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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Aluminium, Le Corps Blessé… Une Invasion Toxique | Dr. Christopher Exley

It is literally almost impossible for us to avoid aluminium in our everyday life. We are exposed in so many different ways. There are some perhaps more obvious ones, which would be through our diet… the food we eat, the drinks that we have. There are also many medications which would include aluminium. There are many cosmetics. Perhaps there are some social habits that we have like smoking and other things that would introduce aluminium into our body. Simply the breathing of air which contains particulates which have aluminium. So, it is absolutely impossible to avoid it, but you might be able to take one or two small measures to reduce your overall personal exposure.

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    1. Safiya…Fiji States, Acilis Europe & Spritzer Malaysia…it’s the Silicate/Silicon, which is infused into the water that bonds to the aluminium, so we can excrete it better. The Horsetail plant also can help with this. Here’s a good discussion on the concept by Scientist Mike Adams aka “The Health Ranger”.


      1. You got that right. I’d like to add that Clinoptilolite Zeolite is another good stuff rich in Silica.

  1. It’s about time someone mentioned that we’re all breathing Aluminium- not to mention barium and strontium from all the (((years))) of spraying our once blue skies with their geoengineering garbage. Thanks to our sleazy govt we get it coming and going. It’s time to just come out en-mass and say that we’re being purposefully genocided and they just can’t kill and maim us and our children fast enough – And make us pay money for the favor. What a world we live in.. It’s terrible being awake and aware to all of this while the sleeping masses watch football, go shopping and salute the flag.
    By the way – it’s not negative to point out reality. Sorry if some people aren’t happy and get triggered about that.

    1. YEs! Thank you Julie Williams for pointing out the obvious which most people just want to ignore or, dismiss as “conspiracy” when the actual conspiracy is taking place globally over their heads each day.

  2. Also helpful is the coffee enema. By exciting the liver and gall bladder, the coffee enema can cause toxins to dump. You must be careful and use a binder such as BIND, and also a supplement such as PC – Phosphotidyl Choline. Progress this way is slow but all heavy metals detox is slow. Lots of information on the internet about this.

  3. Very difficult as the article points out to avoid aluminum exposure. Also it alludes to the “stacking effect” when you get aluminum from a number of sources – vaccines, cosmetics, cleaning products, water, food, the air – you may be aware of geo-engineering where we spray a powder into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight and help us control the weather – a major ingredient is aluminum which then falls and contaminates farm lands, cattle lands, rivers, streams, and the ocean.

  4. A handful of the vegetable cilantro is very powerful because Cilantro “leaches” heavy
    metals from the body. I had a big handful to my smoothy every day, I also add organic
    berries, protein organic powder, a carrot or celery sometimes also. And also taking “Chlorella tablets” every day is important because chlorella also is a powerful way to remove heavy metals from your body. A lot of the chlorella that is sold is contaminated so you need to buy a “clean” source of chlorella. We buy “Health Ranger Select Clean Chlorella 200mg Tablets” I bought the 64 oz big container simply because it was the best deal. My husband and I take 5 little green tablets every morning.

  5. I take Anthony William’s Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie which has Cilantro, 1tsp Spirulina, 1tbsp Red Dulse, 1tsp Barley Grass powder, 1-2 bananas, a cup of WILD blueberries and a cup of organic orange juice ( can squeeze fresh if you prefer). It’s delicious and my kids love the taste and will drink it too!

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