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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Allergy Shots are Vaccines?

I ran across a statement the other day which grabbed my attention. So much so that I felt I had to do some research on it. The statement, published on the website of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI), reads: “Allergy shots work like a vaccine.”1

The AAAAI explains:

Your body responds to injected amounts of a particular allergen, given in gradually increasing doses, by developing immunity or tolerance to the allergen.1

Allergy shots, also known as allergy immunotherapy or subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT), have been described as “vaccines for allergy”2 or “vaccines for allergic diseases.”3 According to a study in the journal Current Opinion in Immunology, “Vaccines aim to establish or strengthen immune responses but are also effective for the treatment of allergy.”2

Allergy shots contain a small amount of an allergen (a substance that triggers an allergic reaction)—just enough to stimulate the immune system without causing a “full-blown allergic reaction.” The goal is to gradually desensitize the immune system and allow it to build up a tolerance to the allergen(s) and eventually minimize or eliminate the allergic symptoms.4 

The overall principle for vaccines is similar, only that vaccination generally focuses on stimulating a mild immune response to a certain infection-causing antigen such as a bacteria or virus.5 

As with vaccinations, there are side-effects associated with allergy shots. There are mild side-effects such swelling or redness at the injection site, itching, watery eyes, stuffy nose, and sneezing. And there are more severe ones such as rapid or irregular heartbeat, tightness in the chest or throat, difficulty breathing or wheezing, dizziness or light-headedness, loss of consciousness, and death.6 

So, what could be causing these reactions to allergy shots? As with vaccines, it’s hard to tell. But, as with vaccines, a good place to start would be to look at the ingredients in allergy shots starting with the allergen(s). Some of the more common allergens include “mold and pollen from grasses, ragweed and trees.”7 

Allergy shots contain concentrations of either glycerol or phenol diluents8  (substances used to thin or dilute9), which double as antimicrobial agents or preservatives.10 

Phenol or carbolic acid is derived from distillation of coal tar and is an extremely poisonous compound that is used in a highly diluted form as an anti-microbial in vaccines and other products.11 It is an ingredient in five vaccines licensed in the United States, including Hib (PedvaxHIB), Hib/Hep B (Comvax), Pneumococcal (PPSV-23—Pneumovax), Smallpox (Vaccinia—ACAM2000), and Typhoid (inactivated—Typhim Vi).

Although the safety record of injected phenol is unclear, phenol has been known to have a “toxic chemical effect on the central nervous system leading to sudden collapse and loss of consciousness.”12

Allergy shots also contain the blood plasma protein known as human serum albumin (HSA),10 13 which is used as a stabilizer. HSA has been known to cause anaphylaxis,14 described by the AAAAI as a”serious, life-threatening allergic reaction.”15

Anaphylaxis requires immediate medical treatment, including a prompt injection of epinephrine and a trip to a hospital emergency room. If it isn’t treated properly, anaphylaxis can be fatal.14

Ah, but here’s the real kicker. Allergy shots can contain aluminum as an adjuvant. Same as with vaccines, only perhaps much more aluminum per shot and cumulatively, given that allergy shots are given more frequently (often weekly or monthly7 16) than vaccines.17 

According to Christopher Exley, PhD, professor of bioinorganic chemistry at Keele University in the United Kingdom:

Aluminium-based adjuvants are the most commonly used adjuvant in sub-cutaneous allergy immunotherapy (SCIT). Approximately 75% of all such adjuvant-based therapies include an aluminium salt. In parallel with the use of aluminium-based adjuvants in vaccinations these adjuvants have been in use in allergy immunotherapies for over 80 years.18 

“There are very few data purporting to the safety of aluminium adjuvants in allergy immunotherapy and particularly so in relation to longer term health effects,” adds Dr. Exley.18

More than 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from allergies every year. Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness among Americans and cost the U.S. economy more than $18 billion annually. What we don’t know is how many people are suffering from the side-effects of the allergy shots they take and what the economic costs are of that treatment.19

There is a general belief that allergy shots are “almost always are safe if given correctly.”16 So, as with vaccines, there does not appear to be an urgency within the medical community to ascertain whether that belief is valid. This is unfortunate because the incidence of allergies in the U.S. is continuing to rise each year 20 and, likely, so will the practice of giving allergy shots.


