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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Vaccines: It’s Up to You

A few weeks ago, I shared part of an online conversation I had about vaccines. Initially, I was hesitant to reply but after rereading a callous response made by a woman I’d never met, I needed say something. Demanding that everyone should be vaccinated no matter what, I thought I might offer this person a bit caution in making such broad and ignorant demands.

I challenged her. In reply, she challenged me.

Several hours one evening, we went back and forth with a mostly polite verbal vaccine volley. She regurgitated typical propaganda while I went deeper sharing some actual vaccine experience. I could’ve walked away at any point of the conversation. I owe nothing to this person, but with how condescending this gal was, I wasn’t ready to let her have the last word. I’m glad I didn’t.

Thinking the convo was completely over, I woke up a few days later to a notification showing that things had picked back up. The lady who made the callous remark came back trying to give us vaccine hesitant parents a what for.  She was adamant in that there should be some sort of punishment, like a fine, for anyone who willingly declined vaccines.

Oh, boy.

I got ready for Round 2.

I had stuck to basic vaccine facts in the original replies, but decided to share more personal information that day. I let her know that both my boys were vaccine injured. That happened after both my boys received the recommended vaccines.

One on my boys received the full series while the other did not. The one who got all the shots didn’t fare well at all. As a result of his vaccines, he’s got seizures, a severe speech delay, and regressive autism. I shared that what killed me most is that those shots did nothing for him. None of them gave him any immunity for the diseases the vaccines would supposedly prevent. I added that for her to come in again guns-a-blazing demanding that all people be fully vaccinated is absolutely ludicrous. And downright rude.

Here again, I had hoped that a clearer explanation of why I’m not a big fan of vaccines would garner some sort of compassion. I even dared to think that she would back off a tiny bit, too. But this other person believed in vaccines so passionately that she was still ready to round up the horrible parents who don’t do their bit for the greater good.

I know you can’t rationalize with an irrational person. I know I should’ve walked away when she pulled the greater good card out. But by golly, she was going to get an earful and then some.

In not so many words and through gritted teeth that she could not see, I let her know that her argument to vaccinate all and now and with every vaccine was ridiculous. I politely reminded her that I would not kowtow to anyone about vaccines, especially to a stranger who has absolutely no respect for other humans who think differently than she.

And this whole ‘greater good’ argument? Please. According to that thinking, the greater good includes all of us—including my child. The one I just told her about. The one who got vaccines. The one who never gained immunity from vaccines. The one who got sick after vaccines. The one who lost gained skills after vaccines. What about his good? Doesn’t that count? Doesn’t what happened to him matter? Even just a little bit?

With how his body didn’t handle them, I’m not willing to take the risk to see how he does with other vaccines. He should not be forced into any medical procedures, especially since several of them failed him already. And stop with who’s required to take care of whom. I’m responsible for my child’s health, not you and certainly not the public.

Thankfully the doctors who treat my child respect me. Better than that—they support me and my decision to be cautious. And this claim that vaccines protect the community? In a perfect world they may protect an individual, but they don’t cross over and miraculously protect everyone. Our immune systems don’t work in synergy like that. It’s a nice thought though.

Before I was done, I let her know how grateful I was for vaccine choice and that I would continue to exercise that right for the time being. I also restated that if she wanted to vaccinate herself, she had every right to do just that. Go for it! No one is stopping her. Then, because I needed to be done and to walk away completely from her negativity, I ended my thoughts with a nice little, ‘Good luck with your vaccines!’

And I meant it.


Good luck with them, lady.

Because when they fail, because sometimes they actually do, you won’t have the pharmaceutical company on your side. You won’t have your doctor on your side. You won’t have your government on your side either. You’ll only have yourself to get you through whatever mess your vaccines leave behind.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published by Age of Autism. Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

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  1. It is interesting to me that so many people are so willing to hand their decision making over to government. If asked, the majority of people would say that they do not trust the government but they want to hand their choice over to that government? And regardless of your position on vaccines, if the government can force vaccines on us, then what is next? Yet, most people can’t think far enough ahead to reach this conclusion.

  2. Indeed!!

    Mandated medical procedures are an infringement of civil liberties. Vaccination enforcement is a slippery slope of mandated medicine.

    And who of those demanding forced vaccinations on my two adult children who were severely injured by vaccines will stand up and care for them when you round me up and throw away the key?? Who will mourn the loss of them when further vaccines harm them even more? Or care for them? And cover their exhaustive, financially crippling, and unending medical costs?

