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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Plaguing Children Stumps CDC

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Though the cause of AFM has yet to be determined, hypothesis is that AFM cases are associated with live oral poliovirus vaccine…

As of September 2016, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed 89 cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), also often referred to as Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), a neurological disease whose symptoms resemble those of poliovirus and non-polio enteroviruses, but for which no cause or treatment is known.

The CDC recorded its first case of AFM in August of 2014. Through December 2014, there were 120 people confirmed with AFM onset in 34 states. In 2015, 15 people across 16 states presented with AFM. New statistics show a surge in 2016, with 89 people across 33 states confirmed to have AFM through September.

Admittedly, the CDC is in the early stages of gathering information about AFM and is monitoring disease activity, investigating cases, risk factors and causes of the mystery illness. Based on AFM’s statistics, most patients are children with an average age of seven years whose symptoms mirror those of polio and non-polio enteroviruses, adenoviruses and West Nile virus. The 2014 identification of AFM coincided with a national outbreak of severe respiratory illness caused by enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), although the CDC said detection of the EV-D68 pathogen was not clear and consistent among all the AFM specimens.1

“It is biologically plausible that EV-D68 could have caused the cases of AFM in 2014, as other enteroviruses have been demonstrated to cause AFM. Also, EV-D68 has been previously identified in clinical specimens from a few patients with AFM. In those cases, however, it is not clear whether the presence of EV-D68 was a coincidence or whether it was the cause of the AFM,” the CDC stated.2

AFM affects a person’s nervous system, particularly the spinal cord. Patients present with a fever or respiratory illness, then develop temporary paralysis. Among the 121 cases reported in 2014, only three children recovered fully, although 85 percent recovered partially.

The 2016 AFM statistics indicate a rising trend. Historically, most cases have occurred between August and December, with a peak in October.3 Already, Washington state confirmed eight new cases of AFM in November.4 There were no AFM cases reported in Washington in 2015 and two cases in 2014.5 Other states reporting AFM cases in 2016 include California, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia.6

Polio Vaccine to Blame?

Though the cause of AFM has yet to be determined, hypothesis is that AFM cases are associated with live oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV), which is no longer given to children in the U.S. but is still given to children in other parts of the world, where the live vaccine strain virus can shed in the body fluids of children and cause vaccine strain polio in the vaccinated child or a close contact. “Cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis cases do occur in countries using oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV),” according to the CDC.7

India is the perfect example of a country where scientists have long questioned the association between OPV campaigns and increases in unexplained cases of sudden paralysis among children. While India recorded its last case of wild poliovirus in 2011 after 20 years of giving the country’s children multiple doses of OPV, there has been huge surge of cases of Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis (NPAFP).

Since January 2015, there have been 18,000 cases of NPAFP in India. Compared with 12,000 cases of non-polio paralysis recorded in 2004 in India, which has the second largest population in the world, the number of AFP cases have risen to 53,563 cases in 2012. According to polio surveillance program data, two Indian pediatricians have identified a link between more frequent OPV use and cases of NPAFP.8

The link between childhood vaccines and paralysis has been long known. In particular, the theory of provoked polio suggests that intramuscular injections, such as DPT shots, may be the root of some polio-related paralysis. This is most certainly an hypothesis some experts would like tested.9 Until there are answers, the cause of the tragic cases of AFP/AFM that are occurring in the U.S. and other countries remains a mystery.


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  1. Perhaps is the glyphosate in the vaccines. It would be wise to check the tissues and blood for glyphosate toxins.

  2. I’d bet my bottom dollar that the elements and chemicals in vaccinations are responsible for this. And the smart doctors are so dumb, they just can’t admit that there’s a genocide going on and THEY are being used to do the killing.

  3. It really doesn’t take much to stump child poisoning Idiots.
    The Polio vaccine used in third world countrys, has caused paralysis in 50,000 India children.

    The Merck Rota virus vaccine, it has pig virus bits in it. Both Pv1 and Pig virus bits 2 causes wasting in pigs such as seen in aids in humans. And it causes in baby pigs, paralysis.

    Question is,is it the Rota-virus vaccine, or the Polio that’s stumping the child poisoning Idiots.

  4. It really doesn’t take much to stump child poisoning Idiots.
    The Polio vaccine used in third world countrys, has caused paralysis in 50,000 India children.

    The Merck Rota-virus vaccine, it has pig virus bits in it. Both Pv1 and Pig virus bits 2 causes wasting in pigs such as seen in aids in humans. And it causes in baby pigs, paralysis.

    Question is,is it the Rota-virus vaccine, or the Polio that’s stumping the child poisoning Idiots.

  5. It has long been known that the incidences of so-called ‘Poliomyelitis’ in the 20th Century were at *best* misdiagnoses and at *worst* incidences of environmental poisoning.

    It is well-known today (year 2016) that The Second Leading Cause of Death in The USA is POISONING, while The Third Leading Cause of Death is *MEDICAL ERROR*!

    The reference to ‘Poisoning’ is non-specific and does not refer to the chronic poisonings from overuse and misuse of the typical Western-Medicine Pharmacopoeia, for example, or the *voluntary* use of hazardous chemicals for personal and household so-called *Hygiene*!

  6. You can thank the long arm of the government for another disease put in the vaccines. What is it going to take for you people to wake up?

  7. Articles like this confirms a 2 things:

    If the CDC and medical community (doctors, researchers etc) honestly cannot figure this out, they ALL should resign as they are of no good to the public and are wasting valuable time and finances that could be used to much better results through nutrition and no vaccines.

