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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Anti-Vaxxers are Dangerous and Should Be Arrested?

hands behind bars

Opinion | You may have noticed a recent article in The Washington Post by Juliette N. Kayyem entitled Anti-vaxxers are dangerous. Make them face isolation, fines, arrests.”1

My initial reaction was the article must have been written by a moron. However, my opinion changed when I discovered the author, Ms. Kayyem, who graduated from Harvard law school in 1995. So, it appears this article is a carefully crafted piece of pro-vaccine industry propaganda. In other words, a large pile of nonsense and misinformation masquerading as authoritative information. Propaganda pieces typically contain nonsense and blatant lies. That’s OK because the “Big Lie” becomes believable if repeated often enough. (Who Said That?)9 Let’s take a look at the main point and the most glaring falsehood in the article: “Anti-Vaxxers Are Dangerous.”

What is an Anti-Vaxxer?

The catch word, “anti-vaxxer” has become popular in the vaccine industry propaganda machine as a pejorative term for children who have been vaccine injured, and whose mothers no longer vaccinate them. This is aptly described by Barbara Loe Fisher in her article: “No Mercy for Mothers Or Their Vaccine Injured Children2

The Big Lie: Unvaccinated are Dangerous

The easiest way to demonstrate the Big Lie: “Unvaccinated are Dangerous”, is to ask the CDC, the U.S. Government Center for Disease Control.

It is universally agreed those most susceptible to the ravages of infectious disease are the immuno-compromised, such as those undergoing bone marrow transplantation. If the “Unvaccinated Are A Danger,” then one would expect the CDC to advise keeping the unvaccinated away from the immunocompromised, those having bone marrow transplants. Quite to the contrary, the CDC says the exact opposite. The recently vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, must be kept away from the transplant ward.3

The CDC document Guidelines for Preventing Opportunistic Infections Among Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients contains this quote…3

Visitors who might have communicable infectious diseases (e.g., URIs, flu-like illnesses, recent exposure to communicable diseases, an active shingles rash whether covered or not, a VZV-like rash (note: VZV is Varcella, chickenpox) within 6 weeks of receiving a live-attenuated VZV vaccine, or a history of receiving an oral polio vaccine within the previous 3–6 weeks) should not be allowed in the HSCT center (note HSCT is hematopoetic stem cell transplant center) or allowed to have direct contact with HSCT recipients or candidates undergoing conditioning therapy (AII).3

Not sure you want to believe the CDC? Instead, lets ask the University of Kentucky Transplant Service.4 Are the unvaccinated a danger? and should they be kept away from the transplant ward? Again, they say the exact opposite, adults and children who are recently vaccinated with the chickenpox or polio vaccine are a danger and should be kept away from immunocompromised transplant patients.

Still Don’t Believe it? Maybe the University of Kentucky is an exception? All transplant wards across the nation follow the American Society for Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation Guidelines.5 What do they say? Are the unvaccinated a danger to be kept from visiting the transplant ward? No, again they say quite the opposite. Those who have been recently vaccinated are a danger. Nowhere in this document do they say the unvaccinated are a danger. Quite to the contrary they say those recently vaccinated with the following vaccinations are a danger to the transplant ward: MMR (measles mumps rubella) Polio vaccine (OPV), Varicella Vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine, Influenza Vaccine (LAIV).5

The Varivax Package Insert Says Vaccinated are a Danger to Others

This information is readily available. All you need to do is read the package insert for the vaccine. Merck, the manufacturer of the Varivax (chickenpox) vaccine openly admits in their product insert that people recently vacccinated with the Varivax vaccine pose a danger to the immune-compromised, pregnant mothers and infants.7 The danger is due to transmission of live vaccine virus from those recently vaccinated to those contacts around them. This is a quote from the Varivax product insert:

Due to the concern for transmission of vaccine virus, vaccine recipients should attempt to avoid whenever possible close association with susceptible high-risk individuals for up to six weeks following vaccination with VARIVAX. Susceptible high-risk individuals include: Immuno-compromised, pregnant mothers, and infants-(shortened for brevity).7

Healthy Unvaccinated People are Not Dangerous

The reality is that healthy unvaccinated individuals are NOT DANGEROUS, and are allowed visitation rights on the transplant wards across the country. It is the recently vaccinated who are “dangerous” and are restricted from visiting the transplant ward. Perhaps someone reading this could inform Juliette Kayyem and The Washington Post of this information so their blatantly incorrect article can be retracted, or at least modified to correct the false information contained.

The Unvaccinated are Causing the Measles Outbreaks

Another BIG Lie in this Washington Post article by Kayyem is the blame for the recent measles outbreak falls squarely on the unvaccinated. For this reason, the unvaccinated should be branded as criminals to be arrested, found guilty and sent to prison. For the moment let us ignore the obvious contrary argument that persecuting the unvaccinated like this is a violation of just about every form of national and international human rights and civil liberties laws you can think of.

