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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Baby Girl in Cuba Dies Two Days After Getting MMR Vaccine

mother and daughter in Cuba

A one-year-old girl died in Cuba on Oct. 9, 2019 two days after receiving an MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccination. Paloma Domínguez Caballero was administered the vaccine at a clinic near Havana on Oct. 7. Within two hours, the toddler began to have symptoms of severe adverse reactions.1 2

According to Paloma’s mother, “First we went to the same polyclinic because we only thought she had to be given something for the vomiting and we would return home. Before taking her, we waited for her to vomit on more than one occasion, because they had told me that this could happen. I only waited an hour before taking her to the doctor.”1

Mrs. Caballero and her husband took Paloma to the Luis Diaz Soto Hospital. They were concerned because, although their daughter had stopped vomiting, “her skin was getting very red.” Urine and blood tests done on the child ruled out dengue as a cause of her symptoms, but “her skin kept changing color and her legs start to swell,” Mrs. Caballero said.1 3

The Caballeros decided to take their daughter to another hospital, the Borrás Marfán Pediatric Hospital. The child was kept under observation overnight by hospital doctors. An article in OnCuba News quoted Mrs. Caballero as saying that throughout the night “the fever continued and the clinical picture worsened” and that at around 5:00 am on Oct. 9 “all the doctors met and decided to urgently take her to therapy.”1

Mrs. Caballero added:

She spent around three hours there with increasingly more diarrhea in a row, it was when then that I realized that her right arm, where she had been given the vaccine, was swelling at times. They told me to apply fomentations but it hurt her a lot because she complained. Her feet were increasingly more swollen, just like other parts of the body.1

Cuba’s Public Health Ministry confirmed that four other children who received the MMR vaccine at the same clinic at about the same time as Paloma also suffered severe reactions following vaccination. According to a statement released by the ministry, “The remaining four children remain hospitalized, one of them under intensive care but stable, and the others are progressing favorably.”2

The MMR vaccine used in Cuba is produced by Serum Institute of India. It is marketed and sold under the brand name Tresivac. The vaccine has been approved and certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). In May 2002, a measles vaccine made by Serum Institute caused severe adverse reactions in 42 children in Cuba. Three of those children died of toxic shock syndrome.2 4 5

On May 13, 2008, a 17-year-old boy died of septic shock in Ukraine eight hours after being vaccinated with Tresivac. Two days later, 60 people in eastern Ukraine were hospitalized after receiving the vaccine.4 6


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18 Responses

  1. But, but, but they keep telling us all vaccines are 100% safe and effective. Could they have lied to us? FOLLOW THE MONEY…

    1. This is a very sad time in our history when our babies are being tortured to death by government mandated greed driven pharmaceutical companies.
      A sincere thank you to this website for the education you present.

  2. Sounds to me like Serum Institute’s manufacturing practices need to be checked carefully, and the CDC needs to revise their statement that no one dies from the MMR….

    1. Many vaccines are made in China where there is not strict oversight. I don’t know where the mar is manufactured. ALL vaccine inserts, on line 13.1 say, “product has NOT been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, nor for the potential to impair fertility”. Vaccines are not safe, nor are they effective. Many of the “outbreaks” of measles and whooping cough happen with vaccinated children,……but, they don’t tell you that!

    2. Exactly! There are warning labels on all medications and there should be on vaccines. The track record for this drug company is horrendous and I wonder why they still are permitted to operate and provide these killer vaccines to unsuspecting patients.

  3. My prayers are with the parents and family of the little one who’s life was taken due to vaccinations. Long term testing needs to be done by 3rd party labs. If not 100% safe, they should not be used. ALL people should have the right to choose to vaccinate or not. It is our right to choose our health care, and how we care for our bodies.
    NOT THE GOVERNMENTS!! There are a lot of resources for people who choose not to vaccinate to keep their immune system strong. I’m healthier and have a strong immune system after I detoxed all the mercury out of my body from vaccinations. I will not put that poison in my body.

  4. I read about this from another article and the parents were trying to flee the country, because they were being threatened with arrest for SPEAKING OUT ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED.
    This criminal industry has gone way too far, and is literally getting away with murder. Now, they are going for full Fascist mode, creating a vaccination police state, with censorship in full swing as well.

  5. Makes one wonder if Bill Gates funded this vaccine, he has made statements of depopulation in countries around the globe with his vaccines.

  6. Why are this vaccine and this producer, Serum Institute of India, still being used, after the large number of people who previously had adverse reactions–in 2002 and 2008? This is horribly appalling.

  7. When will Vaccine manufacturers be recognized as biological weapons manufacturers with Drs. being paid mercenaries!! Project Paperclip is undeniable, and the biological testing continues with our children being the guinea pigs.
    Just say NOOOOO!!

  8. If one child in the world dies from vaccination, that is too many…. and we are so deceived about efficacy and safety…. it is abominable. No government agency has the right to make vaccines mandatory and they know it…. but the overseers have no moral obligation to anything other than big pharma.. and big money!!!! This is the worst travesty in the world right now, other than war!

  9. If you google the story, here’s the current official statement:
    “As far as the investigations have advanced, this incident is not associated with the use of this batch of vaccines, because another 43,630 doses have been applied,” explained the head of the Maternal-Infant Department of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, Roberto Álvarez.

    So a baby dies after an immediate reaction, four other babies become seriously ill, one in intensive care, but it’s not the vaccine.

  10. Robert F Kennedy Jr. If you’re paying attention to the vaccination question but not paying attention to the ongoing Silent Spring event pertaining to pesticides in foods, you’re doing it wrong. All persons concerned about human safety and chemicals should be focused on both organic eating and production, as well as vaccine safety and cdc conflict of interest issues. Silent Spring is here.

  11. Sadly, not enough people care if a child dies or has an adverse reaction from a vaccine. If it’s not their child, it doesn’t matter.

    Every child is important. Every child’s life is important. Unfortunately, people will continue to trust in the current medical system until something drastic happens to them or their child.

  12. When is this going to stop!!?? These monsters are killing our babies which is our future! How can people STILL be pro-vaccine! Can we please give THESE people the MMR vaccine and not the babies! Now that would be for the “greater good”!

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