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  1. When I was in my late teens and early 20s I had really bad allergies and had shots. They didn’t do me any good, just harm.

    I would get them in a different town (that’s where the allergy dr. was) and they wanted me to wait 20 minutes to make sure I didn’t have a bad reaction. Well, IF I did that, I’d fall asleep on the way home…while driving! So I’d get the shot and rush out the door and to the car so I could get home before they made me go to sleep. More than once I had to be sent home from work because I fell asleep AT MY TELLER WINDOW at the bank!

    Later in life I was told that allergy shots only don’t work for 1/3 of the people who get them. WHAT a waste of time and money.

  2. I tried desensitizing shots in 1980. My husband had them years before and was so successful that I thought I would have a try. Unfortunately, after a series of 4 or 5 shots I had to stop. My arm swelled up and blistered and I suffered bronchial and sinus infections for months. Also, my allergies became worse. But, the worst part of all was finding out I was pregnant and with twins. Within a few months I miscarried one of the twins (he was terribly malformed). The surviving twin had a number of things wrong, one that required surgical repair. One of my worst experiences with Pharma.

  3. Vaccination is the injection, or in some cases the oral administration, of an antigen or foreign protein, along with a cocktail of adjuvants and preservatives like aluminum and formaldehyde, along with whatever fellow travelers from the growth media (like bovine serum, monkey kidneys, army worms, and aborted human fetal tissue) that make it through the rudimentary and inadequate filtering process. Peanut oil, for example, is used in vaccines, and it does not have to be listed in the ingredients because it is “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). But, as we should all know by now, GRAS is asinine. What a remarkable coincidence that the surge in nut allergies perfectly coincided with the surge in mandated vaccines. If you eat a peanut, your digestive system breaks down the foreign protein and reconstitutes it as a human protein. If peanut oil is injected into your veins or absorbed through oral tissue, it bypasses your digestive system and appears as a hostile invader in the inner sanctum of your body and your immune system freaks out. To generalize from this example, mass vaccination is introducing all sorts of foreign proteins into the body’s inner sanctum, causing among many other disorders an epidemic of serious, often life-threatening allergies. And then, to administer the coup de grace, the minions of genocidal Big Pharma inject the victims with more foreign proteins along with the chemical toxins that enable those proteins to break through the blood-brain barrier and our other natural defenses and wreak physiological havoc. They are doing this to “treat” their allergies. Is this murder or simply negligent homicide? Are these witch-doctors evil, or just stupid? People say they’re simply motivated by greed. But if someone kills unintentionally in the course of committing a robbery, it’s legally murder nonetheless. When will people wake up and realize that these medical “experts” are killing us softly?

  4. What about sublingual allergy drops placed under the tongue? This method is used widely in Europe and also some in the United States. Insurance companies do not pay for this treatment.

  5. My husband, who suffers from intense pollen and grass allergies, tried immunotherapy for a several months before abandoning. He fell ill (sore throat, flu symptoms) after each successive “treatment”. Given his chemical sensitivities from years in the home remodeling industry, I’m not surprised that the immunotherapy couldn’t “cure” his allergies.

  6. My wife had allergy shots from sixth grade through college, once per week, one shot in each arm. She developed ductile breast cancer at age 39. Seems aluminum concentrates in duct tissue of the breast. Seems a bit suspicious to me, but nobody will state cause and effect.

  7. For allergies I give homeophathic drops. Bought them from And my dog gets Household Dust & Mold Mix, Grass & Weed Mix, and since we’re in the Northeast, he gets Norhteast Allesdode for tree pollen. I take the tree pollen one too as I am allergic to some tree pollen. The drops are made by Professional Forumulas. My dog gets one dropper at bedtime. I started late on the Northeast Allersode but it did work.

