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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards a Cottage Industry

fake vaccination card

Story Highlights

  • Currently, the only type of “proof” of COVID-19 vaccination available in the U.S. is a small printed paper card given out when someone receives the first dose of the vaccine, which is used to coordinate the type and timing for the second dose.
  • As more venues begin requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, a new business has blossomed selling either blank cards or fraudulent cards that are made to look authentic.
  • As some urge electronic digitization of vaccine records to avoid the potential for fake print vaccination cards, others argue that protection of medical privacy should take precedence.

The official “COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card” is a small lightweight paper card that includes the insignia for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is printed with spaces to manually fill in the name and date of birth of the recipient, the date(s) the COVID-19 vaccines were given, the name of the health care professional who administered the shot or site of vaccination, and the type and lot number of the biological product injected.1

Government officials have stated that federal government workers will be not be required to get COVID-19 vaccine or disclose whether they are vaccinated,2 although employees who refuse to answer a question about their vaccination status may be required to wear a mask or engage in social distancing. Many corporations are beginning to require proof of vaccination for employment3 or entry into businesses, but some states have passed laws that ban vaccine passports.4

Currently, the only kind of vaccine verification product or “vaccine passport” in the U.S. are the paper cards documenting COVID-19 vaccination status.”5 Paper cards are relatively easy to reproduce and have become a bone of contention between those who want to exercise voluntary informed consent to being vaccinated without being punished for the decision made, and those who insist that everyone must get vaccinated or be denied employment, education and entry to public spaces.

Blank COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Selling on Amazon

Before any alarms were sounded, blank card templates were available legitimately on several state websites. According to a spokesperson for the Missouri state department, “Initially, it was included on our vaccinators’ resources web page because there were times when providers would not receive enough cards with the vaccines, especially when additional doses were being drawn before larger ancillary kits were made available.”6

On Amazon, packs of blank COVID-19 vaccination cards were selling for $12.99 and were reportedly available on numerous other websites, ranging from Etsy, which primarily sells home made crafts and vintage products, to the dark web, commonly thought of as an online forum for questionable or even illegal activities.7 As it became clear that the cards were being used to establish proof of COVID-19 vaccination in unvaccinated people, public officials changed their stance.

Public Authorities Respond in Force

In a public service announcement released on Mar. 30, 2021, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned the public “to be aware of individuals selling fake COVID-19 vaccination record cards and encouraging others to print fake cards at home.” The announcement stated that creating or using fake cards is illegal and punishable under a number of laws:

Individuals may use fake vaccine cards to misrepresent themselves as vaccinated [and] we strongly encourage businesses, schools, places of worship, and government agencies to follow CDC guidance and continue to maintain social distancing and use personal protective equipment.8

In April, members of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) sent letters to the CEOs of several platforms where the counterfeit cards were sold, including eBay, Twitter, Shopify and OfferUp, urging them to take action against people who were selling the fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards.9

Arrests Begin, Though Criminal Charges Still Rare

So far, not many involved in the distribution or use of the cards have been charged with a criminal offense. One California bar owner was arrested after undercover agents with the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control were able to repeatedly buy phony COVID-19 vaccination cards and witnessed the bar’s employees cutting out the cards and filling them in, using different colored pens to make the cards look authentic.10

A (now former) employee at CVS pharmacy in Long Island, New York, was also arrested for stealing blank vaccination cards with the intent to sell them to students “share them with family members and friends, so that they could go into venues and possibly even use them at schools.”11

Government Surveillance Versus Right to Medical Privacy

New York State Senator Anna M. Kaplan, who sponsored a recently passed bill making it a felony to create or possess the fraudulent cards, said:

We’re already seeing anti-vaxxers spread tips online for how to create fake cards in order to get around vaccination mandates, and we need to put a stop to this effort to defraud the public so that our recovery from the pandemic can keep moving forward.12

The market for fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards is increasing as more and more places begin requiring proof of vaccination for entry or participation, and as schools and corporations are insisting on proof of COVID-19 vaccination for employment or education. Needing to provide such proof presents a challenge for the approximately 25 percent or more of Americans unwilling to risk being injected with the still experimental COVID-19 vaccine.13

