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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Measles in Samoa: Why are So Many Dying?

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A total of 72 people have died in Samoa during the current outbreak of measles there that began in mid-October. Most of the deaths have involved children under five years of age. U.S. and global media outlets have been following this story closely, providing regular updates on the number of people in Samoa who have been infected with measles—4,995 as of Dec. 11, 2019—and the number of associated deaths.1 2 3

As reported in The Vaccine Reaction last week, there has been widespread media coverage of the extreme measures taken by the government in Samoa to “lockdown” the country, including closing all businesses and non-essential government services.4 Private vehicles have been banned from roads and children under 17 years of age have been prohibited from gathering in public. The government has implemented a mass door-to-door vaccination campaign. The families of children who have not been vaccinated have ordered to hang pieces of red cloth outside their homes so that Samoan health officials can be alerted where to go and administer the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.5 6

The Samoan government is receiving assistance from international organizations and other governments, including shipments of MMR vaccines from UNICEF and advice from health officials at the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.3 7 8

Sensational Headlines Blaming “Anti-Vaxxers” for Measles Deaths

An over-abundant number of news articles have blamed “anti-vaxxers” for the measles outbreak and deaths in Samoa, alleging that people publicly questioning vaccine safety and effectiveness are hindering Samoan government’s vaccination efforts. Articles are given sensational headlines such as “UN says online anti-vaxxers fuelling Samoa measles deaths;” “CDC Goes to Samoa to Battle Measles & U.S. Anti-Vax Disinfo;” “Samoa Arrests Anti-Vaccination Activist As Measles Death Toll Rises;” and “American Anti-Vaxxers Target Samoa, Severe Measles Outbreak Reported.”1 3 5 6 9 10 11

There is a long list of headlines making unsubstantiated allegations to promote hatred among Samoans toward anyone who is critical of vaccine policies and instill irrational fear of people who are unvaccinated, regardless of their health status. One article titled “The Anti Vax Movement Is Being Blamed For A Measles Epidemic Overseas,” begins, “Really great job, anti-vaxxers. Once again, anti-vaxxers have a lot to answer for.”

A similar war-like drumbeat can be heard in the United States, although it is not as loud. That is because there is a difference between what is happening with measles in the U.S. and what is happening with measles in Samoa. Unlike in the U.S., children in Samoa are dying of measles.12

Curiously, no mainstream media outlet covering the measles outbreak in Samoa is asking why there have been so many deaths in that country, yet there have been no deaths associated with measles outbreaks in the U.S. From Jan. 1 through Dec. 5, 2019, there have been 1,276 confirmed measles cases in the U.S. but no child or adult has died.13

What makes measles a far more serious disease in developing countries than it is in developed countries like the U.S.? It is important to understand the history of measles and measles vaccine because it is different for different countries.14

There are many factors that affect morbidity and mortality associated with measles, including standard of living conditions and access to health care, but a major one is malnutrition. When it comes to lowering mortality from measles, the nutritional status of a country matters a great deal, especially for children.

As I wrote in a Nov. 25, 2019 article in The Vaccine Reaction:

[M]easles mortality rates in the U.S. dropped by more than 90 percent during the first half of the 20th century prior to the introduction of the first measles vaccine in 1963. Deaths from measles had decreased from 21 deaths per 1000 reported cases during 1911-1912 to less than one death per 1000 reported cases in 1953-1962. This improved measles mortality rate was owed to several factors unrelated to the measles vaccine, including better sanitation and living conditions, as well as better nutrition and improved access to health care.15

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the “overwhelming majority (more than 95%) of measles deaths occur in countries with low per capita incomes and weak health infrastructures.” This insight may help explain why so many Samoans are dying, especially since it is known that Samoa has high levels of malnutrition. Samoans, in particular, suffer from a low intake of protein in their diet. The most common form of malnutrition in Samoa is known as Protein-Energy Malnutrition (PEM), which affects children the most.15

Substandard nutrition, especially among children, may be a big clue as to what is going on with measles in Samoa. Simplistically blaming vaccine critics for measles deaths is a convenient way to deflect attention away from the urgent need to eliminate poverty and improve nutrition and living conditions in developing countries like Samoa.