  8. No, allergy shots are NOT vaccines. they work just like homeopathic remedies, they boost your immune system and build your tolerence to the culprit allergen. They do not have adverse adjuvents or heavy metals in it, just the allergen the patient is allergic to.

    1. I wish you were right, since I had allergy shots weekly for years. Please give some proof that they contain only the allergens. Thank you.

      1. An allergy shot can have as much as 1000 mcg aluminum. And they usually give them every month (or even weekly)!

    2. no they do not work. had shots for 8 yrs and sill aleric to bees. started them again. everything I had for issues as kid came back stronger with every shot I got as an adult. A lot of people turn to Homeopathy after seeing allergy shots fail and making them sick in other ways I’m just one of those people. getting better all the time. she can help you. you can also study under her. and also buy cheap used books at

  9. I suppose we would want to know if these allergy concoctions are made by the same corporations that make the discredited vaccines, eh? And whether the assertion that allergy shots are vaccines is a game to get immunity from prosecution at least for those injured in childhood….

    As with the shingles vaxxes for adults, the vax mfrs found out that the corrupt immunity legislation of 1989 or whenever, doesn’t protect the mfr as only you can imagine..

  10. Ok, so I figured they aren’t the greatest, but they do work and I don’t know what else to do for my 8 year old son. We have tried nebulizers, inhalers, various allergy meds, eye drops…the poor kid coughs constantly, his chest is so tight he can’t breathe, he doesn’t sleep at night, and neither does anyone else because of his coughing. He struggles in school because he’s tired and miserable. He is allergic to so many things (and not vaccinated btw, so that is NOT the cause). I am studying aromatherapy and herbalism in the hopes of helping, but so far nothing has worked and many things aren’t safe for kids. I get frustrated when I read these articles, even though it’s important information, because an alternative is never given. Parents aren’t given options and we don’t want our kids suffering. So if ANYONE has helped their child in another way besides the shots, please please let me know. I was going to call the doctor tomorrow because my son’s allergies are so bad and the shots are the next step.

    1. Have you tried a whole-food, plant-based diet? It seems to help with almost everything. If you’re not familiar, check out If you’d like to know more, feel free to reply at [email protected]. Best of luck!

    2. Homeopathics work really well for me and my family for allergies – even my dogs. Also, I spoke to a doctor last week who said that he had great success using ASEA on children with allergies. He said that he had them use it as a spray into the nostrils or in a nebulizer as well as taking it orally. ASEA is a product which provides the body with a safe and natural way to support cellular energy and support healing response. You can learn about it on a general info site (not mine)

    3. Traditional Chinese Medicine!!! Please look into this before any more western “medicine” substances. TCM views allergies a very specific way and there are herbs as well as acupressure, he’s just barely old enough for acupuncture. Chrysanthemum in tea and herb form is used, Quercetin as someone else mentioned works. You have to use it 2/3 times a day for a few months but it will work. There are herbs (over the counter) for lung (Ping Chuan) and sinuses. A Licensed Acupuncturist will also be an herbalist and can assess him and get him help right away. I suffered from debilitating allergies as a child and Quercetin took away the last of them as an adult. They are very tied to gut health. Please check TCM, they have been doing this for thousands of years and any health issue can be addressed safely and effectively. I have been tested for heavy metals etc and never had anything in me from the herbs, the LAc can show you which companies are reputable, most are. TCM will change the way you treat your health conditions, GOOD LUCK to you all!!!

      1. One more thing, for his lungs, rub his back where his lungs are (you can look this up online) with the edge of a teaspoon or even your nails, you will see the area get a little red. Do it for a couple, few minutes, it will help him breathe. Did it often for asthmatic child. Also check online for acupressure points in face by nose and eyebrows to clear his nose. There is a Large Intestine point, in the web between thumb and index that can be stimulated also. These will be the acupuncture points if he gets that. No, it doesn’t hurt and they would only do 4 needles or so because of his age. Again, good luck!!

