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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Blasdell Boy Stuck in Vaccine Debate

A student with a severe health condition is not allowed to go to school because of the state’s vaccination rules. Now, the student has cerebral palsy. His father tells 7 Eyewitness News reporter Taylor Epps that the student’s rights are being taken away, even though doctors say that getting vaccinated could really be harmful to his health. It […] that they take this kid’s rights away. Especially being disabled and everything, and you’re taking his rights away. It hurts. It really hurts. He’s talking about his nine-year-old son. Ameer is living with cerebral palsy and a rare seizure disorder called LGS. He was vaccinated the first couple of years of his life. And after the vaccines he started getting seizures from the vaccines. His body couldn’t tolerate it.

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  1. I feel so sorry for this family. However, being homeschooled is much better than “jailing” a child for 5 days a week in a brain-washing facility.

  2. This is wrong. I am so sorry for Amber and his family. No one is able to think straight anymore. This young boy has enough going on and the pediatrician must be able to make the final decision not the DOH who does not even know this child or his family. I am sorry Ameers family for such ignorance. Ellen RN

  3. This just breaks my heart – here we have a child who was damaged by vaccines and now cannot be excluded from further damage from more vaccines. So now we penalize him for being damaged by our vaccines by denying school.

    I am ashamed to be a part of a country that can do this to its children. I am embarrassed to be a part of a country that puts a father in this situation.

    At a time when our highest officer spreads hate, attacks people for their race, sex, or ethnicity, incites riots and killings, and damages our relationships worldwide and makes lying, blackmail, and high crimes a daily part of our lives and an example for our children, what will become of America?

  4. I agree with Michael above. We should all be ashamed. Health care is only sick care management. And if you don’t do what you’re told, too bad. Big brother is here and we are all at his mercy. God help us all.

  5. This is outrageous! No one should be FORCED to endure the risk that comes with vaccinations. No one really knows how their particular child will respond for better or for worse…mostly it won’t be good. How could it with the “adjuvants” that are being added to the vaccine schedule? All toxic ingredients? I am so angry! People need to be able to think critically. People need to lend their voices and stand for what is right, and this is not right! Not only to those who already have disabilities but to those who seem to have “good health.” It’s a choice, not a law! Let’s face it people, vaccines are dangerous!

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