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  1. -This would be news if outbreaks of similar intensity occurred in first world countries, such as the United States or the European Union. But they don’t. Nor do they occur in a similar scale or severity. This means that hygiene, nutrition, refrigeration, and potable water—items many in the modern world take for granted—are the real delta between measles deaths in the Third World versus mild measles cases in the first, which come and go, and rarely result in fatalities.
    This has been a long-known and well-kept secret by the WHO, UNICEF, and medical institutions around the world even though it has never been discussed and certainly, it has not come forth in any scientific way.

    As researchers for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Rochelle Rainey and Merri Weinger see it:
    “The lack of safe water, functional toilets, and handwashing facilities in healthcare settings pose significant risks to patients, healthcare workers, and surrounding communities.”

    Modern infrastructure is the cornerstone of what reduces the spread of infection. Note, those environmentalist researchers didn’t say vaccines were at the heart of disease reduction; it was improving human basic living needs. This article is informative.

    Take a look at this youtube video:
    Dissolving Samoa Illusions by Citizen Journalist Allie Duzett

    – Healthy children do not die from the measles so have autopsies have been done to determine causes of deaths?

    Dr. Gregory Poland wrote 2 studies on the measles that the CDC/WHO has ignored for decades:
    -Arch Intern Med. 1994 Aug 22;154(16):1815-20.
    Failure to reach the goal of measles elimination. Apparent paradox of measles infections in immunized persons.
    Poland GA1, Jacobson RM.
    Conclusion: The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons.

    -Paper: The Re-Emergence of Measles in Developed Countries: Time to Develop the Next-Generation Measles Vaccines?
    “The measles vaccine has failed,” he explained two years ago in a prescient paper, “The re-emergence of measles in developed countries.” In that paper, he warned that due to factors that most haven’t noticed, measles has come back to be a serious public health threat. Poland sees the need for a major rethink, after concluding that the current measles vaccine is unlikely to ever live up to the job expected of it: “outbreaks are occurring even in highly developed countries where vaccine access, public health infrastructure, and health literacy are not significant issues. This is unexpected and a worrisome harbinger — measles outbreaks are occurring where they are least expected,”
    Dr. Gregory Poland is Professor of Medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group. Poland is one of the world’s most admired, most advanced thinkers in the field of vaccinology.

    This has come to fruition in China with these two studies:
    PLOS study: “Difficulties in eliminating measles and controlling rubella and mumps: a cross-sectional study of a first measles and rubella vaccination and a second measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination,” has brought to light the glaring ineffectiveness of two measles vaccines (measles–rubella (MR) or measles–mumps–rubella (MMR) ) in fulfilling their widely claimed promise of preventing outbreaks in highly vaccine compliant populations.
    China has one of the most vaccination compliant populations in the world. In fact, measles vaccine is mandatory. So why have they had over 700 measles outbreaks from 2009 and 2012 alone? “The reported coverage of the measles-rubella (MR) or measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is greater than 99.0% in Zhejiang province. However, the incidence of measles, mumps, and rubella remains high.”

    New study in “Vaccine” from China: FAIL: 26% Contract Measles Despite 2 or More Measles-Containing Vaccines, New Chinese Study Finds-
    An important new study published in the highly respected journal Vaccine titled, “Assessing measles vaccine failure in Tianjin, China,” brings back into the foreground the under reported paradox of measles outbreaks in some of the most highly vaccinated populations in the world: “Despite increasing global measles vaccination coverage, progress toward measles elimination has slowed in recent years. In China, children receive a measles-containing vaccine (MCV) at 8 months, 18– 24 months, and some urban areas offer a third dose at age 4–6 years. However, substantial measles cases in Tianjin, China, occur among individuals who have received multiple MCV doses.”

    In fact, the study reveals that vaccination coverage is as high as 97% for the 1st and 2nd dose of measles-containing vaccine (MCV). The clear failure of the measles vaccine to generate herd immunity has caused major concern among public health officials in China. The study, therefore, sought to better characterize the nature of vaccine failure by exploring both the vaccination history of childhood measles cases and the differences in time-to-measles diagnosis based on vaccination history in Tianjin.

