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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


No Mercy for Mothers Or Their Vaccine Injured Children

mom embracing daughter

Today, parents whose children have been injured by vaccines are being demonized and discriminated against for speaking publicly about what happened to their children after vaccination.1 There is no other minority in America being subjected to public humiliation and censorship for simply speaking the truth.2

Pediatricians are also cruelly bullying and coercing mothers into giving vaccines to sick children already struggling with vaccine injuries that have compromised their health.3 4 These mothers are desperately trying to protect their children from further harm by refusing to give them more vaccines. Yet, many pediatricians are showing no mercy and insisting on implementing one-size-fits-all government vaccine policy regardless of the risk to these vulnerable children’s lives.5 6

Legislators Ignoring the People and Voting to Violate Human Rights

Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that carry two risks: a risk of harm and a risk of failure and those risks can be greater for some people because we are not all the same. Even though there are vaccine science knowledge gaps and doctors cannot accurately predict who is more susceptible to being harmed by vaccination,7 some state lawmakers are also determined to force implementation of one-size-fits-all federal vaccine policies that recognize few contraindications to vaccination qualifying for a medical exemption.8 9

Despite historic public protests with thousands of parents and concerned health care professionals showing up at public hearings in state legislatures to oppose bills that strip religious and conscientious belief exemptions from public health laws, majority party legislators in Oregon, Colorado and Maine this week chose to ignore the people and voted to push forward bills that violate parental and informed consent rights.10 11 12 13

The people are standing up against medical tyranny in numbers never seen before in state Capitols. Brave legislators are speaking out, too, in an effort to resist the push by zealous health officials and medical trade associations to force parents to give their children every dose of every federally recommended vaccine without exception. An Oregon legislator opposing a bill to eliminate the personal belief vaccine exemption in that state said, “I believe this bill, if it passes the House and the Senate ultimately, truly is the beginning of the death of freedom.”  

Public health policies and laws that prevent parents from exercising freedom of conscience and informed consent to vaccination for their minor children violate human rights.14

If doctors deviate from government vaccine policy, they are being demonized and discriminated against, too. In California, where parents have been prohibited from exercising religious or conscientious beliefs when making vaccine decisions for their children, a bill is sailing through the legislature that will strip doctors of their legal right to exercise professional judgment and conscience when giving a child a medical vaccine exemption.15 16

Laws that prevent doctors from exercising judgment and conscience when caring for children are immoral and dangerous.

Mother Details Abuse by Doctor on NVIC’s Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall

The Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall, which was launched on the website of the National Vaccine Information Center ( in 2009, contains first person testimonials of adult patients and parents of minor children who have been harassed, threatened, coerced and sanctioned for attempting to exercise freedom of thought, conscience and informed consent to vaccination. Following is a testimonial posted on Apr. 7, 2019 on the Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall by a mother with vaccine injured children:

My sons were 2 and 4 when my daughter was born. She began having seizures at birth and was very ill. The boy’s pediatrician refused to see her so I began searching for another one that would.

I should first mention that both of my boys had severe reactions to their vaccinations. The oldest had seizure activity with his 6-month vaccinations. He was referred to a neurologist at 9 months old who told me he probably had autism. That didn’t make sense to me at all. I held off on any other vaccinations until he was 15 months old and again, it triggered seizure activity.

I decided to do delayed vaccination with my second son. His first vaccines were at 5 months old and soon after, he got his first double ear infection. From then until he had tubes put in his ears at 11 months old, he had non-stop double ear infections. The tubes fixed the issues he was having with his hearing as a result of fluid buildup and he started learning words left and right. I would consider his speech at that point to be advanced.

I took him in to receive a vaccination at 13 months of age and he lost every single word, even mama and dada. Today, at the age of 13, he has multiple learning disabilities and still receives speech therapy for delays.

I began interviewing different pediatricians and settled on one that agreed to let me go at my own pace with the vaccinations. Soon after the switch, I took my then 18-month-old and most recent vaccine-damaged son for a checkup. The doctor proceeded to ask me which vaccination he was receiving that day. I told him we wouldn’t be getting any that day and he began to argue with me, stating I had told him I would give him one every visit and stating the research that supported the safety of vaccines. He spent a good 20 minutes bullying me into giving my child a vaccination and when I wouldn’t give in, he kicked us out of his practice in front of staff and other patients.