Although the COVID-19 vaccination cards themselves are easy enough to fake, actual vaccination data are also registered online, so the counterfeit cards are unlikely to work for many applications. There has been a push by some to electronically digitize vaccination records in lieu of relying on the paper cards. Still others, such as digital privacy advocate Hayley Tsukayama, a legislative activist at the digital rights nonprofit corporation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, argue that COVID-19 vaccine tracking systems present a threat to medical privacy. He said, “Setting up massive systems for tracking folks, collecting their information, and then with no kind of exit plan, how is that data going to be treated?”14

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19 Responses

  1. Told you, called this one years ago. Requirements to participate in vaccination status databases will only bring an increased level of fraud. I don’t need the card, I need someone to enter us into the system and just throw the vaccines away. We’ll pay the service charge, but will simply not consume this product. This is the use of force argument. We reject vaccines on principal because they are using force. States which have denied implementation of mask mandates and vaccine passports are attracting record setting growth right now. We don’t show papers for access. They’ll have to get all the way to the digital record to box us in, and even then, we’ll find ways around it. What happened to just choosing to not wear the mask? This is getting to be more like some science fiction theater of the macabre. Get a grip people, turn off the television and stop living in fear. Good health does not come from the doctors office, it comes from the gym and smart decisions at the grocery store. You can’t inject good health into your veins with a needle, not have to put in any real work, it’s all so preposterous. If we’re asking for medical information, I want to know who’s on the anti depressants and mind aldering pharmas every day. Lets get to identify and sort them out, if we’re like sorting people based on that kind of thing. Also would like identification whom has STD’s, stay away from them. Personally I’d like some good or bad credit rating badge too, as I would like to win in some fields where I have a worthy standing. And I’m a native, another badge. Home owner, another badge, and sorry renters, have to wear the renter badge. When will enough be enough? The people have gone mad and Elvis has left the building!

    1. Colorado’s GestapoGovenor Polis mandated masks, I believe, mostly due to irrational fear and corporations screaming for it cuz their customers and employees bought into the fear, and they didn’t want to be sued.
      That said: FREEDOM of CHOICE, No Matter What!

  2. Globalist Medical Tyranny.
    FREEDOM of CHOICE No Matter What!
    Pray, for only God can save us now.

  3. What did they expect? those in the government requiring such tracking are the ones creating the issues and hence encouraging fraud. Let people decide what they want to do with their bodies without consequences and the world will be at peace (almost) and noone will try to outsmart the system. So what now, they will fill prisons with bearer of fake carsd!!!?

    1. The gov’t and media have created a strong(false) narrative that those that refuse the jab are somehow hurting others as if the unvaccinated are spreaders. Despite the fact that these RNA injections do not stop infection and we are seeing more and more vaccinated with “breakthrough” Covid. They then roll out the “herd immunity” trope. No such thing as vaccine created herd immunity. Never was. No proof of such, but that hasn’t stopped the media and “experts” all proclaiming we need herd immunity and those not participating are un-American and dangers to others. Like the Red scare. That guy’s a communist, hates America and must be isolated or locked up for our protection. They ignore their own belief that if they are vaccinated they should have nothing to fear and still live in terror of that unvaccinated person down the street. Irrational. Loss of common sense.

  4. Here comes the Mark of the Beast!! So obvious (to those of us who know His word). Turn to Jesus while you still can.

  5. This fraud industry plays right into the controller’s hands. There will be a demand for biometric proof due to all the fraudulent vaccine passes that are available. It would be better if we all stand up and and refuse all of this crap!

  6. Most states already have computerized tracking for vaccinations and can’t br opted out of, I tried. They just need to connect these databases.

  7. (They) meant for this to happen. In fact, (they) are probably helping it to happen. The papers were never meant to be a permanent mark. This Hegelian move is for the purpose of digital tracking.

