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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Increase in Cancer Rates in People Under 50 Linked to “Accelerated Aging”

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Accelerated biological aging may be to blame for rising cancer rates in young people, new research from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri suggests. The new research, recently presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, shows an alarming increase in early-onset cancer, the term for cancer diagnoses in people under 50.1

While scientists are not completely sure what is causing the spike in early-onset cancer diagnoses, the latest study suggests the uptick stems from a phenomenon called “accelerated aging,” where a person’s biological age is older than their chronological age.1

The team of researchers evaluated the medical records of 148,724 people aged 37 to 54 using the U.K. Biobank database and honed in on nine blood-based markers that coincide with biological age: albumin, alkaline phosphatase, creatinine, C-reactive protein, glucose, mean corpuscular volume, red cell distribution width, white blood cell count, and lymphocyte proportion.2

Using an algorithm called PhenoAge, the team plugged in the nine values for each participant to compare their biological ages to their chronological ages. The team then cross-referenced cancer registries to identify how many in the group had early-onset cancer diagnoses (before age 55). Some 3,200 cancers were diagnosed.

Among the findings, lung cancer had the highest increase (42 percent), with uterine cancer (36 percent) and gastrointestinal cancer (22 percent) trailing closely behind. Researchers also found that people born after 1965 were 17 percent more likely to experience accelerated aging than those born before 1965.2

 Cancer Increasingly Common Among Younger Adults

The risk of cancer increases exponentially as we age, with the median age of a cancer diagnosis being 66 years. However, a growing body of research suggests cancer is no longer only a concern for the elderly. 4“Multiple cancer types are becoming increasingly common among younger adults in the United States and globally,” said Ruiyi Tian, MPH, a graduate student at Washington University School of Medicine and one of the study researchers, said in an interview.

Historically, both cancer and aging have been viewed primarily as concerns for older populations. The realization that cancer, and now aging, are becoming significant issues for younger demographics over the past decades was unexpected.3

Tian added, “The principal findings highlight that accelerated aging is increasingly prevalent among successive birth cohorts, potentially serving as a crucial risk factor or mediator for various environmental and lifestyle-related risk factors leading to early-onset cancer.”4

“Just because a person is 40 years old chronologically does not mean that they are 40 years old biochemically,” Brett Osborn, MD, a Florida neurologist and longevity expert who was not involved in the new research, said in an interview.  “In other words, there may be a difference in one’s age—meaning, how long they’ve stood on this earth—and the body’s inner biochemical health, or lack thereof.” Osborn focuses on his patients’ biological age to help mitigate the risk of age-related diseases4

Multiple Types of Cancer on the Rise Globally

While the latest study that links early-onset cancers to accelerated aging only involved participants in the United Kingdom, another recent study reported that 29 cancers have increased by a staggering 79 percent globally between 1990 and 2019, with early-onset cancer deaths rising by approximately 28 percent during the same timeframe. The study cites that “living a healthier lifestyle” can reduce incidences of early-onset cancer. A recently released Cancer Statistics report stated that cervical and colorectal cancer have increased in both younger males and females.5

The research team aims to uncover the mechanisms driving accelerated aging and early-onset cancers to develop precision cancer prevention strategies, the American Association for Cancer Research said in an Apr. 7 press release. “The hope is that these findings will lead to interventions to slow biological aging as a “new avenue for cancer prevention,” the researchers noted. “It is vital for recent generations to become more health-conscious and consider the implications of accelerated aging,” Tian said.4 6

For the first time, the number of new cancer cases in the U.S. are expected to surpass two million in 2024—an unprecedented number in the country.7

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  1. “Accelerated aging” Puuuleeese. “Scientists” bending over backwards to concoct explanations for the obvious. Cancer is a product of toxic conditions. Now look for what toxins have been introduced into the public.

  2. So we are supposed to swallow that baloney, that cancer is rising because of early aging…right. They really think we are that stupid and gullible 🤦‍♀️

  3. Bob and Susie Q👍. I called this from day one when they started the puss injections for the scamdemic biowarfare. it would cause all kinds of problems they would never admit it and they would come up with all kinds of crazy stories like they do for the weather.

  4. ‘The research team aims to uncover the mechanisms driving accelerated aging and early-onset cancers to develop precision cancer prevention strategies’

    Genetically engineered foods. Toxic pesticides. Chemicals in every day use products. Chemtrails raining down from the sky. ‘Medicines’ which are actually harmful to humans. A completely corrupt and broken regulatory system. And so on, and so forth.

    Things are moving along quite nicely. More customers are walking through the doors of the medical industrial complex. And they have new toys to analyze someones chronological age comparative to their actual age, as a more solid indicator of when a human being should be prescribed more of their age accelerating patented for profit synthetic compounds. More tests more money. There will never be a cure within this system. See how this works yet?

    Your time would be more wisely utilized watching Barbara O’niel from Living Springs Retreat, on various video platforms. That lady is quite well along in terms of chronological age, and still functions like a spring chick. Take notes.

  5. I agree. The obvious is being overlooked. It is time to be honest about the impact that the covid vaccines have had on the health of the population. The complete control and censorship of this topic needs to stop and honest research needs to be done. The damage has been done. Let’s try to figure out how to help those whose lives have been adversely impacted by the covid vaccines.

    1. It’s not just Covid “vaccines”, it’s “vaccines” PERIOD! We’ve been fed a load of bull about how “vaccines” did this or that great thing for mankind. Isolating people with disease, and treating their symptoms, is the real “wonder drug” that does away with sickness. Treatment with “vaccines” has been exposed for the fraud it is. They’re supposed to PREVENT disease, which means it should be taken BEFORE the onset of disease, but it’s being used as treatment or cure instead. Big bucks baby! Newborn babies are given 15, 20, (I forgot the number) shots before they go home. Give me a break. Finally, the open coercion inflicted on people to “vaccinate, don’t wait”, or “vaccinate or lose your job”, etc. is damning! That damning is well deserved.

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