The Real Reason Aluminum is in Vaccines! | Suzanne Humphries

So, vaccines do boost the immune system, at least one branch of it versus another, depending on what kind of a vaccine. I don’t paint all vaccines with the same brush because live vaccines are different than killed vaccines, and there are different kinds of both. So, if you were to inject a baby with a DTaP vaccine, that baby’s immune system wouldn’t do very much, so they have to put aluminum into the vaccine for that baby to respond. And that’s why aluminum was put into the vaccines, because when it comes to these sub-unit or killed vaccines the infant immune system just won’t respond to it.

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  1. Erwin Alber   August 1, 2017 at 9:37 am

    I highly respect Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ research and information but in this instance what she regards as the real reason for the use of aluminum in vaccines is in my opinion only half the story because the addition of aluminum has in my estimation a double purpose, the other one being children’s and the general populations’ deliberate mental impairment.


    Because children who are not subjected to poisoning with neurotoxic substances such as aluminum and mercury and are allowed to have their brains develop normally tend to grow up into intelligent adults capable of independent thinking – who are rightly considered a threat to the system by the criminal elites.

    • Ed   August 1, 2017 at 9:58 pm

      Thanks Erwin,
      You have never been more correct!

    • Shekinah Star   August 1, 2017 at 11:13 pm

      Exactly!! People look at me like i am crazy when I talk like that. What response do you get? Or need I ask?

      • Colorado   August 2, 2017 at 9:18 am

        I keep it practical, focused at home. My body my choice. Engage in the information war how ever you want, but please be aware there are many arguments to break the control on peoples minds. They’re conditioned to accept toxicity and therefore can be conditioned to reject it as well.

        This is such an excellent video! But please, provide a transcript, as many pass over videos without more detailed information. Memory retention 101; read, write, touch. aka; watch, read, blog, all at the same time.

        Still waiting for a print version of Vaccine Reaction. Promise to leave it at the doctors office for the benefit of a random patient or medical staff person whom would read it. What’s the incidence rate ratio of a person adopting a new point of view if they were exposed to all this information at once, via a Vaccine Reaction newsletter? We’re dealing with molecular mimicry, and we need media mimicry to counter. Upregulate this argument! Absolutely startling is right! Transcript, publish, print, distribute. “Make it so.”

        • Jo   August 8, 2017 at 12:35 pm

          Yes, ‘Brother’ — Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’ — and “make it so’. All the buzz words the pharisees taught them.

    • Jo   August 8, 2017 at 12:30 pm


  2. Evelyn Kjørstad   August 1, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Just: thumbs up for both Suzanne H and E Alber.

  3. Ellen A Mogensen   August 1, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    The Real Reason Aluminum is in Vaccines… is so that anti-bodies will be produced by the vaccines and the presence of anti-bodies means that the vaccines get approved – period. They do not “help” anything but the bottom line of the pharmaceutical industry.

  4. MAJ. jesse carnes   August 1, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Yes, this is assuredly the case. Russell Blaylock, MD, says that this is not just conspiracy theories, but patent fact. I annotated one of Dr. Blaylock’s papers [ the expose` of the Norcross, Georgia [secret] Conference held in 2000 ]. What Blaylock reports CORROBORATES your notion as being more than mere notion. Aluminium is a HIGHLY toxic Attenuator of your MICROGLIA cells’ Mitachondria. It eventually kills Microglia cells and they are your body’s 1st line of defense, found mostly in the brain. Persons who are so affected normally will not die, but they do end up with a Stultified brain and become AVERAGE but not Brilliant persons. They cannot think at high, analytical levels, and this is what “1984” type regimes want: a very controllable population.

  5. Michelle   August 2, 2017 at 6:26 am

    It’s been heartbreaking to see the horrified mothers in this area, who experience their babies going through seizures,screaming,high fever, repeated trips to the emergency room with no one seemingly able to help. Nothing is done except sending the little ones home with the mom only to see their babies suffer one health issue after another.

  6. TC   August 2, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Since mitochodria are the body’s energy transformers, could aluminum not also sap our energy? Fluoride, another metal, is purportedly used for “1984” type mind control and creates other health hazards. I primarily drink reverse osmosis filtered water and ‘force’ my kids to do the same. Of course they get some fluoride while out and about, but at least it’s minimized. Homeopathy can be used to help detox the aluminum out of the brain as well as other detox products (DMSA). Something to investigate if you’re worried about the toxic effects of aluminum; possibly do a Heavy Metals challenge test using DMSA to purge some of the metals into the blood from the body tissues so the blood test better reflects the metal load in your body.