  8. You can’t inject good health with a needle? Yes, you can. My husband recovered from community spread bacterial pneumonia due to a ton of antibacterials injected into him. He was one hour from sepsis and recovered! “Let people decide what to do with their own bodies without consequences?” If you were to catch this virus and pass it on to others,THEY could die: that is a consequence. It’s illegal to drink and drive. Why? In part, because of the consequences. You could kill others. “Fill prisons with bearers of fakecards…” No, that will not happen, but you must present a real card just like your driver’s license and SSN card. Of course, there will be those who work to outsmart the system. They do it with other cards regularly. Legal ramifications are in place to discourage those who want to beat the system. This is a vaccine against a virus. Pretty basic science, here, everyone. This is not “fear driven.” This is thinking rationally about yourself and most importantly about others. I do not want to see our health care system overwhelmed. I do not want to transmit this virus to anyone. I have had two dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I will show my “non-fraudulent” vaccine card without hesitancy. Those who are afraid this will lead to the sharing of all of our personal medical info. need to stop sharing their irrational fears. “Mark of the Beast,” “Gestapo Governor,” “Global Medical Tyranny,” Those words scream of fear. We ask for proof of childhood vaccines. If you don’t, then you must have specific reasons for exemptions. Similarily, if you can’t get the covid vaccine due to health reasons, then I would suggest you will undoubtedly be wearing a mask for some time if you choose to keep yourself and others healthy and safe. Praying for calm and wisdom during this time.

    1. That was your choice to get 2 doses of experimental covid vaccine. It’s a very personal choice. Check VAERS. Vaccines either don’t last long or don’t work. That’s what booster shots are for. We are what we eat. Good health doesn’t come from syringes or pills. Building up immune system is the main thing. I’m not a scientist or doctor, but I’ve researched on vaccines over 20 years. I’m pro choice yet am very against mandatory vaccines. For that reason I don’t agree with you it’s irrational fear when they choose not to get vaccinated. Forcing vaccines on is medical tyranny. ?‍♀️

    2. thanks for sharing your point of view on the comments posted and on the current situation.
      However, please do some research about the “basic science” you believe the media and other are feeding us, and just look more globally at what is happening around you… do you really believe we will protect each other by being injected by something that is not a vaccine (by the way)?

    3. Spoken like a true Bolshevik. Lenin would be proud of you. Wake up because you are seriously asleep behind the wheel. You do not know what is really going on, evidenced by your Sheeple stance on this vaccine issue. You are a blind believer in the Religion of Modern Medicine. Two people in my family were killed thanks to modern “medicine”. You can take your drugs, have at it, but don’t you go telling everyone ELSE WHAT TO DO!!

      I know how to take care of my health without relying on the voodoo priests of allopathic medicine! Do some independent research FOR A CHANGE.

  9. Lady Jen,

    I am NOT responsible for the health of any other human being. Period. If you want to get the **** death shot, be my guest. If you die from it, I will have compassion, but I will NOT be responsible. There is legitimate evidence that the “folks in charge” have not done their job, not completed adequate studies and actually lied to the public about “safety” and “efficacy” of these biological injections. They are NOT normal vaccines, and they have NOT been studied enough. There are actually very prestigious virologists, scientists and doctors that are warning that these shots are dangerous. They not kill you now, but they could shorten your life or kill you later. If you did your homework, you would know this, although I do not know how you cannot if you come to this site. You don’t have to be “crazy” or a “conspiracy theorist” or any other out of the box thinking human being. You simply have to look at the evidence. I did not get my child vaccinated, and he never infected anyone with anything, and I will NEVER regret it, just as I will never regret NOT getting the **** death shot. There are thousands and thousands of people getting permanently injured and DYING from these so-called “vaccinations.” They are an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG. Get it through your thick skull. NO. I will not comply. And I am NOT responsible for anyone else’s health. Thank you very much. Have a GREAT LIFE!

  10. Lo importante seria ver que podemos hacer para defendernos legalmente para poder ejercer nuestros derechos, como viajar, entrar a cualquier sitio, sin que se nos exija presentar una cartilla que pruebe que estamos vacunados. Finalmente hay quienes aceptan pasivamente participar en este experimento en humanos, pero los que nos oponemos a participar, tenemos que encontrar un mecanismo legal de defensa, que parece que hasta este momento no existe, o si lo hay podría alguien informarme al respecto. Yo soy mexicana, y quisiera información al respecto.

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