    Certainly no one will care for them but me. Certainly one wants to change their diapers and clean up pee and bowel movements and incessant drool or feed two grown adults or help said adults through multiple seizures every single day.

    I did as I was told as a young mother, and I live with the guilt of their decmise. But if taking care of my children all these years and into the future makes me a monster and not a protective mother simply because I refuse to harm them further, then judge me as a monster.

    It’s super easy to ride high on a horse of ease and inexperience. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. It’s not black or white. But in this country it is in fact still a choice.

  3. Some people are just ignorant and unreasonable. I will leave you with my second favorite quote out of a book I am currently reading. She says, “Don’t try to win over the haters; your’re not the jackass whisperer.” Sometimes we just have to let people continue on in their ignorance and hate.

  4. Herd Immunity is a HOAX. In fact, if you look at the recent Measels outbreaks in CANADA and US since 2008, the majority of those who contracted it were vaccinated.

    And just for a Kicker: As Dr. Russell Blaylock [Neuro-Surgeon] states: “If you tried to get a Govt. Grant where you, the Researcher, Compared the HEALTH of Unvaccinated kids [eg. Amish kids] with Vaccinated kids] … you would be DENIED such a Grant. EVERYONE who knows anything about Vaccines know that the Amish kids are the strongest, healthiest and most THRIVING children in the Nation.”

  5. Seems like people’s IQ’s are getting lower along with the diminishing common sense. Any idiot should know our immune systems don’t work in synergy, you see it everyday! Some people get sick, some DON’T, yet they’re BOTH exposed! Just last month, in November, seen it in my own house. I got sick, nobody else did. I hope this administration stops the encouragement of dumbing down the public! The public allows it though, they can’t even see the manipulation tactics! Ask any psychologist, you shouldn’t make decisions from Fear! We need to ALL start relying on each other more to get at the truth of things, from people without monetary motivations, FOR THE GREATER GOOD! LOL Moronic.

  6. My dear friend is no longer my friend I guess, because he learned I’m an ‘anti vaxxer’. He said; “Ask your pediatrician, ask two.” Stating “I believe in a conspiracy the entire medical community is out to kill me.” I informed him about the NVIC site and this publication. Also illustrating the long history of botched regulation and responsive solidification of laws from the past. I continue to believe the vaccine question will follow the same path as asbestos, tobacco, nuclear, and the likes. Until the bodies pile up, the industries get away with it. I don’t need to be a scientist to understand that; My body, my choice. It’s about liberty to me. It’s about free markets and ethics. Count me down as someone whom has opted out until the larger industry comes to agreement through unbiased study without the safety net of litigation protection. Americans don’t understand we have twice the mandatory schedule of other developed nations and much more than that in terms of chronic illness volumes. The mind control has worked, people actually cheerlead for major company profits based on illogical premises. Logical challenge question; If vaccines do prevent disease, why would an unvaccinated child be a danger to others? Most adults whom blindly support vaccinations do not even understand their ‘immunity’ gained through vaccinations has worn off long ago since they don’t get boosters. People become accustomed to illness though and the ego does not allow them to understand it’s their own fault because they accepted the vaccines. That’s why the consumer pressure is based on ego and the peer group. Individual decisions matter, peer pressure be damned. If against the wall with vaccine zealots, refocus the argument to ethics, free markets, and liberty.

  7. Think about how Hitler convinced the good people of Germany, how Jimmy Jones got people to drink the cool aide, how people are convinced to be personal bombers.
    Looks like the human brain is easily warped.
    And they have the mind set..”My mind is made up. Don’t try to convince me with Facts” Period.

  8. I don’t know where Cathy Jameson lives but here in Calif.
    Vaccines are mandated now for all children. That doesnt leave mich of a choice. Luckily, but for a hefty price, my daughter was able to pay for a medical exemption for both my grandchildren because of all the autoimmune issues in the family.

  9. well said. and if the psychopathic government can force vaccines on us, not much of anything will be next. there will be no next for the great majority of life forms on this planet.

    no to tyranny and genocide. in no uncertain terms.

  10. Bravo to you for putting this ignorant, aggressive, heartless person in their place. How could she lecture to you about the common good after you told her your personal experience with vaccine injury. I applaud your decision to no longer vaccinate your children and wish them and you all of the best and a return to good health. I did not vaccinate my son, it was the biggest battle of my life but one well worth fighting. We live in California where there is no longer freedom of choice… But don’t get me started on that. My son is 16 now and as healthy as can be, never getting any of the diseases he was exposed to in school since his immune system fought them off with a fever for a few hours, no symptoms and no disease. That is how the immune system is supposed to work. Due to how the California law is written my son will graduate high school without any vaccinations since the doctor’s waiver that we got is good for a few years. I have great concern for all of the young children being forced to get vaccinations. where has our freedom gone?

