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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Is it Really a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated?

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One of the main rationales for why some U.S. health officials are referring to COVID-19 as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is the claim that 97 percent of Americans who have been hospitalized  with symptoms of the illness are unvaccinated. During a White House press briefing on July 16, 2021, the director of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, MD, said that unvaccinated people account for more than 97 percent of hospitalizations in the United States.1

Predictably, the 97 percent figure has been picked up by media outlets and medical associations around the country and cited as proof that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”2 3 4 5 6 How can one argue with such evidence? I mean, numbers don’t lie, do they? Particularly when they are provided by an authoritative source like the director of the CDC.

CDC Used COVID Hospitalization Data from January-June 2021

However, numbers can sometimes be deceptive or manipulated. In the case of the 97 percent figure given by Dr. Walensky, what she omitted to say at the press briefing was that the figure was based on data collected during January-June 2021. At another White House press briefing on Aug. 5, Dr. Walensky said that the data used to come up with that 97 percent figure were…

data that were from analyses in several states from January through June and didn’t reflect the data that we have now from the Delta variant.7

The problem with using this data to convey the message that 97 percent of Americans hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated is that it suggests that only three percent of Americans hospitalized with COVID are vaccinated. This misleads the public into crediting the COVID vaccines for the huge discrepancy between unvaccinated hospitalized and vaccinated hospitalized, leading to the inevitable conclusion that the vaccines must be working nearly to perfection.

That conclusion might be valid had there been a relatively equal number of unvaccinated people versus vaccinated people in the U.S. during the January-June timeframe to make a fair and balanced comparison. But there wasn’t.

Most Americans Were Unvaccinated During First Half of 2021

As of Jan. 1, 2021, only 0.5 percent of the U.S. population had been fully vaccinated.8 By Feb. 1, the figure had risen to 1.8 percent of the population. By Mar. 1, it 7.6 percent. By Apr. 1, it was 16.8 percent. By May 1, it was 30.9 percent. On June 1, 40.6 percent of the U.S. population had been fully vaccinated. By the end of June, it was 46.3 percent.9

Of course, there were many more unvaccinated people hospitalized for COVID during January-June 2021. For each of the six months for which the CDC collected data on COVID hospitalizations, there were simply many more unvaccinated people than vaccinated, so you would naturally expect to see many more of them hospitalized than vaccinated people. It’s just basic math.

Here’s an example. On Jan. 1, when only 0.5 percent of the population had been vaccinated, there were 125,047 people hospitalized for COVID in the U.S. Almost all of those people in the hospital were likely unvaccinated. Why? Because almost everybody in the U.S. was unvaccinated. On Feb. 1, when only 1.8 percent of the population had been vaccinated, there were 93,536 people hospitalized for COVID in the U.S. Why? Same reason. And so forth.

For the period in the CDC using data to make its case that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” the reason the agency is able to do so is because the vast portion of Americans were indeed unvaccinated, not because they were unusually more susceptible to becoming seriously ill with COVID than were vaccinated people. The fact is that, through at least April, there were relatively few people in the U.S. who were vaccinated.

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46 Responses

  1. So what is the vaccine effectiveness on covid hospitalations?
    I calculated 76%. Oops I didn’t correct for age. The older people got hosplised more than the younger.
    Was the effectiveness 94% ?
    All the news report useless data.
    And false conclusion.
    Covid is still a pandamic of the old.

    Vitamin D3 is 80% effective.
    A unvaccinated person takeing vitamin D3 supplement is less likely to be hospitalized than a vaccinated person.
    And vitamin D3 is MUCH safer than the “safe” deadly covid vaccine. But the average unvaccinated person is younger than the average vaccinated person. So if you take D3 and get vaccinated you would be much less likely to be hospitalized from covid. But more likely to be hospitalized from the vaccine. Yet the CDC and news don’t recommend vitamin D3.
    I guess they are more concerned about promoting the covid vaccine, than reducing hospitalizations.

    But that was last month.

    In Barnstaple Massachusetts in July:
    The covid vaccine was useless in preventing infection or hospitalizations.
    The vaccinated got just as sick as the unvaccinated, and 3 weeks later the epidemic was gone.

    1. I am big fan of D3. I would love to repeat your assertion of 80% effectiveness, but will not without some back-up data. Is there a study that shows this, or even an analysis of who ends up hospitalized with and without D3?

