Thursday, September 21, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Orange County Woman’s Death After 2nd Dose of Moderna Vaccine Spurs Concern from Family

The Orange County coroner’s office is investigating the death of a woman who passed away several days after getting her second Moderna vaccine. The family says the mother and grandmother was healthy before she got her shot and that her sudden death came as a shock. … A conversation with staff at the OC coroner’s office about Griselda Flores’ death raised red flags for Richard Cardenas and his family. They made it seem like this was not the first call that they had.

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    1. You are right! The vaccinations are experimental and as far as I am concerned, approved far too quickly.

  1. How many people must die “for the greater good” when these are ALL experiments on humanity!!!!

  2. Was this woman autopsied? If these unexpected sudden deaths were more closely examined, as a suspected homicide would be (and they are homicides) we would have more information about what are the mechanisms behind these deaths. The more information we have about these completely new and experimental injections we have, the better we are able to decide about their “safety and effectiveness” or lack of it.

  3. So, do they even know what to look for? Sounds like the coroner is just trying to “rule out” the vaccine causality, instead of trying to figure out how the vaccine is contributing to the death.

  4. Amazing! It didn’t matter what accident or circumstances were involved, the death was always registered as a “COVID” death.
    However, no matter how many people die, or are maimed, right after taking the mRNA vaccines, it is always reported as “not vaccine related”. – just “coincidental”.
    We have, indeed, become a nation of professional , unscientific LIARS.

  5. Wouldn’t be great if lots of local medical examiners across the country came to a similar conclusion? Maybe then it would be impossible to for the FDA and CDC to chant safe and effective. Did you hear the numbers? They recall spinach and dog food over less.

  6. It’s a war and casualties will continue…if you participate in the ‘experiment’. How can even 2 deaths per 100,000 vaccinate be acceptable? Crazy.

  7. Amazing: Leigh Dundas Speech re Orange Cty. success at pushing back on uninformed leaders.
    This pertains to the success in Orange County where secret draconian measures to vaccinate kids without parental consent was cancelled IN ONE DAY.

    Speech and video clip of Human Rights lawyer, Leigh Dundas, about her battles with the Orange County Board of Supervisors over vaccinating kids; and, over secretly re-naming “vaccine passports” so they can be denied as planned policy.
    14 mins:

    = = =
    A good companion piece, 15 mins. This infomed me the large middle class of 1950-1995 is considered by historians an aberration, not normal. Normal is a few elites on top, a thin layer of middle class professionals and the rest, the 99% passive sheeple.

    Thom asks Richard under what theory elites oppress the 99%. I have never heard his surprising overview before.
    Richard Wolff

  8. If the vaccinated question the dogma, their bubble of belief will burst and they will be forced to face the bad choice that they made. I know people who have had adverse reactions to the shot and yet deny over and over that the shot may have caused it. It’s classic cult member behavior. And no one can convince a cult member that they are in a cult. They must recognize it on their own.

  9. I was injured by a vaccine 50 years ago and not one apology. No one gives a damn. I struggle caring now since these people dying are now my people, but 5 days ago they didn’t care about me. Not sure that these words make sense. This is very hard on me.

    We need to be able to sue them so they figure out why. Right now they are just waiting for the news cycle to flip so these injuries are just a statistic.

  10. You lie about how many people are affected!!!! You lie about the fact that the vaccination given to a healthy adult, resulted in their death.

  11. liars, it is way more than 2 deaths and covid deaths have an average age of 86…you have a higher chance of living by getting the virus and then you will have natural immunity. These injections are still in the trial phase…what is wrong with everyone!!!!

  12. I know of someone who died soon after being vaccinated, it was like adult SIDS, died in their sleep, but the family would probably never blame the shot.

    Eyes wide shut.

    20 TO 1 RETURN…

  14. my 67 year old wife died due to complications of blunt for trauma due to a ground level fall she passed out 1 hour and fifteen minutes after having the Secound Moderna vaccine ive lost my best friend and partner

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