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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Golden Globes’ Bizarre Flu Shot Shtick Backfires

doctor holding a syringe

One of the most surreal moments in television history took place at the 76th Golden Globe Awards ceremony at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Jan. 6, 2019. In what appeared to be a pre-planned stunt, show co-hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg announced that the audience in attendance would be treated to free flu shots.1 2

Prior to a commercial break, Samberg announced, “Normally at this point of the show, the host would do something fun and spontaneous to show how we’re all just ordinary people, like ordering pizza for everyone.” Oh followed up, “But since we already get food at the Globes, we thought we’d mix it up and try something new. So, roll up your sleeves Hollywood, ‘cause you’re all getting flu shots!”1 2

With electronic dance music duo LMFAO’s song “Shots” blasting in the background and almost all of the audience laughing, with notable exceptions, a team of five people wearing white lab coats and holding vaccine syringes marched across the stage and stormed the floor to offer flu shots to the seated celebrities—many of whom seemed unsure whether to laugh, cringe or run from the unfolding spectacle.1 2

While Oh and Samberg remained onstage dancing and singing “shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots… shots!” you could hear Samberg egging on one of the inoculators, “Excuse me mam, you’re definitely going to want to get [Willem] Dafoe.” It sounded like they were playing a game of disco tag or something and Dafoe looked confused, not amused.1 2

Meanwhile, Oh sought to assure members of the audience that they were in safe hands, letting them know that, “These nurses are all licensed professionals straight from the Rite Aid in Echo Park.”1 2

“And look, if you’re an anti-vaxxer,” joked Samberg, “just put a napkin over your head and we’ll skip you.”1 2

During the 2014 Oscars, host Ellen DeGeneres brought in a pizza delivery man to pass out pizza to members of the audience. At the 2016 Emmys, host Jimmy Kimmel handed out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. At the 2017 Oscars, Kimmel arranged to have his audience showered with candy, cookies and donuts parachuted from the ceiling.3 4 5

All of those “feed-the-audience” gimmicks were obviously aimed at generating publicity and drawing a few extra laughs. It seems like Oh and Samberg may simply have wanted to take the element of surprise entertainment to another level. But who knows who those individuals in the lab coats were and what was in those syringes. If they were, indeed, licensed medical professionals and they were carrying actual flu shots, it is worth noting that the three Fluzone influenza vaccines licensed in the United States contain egg protein that could cause allergic reactions in some people—or worse, flu shots can cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).6

The whole thing was sold as a bit of harmless, innocent fun aimed at promoting a public health message. That’s not the way it came off and people posted scathing remarks on Twitter and other social media platforms about how bizarre it was. It was all in very poor taste. It was also just plain weird.


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  1. I wonder how much the Golden Globe Organization got paid push pharma propaganda.

    “And look, if you’re an anti-vaxxer,” joked Samberg, “just put a napkin over your head and we’ll skip you.”

    Funny haha, NOT! This jerk just disparaged every person that has had a devastating reaction to the Flu Shot. Maybe someone should send him the Justice’s Dept list of money paid out to victims that have been killed or developed GBS or other life long injuries from this shot. I wonder if he’ll thinks if funny then?

  2. I’m speechless… This big pharma psychopathy is crossing a line. They’ve actually crossed the line years ago when they lobbied Reagan to pass the the law that granted them total immunity from liability even if they create unsafe vaccines (which most of them are unsafe). They’ve 100% removed any incentive of spending research dollars on safety. Why should they!? Drug research is expensive and if they don’t have liability (off loaded to the tax payer) then why should they spend money on expensive safety studies?? This whole thing is backwards. Anti vaxers are seen as anti – science when in fact the exact opposite is the case. Science is agnostic, and if you really take a look at the science you will be shocked to the core at how little safety research has been done, and most of the pro vaccine “science” is straight up Orwellian propaganda.

  3. It was defiantly shocking and ridiculous to see them do this on tv. It was not funny and really stupid . I tell you what it’s a sign . Stay away from these money hungry so called professionals pushing their drugs and poision.

  4. Getting shots and going to doctors offices will never be cool and trendy, never. Shameless shilling that’s what the event was. A healthy fear of needles is a good thing.