      1. Well, I’ll give some empirical data: My Mom is 97 and her husband is 94. They are both still relatively active and live in an area of about 90-100,000 population that supposedly had/has a lot of covid cases (according to the flawed testing that has been used). They both have their drivers licenses and my Mom goes out in the public and plays bridge at least twice a week. They also have family members from the ages of 20-80 in their home regularly for “game nights” and meals, etc several times per month. All these visitors work daily in public sectors, and no one ever wears a mask when they visit. They also attend church services weekly. Mom also goes grocery shopping out in the public a couple times per week as well, and they eat out in person at various restaurants a few times per month. Neither have worn masks except when “required” publicly during the height of the “pandemic.” They both religiously take 5,000-10,000mg D3, 10,000mg vit A (as palmitate), 1000-2000mg vitamin C, and 15-30mg zinc daily-those are the main immune boosters they both take. Mom also takes a liquid multi and does autologous ozone twice/month, though her husband doesn’t do the ozone. Neither have been sick AT ALL since the “pandemic” started. Yeah, I know….it’s “anecdotal,” But I’ll take their experiences over the lies and distortions presented by the CDC and others in the big-pharma-sponsored mainstream ALL DAY LONG!!

      2. Just got out of the hospital after contraction Wuflu with pneumonia. I take D3 every day and have for several years. Just saying…

        1. Have you had your D3 numbers checked? Although I’ve taken for years, my count was at 46 two years ago- not appropriate at all!!
          Insurance should cover testing at least once a year.

  2. A classic case of what Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) described as “lies, damned lies and statistics.”

  3. We’re surrounded by a nation of sheep.
    This is why everyone “submitted” to the Agenda 21 Taxation Districts, so unelected boards control property taxes across County lines—invalidating much of the job of the County Tax Collector-Assessor. School districts are similar. (It was based on the earlier concept of utility districts, which were for the good reason of building them to serve a physical location.)
    _ America has been taken over by the rich-filthy, and the brain-washed masses–so busy wreckreating and buying junk with their way-overpriced Chinese phones, watching idiot celebrities, on TV; they let CEOs and unelected government bureaucrat “Agencies” burn us to the ground.
    _ The U.S. Cabinet-Level HHS includes the PHS, which includes totally-corrupted CDC, FDA, NIH (NIAID), et al. (yes and CMS who implements Medicare and gives NO dental, COLA to match real inflation, etc.) LIES R US.

  4. Very tired of the old “the vaccine will make the illness less severe” mantra being touted all over. My stepdad and mom were both vaccinated by Pfizer in Feb. and Mar. of this year. They both got Covid. Stepdad was hospitalized and now he can’t walk. Nerve damage from the virus. My mom is a month in, and now has a secondary infection. She has not been hospitalized. She received the plasma infusion the first week she was ill. Didn’t work. They are both on numerous medications now. She is VERY angry with the government and Pfizer for making them think they could resume normal life two weeks after their last shot. I told her, “You fell for the propaganda.” My husband and I had Covid early this summer. It was not pleasant but we survived (he has asthma and I have a bleeding disorder). We took lots of vitamins (C and D in large doses), zinc, lots of clear fluids, lots of sleep, NO fever reducers and NOTHING to stop the violent diarrhea. We let our bodies do what they were designed to do. Now, we have the antibodies (and the test results to prove it) but we’re being told we’re second-class citizens without the vaccine. We can’t go to concerts, restaurants, etc. in some places even through our immunity is FAR superior to that of the vaccinated. And, nobody is talking about how many vaccinated people are touting their “vaccine passports” when their immunity has waned by now, or is completely non-existent. My mom’s doctor tested her Covid antibodies in the third day of the illness. She had NONE. He said she was the third fully vaccinated patient he’d seen that week with no Covid antibodies. It’s a HUGE SCAM.

  5. Now we know that the Covid vaccines suppress the natural immune system making the vaccinated people more likely to become ill from variants and other viruses.

  6. In PR non vaccinated means they have one shot only and it hasnt been 14 days since you got both shots….so its misleading!

  7. I’m SO GLAD this was mentioned! Those figures have been driving me insane because they didn’t seem right at all. So I tracked down the CDC data myself where they state these stats based on Los Angeles County hospital numbers. I read the entire damn study from the CDC, making certain I understood each line before I moved on. Finally, deep in the data, I came to HOW VACCINATED PERSONS WERE IDENTIFIED.

    1. Several stated passes of manipulation, namely “Deterministic and Probablistic” were done over the raw hospital data (which I could NOT find). In general, Deterministic means you can take the same set of data and you will always get the same answer ( i.e. Frank and Jeff each ate 1 cookie. Thereby 2 cookies were eaten total [1+1=2). Probablistic means “ based on or adapted to a theory of probability; subject to or involving chance variation.” (i.e. Frank and Jeff each ate one cookies each. If you eliminate anyone named Frank from the study, that means only 1 cookies total was eaten).

