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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Two Children Die After Polio Vaccination, Four in Critical Condition in Pakistan

Two children in the Tehsil Bara area of the Khyber Agency tribal region in Pakistan reportedly died last week “moments” after receiving the live oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV).1 2 Another 11 children, who had been administered the vaccine in Tehsil Bara, fell unconscious and were taken to Hayatabad hospital in the city of Peshawar. Four of the 11 children remain in critical condition.2 3

Although the two dead children, identified as Abu Bakar and Musa, died after getting the live oral polio vaccine that has not been given to children in the U.S since the late 1990s. A local surgeon, Dr. Niaz Afridi, said the precise cause of death had yet to be determined and that samples of the vaccine had been sent to the capital city of Islamabad for examination.1

The Pakistani government is in the middle of a major anti-polio vaccination campaign to eradicate polio from Pakistan by 2017. The program calls for a “multi-pronged strategy with a well-developed work plan to ensure all children are vaccinated and any circulating virus is detected quickly and responded to immediately.”4

According to local health officials, Pakistan, along with Afghanistan and Nigeria, remain the world’s only countries in which wild type polio remains endemic.5 Countries in Africa and Asia have been conducting frequent “pulse” polio vaccine campaigns among children for several decades in an effort to eradicate wild type polioviruses, even as vaccine strain poliovirus now contaminates water supplies in many countries.

In October 2015, a polio vaccination campaign was suspended in the city of Bahawalpur in Pakistan’s state of Punjab after seven children, ranging between two months to 18 months of age, became sick within hours after getting the OPV. Two of the children, two-year-old Sakina and Muhammad Qasim, died and five children became critically ill and were treated at Bahawalpur’s Bahawal Victoria Hospital.6

“They told us that the vaccine would protect our children from polio, but instead, it killed them,” said Muhammad Akhtar, a resident of a Jhindani, a community near Bahawalpur.6

OPV has long been known to actually cause vaccine strain polio paralysis in some individuals who get the vaccine, as well as cause paralysis in some who come in close contact with recently vaccinated persons shedding vaccine strain polio virus in saliva, urine and other body secretions.7 According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis cases do occur in countries using oral poliovirus vaccine.”8

“India is the perfect example of a country where scientists have long questioned the association between OPV campaigns and increases in unexplained cases of sudden paralysis among children,” noted Patrice La Vigne in a recent article in The Vaccine Reaction.8


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  1. I will bet that this does not make the main stream news. I was not paying attention in those days; however, I will bet that everybody said that the oral polio vaccine was good and safe back when they were promoting its use in the US. I will also bet that people had adverse reactions to it and were told that they were crazy. Why do we not remember our history? Let’s see, who was it that told us that it was safe? The US Government, the CDC, the vaccine manufactures (although they probably did not have TV commercials promoting their poison like they do now), doctors, nurses, schools nurses, all people that we respected and would never question their judgement.

    I see this as the major obstacle of the anti-vaxxers. The belief system of the general population. To accept the reality that vaccines are worthless and dangerous means that all of those people that they believed in lied to them. How could the USA lie, we are the good guys? How could our doctors, nurses and school nurses lie; don’t they care about our children, how could they harm them?

    I woke up years ago and it was pretty depressing to know that so much of what I believed were lies. I believe that most people would rather remain asleep rather than having their belief systems turned upside down. When you can not believe in the above list; what can you believe in? We must wake them up – one at a time. SDSerf

    1. 26 years ago, my daughter attended Catholic school for the 1st grade. She was not vaccinated. Up until that time, I used a religious waiver. The office called me in one day saying the Church supported vaccinations and therefore I could not be a Catholic since I was using a religious waiver and my child’s tuition would have to be raised over $1,500. Rather than take her out of an otherwise excellent school, I devised a plan.

      I was a medical assistant to the alternative doctor of my daughter. In spite of being “alternative” docs, they gave vaccinations unless a parent objected. On the day my daughter came in for her DPT and oral polio, I did the following:

      Instead of giving her the DPT shot, I gave her an injectable form of the homeopathic remedy of chamomile.

      15 minutes prior to her taking the oral polio, I gave her highly concentrated proteolytic enzymes which destroyed the virus right in the stomach.

      She did not receive the MMR that day, however, her mother went to visit her own mother in another city. While there she took our daughter to a family physician who gave her the MMR shot. Unfortunately, 10 days later she was having petite mall seizures as a result of the MMR. They lasted the duration of her schooling. She was on depakote which negatively impacted her studies. Today, she no longer has seizures.

      I am pessimistic about the public being educated on the dangers and fallacies of vaccines. It is a world-wide problem. The majority of the world’s people are literate poor and trust their governments when it comes to their health. As such, those of us who know the truth must devise ways to avoid vaccines for ourselves and family. We cannot afford to be silenced because of the ignorance of the majority. Most importantly, we cannot be injected with poisonous substances by corrupt/ignorant government workers “just following orders” as the Nazi’s used for an excuse as revealed at the Nuremberg trials.

  2. Yes it’s pretty sad and pathetic that were still doing this, but it definitely won’t be on the news! I actually think they give bad batches of this stuff to other countries. Or just much more leathal. It’s sick how many people have to die? Wake up! Stop trusting big pharma and the govt! What’s sad is I don’t think people in other countries know a lot about what’s going on, maybe that’s why they are having such big vaccine campaigns in third world countries. Take it from someone who knows don’t get vaccinated I had a vaccine injury and it ruined my life or at least my digestive system so if you want a normal healthy life don’t gamble with it. Or don’t let big pharma gamble with it, I didn’t know Better just as many out there don’t. Get educated it’s the best defense!

  3. The OPV, administered in the USA, in 1963, KILLED my younger sister who was only 18 months old when she died. Prior to vaccination she was robustly healthy. She became extremely sick within days of receiving the vaccine. It initially caused a polio virus meningitis. She subsequently developed other acute qnd severe problems, including viral induced cardiac failure. Ultimately she died from acute leukemia. THE VACCINE KILLED HER. That is not merely my opinion. THAT WAS THE CAUSE OF DEATH, PER HER PEDIATRIC SPECIALISTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA.
    Prior to receiving treatment for her profound illness at the University of Minnesota, my sister was hospitalized at St. Mary’s hospital, and had the best pediatric specialists that the MAYO CLINIC had.
    I am a registered nurse. I have always advised my patients to NOT vaccinate themselves or their children, other than to perhaps be vaccinated for tetanus.

  4. All media everywhere is owned by Big Pharma which bribes them with billions of dollars in ad spending.Just look at any news or tv program and almost every other ad is by Big Pharma.The more knowledge you aquire the more your spirit will soar or you can stay in the endless abyss where most reside

  5. The oral polio virus contained SV40 back in the day. Who knows? Are they still using this vaccine that has a cancer causing simian virus in it?

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