    4. If you have access to a holistic practitioner, and are willing to go that route, I highly suggest finding your son an ND (naturopathic doctor). Often times detoxing the body is a massive aid because of the overload of histamines in the body that even our liver has to process. Detox is a huge aid; via castor packs. Google it if you don’t know what that is. I often feel far less allergic to my environment after doing a caster pack.

      There’s nettle and quercitin (“aller-aid” holistic allergy pills are GREAT), peppermint tea, even the essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and lavender to name a few, work fantastically to open up the airways, peppermint and eucalyptus in particular, rubbed on the chest and back with a carrier oil are my go to for myself and my daughter.

      Eating organic/non-GMO will help keep his system from being so overloaded by everything. Give his system every opportunity to be strong. It’s worth it to look into his diet, even the household cleaners, detergents, soaps and shampoo (if you haven’t already) because it could be that something in those departments may be exacerbating his allergies. There’s even the thought to get him tested, if you haven’t, to see if he has an MTHFR mutation. I have the mutation and it can heavily impact allergic reactions because I don’t detox as well as others, including histamine from the body.

      God bless you Mama, keep fighting for your son and I hope that even a fraction of this was helpful. =)

    5. Hello Yochana,

      Just wanted to clarify that you wrote “they do work,” about allergy shots, but later you wrote that you haven’t tried them yet, i.e., “the shots are the next step.” So what you apparently meant was someone told you that they work, or you believe that the shots work, for whatever reason.

      For the alternative you seek, look for a functional medicine practitioner. An integrative chiropractor uses clinical nutrition, as well as physical techniques, and is a licensed, non-drug choice to help your son.

      I think if you click on my name, above, it will bring you to a page related to this recommendation.

      I hope this is helpful.

    6. I’m sorry for your son’s (and your family’s)suffering! My family went through the same thing with me. I coughed so violently I had to be hospitalized for pluerisy and kept in an oxygen tent for 2 weeks. (The oxygen helped tremendously!)The doctors were baffled and finally referred us to an allergy specialist in the next state. The scratch test showed I was allergic to almost everything! And severely allergic to dust, pollen, mold, mildew and jute. I was given allergy shots twice a week for one year, then once a week for the next three years. I guess it helped? But as a teenager I was diagnosed with coughing-variant asthma. And when we moved to WA State 10 years ago my seasonal allergies exploded again! And I’ve developed several chronic/auto-immune diseases. I cut out all sugar, junk food, wheat and fluoride; that help a lot. But I wonder to what extent the allergy shots and vaccines I was given are responsible. My son seems to have inherited my pollen allergies. On days when we feel symptomatic, we take Quercetin with Bromelain. I take 2 capsules, 1-3 times a day as needed. And he usually only needs 1 capsule per day. On really high pollen days he might take it twice. It works very well to control our symptoms! I also check the local pollen levels, almost daily, so I can pinpoint which specific pollens effect us worse. If our allergies were as bad as you describe, I would probably take the maximum dose of Quercetin daily as a preventative. Hope you can find a non-toxic (and non-traumatic) solution to his condition!!! Keep researching how to fight allergies. Things like good air filters and removing all the carpet, etc can really help. I’ve heard most people “outgrow” allergies as their immune systems mature? God bless.

    7. My children also have allergies and we bought a Siberian cat because they are supposed to be less allergenic. My son was very allergic to the cat and I thought we wouldn’t be able to keep him. The kids were very upset and I wanted to find some way to be able to keep the cat.
      An integrative Doctor told me to try fish oil and vitamin C. Within a week or two he was fine and we were able to keep the cat. I hope this helps.

    8. My son suffered with what I was told were seasonal allergies when he was younger. Though the doctors insisted it was seasonal, there was nothing seasonal about it … this was a year-round thing which told me that something else was going on.

      Once we eliminated all dairy from his diet, ALL his symptoms went away … in 3 short days! He said he felt as if a cloud had been lifted and he was no longer “fuzzy-headed.” That was 12 years ago and we have never looked back. Good luck.