    I am not too familiar with these terms, so correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean they can include any set of rules they want to wittle down the numbers of who qualifies as “vaccinated” and thereby buff up the “unvaccinated” group? It doesn’t state what rules they applied to the raw data, but I am betting it’s to make the vaccinated pool much smaller and the unvaccinated pool much larger to manipulate the data.

    2. One of the things mentioned to qualify a person as “vaccinated” is they MUST have their Co-Vid vaccination registered on CAIR2, which is the California Vaccine Registry. A) This registry in particular is NEW and I highly doubt they had tranferred all the data from CAIR1 to CAIR 2. and; 2) Los Angeles Country has MANY undocumented immigrants from Mexico, who of which if vaccinated, wouldn’t be on the CAIR2 registry. and; 3) There is no mention how accurate CAIR2 numbers are compared to the real number. Therfore, it is possible they are eliminating many, if not most, vaccinated individuals from the vaccinated number.

    3. ANYONE who doesn’t fit the strict rules of who is vaccinated (which includes anyone with ONE shot, not two) into the UNVACCINATED group, making that group MUCH larger, and thereby manipulating the date in favor of making it seem most people in hospitals are unvaccinated.

    PLEASE someone look into this! I am not a scientist, but its scary to think this type of manipulation is happening! I am vaccinated, but I want to know what my REAL risks are!

    1. Renee, very good comment.
      Having had to work with these ‘medical research’ types in the past, the quote by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) comes to mind. “There are lies, d^mned lies, and statistics.”

  8. Not the first time the “Director” has been outright wrong, but since
    there is no consequence to her, why not be as sloppy or calculated
    as suits the need – which has nothing to do with public good!

  9. How misleading is this?
    Persons were considered fully vaccinated ≥14 days after
    receipt of the second dose in a 2-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech
    or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines) or after 1 dose of the singledose Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine¶;
    partially vaccinated ≥14 days after receipt of the first dose and
    <14 days after the second dose in a 2-dose series;
    unvaccinated <14 days after receipt of the first dose of a 2-dose series or 1 dose of the single-dose vaccine or if no CAIR2 vaccination data were available.
    COVID-19–associated hospitalizations were defined as hospital admissions occurring ≤14 days after a first SARS-CoV-2 infection.
    COVID-19–associated deaths were defined as deaths occurring ≤60 days after the date of a first laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection or deaths with COVID-19 listed as a cause of or contributing condition to death.

  10. I get the stats from the CDC and the stale nature of their information. But what about the local news that repeatedly has quoted hospital staff as saying that current hospitalizations, in the last few weeks, are largely unvaccinated? How can we get better current information or is this perhaps now correct?

    1. Dear C. Nelson,

      Remember when the whole Panic started? The “news” was screaming about overloaded hospitals, doctors dropping from overwork, the whole 9 yards. I had to take a relative into a “big” city hospital for something. I happened to walk past the emergency room. Guess how many people were in there? ZERO! NONE. NADA! ZIP! They do not tell the truth. Period! This is an agenda. The people who are getting sick or dying are from the COVID VACCINE. Notice how the regular garden variety cold and flu has disappeared? Do you think the “statistics” are mentioning that? I would guess not.

      You are witnessing propaganda, pure and simple. And the fools are eating it up like it was a Krispy Kreme donut for the recently vaccinated.