  11. Amen to that. I find it very scary that people are willing to hand over their bodies to the government. If these ignorant people would just think critically: 1) look at how our government has progressively gotten more corrupt (and they will miraculously start caring about the 300 million or so Americans bodies when they are getting greased?), 2) Why is it that $3 billion has been paid out in vaccine death and injury, yet not a word of it is spoken in mainstream media?, 3) the surge in chronic diseases: cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other unexplained surges in autism, behavioral issues, allergies…has paralleled the huge increase in the recommended doses of vaccines in the last 20 years, and 4) to the vaccinators, they should be less adamant about their stance and question more to why so many people are against them. Surely the thousands of people against them are not all ignorant and what monetary gain do they have? None. Yet, those promoting vaccines (doctors, lobbyists, pharmaceutical co, main stream media (commercial dollars), government, “health” care industry or rather, vaccine repercussion industry) receives millions and billions of dollars. UGH! Wake-up people! PLEASE!

    Handing over our bodies is one step closer to more scarier things to come. It wasn’t long ago that forced sterilization was done here in America for those people deemed not good enough to reproduce! Don’t think our government and the influences of people like George Soros won’t initiate a Nazi type of movement against us. I can happen and boy, sure feels like it with forced vaccines. Look up Agenda 21. Forced vaccines feels like a step towards Agenda 21. Who in their right mind thinks it’s okay to inject formaldehyde, mercury, foreign dog/monkey/egg proteins, acetone, and the likes of undetected SV-40 in the polio vaccine , which is likely causing the epidemic in cancer we now have? Put these ingredients, or rather poisons and all the others I have not mentioned on a teaspoon and swallow that! How is injecting these things into our bodies any better than swallowing them?

    Instead of taking a stance without any due diligence, do your homework! I did mine. I believed in vaccines for most of my life, until someone planted a seed. I wondered and used my critical thinking skills and dug in. Boys is this issue convoluted, thanks to very corrupt and evil forces. Please figure it out before we lose our rights and more to come.

  12. The herd immunity theory has never made sense to me; if your children are vaccinated then what’s the problem? It’s really none of your business that other’s children are not. In fact there is a potential that just after having a vaccine, those children have the ability to pass disease on to unvaccinated children. Vaccines haven’t been thoroughly tested and thus commentary on their benefits is premature at best.

  13. Several people have told me that the pharmaceutical companies actually hire people to engage in online conversations to try to discredit those of us who speak up about adverse reactions to vaccines and injury. I don’t have any proof of that, but I do know there are certain people who far outstrip even the most vocal parent… by thousands and thousands of comments.

    It does seem logical that some of them might be getting paid to do this, it might actually be their job. Otherwise how do they pay their bills? And why else would these people continue to argue about facts that come from the CDC and other sources they supposedly trust, especially when they can easily confirm said information?

    I sometimes see people responding that somebody commenting is paid to do so. I try not to do that for the most part, because there usually isn’t definitive proof, and it can hurt the credibility of the rest of what we have to say. I do know definitively, however, of at least one nonprofit organization that hired parents to engage what they called “vaccine hesistant” parents in online conversations (Vax Northwest).

    I think this topic would make an incredibly interesting story for an investigative reporter – where these people are commenting from (what state/ country), if they are getting paid to do so, and by whom, etc.

    1. They’re called paid trolls/shills. And they work for all the “Big” industries – Pharma, Medical, FossilFuel, Nuclear, Agriculture, Defense, etc, to prevent the spread of awareness about vaccines, natural health, renewable energy, climate change, organic food, peace activism, etc (i.e. anyone who threatens their bottom lines).

      You are right, they are pretty easy to spot because they “doth protest too much” and try to confuse and overwhelm regular people by presenting way too much scientific jargon that the average person doesn’t have the time or capacity to research further. I can usually shut them down by calling them out, but some are relentless. We are definitely in an information war, so we need to be vigilant and persistent against their misinformation campaign.