    9. Hi Yochana,

      I’m sorry to hear that your son has such a hard time. I would suggest taking him at least of dairy products, or best way all animal products. Instead offer starches, fruit and veggies, and the body will recover in couple of months on its own. Please do you homework on impact of dairy on human digestive system, and decide what’s best for your son, not what he or you prefer. And I would not put any money on your PCD, they not trained to heal, they train to support chronic illness, look for holistic one, and focus on proper diet.

    10. try homeopathy/ this website is just 1 homeopathy who could help. our you can study under her and do yourself. The allergies I had are by far much better and most are gone!!!

    11. Though this is purely anecdotal, I have a number of friends who have successfully used local honey to build their immune systems against local flora. Since I don’t know what your son is allergic to, I don’t know if this would be of any help at all. Could be worth a try?

    12. Have you taken your child off of gluten and dairy?
      I found out I was allergic to both (IgA and IgG antibodies) and after going off both my
      environmental allergies improved markedly!
      My children are also GF/DG and one of them had asthma disappear after eliminating gluten and dairy. If food is the contributing factor, you may find a substantial reduction in allergic response to environmental allergies by eliminating.
      Functional Medical Doctors know this world well.

    13. Yes there is a way to get rid of allergies it all begins in the gut. Balancing the minerals in the system with hair testing is the best way to go. Functional medicine is much better than nothing but not the best choice. It’s also way more expensive. you can read about this here. Good luck !

    14. Hi,

      I feel bad for your son as I used to experience similar severe symptoms for years, but as an adult. I took allergy shots for about 8 years but I could NEVER get up to maintenance as I was constantly reacting and they had to drop me down to previous doses.

      When I learned that my diet and lifestyle meant everything and started detoxing, my health improved dramatically. It sounds like his liver is congested and he has leaky gut. Robert Scott Bell talk about these issues all the time and he was the poster child for severe allergies when he was a kid.

      Look him up and do some research on his blog and listen to his shows/archived shows on certain topics. Go to robertscottbell dot com

    15. Yochana–Here’s another vote for eliminating dairy. My then almost 7 year old grandson was permanently stuffed up with poor hearing, for months. It was only after the doctor said he needed ear tubes and adenoid removal that his mom thought to ask me about it. I made my recommendation and, seriously, within 2 days he was greatly improved. In a week he was fine and he has remained fine for the entire year since. I’d try that first, and then try going gluten free if your son needs more help.

    16. Yochana, there is an herbalist in New Mexico, Tierra Low Dog, who specializes in asthma using herbs. You may want to try and contact her to see if she is able to help

    17. This is the alternative….Have you tried this? Therapeutic levels of vitamin C.

      Vitamin C works for my kids. The challenge is to get them to take a high enough amount to be effective. See Allergies article at that link…”Most allergies usually disappear while you wait if you use the safest, most powerful, cheapest and most effective antihistamine-antitoxin in existence: vitamin C.”

      2nd part article on website:

      Here’s the vitamin C dosage table by Dr. Klenner, to help you figure out what dosage will be effective…It’s by body weight. Therapeutic dosage generally starts at 350mg per kg of body weight per day. For example, a 110 pound person would be taking at least 18 grams of vitamin C in divided doses each day.

      There is also liposomal vitamin C that is better absorbed, but it is more expensive.

      I wish you luck in helping your child too.

      I find that people have a hard time believing such a simple cure/treatment. I go with what works.

    18. Have you ruled out mold yet? I had to get rid of mold in my house it was making me so sick I thought I was going to die. I had two anaphylactic attacks and almost died. I am feeling so much better even though I am allergic to other things. Mold was the biggest culprit. I also take Montelukast Cetirizine which helps tremendously. I wish I could afford air purifiers they are so expensive but worth it. That will be my next project to save money for.

  11. Allergy shots do not work. Took them as a child in the 1960’s. Quercitin works far better, is natural, and no side effects.

