testing protocols earlier this year. 40 cycles-plus for the unvaxxed, something like 28 cycles for the vaxxed.

      And they declared that no “breakthrough cases” would be counted unless they resulted in hospitalization or death. I don’t have link to this, but I am pretty sure I read it on this site, as well as many others.

      Grotesque skewing of the data.

  16. What a coincidence that they do much better if vaccinated.
    I wonder what Ivermectin plus D3/K2 and nutrients would do?

  17. The government can not grant you freedom and liberty, it can only take them away.

    There are no necessary evils in government. It’s evils exist only in it’s abuses.

    If you are turning to the government as the first stop for advice on anything, you’re doing it wrong. The last thing the government effectively regulated was lead and asbestos, and there has been very long lists of product recalls and safety alerts from approved devices and substances ever since.

    Bureaucrats will do what bureaucrats do, predictable.

    Take the liability shield off of vaccine manufacturers and see how long they keep offering the vaccines.

    No means no, and it does not mean anything else. We said no. We meant it.

    A patient cured is a customer lost. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  18. All you need is one example, Why did Biden put in health care workers ,and private companies with 100 employees have to take the jab, but 800,000 postal employees do not have to follow these rules. Think about the thousands of people each day who go to the post office, their mail is handled and put into boxes or handed to you by a more than likely novaxxed person, what is the first thing when Covid came along, IT CAN BE CAUGHT TOUCHING SURFACES , so they wanted you to wash your hand 100 times aday. Even Fauci admitted only 60% of the employees that work for him has had the jab. This is all about the next election, over 1,500,000 illegals have entered the country under Biden, they carry a 10 % positive rate , but not force to take the vaccine, so that puts a ball park figure of 150,000 positive Covid in the our country, then they want to lecture and shame me as a citizen for not trusting a Bill Gates /Tony Fauci pushed vaccinne.Google Pfizers record about a vaccine in 1999 they give to 200 kids without them knowing and no parental consent, 11 died, some went blind, some deaf, and the others paralized, it took nearly 10 years for them to finally admit it, and settled for 75 million dollars. They have removed it from Google but you can find in in other browzers.

  19. Ultimately it will be the patients themselves and their friends and families who will know if they were vaxxed or not when they go in to the ICU. The narrative that has been shoved down our throats for the past 1.5 years is starting to get a little more shrill for more and more of us and this eventually is going to become a household joke, the not so funny kind. The more fully vaxxed that catch this disease and end up much sicker than they were led to believe possible when they were conned into this procedure in order to gain their freedom back, the more people will talk amongst themselves and the lies start to unravel, the less credibility the MSM and politicians will have, right in time for the mid terms.. BYE BYE incumbents! Your cowardly inaction to get on the right side of history will land you out of office.

  20. Pfizer’s suit settled in 2008 was 75 million with the government of Nigeria over a drug called Trovan, they made it in 1996, gave it to 200 kids, 11 died, some went blind,some deaf and some paralized. They done it without parental consent , nor unknowing to the kids. Took them 12 years to finally admit their wrong doing. Now they have rushed a vaccine out, FDA approved it, and I have had 4 family member die within 48 hours of the jab and 2 cousins got Bells Palsy, and they want me to trust their SAFE and EFFECT , if its effective why is Isreals hospitals full, they have a 97% vaccination rate yet they administer another shot and how long will it last and how many people will die from the vaccine ? Research Tiffany Pontes Dover working at CHI hospital in Chattanooga taking the jab and collapsed in Dec .on tv. They say she recovered, but FB and Twitter pages are gone . She lived in Higdon Alabama ,commuted 30 mile to Chattanoga. IF she went on camera to show how safe it is, she owes the U.S, citizens a sit down interview to show us shes ok. If you try to find her or call, the media says she just wants privacy and contact her lawyer if you have questions. Why does she need a lawyer or even her family, if shes ok, take a 10 minute interview and prove how safe and effect these vaccines actually are

  21. I’m a home health nurse. All of patients with Covid are obese, vaxxed or unvaxxed. They are all old. This is a pandemic of obesity. We’ve accepted overweight as fine for too long

  22. Exactly what statistics, facts and narratives coming from the medical mafia, big pharma or the CDC and FDA have been true for the last 20 months? Haven’t come across anything yet that is logical, makes much sense and that is backed by unbiased facts. Until then, everything coming from the medical authorities, big pharma, the news media and big tech is all a lie. Look at the criminal fauci…his lies are all over the map. He is in the same class as joey, brain dead and getting deader.

  23. Marco Cáceres, if this is true about how hospitals determine one’s vaccination status, this would be a big deal. It could really skew the numbers. However, this is the testimony of a single PA at a single hospital. Have you done any research beyond this? Have you contacted the hospital itself? Have you checked other hospitals to see how they determine one’s vaccinated status?