  14. It’s truly scary how people think vaccines are the alpha and omega of good health.

    There is a web site for our neighborhood so people can keep tabs on things like break-ins, and recommend decent restaurants, food truck events, & other things. When our state enacted SB277, I had to leave this online community entirely because it was so SCARY how ADAMANT my neighbors felt about mandatory shots for all. I truly didn’t want to know this about people I see all the time. The ignorance, the rage, and the misguided filth they were spewing was truly terrifying.

    Not only were they in favor of mandatory vaccines (the unvaccinated don’t have the right to make the immunocompromised sick, you see), they were also perfectly fine with Senator Richard Pan as a representative even though he was guilty of carpetbagging during his run for office and rang up over $52,000 in travel fees that the taxpayers paid for. He lives in his district NOW, and that’s all that matters to them.

    What these misguided vaxheads don’t seem to realize is when things like this are mandatory for everyone, it paves the way to make other infringements mandatory, as well, and these other infringements might be things the vaxheads are against.

    It’s hard to deal with people who just DO NOT see the big picture.

    1. Then SHOW it to them! I know it’s difficult to be the contrary voice among the mob-think, possibly risking being ostracized for having different beliefs/opinions. But this issue is too damn important! The more of us who muster the courage to speak out, the sooner we can spread both awareness and truth, putting an end to this coming tyranny. It may take some effort, but if you approach these people respectfully (i.e. don’t call them vaxheads, lol) and discuss the issue matter-of-factly/rationally, they may be more willing to open their minds and consider an opposing view.

  15. The people of Flint, Michigan trusted government agencies to assure them safe drinking water. A whole generation of kids there have been brain damaged by unsafe levels of lead in the water coming into their homes. How’s that trust in the government working out for them?

  16. Strange that even when one shares personal experience with an argumentative vaxer (as opposed to a vaxer who does the due diligence to research the facts ~ who surely becomes a “recently-enabled anti-vaxer”)it’s just not proof enough. So often the ego’s on the line when you aren’t certain of the facts, or aware of basic manipulative marketing tactics.

    I was initially “schooled” about the ineffectiveness and peril of continuing to vaccinate my children back in the late 80’s by my allergist. He was retiring and had seen the rise of the vaccine machine. He told me to do basic research at the medical library nearby, and follow updates in Science News, JAMA, etc. I did that for over a year, and read books he suggested. I felt a huge responsibility to make a truthful choice since my actions would alter my children’s lives, for better or worse.

    My daughter had the standard vaccines up to age 5. She needed 3 rounds of mild antibiotics at varying times as a pre-schooler, and needed a tonsillectomy, and all that infers reduced immunity.

    My second child/son got only the initial 5 (the good old days) first-year infant vaccines. Then i got professionally advised, and got educated, and stopped vaccinating them both. As pre-schoolers, they both got the Measles, German Measles, and my daughter got the mumps. They got 3 of the diseases they had been vaccinated for, within 2 years of their vaccinations.

    From infant to age 18, my son never needed antibiotics or any drugs, and had only mild colds. After 911, and at age 18, he joined the Air Force, who promptly injected him with 7 vaccines all at once. Two weeks later, he contracted double pneumonia and was hospitalized for 2 weeks, and almost died.

    As a college sophomore, our always-active daughter got a polio booster and Hep B series to travel to Romania one summer month. Two months later, 2,000 miles away at college, she couldn’t move, literally. We flew her home, took her to a specialist who randomly asked if she’d had a polio vaccine. He then diagnosed that the polio vaccine was breaking down her cells at the DNA level. He got a specific antidote for the vaccine from Germany, and within 3 days she was standing again. She slowly recovered at home, but missed a whole semester.

    I would not been able to connect the dots if i hadn’t done the due diligence in researching how vaccines can harm, as well as if they are actually needed in the first place. People, especially parents need to seek out the facts, the truth, and not assume “Everyone”, including doctors who follow their own herd, “knows vaccines are necessary,..and safe”.

    One must recognize Pharma’s incredible greedy business network, as well as their use of basic manipulative marketing tactics. Learn to navigate around such a perilous health pothole, for your family’s sake! Be respectful of the ignorant, but lay those facts out plainly to the bully. They have no honest reply. Expect to take some hits for the team, socially, when you need to speak the truth, but possess the facts and resources to share, before you go there.

  17. i live in N Calif – and SB277 violates our state constitution in two ways.
    1) everyone gets an education. There is NO restriction on “if they become vaxassinated.”
    2) The state constitution states clearly that all medical implications must be given to anyone (or their guardian ) for any medical procedure, and regardless of the benefits of any medical procedure – the patient ALWAYS has the right to refuse that medical procedure.

