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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Samoa Measles Emergency Extended

rural road in Upolu

On Dec. 20, 2019, the government of Samoa announced that 94 percent of the island nation’s population of about 200,000 people had been vaccinated against measles as part of a government-led mandatory, mass vaccination campaign. As of Dec. 20, the Samoan Ministry of Health (MOH) had confirmed 5,463 reported cases with 1,762 hospitalizations and 78 deaths associated with measles and the state of emergency will remain in effect for at least another week.1 2

The mandatory MMR vaccination campaign was initiated by the Samoan government on Nov. 20 in response to an outbreak that began in mid-October when the number of confirmed measles cases had surpassed 3,100, including 42 associated deaths. At the start of ( the outbreak in October only about 31 percent of Samoa’s population had received the MMR measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. By the time the mandatory mass vaccination campaign began later in November, MMR coverage in Samoa was up to 66 percent of the population.1 2 3 4

International organizations such as UNICEF and the government of New Zealand have assisted Samoa in getting some 115,500 doses of measles vaccines donated and delivered to the island since Oct. 1. This enabled the MOH to vaccinate 89 percent of the population by Dec. 7.1 3 5 6 7

The MMR vaccine used in Samoa is produced by the Serum Institute of India. It has been approved and certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is an attenuated (weakened) live virus vaccine that is sold under the brand name Tresivac.8 9 10 11

Tresivac is contraindicated for people who are allergic to eggs, gelatin and neomycin or who have had a previous life-threatening reaction to any vaccine containing measles, mumps or rubella viruses. The Serum Institute’s MMR vaccine is also contraindicated for anyone who suffers from a chronic illness such as asthma or other breathing disorder, diabetes, kidney disease, or blood cell disorders such as anemia; or from severe immune suppression caused by disease (such as cancer, HIV, or AIDS), or who is receiving certain medicines such as steroids, chemotherapy or radiation. It is also contraindicated for pregnant women.12

According to the Serum Institute, there may be a problem with giving Tresivac to people with the following conditions: thrombocytopenia purpura (easy bruising or bleeding); active tuberculosis infection; a history of seizures; a neurologic disorder or disease affecting the brain (or if this was a reaction to a previous vaccine); and a weak immune system caused by disease, bone marrow transplant, or by using certain medicines or receiving cancer treatments. The vaccine might also cause problems for anyone who has received an immune globulin or other blood product within the past year or who has received a previous MMR vaccine within the previous 28 days.12

In October 2019, a one-year-old girl died two days after being administered Tresivac at a clinic in Cuba. The toddler began to have symptoms of severe adverse reactions within two hours after the vaccination.13 Four other children who received Tresivac at the same clinic at about the same time also suffered severe reactions being vaccinated.14 While the Cuban Ministry of Health investigated the Tresivac-related death in October, there was speculation that the MMR vaccine had not been kept properly refrigerated.15

In May 2002, a measles vaccine produced by the Serum Institute caused severe adverse reactions in 42 children in Cuba. Three of the children died of toxic shock syndrome. Eventually, health officials concluded that medical workers, who administered the MMR vaccine to children, had mistakenly used a “non-sterile dissolvent.”11 16

On May 13, 2008, a 17-year-old boy died of septic shock in Ukraine eight hours after being vaccinated with Tresivac. In 2009, the Associated Press reported that the Ukrainian Health Ministry and World Health Organization concluded that the boy died of “septic shock from a bacterial infection unrelated to the vaccine.” After childhood vaccination rates declined in the Ukraine in 2009, there was criticism of the Ukraine government’s decision in 2008 to temporarily suspend the MMR vaccination campaign after the boy’s death, and vaccine safety activists and “member of the homeopathic and alternative healing industries” were also blamed for publicizing the MMR-related death report.11 17

On Dec. 14, the Samoan government announced that the state of emergency declared on Nov. 15 due to the outbreak would be extended through Dec. 29. Among other restrictions, the state of emergency prohibits children 14 years of age and under from gathering in public and requires them to show proof of vaccination before boarding a ferryboat to travel from one island to another.2 18

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15 Responses

  1. Why are the Samoan people caving to this? Do they have a Bill of Rights? Didn’t they read about the Nuremberg trials of Nazi doctors forcing medical products and worse into children and adults? How many of the 78 deaths and hospitalizations are due to adverse reactions to the vaccines. People worldwide must learn to read about the RISKS of these “unavoidably unsafe” chemical products that assault the immune system. Arm yourselves with Knowledge. My whole family had the measles and we’re better off for it.

      1. Why are the people in America caving to this? Because the PTB have paid off those who pass the laws, brainwashed the public, and belittled anyone who held a dissenting view.