  11. The spin merchants behind this whole Plandemic is truly Ridiculous.
    I’ve seen classrooms full of 5 year olds with more clues.
    97% must be some sort of a pagan Symbol. In the Real Medical world NOTHING is 97%. The PCR test supposedly used to identify covid is a total hoax.
    Drosten dreamed up the covid virus on a PC in Jan 2020 because the so called Wuhan cases were still under investigation.
    The world has been subjected to the Greatest Fraud in All History.
    Dr Reiner Fuellmich is onto this Swindle and has already began legal proceedings in the US and Germany.
    Over 1000 Scientific Experts from over 100 fields will be called to give evidence.
    Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Drosten, Ferguson, Clown Swab et al will all be charged with Crimes against humanity and terrorizing Children.
    Make no mistakes about this whole NWO construct, it has been in the planning for well over 100 years. The Key to their program was the discovery of a nano sized creature that was to be called a Virus. Something so small that next to a regular white blood cell looks like a mouse next to Andre the Giant.
    The whole premise behind the virus, flu, covid, Delta, Zika, Swine, Bird, Mad cow, West Nile . MERS is selling billions of shots, shots dreamed up by a Gigantic Business Plan to repeatedly Inject Trillions of doses of who knows what into a never ending line of Humans.
    Anyone who understands the Human Biome knows that this premise is a mega hoax, a Galactic Fraud.
    No Virus, not even a teaspoon of the stuff can cause harm or injury to a standard healthy Joe or Jill – 100% Impossible.
    All the Aged supposably dying of covid are in reality dying of multiple issues.
    This is 100% normal. The body gets tires, it’s shot, it’s shutting down.
    Everything dies, even Giant whales and massive trees.
    Ponder this thought. In 2020 the stock Flu virus vanished. This virus that has killed tens of millions since time began just vanished. Hardly any cases were reported anywhere. Yet how Strange that an almost Identical virus came along with almost the exact same symptoms?? Smell a rat anywhere folks?
    Here is a classic. In Australia the standard flu was killing on average 3000 people a year before it vanished in 2020. The ”More Lethal” , Industry destroying , relationship killing, mass suicide causing Covid in 18 months has barely killed a 1000 people!! The regular flu in 18 months would have killed 4500 people in the same time frame!! The masses have been SOLD a Raw Prawn.
    Now billions are getting shots containing Graphene in them. If you think the Clot shot will be the ticket to freedoms again, dream on.
    Every single person on the Clot Shot list is in for an endless repeat business experience. I watched for 30 years ‘Norms’ getting their annual ‘Flu’ shots and the same people always suffering some sickness, the flu as is described by the medical industry. The flu is just a Brand name for a bunch of symptoms that equal feeling crap. A condition caused by Malnutrition – 100% Fact.
    If you believe the Syringe Cult is Kosher, by all means continue your trust in them. If you’ve suffered an adverse reaction from these Cultists and their weird potions I strongly suggest you begin taking Iodine to rid that junk out of your body. Take Mg and Selenium also. Good luck.

    1. I noticed that mysterious disappearance of data on U.S. influenza deaths in 2021 too. I figure that they need real records of people who died (from indistinguishable symptoms) in case some kind of investigation takes place (which I doubt will ever happen). Or, could it just be that it’s the $2000 incentives to the hospitals for declaring each death as Covid-caused that cured the flu.

  12. I don’t believe any of the CDC data anymore. Not that I believed it back then either, of course. They’ve always cherry picked data especially in regards to vaccines.

    Seeing as the CDC own a bunch of patents to them and get a lot of money from them, I have a hard time believing they would be impartial, since that’s their big money maker.

  13. If you don’t believe the CDC, every single metro ATL hospital is putting out numbers and the sickest patients are indeed all unvaccinated.

    1. Hi! I would really like to see this data, if you have a link! I have yet to find any raw data from hospitals themselves.

      Most news coverage and articles boil down to the same CDC study of raw hospital data which imposes strict/strange rules for who counts as “vaccinated”, and the rest are all pooled in with the unvaccinated, heavily bolstering the unvaccinated count and could easily be manipulated. So seeing multiple raw data from hospitals would help!

    2. Hmmm. My office tests over 200 daily and the sick ones now are almost all “vaccinated”. Nurses or hospital staff tell me the same. This is NYC btw.

    3. Lisa, you really believe all these statistics, still? Amazing. Well just get your shots and be done with it, you’ll be “safe”, until they tell you you aren’t safe, then you’ll just go get another shot.

      Me, I know better. Apparently so do the nurses and health professionals who do NOT want this jab either!

  14. True perspective for Jan to June data but its Aug. 30 now and you are manipulating the data just as unfairly when you omit current data. Last week 75 doctors held a press conference in palm beach gardens Florida and said 98% to 99% of current hospitalized patients and 100% of ICU patients were unvaccinated. Many other hospitals report the same. Drop your anti vax bias and report the facts rather than trying only to discredit Gov’t data.

    1. I’m feeling generous tonight so I’ll give you the benefit of my doubt as to your sincerity. “Vaccinated” status is conferred only after two weeks have passed post second shot. Until then, all who have received only one shot are considered unvaccinated. Those who have received the second shot are also considered unvaccinated until two weeks pass,post second shot.We’re not impressed by your citation Of 75 doctors in attendance at some PR “press “ conference either. I’d end by saying “Nice try “ but somehow a Holocaust Level Event such as this precludes me from the trivial. Also, strangely and transparently nowhere in your comment did you even make the claim that the ICUs were even Covid positive tested or cases or anything COVID related !!!! I guess you forgot to mention it!!!

    2. You’re a “true believer” in the religion of modern medicine, aren’t you Jim? Well, if you believe the ‘statistics’ and that the “science is settled”, you sure aren’t a scientist! Because TRUE science is NEVER SETTLED. And NOTHING is 100%. And, statistics lie all the time. You never dealt with medical professionals or the research setting. I did. I know. They’re some of the most corrupt and evil people you would ever not want to know.