    That is state constitution – under which legislation has less authority – so they raped the constitution for statutory laws essentially.

    i also wonder how we allow the state to practice medicine without a license. The state is NOT a licensed medical practitioner, and since the state constitution does not mandate you and i becoming a literal medical slave of the state and corporations – then that is according to the US constitution – which is the HIGHEST LAW OF THE LAND TO WHICH ALL LAWS MUST COMPLY or be invalid – so according to the US constitution – health choices are in the control of the individual.

  18. My husband and I have stood our ground on each of us having our right to decide what is good for us instead of the government taking control…….I had a conversation with our daughter in law about vaccinations and she became furious. Because of this subject we now are banned from seeing our grandchildren ever again. Sometimes when you stand for what is right you lose something precious, but you still do what is right.

    1. To Susan Smith,
      So sorry to read of the terrible wrong your daughter-in-law has done to you and your husband. I hope my response does not seem intrusive. Here it goes: Your daughter-in-law is practicing leftism. She has contempt for those who don’t believe what she believes, but she likely preaches equality. She is completely intolerant of those who have beliefs that are different than hers, but likely preaches love and tolerance. She spews hate at those who believe differently than she, but likely alleges that the hate is coming from those that she demonizes. This is the religion of leftism. People usually don’t recognize it as a religion, but it replaces traditional religions an alternate belief system – a system that does not include forgiveness. I would bet a good donation to NVIC, that she felt completely devastated by the results of the 2016 election. Not just unhappy; completely devastated.

      But, your son is her husband, and, if he still has any testosterone left in his body, can stand firm that cutting you off from your grandchildren is way overboard, way over the top, and a punishment that does not match the alleged crime of not sharing her beliefs. He will have to teach her and demand of her that she not split apart his family because of her beliefs. I wish him and you good luck with that.

      1. What?! Where on Earth did you get any evidence that she’s “practicing leftism” (whatever that means)? Enough with the labels and “isms.” They’re meaningless and counterproductive to rational discourse.

        1. “Meaningless” and “counterproductive” are offensive words. They are meaningless and counterproductive.

          The very people who say they are very pro-choice when it comes to vaccines, will, at the next election, still vote for the same politicians that sponsored the forced vaccination law in California. Mind-boggling as it may seem, their sole reason, even though they know this is the politician that brought us forced vaccination, is a refusal to vote for the opposition candidate (no matter what) because of the opposition’s party affiliation. They have a political belief that overrides rational thought about forced vaccination, and they continue to vote for the same people who brought us the very scary political environment in California. The only way to stop this nonsense is to understand the underlying beliefs that would lead a person to vote for those same politicians again, even though the voter has rational thought about forced vaccinations. With rational thought and understanding, with guidance and teaching, we can overcome the harsh stereotypical beliefs that motivate people to keep voting the same way over and over in California (no matter what).

          Mrs Smith was the victim of a person who would vote for continued forced vaccination policies, and who likely believes anything else would be “evil” – just like the majority of voters in California. This is a real problem, This daughter-in-law has even cut-off her husband’s parents from ever seeing her children- their own grandchildren – just because of a difference of one opinion! This type of extremism is due to a belief system. This is a religion, not rational thought.

      2. OMG Barry! Maybe you need to look in the mirror at your own perception of others. And where does this idea come from that liberals / leftisms (?) are the ones forcing vaccines on others? I am a 57-year-old white female, liberal, and yes I voted for Bernie! I am completely opposed to vaccines on a personal level. However, I believe it should be up to each individual parent to make that decision for themselves and especially for their children. Informed consent is the key. Anyone I know considering vaccination is referred to the NVIC website.
        Reading is knowledge. Knowledge is power.

        1. Unnecessary personal comment, JS. Has nothing to do with me. We are in agreement about vaccines.

          Doesn’t anybody here notice the overwhelming thing in common among the 29 sponsors of SB277 and the governor who signed this into law? A total of 28 out of 30 – That’s 93% of all the politicians involved with the passing of this bill into law – have something in common. LOOK at the list and see what the 93% have in common. Nobody has even mentioned this! Wake up California. These politicians are not your friends. Stop voting for them because of other, outdated political beliefs!