  2. NVIC please address in detail the Vitamin-A deficiency that makes vulnerable populations particularly susceptible to the measles. Would giving these populations Vitamin-A preclude the need for blind mandatory mass vaccination campaigns (without consideration of the contraindications listed here)? The BBC recently released a report highlighting over 100,000 deaths from the measles in Africa. The report never mentioned the Vitamin-A connection. Fear mongering to developed countries seems to be the game plan. Does NVIC have stats showing that these high number of deaths in developing countries is not new? To what extent does the vaccine itself contribute to the spread of the disease to vulnerable populations? What is the cost of providing vitamin A versus the MMR vaccine?

  3. I wonder what the autism rates are in Samoa with the high vaccination rates that have been imposed. Does Samoa have children with autism like in the USA. Or since Merck isn’t making the vaccine does it have different contraindications?

  4. Have to wonder with all the admitted restrictions as to who should not be getting this shot and the insistence of Govt that everyone should have it anyway; how many died from the vaccine? When will they check to see f the virus that everyone had was wild or lab created?

  5. I urge everyone to watch and listen to the Highwire Broadcast here on Samoa:

    There is some really funky stuff going on there and I believe it’s a false flag catalyst to push the MMR starting in January-just like the Disney False Flag. Dr. Jim Meehan is in touch with people on site in Samoa and is giving a more accurate account the MSM. The medical treatment being administered is problematic for a number of reason and this is going to be one of those situations that improper care will lead to deaths. Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

    There are 2 strains circulating: Genotype B3 and D8. B3 was the strain circulating during the Disney outbreak. Dr. Stanley Plotkins states in a paper that they are new strains but not really and the vaccine gives little to no antibody protection. Dr. Wakefield states they are mutations of Genotype A which is the only vaccine there is. Antigen drift or basically mutations are causing problems making the vaccine ineffective.

    The following 19 genotypes have been detected since 1990:
    A*, B2, B3, C1, C2, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, G2, G3, H1, H2

    *All vaccine strains (e.g. Moraten, Edmonston-Zagreb) are genotype A.
    During 2014, six genotypes were identified by global surveillance:
    B3, D4, D8, D9, G3, H1(B3 was detected in NY in 2005).

    The fact that they have been documents long ago shows they are not new. The first Measles vaccine,a killed virus, in 1963 mutated into a strain known as Atypical Measles aka AMS. It is a more aggressive strain of the virus that the CDC said would eliminate itself in 30 years from it’s introduction but it was still around here: Atypical measles syndrome in adults: still around –
    Government says that AMS is an altered host immune response caused by the deleterious effect of the measles vaccines. (yea, blame it on the kid) It is a mutation of the killed virus which is why it’s use was halted. I think if people had known the first measles vaccine cause a severe form of measles they would not have gotten the new A genotype live virus one.

    -April 2019: Samoa reinstitutes MMR vaccination despite the fact there was no mention of an outbreak.
    -by Oct 1: UNICEF had delivered 115,500 doses of measles vaccines and diluents and began mandatory vaccination.
    -WHO, CDC and Samoa health workers ae vaccinating plus going door to door giving vaccine wearing surgical masks that do not block viruses. They should be wearing N95 respiratory. Some of the workers have recently received a vaccine and despite wearing a mask could be spreading the virus.
    -They are vaccinating people who have active cases of measles. The measles virus suppresses the immune system to give what the CDC says is a mild case of measles. If the individual already has an active case that has suppressed the immune system which they can tell visually than giving a vaccine with a live measles virus further suppress the immune system leaving the person suspectable to many other health problems.
    -They are re-vaccinating people regardless of when they received an MMR so if they got the MMR in October 2019-they got another shot.
    -They are giving people paracetamol which prevents the brain from detoxing.
    -They are giving antibiotics which affects the gut health which leads to brain issues because of the gut brain connection. Antibiotics don’t affect viruses so they are giving this in hopes of affecting bacteria.
    -Mid-Oct: First child reported to have died from measles
    -Nov 15: The Government of Samoa officially declares a state of emergency over measles
    -Nov 26: A national Measles Vaccination Campaign begins, using mobile outreach vaccination teams and special vaccine booths
    -Nov 30: An additional 100,000 doses of MMR shipped from New Zealand.
    -Vitamin A has been sent to Samoa but not distributed as to some confusion on its effectiveness. WHO states the people are Vitamin A deficient so why are they not distributing it?
    -The MMR is purchased from India and it has seemed to be problematic. If the Samoan people are immune suppressed and suffer from Vitamin A deficiency, that the MMR itself could be causing outbreaks. The CDC admits the Rubella vaccine sheds, why not the other. Doesn’t make sense for one to shed and not the other.
    – Oct 1: UNICEF had delivered 115,500 doses of measles vaccines and diluents. Nov 30: An additional 100,000 doses of MMR shipped from New Zealand. The entire population of the country is less than 198,000 and the population of Samoan children, aged 0 to 5 years (which would be given two doses of MMR) is only 22,555. Why did they need 215,000 doses of measles vaccine?