After watching both of my boys slip away in one form or another as a result of vaccinations, I wasn’t about to let someone bully me into giving them something I firmly believe would have further harmed them. But I was scared. The doctor wanted to scare me, wanted to belittle me, and wanted to bully me into doing things his way.

If this same situation happened in regard to anything other than vaccines, it would be considered abuse. The doctor would have abused me, but I also would be abusing my children by knowingly causing them harm.

It seems very black and white to me and it’s time that it stopped!17

Yes, it is time that doctors and lawmakers to care about the children who are born healthy but cannot get through the process of vaccination without suffering severe reactions that permanently damage their health.18 It is time for doctors and lawmakers to have compassion and show mercy to mothers instead of demonizing, bullying and punishing them for trying to protect their children from harm.

This article or commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers. The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


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  1. Luckily with our 2 year old son we were able to do a schedule that we chose for vaccines. His pediatrician even told us she had many, many other patients whose parents did staggered schedules, and she was fine with it. At first, when he was born, I didn’t even want to do ANY vaccines, but knew that he should have them. we decided to stagger his vaccines. He did not get his first MMR until he was 24 months old. I believe forcing someone to vaccinate their children is abuse, and should not be tolerated by anyone. Doctors are not immune to this abuse, they like to try and tell people what to do, and in this day and age, with people NEEDING to be THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE ADVOCATES. Parents have rights to decide what they want for their children, NOT the government! AND PEOPLE WANT UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE??????? If you want government to decide WHO LIVES AND DIES, then go for it!
    I believe our government is trying to force vaccines on us, and that should be against the law. Government officials need to be held accountable for vaccine injuries to children and adults, and also for the doctors and other healthcare officials responsible for forcing vaccines.

    1. No your children should NOT have vaccines…. ANY of them. ALL vaccines are dangerous, ALL vaccines contain deadly toxins and neurotoxins that can cause all sorts of disorders, brain damage, autoimmune disorders and even death. There is no legitimate science that proves a vaccine is safe, let alone effective. The pharma industry refuses to use real placebo controls in any and all vaccine studies. The so called placebos they use contain ALL of the adjuvants and toxins as the real vaccine minus the antigen, thus both the control group and the vaccine group all have the same side effects. IT IS ALL A BIG SCAM. They have NEVER studied the health of non vaccinated populations against vaccinated ones. Why? We are one of the SICKEST nations among the western world yet we are the most vaccinated. Infant deaths are rising, infant cancers are rising, infant autism is thru the roof. VACCINES ARE DEADLY POISON AND SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN TO CHILDREN.

      1. George,
        Here’s a the link to a study comparing the health of unvaccinated versus vaccinated 6-12 year olds.

        “The vaccinated children were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with the following: allergic rhinitis, other allergies, eczema/atopic dermatitis, a learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, any neurodevelopmental disorder (NDD) (i.e., learning disability, ADHD or ASD) and chronic illness.”

      2. Aluminum, which is a very common ingredient in vaccines, is also in higher amounts in BREAST MILK. For another example, let’s take polio. Polio caused paralysis in children in the 1950s and CAN NOT BE CURED. When a vaccine came out for the disease, it was eradicated. But, because of people like you saying that, “Vaccines are poison and should not be given to children” the disease has slowly been brought back up and their are now 3 countries that have cases of polio in them. The United States being one of them. For my last point, Vaccines do not cause Autism. A man from the United Kingdom published a paper and people like you believed him even though he was not any type of doctor and had nothing to do in the medical field. I suggest you read more into vaccines to gain more knowledge about this subject.

        1. Response to Claim #1:
          That Aluminum in vaccines is “safe” because, in the first six months of your child’s life, they will receive 4mg of aluminum in vaccines, but 10mg of aluminum through breastmilk.