  5. They must be desperate to push this propaganda. What’s with all the pizza references. We all know Pizzagate is real. Hollywood is filled with sick people. Women were more at risk of getting this stupid shot as their arms were bare. I didn’t see an alcohol swab and the needles looked uncovered. So there were only 5 people w 5 syringes?

    1. “We all know Pizzagate is real.”

      Please Vaccine reaction. Don’t post debunked conspiracy theories on your blog. It has been along hard fight to convince more and more people that Vaccines are dangerous and side effects are real and not the delusional concoctions of Anti-Vaxxers. When you post comment such as the one stating Pizzagate is real you demean the hard work many people have devoted to alerting the public the dangers of vaccines. Don’t give the Pro-Vaccine corporate stooges any ammunition to use by equating a debunked conspiracy theory with the hard work of those Doctors and other professionals who have put it on the line to inform the public of the real dangers they face when they step into a Doctors office with their child.

      1. Your name is Redpill.
        That in itself, tells me you should well know, PizzaGate is real. All the FISA documents are being declassed and they will no doubt, touch on that as well. Soon all will pay at Gitmo.?

        Someone who is truly awake, ie, REDpilled, knows truth is always stranger than fiction. The elites have long dealt in the selling and trading of children. For many things. Adrenachrome, the pineal gland, CFS, blood, tissue, organs, their actual FLESH, cheap labor… goes on
        And on.
        If you are awake, you must know this.
        Take a look at the new WikiLeaks info dump Assange just released. Look at Qboards. Look at existing WikiLeaks. Anon 4chan and 8chan posts on such topics. Please, don’t act like this is happening. It’s not conspiracy theory, it’s backed by so much fact it’s indisputable. (HELLO, JEFFREY EPSTEIN? LOLITA ISLAND???Wtf was that?)
        Of course vaxxing is awful. Of you are saying that PizzaGate isn’t real so your comments aren’t discounted by the sheeple, I get that. But if you truly think that this isn’t happening to kids, please change your handle. You’re bluepilled at very best…..

  6. This should be a red flag for all the moderates who are on the fence about the dangers of vaccines. When they have to pull in Hollywood for dumb stunts like this, they know they are losing. It’s not scientifically sound advice anymore to suggest that vaccines are an overall health strategy. All the Pharma-Government matrix has now is controlling the media, because objective science doesn’t add up to their conclusions.

  7. Seems to me big pharma is always trying to buy or shame people into getting their vaccines. I wonder how many of those behind these vaccines are vaccinated and/or their children AND WHERE IS THE PROOF?

  8. Unbelievable! As the parents of a vaccine injured child who suffered brain damage receiving those nasty vaccines, I turned to another station and will never watch that show again. It is filled with self-absorbed people who have no idea how typical people live or what parents of vaccine injured children endure. Shame on the Golden Globes for selling out to Pharma.

  9. I didn’t think we were supposed to pay attention to what actors said about vaccines.

    I bet other advertisers, who actually paid to advertise, would have liked some free publicity too!

  10. This is just awful. It shows how almost everyone in this country is ignorant about vaccine shots. I talked to people who think the flu shot will totally prevent them from getting flu, they have no idea how little it covers, and certainly not, what other harm it can cause.
    And it is difficult to get something out, because the big newspapers are all pro-vaccine. I have WP and they are. I wonder how much everyone of these people get paid to promote vaccines?

  11. The Flu vaccine IS THE MOST COMPENSATED FOR VACCINE GIVEN!!! It causes more negative health issues than any other vaccine marketed. More money has been awarded for injuries caused by the Flu Vaccine than any other!

  12. Maybe more people are wising up and pHarma is getting desperate. After all, until Donald Trump became President of the USA, Hollywood ruled the country and their thoughts and opinions are what mattered most. To push vaccines so hard is obviously the work of satan or a conspiracy like Hitler’s to weed out those with systems that are not strong enough to survive vaccines.

  13. Celebrity ELITISTS are complete idiots! All these “so-called” award ceremonies are losing relevance and therefore trying to promote fake “safe” vaccination propaganda? Pretty pathetic!! I really hope no one was ignorant enough to actually have it done. Shame on them and Big Pharma…it will catch up to them soon!!

