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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Employers Do Not Have Appetite to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine

Corporations are looking ahead to what might come next year with the COVID pandemic still out of control. There are many challenges ahead. Among the questions CEOS will need to answer… Should employees be required to take the vaccine before returning to work? According to a recent poll by the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute, about a hundred CEOs of America’s largest companies, 71 percent said they believe the vaccine should be required at work.

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  1. The pandemic is not out of control. The hysteria and stupidity is.

    And if 71% are saying employees should be vaccinated, how does that translate to “do not have an appetite”? Okay, not a government mandate, but it’s still a mandate.

    And yes, natural herd immunity IS the way to go. This guy ought to do his homework.

  2. Black elderberry grows wild in our area and in many other parts of the country. Isn’t elderberry tea a broad spectrum anti viral? The deer aren’t taking any chances, if they find a young one, they eat the whole plant. They only way they can get established is if the birds plant them in a sticker patch.

  3. So this vaccine is not FDA approved only emergency use. As a company I would not want the liability for mandating that vaccine if it was my company. Especially with injury and death happening. Yes i know there no liability for giving or manufacturing it. But making it a requirement for a job ? I don’t that ? And they don’t even know if it works in stopping transmission or death yet.

  4. Then CEO’s need to give their head a shake. I hope they lose tonnes of employees and go under if they are going to force this junk.

  5. According to the WHO and Dr. Fauci the vaccine will not prevent a person from being infected with or transmitting SarsCoV2. The vaccine is only intended to reduce the severity of the disease caused by the virus.

  6. I was appalled by the mandated flu vaccines by health care employers it is 1005 unethical to mandate vaccines through threat of job loss. I think with this vaccine they knew there would be push back but the COVID19 vaccine will soon be mandated regardless they are just waiting for the right time.

  7. This is an experimental vaccine and cannot be mandated. No animal trials, so no safety testing at all. PCR tests cannot detect an infection, so worthless. No mandates ever.

  8. Yes, I believe that the employer could be sued if an employee got an experimental vaccine pursuant to an employer mandate. An injury from a mandated experimental vaccine may or may not be covered by workman’s comp. I think it would be very unwise for an employer to mandate.

  9. People have to learn about the NURENBURG CODE. USE IT !!! Employers or anyone for that matter cannot force you to submit to a medical treatment, specially an experimental, dangerous, untested medical treatment. The US government is truly infringing on basic human rights and so are these employers. REMEMBER THE NURENBURG TRIALS. I do not consent to be a guinea pig of Moderna, Pfizer and evil eugenicist billonaire Gates. Mandatory vaccination is 100% totalitarian fascism !!!!! and a crime against humanity.

  10. This blend of toxins does not fit the medical or scientific definition of a vaccine: this is a strong argument against the jab.

    I suggest people provide as much credible research and information to their employer (and union, local councils, politicians, doctors, schools, supermarkets, etc) and then suggest potential liability, should something go wrong, as now you have given them enough information that they cannot plead lack of knowledge. Send it in an email with a delivery and read receipt. And consider joining one of the many class actions that are being undertaken around the world.

    Some great information can be found at advocateme.com.au , https://concernedlawyersnetwork.net/ , https://gbdeclaration.org/ , https://worlddoctorsalliance.com/ , https://thehighwire.com/ , https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ , https://www.bitchute.com/video/s814MVT5rAQD/ .

  11. Interviewer is emotional and opinionated which clouds judgment and does not provide the viewer with any objective information. Ask the man the question and let him speak. We do not have free press in the USA.
    #1 Anything done for profit is inherently corrupt
    #2 A handful of people will massively profit off of this vaccine.
    #3Who cares what CEOs think. CEOs care about one thing and one thing only, profit. Therefore their judgement is inherently corrupted. They do not put people first, they put profit first.
    #4This vaccine is not approved by FDA. Not one human on the planet can say it is safe. If someone tells you it is safe, they are either ignorant or lying. The vaccine is dangerous but not always harmful. Something akin to Russian roulette.

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