    Bottom line if the vaccine worked than there should not be an outbreak. It takes about two weeks after the MMR vaccine for antibodies to develop in the body that protect against these viruses. Jan 31, 2019-

    So, what really is going on in Samoa? They have been vaccinating since April. Even with the October date, if the vaccine worked there should be no outbreaks.

    1. I copy and pasted the you tube address…the video you are talking about doesn’t come up, only about the hard and good work the officials are doing. Hmmmmmm, I am in agreement with you.

    2. My goodness, you certainly did your homework. Growing up in the UK I had certain vaccinations (1960s) but developed a reaction to one which then exempted me from any others. Mine was a fairly mild reaction of being unwell for a few days. I can’t imagine being the parent of a small child who has already experienced a bad reaction then being forced to allow another 71 vaccinations to be given to them. US Govts game of Russian Roulette gone completely mad. I would like to see the vaccine support gov officials lead the human testing trials a few years ahead of each one being unleashed on the US population, so side effects can be properly analysed, especially since the majority of the vaccines are not related to any immediate medical crisis. 54% of US children having chronic diseases after 72 shots … WAKE UP USA – The old adage ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ holds no water in this case.

  6. “1,762 hospitalizations and 78 deaths associated with measles”
    What specifically is meant by “associated with measles”? The report does NOT say that anyone died from measles, just this cryptic “associated with” phrase. Either measles killed people or it didn’t. If they can’t tell, then there is no reason to blame it on measles. Is the state of public health in Samoa so low that measles kills people there when it hardly kills anyone outside of severely poverty stricken third world countries? Something is very fishy here.

    1. “associated with measles”
      It means the individual had measles when they died but measles wasn’t the cause of death. Question, did what you read says the measles was lab confirmed? For fear mongering purposes- if you put measles and death in the same sentence it’s enough to manipulate the situation in the mind of the uninformed. It also could mean that the people who died got the measles from the vaccine and it created another health problem such as pneumonia or brain swelling.

  7. Good, thoughtful, non-hysterical comments everyone!! Lets keep the pressure on our local legislators because 2020 the vaccine lobbying forces will be ramping up!. Get on NVIC advocate portal and receive action email or text for your state when these bills start their way through state houses. We killed a couple bills here in Colorado and maintained religious and conscientious exemptions.

  8. Samoa should be watched carefully. If they have a 99% vaccination rate…they shouldn’t worry about anyone getting the measles now, right? And if they’re vaccinated, they shouldn’t fear the unvaccinated, right ? I hope someone is tracking Samoa’s adverse reactions to these vaccinations.

  9. Wait! Stop! Put aside the issue of how effective ‘this’ measles vaccine really is, or how many actually died from measles. This is NOT a medical crisis! This IS a HUMAN RIGHTS crisis! They skewed the data to make it look like measles killed 72+ people so they could enact draconian legislation to take away the freedoms of their own people! They have now successfully vaccinated 94 percent of Samoa, and the other 6 percent are hiding out, either in their attic or basement or in the jungle. They are now not allowed to travel (leave the island) without proof of the MMR vaccination! People also cannot travel there without the same proof of vaccination, so these people are essentially ‘cut off’ from the outside world. With a population of about 200,000, that means about 12000 people are in desperate need of help from this attack upon them by their own government!

    ALL the people of Samoa are now required to go to the hospital for a checkup, or face fine and imprisonment! “people who do not follow this will be fined $200 USD and $200 for each day thereafter of the offense. Arrests will be conducted without the need for a warrant. They will be returned to the hospital or placed in isolation. Finally, ‘a separate charge and penalty ‘may arise’ under section 37: “Offenses in respect of infectious ‘diseases.’” IT IS BEING CALLED THE “LAW OF LOVE”! Yes, I can’t make this stuff up!

    Go to this link for more information:

    Or to the video I recently posted “Vaccine Critic Arrested in Samoa”

  10. I am 73 years old and very healthy. When I was a child it was very common that we were sent to play with children who had measles, mumps, chicken pox and other diseases. Mother’s then knew that if we got these diseases we would not suffer in later life. our mother’s were not child killers! No reports of death due to any one of them. Yes, we felt unwell for a short time but our bodies now had a life time immunity. Not so with a vaccine. Please do your home work before subjecting your child to a man made vaccine. We will never be told if the person whom died with measles had been vaccinated or suffered from another illness same time as measles as this could present a reaction. Do you know that for the first few days after a vaccine you have the disease you wish to avoid? If you really want to stay healthy, think Mother Nature in all that you do. Works every time. Think about it. Be safe and healthy Ella

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