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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Colorado Springs Woman Nearly Dies After Taking Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Tonight, a Colorado Springs woman is facing a long recovery and huge medical bills. She’s lucky to be alive after what doctors say was a near-death reaction to her Johnson & Johnson COVID shot. The company added a blood clot warning after the CDC put the vaccine on pause for a week in April. … The woman has no legal recourse. Kendra Lippy is one of just six woman across the country to suffer blood clots after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. She’s just 38 years old and, by all accounts, lived a very normal life here at Colorado Springs up until March.

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  1. Please, for the Love of God and Natural Immunity, STOP taking these COVID vaccines. The “CURE” is most definitely WORSE THAN THE disease.

  2. How stupid for her to say that people should still get the vaccine. CLEARLY she didn’t do her research BEFORE she got and still hasn’t done it!

    1. I didn’t catch she did say people should still get the covid shot? What a joke. ??‍♀️

      It’s very heartbreaking she ended up having severe reactions from the injection, however, I wholeheartedly agree she should do the research. Think twice.

  3. We just learned today that a friend’s wife nearly died after taking the Covid19 vaccination. They got their shots at the same time. He was fine. She became sick before they got home and she turned blue later that night. Her husband had to call an ambulance for her. Thank God, she is okay. Please stop pushing this experimental shot on adults and children especially now that things are so much better than they were! Ask people to keep their good hygiene habits instead! I often noticed the poor hygiene habits of people who worked with the public prior to the pandemic. Hopefully, that has permanently changed for the better.

  4. and the “disease” was and is a bogus hoax; the reality of the reports of the “covid related deaths” were lies to bring in money from evil government. POINT BLANK.

  5. I will never never get the covid vaccine. How do you know if you are going to be the one to get so desperately sick or die. Taking it is nothing more than playing Russian Roulette. I have been against it from the start. Who in the Hell knows what chemicals are
    in these vaccines and what they will do to you. It is going to be very interesting to see if the people who never had a reaction will have something go wrong down the road. And NOW they want everyone to get a booster. What a flippin joke.
    I am not against all vaccines. But not this one.

  6. (It’s important to note that lady whose health has been destroyed thinks people should still go ahead and get the (vaccine).. Hahahaha
    How absurd. So she’s basically telling us to be as stupid as she was and just go ahead and get the shot.. but do ask questions first. How retarded.
    No apologies for saying it like it is. Think I’m insensitive? Don’t like my free speech? We shall see..

  7. She still thinks people should get this experimental shot, really. I am trying to figure out why people are using their brains. Being overweight she should have never gotten this shot because she was unhealthy to begin with. People you are guinea pigs to big pharma’s crimes against humanity and you have no one to blame but yourself. Do your due diligence if you don’t understand how this medical device works and what ingredients they are shooting in your body then be smart and stay away from it.

  8. One of six women to have this issue? That’s a lie. Perhaps the sheeple will finally learn that the medical mafia is NOT ever to be trusted. Apparently this one will not……

    She still thinks others should get the injection (NOT a vaccine). She is a special kind of stupid. I am thrilled with the level of understanding that people are demonstrating in these comments. Bravo, folks!

  9. I just like to say that nowhere in that video does that woman say that we should get a vaccination the news anchor woman says that she believes that. And that is how they have been doing it all along trying to persuade people with the news to get vaccinated well guess what we’re not old lemming and we will not jump off of a cliff because you said everyone else is jumping off of a cliff so you can take that vaccine and shove it I do not trust any vaccines because I was injured by one and no one gets paid or even has their legal right to sue not the pharmaceutical or the government that means we are already in a state of communism because we should be able to hold our government and companies accountable this is our freedoms taken away which means we no longer have America so if you expect us to just trust hey you’re going to inject us with poisons and will be okay you can think again because we are not falling for any of that bullshit some people might but other people are smarter than that so if you want to have that vaccine go right ahead but don’t force your crap on us through the media

    1. That’s what I was thinking, I wondered if that media parrot reporter just put that in there about her saying others should get the shot, I sure didn’t hear that victim of the medical establishment say that. Anyone who would almost die and have over a million bucks in unpaid medical bills, after the medical establishment made them sick by the victim listening to their ‘advice’ to get vaccinated is pure LUNACY!!!!

      There is no cure for stupidity. Maybe they should work on a vaccine for that?

  10. The compensation for vaccine injuries only reaches $250,000.

    It comes out of a tax we pay of $0.75 for each dose we buy individually.

    The compensation, is therefore, coming from our neighbors, NOT the Pharma industry or the doctors promoting the product.

    The bill for this was signed by Ronald Reagan in 1986, when vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop making the vaccine products unless they were protected from liability for deaths and injuries.

    There is a requirement for the HHS to establish meetings with vaccine manufacturers every two years as a checks and balance instead of litigation. Since 1986, NOT ONE MEETING, to determine increased vaccine safety improvements, has taken place.

    There are so many cases that they created Vaccine Injury Court, just a way of hiding the information from The People and protecting the reputation of the industry.

    You can read about the litigations to gather the notes/minutes from those meetings, which was pursued by INFORMED CONSENT ACTION NETWORK, at ICANDECIDE.ORG.