  14. Well Hollywood made themselves look like a bunch of donkeys allowing this to even take place. It’s a simple fact that vaccines cause harm. Logical really, HELLO there is a Vaccine Injury Court set up that’s paid over 4 billion $ to those injured or killed due to an adverse reaction to vaccines, my son included. It was thoughtless & heartless. Has the world literally gone mad? Would they be allowed to make fun of gay, black or lets say a sexual assault victims? NO WAY! I mean why is there a Me Too movement and there can’t be a Vaccine Injury movement? Shameful really, it broke my heart. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT. For those out you who doubt please do due diligence before you say anything and research the truth on vaccines.

  15. The general public is in complete denial about the possibilities of what side effects vaccines may have.. People believe everything they hear from their doctors and do not take the time to research and also this is big pharma just like the food industry pushes food with fat, sugar, etc. and people get addicted to these foods and don’t understand why.

  16. We can’t sue the vaccine company, so let’s sue the Board of Directors PERSONALLY under the “Business Judgment Rule” as said Directors are PERSONALLY liable!!!

  17. It wasn’t a “stunt”, nor was it “weird”, nor was it “pharma desperation”. It was absolutely calculated to have people singled out if they didn’t want the jab as “anti-vaxxers”. It was calculated to make people with uncertainty or with definite ideas against vaccines to be mocked because they didn’t/wouldn’t go along with “the fun” and with “the herd”.
    This little ‘episode’ wasn’t at all “bizarre” if one understands the global agenda(s) of depopulation. How many studies, articles, papers, treaties, entertainment spectacles, etc., must we endure in order for people to understand that a war against most of the human population has been going on for centuries?
    (If pharma were “desperate” their vaccine $$ numbers wouldn’t be increasing world-wide.)

  18. How conditioned to group think are you to allow a stranger to stick a hypodermic needle in your arm? Nuts!!!.

  19. The flu shots given at the Golden Globe Awards were reportedly fake. Among other things, the people being vaccinated were not given “informed consent”. Get the “package insert” that comes with the case of vaccine, not the propaganda “statement” given out when you get the shot. Get out your magnifying glass and particularly read sections 1, 6, and 8.1. So you believe in “scientific evidence”? Section one of the Fluad vaccine package insert says that there is no data available showing that the vaccine will prevent the flu disease. I’ve talked to 25,000 to 30,000 people about flu shots. I hear about friends and relatives dying, of their paralysis, of narcolepsy, and dozens of hospitalizations. The CDC says the chances of a serious adverse side effect is “greater than one in a million”, but is this claim also fake?

  20. Comment about Reagen and pharma was incorrect. At the time, my understanding was that Reagen did not want to sign the National Vaccine Compensation Bill, but because of Dissatisfied Parents Together pushing the public for it (they were used), Reagen got inundated with public push, so he signed it, much to the regret of the the now National Vaccine Information Center.
    Most people do not read, or are given, statements for informed consent , much less the package insert.

    I also understand that The Doctors TV show is pro-vaccine, but a staff person, Del Bigtree (?)
    couldn’t get them to look into MMR and Dr. Wakefield. See video Vaxxed.

    Media, Hollywood and government officials and bureaucrats, as well as Big Pharma are against vaccine choice.

  21. How nutz! Killed vaccines are killing all of us. Business owner for 40 years. Only got flu from people who just got vaccined. Same as 1918. Read “the truth about vaccines”.

  22. The napkin on the head reference has a really sinister origin. In French cuisine there is an illegal dish served to the wealthy elite. It is the Ortolan Bunting, a small songbird. When “gourmands” eat the bird, they cover their heads with a napkin to “hide their shame from God” for engaging in such a decadent indulgence. The bird is caught, kept in the dark to encourage there appetite, fed millet (which they gorge themselves upon), thrown ALIVE into a liquor called Armagnac, where they drown and marinate. Then they are roasted, plucked, and eaten whole. Bones and all. The napkin on the head reference is meant to shame people into compliance, lest they be thought to be as cruel and heartless as the consumer of something as innocent and fragile as a songbird, prepared in the most inhumane manner imaginable. The stunt at the Golden Globes, however, had the opposite effect.

  23. I was vaccine injured and it thus far 10 years after ruined my life and I never had the flu shot. Nor will I ever get it now. But was thinking anyone who gets the shot after watching the propaganda should try to sue them!!

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