    I would not be surprised if this incident in Samoa was set up as a False Flag to start pushing the MMR starting in January like they have done almost every year. Remember Disney in 2015? Merck made out like a bandit despite the fact that 38% of the people infected were infected with a vaccine strain and the adults were fully vaccinated. How about early 2019? Merck again made massive profit from the measles outbreak. Has there been any information how many of the measles cases were from the vaccine and how many cases from a wild strain?

    “Years ago the WHO and the American Academy of Pediatrist used to recommend increased Vitamin A supplements to prevent or at least treat measles in 3rd world countries and the US. Scientific evidence shows that children who are given vitamin A before or during an episode of measles have a less severe course and recover more quickly. The potential benefit of vitamin A therapy for measles was first reported in 1932. Even 26 years ago, in 1993, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the WHO and UNICEF advocated for giving vitamin A to children who were experiencing measles. Vitamin A Treatment of Measles -

    The WHO explained to doctors – in detail – how to clinically identify a vitamin A deficiency without blood testing:

    One of the most common signs of vitamin A deficiency are ophthalmologic (eye) signs which include: night blindness, Bitot’s spots, grayish-white deposits on the conjunctiva next to the cornea, and xerophthalmia (extremely dry eyes).

    Leaving nothing to chance, the WHO gives specific dosage regimens for vitamin A deficiency during measles:

    The recommended regimen is 100,000 IU by mouth at the time of diagnosis for infants younger than 12 months of age, and 200,000 IU for older children. The dose should be repeated in 24 hours and again 4 weeks later. There is little concern about vitamin A toxicity until the cumulative dose is greater than 1,000,000 IU, which is only seen when high doses are taken over several weeks.

    The WHO is so aware of the significant health issues associated with vitamin A deficiency and its consequences, that it recommends giving two rounds of high-dose vitamin A supplementation per year prophylactically to significantly reduce mortality and morbidity in areas where measles is endemic. The periodic supply of vitamin A has proven to reduce mortality by up to 23% overall, and by up to 50% in acute cases.

    For the last twenty years, UNICEF has also advocated an annual vitamin A supplementation program in 80 countries for children up to 5 years of age, and even states in its vitamin A publication, “It is inexcusable that vitamin A deficiency is still contributing to the loss of children’s lives.”

    The Vaccine Cabal NEEDS another fear mongering False Flag and it will take off after the holidays just like it has done every year. When it come to power & control, people, especially CHILDREN who are the most vulnerable ….ARE DISPOSABLE.

    1. Without real info it is impossible to say how much of the problem in Samoa is real, and how much is imaginary.
      But a new thought for you: Measles is a Virus! And a new question! What is the most effective overall AntiVirus? ANSWER: Vitamin C.Now many will say that is rubbish.
      But ask these people what constitutes a “high dose’ of Vitamin C, and most will say something like 20o mgm per day (that’s more than twice the Recommended Daily Allowance!!!!~)!
      Ten Years ago I bought home a dose of Swine Flu, and generously gave it to my wife. So did we die? Doesn’t feel like it! Did we go to our doctor for a Shot? Bit difficult because neither of us (both over 60 at the time) has a Doctor! What we did was close the gate and Mega-Dose on Vitamin C…. We took around 30,000 mgm (that is 30 grams!) (5 grams every 3 hours) – EVERY DAY for a week!
      Now we are (obviously) both over 70. And guess what! We haven’t need a Doctor in thus intervening years!!

      So how about we get the kids in Samoa to Mega-Dose on Vitamin C. It is personalized and age-specific, but the worst that can happen if the kids take too much, in which case, cut it back, and keep going! Watch the Measles epidemic disappear like magic!

      1. Dumb a$$es like you are the same idiots who have to let their kid die before the reality of information actually was real But you chose to listen to the loser left lol  Well when your kids flops around like a fish you idiots has plenty of warnings.

        1. Well, we can certainly tell which of you has the education. I’m a big believer of high quality vitamins as well as good nutrition. The boxed up dried out chemicals people call food does not qualify. Fresh organic vegetables, fruits and legumes are a good start. Good luck.