    I am reluctant to run with this story unless it can be demonstrated that this is representative of how most hospitals work across the country. In addition to knowing how many hospitals determine vaccination status this way, we would also need to know what percentage of vaccinated individuals are being reported as unvaccinated simply because they were not vaccinated within the hospital’s health system. Any idea about those numbers?

    1. I eagerly await the same answers. I’m in Portland, Oregon, where the OHSU numbers are published weekly all over social media, showing over 90% unvaccinated in ICU and on ventilators. I know the numbers are skewed, since they don’t reflect world data (i.e. Israel), but I’m not sure where the deception is coming from.

  24. I cannot speak to what is happening in hospitals all across the country. I can speak about what I am seeing firsthand at the hospital I work at in California. We have a scant few people admitted to the hospital who have tested + for Covid. On Sunday the number of Covid+ admits was 3. This does not mean the hospital is empty though. Far from it. Since about April or June we have seen the highest volumes of patients I can recall in my 22 years there as an ER Nurse. The acuity of patients coming in is also higher across the board than what has been seen before. The vast majority state they have received the covid inoculations. My question is this… Is it possible these shots are tinkering with people’s immune systems in ways that leave them susceptible to severe infections that would previously (Pre Covid shot) have been easily dealt with by their innate immunity? Are the shots really leading to coagulopathies? I am having a hard time thinking of another reason why so many otherwise healthy people are becoming so very sick. All summer we were admitting Pneumonia patients. People are becoming septic from bladder infections. People without prior kidney disease are going into renal failure. Bleeding and Clotting abnormalities are skyrocketing. Strokes in young healthy people are on the rise. Heart issues, chest pain, micro-emboli in the lungs. Severe headaches with focal neuro features are becoming common. Every day we get flogged. And this is new. We have never seen numbers like these of people so sick like this. Can I prove it is a result of the shots? No. Do I think it’s likely? Oh Yes.

    1. Yes, the vaccines knock out your white blood cells – 1st jab knock out 50% of them, the 2nd jab (8 weeks later – because that is when your white blood cells replicate) knocks out 25% more of your white blood cells. So you only have 25% working as your immune system which probably is not enough to fight any infections off.
      By the way, all the animals they used in what little clinical trials were made, died.

    2. Miguel, you are essentially describing antibody dependent enhancement (a known, published concern with the vaccines before they were released) and the FDA’s list of “adverse event safety surveillance” (the things they knew to watch for), including encephalitis, siezures, stroke, heart attack, autoimmune disease, birth defects, neurological disorders, thrombocytopenia, and blood clots, to name a few. So sad!!

    3. I was informed this week from a local chiropractor. A healthy 21 year old female patient had a stroke 12 days after getting the first dose vaccine in one of the 2dose vaccines. I live in a very small rural area. I was shocked. I don’t even care if my husband loses his 35 bucks an hour job. I would rather he be poor and healthy than not have my husband debilitated by a vaccine that his work is mandating he get.

  25. someone asked if they have different magnifications for the vaccinated and the vaccinated. The answer is yes. I read several Dr. Mercola articles that stated that from the first shot the vaccinated PCR tests get reduced to 28. The unvaccinated remain at the guaranteed false positive 40. That the liars/crooks continue to use these PCR tests and quote daily results, AND PEOPLE LISTEN and regurgitate the figures as if they are fact. Leaves me shaking my head.

  26. Vancouver Washington’s The Columbian on Friday September 24, 2021 had buried in an article titled “County Records 25 Covid-19 Deaths the following: “PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center was caring for 85 Covid-19 patients with 71 of them not fully vaccinated and 14 fully vaccinated.”

  27. Back in the early 1950’s when I and my siblings were very young, vaccines were coming out, particularly the polio vax. Our dad said no to any vaccine, stating ” they contain poisonous substances ‘ and aren’t what you think. Dad believed clean water, nutritious food; fresh air little junk food; NO soda pop were the answer to good health. We had measles, chicken pox, mumps the usual cuts, scrapes of childhood. Mom cared for us and did great job. As adults we 3 have been very healthy, living well without use of drugs. Low normal blood pressure,no diabetes, no debilitating anything. Will I capitulate to Covid vaccine and ruin my good health? No thank you! My family knows just how to stay healthy and alive without government interference which is designed to limit our lives. Regards to all and may you have a long healthful life!

  28. I happened to be reading page 317 of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (written in 1957) and how timely this excerpt is today. Read for yourself.

    “So you think you’re sure of your opinions? You cannot be sure of anything. Are you going to endanger the harmony of your community, your fellowship with your neighbors, your standing, reputation, good name and financial security – for the sake of an illusion? Are you going to run risks and court disasters – at a precarious time like ours – by opposing the existing social order in the name of those imaginary notions of yours which you call your convictions? You say that you’re sure you’re right? Nobody is right, or ever can be. You feel that the world around you is wrong? You have no means to know it. Everything is wrong in human eyes – so why fight it? Don’t argue. Accept. Adjust yourself. Obey.”