          Why this claim of safety is FALSE:

          Breastmilk is ingested. Anything and everything ingested is subject to the gastrointestinal tract before it is absorbed into the bloodstream and ends up in other vital organs and tissues. The GI tract is an excellent barrier (when healthy) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) states that only 0.1-0.4% of aluminum ingested is actually absorbed.

          Therefore, up to 99.9% of aluminum is not absorbed when ingested (through breastmilk or food), and is eliminated/removed from the body before it ever reaches the bloodstream.

          Some math (using 10mg aluminum in breastmilk, and 0.4% for absorption rate):

          (10mg aluminum) x (0.004 absorption rate) = 0.04mg

          Conversion from mg to mcg = 40mcg total absorbed aluminum.

          In contrast of course, most vaccines are injected.

          The contents of an injected vaccine are not subject to the gastrointestinal tract. Aluminum, along with other ingredients, are injected intramuscularly in order to intentionally bypass the natural barriers of the body (skin, mucus membranes, etc. which exist to help to prevent absorption). Blood flows to and from our muscles, so the contents of a vaccine can enter the bloodstream rapidly. Therefore, absorption of aluminum via vaccine is 100%.

          Now we can make an accurate comparison between absorbed aluminum via breastmilk vs vaccines, in the first 6 months of life:

          Breastmilk: 40mcg (0.04mg) | Vaccines: 4000mcg (4mg)

          – – –

          Response to claim #2:

          Please look up Frederick Klenner, M.D.’s work and cure rate of polio, among other diseases, using nothing more than Vitamin C.

    2. “but knew that he should have them.”

      There is not a single study that confirms in any way shape or form that vaccines are safe or effective. In fact, more and more information is coming out as to just how dangerous vaccines are.

  2. My midwife told me with my first child 40 years ago not to do the vax. I never did at a time when no one opted out. My sisters son quit talking at 3 after vax. and is autistic to this day….I watched it happen. My best friend in high school’s baby died after the first round of vax. So after 40 later it’s taken almost two generations to say enough is enough….so sad.

  3. It’s not for reasons of conscience that we parents don’t want this crap being shoved down our throats or injected into our babies 24/7. It’s only common sense that it makes NO sense to jab a defenseless baby multiple times ad nauseum with poison. Duh. It’s outrageous torture.
    SO – Let’s stop NOW with the euphemisms. This is a well planned and thoroughly organized genocdal agenda from the top of ZOG (((government))) ‘mafia. Nakedly unconcealed disrespect, total arrogance and flagrant abuse of a too long naive and misinformed public. They cannot be trusted for anything. Don’t believe a lousy word they say. They are liars, thieves and actors playing their roles in a B movie that they wrote.
    Very sick and psychopathic minds came up with this clever nonsense that they call medicine but has been proven to be outright medical fraud by countless respected professionals and non bought off scientists.
    . Vaccines don’t do squat to prevent anything chronic illness and death. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that turning the immune systems against itself and overwhelming it with toxic garbage likely made in China India or Pakista isn’t a great plan. Its long past time to get righteousnessly angry and come out of the zombie state we’ve been lulled into by stale programming and marginalization.

  4. Yes, this needs to stop, now! Enough of these fiends hurting, bullying and even murdering our children and people who cannot take these tyrannical abuses. Enough!

  5. This is an outrage and failure to protect our basic human rights!! Stay strong and keep up the fight,parents of injured children!

    1. pinterest has blocked all what they cal anti-vac sites. I cut my ties with them completely. Other sites banned are GreenMed, Health News, Vaccine Impact, and more.

      Pinterest Bans GreenMedInfo for Posting Natural Health & Vaccine Safety Info

      In the comment section I found this:
      -“Most people don’t know this, but if you insert a Google search term with a minus sign in front of it like “-pinterest” that asks them to filter out of your search results any pages that include the word “pinterest.”
      -“But I do a lot of Google searches and I can cast my vote over and over simply by adding “-pinterest” to the end of every search string regardless of whether or not whatever I’m searching for would likely get a hit on Pinterest anyway. If we all add “-pinterest” to all of our searches, that fact will certainly be noticed. If we all consistently do that, we can probably easily make “-pinterest” the most often used negative search term in all of Google’s history.

