Fake Science in Scientific and Medical Studies

Our cover story this week may lead you to question much of what you hear and read about scientific and medical studies. It’s a cautionary note issued by respected industry leaders who say unseen interests are exerting enormous control over research and what is or isn’t published. Their startling claim that a large percentage of articles in prestigious medical journals are simply not to be believed. We begin with Dr. Marcia Angell of Harvard, a pioneer in the medical journal field. I think physicians and the public have come to believe that drugs are much better and much safe than they really are. What’s makes Dr. Marcia Angell’s skepticism so remarkable is where she places much of the blame… on researchers and medical journals. That includes the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine where she worked for 20 years and was its first female editor-in-chief from 1999 to 2000.

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