    1. Agree! Quercetin with Bromelain works wonders on my seasonal allergies. I too had allergy shots as a child, from age 8 to 12. Weekly! Now I wonder how much of my chronic health problems were caused by that. I didn’t know untilt this article that allergy shots are as bad, or worse, than vaccines…which I also had.

  12. Don’t these people realize that shots are frightening to children? A colleague of mine told me when her toddlers gets injections, “she screams bloody murder.” What are the neurological consequences of traumatizing children by repeated injections against their will? Does anyone care?

  13. Interesting that I am in my 50’s and was receiving allergy shots through Kaiser. After 2 months of shots I had a sudden increase in blood pressure. Thinking about what I was doing differently the only thing was the shots. I stopped taking them and my blood pressure went back to normal within two weeks. The head allergist at Kaiser said it couldent be the shots and I must have been on the cusp of high blood pressure before the shots and that the shots must have set it off. We decided to try a lower disease and within two weeks the EXACT thing happened. Kaiser is in denial, even my primary physician. I wish I could sue those lying bastards…

  14. After being a alternative Practitioner for 30 yrs. – I just have to give my feed back. Vaccines set up the Stage for Allergies – with all that disrupt the Digestive system. You cannot have “Allergies” without a poor Digestive system – with some Over whelming Pathogen: Parasites, Virus, Bacteria or Fungus. Allergy shots are in no way compared to Homeopathics – there are no toxic ingredients in homeopathics. My daughter in law had been on Allergy shots, Inhalers, etc. since she was 8 yrs. old. She was 21 when I met her. Within 6 months she was off All Medications. She only had Fungus – specifically Valley Fever. You can overcome any “allergy”, etc. – if you are treated individually which includes finding what Pathogens you have. There is a Homeopathic that children can take before and after Vaccinations to prevent some of the side effects. Best wishes and Health for all that suffer needlessly.

    1. And still the adrenals need to be considered IMO. Every person is UNIQUE,and in many, it is the adrenals which get hit hard by vaccines and by allergy shots.

  15. resources (time, money, etc.) would be better spent discovering why allergies have increased exponentially. and most likely the culprit is [drum roll please] – you guessed it – vaccines.

  16. Thank you for clearing this up. Now I know I was right to stop the allergy shots. My instincts told me to do so. I didn’t listen to my instinct back when it was telling me not to vaccinate and definitely not to allow multiple shots. I watched my son have a stroke right in front of me after four vaccines (most of them combination ones and three were full of thimerosal – something I had expressly forbidden the pediatrician to give my son, but she lied and gave it anyway).

    My son immediately lost all speech and affect right in front of me and then came the high-pitched screaming – which they said was “normal.” that went on for an HOUR before we were sent home. I walked int with a perfectly healthy, normally developing child, and walked out with a child who was a shell of his former self.

    Those vaccines damaged his immune system. He began to get sick all the time. His body could no longer even fight the bacteria from an insect bite. In addition, he over-reacted to some insect bites. One day after only three stings from fire ants, he went into anaphylaxis.

    His immunologist put him on allergy shots for fire ants, and we did them for three years, but a couple of times after these shots, he started wheezing and coughing, and this frightened me. After three years, we re-tested,and the allergy shots had had NO effect on lessening his reaction to them. Yet, the immunologist wanted to continue giving them but suggested we come more often for more shots.

    I said I wanted to read the package insert first. He said, “Oh, we throw that away.” I asked what was in these shots. He didn’t know! (so he said). I told him my child was getting no more injections unless I could read the package insert. I looked on-line and couldn’t find them. I searched on-line and was never able to find the ingredients in these shots anywhere on-line. That was a huge red flag to me, so we declined the shots. We carry his rescue pack with us wherever we go, and we are extremely careful.