    After reading, reflect on our current situation where we have Corporate Drug manufacturer’s making billions of dollars and our one sided Media teaming up in a public/private partnership with the Government to force an agenda/medical treatment that is not time tested. Then watch the video link and remember we are not allowed to think or question anymore!

    “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” So said U.S. Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

    May you continue to think and be well.

  29. They are considering those who have been fully vaxxed, but it has not been 14 days since the second jab, as unvaxxed when it comes to hospital entry pertaining to covid. It is all a psyop.

    1. This is exactly right!!! And since most adverse reactions happen within 14 days, boom the hospitalizations and deaths are all labelled as unvaxxed instead of vaxxed.

  30. When I asked two doctors on a Rotary panel to define ‘unvaccinated’ one of them responded, ‘No injections, one injection or 14 days within two injections.’ This is how they perpetuate their lie. They use words that are incorrect to deliberately obfuscate the truth. Thes last two sets should at least be defined as ‘Not fully vaccinated ’ and ‘recently vaccinated’ The ‘new variants’ are the ‘vaccine side effects’.

  31. Here in Scotland a couple of weeks ago I listened to a chief nursing officer in the radio Scotland state that 40% of current Covid patients currently in hospital were not vaccinated.

  32. The unreported truth is that unless a person has had BOTH shots, he is considered UN VACCINATED. So if you die from side effects of the first shot, you are reported as un-vaccinated, so they can continue their false claims

  33. Stew Peters TV has had many health care providers whistleblow on their current status at their hospitals and while many cases are unvax, many at least half if not more are. Further somewhere I listened to a nurse say the very same, ‘hospitals do not ask your vax status upon admission, unless it shows up in the system as having been vax in one of their affiliated clinics.’

    The data is always being manipulated. Further these whistleblowers are also saying it is vax injured they are seeing in the hospitals.

  34. Has anyone looked at Israel’s hospital records, who are months ahead of other nations with vaccinations? I recently watched an Israeli podcast of multiple formerly healthy vaccinated people whose lives are ruined. I am watching to see how things play out there, as they are already on their third (booster) shot and saying a fourth will be coming, also. India is having good results with Ivermectin, which must be used in the first five days to be most effective, according to many reports. Odd how it works so well there and not here, except maybe we don’t use it here?

  35. I personally think that this whole thing is just a scam to topple America. Nobody has the right according to the constitution and the Nuremberg codes to make you take “ANYTHING AGAINST YOUR WILL” furthermore the American people have forgotten that “WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT” These people who we elect are not our masters but our SERVANTS, PUPPETS if you will. We pull the strings not them and if we don’t start making that fact clear to these treasonous immoral dictators then they should keep doing what they are doing and send everyone into fema camps and just get it over with. There are 333 million people in this country and you mean to tell me that a hand full of men and women we elected to do our business for us are our masters? How absurd! Our forefathers put a special amendment into the constitution just in case someone/s decided to become a dictator by not doing the will of the people but their own agenda and that is the 2 AMENDMENT, just in CASE of a tyrannical government , so when you are truly fed up with what these treasonous dictators are doing then pull out your 2 AMENDMENT Card I bet that will set the record straight and that is not a coup, what they are doing is a coup to over throw our country and its sovereign freedom’s, all we would be doing is throwing the bums out and restoring our REPUBLIC its CONSTITUTIONAL RULE OF LAW THAT GUARANTEES OUR RIGHTS TO SELF GOVERN. So, my question to all of is, ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED YET?

  36. Walker, it’s actually not true that the CDC recommended a lower CT threshold for the PCR tests for the vaccinated. The CDC is very clear that they were referring to the CT threshold for determining which samples to send them for genetic sequencing. Amplifications above 28 yield too little quality genetic info, and thus are not good for sequencing.

  37. In Illinois
    15 % of staffed ICU beds COVID.
    65% not covid
    20 % vacant.

    1 month ago in Illinois
    16% Covid
    68 % non COVID
    16 % vacant.

    In November 2020 with COVID 4× and Covid deaths 4× their were no covid vaccine and more available ICU beds .
    They changed the procedure.
    Now they put more Covid pacents in ICU.
    Hospital get more pay if pacents are in ICU.

    Could not find data anywhere about the total % of hospital pacents have received COVID vaccine., regardless of diagnoses.

    I have noticed a increase in hospital emergency in April 2020 and still increasing. In April vaccine high and Covid going down.
    No conclusion on what causes the increase.

    Did your see video it’s not covid that is killing it’s the protocol?

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