      I’ve been doing this and anything with the term pinterest has been filtered out of my searches. Maybe that will get their attention for censuring.

  6. I agree it’s time! After my daughters vaccine injury I went back to the ped office to get the list and lot numbers and the nurse had the gall to tell me my daughter needed the meningitis shot because she hadn’t gotten it. It was the same nurse I went to right after my daughters arm swelled and was in horrible pain after the vaccines. We actual stayed at the office for a while because of my concern. And I had just told her why I was there, my daughter was vaccine injured and had been in the hospital almost died from the vaccines she got here. It was really hard for me to not pull her through the window. Luckily for her I was pregnant and had to also think of my unborn child. I told her are you serious? You want me to get her an appointment to get another shot! She said well we’ve had a few teens come in with meningitis and your daughter is at risk! I said my daughter almost died after vaccines and theirs no way I’m ever giving her another one!
    Also my daughters injury lead us to a gastro doctor she had all kinds of harsh test ran. This doctor told me my daughter need the Hep-B shot. Even though I had told her my daughters illness was vaccines. And Hep-B was one of the vaccines she’d already had with all the other loads of vaccines the Ped gave her. So the Hep-B didn’t work because it wasn’t showing up in my daughters bloodwork. Again I told her no way!
    None of the doctors I went to for help believe me or would admit the vaccines injured my daughter. They made me feel like I was crazy and totally ignored me cries. They said it’s just something that happens to kids at this age sometimes… falls from the sky out of nowhere… But they acted as if I was the crazy mom? A doctor telling a mom they have no answers for how a perfectly glowing teen can become deathly ill after vaccines but that theirs no link? Us moms know! We know our children and we also have common sense.
    Since my speaking out about what happened to my daughter I’ve been made out to be crazy, and a lair by many. It’s wild to me the second you speak out about vaccines harming your child how you automatically get attacked. You would think fellow human souls would sympathize with your pain and your child’s but so few do. We are auto put into the Anti-Vaxx list and the uneducated. Why? Because we want to speak out about how we did what the system told us to and took our children to get vaccines and they became injured. Blows my mind how blind people can be to not see in order to have a injured child we did vaccinate our kids!
    My injured daughter was ripped to pieces on Facebook by pro-vaccine people because she spoke out about what happen to her. They laughed at her poked fun and humiliated her. She simple was speaking out on what in real life happen to her and telling facts. She has since deleted her facebook due to the awful things people kept saying to her. I told her to never stop speaking out but to pick her battles. It’s not just parents being bullied. My daughter is now 20 and has wanted to speak out about what happen to her. She’s sick of reading the lies about vaccines because she has lived through what can happen.

    1. Hope – tell your daughter she was not harmed by the abuse she received on Facebook; she has been mightily strengthened. Blessings on the both of you for your great courage. This is WAR and we are going to win.

  7. I’m disgusted seeing that people KNOW it CAN hurt their children and they DO IT ANYWAY!!! WHY?? Why are you putting poison in your poor sweet defensless children? WHY!!??? #JustSayNo #ParentsCallTheShots #NoVaccines

  8. And so you always lose. You lose when you do vaccinate, namely your child’s health, and you lose when you do not vaccinate : you get blamed by doctors and unfortunately, most other people, because they think you HARM your child by NOT damaging it with vaccines… parents who neglect and abuse their children are ‘safe’ for the government for years, as just came out again. Years of abuse ended in the death of a child, and government bureaus were informed but did nothing. Awful country for children, this is. If I had children, I would move to a more friendly country for them.

  9. As Mom’s across America noted, some vaccines contain glyphosate which is criminal in our society!

  10. Time to STOP being nice people – trying to protect our natural right to self defense and the defense of OUR babies. Do NOT worry about what anyone thinks or says that disagrees with our stand. BE STRONG.