Measles Outbreaks are Caused by the Vaccine Program Itself

Lets take a look at what Dr. Levy in 1984 J Epidemiology has to say about this in his article: “The future of measles in highly immunized populations”.6 Dr. Levy is not alone in stating the obvious. Because of limitations and failures in the measles vaccine program ( i.e. primary and secondary vaccine failure),  we are creating a larger population of susceptible individuals, than before the vaccine era.6 Dr. Levy is saying the measles vaccine program itself is creating a larger population of people susceptible to contracting measles, and this is the reason we are seeing periodic measles outbreaks which are predicted to increase.

Dr. Levy says:

despite short-term success in eliminating the disease (measles), long-range projections demonstrate that the proportion of susceptibles in the year 2050 may be greater than in the prevaccine era. Present vaccine technology and public health policy must be altered to deal with this eventuality.6

What Dr. Levy is saying is that the unvaccinated are NOT to blame for periodic recurrent measles outbreaks.  We will be seeing more and more of these outbreaks as a result of primary and secondary vaccine failure.

Dr. Gregory Poland, world expert on measles vaccine, said in Vaccine 2012 that measles outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations occur because of primary and secondary vaccine failure.8 Here is a quote:

Thus, measles outbreaks also occur even among highly vaccinated populations because of primary and secondary vaccine failure, which results in gradually larger pools of susceptible persons and outbreaks once measles is introduced.. This leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized (Quote Gregory Poland)8

Similar measles outbreaks have been documented in other highly vaccinated populations in countries such as Israel, Nigeria , Korea, Czech Republic, Australia  and Japan involving the vaccinated as well as unvaccinated.8 This is discussed in more detail in my previous article.

Conclusion: Pro Vaccine Industry Propaganda has reached a new extreme which threatens to label the unvaccinated as criminals to be arrested and sent to prison. In case you haven’t noticed, its official, you are now living in a police state.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published at

This article or commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers. The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


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  1. Not all vaccines are “created equal” some have higher rates of allergic or adverse reactions than others; some are less effective overall than others, etc. And then there’s the difference in the morbidity/mortality rates of the diseases themselves that need to be taken into account. The bottom line here is that “mandatory vaxxers” are the ones who are actually “dangerous” to society. Fully informed consumers need to be allowed to make their own decisions, based on honest and accurate information, and their own medical histories, as to whether the risk of the vaccine itself is worth taking, in the face of the disease in question.

  2. Umm – Duh? Let me see if I got this straight here.. We’re being overrun by 3rd world illegals flooding by truck, bus and plane load into our once safe and prosperous homeland – unimpeded by elected officials who are not representing our interests – But rather while they grow richer, fatter and well they were already corrupt to begin with.. big pharma corpses are all laughing their a**es off. We’re supposed to get shot up with their trash all day long to prevent the spread of diseases harharhar – while the unshot up weapons of biological mass destruction invade all across the first world. Absurd Alice in Wonderland times were in.

  3. So true Sandra ! Just like is said often on this forum, people should make their own informed decisions. Now, the government and sadly most of the press hangs on BigPharmas lips (and wallets I presume). I quit my subscription to the WP for that reason. There is fake news for you, indeed. My parents were not vaccinated at all, I had may be 5 vaccinations, some orally, at school, but I had most children’s diseases before that, and I had 7 obligatory vaccinations when I became a citizen. YES, I guess the USA is the only country that obliges wannabe citizens to vaccinate, no matter whether you had them or not. And when my first application was refused, I had to do them all again the year after, when I was finally admitted. At the time I had no idea how damaging some of these are, and neither had the doctor who administered them…. sad.

  4. In Legal founding terms of the United States the reason we have a Republic and not a democracy is that a democracy is mob rule. It is tyranny of the majority. Historically, those don’t last for long. That’s what we’re seeing play out in New York and California. The Tyranny of the majority will eventually remove the rights of a minority. In Republic we have the rule of law. That rule of law protects the rights of minorities. Basically in a Republic, majority rules can only work when we have minority rights. Minorities are not persecuted. Minorities are not persecuted. In the USA, we live in a Republic not a democracy. Never forget that. This Eventually will save us.

  5. The media has grown out of control with their censuring of those who want to think intelligently about vaccination. Using pure scare tactics, they are trying to whip up antipathy towards those who want to look at vaccination evidence objectively and are throwing science into the drink. Even worse, they are misrepresenting the science and claiming that those who ignore it are fools. Since they can’t persuade the recalcitrant and obstinate anti-vaxxer with their misconstrued data, they want to censor all reports that contradict their message. We are moving closer to the state that prevailed in the U.S.S.R and behind the Iron curtain for over 3 decades in the 20th century. Jail, or being sent to the American equivalent of Siberia seems to be on the horizon for those who stand up for truth. This is utter insanity and it’s hard to fight back when the media control the message. But fight we must, and let them know we will not capitulate to this nonsense. Thank goodness for Let’s hope the philistines don’t shut it down.

    1. Very eloquently said, and I agree: thank goodness for

      What I love about this website is that it provides actual sources for all statements, I can search every single one of them and much more easily make up my mind on whether I agree or disagree.

      Do you happen to know of any other news websites that you know of that follow this methodology?