  2. It is quite simple really, they are badly malnourished and the CDC website even states that measles should be remedied with Vitamin A. They are badly malnourished no vitamin A and not only that they are then probably carrying the measles already and then on top of that if they dont have enough to deal with they are giving people that already have the meases the MMR jab……what for? Why are they being Vaccinated, i thought the whole premise of a vaccine was to have one to give a bit of a virus for supposed immunity, why are you giving this to a person who already has the illness what does that achieve? Well we all know what this is meant to achieve dont we, just big profits for big pharma they dont give a rats ass about what it is doing to people because if people are dying ‘we just will blame the people that refuse the vaccines it is brilliant really because no one will question it we will look like the heroes sweeping in and we will make the villians the ones with common sense.’

    Also it seems that the Samoans may be genetically predisposed to get worse reactions from vaccines than a lot of the population…..add that to malnutrition and poor living conditions and then being injected with poisons on top of yeah i think i know why so many are dying.

  3. Not among the items already commented on, is the inexcusability for the lack of decent functional sanitation in wherever, Samoa included, on top of vitamin A deficiencies.

    UN and private groups have aided communities in Africa, mongolia and north korea [among others] to successfully set up community wide available composting toilet systems, ala Joe Jenkins style, which further improved the quality of accessible gardening productivity for improved nutrition as well. All for a near zero cost… no excuse at all.. ttyl

    1. Samoa, here is a timeline that captures the measles hysteria:

      -July 2018: Two infants died immediately after receiving the MMR vaccine

      Instead of examining the faulty vaccine or seeking to understand why the babies died, two nurses were blamed and charged with manslaughter
      They were later sentenced to five years in jail for negligently preparing the vaccines, using a muscle relaxant instead of water to reconstitute the shots
      -After the incident, WHO and UNICEF estimated the Samoan vaccination rate for measles and overall immunization coverage fell from 74% to 31%.
      -April 2019: Samoa reinstitutes MMR vaccination
      -June 2019: Robert Kennedy Jr. and Taylor Winterstein, the wife of an Australian rugby player, met in Samoa, just months before the outbreak begins
      by Oct 1: UNICEF had delivered 115,500 doses of measles vaccines and diluents.
      -Mid-Oct: First child reported to have died from measles
      -Nov 15: The Government of Samoa officially declares a state of emergency over measles
      -Nov 26: A national Measles Vaccination Campaign begins, using mobile outreach vaccination teams and special vaccine booths
      -Nov 30: An additional 100,000 doses of MMR shipped from New Zealand.
      -Dec 1: Facilitated via social media, 200 packages of vitamins, probiotics, and superfoods are sent to Samoa. Individuals given “alternative” treatment of vitamin C and vitamin A recover.
      -Dec 5-6: Door-to-Door vaccination begins. Every man, woman, and child was ordered to receive an MMR vaccination, regardless of previous infection or vaccination status. Only the police and mobile vaccination teams were allowed on public roads.
      -Dec 5: The UN calls for more social media censorship to “protect the public.”
      -Dec 6: Those who voiced an anti-vax sentiment or wished to provide holistic care were threatened or jailed.
      -Samoa’s most prominent activist, Edwin Tamasese, was arrested by police for discouraging conventional medical treatments such as antibiotics and paracetamol (a Tylenol-equivalent).
      -Dec 6: The Prime Minister requested US$10.7 million from the UN for training and surveillance against future measles outbreaks.

      So, let’s sum up and review this timeline. There are certainly unanswered questions:

      According to ReliefWeb, UNICEF delivered a total of 115,500 doses of measles vaccines to Samoa since October 1, including the required diluent, syringes and safety boxes, as well as sufficient supplies of Vitamin A. Vaccinations started, with the first death from measles occurs on October 15. Within a month, hundreds of cases of measles were reported and the government declared an emergency on November 15, leading to mass vaccination of everyone, irrespective of age, vaccination status or previous recovery. And then, the government requested USD$10.7M from the UN to prevent “future outbreaks.”

      Now that everyone has been vaccinated, or revaccinated, including adults, another outbreak should not happen for at least the next ten or so years, right?

      And why did they need 215,000 doses of measles vaccine when the entire population of the country is less than 198,000 and the population of Samoan children, aged 0 to 5 years (which would be given two doses of MMR) is only 22,555?


      Why do they need all that money after-the-fact?

