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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Vaccine Awareness Week Nov. 13-20, 2016 Highlights Video Vaccine Reaction Reporting

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The National Vaccine Information Center is renewing its call for removal of the 30-year old product liability shield Congress gave vaccine manufacturers and doctors in the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

During the Seventh Annual Vaccine Awareness Week Nov. 13-20, 2016 co-sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and, NVIC is adding a new video vaccine reaction reporting feature to the online International Memorial for Vaccine Victims called Protect Life: Witness a vaccine reaction on

“I encourage everyone who has had an experience with a vaccine reaction to share it with others by posting a video on NVIC’s Memorial for Vaccine Victims,” said Dr. Joseph Mercola, a family practice physician and founder of the largest natural health information website. “Making people aware that serious vaccine reactions are real and must be prevented can save lives.”

During Vaccine Awareness Week 2016, is also renewing its call for removal of the 30-year old product liability shield Congress gave vaccine manufacturers and doctors in the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. NVIC co-founder and vice president Kathi Williams said:

Thirty years ago Congress promised parents that vaccine injured children would be compensated fairly and generously. Not only has that promise been broken, there is an attack on vaccine freedom of choice because nobody is legally accountable for the safety of vaccines.

Throughout the week, and will publish articles, commentaries and videos on vaccine topics, and will offer a free viewing of The Greater Good documentary from Nov. 19-25. At, visitors can read or download a new 90-page state legislative policy analysis and new Spanish translations of NVIC’s most popular brochures.

NVIC and have been working together since 2008 to educate the public about vaccination and health. NVIC is a founding member of the non-profit Health Liberty Coalition, which was launched in 2011 by to advocate for the public’s right to know and freedom to make voluntary decisions about vaccination, non-GMO food, mercury-free amalgams and fluoride-free water.

The National Vaccine Information Center was founded in 1982 to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and advocates for inclusion of informed consent protections in US vaccine policies and laws, including flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions. NVIC operates three vaccine information and advocacy websites:,, and has a more than 185,000 followers on Facebook.

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  1. Re Measles now classified as National Security Threat

    On Nov 4 2016, Obama signs Executive Order named:

    Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats

    This order ropes in a “Council” of enforcement help from various federal govt agencies.
    For example, this is the role of the Attrny General:
    The Attorney General, generally acting through the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), shall:

    (i) serve, in conjunction with other relevant agencies, as the United States Government lead for GHSA targets relating to linking public health and law enforcement, and coordinate with INTERPOL on the GHSA and its successful implementation;

    >> Let’s review that again….
    The FBI shall lead in “linking public health and law enforcement”

    According to a comment posted on a Mercola article, GHSA Immunization Agenda states that participating countries must have…. A functioning national vaccine delivery system—with nationwide
    reach, effective distributions, access for marginalized populations, adequate cold chain, and ongoing quality control. At least 90% coverage of the country’s 15-month-old population with at least one dose of measles-containing vaccine. The organizations website is here

    // If “they” / Pharma cannot get mandates passed via the state level, they changed tactics and made Measles a national security issue.

    One more piece of news….

    RE Term “Mandatory Vaccination” is banned on Facebook
    Facebook has banned all posts containing the term: mandatory vaccination
    Questions for discussion that come to mind include:
    Will their next banned term be “taxes” or ‘presidential election”?
    How do they decide which topics to censor?
    Where is this going? Will people eventually be banned from discussing topics via email too?

    Facebook goes full ORWELLIAN… now blocking all stories mentioning the keyword phrase ‘m-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t–ns’

    …. It’s not just that you’re not allowed to disagree with the official government narrative on immunizations… you’re not even allowed to TALK about the subject! ….. Recently, when we attempted to share stories on FB that contained the phrase, the stories were completely blocked, along with a message that warned the article “violated community standards.” When we replaced the phrase with “compulsory immunizations,” the article was accepted by FB and allowed to be shared. You can confirm this yourself by attempting to share this story which uses the phrase “m-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t–ns” in the title. FB will block you from posting or sharing the story. Learn more:

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