  6. I have to agree with everyone. I personally know many children that are healthier because of limited or no vaccines………..than ones that were totally vaccinated. The quantity that these children now are given in my opinion is criminal. My own son had horrible side effects back in the 70’s by vaccines……and his Pediatrician said – “no more”……..and here is why. The list of ingredients are scary to say the least – once you know what the ingredients are. There are many safe alternatives for the side effects…….just explore. I don’t want to get any company in jeopardy. I have used them on my grandchildren.

  7. Do I smell “dictatorship” and oppression when our free speech is being threatened? Was it Benjamin Franklin who ran the underground printing press to “get the word out” because we were going to be fighting to protect free speech, as the British King was trying to bend us to his will? How is my memory, feel free to correct me.
    Is it time that we actually start thinking of another revolution, if only to actually stand up and say NO to big pharma and big money. We are being controlled through chemicals in our water, air and food as all that stuff deadens our brains, weakens our bodies, and we become so much less than we could actually be in our lives. Thomas Jefferson said we should have a good revolution every few years to keep our government in line. Maybe it’s time to wake up.

  8. STOP promoting USA as a ‘land of a free’ the country turned into the WORST version of dictatorship and Nazi!!!

    Because all what is imposed on the citizen here from CPS, Pharma, corrupt family courts, and immigration presented as ‘safety’ measures in reality it is total abuse of human rights!!!!

  9. You left out a group. “Anti-vaxxer” also refers to those of us who have vaccinated on a different schedule or forego so much as one dose of one vaccine. There’s a huge slew of us out there. Calling us “anti-vaxxers” gives credence to the propagandist’s lie that vaccines are somehow a black and white issue.

    Also note that for the pro-compliance fanatics, the focus is solely and squarely on measles. They cannot apply their arguments to vaccine-failure diseases like mumps, pertussis, and influenza, nor can they apply them diseases that aren’t casually communicable in classrooms, like tetanus, Hep A, and Hep B. But if they scream MEASLES, you’ll still have to get every dose of every vaccine currently and potentially on the market. Because measles, that’s why.

  10. I would broaden the definition of anti-vaxxer. It is anyone who dares to ask a question about ANY vaccine. If a person goes to a health professional and is concerned about a single vaccine or an adjuvant or preservative used, the person is automatically considered an anti-vaxxer. Certainly people on social media who dare to raise even a single question about any aspect of vaccination may find themselves quickly labeled antivaxxers. This can cause those asking innocent questions for information or even thinking about asking a question to knuckle under in fear, which is the point.

    The term has gone on in the public and social media to mean anyone who has a differing opinion from the person throwing the label out, especially when the labeler calls him/herself pro-science. It implies that the individual, the so-called “anti-vaxxer,” has poor or no judgment and, as such, should be compelled to do the “right” thing.

    I’ve become increasingly concerned about doctors, whom I otherwise respect, entering into the fray, making rash statements on social media with few facts, quickly accepting the epithet and going on to write harsh insults about the so-called offender. I am also concerned about doctors who are logical and careful in their statements being labeled anti-vaxxers, because of thoughtful statements, often just asking simple factual questions without judgment or rancor.

    There seems to be a vigilantism intentionally stirred up by the rhetoric of these professionals like Ms. Kayyem that is likely the point of the op-ed. Lay people screaming for justice, demanding that the “offenders” be taken down by force if necessary. When accompanied by buried statistics by the CDC, it gives government officials with an agenda, often compensated in some form by big pharma, the political will and justification to support increasingly harsh and coercive policies against those who question health treatments for themselves and their families.

    It is less about herd immunity, a questionable concept, and more about herd suppression.

  11. I wonder if we can link the propaganda today about vaccines with the way the Nazi’s created and stirred up hatred of the jewish people during WWII to justify how they were treated. If you tell people enough lies they will believe anything. The entire vaccine issue has been orchestrated like a step by step publicity campaign for a company’s product line. Its’ sick but brilliantly done. By (1) Create falsified studies showing vaccines are safe and do not cause Autism (brain damage), and propaganda that vaccines have eradicated diseases (2) do not educate doctors about vaccines at all (3) payoff elected officials with campaign contributions and bribes(4) Plant insiders in the AMA, CDC, FDA, HHS, and NIH who will support vaccine fraud (5) get major media to support you by having insiders on their board of directors and spend billions on advertising revenue for them (6) get the support of the medical system and insurance companies (7) create a FEAR in the general public of getting measles (etcetera) by deliberately spreading “epidemics” in major cities and tourist attractions, (8) make educated aware people the ENEMY who question any need for vaccines or want to change the vaccine load (9) create PROPAGANDA so the word anti-vaxxer means a dissenter that threatens your children in school (10) Force everyone in the medical field and all children to get vaccinated (11) CENSOR truthful democratic information about vaccines so all people hear is the lies in mainstream media. They deliberately take all of the attention AWAY from the entire issue of is there vaccine safety and efficacy, including the topics of vaccine ingredients, vaccine injuries, and vaccine companies (and doctors) indemnified from lawsuits. As David Icke says, it is typical PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION tactics.
    It is true that when people believe the LIES it is very difficult to convince them of the real truth because, after all, anything else is labeled a ‘conspiracy theory”…namaste’, rachel

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