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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Big Pharma Pulls the Strings in Maine

pulling the strings

Trust but verify!

Recently, Dr. Laura Blaisdell told [the people of Maine) during a radio that her ‘No on 1’ coalition includes a group of trusted, local physicians. These are the same people who stroll around the state capitol [in Augusta] donning their lab coats. Their subliminal message of superiority is not missed on the discerning.

Blaisdell’s mantra, “Trust us,” implies no need to question, no need to be informed, no need to make your own decisions about your body or that of your child. She and her colleagues know all, so check your brain at the door. Why question?

Unsurprisingly, Blaisdell never mentions that she left her medical practice to become a political lobbyist enhancing Big Pharma’s profits.

As a member of the legislature who engaged in the entire bill (LD798) process, I asked lots of questions. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) testimony, we don’t have a problem. We are already at the desired threshold of 95 percent compliance. No need for this law. However, Big Pharma got its way—thanks to the likes of Blaisdell and her “trustworthy” coalition.

This law [that removes religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions in Maine], the most punitive and overreaching vaccine mandate law in the nation was shoved through [the Maine] legislature despite the unprecedented number of people who were in strong opposition. It removes both children and adults from school (public, private, parochial, online and trade schools including higher education) and employment (including employees at daycare and healthcare services) should they miss even one dose of a required vaccine.

Yet we are told to trust!

Eliminate the opportunity to verify truth and trust is destroyed.

Where is the trust when: Physicians get a financial bonus if their practice achieves a specific vaccine compliance rate?; according to the Director of the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Confidence Project, “In Medical school, you’re lucky if you have a half day on vaccines, never mind keeping up to date with all of it?”; the CDC holds over 50 patents making them a part of the vaccine manufacturing industry?; the vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to make safe; the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals the science is not settled, because no safety studies have been done? and mandate laws benefit Big Pharma’s bottom line and Merck’s profits for only their childhood vaccines grossed $8.4 Billon in 2019 alone?

Where is the trust when: Outbreaks of diseases like measles, mumps and pertussis are happening in populations with 100 percent vaccination rates?; the CDC manipulated data presented to the Education Committee by omitting the first-grader data field, resulting in a false narrative that rates in Maine are dropping when in reality they are not and those recently vaccinated pose far greater risks to the immunocompromised than does any unvaccinated child?

Where is the trust when: Well paid lobbyists earn nearly $50,000 in a few short months to wine and dine legislators to do their bidding?; the lobbyists mock, intimidate and harass parents exercising their constitutional right to petition their grievances?; elected representatives turn a deaf ear to well over 600 people who testified in opposition to this law?

Where is the trust when: Nearly $500,000 from Big Pharma pours into ads using fear tactics and manipulated statistics aimed at convincing people to give away their constitutional rights and one follows the money discovering Big Pharma is actually pulling the strings on this vaccine mandate law?

The Yes On 1 Campaign has been vindicated in using “Reject Big Pharma” as their tagline. Big Pharma with their group of ‘trusted physicians’ have been responsible for the opioid crisis that is still ravaging our state. Why should we trust them now? We as Maine citizens have not only the right, but an obligation to reject this gross governmental overreach masquerading as public health.

This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published in the Reporter of Waterboro, Maine on Feb. 20, 2020. For background on bill LD798 and the ballot initiative in Maine to overturn the law it enabled, see “Maine Residents Could Restore Vaccine Exemptions by Popular Vote on March 3 Ballot.” The referendum on Mar. 3, 2020 did not pass. Heidi Sampson is a member of the Maine House of Representatives.

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  1. NVIC bumper sticker suggestion. A parrot in a cage with needles sticking out of it everywhere. The parrot is screeching (in a distressed state), SAFE AND EFFECTIVE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, SQUACK! This is discrimination to be denied public services our taxpayer dollars pay for.

    President Trump, where is the vaccine safety investigation counsel headed by Mr Kennedy which we were promised?

    It’s time for all vaccine disclosure groups to combine into a unified force, share materials and link each others products, and make all the vaccine documentary videos, books, and literature available at free or very low cost to the masses. The reason big pharma corporations have so much sway, is because they have so much propaganda and the regular person can not afford to buy a dozen different books a dozen different dvd’s all at full price and just give them away for other peoples consideration. This Vaccine Reaction content needs to be immediately pressed into paper magazine form so we can leave the magazine in waiting rooms, hand the articles to doctors and legislature, students and interns, etc.

    Government for sale. My rights and liberty are not for sale, not even with the threat of government force and discrimination hanging over the mandate. These tyrants are playing a dangerous game. We object on principal.

  2. As a Mainer and a vaccine choice advocate, I found it ironic that “No on 1” used “Reject Fear” as their slogan. “Dr.” Laura Blaisdell debated the head of Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice and never answered questions, just kept repeating the same slogans about “deadly diseases” and “trust the science”. The science, however, does not support her views. Sadly, most people trust the CDC and its ilk and Pharma poured $250,000 into the No on 1 campaign, blasting the airways. Facebook and Google, of course, help them by removing “false information” about vaccine studies that actually show the truth.

    We will not stop fighting this egregious law.

  3. And where is the trust when Merck has been in Federal Court SINCE 2010 on fraud charges brought by their own virologists, who disclosed that they were forced to falsify efficacy data for the MMR vaccine?

    The case is still ongoing:

    And where is the trust when the FDA SHOULD have suspended the license for MMR TEN YEARS AGO, pending out come of the trial, COULD have called for another, safer (and measles-only) vaccine to be made — AND STILL HASN’T DONE SO?

    We need to bring this evidence of fraud and corruption to light, everywhere — these are the incidents that just might wake up our friends and neighbors, who don’t care if other people’s children have adverse reactions, as long as they believe their own child to be “protected,” but DO care if someone shows them clear evidence of fraud when it comes to that “protection.”

  4. And even these “experts” that galavant around in lab coats don’t realize (or care) that their lab coats and other acoutriments of the allopathic trade carry microbes and germs all over the place. Most doctors don’t even believe in washing their own hands! They think they’re “exempt’ from germs, apparently. Like Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn said, it’s the religion of modern medicine.
    They are hyping this up like crazy, and it’s not a good sign. They want mandatory vaccines for everyone. And, God knows what is really in them.

  5. I witnessed this travesty, as I live in Maine. Our situation here is dire, as the legislature is controlled by poorly educated, progressive moon-bats, and our new governor is a Hugo Chavez wannabe. I am in the process of trying to get the ball rolling on a legal challenge to this obviously unconstitutional law. I believe that even the lefties on Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court would have to strike this down. If not, then maybe the US Supreme Court. Who really knows? We’re in bad shape here.

    Rev. Dr. Reuben Bell
    Saco, Maine

  6. I keep telling vaccine choice advocates…..NVIC needs to ramp up its game with quick response political action chapters in each and every state and immediate lawsuits against these states that are taking away right to refuse medical intervention. Too many separate anti-vaccine advocate orgs and websites, uncoordinated and not as effective.

  7. So much for leaving a reply…. Didn’t know that we’re so politically correct at the Vaccine Reaction.

  8. For as long as commercial TV advocates this or that remedy for money, advertising firms and drug firms will prosper. To be human is to be bombarded, once your screen lights up – by both sides and all opinion-makers. Doctors do their best to keep us alive, while under pressure from every “side.”

    – Who decides that testing is adequate? Are the chains of “proofs”tested? Are all doctors devoted to “slef-policing” their profession? We can hope so. And meanwhile do the best we can to learn about each new medical marvel.

    And meanwhile we have to judge for ourselves what we will or will not believe.l

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