    As I said before – They are liars and take it as a point of pride when they can pull one over on the goyim. Mental illness occurs in degrees (like autism) The people pushing this sick agenda – are mentally ill and should be called on the carpet for their manipulation- like making US out to be the crazies. Show me the documentation and proof that I’m crazy. I’ll show you the stats.

    I’m offended and triggered when we’re not listened to or respected. From the 80s to now it’s been creeping up to this galloping absurdity – where we are now – with (((literally))) numbskulled bureaucrats mindlessly following the commands of the demonic pharma borg. This is physical and psychological warfare folks and we are the enemy for being thinkers and refusing their attacks.
    Better get active and fight. We’re going to lose it ALL if not. They don’t stop – they won’t stop – until (((they))) take ALL our rights.
    GO NVIC! and everyone strong and smart enough to see it and act accordingly. Your silence equals your consent in their sick minds.

  11. I was a nurse long time ago and we never pushed a vaccine agenda. The parents made the decisions. I also went back to school got a BS in Social Work. That where I learned to offer options and then the parents or families decided what to do for their elderly parents and children. Always look at all your options in the medical fields is what I was taught and then I would help the patient resident family follow through with their wishes not mine. I don’t understand this new wave of medical treatments forcing chemo or vaccines or any pharmaceuticals is wrong period. That was taught to me in both fields in 1982 – 1988 . A pediatrician once said to me I always believe the moms they know their babies better than anyone else. When they say something is scary different listen up!

  12. I thank God for moms and children who are standing up against these harmful vaccines. It’s strange that the government pushes this crap on people but wont do real research on what harm vaccines are doing; nor will they compensate or help people who have been harmed. I have STOPPED vaccinating my dog with all the vaccines they want me to give him. I tried to get the ingredients in the vaccines from my Vet who referred me to the manufacturers who referred me back to my vet. Enough is enough!!

  13. Land of the free…hm. Really? Truth is getting harder to find daily, heavily censored and drowned in obvious BS. Gotta stop the dangerous fake news you know. Put a camera and microphone on every street corner, catch those scary terrists, except that never happens. I once was young, thought it couldn’t happen in America, felt pity for those poor naive uninformed commies, so believing the lies. And I was right, but then this isn’t America anymore, is it. I was the naive one. The Constitution lies in tatters at the base of what was the twin towers. Building 7 wasn’t hit by a plane, yet collapsed in classic demolition free-fall. A physical impossibility unless explosives were used. (They were.)

    Mothers with vaccine damaged children could be the best hope for our children’s future, some degree of freedom or a deeper slavery. These Mothers once believed as most do thes arrogant doctors in their white lab coats, Mothers learned the hard way to know a lie when they hear one. Vaccines are unsafe and ineffective. For god’s sake, do your research. Please, don’t permit poison to be injected into your children. That’s not too much to expect is it?

    Orwell had something to say about dangerous truth speech in a world of lies. Still, it can be discovered, at sites like this one, at least partly. But for how much longer? I guess this will get me on some watch lists, deep in the bowels at Langley. Oh well, people better stand the hell up.

  14. Doctors don’t have “mercy”. If they did, they wouldn’t act as agents for the state. They are followers of whoever holds power over others. And many of them have delusions of superiority.

  15. I was fully vaccinated as a kid and teen. But when I got the DPT booster at the age of 17, my arm swelled to twice its size. Could not go to school or my job the next day because of the fever in my arm and the pain. Had to wear a sling to support my arm. It took two days to go down. I now know that was an adverse reaction, but at that time the doctor’s office said to take aspirin for swelling and pain. Thought nothing more of it at the time. Then my children were fully vaccinated and I vaguely remember some swellings and fevers, but again, I was told it was a normal thing. Then our first grandchild was vaccine injured. That was a wakeup call! We now know that he has the mutated MTHFR gene. His younger brother and sister are not vaccinated and are healthy. I am astounded at how the CDC, FDA, Big Pharma, the AMA, etc. push this vaccine agenda. Why in the heck does a newborn need a HepB shot? Seriously, that baby is not going to be engaging in risky behavior anytime soon. Our second grandchild (different parents) was found to have a severe dairy allergy at the age of 7 months. Some of the vaccines have whey or other dairy ingredients, so when the parents asked the pediatrician about ingredients in certain vaccines, she said she just tells parents to bring their child’s EpiPen for those cases. Seriously? Whatever happened to “First Do No Harm”? He is also not vaccinated and neither are his siblings. They are all very healthy. I could go on and on about all of the information I keep finding. Suffice it to say, I no longer trust the medical establishment or the alphabet agencies that are supposed to protect us from the dangers found in other nations. Every single time I read about someone much smarter than me who has done deep dives into the vaccine information and the coverups in the alphabet agencies, it makes me angry and sad. No government agency or doctor should ever force any type of intervention on you or your children. The same people who are screaming “My body, my choice.” are wanting mandated vaccinations in our nation. Talk about hypocrisy! I was fired from a doctor’s practice 2 years ago because I do not take the adult vaccines. I do not consent!