  19. I have posted a couple of reviews about vaccine books and movies on Amazon. The reviews of a DVD “What the Pharmaceutical Companies don’t want you to Know About Vaccines” have drawn a couple of comments. Some of the brain washed sheep seem fairly intelligent; it is a shame that they are blind to logic. I try to remember a Bible quote “If you were blind; you would be without sin. But since you say “We See”, your sin remains.” SDSerf

  20. There is no one more closed-minded than an open-minded liberal. Their opinions are so good – they ought to be laws. After researching and studying the vaccine issue for more than thirty years, it can be stated that the entire vaccine ‘philosophy’ has been clearly falsified – by any measure. Whether side-effects, direct damage, soft metal poisoning, foreign proteins, adjuvants, sterilizers, the science has never supported the injection of disease to build health paradigm. Linked to a depopulation agenda, the question of vaccines is absolutely and completely a personal decision. No one has the right to determine what another human must inject into their bodies to poison their blood. Vaccines trigger an allergic respons – antibody formation – and not an immune response – cellular activation. It is long past the time, that Jenner’s barbarism cease. Remember – first do no harm? Well, it is time we stopped vaccinating.
    The main reason is that the major cause of disease has evolved past the infection stage and has been replaced by the new modern cause of disease – toxicity. Since vaccines add to, rather than help with, toxicity, the raison d’etre of vaccination – to prevent infectious disease has gone away. So stop vaccinating. It cannot address the new cause of disease, it only adds to it. More kids lives are destroyed by vaccines than other vector in all of history. But it’s a good business model, eh?

      1. Self stated “open minded” liberals are open minded until someone disagrees with them. That’s when the truth of their hypocrisy is revealed. With regard to vaccines, liberals want to believe in or have faith in their medical doctors (as the highest authority for health maintenance and disease prevention) to do what is best for society. However, when evidence is presented that calls into question their faith in their medical doctors and vaccines, they become closed minded and dismiss the evidence without serious consideration.

        1. Thank you, Wayne for bringing up the label of “open-minded”. If fact and proof are the basis for one’s reasoning and argument, then one is not open-minded to clearly flawed, harmful alternatives. There is no need to keep debating with someone who is intolerant of the facts …to keep offering proof when it becomes clear the other person’s ego, not the truth, is on the line. Actually, everyone is intolerant, either of the truth or of the lie. No one is actually open-minded. It’s the absence of opinion.

          If one is intolerant of the facts, they aren’t open-minded ~ they’re self-righteous. They’re comfortable sitting in the big chair. That’s why it’s crucial to possess/know the proof. Attacking and disrespecting in an exchange demonstrates the lack of proof and the need for self-justification.

  21. Remember the measles outbreak in California? Many of those who came down with measles had been vaccinated.

    Those that get the vaccine can shed the virus to others. Here is a quote from the following website.

    “Whether you have the viral infection or you get the live attenuated vaccine, you shed live virus in your body fluids and you are able to transmit the virus to other people who come in contact with your body fluids. I think this is a very important thing for people to understand,” she said. ”

    So if people receiving the vaccination can shed the virus to other people, are vaccinations not spreading the disease rather than preventing it? (Especially when the vaccine is not even fully protecting those getting it. How many times have people gotten a flu shot and come down with “flu-like” symptoms?)

    So for those people who think everyone should be forced to have the vaccinations I ask “If the vaccinations are so good and you get vaccinated, what is it to you if I don’t get vaccinated?”

  22. I suspect the child vaccine agenda is being used to take children from loving poor families to feed a ravenous international child sex trafficking and private prison systems. The WikiLeaks e mails seem to expose a child sex trafficking ring that includes CPS and Oxfam. Canada just busted wide open the child trade market and Australia too. Vaccines are being used in courts world wide to separate children from parents and force every kind of pharma drug testing on foster care children world wide. The poorest children in the world have a publicly funded system that preys on their bodies for experimentation and exposes their lives to sexual abuse and bodily compromise. Read the Podesta e mails and understand this issue in a deeper way.

  23. We watched our beautiful granddaughter go from a babbling little girl into full symptom little one
    with all the symptoms of autism within days of receiving her vaccines at 17 months. She became nonverbal & is today, at 14 years, still nonverbal. She is beautiful & very smart.
    Are the vaccines the cause or a trigger? Either way they were bad for her. Single dose would eliminate all preservatives & might be safer but the big pharmaceutical are interested in big profit & the government is in their pockets. Thimerasol was taken from the fluid but added to the plastic container – cheaper solution.
    Do you really believe those entities are primarily concerned about our welfare? It is expensive to develop drugs! And they want a return on that. It is simply too late for many when bad reactions happen.

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