  4. The Measles Controversy
    What is measles? How to treat a sick person?

    Measles have always been and will always be a childhood disease – and so they cannot be eradicated (every attempt is ridiculous). And they will never be eradicated. And this is much better so…

    They are not “extremely contagious”, but children who need them will get them. If a child with measles comes into contact with a child who needs it, the other child will get it. If not, they can have as much close contact as they want, and the well child still will not get it.

    The illness is not serious – it is just not nice when you have it. It lasts 7 days or a week, if the child is taken care for correctly.

    What does this mean? The child’s place is in bed. In no case fever should be manipulated. The temperature goes as high as the body needs it in order to clean up the mess (burn metabolic waste and more. Fever is desperately needed for that aim!). The hypothalamus knows perfectly well which temperature is good and when to let the body cool down.

    It is when people think that fever is dangerous that horrible things may happen. Healing is interrupted… the virus may remain in the body and cause complications (like pneumonia, encephalitis or years later an SSPE).

    Children with measles who are sensitive to light are in great need for vitamin A. So give them Vitamin A. All sick people need Vitamin C. So give them plenty of natural vitamin C (up to 0,5 g per kg body weight!).

    Children with measles (or any other infectious disease) are not allowed to eat!!! Give them water at a temperature they like. Plus the vitamins. Only breastfed babies should continue to nurse!

    These are the first lines of a 5 page article (written in 2015) by Colette Welter, PhD in Natural Hygiene, Luxembourg (mother of 4 unvaccinated children aged between 31 and 43, grandmother of 3 unvaccinated small boys. I started my studies of vaccines in 1966, thanks to the French Association LNPLV. I would be glad to have contact with American people. I am the president of AEGIS Luxembourg, so if you would like to read the complete article, write to the mail address you find at our site.

  5. to support some of the comments above but to ask “Are they giving vitamin Ain a manner consistent with the WHO and CDC recommendations? if not, why not? and are they reporting on that?” We as the questioning vaccine community should not brush over the deaths from measles, but “why are people dying from measles? first should be answered with “what about this population makes them more vulnerable?” and ” are we doing everything to treat the measles so folks don’t have complications?” I would bet they are NOT.

    1. You wrote a good article until I read this:
      “Vaccines are wonderful but not on their own.”

      Really? How can you say this considering we now know for a fact that vaccines have NEVER been studied for safety or effectiveness?

      The ICAN (INFORMED CONSENT ACTION NEWORK) filed first a FOIA, it was ignored so a lawsuit was filed to obtain the safety studies that the MSM & the CDC has been talking about. HHS (HEALTH HUMAN SERVICES) finally was ordered to respond by the United States District Court, Southern District of New York. Revealed…

      There are NO Prelicensure Randomized Double Blind Placebo controlled studies using a control group on any of the vaccines on the children’s vaccination schedule. This was CONFIRMED by HHS in response to a lawsuit filed by the ICAN network requesting ALL SAFETY STUDIES mandated the NVIC Act of 1986 pursuant to 42 U.S. C. 300aa-27 ( c ).
      Below is information from the legal document:

      -Whereas, on August 25, 2017 Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) submitted a Freedom Of Information Act request (the FOIA Request) to the Department of Health And Human Services (HHS or the Department), which was assigned control number 2017-0119-FOIA-OS, that sought the following records:
      Any and all reports transmitted to the Committee on Energy and commerce of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Labor and Human Resources of the Senate by the Secretary of HHS pursuant to 42 U.S. C. 300aa-27 ( c ).

      -WHEREAS, on April 12, 2018, ICAN filed a Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York against HHS seeking records, if any, responsive to the FOIA Request:

      -WHEREAS, (IOS) maintains then official correspondence file of the Secretary of HHS, including reports to Congress by the Secretary of HHS, and therefore those files were most likely to contain records responsive to the FOIA Request;

      -WHEREAS, on June 27, 2018, HHS sent ICAN the following response to the FOIA Request;

      ****The (Department)’s searches for the records did not locate and records responsive to your request. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Immediate Office of the Secretary (IOS) conducted a thorough search of its document tracking systems. The Department also conducted a comprehensive review of all relevant indexes of HHS Secretarial Correspondence records maintained at Federal Records Center that remain in the custody of HHD. These searches did not locate record responsive to your request, or indications that records responsive to your request and in the custody of HHS are located at Federal Records Centers.