    We continued working on detox and strengthening his immune system naturally. I believe what is gravely overlooked concerning vaccine injuries and allergies (including “asthma”) are the adrenal glands. It is the most overlooked glands int eh human body. Doctors rarely pay any attention to the adrenals unless someone has full blown Addison’s Disease. I believe vaccines are causing severe adrenal fatigue in many children. Hence why so many vaccine injured children develop allergies and asthma along with inability to cope with change, panic attacks, anxiety, sleep pattern disruptions, inability to self-regulate emotions, crying easily, melt downs, light and sound sensitivities, and inappropriate over-reaction to situations.

    I am happy that his immunologist was open-minded and agreed to work with us in treating the adrenal fatigue. In doing so, all the above symptoms disappeared in our child, including constant infections and “asthma.” He has not even overreaction to an insect bite in over eighteen months now. but needles to say, we still keep prepared wherever we go.

    I would like to see any studies that have been done which show the effects of vaccines and allergy shots on adrenal function. I bet they have never been done, and am very happy another parent who figured this out informed me of adrenal fatigue. It made a huge difference in our child’s quality of life by addressing this issue.

    Injected toxins from any source is going to have an effect on every organ in the body, and no one can pronounce it “safe” without doing studies on each organ and then on the affects of each metabolic system before pronouncing it so. To try to do so is INSANE.

    To “Signwatcher” daytime sleepiness is also a sign of adrenal fatigue. JMO. Something to look into. Having allergies at all is also a sign, then you get a shot full of toxins and that just makes the adrenal fatigue worse IMO. Hence: sleepiness.

  17. Yochana asks for a solution to her son’s allergies. EASY. Vitamin C to bowel tolerance. I take 6 hour timed release Vitamin C so I am always loaded up with it, even through the night. It works like a charm. It is inexpensive and there are no bad side effects, just a clear head and easy breathing. For the last 23 years, taking Vitamin C, I have not been sick a single day. But if I forget to take it on time, my allergies come back for a few minutes until I remember to take it. Allergies clear right up in minutes with Vitamin C.

    1. Cheriel, I can attest to your solution. I had very bad allergies as a child at a time when the only solution was medication that would put you to sleep. As a young adult I discovered Vitamin C as well and at 6 grams or so a day I was fine. I also had a similar experience as you when I did not take it as a young professional who got too busy. When spring rolled around I was overwhelmed with allergies and hay fever. Even though I started taking it again, it was not effective. I kept up because I knew it worked. By the next spring I was fine and, of course, no colds ever.

  18. I took allergy shots for years which gave me some relief. Within a year of moving to another office I had an “allergic” reaction after being injected and was treated quickly in the office and took benadryl for several days and had to carry an epi pen for a while. I was looking for an excuse to opt out of the yearly flu vaccines at work, but after researching the shots I was getting I found mine only contained glycerin.
    Most likely human error such as wrong allergen or wrong dosage was given.

  19. Our son had an adverse reaction to vaccines at four months old and has a Vaccine Medical Exemption. He subsequently developed severe allergies and asthma requiring hospitalization several times before age 8 because he could not breath (oxygen went down as low as 80). We tried many alternative techniques — worked with a homeopath for years and got no relief as well as multiple cleansings and all kinds of supplements with a Naturopath. He continued to be sick and end up in hospital. Ate all organic and clean. My husband is a Certified Master Chef so we eat very clean and whole foods. When our son was 8, he looked up at me and asked me if he was always going to be be this sick. Up until that point, I avoided Allergists like the plague. A women at our health food store recommend an allergist in town that is nutritionally based. So, we went to him. At the top of his list of recommendations was very high dose Fish Oil, Vit. D3, and Probiotics. Next on the list, he recommended Singulair, Low-Dose Steroid Inhaler, and Zyrtec. Lastly, he also said that he would greatly benefit from Allergy Shots and that if I wanted him off of all meds someday, I should consider Allergy Shots. I refused the Allergy Shots and the Steroid. A few months later, out son ended up in the hospital with very low oxygen and difficulty breathing. The Allergist then explained to me that every time he ends up in the hospital they blast him with IV steroids that is way more than he would ever get from a low dose inhaled steroid. He also reiterated the benefits of Allergy Shots. I was beginning to trust this doc so I added the Allergy Shots and the Steroid inhaler. What a difference! Our son was like a different kid! He could run faster and longer on the soccer field and no more hospitalizations since that point. By age 13, he was off ALL meds and is still off all meds to this day at age 18. He still takes the high dose Fish Oil, Vit. D3, and Probiotics. He does get maintenance allergy shots every 7 – 8 weeks. The shots he gets are from a company called ALK and the ingredients label lists: Sodium Chloride 0.9%, Phenol (Preservative) 0.4%, and Water for Injection Q.S. Not sure if there is human serum albumin (HSA)and Aluminum in there and it is not listed because it is such a small amount? I am waiting to hear back from our doctor on that one — just left a message with them! My husband (who has had SEVERE asthma and allergies his whole life) saw how well our son was doing and he then started on the same regimen of supplements and Allergy Shots and same amazing results for him! Both my son and husband have not had an asthma attack or needed a rescue inhaler in about eight years since starting this regimen. So, something is working very well for them!