    3. 75 doctors and nurses said a thing without any supporting evidence and the thing is true. How dare you ask questions of our overlords?!

      Perhaps they forgot or maybe just neglected to mention the total lack of outpatient care for positive tests (regardless of jab status). If we were treating positive cases before they got really sick, like we would with any other illness, we could reduce pressure on hospital staff because the vast majority would be well before hospitalization. For starters, check out Dr Peter McCullough. Then maybe take a look at some of what Dr Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA delivery system) is saying about vaccines.

  15. Additionally, I read elsewhere that the CDC considered the unvaccinated to be those who had already received their first dose, or had received two doses but we’re within the 2-week window of time before they are considered “fully vaccinated.” Totally dishonest and corrupt Agency.

  16. there is no germ. Google germ theory. Viruses dont exist. Just decaying sick/polluted/malnutritioned cells giving off toxins that they call viruses. Its a natural process. No airborn germs. just cell debris detected by tests.

    1. Yes, Dr. Tom Cowan recently wrote a book about that called “The Contagion Myth” put out by Chelsea Publishing. Amazon banned it so don’t look for it there. I’m pretty much banning myself from buying anything from amazon. Anyone who is pro-censorship or pro-vaccine/anti choice I refuse to patronize. I pulled my fakebook account and other things. People have to vote with their feet, since the voting machines don’t seem to be working.

  17. I’m feeling generous tonight so I’ll give you the benefit of my doubt as to your sincerity. “Vaccinated” status is conferred only after two weeks have passed post second shot. Until then, all who have received only one shot are considered unvaccinated. Those who have received the second shot are also considered unvaccinated until two weeks pass,post second shot.We’re not impressed by your citation Of 75 doctors in attendance at some PR “press “ conference either. I’d end by saying “Nice try “ but somehow a Holocaust Level Event such as this precludes me from the trivial. Also, strangely and transparently nowhere in your comment did you even make the claim that the ICUs were even Covid positive tested or cases or anything COVID related !!!! I guess you forgot to mention it!!!

  18. I don’t trust the CDC, so naturally I don’t have any confidence in their vaccine approval process. I don’t take any kind of vaccine even if it has been around for decades, so I am not vaccine hesitant, I am adamant in not taking them. I just pray that God will reveal the lies and deceptions of the makers, the doctors, and, of course, our politicians, including Fauci.

  19. So the data (using the MMWR link provided) listed 10895 fully vaccinated of the 43127 total CoVID cases. That equals 25.26% were vaccinated, not 3%???!!!!

  20. Del Bigtree of the Highwire reported on a fairly recent show that the CDC stopped collecting data in either April or May on the number of vaccinated persons hospitalized with covid symptoms, and only records data on unvaccinated persons. He showed a statement from CDC indicating there change. This would also greatly skew the numbers, especially for May , June and July. In Israel where 80% of the adult population was vaccinated shows over 80% of the hospitalizations with covid symptoms were fully vaccinated.

  21. @Ed. In May 2021 the CDC stopped counting and/or tracking breakthrough cases of COVID-19 UNLESS the infected individual was hospitalized or the person died. Two of my closest friends who received their 2nd Pfizer shot in March became very sick with COVID-19 around July 24. She finally recovered and returned to work about 10 days ago. He’s still bedridden, fighting the infection. Neither of them were hospitalized so that’s two breakthrough cases the CDC won’t be counting even though both were bedridden for over a month. Imagine the number of “fully vaccinated” people who have gotten sick that aren’t even being counted. That’s one way they can perpetuate the lie about the efficacy of these “vaccines”.

  22. The definition of a vaccine is – it stops the covid virus ….so ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine and zinc are the true vaccines. Also 6,000mg -10,000mg vit D and magnesium. True vaccine Kills the virus. it works better than the shot with no side effects. Go to Frontline Doctors and Children Health Defense for actual truth and for medicine .They are not part iof corrupt Big PHARMA, media and Our corrupt government agencies!!!!

  23. Why nobody cares about making in-vitro analysis to determine whether the variants are being created by the unvaccinated, or by the vaccine? It should be possible to accomplish this test in a secured lab, without risking human lives. That would put an end to the controversy, and debunk the unproven theory of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. My conviction is that, similar to mutations of bacteria, under pressure by antibiotics, and of bugs, under pressure by pesticides, viruses also mutate under pressure by vaccines. Unvaccinated people do not represent any existential risk to SARS CoV-2. That is “natural selection” 101.

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