      The remainder of the documents is legal-eze, signatures and the signature of the Hon. Jesse M. Furman, U.D.J. Entire Document can be found on the ICAN blog: – ICAN VS HHS -July – 2018

      The lawsuit forced HHS to either provide copies of its biennial vaccine safety reports to Congress or admit it never filed these reports. The result of the lawsuit is that HHS had to finally and shockingly admit that it never, not even once, submitted a single biennial report to Congress detailing the improvements in vaccine safety.

      NVIC Act of 1986 pursuant to 42 U.S. C. 300aa-27 ( c ) is a law that mandated HHS to created a task force to do safety testing on all the vaccine and provide reports every 2 years on how to improve safety and quality. They have not done so in over 30 years.

      There is NO scientific study that proves that vaccines are safe or work. In fact years ago FDA researchers confirmed that vaccines generate an incorrect immune response and that for vaccines to be effective they have to initiate a natural human response when a virus or bacterial infects the body:

      ***In 1995, Golding and Scott, published the need for strategies to make vaccines that would generate the “required” Th cell to the corresponding microorganism. Since that time, attempts to produce vaccines that would generate a “natural”- type response have failed. So, we are left with vaccines that generate “protective” responses as a second choice. How does this work? In vaccine-induced Th2 responses, called humoral responses, the body produces large quantities of specific antibodies that block the virus from entering cells. This response is why a vaccinated child doesn’t get a full blown infection and why the child won’t spread as many viruses into the environment. However, antibodies cannot get into cells to eliminate viruses once the viruses are in the cells or cannot kill infected cells themselves. Therefore, the body has no choice other than to internalize the virus and be chronically infected when the body is forced into a Th2 antibody response. The body is essentially constipated with viruses that it cannot expel!

      Golding S., Scott DE., Vaccine Strategy: Targeting Helper T Cell Responses. Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 754:126-137, May 31, 1995

  6. Years ago, I read the book “Every Second Child,” by Dr. Archie Kalokerinos. He was a doctor who took care of aborigines in Australia. He became aware that whenever there was a vaccination campaign, many babies would die right after the campaign. The aborigines and their children were very malnourished as a result of poor dietary habits. Dr. Kalokerinos discovered that injecting Vitamin C often saved the lives of dying children and adults. (Their diet was very deficient in Vitamin C.) When he tried to share his findings with the medical authorities, he was ridiculed and/or ignored. My point is that apparently it is the malnutrition that is causing the deaths in those who have contracted measles. When I was a child in Ohio (born in 1944), measles was considered a harmless, common childhood illness.

  7. “Just Dad” , a New Zealand father and vaccine critic, looks at the scare generated by measles outbreaks in Samoa — “Something is Rotten in the State of Samoa.” 26 minute video at

    Some of the points he makes are that:
    –Samoa has a 95% vaccination rate. If vaccines are so effective, why the measles outbreak?
    –The outbreak may have been caused by the vaccine itself, but no tests have been done to see if the measles strain is wild or laboratory-made, as a lab-made finding would discredit the pro-vaccine establishment
    –The “anti-vaxxer” who was arrested was working on getting Vitamin A to people to help them
    –The publicity scare surrounding this event in Samoa may well be part of a campaign to make vaccination mandatory not just for kids but for everyone, taking away our basic human right to refuse to have things injected into our bodies.

    1. This was my first thought. Why have they not tested the virus to see if it is wild or from the vaccine? Because then no one would vaccinate and no money would exchange hands. Forcing vaccination without examination or regards to medical/religious/ previous infection or vaccination is INSANE!

  8. Americans are mostly of European descent and generations have been exposed to Measles for thousands of years. This creates immune resistance that is passed down through genes.

    Samoans have only been exposed to Measles for 128 years.

    I believe Pacific Islanders don’t have resistance immunity like those of European descent and this is why there is such a disparity of deaths between Samoa and the US.

  9. It is known that people shed the measles virus after getting the MMR shot for weeks afterwards. It’s possible that this outbreak has been the result of a few getting the shot and then spreading it to others without being aware they are doing so. Given the lack of sanitation and proper nutrition among the population this is like throwing gasoline on a fire. To blame “anti-vaxxers” for this disaster is simply ridiculous on it’s face.