  20. Thank you to everyone who commented on this thread. I agree 100% with all of your comments. It is extremely frustrating that it seems to be a lifelong process to recover from /manage the side-effects of childhood vaccinations.

  21. I received 8 allergy shots per week (2 in each arm twice a week) for a year and a half. I had to quit them Oct 2018 because they were making me very sick. I was developing symptoms of dementia. I also had 2 highly positive anti-nuclear antibody tests which are indicative of autoimmune disease, cancer, or inflammatory disease. Since stopping the shots my anti-nuclear tests have all come back negative and I’ve regained my neurological function. I was only 41. I believe it was my allergy shots and whatever adjuvants/preservatives were being used in them. I researched aluminum toxicity and I fit all the symptoms at the time. Like I said, since stopping the allergy shots, I have been fine.

  22. I received allergy shots consistently for about a year. Around the same time I got very sick and dropped out of the university I was attending to move back home. Shortly after this I was tested for heavy metals and my levels were extremely high. I’ve spent the last twenty years off and on trying to remove these metals from my body. It was only recently that I learned that allergy shots use the same adjuvants as vaccines, containing thimerisol and aluminum. The allergy shots caused me way more harm than good, they did nothing for my allergies.

  23. Allergies usually flame with viral infections. During the flu fever, chicken pox, any vaccinations, always take antihistamines.
    And also I have a question. Can person take an activated charcoal after allergy shot? Wouldn’t it be conflict of interests: allergy shot given to get used to allergens an charcoal removing allergens?

  24. I remember receiving allergy shots from an early age. Was regularly sick and had allergies throughout childhood. Apparently it only stopped at age 14, due to my a conflicting schedule with my Mom not being able to take me to the Doc. And being 14, finally free to make my own decisions, there was no way I was going to get injected. Miraculously, I stopped having symptoms and got better. I remember the last flue shot I had around the same age. Made me sick for a week. I was told there must have been some live flue in the vax, that’s what made me sick. It seems pretty simple to me, inject kids and persons with toxins, you get sick. (always check the labels and Material Safety Data Sheets of what is in these things. Big companies tend not to care about pesky details like social, enviro., health impacts on individuals. Bottom line. They think about Big Scale Mass. Some mentionable: Big Oil, Big Forestry, Big Fisheries, Big Mills, Big Mines, Big Tobacco, Big Media, Big Beer, Big Agriculture, Big Gov.t, Big Pharma- they’re all the same- bottom line).
    Getting sick is the bodies way of getting rid of toxins. Another good way of getting rid of toxins: Drink pure water, vitamins, sunshine, exercise, ginger, garlic. Occasional fasting, take care of gut flora, eat sour things(lemon, sauerkraut). Avoid anything refined, especially wheat and sugar.

  25. It is impossible that allergy shot has had bad effect on everyone. My friend got them and worked very well for him. If some people were agreeing and some disagree, I would believe it easier.

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