    When they won the ability to get the minutes of the meetings, NONE could be found.

    Recently, Harvard was paid over $1 million by the CDC to do a study of how many deaths and injuries ARE ACTUALLY being reported. They determined, based on the information provided by the CDC, that only 1 – 10% of the vaccine deaths or injuries are actually being reported.

    A case in point, the CDC estimated that 11,000+ elderly in nursing home would DIE from the Covid 19 experimental vaccines. DIE FROM IT, not live because of it.

    The last I had seen reported, only 130 or so have actually been reported to VAERS. That is around 1% of the CDC expectations.

    Currently, VAERS reports 5,888 DEATHS from the experimental COVID 19 vaccines. You would have to add 1 or 2 zeros to those numbers to get the actual stats if Harvard is correct, and the CDC’s expectations are also correct. This injuries are in the hundreds of thousands, which means, they are actually in the millions and are not being reported. BY THE WAY, doctors are REQUIRED BY LAW to report injury or death from this experimental vaccine. There are doctors refusing to report the injuries.

    However, doctors that are trying to report injuries are having their reported rejected by VAERS.

    There is an ugly weed growing in the medical, eugenics, and pharmaceutical industries…it has had its flower bloom under our noses, in the name of health, and now its thistles are starting to pop out. The root system is deep. It has been protected by those who benefit from it, who carry a thicker than thick wallet. And we need a master gardener to remove it entirely. Clearly, that isn’t Trump, since he knows NOTHING about vaccines. The gardener we need can’t be bought. And his wisdom is only provided to us when we seek it. THEN we must work together to uproot and destroy the weed that is literally killing us.

    P.S. Coke, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper were all started by pharmacists as a health drink, to which they then added Pharma products (of that time) to help people get through their day. People would stop in for a cup of it for a pick me up. Each Pharmacist had their own recipe. Eventually it was bottled and marketed for every pharmacy. The mineral water was replaced by a synthetic chemical reaction to create the bubbles and BAM a new market was born.

    In 1950, Rockefeller defended the product from alligations that it, and cold sugar products were adding to the increase of polio cases in the peek summer months. The allegations came from a doctor who identified the correlations of spikes in polio cases with areas that had spikes in purchases of those products. 1949, the Doctor ran ads in magazines and newspapers telling parents what he identified as a potential cause of the increase of cases. The purchases of those products dropped by 90%. The polio cases in those areas also dropped by 90%.

    Then in 1950, Rockerfeller, who was creating cold, sugar, dairy products, and Coke worked together to run a campaign reducing the doctor’s information to “fake news”. That summer, the purchases of those products returned to their normal for the season. And the polio cases….YEP, right back to the “normal” for the season.

    It is important to also note that the Rockefellers started as patented snake oil salesmen. Later the family got involved in Pharma. Then lobbied congress to require doctors to be licensed through accredited schools. Then, Rockefeller invested in those schools, with the stipulation that he was to have one or two of his staff sit in on board meetings. Thus, giving him access to the decisions on what would be taught in the medical schools. Schools turned from natural Patric, chiropractic, and osteopathic, to be come teachers of invasive surgeries and pharmaceuticals. This essentially makes our doctors pharmaceutical salesmen. And yes, doctors get compensated for recommending a pharmaceutical product, including vaccines. Not too mention, insurance companies will not keep doctors in their “in network”listings, unless a certain % of their patients are following the CDC guidelines for vaccinations. Therefore, doctors will refuse to treat patients, and even kick them out of their practice, if they refuse vaccines products. Not because they care about the patient, but rather, because they risk loosing their insurance status with health insurance companies, which would mean their name isn’t in the insurance manuals for company employees to choose from. Thus, they are also not covered at a higher % rate. This means their practice is a risk of closing if they are not forcing families to keep their vaccine purchases to the required CDC status.

    This is a huge conflict of interest for doctors, insurance companies, the CDC (which owns patents on vaccines they recommend), and Pharma companies. While they are exchanging OUR MONEY between them, we are getting sicker by the generation.

    We cannot judge motive, truly. But we can follow the dots and the money to see where the conflicts are taking place, and establish new laws that protect The People from these conflicts. For example, doctors should be making money off their education and their time, NOT the products they use at “treatment”. The better a problem solver they are, the more patients they will have. Insurance companies should not be permitted to determine what % they will cover a doctor. The patient should be able to choose their doctor based on comfort and the doctors proven abilities, rather than the patients financial status and what they can afford. Doctors should not be able to charge astronomical amounts, For example, a bill for $600, if charged through insurance, when the same bill is only $279 if paid in cash. If doctors were not spiking their prices to collect more from insurance, and instead charging the same for cash pay, then insurance would not be nearly as expensive.

    Who owns these insurance companies anyway? And, are they related to the Elite of the Elite, who also have their hands in our medical schools?

    P.S.S. Bill Gates is a Rockefeller. He makes $20 million for every $1 million he invests in vaccines. Thus, his comment, “We won’t be able to get back to normal until we have a vaccine.” It this a comment, or a threat?

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