  10. My opinion-Big Pharma is murdering kids in Samoa to scare people in America into vaxxing their kids-America is where the money is-Samoa is the object lesson

  11. As a Samoan public health official declared, there were no measles outbreaks in Samoa until the MMR vaccination campaign. That telling detail seems to be overlooked here. Also overlooked is the fact that the Samoan government had to recall and destroy two “bad” batches of the vaccine. Like all vaccines, the MMR is designed to cause disease, not prevent it. That’s the dirty secret behind Pharma and its power.

  12. Sad the lengths and the sacrifice of innocents and ignorants that the craft will go to for their managed control of humanity. Fomenting division with their sorceries and their lies, and with blood on their hands. Keeping people from truth, and dependent upon them & their by hook or by crook, both they and their twilight familiars and sources of ‘wisdom’ will go down. Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots and abominations. Most of the illnesses we have around here are related to the vaccinated walking live influenza and pneumonia factories who haven’t a clue what’s going on or how they are participants…..and most don’t want to know the truth or how it relates to the chronic long-term health problems of compromised immune systems which keep people weakened & manageable, but still loathe to abandon their idolatry and the ‘dream’ which ends in increasing nightmare & complicity in evil. But God sees, and their fake, crafted ‘victories’ will be short lived. 1 Thess 5. We understand now the severity of that coming judgment over those following the antichrist fake idolatrous system and heads blindly after what letteth is removed & they surge ahead with their deathstyle fake salvation. One Book foretold it all while obedience to God as written is the only thing that has held this back & slowed the ‘gods’ at digging the pits into which they, too, will fall in the end. One Book gives the only sure hope, eternal life, and the assurance that judgment far beyond the control or participation of men is coming & no man or manager ‘god’ is going to hold that back. Believe God, not men, and make sure you’re not vaccinated against the only remedy and refuge by receipt of corrupt idolatrous and impure seed to be twice dead. We fear not those who can kill the body then do nothing, but rather fear He who can kill both body and soul in Hell. John 1,3 and 8. Revelation 1-20 KJB

  13. Why give a measles vaccine to a person who already has measles? Why arn’t you boosting their immunity with vitamin A and C. I would be questioning the motive behind this. Clearly we know where this is leading. Forced vaccines, removal of freedom over our bodies. LIVE FREE OR DIE.

  14. another big reason for the deaths (from the vaccines but of course they will not say that these deaths are coming about from vaccines) is that the vaccines themselves being live virus should be handled in a certain way and should always be refrigerated from the time it has been made up until they give to the said patient. Now i am not saying this makes the vaccine safe far from it, but think of this. The people are malnourished and already are sick maybe even with the measles at the time then they give them a horrible toxic concoction on top of it which there is no point of doing this because vaccines are meant to be a preventative measure, vaccines are never a cure i have never understood the stupidity of giving a vaccine to a person that has the illness already all you are doing is overloading the system if you already have measles what is the vaccine going to do?

    These vaccines though are more than likely going to be out in hot and humid conditions look at how Samoa is as regards their weather and how poor they are etc do you really think these vaccines are being handled properly over there? Where will they be keeping them cool? So you imagine a live virus vaccine in those conditions hot and humid they would be decomposing and festering the original toxic garbage would be really bad but imagine what this decomposed festering crap would do to the body that would be extremely dangerous, no one knows if the virus would have mutated/grown out of control or they could be injected seriously degraded DNA and viral crap into a person i would suggest this could kill people really easily.

  15. “Why are So Many Dying?“ Because Big Pharma and the WHO need “a statement”. They want / need a relatively great number of people to die, to “justify” their PRO-VAXX policies. It’s criminal.

  16. Another thing that seems to be neglected by the vaxxers is that in order ‘for the vaccine to work, it has to suppress the auto-immune system.’ So they are reducing the body’s ability to fight off such infections (as well as others) to make their vaccines ‘work’. But with the number of variants of wild measles viruses (and flu as well), vaccines cannot ‘protect’ [sic] against them all. Isn’t it convenient whenever there are fewer cases of an illness and the vaxxers say, “See? Vaccines work!” But they neglect to mention the severe illness, side effects and deaths caused by the vaccine (especially in previously healthy children and adults).

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