  7. Gary Brown   August 4, 2017 at 11:36 am

    The pharmaceutical companies are owned by the members of the new world order.
    The new world order are worshippers of satan.
    Satan wants as many souls as he might be able to trick into following him.
    Pharmaceutical drugs ALL have an LD-50, which is a dosage level at which half of the tested population will die at that dosage.
    A therapeutically safe dose is some percentage of the LD-50 level. ALL pharmaceutical drugs kill some number of those who take them, each and every year, these deaths are not compiled into publically accessible databases.
    The devil/satan, cannot make you do anything, but, he can cause you to believe that what you are doing is good for you. The more people who can be killed using pharmaceutical drugs, the more souls satan gets to gain control over.
    The new world order also has invested much money into the medical schools all over this country and the world. Once some organization invests a huge sum of money in a college or medical school, the investor gains an amount of influence in the school that is relative to how much money has been donated to the school. The new world order determines what is taught and how it is taught in the schools they have invested in and taken some level of control over.
    The new world order and the members of it, do not want people to know these things, if people in general knew what takes place, they would, in some cases, make efforts to overcome these evil designs.
    Do NOT take pharmaceutical drugs, of any sort for any reason. DIET will make you either healthy of ill. Drugs, of any sort, particularly pharmaceutical drugs will, first: addle your brain, Second: destroy, at various rates, your organs, your bodily systems, your ability to even know that something is going wrong with you and your body.
    A diet of healthy foods and filled with natural nutritional components, including proper and adequate vitamins, nutrients, minerals and whatever else is needed for a healthy life, are able to be assembled, but, I would not trust medical doctors for much more than fixing broken bones, repairing cuts and abrasions, things like that. I, would not and do not trust medical doctors to know about health or nutrition.
    Eat food that has been processed the least, if when you read and nutrition label you find words that you cannot even pronounce let alone know what they are, do not eat that “frankenfood”. It is filled with poisons. As much as you are able, grow your own food, eat as close to the ground as possible–this means eating things that have been processed the least amount practical–fresh fruits and vegetables, meat from animals that you can trace their life from knowing the parents of the animal and that they were well fed and not filled with antibiotics or other growth enhancing chemicals, if you can, eat meat that came only from one animal, instead of burger that comes from, no-one knows how many animals.
    Stay away from pharmaceutical drugs, they will kill you, that is what they are designed to do, eat as close to the ground as you are able, the fresher something is, the better for you that it is, drink much water and stay away from ALL soda pops, energy drinks, gatoraid and other drinks of that sort.
    I follow there guidelines and I am exceptionally healthy, I almost never see medical doctors because I know these things I have just commented on and know this information to be true.
    Educate yourself about health and nutrition and you will live a better life and have better health as a result.

  8. William Schmittmeyer   August 10, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    This video never goes into how live vaccines like whooping cough,shingles,polio,nasal flu,etc. shed for 2 weeks after injection infecting everyone you come in contact with.That’s why you have an epidemic in classrooms reported on the news of whooping cough but is always blamed on the unvaccinated.If you look at the pharmacy ads for shingles on the bottom of the screen it says stay away from children and immune compromised adults after injection.Bill Gates instead of giving clean water to children in Africa is paying billions to vaccinate them with live polio.There has to be something sinister going on and the media is bought and paid to Shut Up.First off vaccines only last 4-5 years that is why there are 69 doses of 16 vaccines given to children up to 18 years old.The mercury,aluminum,formaldehyde etc.goes to the fattiest tissue in the body which is the brain causing encephalitis(swelling of the brain)which will cause autism,shaken baby syndrome,MS,Lupos,senility,and so many other illnesses.The scientific community just labels these illnesses with different names But they are all swelling of the brain.Can you imagine the amount of mercury and aluminum in someone getting a flu shot for 70 years every year and you wonder why your grandfather went senile

  9. Suzanne   August 13, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    Some people say they are not anti-vaccine, they just want safe vaccines. But as Dr. Humphries explains in this video, there’s no such thing as a safe vaccine. If you take out the ingredient that’s causing the problem, in this case aluminum, then the vaccine has no effect. Live virus vaccines may be safer from the standpoint that they have no aluminum in them, but with a live virus vaccine you always run the chance of the vaccine actually giving you the disease it’s supposed to protect against and shedding and infecting others. So again, there’s no such thing as a safe vaccine.

  10. Northern Tracey   August 23, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Why not look at the other side of the argument as to why the body would not have much of a ‘reaction’ to the ‘virus’ injected alone? Maybe because they actually have got the immune system completely wrong. Why is everyone ignoring Dr Stefan Lanka’s court case in germany? They have no viruses. The immune system reacts to POISONS not germs or ‘viruses’. It’s time for some REAL truth now.


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