  16. I am so sad to hear all the parents talking about how they “should” vaccinate their children, or how they “delayed” vaccination. There is no reason to vaccinate a child, and many reasons not to. They are neither effective nor safe. There is no way that you can inject those toxins into a baby and not harm them one way or another. I regret every vaccine my children got and would never have done one if I had known. Heaven help you poor parents who are convinced vaccines do anything beneficial. Good luck with your vaccines.

  17. Well, looks like more people are gonna start having their kids outside of hospitals and not even “register” them with the state birth certicficate that gives the state ownership and the authority to enforce these rules. I know I’ve encouraged my kids if their gonna have kids, have them at home and don’t register them. Let the kids get past the required vaccination age then let them get documentation if they want it.

  18. $4 Billion Paid for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths – Federal vaccine damage court awards since 1989 on behalf of those who were injured or died after getting federally recommended childhood vaccines have now topped $4 billion, with claims dramatically increasing in recent years as people learn about vaccine dangers. About $1 billion of that total has been awarded to vaccine-injured victims in just the last four years. Vaccines do not work as advertised and are neither safe nor effective. Click

    Countering False Vaccine Safety Claims – Children’s Health Defense has put together a list of the most common misrepresentations in the vaccine safety debate and provided the facts and references that support the reality that vaccines can and do cause injuries including autism and many other adverse health outcomes. Includes a link to the facts on 19 fraudulent studies the CDC used to claim Thimerosal (mercury preservative) did not cause autism. Mercury was the primary preservative ingredient used in vaccines from 1931-2001 and is still used in flu shots the CDC pushes for everyone, including children and pregnant women. Click

  19. After carefully Researching the ingredients in the Flu Vaccine, and found at least 49% of it was metal I decided to stop taking it every year. I haven’t taken it for the last 5yrs. and I never had so few colds in my Life. I did make changes to my Diet though. A lot more vitamins and vitamin supplements. And I try to cook with more Organic food and it is worth every penny I’ve spent. I FEEL GREAT!

  20. After my second child had a severe reaction to their vaccines I decided to just hold off on getting my 3rd child vaccinated and our pediatrician handed me the little print out sheet and said to sit in the room and feed the baby while I read it and think about it and she would be back in a few minutes! Well the door was shut I was nursing my baby and an hour passed by before she came back in said “so have you decided to do the right thing yet” she was also my other 2 children’s pediatrician knowing my 1 son was severely autistic and my daughter almost died at 2 months due to vaccines and she still pressured me but I thankfully didn’t do it. But I waited until 6-7 months old and was finally talked into vaccinating my baby and he was such a sweet and easy baby until that day he got shots and now he has been diagnosed with autism, adhd, situational anxiety and depression, he’s 9 now and I regret ever letting myself get bullied into doing something I knew better. I personally believe my children are genetically predisposed to autism and the poisons in these vaccines stole my children and basically woke up the doormat gene and why vaccines definitely should not be forced because nobody is a 1 size fits all..

  21. The CDC is lying. Vaccines DO cause autism and a lot of other types of problems. They refuse to improve them and send social media letters to stop “misinformation” about vaccines. They get angry when parents are scared to give them to their children. Somebody needs to put them all in jail. They know , they just don’t care.

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