    If, on the other hand they know what the truth is (the vaccine contents, etc) they should be charged with “weapons of mass destruction” as they are slaughtering our precious children or causing irreparable damage and hung. No mercy for those who knowingly killing off or permanently damaging our children.

  8. From the outset, polio vaccine has been a problem. Simian virus-40 inoculated into me and millions of my generation; a known cancer causing virus. How many millions of cancer deaths have occurred from it? If you think it’s safer now, that they ‘fixed’ the problem and that you’re immune; consider that this SV-40 is sexually transmitted. Likely, that everyone has it now.
    They make money on vaccines, then they can make even more treating cancer. They win; we lose, and die.

  9. Every one of you have contributed thoughtful and excellent critical points. It is very doubtful that polio was every related to a virus in any form but rather toxins women used in the household like ddt. Like HIV, I don’t believe the polio “virus” was ever isolated in massive viremia in every patient in the late 40’s and through the 50’s. Nor was the principled gold standard used – Kochs Postulates. The CDC’s confirmation of virus is by use of PCR testing which is a total farce. Or one of the many antibody tests used now that cannot be accurate unless they have isolated the DNA virus in mass viral count and have gotten the correct proteins. PCR detects viral (or other cellular debris) particles/fragments of what can’t even be confirmed as any particular whole virus. It’s criminal what’s happened to pathogen science really since cow pox!! Polio, HIV, Hep A, B, C etc….

    Trial by Fury – The Polio vaccine controversy
    Patenting the Sun – Polio and the Salk Vaccine

  10. and….. Jannine Roberts book: Fear of the Invisible – How Scared Should We be of Viruses, Vaccines, HIV and AIDS?
    Chapter 4. She points out the many scientists at the time of the polio “epidemics” (hyped then as now a small fraction when compared to other diseases at the tiem) did not believe polio myelitis was a disease of a pathogen/virus but the toxic pesticides used during the summer months.

  11. I would be surprised if they actually conducted studies to find a link, because it would be bad for vaccine business if a link was found.

  12. Oh my… CDC at it AGAIN! They really expect ANY INFORMED AMERICAN to be impressed by CDC? Think again. I no longer trust ANYTHING coming out of CDC, after YEARS of suffering from their DISEASE INFLICTING VACCINES!!! My advice … Shut Down CDC!!!! Stop inflicting their killer vaccines on poor countries around the world!

  13. Last year we got sick from a friends daughter who was vaccinated for whooping cough my daughter was not vaccinated with the booster for middle school because she was damaged by vaccines before so I stopped vaccinating all my kids. I have two younger one a baby. I got the whooping cough first then my younger two. I had been vaccinated as a child but I still got it. My baby went through hell but we did not go to the doctor I kept her healthy with herbs (antimicrobials) as its a bacteria, it worked. But as you would build an ammunity to an normal virus this was not the same it was very slow going. We got sick again and again it barely lessened sick wise for the baby and my three year old. This went on for a year each time it getting a little less horrible. My baby probably had this at least ten times that year. Now this year we still get it every so often it also mutated several times to throwing up. People would say oh that’s not possible, but it did happen many times. It just happened again this month first week we were sick then baby’s having trouble breathing then next week Im throwing up then my husband and baby are throwing up. I reasearched the whooping cough vaccine and It was stated that they put 20 different kinds of the worst bacteria for whooping cough into that vaccine. I now feel these viruses are not just live but tweaked in ways we may never know for sure or for what reason. Wel, we kno why. I have now been sick two times with another type of damage I do feel was caused by vaccines I also had a vaccine injury at nineteen my life changed forever with a hep b vaccine my digestive system was never the same in and out of the hopital and they never found anything wrong just extremely diarrhea. Well guess what all symptoms were as if I had hepatitis b. I’m now allergic to gluten (celiac disease) can’t have dairy, allergic to sugar. Before that shot my digestive system was perfect. Anyone not understanding look up the link between autism and celiac or gluten intolerance. From what I read all autistic kids have huge problem with their digestive systems and gluten. These viruses are staying alive in our intestines. Which is why I believe we keep getting this cold again and again and throwing up sickness. I was just. Recently diagnosed with diverticulitis an infection of the large intestine. Of course they looked for all infections bacteria and parasites but none were there. They even told me if it’s something else it won’t show up on the tests. I told them I know it’s something else it’s whooping cough but hey said that’s was impossible it’s a respiratory infection. I told them about how within a week we would always get a stomach flu every time we got whooping cough again they said it’s just a coincidence. Well I think it’s also a coincidence that many autistic children have had measle mumps rubella viruses found in their intestinal tracts as well and yes those viruses were alive. I have now had diverticulitis twice its an unbearable sickness, and I do believe this bacteria stays alive inside you and waits for your weakest moment and manifest itself there. If these new viruses or bacteria are gmo God help us. Watch out and stay away from other recently vaccinated people as that’s how a lot of it started for my kids and I.

  14. Well gee, wish I was as smart as all you people with NO medical background, degree, or much of anything else relating to medicine, except the ever present fear of the unknown!!!

  15. Clearly caused by vaccines start of school. Parents must get kids vaccinated these procrastinating parents are more likely to be behind and get multiple shots in one visit adding to immune triggers / damage. CDC does not want to admit one vaccine death or paralysis. They are the ones who are paralyzed. We are not!!!

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